Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
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\ VOLUME XV. NO. 42. SueeecMr to the lola Dally Regltttr, Ilia (Ola Dally Record and tha lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 12, 1911—TUESDAY EVENING. Daily Regliter, Eftabllshed J897. Weekly RagUter, Eftabllihell, 1M7. EIGHT PAGE'^ HELPLESS, BEAMIUI FLEIIDEDFOIDEtTII BACKED,AtJAIXST KKNJK. VICTLM BADirtisSAILAM'S FIMSII JOU. LEFT BESIDE ROAD TO DIE BELIEF I> XlfK OK.TIME SAVED A IIRO>}SON MAN. Warrant}^ «ud (j Isiiucd fur Arrot iif KoliVrt lis Kootii, Clinr^cd with Assault nitli Int.iit to kill. "When |thcy met In tin? ro:;d near Bronson. Gus and Rob liootli drove my lirother from his bugRv. He edRed off to the side of the road and grasjied a club to defend himself for he knew trouble was coming;. One of the Booth brothers drew a revolver and leveled It at my brotherVs head. 'Get the pitchfork and go after him,' IJootli said to his brother, '111 keep him quiet while you do it!' Booth struck my brother and ordered him tb beat It on down the road. Brotlieir's horse had be«<uue frightened during' the fray and ran ajway. He told th<> IJooth boy's J that he would not turn back but would try to catch his horse. Then they threw stbnes at him. Hroilier found his arm !broken in two places and backed uj^ against the fiMue. faint and helpless, and begged liis a.isallants to flnlah thpiir work. Tlun he fell over In a gtu| or from wlilcli he did not arouse until carried to the liomo <il friends. His nsMailnnis niuht linvi kicked bl« while he was iirosirnii on the gr >und for two ribs wen- hm- kon.'" This wj s the grai)hli' tilory TI'IIIIM' In the odliip of County Attorney •'• Taylor Inje last night liy J, \.. Ilea- -nmn, of nitar llronHon. who asked that warrnntH be Issued for Gus and Hubert Bootlv-charged with nxsauli with / Intent to kill. After hearing Iseaiiian's story, warrants were Issued from the court of Justice Matiies Duncan, and Sberifl! Kerr went to Uronson this morning to maki' tlie nrre.sts. The Booths will ))e arraigned on their arrival here tonight. The assault was committed witliin two miles of Bron-r son. just lijside the Allen county tine. The trouble betwcep the men prows out of the controversy wliicli has been raging in the Union school district for some dime. Several moiitb.s ago, ^liss Cleta Rooth. aiater of tlie Booth boys, was the teaclier there. It was charged that her servires were unsatipfactor: because of alleged actions. She was r^cjue.sted to but <!.•dined to do so. Tli* school board eipployed another teacher and for a tipie: accotjding to report, as rapidly a.« one teatjher wou'd open school, the other would di.cmi'j.^ it. Finally. Miss Booth gavei up the seliool but brought suit again.'^t the school directors and MrsrMaudO Funstnn. then county superintendent, for $20.0M0. alleging the circulation I of false and malic ous reports concerning her. This suit i.s now pending in'the courts. Since the troulile over teacher.'^ in thei^Union school in the Rronson district, the patrons hav«- taken sides nii'l the feeling has b'.iu.-ie souiewh ;;t b.t- ter. Robe l r .eamaii is one of th" defendants in tlie daiuai;<' suit and it is stated. U lien he met the Himth." in | the road liear Hiou.^oti Krliiny, li<spoke to tliriii. Thvy rf::<'iited inis and the Iroub'e ensiied. •'The attack was wiil\oiit provii?a- tif .n." J. \,. ni 'iiian io!rt the county attorney, "ami afier beating Holi all up they left him along the roadside unconscious. The llooibs drove on Into Bronson and told about the light. Friends went out and gave Hobj;elief just In time." This Is till- storv. In substimce. as related by llcauian. Thv Booths may have an entirely dllTerent stnry to tell. It will be for the roiirlySK* sifl the evidence rnd determine the fa|ls. Robert neanuuiB condition N lot believed to be d.iiigerous. though it was reported today that he was mif- ferlng mticb p->ln. • WILL SAVE HA\KI>'S SHJIIT. TII£ WKATIIKIt. KorrruHt for KmiNaitt Ucnpnilly fair lonlftlit uud >V('diii >N «lii }j colder Wed' nrrdu}-* Temperature—Highest yesterday at 2 p. in., M); lowcHt today nl C a. ni. 30; cxcefs In leinperatUK' yesterday 10 detitccs: excess In temperature since January 1st 1129 degrees. Yesterday. Today. 3 p. m 49 3 a. m 31 fi p. m 41 •J p. m 29 12 mdf. 34 C a. m 30 9 a. m 31 • 12 noon 42 Preclpljailon for 24 hours ending 7 a. in. today 0; e;;cess In pricipltatlon since January Isi. 1.42 Inches. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today 9." per cent; dew point 30 degrees; barometer reduced to sea level 30.24 lncl:e."5. Sunrise today 7:29 a. m.; sunset ."i :03 p. m. M) FiwD Jiv 11 inat CHH m TIE COHON ItKl'I BLH'ANS WILL IHM.I) >AT'L. CO.WE.MION TIIEBE AS ISl'AL. TUESOitY. JDNE18. THE OUTE r 1K- TIIE C0!9^)N' K.NE3IV. X EVEKvVlIIMJ WE>T TAF ^.S WAY AT fO -ILHITTEE XEETINC. Hill of .Maine Surcr(<dfi Ilitrhrook ns ('hnirni)in tiiid .Mnlvnnr nf Kansas, Is I'ecoguizcd. A IIEARTV RESIM)\SK TO A\ i PEAL FOR THE l'<»0?t Jfpmbers of As!<oriated Crariiies In Jfotor Cars (Jnlhrred .Many Gifts Today. Injury to Former Inln Hoy Will >ol He rermanent. The Injury to Roy Hankiii. the former lola boy who was In an ac<ideiit which occi rmd in the chemi>;try laboratory at the state university at I^awrence la.^t week, will have no permanent effect. Siieciajists say that ^Hankln'B eye. injured by add. will not 'lose its si^ht. A dis])atch from rence says: . . "Rankin was working with soiue apparatus that contained sulphuric acid and iiotassiun bichroniate. In some •way the acid splashed up into the boy's eye lard the puirfl was badly burned. T m sight of the eye was temporarily l(.'f l)r. A. W. McAlester, an eye spe^i^'ist at the university hospital at Rcjsedale. who Is treating the cBse stated 'hat the eye would not be permai^ently Injured^' EOHL KAYS XOT GOLTY. Beleasied on Bond to Appear for trial on the 19th. y <Alay was donation dav In lola— thtf day vx which lolans were asked by the Board of Associated Chariiiea to give what they could to aid the poor of the city—and the day was a great success, from every point of view. The weather was ideal for the progress of the noble work, and the thirty or more people^ men, women and boys who gathered at the M. \V. A. building on North street tiiis morn- Ins were enthusiastic. Wagons, surreys and btsggies were pr.a .sed Into /.ervice and from nine o'clock this morning until six o'clock this evening canvassed the str .'iis of tlie cliv. For the most pun th- peopl" who wiTc uollcfiid ri '.Hpoiid.d bearilly, and th<< donations piled up rapidly. By noon considerably OVIT ft)ur WHKOU- loadii of (luiiMtloiiH had bc-n pm „|| the HIII-IVCS in the building, and It Is hoped thai by the time the work erases Itii wagon-Ioads will have bieii rccelu'd for ilw aid of tola's poor. As.'had ln'in planned boys accdmpanled each of the vi -hlel'-a thai canvassed the streets, and ilieir continual whistling apprised the residents of the coming of I lie wjii ;ous. and the donations w<-re In readiness. The majority of those who heard the boys and knew its signllicance had Bomething to give. IVopIe who could afford to give as well as those who couldn't afford it. helped till the wagons. A nuu!b"r of.touching incidents were related by (hose who .'icrompan led the wagons of the willingness to give of those afllicted by poverty. In the north part of the city one of the wagons of the Board of Chxiriiifs was passing a wn tched little shanty this •morning, wlien suddenly a hand appeared at a rag stuffed window beckoning frantically for them to wait a moment. \Vb'>n the wagon stopped a woman emerged from the shanty— a woman on whom the severer rigors of life had left their mark.-, and whose clothing besiioke her extreme poverty—::nd brought some money to add to the donations. As soon as the wagons were filled ;liey v.-eje driven immediately to the M. W. A. building, where their con- i<'nls were arranged on shelves on the lower floor. Five women were ke|.i liusy tlie greater part of the day in this work. .\ot only were donations l (ro .;2hi in in ihi- wagons sent out by (he Board, but luj -ny pc'ople ca .-nc voluntarily to (lie hall to make don.t- lioiis. A number of farmers ctuuing ill !od::y brought wiili tlieni a number of arJicIes to donate to tola's poor, aucl one or two iiisl.'mces are re 'iiii -d of farmers driving in (Specially fur this purposi'. The variety of ariicles received by the Board la seemingly Infinite. Cloth lug, bi'dding, chinaware, tinware, furn Iture. beds, stoves, baby buggies, rugs carpels, laee curtains, pictures, magazines, and toys of <veiy description. It Is to the credit of lola merchants every business house around Hie sijuare gave something fof I he aid of lola's i»oor. The grocers gave flour, sugar, potatoes and other provisions, the «-lol !iiiig Blori'B gave shoes, huts, wearing appanl, and the stores which could not give any thing from their stock gave money. There are today about lifiy families In lola who are in dire need of assistance, and as soon as It Js iiosslble the Board of Charities will supply them with the articli 'S of which Uicy are most in need. Christmas packages will be made up for the clilldrm, and thes-' will consist ns far as possible of toys, so that when thiy arise ou Christmas morning they will have real evidence that Santa Claus has not forgotten them. THEY SCRAMBLED THE HATES (Hy the A -<siH 'l!'tra l^VcSK) Washington, Dec. 12.—The Rejiub- lican National Committee here today ratified the program arranged In advance. The National convention to nominate candidates for President and Vice President will be held in Clil- cago, beginning Tuesday, June ISth. The vote In favor of Chicago was over whelming, the ballot showing: Chicago 42; Denver 7; St. Louis, 1; absent. St. lx)uls finally withdrew from the. contest before the voting began, but Col. Cecil Lyon of Texas, Insisted on casting his ballot for that city. Chas. D. Hll!es, the President's secretary and manager of the Taft forces, was about the committee rooms during the session and was grailflrd to see the Taft program go through without change. Col. Harry S. New, of Indiana, was apiiolnted to bend tlie committee cm convention arrHngement« as llilles hud lusirted lust night In conference with I'ostmafter General Hitchcock and other!". Tiie Tirfl forces also dle- lalitl the entire meiuber.hlp of the •irrnngemr'ntK commilli'e which wa:* InereiiK-d to vevcn lnH(;ad of Ihr usual five and composed as follown: .New, of Indiana; Vorys, Ohio; Mulvane Kansas; Murphy, .New Jersey; Wlllliims Oregon; Ko.-^ewnter, .Nc- hra.-ka; Duncan. .North Carolina. The committee approved the action of the executive ci mmlltee in appoint Ing n subi-nmmittee to take in hand the jircparations of the call cif i!ele- gates. This committee consisted of Messrs. Borah, of Idaho; Ward of New York; Capers of South Carolina, Howden of Illinois, .-.nd Rosewater of Ncbra.>-ka. The committee forinall.v acceptPd the resignation of Frank H .Hitchcock as chairman. Former!Governor John F. Hill of Maine was then elected iliairman to i-erve until the Naticnal ccmvention nominates and a new committee is selected: A SCENE OF POMP THEX ENGLISH MAJESTIES WElffi; CROWSED RULEKS OF MDIA.! >0T IN THE METER SlIT. Commissioners' MeetiiiB- Set for Today Was >ot Held. Peter Dihl. of Savonburg. was this afternoon brought Inta the court of jittpHro J. b rj|m,,an charged with as- milting A. C:^Yeeburg. also of Sav-1 onborg, sek** ral davs ago. Dohl pleaded not guljfy. a^nd was released on »aOO bond glvon bw his brother. Victor Dohl. and his trfal set for the 19th. Tha all*r'"l s«"«»ult was the outcome of a l.nKd deal between Victor County Clerk Culbcrtson was all ready for a meeting of ilie county comiplssloners today. Commissioner Tr .Tvis and Chairman Reynolds had notified the clerk that the l^iard would be in session. But today, no commissioners showed up. , "What's the matter?" the clerk inquired over the telephone. ".Nothing," responded Chairman Reynolds at Humboldt, "we merely scrambled our dates. We'll meet nesf] Thursday." Dohl and iFreeburg'i Today the V. M. C. A. began the task of fitting every one of Its dormitory rooms with new furniture throughout and notwithstanding the fact that^he winter weather makes such things An Explanation of His Position by It. .M. Cnnnintrliaw. In a 'etter to The Register, Mr. R. M. Cunningham asks that it be ex- "I.T'ni'fl that it wa.^ his partner .Mr. .M. Urckey who brought .suit restraining the city of lola from collecting gas bill.'; for tenants from the owners of the biilldiuK. Mr. Cunningham ami .Mr. Beckc.v own the old court house building. Xyiien the controversy over the ga."^ (juestion arose. Mr. Cunningham declined tp take any active iiarf. he states and Mr. Beckey pushe<t his .•<inlrntion in the courts. ".Mr. ReeKry is a good conscientious man." the letter from -Mr. Cliin- ningh.->m say.--, "and af'er he had gone io ;-ie expens-e of Installing city meters in every offii 'i> In the huiblin^'. lie con;< nded the city slioiild read them and collect for their own gas." The suit referred to was decided In ilie supreme court Saturday and an account of the court's decision given in The Register of yesterday. In that item. M;. Cunningham was named a.^ till jirlncipnl. HKWETT LEASES OFFICES. loiiiN Latest Hnosier Mill Orrupy Part of Keller H»li-I Huildlnir. F. S. lien net t has leaded a large niom (m the lower floor of the Kel'ey iMiiel building anri expect.-* to be In his new office December l."> or soon after. The mom Is l^Ing repainted and decorated and will be oqulpped with hand some snd convenient office furniture. The office will be the home of the Allen Cimiity Investment Company, of which .Mr Bennett Is the heail.. At iiiesent his offices are in l.ongton. Kas. He returns to lola because It Is the best town In the state and has the best country around It. Mighty good reason. fl. W. Co.\, of Klsmorc. is in the city today on butj^ess. Mrs. Merle Heneson left last night for Collinsvlllc for an extended visit. L IS SUED niAUIiEB WITH VIOLiTHJN OF TIIE AATI-THl'ST LAW. TO RBROGJITERDSSMN TREATY If Suit Slicks the Conipaiiy Will He Ousted and Fined Balf u Milliun. IS THE I'NAM.MOrs RECOMMEX- OATIOX OF HOISE COMMITlEE. Heriin h:is Xews that Russo -I 'crsiau Trouble Uiil Pe Stilled by u Coiupromise. HYDE JOROR STILL MISSING XO TKACK OF WALHROX HAS HEEX FOIXI) AS VET. liis Wife Fears That Enforced All- seiiee Frotn Home Has -Made Uiin insane. VNRIVIILED MII6NIFIGENGL PRIXCES AXD RULERS TIE DIS^ PLAY OF WEALTH. The Eiiiiieror Will Donate '-a Large. Sum to Promote Popular Edaca- '' tion. (n.v nil- .X.s.Tnlati-d I 'i (S.s) Toiicka Kas., Dec 12.—The State I'tilities Cuiiiuiission today, broughi .'Juit in the Supreme Court to oust the .Natural Gas Cimipan.v and collect half a million dollars In penalties for \iolating the anti-tuusl law. One of the suits is to oust the company from doing business In the state and three others are for the collec- ticn of penalties aggregatipg half a million dollars. The cities-- affected are Topeka, Atchison, Olathe Lawrence, lyeavenworth iola, ^Eik City and Ottawa. The suits are preliminary to others tiiat will be co.inmenced :n the counties in which the Kan .sjis .Natunil Gas Company operates. The first of these was begun this afternoon in Shawnee county district court by Attorney General Dawson; It asks for penalt !t ?s amounting to nlnety- .-even (liou.-and tiiree hundred dollar.^ and attorney fees, being ontt hundred ildl'ars a ilay since April second, nineteen nine, when the conipany be- v -AXi doing (jii.-inesH in Topeka. A second suit al .-o was filed enjirining the e.tnteiMplaied increase in the rates cliarged for gas. AX l'\RE(0(iX'tZEI» FLEE'r. Here Are ftW Vessels tinned and Operat «Ml by the lulled Slides. The annual meeyng of the director.-and stockholders of the Allen County Fair Association Is .Xfelng held this afternoon In the ofllce of Secretary F. E. Smith. Among other important business to come before the meeting will be the election of officers. seem Incongruous every sign of "mov' „^,„.„ „ . Ing day" Is In evidence at the Y*. M. I are among those wbo can be ea.<;lly nany M to a rather unusua) pleasure " '<= mornirg. The hoys were invited to ;;:e theater to see a reel taken from photographs of the recent encampment at Fort niley. which Company M attended. The local company Is verv easily distinguished among the thousands of troops, and Major Travis. Captain Stover end Musician Mucger C. A. building. recognised In the picture. W.i'hlngion. Dee. |u.—The Depart- iiietit (if Ciimnierre and Ijib'or lia-< a .••'.•el of ves .'els cdifiloyi'ii on iiea;ly all the waters ol the I 'Mlli -d States. There are comparatively few peri5ons outside of the government service who are aware of this fact or who know that the fleet Is usually m^de up of 239 steam st^il. and gasoline vessels Tliej"» statements are hasedlupon Interesting statistics for the ftsical year ended June 30. 1911 presented In the forty-third annual "Mst of >Ierchnnt Vessels of f,ie I'nlted States," pre- liared by the Buieau of .Navigation In the Department of Commerce and Labor. The list for 1911 Is now: In press and (ontalns the names .rind other liartic'ilars as to rig official number, etc., cf all rtocuuiehted vessels of the ITnlted States for the year.ended .fune 30 last; of nil gcvernment vessels; of all vesfels lost dnrln;.; the year; anrt alfo a signal code list o fseagping vea- .sels am; yachts. OXE BELOIT DAILY LESS. I>azette I.eines the Field Oueu far the rail. ' Beloit. Kas. Dec. I'J.—A; compromise was effected recently between F. W. Knapp. editor of the Beloit Dally Gazette, and A. B. Adainson. editor of the Beloit Dally Call, whereby Knapp The management of the Majestic will discontinue the imbllcatlon of the theatre treated the members of Com- dally, leaving that field open to the Call. Mr. Kna])p will turn' his daily Into a weekly. Miss Carrie Rupp. chief operator on the Bell telephone board, was given c surprise Saturday night by- the other young ladles who work wl,t|ti her. Thr guests were merrily enterttilned during the evening with games following which they were served with supper. - I ily till- Associated Press) Washington, Dec. 11'.—The House Committee ou~Foreign Affairs today unanimously agreed on the Sulzer resolution directing the immediate abrogation of the 1832 treaty between tile I'nited States and Russia because of discrimination by Russia against American Jewish ciiizcus in the recognition of passports. The committee will urge Congress to take quick action on the resolution. Russia Compromising with Turkey. Berlin, Germany, Dec. 12.—A Rus- so-l'ersian compromise is probable according to a telegram from Teheran. It is reported that Russia is satisfii'd with Persia's apology and that the Russian government will withdraw its demand for th -j removal of W. Morgan Shuster, tlie x*»merican Treasurer-General, and also that it will not ask for indemnity. There will, however, in tho future be Anglo Russian control over the appointment of oliiciiili 'uy Persia. MIXERS IXSAXE I 'HllOnai FEAR. rciint»see IMsaster I>e^el«I•s .More Pathetic Features. IV.y llie .V.v.seeliiied I'rtas} r.r .'ce ^ii/e, Dec. 12.—Siiiirred on by last night's discover.v of IhiV-e survivors <if the dust bldst In the Cross .Voitntain coal -minis fresh resci^e si]i !ad.4 went into the cross entries early today hacking an<l digging with redoubled energy. Hard work soon laid bare a corpse strewn cliaiiiher far ;i ::ck ill the mine. Six bodies were recovered. I'lobably Insane from fear Insiiired by their plight, '.wo iiiliiers. who had been with the imrty rescued last night are nov.' dashing wildly In and irU of •linTii'.eU In the fiir ri'cesses of the mine. AH night long i^fcn of the res cue siiiiad chased the idnniacs but just as soon us tne would^e rescuers got '.•lose to their trail the men would dash away screaming wildly. First •hey would scurry down the maiji en- fry, the.i scniiiper away into the black recesses of the mine at ilie approach !f men from the outside. The r.iad- •lened miners are believed to bo John Duff and .lohn Smith. News of their ritj^ht Is being kept frot.i' their families. ARIZOXV ELEf'TIOX TODAY. betnocnits rialm a Long Lead for Their Candidate for Governor. rnv the A»--s?)at~l Priw) Phoenix, .\rlz., Dec. 12-—Arizona as- iiimed the full soverelTgnty of a state »oday by electing its own governor and acquiring for the first time two ITnit- »d States Senators and one Congressman. The campaign managers for George W. P. Hunt. Democratic canaidate for Governor, declared he had a long lead nrer Judge Edward Wells, the Repub- Mcan nominee. Judicial recall as 8 feature of the constitution, will be eliminated at the election today. President Taft In consenting to the ad- n^fcsion of Arizona having made tha*' < condition pre-renuisitn to statehood. Mrs. C. H. I^ach. of Pawhuaka. Okla.. Is In the city visiting her niece. M>g. C. L: Cowdry. It'.y ihe Assi .rl;ittd rresi) Kansas City, Mo., Doc. I'Z —"I believe that lieeping uiy husband away fi-^m home lias driven him insane." This was the statement of Mrs. Haily Waidrcn, wife of the missing Hyiie juror when e.\a:uined in Judge Por- terfieid's court today. Mrs. Waldron yas questioned at length regarding lumors that her husband was jealous cf an employe on the Waldron dairy farm. She denied that the had given her husband any cause for jealousy. Their relaiions were congenial she testified. According to the woman's story, Waldron had imt about two dollars when he disappeared. His pay as juror was fourteen dollars per week, and he seat twelve dollars out of his last week's pay to his • wife. Ilefore diawing liis last pay. Waldron liad but a little small change it is known. Although he didn't have enough money, to travel far it is thought by some that Waldron if alive is attempting to make his way to Tex- or.New .Mexico in which state ht formerly lived. He came here from Ko.swc-Ii, New Mexico. The auUiori- tie.T liere iiave instigated Investigatiou II) dc'.ermine If he has gone there. ROCKEFELLER FOR PRE.SIIIEXT And That Proposal Comes from Kan. sail. Too! (r.y tho .\SHoel:itod I*re*i) Vernillllon, Kas., Dec. 12.—John D. Rockefeller was Indorsed for President 111 a Htatement published In a local newspaper loilay by Vernillllon business men. The linlorseiitent s;iyh that the nil magnate is indorsed be- oausf? of Ills busiiicBS ability. More Trouble for Turkey. (By tlip Associated Press) Londoii. Dec. 12.—A news agency dispatch from Vienna says that ofllclal advices froai Cottlnge. '.Montenegro, report that a dangerous Insurrection has broken out In Albania. Twelve thousand men are under arms. Packers Mnry About Filled. (By the As .qoclated Press i ChlcaTgo. Dec. 12.—A panel of twelve men, believed to be Eatlsrfactory to the counsel for the Chicago p.ickers, on trial for alleged violation of the Sherman law was tendered to the government counsel today. Another Anti-Trust SuiL (By th '>..\ssr >ci.-jted Press* Boston., Dec. 12.—.A suit was filed In the Federal circuit court this afternoon for the dis.solution of the United Shoe Machinery Company. The bill was drawn by a special assistant 3f Attorney General Wickersham. Frightful .Method of Suicide. fBy the Asjinclatpd Pr»"-»> Chicago, Dec. 12.— .ly»W. Greek, r machinist, believed to tie. mentally un- ^^qlanced. this afternoon disrobed on the nineteenth floor of the Masonic Temple and dropped to the rotunda beneath. His mangled body was un recognizable. The ;>odv "--trt'ek a cigar stand in the rotunda. Injuring a man standing there. Ptanlev Church left th 's morning fo- Bartlesvl'Ie. where he will pet as v'"- Ilnlst at the -Odeon theater for an In doflnlto time. t By tlie .Associated Press) Delhi. India. Dec. 12.— King George 2 V and Queen Mary today were prd- claimed Emperor and Empress of li-^ . , dia. The culminating act of the Viag- lish monarch's accession to tbethroae of bis vast Indian domInIons\ toqic place amid a scene which for richnes^. of color and magnilfcence of decortv tions probably never has been sur- . passed in modern times. After the crowning the Viceroy pro-' claimed that the King -Emperor was to donate a large sum of money to- promote popular education. The huge amphitheater which was erected in the Durbar camp was thronged by tens of thousands. Great feudatory jirinces and rulers of India with the leading British officials occujiled the seats of honor near the pavilion located in the center. Screen- I'd from the gaze of the curious by a * lattice many .Maliarants and - Indian ' women of high rank occupied two aec tlins of the fiont gnllerleg. The booming of the Imperial salute .iiinoiinci (1 the api»roach of the Em- piior and Kmpress, Tho royal carriage was almost lilddeii by Us gailjr (• il arlsoned escort. The Kmpcror wore a lohe of Imperial purple, a surcoat >f purpli- with white satin breeches - :ind silk stockings. Tho Imperial lown consisted of a band of diamonds studded with large CQieraldB ind saiiphlres, with rubles In the center and a cap of purple velvet turneit !P with criiilne. The Queen Empress' ilress was of white satin embroidered with a design of roses, thistles'and hhaiiirocks. with border of lotus-flow- . • ors. Her Majesty's imperial rolje oft ii -.iiple velvet was trimmed wltli ermine and with border of gold brailff.; iler ornaments were a diamond^ aiid emerald necklace and brooches. The procession proceeded slowly to . — ;iie great central tent where Their .\Iaje.'-iices stood to receive the horn- as? and congratulations of the gov- , - ernors ruling princes and other representatives, of British India. DYXAMITERS BEGIX PATIXG. .McXaninras Fut on Stripes ^d Start to Work. (Tiy thf A.-is .M -iaied Pres»). San Quentin, Cal., Dec. 12.—Gray units among the stripe clad horde of prispners in San Quentin penitfltti- ary. James B. McNamara and John J. .Mc.Namara will be schooled in manip ulating the jute mill loom ' for flve_ weeks, after which they will be given individual machines to operate. A burglar serving a fifteen-year sent- •nce is their instructor. Few of the nini tern hundred jirisoners at San Quentin gave the McNamaras more than passing notice. KFXAWAY FREIGHT KILLS FlY^ Accident Occurred Among the Peim> syivuniu .Mountains. IRy ttip AssoolntPd: Press) ^ • Scranton, Pa., Dec. 12.—By running away of a freight train In the C:'rbonda!e yard of the Delaware and Hudson Company today four or five men were killed and five Injured. tWb of whom will die the machine-ahopa of the company were set on five and burni -d, together with flvo locomotives. Two of the dead have boon recovered from the wreckage. Others yi't unlilentlfiod arc burled lieneath the debris. SEXATOR HEXOrXCES LIBEL. , Percy of .Mississippi Scorew Marline for Lying A boat Him. (By the Assocl .tted Press) Washington, Dec. 12.—Senator Pency. of .Mississippi. In the^Senate tod^y delivered a scathing denunciation of nn article relating to his election in a November magazine. He bitterly at- ' tacked Win. R. Hearst who he safd owned the magazine and Inspected the article, and former Governor Va^°n:an nominated by the Mi^sisaipipl Democratic primary to succeed Percy.. Train Robbers In the Sooth. (By ttie Assoriated Press I Savannah, Ga., Dec. 12.— The Atlantic Coast Line train numfeer 80. which left here for New -York thij* morning, was held up by robbers neair "Hardeville, S. C, juat before day--break. Several sacks of registered mail were taken. The robbers had been passengers^ on the train. Aftbr covering the crew with revolvers, they stopped the train alid escaped .lyith the pouches. ' Missouri Arrests Prise Fighter. ' By thf AKsotitatt -a T >rMW) Nevada. Mo.. Dec. 12. —"Kid" Ferns, who lafct night knocked out K. O. Brown of Kansas City In a bout here, wrs arrested, today on a state war-; '""t chnrging partlciqatlon In a prise-' fight. Governor Hadley yeatet ^aj lUH iflett the local authorities4oJBto^,tCie' -rnposed fight." but the bout mk.ilbt' Interfered with. Today's arrestfia 'l «7 '^eved 'o have been made for a test i asc of the Missouri boxing law^

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