The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 30, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 8
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I H-NAUOATUCU NBWfl (CONN.). WKDXK8PAV. AUG. 14. 1MB , «Q ur Marines To Enlist Yankee Platoon Thi> U. S. Miti-lne Corps recruit In>f ntiitlunn In Connocllciu iiri having a (li'lvo to owinlun /in »' "Connecticut Ynnltno Platoon. 1 Thin phuoon will coiiMlHt of 7-1 mnn, which will all be from Con nt'Ctlcut. Thn "Connnctlout Yar| k«<> r-Mutoon" whon It l.i roucly to l)n itworn-ln will luavo Hartford an a unit, train an a unit at Purrl Inland, nml will luturn on furloui; tot'iithiir, All niiifi l)utw«(-n thn ntfiis of 1 und 30 ami who uro nml iiri> In nooil phyHlctil condition ni'P ull- >«lbl« for tho "Connoetlcu-t Yiinhnti J'liitoon." You irmy imllHt for two, thri'o, or four ypiirn. I''«f fiirthoi' In- forrnutlon uliotit th« "Connuctlcut YunUiKi Plntoon" ilrop I" "' •'"« local rtioi'tilllnjr odlcu which 1st lo- ciildtl <it thu Post Olllco In Wntorbury. Tl'USt"— OT HOW lO LlVC With the AtOID State Officials (Conllntintl' From P»KP One) lor Lyiitdowlc/. racud to tho «cono •••itli thp community ambulance, ox- trlen-tocl Uio Injured mnn from the mo and runhod him to St. Mary's hoMpltul. Captain Mulono snltl the l)llot WILH trapped In tho cockpit, of thu planu by tho cnf,'lne, which r< boon prshi'Cl bncl< by tho Im- juct. l-jllclrncy and Hpoed of tho local Killcemiin havu boon highly pralnod. I'hoy worn rni'oti-to to (.1:0 hospital ipon arrival of alutn police and ciulpmunt from tho Bethany bar- Hcrc we arc, hnlo shining, holding our sncrcd trust, the Atom Bomb. Wo made it. No other nation has ony. But they needn't be afraid We wouldn't hurt unyons. But nn ((tomic arms race is al ready under wny. 'Once a race »™-r« to do but it must be done befor* 'sUvTa y"ou"hovc"to beat the other from the Atom Bomb. We must ^^S^A Yt°wSf \>™° 8 wna^bU'for JS? i^t for u, ». h.ppy^^er^.rnvc. GET ;; 30 MORE JUICE DOftMfYfft (1ICTRIC FRUIT JUICER Mr. Whittum dlnd two hours ,tt t.ho hoHpltnl. hnvinK »us- lilnod a compound fracture at the UHO of thu Mtuill, fructtiro of both itK«. hi-okiin rlxhl wi-iet and In- ornal Injuries. Ho WUH ii Sprlnj.'fleld, Mass., ii.i|r<'»Hr"im, <> n d mild to havu tak- n off from tho plniio'ti base nt North Somora, Muss.. In tho morning on a bunlnuMH trip to New York An a prucuullonni'y thought the plane may have Rimed a tree top placing It out of control find plunging It to tho ground, No marks of wheels wore seen on the ground at tho scene, but a big hole wan dug by the plane's uitiino, Indicating that It hit the ground first on its nose,, As the plane was In an upright position toward New believed the plun« twlsiteci about after first hitting tho ground, made soft by the torrents of rain falling- at the timo. Several residents have reported they heard tho plane circling the huuding clln;;onu!ly Jiaven road, it is pdi-atUH from thci local fire deport- borot'j'h for about -15 minutes be ' The Kllihcn Jul<«r Thai $ DOES ALL THE WORK JlIM flli'k 1 <wilcll- J».l /jl.1' f ii.p iwi.l,,.. civ.HI. i/iiint wan cliittillcd to the crush AxICIMl Qlll'StlCHIS Storli'H win 0 hi'ard around the borough yi.'Sterday afternoon lrtn-'. Hid pilot flew hl« Mhlp low ov«r Hie Ni'W Huvon ruad aroa shortly hefoci: th» tra.-ih shouting to •I I a Ni». Main St. To I. l/nli w*-l h MI City i 'in the ground for landing dlreo '.lonM. .K,hn Urglils, 02 Highland nv- onui:, working at tho Glandule Manor hou.flm,' (jrfiJi.'Rt, wild the plane drri|i|>fd low and the pilot shout- ml to lilrn. l./rgltl;i unlil hi; pcilnlnd In the illri'Kllon. of thn Bethany jilrport, but within a few seconds ;h« piano cra.shi'd. Kayniiind Koxliir of Watorbury, u-a.'i (hiving In his autoinolille when thi' piano elreli'd low over the high- svay. f-In told Kni'/rt. J-'oley hi; •itimiu'd hl'i ear nnd hoard the pilot dhout n.i -the flow over tho tree tops. A niomunt later the plane '.-rnfitu'd und Foster said ho cut through tin 1 open field In hln car to roach tho accident scene. fori) the crush, with the pilot apparently socking a landing field ; Survivors of the pilot, who wna the son of Norman E., and Charlotte Whittum, are his wife, Clarice two sons, King-sley', Jr., ago 4, and Nnrman Louis, age 3; a hrol.hei Walter of Manorville, long Inland N, Y,, u.nd a sister, Gertrude of Springfield. Mass. He was a graduate of Massachusetts State college and was treasurer of the John E. Stewart Print- Ing Co.. of Springfield, which ho hud been alllliatod with for the past 15 years, Funeral aervlcts will ho held Friday afternoon u.t '-i o'clock at the Eyrons Funeral Home, with burial n Hillcrest cprnutcfy, Somers. The oT^bttd" 1 tlylng conditions, : Rov. John Homer Millrr, pastor of Thu piano waa aoon by employee of the candy factory flying at about a 00 to 75 foot altitude In the area, Wnathcr Knport A woather report with no iru-n- tion of rain and fair visibility wu.s given Mr. Whittum, 30, usconlin« to a rojiort today. The BuL-nos Airport at Wcslflold, Ma:i».. has admitted somling Mr. Whittum a report .shortly before 11 o'clock giving visibility us fi.OOO fin-t na fit)' as Hartford and 2,000 feet from there to Now York. No mention was made about rain, and Mr, WhllUim apparently left his the Hope ConKretfutionul church will otllcliite. noarby the have good vallod. Weather reports ut Barnes Airport are received from tile Logan International Airport in Boston, MUSH. At 1:30 o'clock in the afternoon, the Eiirncs Airport ,-<ent OUT a. j'orson.i noaroy tin' MUL-IIU HUM: —••• --- • . mid tho plane did not appear to be corrected weather forecast that it was going to rain. Money Offered By . State Is Still Awaiting Takers Hartford, Aug. 14—'U P)—Five million dollars, offered by the state towards providing temporary hous- ;rin^r:i£" --r^-rr K "~ The fund w/i.s set up by the spe- clul session of tho legislature last spring to help cities and towns in building projects. So fur only 13 communities have accepted the offer. Reason for their reluctance to use the money is t.'f y must match the sum—dollar for dollar. Places which have participated ;n the program so far are Hartford, Now I-Iuvon, Bridgeport, Water-bury, Deep River, Farmington, Winstod, Meridon, Middlctown, New Britain, Darien, NorwalU, and VVestport. Noble Speaks At Rotary Meeting "How To Own Your Own House" wuu the subject of a talk by Wil- tlom J. Noble Jr., today at the weekly meeting of the Rotary club. Mr. Noble is president of W. J. Me- gln, Inc.. currently engaged in the construction of a housing project here. Plans were discussed at the meeting for participation in the V-J Day parade. Young Republicans (Continued From Page OnoJ Borough Resident Jailed Four Months r=*.-»=: sas-J- s was set as Aug. 17 at Linden Park. Howard Sagendorf, Mrs. Myrtle Hotchklss as delegates, nnd Walter Norwush alternate, will attend Now Haven County jail for four months. A companion, John Carey, 18, of 7 Bishop street. Waterbury, was sent to Cheshire reformatory the New England Young Rcpubll-'^six^ months, can cynvention to be- held in James- """ '" ~ "" own, R. I., Sep>. 1 and 8. Mr. Patterson ~nd Jotcph A. Dfi- Luca were accepted is new mem- jors to the club. Stowaway Jailed Tho two were accused of taking a station wagon from the Grove Used Car Exchange, Waterbury last Sunday. They were given suspended sentences on additional charges of operating a motor vehicle without a license. Both were on probation from Superior court, Cavey having been arrested recently in connection with the theft of a wallet from the. trousers of a Nixug-atuck man \vhile botn were taking physical examinations for employment hero. Julge ChaHc-s Summa presided. Variable Suit moods liv (in zt. War veteran Ralph K. Betz, 26, Willoughby, O., is shown in the city juiJ at Bad NiMiheim, Germany, where he is being hold until he faces deportation charges. When ho found jobs scarce and prices too high in the U. S., Betz stowed away on a troop carrier. (International) Short Circuit Causes Auto Fire A blaze, caused by a short circuit in the mechanism of an 1937 Graham sedan owned by Louis C. Chordone, -16 Tarbell avenue. Oak- villc, and operated by Michael DeSanto of -the same address, was extinguished yesterday afternoon by the Naugatuck Fire department, which responded to an alarm from Box 17 opposite the Meadowbrook Farm on Rubber avenue. Chief John J. Sheridan reported slight damage to the vehicle. SOFT, YIELDING, PLIABLE GIVE AND TAKE FUJYAMA STRAW HATS AS DOBtfS CRAFTSMEN KNOW THE ART. As comfortable atop your dome as a slipper to your foot—no furrowed brow trying to adjust your head to the hat—with these soft Dobbs straw hats the hat adjusts itself to your head so comfortably you're hardly aware of a hat on your head. Air filtering, breeze catching, head cooling all ready for the August dog days— $7.50 to $12.00. Complete * line of Work Clothes NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6136 I-AW-N'MOWKKS GRASS CATCHER WALL PAPER IN STOCK PITTSBURGH PAINTS. GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPJJ5 STREET (AcroHn troro City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone BOM There were more than , 25 million milk cows in the U- S. in 1940 compared with 16,544,000 in 1900 and 8,586,000 in 1860. A modern battleship requires the use of 323,000 board feet of lumber during its construction. DRAFT PLANS Washington, Aug. M— CUP)— The I War Department personnel dircc- ! tor, Major General W. S. Paul, says the Army will draft 25,000 men in September. And he adds— another 160,000 will be conscripted before tho draft act expires next March. Railroads handle 98 per cent of the U. S. mail. Surplus Military Aircraft May Be Crashed for Tests Hillman Death May Affect ClO's Left-Wing Elements Hiililractioii o!' ncci'Hsorii Note (In- oisuiil fjdlliif, (In- ,L. Nlrcvc, |In- Hini[)licity of line. You'll I'iiul it. in our I'Si'hisivi 1 culccl iuiuol' S\V;MISI contH and suits, An AiuiM'iciin WonU-n (Company wnrHtcil stri|)c or plaii .10 tn 18. Alioul As scon in MADICMOISEI'/LE Special to Central Press • WASHINGTON—The aircraft industry, including aero Insurance people, is Interested in reviving a recent suggestion that surplus military aircraft be crashed deliberately In a program to study structural weaknesacs and the problems of fire following accidents. CAA suspension of the use of Constellations after the Pennsylvania crash of one of the big planes gives renewed Impetus to the crash test idea. Proponents admit that It would be expensive—CAA originally rejected the plan for that reason—but they say that it would be less costly now than at any other time since the planes involved would otherwise be used only for scrap metal. Supporters of the scheme claim such research would be valuable. Sixty-passenger transports now are common on the airlines and 100-pos- senger ships will be along soon. Backers of the crash-test proposal want to study fire hazards and other problems involved In the crash of one of these sky giants. •, * * • » • THE DEATH OF SIDNEY HILLMAN may have serious repercussions for left-wing elements Washington of the CIO. Although not a Communist, Hlllman generally was regarded aa a peacemaker in the CIO ranks and worked for harmony between the left and right- wing factions. His death may have, removed an obstacle to a long-rumored effort by CIO President Phil Murray to rid his organization of left-wing elements. During the recent executive board meeting, Murray clipped the wings of Harry Bridges, Longshoremen's leader and CIO regional director for California. Murray split California into two CIO districts and took away from Bridges the Important southern area. Moreover, Joseph Curran, boss of the National Maritime Union, was named to the CIO Political Action Committee. Curran has been engaged in a bitter fight against Communists in the NMU Jand recently emerged victorious In a union election. W 9 W W • WASHINGTON is WATCHING-the turn of events in Puerto P.lco when Jesus T, Pinero takes over In September as the first native governor in the history of the country. It Is believed that he will carry out the same program started by his predecessor, former brain-truster Rexford Tugwell. Pinero is known us an honest, sincere man with liberal tendencies. Prior to Pinero's appointment rumors were circulated that he belonged to the Communist party and therefore would not be named to tho high insular post. Pinero denies he was or Is a member- of the Communist party. Thi: governor-designate Is a wealthy landowner and sugar planter and Is expected to use his post to help better the condition of his people. • • * - * • DESPITE THE UNFAVORABLE publicity Rep. Andrew May CD) of Kentucky has received and Is likely to receive In snowballing proportions because of his con- R ep /^ ay nectlon with the Garsson paper munitions empire. political observers see little chance for hia defeat Sfrong in the November elections. , At Horn* May, 71-year-old chairman of the House military affairs committee, comes from Prestonsburg, Ky., a rough-and- tumble borderline political district. There he controls the Democratic machine and commands the votes. Observers think that the citizenry of May's district will more or less regard him ns having been crucified In Washington. In other words, May, the "political king," can do no wrong In the books of his constituents-. a So, barring possible crimlno.1 indictment or impeachment, Ma* •Shears to moat observer! a aafo bet to succeed WmsaLf. • LADIES' £ GENTS' CLOTHESl ALTERED und REMODELEDJ EMBRUSKI 'CLEANER TAILOU 4flt Nil. Mnln 8t. TVI. Sum Colon Cltt Cars Called For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving:! ! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4933 We Are Now Receiving 1 Shipments Of WEAR-EVER ALUMINUM WARE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE ABY BUILDING TEL. 5212 Time to take a7iother Jook at the ever changing economic picture, and the effect on your family budget. Time to consider your Savings Program—does it measure up to current day needs. Most people need two programs—one for emer- gencies-—ihe other for the future. 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