The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 30, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 6
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*AOE 0-XAVOATCCK NEWS (CONN.). 14. 1946 STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Ptvrk Place Open Dully t'ntll 1 A. M. • I>,UI,V I.I.'.Nf'UKONS • AND niNNKUS « A J.A <:AUTK MKNU Dining Room, I'V.otl llur nml Hoolli SiTVln.1 Full Liquor License "" CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE SAVE UP TO 30% BENSON'S I III) SOl.'TIf MAIN ST.. Wiitrrliury p tiic illicit .1. Clurlt, ciirotnkor of r-lubhour.o :it thu KiiKt Mount-oil' rrmiT.r-, illotl suddenly liito i/iVit' nlTht at hU homo 75 Manor avi'iui' 1 WitUM'ljur.V, Mr Clark, a llfoloiur rosltlent ot Watr'i I.ury wn:i born In lltr lirnok- |.-n -u-ptlo'ri. tho -ion or the lain Put,'!<•!{ and KU/abuth (Cushlnj;) Clurlt. ivrm-i' lirlnf rmr>luyi'd by the Park 11,.,.,,1'tiiii.nt at Uiu Ct.lf coui'HO, ho, w.-iK..<l »C tin. Chasm Motul Work*. I llr wii.'i 11 eommiiiiU:iint of Hu- ri't.d ill-art clinren and n. irv.-mbor „( I In- Molv Num.! Mficloty. He was a mi-ml.or of thu Brooklyn Athletic club. :<ui-vlvlr,;-. bf!ililr:i his wlfn. Mrs. .Ir,'-i.plilno (Wiilliicc.) Chirk, an. Un-i-i- !i!vt'-i'*. Mr.«, Jumca McLean, Mr-i M|i-lmi-l hi ran nan imd Mrs. Mlf'-im'-l Hollhun fill <;f Wn'tci-hury. ,\ii.| srvrriLl m-phow.M iirul r.lec.c-s. KuiH,-rnl iirraiitfeinento (ll '° Incom- Junior All-Star Twin To Be Chosen For Sunday Game TflV STH1KK AVMKTKI) Wn.ihln;;lon. Aug. 'IS-(I? I')— I'lilnn nn-1 c'onil>.iii.v ncgotliitlons ln(|;iy ri-.-n'lii-rl a coniprnnil.-'C siL'ltU.- "in: riilMUli! before a sirlko of v/di-Ki'i-i WIL.H scheduled tn In the C.-iimplicll Hnuji com- inl nr Ciimtlcn. Ne.v Joi-Bcy. C.C.F. . VIVIEN LEIGH CLAUDE RAINS ATcmp^ion In TECHNICOLOR P3COUCCO AND DIRECTED BY Flora Reason • FrandsLSullivan Roloalcd Ilirg UNITED AflTISTS ?NI) HIT THE FRENCH KEY wllli .\lhrrl Di-kkcr — l-' AnI KXTKA — NKAVS OK TtIK HAY WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-6, 1-4 jxntl 1-2 H. P. Tel. Water-bury 4-1G94 anil Hi'Vri'ii 1 Cluir^i 1 HHIIIKST I'ltlCKS I'AII) The WATICIUJTIRY HKATIN(; Co. J.nuili'i's 111 lldinn lli'iilli'itf :i'l-,'tll SI'KINti ST. Just An-ivcd NEV7 OGAN SHAPES To Meet Wr f terbury Ball Team In Preliminary Contest A NaiiRatiick AH - Star Junior •twini will be (isiscmblctl from tho local k-ajjuu to meet the SS. Peter ft Paul team of Waterbury, as u preliminary to the regular JcaRiio f.nmn at tlio Recreation Field Sunday afternoon, according to an an- nnimcomonl hy Frank Shea, president of the Niuisatuck Amateur leaKtio. Thp tnani, which will be man- ured jointly hy Al Brewer and Ed Mr.C.-irthy, lias not as yet boon picked, but the' roster will be Announced tcm6rrow or Friday, ac- cordlnjc to the mentors. The announcement came after a niiH-tlriK of the Amateur LeaRUU nnnm'i'!~< hold las', niprht at St. Francla school, at which several controversial li'uuca were brought before the- chair. The ticklish matter of finances und division of thn treasury wns rr.l'onnel b.-u'k LO the hy-lawa and motions of a previous mcctinpr. Tho winning team will receive n trophy, the value and type to ho drcldcd at a special meeting- of the Kroup. In the event of a playoff, the rirocei'ds. if Krctvter than Iho amount then in the treasury, will bo cjilit (in a CO-10 basis, the winner L>1' course taking the larRer lump. If the treasury fund is ff renter, then the playoff money will bo oomblnod Into ;i sc-.neral fund, and divided on a 30-25-20-lfi and 10 sc-l- ii p, tho innni-y coinf; 'to the teams finishing in that order. "IVcl Cliirulln, who ban been CH- publy filllnfr the job of treasurer for the league, asked to .bo relieved nf his duties, .but thu members assembled prevailed upon him to finish 'the season which only has another three weeks to run, Present at the meeting bcwklcs PiTSldenl Frank Shea were Al firewcr, Ted Clarello, George Allen of the Rangers, Milton Welssman of the Highlanders, Jamos Kennedy. St. I'Vancls. Charles Kevk, [Joti'con Falls, and Harry Stauffcr of tho Mlllvlllc A, A. lYale Opens Football Practice Sept. 3 Now Haven, Au«. Id— Coach How- iii'd Odell announced today' tha-L i :n;lcctrcl Kroup of candidates for the c football team will report on Hpplf mhcr n at the Gunnery School In Washington, Conn., for a .t.wo- •.vcok period of. prc-scuson' prac- tlfp. \Vil.h a number of holdovers from jibe successful IS'lfi squad on hand and the ranks Hwi.-lk-d by sevcrnl . morn lM2-in'l-l Inttnrmnn who have I been dl.'iclmrKed from service and \'irc rctiirnlnf; to Yale to complete !.h''lr rr>lle;:o education, Odell indl- catod that more than CO candidates will bo Invited to the Gunnery Brooklyn &t. Louis Millville A, A. Team To Practice At 6 Tonight '.Miinnitor' Hurry Stuuffor of the MIllvHlo A. A. vntry, in the local .biwcljnU umntuur ICUKIIU, ha» calkul, « itrncUen of lil» '.chHrirflK. fur this. «vu- nlhe at .sLv o'clock. .•-. •• Tlio tttinn. ii!Q"*o»'. rcdiiflsw tlint nil members of the H<ii""I he at. Recreation JMcId nt Unit tlim:. Standing of Teams .NATIONAL TJEAGUB Chicago 1, St. I-ouiH 0, Pittsburgh 3, Cincinnati (Other games .postponed). The Standing W. Boston Cincinnati • Now York . . Philadelphia Pittsburgh . . !•. on '12 64 12 50 10 52 52 . 48 57 48 T;0 .If) fiO ...42.61 ret. .fill .804 .033 .1300 .457 .-149 .<133 ,403 Today's Giunus, Pitchers Cincinnati at .Pittsburgh—Mulloy ("-21 vs. Strlnccvich (6-10). Philadelphia at Boston (night) — Ral'fcnsberger (6-10) vs. Cooper (9- St. Louis at Chicago—Pollet (13- vy. Eorowy (0-G). New York ni Brooklyn (2-day- nirht) -Budn!c'k (2-2) iind Kennedy (fi-H) vs. Hiutcn (6-0) and Flea'd (3-2) or Hlgbe (10-1). AMJSUICAN J.EAGUJ5 yostcrclii.v'H 'R Pei.rnii 1. Cleveland 0. Boston 7, Philadelphia Chicago 3, St. I-ouls 2 Chlciipn 2, St. l-iouls 1 New York-Washington (laU. (3d). rain.' Tho Bopton No\v York . Detroit Washington Cleveland . , Chicago .... St. Louis ., . Philadelphia W. L. 78 :'..". 63 -15 SI -IG 50 T>5 53 nn 50 (il . M fi2 32 7S Pet. .703 .S83 .570 ,5M M?, .•ISO .•131 .201 II j-jMit4tA-# i - > r~ ~ f apatrick taking care of rv,,, coverage -of tho American Le- Blbn team, V which, all o£ us arc. especially interested these da y ». we're eiiro- you'll pardon out dus- cuaslon of other, topics during oui brief stay at this desk. We've been Interested ot late in the charges, counter-charges, in- ainuatlon.s, , remarks, slight ana otherwise:, on the comparative ab 1- itv of soffball teams in the Immediate -vicinity. .Thur.slon's.Ice Men, tho Merry Morticlan.sC Male Waves, East Sidcrs, to mention but a fev> all claim the other teams need reputations, or nerve to meet .hem, and it seems all th-e teams refuse to m'ftel. any of-the other teams... lo hear the publicity men tell it. Why. not a softball tournament similar the basketball tourney held by tho ."Y" ooch your. That uhould solve all the. problems ,antl questions. An entry fee of say, S-0, which Is only two dollars n. man, wJth the fund divided between, the winner and tho runner-up.. The winning- team would then not only have the honor of being borough champ ,'but w.iuld have a fund to enjoy a c'.ambakn in celebration thereof and there should be enough remaining to pay the oxpcnsa of •aid tournament. Managers of the above teams, plus the Rubber Co. and Chemical teams might get the ball rolling, or perhaps the recreation authorities of Vho borough. It would bo interesting to note what happens when all those teams get Together. 'Spooking of Softball brings us to baseball, a»rt, the interest or Inck of It in town. There arc those, who will tell you. there Is none because the IfiMl Amateur league doesn't draw huge crowds.. i-Iovv do these people account for the near thousand at the American Legion gnme Inst week? With the Yankee Stadium within a couple nf hours If the borough, no restrictions on travel, it seems the Sunday league otnoials erred in booking their games for the Sabbath afternoon. The players in the league could hold their own with any good c'.ub ,and it.sccms to us the local baseball league is missing a good deal by not playing twilight contests during the 1 week. J, Hcaly, 3b .. Schuster, cf San Angelo, c . Natowich, 3b . Wnltiowlea, 2b . "Murkovlc, If . • V. Hcaly, p '.. < Mai-:cola, rf Cui-tin, :ta • i- h po a ^300200 ^0021 a Q o 6 1 2 1 1 12 J 1 1 000 010 000 00000 Copp. 2b .. Pinskl, rf Daniels, Ib Johnson, If . Ginsberg, f Facoiola, cf Dente, c . •. Sel/:nick, 3b Nali'tt, ss . 0 0 400130 34 2 3 24 IS 3 iHlaml h po a 232 1100 ab Waterbiiry Invitational To Attract Several Local Golfers 0 0 0 0 15 1 2 1 00 0 0 1 4 0 0 •Score by Innings: 00000002 0—2 00020240 0—8 Errors: San Angelo 2, Natowich, Copp. Nruigatuck Statcn Island batted In: ^u.-r, Hcaly, Ginsberg 3, Johnson, Pm- sky. Two-base hits; Copp, Pinsky. Left on bases: Naugatuck balls: By Hcaly 2, By Hcaly 7, Ginii- Statcn Island 5. Bases on Ginsberg 30. Strikeouts; "Kits: Off Hcaly 10, Ginsberg 3- Wild pi'tch: Ginsberg 3. Passed ball: Dcntc 2. Winning pitcher: Ginsberg. Losing pitcher: Healy. Umpires: Akins, Daniel, Ma'/.da. Brasscos Hope For Break In Weather Jinx IlnineO out the last two Wednesday nights, the Brasscos hope the weather man relents tonight to allow .them to play the Mcridcn In- r,i!cos at Municipal Stadium at Tourney At Nearby Course To Be Resumed Tomorrow The golfing spotlight ns f;ir as the borough is concerned this week will .-wing to the W/iterhury Country Club 1 , as the Invitational is resumed .-after a war-time lapse, Al. least a dozen loral golfers will join tho fl'.'W of nearly 375 expected to participate. o 0 0 0 0| Already announcing their inlrsn- 0 0 tlon of participating arc Henry o! Cieslcwfiki, "local" high school teach- 0 I cr, Gus KIcm perennial runner-up in lorvxl golf championships, Johnny GalCKki who seems to he hitting his stride after a slow start. Tom Nnary and Frank Green, who have taken part In the tourney several times are also expected to tee off sometime during the day, depending on the weather. Both have been shooting a go«ri game this year, a:id have Impos of coming through with one of the prizes. Among the other locals expected to tour the course are Eddie scmi-flnalisl in a state amateur tourney Ijcforb leaving his clubs to spend four years in the service, .Marty Luc.if. his brother, Tommy Lucas, Eddie Dugals, a young up and coming golfer who Tits a drive a mile, and Mike Kloc, who fared well in the Connecticut Open completed yesterday at the Torrington Country club. Boston Braves Sign High School Star Boston, Ann;. 1'!-.-n;p>. -The Eos- ton Br.-i.ves have ni^ncd 17-year-olrl Rod Clifford of Rtitl.ind. Vermont. The high school outfielder has been f.-irmftd out to JSv.inavilln of the Three-Eye league. ClifforvJ Kt.inds five-feet, 11 Inchon, bats left-handed and th/owa risht Two-fifths of America's hotels do rot. serve 34 8 10 27 8 1 12, Joe Sr..moska's club was idle last week with washouts of the Cleveland Buckeyes and Union City Reds names, and two weeks ago the Mount Vcrnon club was stymied here by adverse weather conditions. The Insilcos, .drawing the largest crowds in Connecticut with throe nicht games a week, come * Today's Gumos, n tellers Wa.'ililn."Lon n!. New York (night) —Leonard (8-7) vs. Bevcns (12-S). Boston at Philadelphia--Hughson (12-0) vs. Fowler (8-12). Detroit at Philadelphia-- Hughson (32-9) vs. Fowler (8-12). Dclrr.'H at Cleveland—Hutchin- stm (R-J1) vs. Gnssawny (1-0). Only games scheduled. . throe merit games n. w.jcn, ^.^.^^ Baseball, we think, right now >s i hc ,. c wi th a strong lineup in an cf- on its way up in the borough. And [i;1 ,,_ lo squnl - e the season's scries, it is .-. good thing. "Spec" Shea's Tnn R,-assess pulled out a 2-1 de- success in the Pacific Coast League O j s ion in the Silver City earlier in is proving an inspiration to the j ,^c season with a ninth inning youngsters hereabouts. It shows j rally- them that pvoball is attainable with Mgr. Tony Kov.alski w!.l_ pitch . Tho nqtuid will return to Now Haven nn September Hi, lens than two weeks before tho opening game with the- U. S. Merchant Marine Academy fit Kind's Point, N. Y. THANK YOU for waiting for delivery of your NEW CHEVROLET . We ore doing our host to see that you got your new car as quickly as possible MiUville Cubs To y ; Meet East Siders The fnst-'iteppinp: East Sidcrs, nr TJ.iinr. Citv will throw their second place position "on-the-board" mmnrrow mtu-nlng at Recreation Field ..when they clash with the Mlllvillo Cubs in a Niujpatuck Jun- !nr I,car,'Ue contest scheduled for !>:.1fl a.m. sharp. Roth of these clubs arc evenly matched, therefore, it In expected that this affair will he- a tl^ht battle 'from start to finish. Mickey Eroadcrick will toe the rubber for the Cubs, while Junior Wooster will handle tho mound I tlutjrn for t.he North Alain street i tribe. A win for the East Siders i will put them within one »?amn °f ; I he le;i.;;uc IcadinR St, Francis Jun- lor.'i. Tlie Cuba must, win this content lo remain ill .the running for the lea/;uc cliampionshlp. jharrt work. Peter J. Foley's summer i playground league is developing an ; interest and opportunity that means I mnro goad ball players later on. The 1 success of the American Lesion ! loam in winninu the state cham- | pionship, gives the grammar school kids a tu.inv to look forward to, in plnying ,on. And so it goes. From those youngsters c^mc the major league stars of the future, and it does seem odd, at times, that w:th (.he championship clubs the borough has produced, it does not have more top flight league players. Thin year will probably see .the »imn,inb»r—Our CAR-SCRVlCf li your boil CAR-SAVCK, Koop your ear ' ahiu" urtlll y»u 9ct c/«ll»»ry of your now Cho^o/.l fay bringing H lo Ui tut ik//l*t) jnrvlco now und ol roau/or /n Wo want to thank our customers and prospective customers for your friendly pationco while awaiting your now Chevrolet;. Wo know it is a hardship to wait For noodod transportation; bi/f we bolieve you will understand that we, and Chevrolet, are as eager to,deliver cars as you are to obtain them. Unfortunately, production so far this year is far under expectations. .Chevrolet Motor Diviiior sums up tho situation thus: "Even though our rate of production normaMy exceeds that of any other ' manufacturer, wo have been able to build, up to July 1, only 12.4 per cent as many cars as we had built up to that dato in 1941. Production is still far below normal, because of frequent shortages of essential materials and parts. Strike after strike at the plants of our suppliers has seriously impeded our progress toward full production, and the eumulativo effect severely hampers every manufacturing and assembly plant. In June we wore able to build only 29.2 per cent a* many cars as wo produced in the same month in 1941." While production is restricted, so—in proportion—are shipments of cars to us. As production increases, we are assured of getting our proportionate share of tha total—and as quickly as cars are received, we will i pood deliveries to our customers. R&P METAL WORKS 0!) SO. VIMfi ..STBKIST (Koiir) Steel UIIFH * SliectK Foil SAKE Orniiinnn'tnl. Stocl Work Telephone 0377 SALE! PLAYHOUSE Wed...- Thurs. Tom Kcenan of Hartford, formci Duk<; University hurlcr, against Torrington's Mike Kissko. The latter is the hard luck pit,chor of the Brassco team but he's due to win. The Insilcos will line up with Jack Hals-tain ot first base; Jackie Callahan. center field; Chct Jan- ifta, shortstop; Vern Conncll, riffht field: Eddie Binkoski, left field, Ray Woodtke, third base; Chct '"Ih-ostnwski, second base; Orga- lezk, catch: and Kecnan, pitch. 1'he BrasKcos will take -the field with Johnny White, slugging first baseman of the West Haven Sail- Accident cost the U- S. $1,900 million and 380 million man-days of work in 3913. SANDY BEACH LAKK QUASSAPAXJG DICK FINI.EV, Mcr. Open 10 A. M. to 10 T. M. Boating • Bathing • Picnic* Beautify your home We recommend Murpby D»-Cote Eaunel for & beautiful finish of locg endurbg wear. For the roany indoor und outdoor opportcnida to brfng the beaory of color to the home thew it nothing like D«-Cote EtwmcL Seo Our I-argc St««* «J LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Te). 5727 J. TL. MAZILAUSKAS, ?rop. SALES — SERVICE All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOES FOR GARDEN and LAWN • SHO\TiI-S Clone and short handles) • GARDEN R/\KES • HOES — SPADES C PRUNING SHEARS • GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tei. 3507 Waterbury — 2nd BIG WEEK! best Nauuatuclc Dally News Open i ors. ni first base: Whitey Piurck 'at second; Lud Jasilunas a-t short- t-top, and V,'hi;cy K;--nlcicwicz at third base- Billy Moore, Johnny Dcvito and Kd "ked" Shoehan will be in tho outfield. Jimmy Shcehan, who hnsn't missed an inning behind the bat for tho Brasscos. since its bcfrinninp. The top polfers of the bo»?ufrh are back in '.own after capably serving Uncle Sam. RifTht now, it looks life one of the Wojack brothers Charlie or Chester mltrht K rah the title, alUiong-h there are those close to the local club who will toll you that Eddie Pupils is the man to watch. But don't sell the older golfers short. Frank Green, Tom ^oary, cHr.ry Cicslew- skl, Gus Klcm amonpr others, will be in there too and their lonprer t.ournnment experience will stand them in Rood stead, And holding tlieir own in the sixth flight will no doubt be Lawrence .Dunn and "Dick" Pistarelli' who .ire working out oanh clay at a uenrby course in prcpration for the crocial test of their competitive ability. MF.Rl.ii OBERON TURHAN BEY Davis Cup Members Hope To Retire National Trophy Chestnut Hilr; Mass., Aug. 14— (UP).-—Tho . two r time .winners of the famod National Doubles championship tennis trophy will try to re-lire It this year. Defending ti- tllsts Gardner Mulloy .of Miami, Florida, and. Bill Talbcrt of Wll- minfrion, Delaware, have entered the tournament to. be played at Longwood Cricket Club next week. The doubles team—members of j the 39'lfi United States Davis cup squad—won the competition in 1942 and lant year. If they win once more ''obey gain possession of the trophy. The , award' hasn't been retired sinco Bill Tildcn and Vin Richards gained a third win in 1922. Alr.o entered are Jack Kramer of Los Angeles and Ted Schroeder of Glcndale, Calif. They also need one more victory to gain the award. The .pair were titllsts in 19-10 and 1941 before they entered service. Meanwhile, tho 36 highest rank- 'ng women tennis players in the United States and Europe will corn- note in a special singles tourney. The women's tourney—lo be .played simultaneously with the doubles fihampionshlpa—will be a preview 'if the women's national singlet; championship at Forest Hills, .New York. Also "TEKROU BY Nt Muslciil .- Sport 4i.ccl -. Jv'ows FREE MOTORS, INC. 492^0. Mam St. Union City, Conn. Telephone 2211 Frldny and • Saturday "CUBAN PETTC" "MYSTKKIOUS INTRU11EK" 'acuum Cleaners Electrical Specialists ' '•'• v "." AT • ' SWAN'S- Tel. 2574 15 Church St *•++++•**+* CONNECTICUT'S MOST I1ANCEABLE ' 3MUSIC COSIES TO— LAKE QUASSAPAUG TONIGHT BY POPULAR BEQUEST! HIS SAXOPHONE *-W- ANB I-ITS IU3CORD-BREAKING ORCHESTRA '•* Kst ' . ' 15-— PEOPtiE'/— IB Starring MOlOtOE;• SPIER DANCING AT 8:00 P. M. '. ADM. (h>x Inc) GOP. handle Kissko. Walt Oathman will a'.so be available for pitch- in p duty. y[AKllECfl n i}l-COR«ELWILOE'L»OAfi)iEa 1 mm mffi-wip BREW I CONSTANCE BENNEH • DOROTHY GISH ""tit n, D, • ••vt'B In Vf I'M' "U|> WIIK Tte ui "RjilrtnilSon ? Ki(M ROC Produc«d and Directed by OTTO PREMINGER Ecr»n Ploy by^Mlchcc! Kanin'- Bcscd on the Novel by Alb«l E. M.II MolcbyJoromoKem • Dance, Stcecd by Dorothy F 0)k . 2ND HIT DEADLINE FOR MURDER rani Kelly Shctla Rynn Welcome let-up '-.have, a Coke '. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Co.'of'Waterbury, Conn.

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