The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 31, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Tuesday, May 31, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results attnettturk VoL LXX, No. 192 "A Progressive Newspaper For A .Progressive Community THE WEATHER Massachuscls Connecticut and Rhode Island—Fair, not quite so cool tonight. Friday increasing- cloudiness and comfortably warm. EoEtport to Block Island — Gentle to moderate southwest winds. ESTABLISHED 1885 THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centa Talbot Forces Confident Of Nomination For Gov. Refreshments For Vets Will Cost $4,000 Tentative Budget .For Welcome Homo Program Revealed By Breen Tin- en.-.t (if i-c-fn-MhiilnntM fur the Hopt, 2, V-J Ouy otiiobriktlim which wuii rt-vnal>'(l In hi- appr(ixlinati<ly $.|,0'io hy John Union, chulrUKui, lo- <ln" I'l Hie Ini-KoHt Until on the tnultfi'l fur iht. affali-, Tho In- i uiiili-.'i the |uu-i:himi> of umuln fur each <if thu Mi'i'vlftiiirinn who will ninreh in tin- |iimu|ii. Ft has been iirriinKeil Ui'it t-uch vutnrun nini-ch- Int: will b» Miii-viiil a .full illimnr, In a tmit "hat will by uructutl for th" affair, ConctuiMloiiH will be not up lu provide lun< < U->."< urul othur In tho parade. Otlun- ItouiN that wurti Incluihut In thti biuUret i-nvuulficl hy Mr. JJriwn tiidii, linn 13iimln for the jjRi-iulu. JIl'OO; entortaliinuint, $MO: ti-nt» unit dm ten, $f>()t); the now mituruuhll", ' whlnfi will ho glviul <iw»y, SIIJOU: |ii-lv,e>i to vein, $800; lu'iii (Ahtu HIIIIIN fhut will ^o t(» niiike up the btulgut of $12,00(1, which hu.M buen the goal mtt by thi- VVnlCDiire Hume Committee will Im-hul •-xpumimin-.-i (in clucorulloiDi. tlcliHtH and uthtir mlHeullariy. AM a part of the entfMalnrm-Mt, Mr, Hreoii utinuunctid, u biuiil con- ei'i-i will ht> c-onilueted during the Fighting Misery On Refugee Ship Tension In Holy Land Heightened Two Children Die At Cyprus; Many Jewish Refugees There Are 111 Police Check Evidence In 'House Of Horrors' At a miM-tlnt; of the commlttde ln-l<l In*' night In the borough coiirt room, It wan rnvmilod hy lia/ih'l o-iiiicke, dinli-niun of thu committee In charge of pi'dcui'lnn mimic- fur 1 the affair, that tho HIT- VIIM-M of four hands add ftn.ii- drum C(»rpN have already bntin pi-omtm-d Mevcrnl local MOOletlcii, he tituted, have aniiounrod thnlr Intoiitloris of ciiti.i'lnff hanclM In the pai'ailo, I-'ciur local factoi'los hav» an- nininciiil InloiiUoriH of iinli-rliiv,' (loatsi In tin- jxu'mln, f.oiiln Trliinn. rhuli-tiiiLii at that iMitiunltten Htat- »•<!, with the ponliihlllty of iievui-al other companies! taking iiiiiillai' au- flon. John Hiilllviin will begin the due- nr'titlon nf the public 1 hullilfitgfl In Lin- borough nuX't wuflk, anil NIIU- KHtiK'k Mtore ownni'H in e n-qut'iil- i"l to follow this oxamphi In the near future, Mr, Hri-on mild. The MOW Hiituiiidbllu, which will lie ),'lveri awiiy. nnd which hail n 'Mils IM (ini> »f this llrst pictures to much tin- United States from aboard ' of the "IIrllhi:li-" ships (lii'Hnvril tn be the Henrietta Sxolcl) that currli-d Jtnvlili rcfiiK<"'s to I'lilcstliic only to IID .stopped iind held h,v thu Urltlxli »t llulfii. Corrcspondi'iits who hoarded the ship were at it loss for words to di'.scrl!><•:> horrllilii conditions Unit prevailed on. tht^ ships MiroiiKh ovori-nnvdlin; ami luck of sanitary fucilftlos. Tl\o British huvc truiisli(ji,i>i-(l Immigrants rnifii M'vrnl of tin- ships and took them lo tlif iNlitud of Cyprus for Int.eriiinoiit. The move caused a riot In Haifa which three -Jews were killed, Men lire shown playing curds In thsl pliutci. (InlrrimMomil lixcluslve Hadlophoto) Healy, Natowich Noticed By Major League Scouts Comment On Natowich's Batting Stance, Healy's Pitching "Attitude" Although thu local Legion nlm> wunt 'luwn to ileP-at In two HUCCCM- slve /runes, Tui-H'liiy and VVctlnu!*- ct-nily t.een oil illtipluy In the CJrcofi, | dny, the nlert i-V"« of twn major nil (llxpliiy at the ' ' ' ' " .i....-.-.i n.u will <lurlri>r thi- ni.-x-t fiii!- few days. ; Irtiwllu >T.'IIII.H ili-u-cli-f.1 Plane Crash Probe Continues nt an iMViwtlK'itlon hi- of pi'f.wcsM In tin- nctiuns of two of the ti'IIMl',-1 llHTIlhlM'S, l-'ufdi'iilili/ (.-(/jiifiuMil WJI.M ri-ciilved fi-mn twu iiiiijur h.'iinuo somiU, with (inn eontvrnliiK thu If.ciil team's vli-iituip hiilli-r, I silly Niitowli.'h uncl tin- ulhr-:-, tin- ti'itin's -'ii"i- />ltf.'hcr, Vlfi H<.-i4ly. 'I'urk Kuran, 1'iudKfr MCdiit, In lalldiiK of thu Beacon In;; coiHhii.-l.etl by tho State Aero- j l-'ulU youth, NiituwU-h, Halil that he niiutlc'i flrunmlsiMUin In Conner- lllu-tl [Jllly's hatting stiiiim. Ho llon wl-th the light two-miiitiM 1 plum- ! pointed out that out- of- thu prime Shipping Strike Has Started On The Great Lakes (By United Press) "t~M CIO shipping strlTtu is under way on tho Great LuUoa. And the strike threatens to tin] up all ships on this greatest Inland ' wati.-rway In the world, PulTIng I Htoamei'y are being brought to port and left thiM-e, Picket linen ure being nut up. And, in some in- Mtances, long.shorcmen are refusing i to handle cargo. • j 'The dispute- which brought on \ (By United rre*s) A new tragic development In the Bi-ltish move to stop Illegal immigration of Jewish refugees to Palestine has heightened tension In the Holy Land. Two children who were among the first refuge'es aem. to detention camps on Cyprus died early this morning—presumably from the cffecte of the overcrowding and unsanitary conditions aboard the inadequate refugee ships. Many of the refugees who were transferred to larger British ships in Haifa harbor and sent to Cyprus last Tuesday are reported ill at the detention camp, and several have been taken from the refugee quarters in ambulances. Strict security measures are being maintained at the de-tention camp and civilians have been forbidden to approach the buildings, Uprising Threatened Even before the word of the children's deaths reached tho Holy Land the Jewish underground had begun appeals to Jews "to join in a general revolt against the new British policy." And authorities speculated that an armed uprising might bo staged if 615 other uncertified Immigrants were sent to Cypress. The refugees, now are aboard the dingy refugee vessel i Katricl Yaffe in Haifa harbor, Concern also is felt over the effect of an expected announcement of the verdict in the case of 22 Jewish youths facing a British military court. The youths are be- ng tried on charges of attacking the Haifa railroad shops and the verdict is expected today. Five persons were injured last night in Haifa when police broke up demonstrations which followed the funeral of three Jews killed in demonstrations against Tues- Olio of the nged. patient found in u nursing- home operated in Indianapolis by Mrs. Margaret Colvin Is interviewed (above) by an agent of Prosecutor Sherwood Blue, who' refers to the place as the "House of Horrors." Blue snld that several of th«j 20 patients were found shackled or chained and (right) is shown a. typical shackle binding the feet of one Inmate of the "nursing home," Following 1 a raid .on the places Mrs. Colvin was held on assault and mayhem charges. (International Soundphoto) Democratic Town Committee Indorses Brophy, Callahan And Judge Shea Caucuses In Three Wards August 22 To Name Town Convention Delegates The Democratic Town Committee last night voted three local men in the November election and set dates for caucuses and conventions to name delegates to town and state conventions. ' The committee indorsed Warden Leo.J. Bro'phy.for Fifth District Congressman, Chief Deputy Sheriff Daniel J, Callahan for High Sheriff of New Haven County, and Secretary Byrnes In i faults of tin- local nln- wan Ih . lt I the strike tit midnight Is between the National Maritime union of th But the 1,100 .striking CIO men iippualcd to all aearnen on th by Htnto polled of Hellmny barruckii viewing tho lie- molHhf'd airplane, which was tak- on to that airport Tunxday night from the erimh In 1111 open rriidh here Tuendny •vhli-h I- 1 . Klng.iloy Whlttutn of j thcv tlUl not watch the hail all the! T „,,,„,„ flnnuM-M wa.-i fatally Uljlirml, are i wu ~ y ,, UWI1 lt) lh ,. ,,| :ltl ,, | nlt tl mt | CI ° ;irKl 10 Groat Lakes shlpown not expected to bi- complete for a I .v,,' t inv'l<.-h illil this every lime. ] n-oeli or ten dayji, authuiMtlen at i Iir -,, v f u ml . . . . . I the coniiMlii.Mlon In Hartford nlat< , "Watchlni' the hall, "he said, "is j Memh'eni of tlu- tliipnrtmt-nt wei'e ; ""Ij "' n "n/.j'T'ii^kl'il'm-"!!^ \o huvo ' fti Uethany Airport y^to.-ilay ac- |{ -^ ^ Hp ^ n ^ d ^ ,1 Natowich wan a slow I'tinno.r but pnlntud out that "Schnov,/" Lom- Ijardi, and si'ventl othei-n were not runners, bill they got along. riolil near the I'ultir Paul, Inc., fac- ! Loinhardl's slowness IM excusable tin-y on New llnvon roaO. • though, the Dntlgor talont (Inclor The eoiiunlsiilon Is lnviiMtl)(atliu; | stated, pointing out that lie l:i a the remaliiM of the plivnu'.i median- i niemher of the Giant's tonni. linn In mi pffoi't to iletoi-nilnr i led I'lni'.en, scout for the Chicago whether or not imtuhunlciil failure Cub-i, wan the man who thought! was cause of the crash. IntiTUilve i Wl ,|| ,,f vin irpaly. He fialtl tluit hr i|iiestlunlnj» of wltnoSHUH alpo IM » ' ||| ul( | thu local hoy's "attitude-" on Cart of the (H-cibu rollowlng which ; t|)| ,, cl uunt \ t ,, ml (,,,'iu.voj tlril If hl.i plctcly tied up, repcrcusslona wll bi> felt in many major Industries For tho Great Lukes steamers hau mainly gas, coal, Iron and stec ore. And If these commodities stop moving, officials fear a slowdown in auto and steel production, In the coal Industry, and in othor industries which are dependent on them. N'egotiatlon.H Negotiations between the union and shipowners broke off early tills morning, shortly offer the strike hail .started. During the « report of ITll'llMlUl. thw fliuUn«s will The Spinal Anaesthetic team had not broken up In-hind him In the- opening came, ho would have l>f-i.'ii victorious. Healy does hnvi- 1'nultM, the talent cxpei-t said, but ho has true ability, und that's all that noiiiitu In tho end. Hi- said that Iloaly should practice more with his curve,, us with the ;itrnl<ht fast ball which he rely." on moMt of thu time, If ho would mix a few tnoi-o off pitches, he K<> many who rmwt tmdoi-jro oj>- wriitlon four -the uniic.ithotlo that puts thorn to »letip anil the niuimm and vomiting that »omottmi-H or- ctirsi aftor tho opomtlon. For thin "nil other roiiHonH tho nnntisthollc l« put Into the nplnal oandl, ThlM tlomi away with tho couRhlnKi t^ 0 iiiutHou and vomltlnK, th'o • K»m J*' - t»ifU» antl other dlnturbiinops whloh oftun follow 'tht> tiso of other nnd uthor iinuoHthiitlcH whloh the pa- tl«nt bcuath«fi Into hln lunK«. .Hod by Tho CoiiBOllUutocI Foutur«», Ino.) would llJUl nil nf hln opposlnp bat- toi-M falling for thnm. I-K- montlnnof.1 thut td .-in experienced coach, Vln to|oi:i"«phod —'« pitch, after the person had xceii him once, but snld t'hat this i-tnikl easily he remodU-d with tho rljtht kind of Instruction. OtKi-.r Hcouts who were present 'it Ihu Rfi(,'ion 2 (,'ftmes wei-u GeorRi. Mack of the CilaiUs nnd another scout from the CardlmvlH, No Am- erluun Li-niruo scouts wore present, hut 11* one of tho stport.i writers proxont. Hal Kalht of the Trenton nvunlnx pupor. nald. they havo enough talent already. Story of yesterday's «r.imu on sports pa;,'"CAHS l.iioniln.itor. AUK- 15— Four cfirs of a BoBton und Maine roiul frolKhltrnln were dernllod to- dny, blooltlii),' both lines of the Fltchburv tilvlalon. No one wus ln- Jurucl. . the owners had refused to negotiate on an Industry-wide basis. After the start of the strike, representatives of all but one of tho shipping companies Broke off negotiation. 1 ! completely. The one remaining- company—Standard Oil of Indiana, which op^Trates six ships—will confer again today with NMU vIce-presiuoTiT 7n.CK Lawrcn- .son In an effort to reach a settlement. The- core of the dispute Is the union's demand for paring down Its work week from SO to 44 hours n week, and a maintenance of membership clause, The union has | dropped Its original demands for a -10-hour week, higher wages, severance pay, and preferential hiring. Attack On Russia (By United J'renH) At the Purls peace conference Secretary of State Byrnes*hau again attacked Russia. Brooking into th> Balkan treaty debate thi.s morn ing, Byrnes accused the Sovle union of misrepresenting the Am crican objectives in writing the peace trcnties for the defeated Eu ropean nations. The. U-S secretary told delegates that we want no territory or .reparations from the defi>ated rations His remarks were In answer to Soviet Minister Mblotov's speech earlier this week in which he in- direcly acci.'oed Britain and the United States of seeking to control the Mediterranean :md gain an economic stranglehold on Italy. Byrnes told tho conference its duty was to promote a durable peace—not to add to the dl.ssention nmoiifi- nations. And he naid tribute to Greece, in answer t.o the denunciation heaped on that, country by the Soviet bloc. Other Speaker* Just before Byrnes spoke delegate K. B. Klsselev naked the con- eronco for a fair pence fox- what he culled "The new democratic Hungary"—regardless of her past crimes. Earlier the Czochoslovaklan foreign minister. Jan Masaryk, denounced Hungarian claims that Czechoslovakia is mistreating 'Its Hungarian minority. He ridiculed 1 Hungary's request for an easier Shea for reelection to his present position. Warden Brophy yesterday announced .that he would soek the day's transfer of refugees to Cy- : Judge of Probate . Raymond M. prus. In Jerusalem, the so-called "tele- phpne terror" is reported continuing. Calls warning that the municipal building- and the central pot olllce are in danger of cxplosio forced evacuation of the building Authorities say the telephone warn Ings may be part of the Jewls underground's war of nerves. Last-Minute News — TRUMAN GOING ON CRUISE Washington, Aug. 15—(UP)—President. Truirnin will sail from Washington tomorrow for a 17 day cruise on the presidential yacht Williarnsburg off the r\\-\v Kiig-Uuicl .coast. Mr-.Trnman-will be accompanied on tho cruise hy his immediate White House staff. The presidential yacht will cruise in the Njirrn^anset Bay area and off the coast of Maine. The President will return to the White Mouse on Lahor Day, Sept. '2. ARMY'S NEW MISSILE 'Very Pleased' After Talk With Baldwin Talbofs Prospects Brighter If Baldwin Accepts Senate Nomination Aftormr.tji of a conference yesterday between Governor H.-iymond E. Baldwin and Hep, Joseph E. Talbot, supporters of the local candidate for the Republican gubernataruU nomination manifested nc\v ronfl- dence that Mr. Talbot would he. his party's candidate for governor. There was every indication, informed quarters fcredicied, that Governor Baldwin would be the Republican candidate for U. S. Senator, and wt-^ld announce his plans in a couplo of days. Mr, Talbot, who, according to his secretary. Jack Henry, left Hurtford yesterday "very much pleased" with the result of his conference with Governor Baldwin is now in the eastern section of tho state. He will remain in thut area four days engaged in conferences and in cam- pjiiiininfi' for the nomination, Veteran politicians said today th"t Talbol's chances for the jjuker- mr.orial nomination would he enhanced should Governor Baldwin be the condid:ite for senator, lo KU«> cccd Senator Thomas C. Hart, who is not seeking reelection. Only olHcial comment from Governor Baldw'm came by way of State Chairman Harold E. Mitchell " that the governor \\-us giving "very earnest consideration" to whether he would be a. candidate. Balawiii announced la-st year that he was quitting politics to enter private business, but his name has ever been uppermost In party leaders' plans for the next Republican ticket. Congr,cssman Talbot has been carrying- on a spirited campaign for the renominalion for governor over Washington, Any. 35—(UP)—The closed the development of a guided missile 1.1ml can destroy enemy planes or rockets before they reach their targets. The missile called Gapa is a pencil-thin .10-fool- rocket capable of supersonic speeds/| DEMPSEY'S MOTHER DIES j Murray, .Utah, Aug. 15—(OP)—The niolher of for- i mei ; heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey—87-year-old Mi's. Cecile Dempsey—died today at her homo in Murray, Utah. ] Dempsey was at her bedside. BACK ON JOB Pontiac. Mich., Aug. 15—(UP)—Some 20,000 Geiionil Motors workers are hack at their jobs in three GM plants , after a V-J Day demonstration demanding vacation* will] payj-'or war veterans. 'A one-day tie up at the main Dodge t in Detroit also has ended. a period of more than six months. Here Tuesday night he said he wad sure of support from Western Connecticut, The fact thn.t he left Governor Baldwin ycRiei-dny "very much pleased," and headed for Eastern Connecticut, is an indication that his prospects ure brighter. j Other candidates for the nomi- , nation for governor include Judge I Thomns E, Troland of New Lon- I don, former Lieut. Gov. Jumcs L. McConnuRhy, Attorney General William L. Hadden and State's Attorney Mcadc Alcorn. Should Governor Baldwin deckle to run far the Scnule, lie undoubtedly would 1;e permitted <o handpick his running mute. Baldwin and Talbot are close friends. RAYMOND M. SHEA Probate Judge democratic nomination for the post| bot (R), who has announced thnti he will accept no nomination this) ear other than for governor. Judge of Probate Shea, -who James T, Patterson of Nauga- tucU is also receiving strong support in his campaign for the republican fifth diutrict congresKional nomination. The former Marine Major has boon engaged in a thorough swing through the district to line up delegates ;md has won favor and support in a number of (UP)—Office workers at Six ! State Food Administrator Harry E. Mosle of Goshen has announced that ho will also be a candidate for the congressional nomination. STRIKE POSTPONED Chicago, Ang, lo plants of the International Harvester Company have post- now held by Rep. Joseph E. Tai-1 poned u threatened strike until next Thursday. ANSWERS BYRNES Paris, Aug. 15—(UP)—Russia has answered Secrc- eeking his second term,, may bo tarv, of State 'Bvnies' pica for economic opportunity for pposod by former Probate Judge; , v -, „ , , " ,. . , . , T . , . , . . . ,, Stephen j. Sweeney, the probable; the .defeated enemy nations. Andrei Vishinsky insists that candidate. Besides vot- economic discussions regarding the satellites should hinge on two things—first, obligations already undertaken by the defeated nations, and second, Ihelr aliility to pay more. He.says Soviet policy i^ consistent and realistic. INFANTILE PARALYSIS By United Press—The nation's worst outbreak of polio in recent years apparently is waning in the southwest. But it's raginjg unabated in Minnesota. Colorado Three Glendale Houses S'old Three houses and lots in the W, J. Megln. Inc., Glondnle Manor housing development, off New Haven road have been sold, according to warranty deeds on file in the odlcc of Town Clork Raymond J. St. John, Thc--ti-ansactions have been completed with the following residents; Louis P., and John M- Qulnn; Chnrlr-s E, Schroctor;' Robert M. Talcott. ians had made no contribution to thu defeat of the Almost as Masaryk was speaking, thousands of families in Hungary from their ancestral homes as a and Czechoslovakia were uprooted move began to solve one of Europe's oldest minority problems. More than 200,000 persons living in the two .cr>f{itrlcs have begun a migration back to their native lands under an agreement signed between the Czechs -and Bulgars last February. ThU, however, is only a partial exchange of populations —ITuvn MIU Keen tlie n«v 1947 Studr- Jmkcr? II'M rcully worth Ncrtnir. yon run- NI-O It by vlMtlap? thn Nauiatuck Battery and Auto Servlc*,—Adtv ng indorsement of Judge Shea, the own committee recorded its ap- roval of the candidacy of Sheriff Callahan, who is also chairman of he. committee, CaiicuxeN Caucuses will be held in the hrec wards August 22 at 8 p. m. 0 name seven delegates and two al- ernates to the Town Convention ugust 27 In- the Town Hall. The i ard caucuses will be held as fol- i ,-1 i-/» • VY -u, .1 • • , , , ws: First ward, Town Haii; sec-j am ' Caliiomia. HeaJth authorities say the outbreak has nd ward, Eagles' Haii, Oak street; shown some decline in Texas, So. Dakota, Missouri, Kan- ward, White Eagle Hall, City. At tKe convention August 27, the] show 1,543 new cases reported last week and 1,263 the ward delegates will elect 11 delegates to the state convention to be held in Hartford September 1G and to Delegates will also be named the- . senatorial, shrievalty and probate conventions. MOTION OVERRULED Dawrenceburg, Tenn., Aug. 10— (U P)—Defense attorneys in the trial of 25 negroes indicted for the race riots in Columbia. Tei?n., last winter, have been overruled oh a motion to disqualify -the entire special jury panel. They charge qualified negroes were barred from the Jury list from which the panel was drawn. —Have you hrcn hire lately? MVII, then yun're mlsHlnc tnklnp nrivantiiRr of mime crrat vuliira, Vlult KAPIIAEI/S, Nauidtuck'g KusUlon itore, lamorrow. and Oklahoma. But overall fibres for the entire nation week before. Veterans Council Meets Friday Chairman Gaston Adams today announced a meeting of the Veterans ouncfl tomorrow ijight at erans council, tomorrow night -at Plans will be discussed for the Welcome Home parade, All delegates are urged to attend. The meeting will start at 8 o'clock and will include a report from Parade Marshal Harold Lewis, . —Orllinr raidy for that trli>.... CftH CHOCK'S Frlrndly Service nna hnvo llK-m irlve your cur K rml lolnr ovf.r. Call IOCS tor caurltout tervlcc.—Adr. Father Plunkett Of Danbury Is Dead Danbury, Aug. 13—(UP)—Funeral services will be held Saturday Republican Town Committee Makes Caucus Plans The Republican town committee Inst nitcht discussed a possible sl:itc of delofrfite? to conventions to be submitted to the caucuses in the three wards next Tuesday nlRht. Chairman Ch.irlcs Rodcnbachi Raid that plans"wcrp completed for holdings the caucuses and for the town convention to follow, for the designation of delegates to the various convontin.". PIa.ns were also discussed for the assistance of Rep. Joseph E. Talbot n his campaign for the nomination for jrovoi-jjor. morning for the Rev. Plunkett, 70-year-old Edward J. pr-est and pastor of St. Joseph's church for the pest 16 years. He died at Danbury hospital after a serious illness of five weeks. — Ymi will miirrrl. Ill till* rxl«-nt«lvtt Fw-iniH (Imt ynti will flml n( Jef'w Hi-Klpiiriinl. Chnrcli SI. In tlirNC kot Bultry day«, couie' to Jeff'ft.^Ailv. Marine League Meets Tonight A regular meeting: of the Marino Corps League will take place at 8 o'cloclc tonight at tho American Legion Home, Cedar street. Reports will be made on the recent state convention, at which Vcrnon LaFavc was elected junior vice- commandant for this district, and on the recent dance held by the local detachment at Linden iParlc. —.For your next imlr of nhiwt. «flme' In nnd Kit- UK, MoMlly' nil Ilir fftvoHtn Xlllionnl imiknt nre avntlnble: HICK'S Sboe Store, 1*2 Bank St., Wtbjr.—A*Y.

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