The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 31, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1977
Page 2
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S'AOK s-VAtJOATUCK NKWM (CONN.). TIIUitSDAV DREW PEARSON ON ' . WASHINGTON _ MERRYGO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Army Wives Are Inspiration To G. I/s In Europe; Portugal Turns Down U. S Request For Azores Air Bases, MeKsersmith Tiffs With Pcron Over lln.t h«s hap- Discharge Copy Pay Application inspiring, p j's inspiring, MITI wh" havn fuci-d all platform, nnrvouh, I uriXloiiK. '['hoy carry of flower*. The train In late. rlr.w.M-n' wilt. It doesn't miil«» of ttn.v NotP-Amorlcnn wlcosi hnvo one thu r fiwi-rti win.. "• - ..... ••• ; ( i,.,i|. ,lirr<.r..ncn. Thi.y hiw,,n t """" ^ r.iu.lll..M f»i' two, thrM'. purlmi* ,.v"n four.» nn.l ih.-yTn nc,l ,,,it« Mm-« what I* Kolni: '<> l"'PI-" ; Th,,n, Umilly. tM" """I" ""'rives, ft,,, hnml play* -KIHH M« O-.c, ,irul K «« Mo Twlci. nnd Kl"* M " Olltt , AjfHln." '1'h' 1 i'i."inll«d <-mipki< nci't. Whim ttif fli'Ml triilnloiKl <>( u ' lv "" nrrlv.Kl fit Uritmnrhiivrn uml took ttiii low:, flow trip Mown throujrh out to '"' the after , Hluy- wlvi'.i Germany. Army' bun meet tlicui tit I'wr. train wan Into iiriil ImllflM didn't' iirrlvt! nl their ent doMtlniitlons until Urn): midnight hut the ««n>n<idpr d(l up Jiiwt th" "limn find tin woke up and cumo out, coKI mid all, "K> ri'iJolve the musical jiaiuti'H and floworn. Mfiml Improvement Nnted The urrlviil or Ami-i ic-uri Army •wlvr.i Id Rurope haw NtralK'htoiiud mi troop ironil-t t!um liny other fin-tor. Pi'ofanltV lit Army vpnrt.'i contfyiUi viinlnhi'd (iviu-nlithl. '|''PWI.T frauli'lHH arc "V>w living In Army i'|imrtiirn. Chiipliiln.-i say tlvit If (h» Amtu -lean wlvo.i (Um'l mnl<e riny ml'i.-ili'p" thrniMeh'iM '.hey <-in MHVII n we'll cfT'ict. npim the entire " tn, tlu. ilesl?;ni.llon Army: tn,, m . W - "M,"' or »D. W'H." I-elund Stow, oHu-o thin IB >">» 0 '' ,, ,„,: called "DlspHicsd Wlvos" or "l>iimn«l Women." (That's a Joke. \\'c \Vniil It hu« boon wlcloly publlcl/ocl In tll( , ,„.„»„ tliut the ,;lu..t ,.,,,.rl..r Krunltlln D. Koosovult «lth Kood-wlll visit to ever, tin el he i- matter coincident with thii vl.nlt. him not boon ]>ub- Thu Port'iKUCNo Government has rucunlly turned down colil the Am- Hi-lcun request that we '.aide tho A/ore.i Air Ba.ii'i which wo built ilu'rlnc the war. l-'or dome tlmo nc- L'oUutlonM tot u purtiumunt OU.HO have bi'on under way, but after (•(.nsUlornblc husllution tho Portti- llwilly yruvif ti» a flat no. A Bnmple nppllcn-tlon blank for tormlnnl leave pay haw been .received by Mrs. Ford Wulfock, of- •Icu administrator for Service for VotoronH. The form Indicates' ,It nvist bo returned acoompnnlo'd. by original dlwoharco papora. This..IB n error, Mrs. Wulfeck says, and cnutlon.i vcionms that unclor ' n° cl.cumstances .should' thby send original dlscharnc papers with the implication /arm. • • As tho dOHdllno for returning orms with photOHtn.tlc copies ,ot papers "Is Sept. 1, 1947. hero IH no noud to •ctomns to apply for the terminnl eave pay, the olllce ndmlnlstratoc • Bonrls with which veterans will bo pnlcl will nmture in five nual pet Diplomat* connldor It morn than that the wlnnt currier l''i)lt should now puriidu " llttl'. 1 muxulc In Lisbon, Koto -- Tho British, who have lone-term treaty rnlutionH with I'ortiiftal. could lot us huvu Iho nlr ijiimis If thoy choso. AltliM 1 Trusts B.vriu-s Prlmn Mlnlstor Attlou had a toiik'h time 1 In Purls whlo Foreign Mlnl.'itvr Ki-no:!t Buvln wa.s uicU. Ho noiilcl C|lilli* ti'll what Bovln It, but the deposed Bolivian Government was a Porcn Stoofc-e In tho end the U. S. Ambassador tola Peron that the State Department would regard his delaying tactocs with greater disfavor wt\ wulkcd out in a hull'. • Note—While calling the new Bolivian K ovornmcnt Communistic, Po- rcn simultaneously Is. welcoming Soviet cooperation. HP Is the first AfRcnllno President slnco the Bolshevist Revolution In 1917 to rccoR- nl'/.e' Rusain. S«natc Is Hcuduoha to Byrnos Most' people would ajrree , that Jlmmlc Byrnet) had cnotiRh to worry about In'Parks without'the neo- CBSlty of chccldnK up on the U. b. Senate but onn nlRht before Con- i-ross adjourned he made a special trans-Atlantic phone call to UI-K the Senate to pass the Morse resolution permitting the World Court to arbitrate disputes atfec.- InK the United States. Byrnes phone cull Illustrates one factor few people reall/.e—• that he Has nearly always had u veto nuns •round his neck In the U. S. Senate At most conferences this veto has been right at his elbow In the I tnony -' - - What's Doing In Nau A calendar of events foi today, -tomorrow and every flay TONIGHT Band Concert op. the Grepn. . AUGUST 'M .,.,., Republican Caucuses,nml Conventions. . .. i. • . • AUGC-'ST 33 i Democratic C|fcueuae^. ' Democratic Town Co mm .it tee Moctlnir, '•'''' ' ' '" AUOLST -27 Democratic Town Stuff 'Conventions. ',,, .,.,., ; !, . •', pockwIpanjiBl' * Wins TOD Honors ^Seven'ty' : cn : iidren> attended the an- at the Salem. school 11 LIU I 1'y- "•'—•• •-;- - , . i • ] '. I • .. . plus-ground yesterday ntternoon., at which time bill? 1 , wh'llc and^rcd rib- lions were'awarded animals placing first, second' and th'lril In thu^cpn- 1 Of the 3S pets'competing, the bcst-ln-show. animal was that , of Charlo'ttb White'of MlVlVlMc/; whose bluck 'cdck'cr spaniel .walked , oil with top honors. ' '..'-,. , Other'awards'were: T^nrgost animal, black c'ockar spunlel owned by Kevin' Daly; smallest animal;.tiger klttfiii owned by Brian Donnelly; turtle class, first prize won'by. Eeardaley; hen class, Ilrst. prize wen by! Hackett; rabbit class, ilrst pi-lxc won by Teresa Palmer." Puppy dogs: First prize, Jackie Jones; .second, Patricia . Poynter; third, Jo > Walsh. Award from best-dressed dop in the show was to a puppy owned by An- Imd jij:roi'd to do In tho provlous coiivnruatlunx of thu BlK day while Secretary of State'nea was cotifurrlnB with «• of Americans at tho Hotel „•(.•. he wii.i ctilucl to the phnno tlmun In onn hour. Finally ......v." Rpolofflv.od, "That was Pr.lmo Minister Attlne," ho explained, ".Hu Is concurring with our people and thii British and Yi *aiy to moko a w!u» choice. Jvtt oik Id M* out Cffivlne Grong* thtiom Wrvj* Th» none li your oudranl«« of fliM quoitty. PIERPONT'S <lrnt 18(1 IUL3 U«uu i t ty"" i . persona of Tom Connally, bushy haired Senator from Texas and Arthur Vandenberp, the Republican statcrtman -from Michigan. During' the star: of this Paris Conference, however, VandenberK and Connally stayed at home whore they caused Eyrnc.M utmost greater worry, For, unless the United'States will take tho simple step of submlttinfi ltd disputes to the World Court- .t can't very well criticize Russia for jwleldlnp tin; veto. Nevertheless, shortly before Byrnes left for Paris he' found that Connally and Vant )01 , e both powerful members. of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee—had blocked the resolution by Senator Wnyne Morse of Oregon authorizing World Court Jurisdiction over disputes Involving the United States. Byrnes also discovered that John Poster Dulles, foreign affairs adviser to Governor Dowcv, rind former attorney for Judges were Mrs. Everett Brown jind Mrs. Freclerlr.k Williamson. Following the show Ice cream was serve'! as refreshment. On The Air Today ., ... .. ,. . 0:00 p. m. •\VOR l — Easy Aces' Other • Stations— News .>• -' ..... '.- 0:10 p. m. WBRY— BaKoball Scores WATR— Interlude . • ^: , . 0:10 p..m. WBRY-WAB— In My 'Opinion W'pR— On <tho' Century wJz--Ethcl and' Albert WTrC-^-Sports' 0:20 p. m. WATR— Cocktail Serenade 0:«0 p. m. WBRY— E. Christy Erk, News VVTIC— Strictly Sports WJZ— News; 'Sports • ' - WATR — News WOR— Vandcrventer VVBAF— Serenade; Sports WABC— Larry Carr ' • if.iS {>. »». WBRY-.WABC— News Till Now WTIC-WEAF— Lowell 1 Thomas WOR— Stan Lorn ax 1 • ., WATR— Pleasure and Profit WJZ— Great Scott 7:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC— Patti Clayton WTIC-WEAF— Supper Club WJZ— Headline Edition WATR— Albert S. Warner 7:15 p. »n. WBRY — Eastern Echoes WAB— Skyline Roof .WOR— Answer Mu.n WATP-WJZ — Adventures in Rhythm ' 7:30 p. «". WBRY— Public Hearing WTIC-WEAF— Johnny Morgan WABC — Mr. Keen WATR- WJZ— Prof. Quiz WOR— News 7:45 p. m. WEAF— News WOR— Sports ' 8:00 p. m. WBRY-W ABC— Suspense WTIC— Olmsted Playhouse WOR — Currinptcn Playhouse WATR-WJ2 — Lum and Abner 8:15 p. in. WATR-WJZ— The O'Neills WOR— Kenny Baker »:30 p. in. WBRY-WABC— Souftd Off WTIC-WEAF—Coffee Time WATR-W.7Z—Town Meeting WOR—Vic and Sadc WI-fN—Sandlot Series 8:03 I>. '«• WBRY-WABC—New.s 0:00 p. >»• WBRY-WABC—Dick Haymcs WTIC-WEAF—Music Hall WOK—Galirliil Houtter 9:.lfi p. »'. WOji—Real Stories ; y:«0 p. in. WBRY-WABC—Crime Photograph p.r WTIC-WEAF—Haley and Arden WATR-WJ55—Detect and Collect WOR—By" Popular Demand .. . 9:55 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Sports . 10:00 p. m. WF:RY-WABC—That's Life WTIC-WEAF—Monroe Orch. WATR-WJZ—KoK«n Orch. WOR—California Melodies ' 10:30 p. m. WBRY—Phone- At;aln Finnegan WATR—Fantasy In Melody WTIC-WEAF—Fifth' Horseman WOR—Family Affair 11:00 !»• ni. ALL Stations—News 11:10 p, m. WBRY—John J. Daly, City'News 11:15 p. n>- WBRY-WABC—You and the Atom WATR-WJZ—Meeker'Orch. WTIC-WEAF—News WOR—News; Weather 11:30 p. m. WBRY—Studio Playhouse j WTIC-WEAF—Concert of Nations WABC—Tucker -Orch. WATR-WJZ—Gems: Towne Orch. VVOH—Weather;' Dance Music 12:00 Midnight ALIJ Stations—News Texas comprises one-twelfth the entire area of the U. S. and thoy Uiiup rofftrrlng to iiurumafiits we made at the Bl Kuilr mnutlnRM with Krnlu 1-Jnvln. "Atiliie Ki-up« calllnjt me to llnd out If Huvln nifilly made tho deals (h"y refer to." Dcrodiiiir The Dlploiinttli. 1 Touch J'ni'ls Isn't the only plane where diplomatic sparks jru fly luff. U. S. Ai]|liiis<:idnr Cecii-(jt> Monsor.imith had a hot tiff with Ari;ontlno Die Won't Recognize Teachers Ass'n. As Bargaining Agent NorwalK.- -Conn.. 'Ail fir'. 1' r ' — <U P) — The board of education has withdrawn recognition of the Norwalk Teachers association as bargaining tij?eru for the city's public school teachers. The association charged that it •was a "shocking betrayal of the principles of bargaining in good NOW SHE SHOPS „, "CASH AND CARRY" Without Painful Bnckacho Ilanj- BufTorcrs relieve nttBKlng: backn'»» e discover that tho real Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS KOT All VLOWF.11S KVICUYWllKKIfi MELBOURNE'S SLOWER SHOP 180 t/iior I'uron the other day ovoi UlllVlll. hud onllecl on Presl- Iniit I'crcin to toll him the U. a. know 'iivnrecf Immndliilo nrnjtrnlllori of h" new IJ'illvlun GovcrnmiitiL now hut It him thrown out Its former riiliirii. 1-townvcr, tho Ai'fc'nn tho Gu'rmnn and Spanish fjovorn munlH, had handed Vandcnberff a momo opposing full American participation In the World Court. On learning this, the usually Roocl-na- tured Secertary of State hit the celling. "How can VnndCnbnrR anc! Dulles complain about the Russians having the veto power," ho exploded to' his aides, "when, In the very next lircath thoy rcfuae to Join the World Court for fear the Court will rule usnlmit ua? Tf that isn't imklnK to retain the veto, I don t what It is." net) describee! tho Dulles memo worthy Of Henry who torpedoed the faith." Tho board ordered all tcnohera' contracts returned by next Thursday. Ine Dictator said no. Hu described h't nnw Bolivian Government I\P Communistic and atlmltl-i'd he wan lyliu; to (K'i'Hiiiulo F.rnxll 'Jrmriiny iml othur (jitln Amcrlcn nation; 1 , fo Hllcls t»(f(ith(!i' In oppnsli't? recop- nllcm. Of coune h« didn't say so, iiiTmtii 1 MeMserMmlth ulrnndy Itiiew PARKER '51' Pon & Pencil Sets . , Pens $12,50 . . Sets 517.50 CCHNEERC «^ CREDIT JEWELERS*^ 1«Z South Main .St. — 4.2204 BLUETJICRRY QITEEN Me., AUJT. IS—(UP)—A duilc-haired IR-year-old Machias High school girl has h(>en chosen Maine's blueberry queen. She Is pretty Helen Grant and her coronation marka the official close of tlie V-J' Day ceremonies at Machias. FOUND IJE/VD Dnnbiiry, Aug. 15 — (U P)— The body of 70-yenr-o!d Marie Jarvis When disorder of kidney function rermlts poisonous matter to rcmnln in your wood, it TC»y<*u»MgelnsbMl»cho.rhcmnaticpiJn«. Ice POlni. loos o( pep nnd entrsy, netting up nllhta sWelllnc. puflinuss under the eyes, hffichcs and dlslnes,. I->eq Ue r.t or tcamty nnnmii/ci with BmwtinK nnd burninK Bomc. Smcii shows there- is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder, , Don't wait! A«k your for Dmn t Pills, a stimulant diuretic, uaed sucemfully by millions for over 40 years. Doan'ii eivj lippy relief and will help tho 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous wa»te Irom yout blood. Got Douu'u Pills. WISE SECRETARY! Wise boss! They both know that telephone' lines ore busiest between 9:30 A.M. and noon, so ihey place as many calli as possible the first thing in the morning, or in the afternoon. They know thai materials and telephone equipment ore still scarce — and that telephone traffic it greatly lacreosed over a year ago. So they place their colli at tlic least busy times, f ^ TPPINES Bethany Road I OPENING Gas Station Thursday, Aug. 15th HOT DOGS HAMBURGERS COLD DRINKS FKE'SH VEGETABLES • One Fare Limit • New JSntflund Bun Line A. J BOOKER , of Natlonu. Finally, Junl before his departure for ParlM, Byrnes went to Capitol Hill a.fid lunched in the ol'.lco of Senate Secretary Leslie Elffln with the entire momborship of the 1 F'uroifrn Relations committee whori; ho thought he won their o.k. on piuiHlng the ^forso resolution. Onci: he KOt to Paris, however. Byrnes discovered hl« old . Senate friends had pono back on him and hud attached a humstrlnfjlns timnndmont to the rcnolutlon, prac- tlciilly cut'.lns 'tn heart out. The amendment specifies that the Senate Mhall decide whether certain disputes urc domfislle which, In effect, rncana that the Senate always rutalnn thu veto power over tho World Court, It wan to huc.d off this urnendment that Byrnes tiile- phonnd Washington while tlod up with his duties here. However, he failed to win hl:i point. Tho Ron- ntu [lasuod the crippling amund- mont Just tlie samo- (Copyrljrh.t, ,19'IC. by Tho Boll Syndicate, Inc.) ,^ M(f v * ,~ ^ — — ------ .- ---- - Cubot ! hns been found in the bedroom of hfii-'home. Police said Mlsa Jarvis, who had lived the life of a recluse for the past 10 years, had been dead about a month. [GET THE MOST FOR VOUR MONEY GET FRIENDLY $£RWC£ T< EUKE JACKSPRATTA«>SAVEMOR WEIL CA5H IT IN FORVOU/ Help get SOAP batk on pWshelVes BRiNd YOUR UisEI>^FAt^ TQ WSJ;. MOORE'S MARKET 120 CHURCH ST. f ••"• **v> / • .•••'•:' ... », * • / ". .i...';'"'.^ / Tunics ore lops. . , especially when interpreted by the master hand of anuie £attrie in a two- piece suit dress that underscores'the important long look. Beauiifully expressed in glowing jewel tones of wondersoft PACIFIC wool. XKAR.Y Bl'lLDlXC XAUOATUCK, CONN. GOVERNMENT SURPLUS — Limited Quantity — BOLT means Sixes 29 to 40 Work Shirts Sizes 14 to 16 1-2 WALLY'S Union City DEFT. STORE 14 Spring St. Around tho Corner from Brltleo St. ! BOLT means but BALLANTINE Ale & Beer always means: Purity, Body, Flavor Bolt is a steel pin .that holds things in place. Bolt ia a roll of linen or lace. Bolt, it's plain, is a confusing,wbrd; it fools you! Ballantine, on the other hand, is a word that never fooled anybody: 'Ballantine always means PURITY, B'QDy,,FLAVOR— the three qualities symbolized by Peter Ballantme's famous. 3-ring .trade mark. Look for the 3 rings; :.qall for• Ballantine. AMERICA'S FINEST SINCE 1840 There's no wheat In ale or beer of Wheat is needed to foed the world's hungry people. During the present emergency, here arc three ways in which we can all co-operate with the President's Famine Emergency Committee: 1. Suva and share wheat and 1 fat product!... Go light on all foods that take wheat, fats and oils—save breads, macaroni, cakes, cookies, pastries and deep-fried foods. Use drippings for pan-frying. Save salad oil —use boiled dressings. 2. Buy and terve more pUnll- ful foods . . . Balance diets with the more plentiful foods, such as potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables. 3. Waste NO food . . . Dress up today's leftovers for tomorrow. Make every crttft count with melba toast, crumb-toppings, bread puddings and stuffings. Take no more than you can eat. Clean your plate. Turn in unusable fat salvage promptly. • • ' :.--.'>^': • T: ".A:.'.•;.-.:• "•- ?.,<>•'•'••*?"S..

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