Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1911
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 11,1911. BJISIG CiJNDIflONS ARE SOUND VOI.IME OF THADE LESS THAN LAST YEAK KIT NOT RMK Mr. flfws Thiiik -i That All (he Sl:?iiti I 'oitit to an la .i|ir<Mcnicitt in Xew York, Doo. ;•.—For (lie time bc- ini? the :-i r.tiin. lit of n'le Street has tiirneil lji';uis'j ami laicy^ generally l:ave Vfcciicd largely due to recent extensive iirofii-takinp and bear at- taeks. Tl'.e uiilavuralile feature wiiieh led tliis iiKivfiiicnt «a5 t!ie collaiise in the- Wabas)! sJiares. tlie wcrst of whieh has prbably lueii seen now that jilans are under way for the re- oiKunization of the Wabash flailroad CoiHi.uny. Th-' (penTiv^ of ("onKress naturally indured more f>r less iiesiia- tion. Tiiis was not -o luiii-.'i due to anv dij! iiiir iiiin;; l.iituii ; as to the to reorganize or readjust themselves, with temporary inconvenience and uncertainty but In that ttocre Is nothing destructive, and as the task ap proaches completion Uie corporation question will gradually disappear^ as a disturbing element It is very much like house moving, an exceedingly disagreeable experience but one that usually brings Increased family comfort when finished. The money situation attracts more attention with ajiproach of the year- .nd. Short-date money is firmer i liere, and in London rates are ad• nntin!.'. Kiimors of an advance 111 tiio bank rate are in circulation, but at present these are premature. January disbursements will aggreRate over $220 0 (in,(tOO. Hank reserves have fallen below the legal requirements, but this causes no uneasinesi? because of ovir lar.ue credits abroad, and the fact that rur:ency will return freely from the interior after t!ie middle of .laiiuary. A temporary stiffening of rali-s incidental to preparation for interest and divided i)ayments of .Ian- nary first need cause no surprise. Investment di'!iiand .«i will lie pretty sure III improve early in the new year. S:;r "r ;Ar;^"'S.r^t!:"::^ j T^-e .s no doubt that mrge or eontainid nothinvi x.i-w. simply reiitri ating li'.s wi '.l known pcsition on pub- iiili lie (pi (>:'i :n- .\ ur 'at d> al of interest ci -nfii- alii 'iit til,. :•<•! ort I'f th<! Iladl>-y i ;.i !lri>ad ('i>ii:!iii^si(in. wlilch it is Iioiii-.j wi '.l 111" tluir.'ivlily idu- ser\a ;ivi' an dentivfly fvio (f di.v servativf and I 'mirily Vrei' of liis- exisAs anvwlM -re i; is v'^.u-ding li.e attitude of Conpri s.- In all probability ihi?! being a I'l'sid-TMa! .\.ar tlieri> will li<» a siipi'raliiini'nnce of lltical fireworks y.::n\ radii :il i.m! tlJi -eateninj; ii>i 'asnrt.~ wiM '.ry probably be introduced pun iy iHr ;'.>iii :il effect. TiU'.id s .-uls .of COTM V. ;"I tremble. Th-' iiir'crity in tl .i' Ilniisi' represents one sif!- in roli-ics and l'::e Senate the other .--ide. so ' reasonable a<!juptni>'nt can be . \i 'er :cd through President Taft \v:;o IK.S .ij -ia ions of his Own v.yoxi the <pi.'- ns of the day: also aliundant eouraa.- to veto any radical or destrnetive lepishi- lion. Theref<;re. it is t!r.r.>eess.Try lo be unduly alarmed as r - \\]'.:n Congress- really will lio. Tar n.e: e haiin is likely to come froiii W.iat ("onvzre?? will not do. • Tliere is IT;\I tically no ehance whatever i'<r "vy rrt -ney r.- form measure, and tlir a!., Mtes of the Xalional Reserve Sy>;c;n have probably abandoned the fiirht for this season because instead of intellitienl discussion the pcditieians will a^'rtin appeal to pojiiilnr preindice by r.sitn tion agains't tl .e bugaboo of a "b-ink- ing trust." llow little foundation there is for si:r:i tn'k is .'•<'pn by the last anniVal report of t :,e Coniptrollrr ; whieh sli(»ws tiiat ab .oni or .i ^-h.alf of the bank c .n"!;n! <if tiie T"rit -Mi Siati s. or .Jl."l<.t eu".'"". is l!:e national baii';s Only ir. jer cent of this sum is inM-siiii in l.:'.n !;s of J."..- fiiMi/Miii c .ipita! and over, and only 22 per cent in iMUks having between fl.(111.1. Mild and ()."i>U capita!. W'lierher any amendment of t !ie Sh' riJian law will be efiVoteil or not is not'a iiiattrr of gr»at iniportanee. I'residinl Tafr has siiown the way to ailjtisliacnt; ! as iriitatlin subsides our bankers and basinc';.'; men are beL 'iniiin'.' f;' fim! t!:;i' li;ere is no intention (>f deslroyin'-t I 'i^' business, but s !!n!)\v a di^terminatiiin on the part of i:-e ("nverniiien: to eoa 'pel big business to loniply wish \]u' law-. .\ good many concern-, may be obliged moni y ;'.re awaiting employment and l!a\e lien simply holdiag liack for liettt -r terms. Owing to the high cost of livinii the investor is seci;ing I;irj;er returns, .-itid l.« really in a position to insist upon liettor terms. The mcsl favorite form of invest- !;,ints jus; new is idtlier bonds or sborl-teim notes, and it is estimated liiai a large amount of the latter could now l)e placed with little dlfli- c (ilty. There is ;ib-o n cimtinued good c'emrind fir munl< ipal issues in some (:<: the financial centers. It is about lii;ie lhat the .laiilfary investir.ent de- M !.ii:d maile itself apparent, as shrewd bu .vi 'Vs often make tlieir selections In li'c. 1, Icr in anticipation of the ,lan- iiary d^sbursen.rnt.--. The purch.t.^e of Oiitaiio k Western by .\. Y. Central .~trrn.:.-r'ens i^;c belief that tlie latter is cnneir:p'a;ir..r a large issue of b <nt"-- ir notes. (;(";;,:•:•'. aaiie shows the slackness iis't.i! f.;e end of the year when b\i--r."s n.-n are more encaged with .!,;:••- • aeecunts and stock raking tV—. ( : n-iderafion of ne'v i nter- pii i..? also t!ie pericl of the jc:;r :i c-i '-.f -door work is -arge- ly tii .-p> udi d, which fi ;rti • ,- :..ids to ijuietncss in trade. V.asic "'.itions. however, are sound ant! ri "siinably iuiisfac'ioy and the tindinoy is toward ultimate improvement. The voli;i;-.f <if trade, though somewhat less ;;ian a year ago. has not shown (J:e coi ;!r :'.ciion that was expected, and d.oes not support the recent com- l>',aints (;f roaciion. Conditions' are not so bad as r -^iiresented liy tliose who have been disturbed or dis.grun- ''id by one cause or another. The yearj;:si rh'fu\z has be«>n one of decided (.ni.'t. We have i.een taking the re.>; ctiie with benefit. r ,ut there has 1). cn iiii r.;rogression of eonseiiuence u- ; ....n.M -a' readjustment which country :n a much bet- on'.v a ueni' will plate t! ter piisitien liir a fresh forward move- men* t!i.-;n was the case a year ago. T: •• anraa! n of tli'- llPiiarttiient .N.uri'-altiiii- s'lows i!iat o\ir c-.ops y •11- Wire •.aluid at abou' $S 1 ;ii'i'- ,e .ii or only about below 1 : t \1! the ircpotlani crop.s were i-'i ;:h !'y suiuller in iiuantiiy ex< 1 pt <iit;(;n. !iii'values realized in iiear ly ivery case were lii^her. so that t!ie a'-rlctiltura! classes enjoyed lllieral A welcome §\iesi in At wotU'/krmi resort hotels The traveler who stops at any of the noted inns in California learns what true hospitality is. Superb resort hotels provide all the luxuries of Broadway. Stately palms and acres of roses recall the Ar^ian Nights A Santa Fe train will take you there. The only railroad under one management, Chicago to Californi^l. The only railroad to Gran4.Canyon of Arizona. Double-tracked half-way; block-signal safeguards all the way. Fred Harvey dining-car, dining-room and station-hotel service. The California Limited—King of the limitedi—exclu»ively for fir»t- clitn travel—runs every day—sleeper for Grand Canyon, Saota Fe de-Ltnce—the only cxtra-farei train, Chicago to Loi An- gelei—once a week thii winter-^Wtry travel luxury—*avei teveral hourt' time—"extra (ait, extra fine, extra fare." California Fast Mail—also the Los Angeles Express and San Franr:«ro £xpre.sf—three daily trains—they carry standard Pullmans, tourist sleepers and chair cars—allclasse« of tickets honored. Say which train you prefer. Will mail booklets. W. E. RALSTON ACKNT Fhcnc 375 lola, Ks. but not^ecord-breaklng prosperity. There Is a shrinkage In the value of cotton of abou $100,000,000. but even at current lo -sr prices the crip will yield a return to the planters much i alrtue the average, so that the South should experience a good year In spite of low prices. There was also a shrink' age in the value of animals and an-: nnal products of $325,000,000. There Is continued activity In the irou trade which, as stated some weeks ago in' these advices, has turned a corner for the better. The demand has been so insistent. for railroad equipment that firmer prices are, aiready in sight. Much larger sales of pig Iron are reported. In the foreign situation there Is no change. Minor signs of friction between Euioiiean governments are still apparent, but the situation over there is much more satisfactory than^lhree months ago when the .Moroccan com- pilcalion imposed such a serious strain In financial circles-. Foreign finatictal markets have siiown some disapiioinlment at the President's mes sage on trusts and the disposition of fongreii^ to keep up its attacks on caii ital, but Kurope is very often apt to take sucli affairs more .seriou."'ly than they are considered hcri' at home. Our ieplslators are awakening to the f.ict tliai the country is tired lo death of pr><iiical actuation and attacks on business. Conditions do not favor any additional rerious decline in the mark it. Ti :i re no reasons for eMrtiue UK vepients In either dl:ecti (Ul. but iond';!ijns favor a fluctuaiin;,' market wiihin moderate limitations. HIC.XUY Ci.K\V.S. IIlt;ht SciKK .I ni ^lmlers Study I'oHl. !cnl rroliiems. Modern political <niestions ari> receiving more study than . vi >r before among the hii;h school students of the state. This has hern brought .-'bout t>y tho activity of I 'le hip!) school debating league, organizeil in I'.'IO by the extension department of the I'ni- verslty of Kansas. The high schools will compete in debates first by congressional districts. Then int.>r-dis- trict debates will be held, and the two winners wiil debate for the state championship at the university next spring. ' The subjects w-hich will be d-bated in the various districts tips wint.'r are: First district, Commis.sioii Government: second district. Single Tax: third district. Parcels Post: fourth district. Inccmc Tax: fifth district International Disarmament: sixth district. Initiative and Ueferendum: seventh district. Short Rallot; eighth district. Popular Klection of I'liited States Senators. The question for the final discussion will be on the adoption of the amendment of the state constitution permitting women to vote. THINK OF MAKIXfi \ HOT KKDJ Mind If Yon Hnvo Hueh an Idea in Head (lie Following. .Manhattan. Deo. :', Iflll. It w-oiild do j-our heart good, these d.-iys, to sef the vegetable gardens Ud the hot beds at the Atiricultural college. Kvery bed has bei-n plowed md put in comidet.v remliness for spring. Kvery hot bed ;ind ev <»ry cold frame, awaiis alike, the ini'Vilable hour when Professor l)icken"s men iitrn to" and jdiiiif th(« seeds of sprinc. Uijihi now- tliesv men are idanninp. just sis every home owner U\ loin should plan, for the tliinfts tJiaf are urow-n. Those who wish to h.-ive early vego- rabies should have a hot bed. In fact every gardener should have otie. The Inaction of the hot bed is the first con sideration. It should be sitn.-ited ir 1 wi'U drained and slieli •red idace A gentle south slope is best and lie ground should be unshaded. If convenient, place if, on thi' so-iitb fide o' •nr\a bitildini- lo break the wind, or• f this is not jioasiblc—build a b'-an' ••.nee on the north side for a win:' break. To build a hot bed die a jdt l."; lo 2-» inches deep. 1 feef w-ide. anil of -.vhai evor length you w-ant. although it i' If'St to have the lont^th some multipb of th-ee in order that the •! by 3 elas' F .-ishe.:? will fit it. P.uild a fram' around the of the p'l. Two incl o'anks are the best to use but lighte- lumber is very satisfactory. Thf heichth of the frame should b" 12 fr 1." inch-'s on the sou'h side and I.") tr 1<* incites on the north side, leavinr a three inch slope from the north tr the south side. If j)lants requiring dilTerent (em neratnrr.-; are to be crown, th" ho' b-d should be divided into differcn' !>art.-. The nroper temnerafiire ear bf> obtained bv ventilation. The toi of the hot bed is covered with ulas' s 'shes fiv!? fpff In siz". fastened or hinges. These can bo raised to regulate the temperature. A few- davs before time to plant fh' seeds, fill the pit tn within four or Hve inches of the top with fresh horsr fanure. This should be packed ir well then covered with four or five inches of totting soli which consists of on(j-haIf rich garden loam, one- 'o>irth sani! and one-fourth w-e)] rotted manure. Th" fermentation of tlu :r;inure p<-porate.s )hf> heat for th< ••'.•ints. The temperature should be .-illowed to rai«e to SO d^greos and - tiovc. When it returns to fo de grers it Is safe to niant th- «" ds The time to plant 9f'-i\K In a ho* Iiid I:- the I.-itfer part of Febr'iiiry :'n'" •im first iw -o weeks in March. Car. -hoild »>e i :.ken In plantinc He sur- m |.l!>iil thick enouph. Ir |s 1 )rit> r t< thin the plants out than to have :i fev ".trapclinc plants without much fol- 'r.ce. r,et uooil seeds :ind sow th' "roper depth. Ij»tiiice, radishes, onions.- cel-ry. tomatoes, cabbaije an'' •icpper.") ;tre eood plants to crow In hot bed. They must be Ihitii^eil ou' : nd allowed to grow In the ho' bed ;iil season, or ihev may bi' rraiisDlant M to cold frames or «o tlie carder whnn the season Is fiir.enoush ad vanced. If you have n l;ot 'er' vou sho!lt(' have a cold frame. This i? tL ^^d tf harden off the idant.?, to get then- accustomed to lower temp<r;>t:ires hi fore transnlanling: to the gnrti^n an-" to v.inter fall sown idants so they wil' l-.P readv for trannj'in'iag for th' nevf spring The rold frame crts it? rn'y hcitt from sun fn!) if 'lie j-roniid It Is built or nd in' the same i manner as the hot bed frame. Soil 1^ CHOICE OF ANY CLOTH SUIT UP TO AND INCLUDING $25 SUITS $18.75 Enough said! The above statement alone should fill our garment department with eager buyers. Beautiful suits of fine serges, broadcloths, and heavy mi.xed suitings; women's,' and e.xtra large si"cs— any suit at ' $18.75 EXTRA SPECIAL—Twenty Suits which sold from .">20 to choice .$9.95 CHOICE 01- -GOWNS UP TO J325.00 AT One-fourth reduction on all wool and silk Dresses. s-,.,'^;|?^^ SPECIAL—15 women's and misses' new silk and serge Dresses, $12.50, $15.00 and .$n.5(> values, at . $9.95 Best Coat Values in Ida at $17.50, $15, $12.50 and $6.95. SEALETTE PLUSH COATS $15, $20, $25 Made of Salt's rich deep nap plush; large rt>ll collar; wide cutis; some buttoning to hirge ornaments; beautifully side with lined. FURS! for v;omen, misses and children. Christmas selections may be made now for futute delivery. Do your Christnias shopping here. for CHRISTMAS We have a large assortment of Christmas ncvelties to select from. Priced very special! Ladies' Fancy Collars I.adies Fancy Collars and .labots — all styles. Triced fiom..: 'ITtc to $lj>n Silk Scarfs A large'a"ssortmeivt of beautiful pattern'-— priced at •VIr, 7."ic, #1 to ^.V.d Men's Neckties—siieciiilly priced at-. -'>(• Hand Bags T !io best a.u.-^orliinMit we Ir.ive 'Mir sliown. lit vclv'l. suede. tape;;lry. ii;<sh. beadeil and le;ilher IJagx—;ill tl"; ni -v.e..! .«ha )ies. i 'riced at LV.C, :,0i; #1; ifl.M}, $2 lo :i!;..->0 House Slippers I.aiJii's' and {'liiidreii'.-; .Fur Trin-meil Ilu'.-se S-'IIpi'cr.^—ii!o§t all col-irs. !*1. irl.:!'>, $l..".ll. ?.1.7.1 ."Men '.-i Hcu.^e Slii)per3 at #1 .2">. *l-"iO. il.T.'i Games for Christmas -Vll Kinds Holiagolo, priced at ^l.oO Animal T'.-n Pin.-; i-ric-tl at •'>'•« The Came of ("hesiiidi';, |irice 'I'-H- The great family amii.-^.einent ^ame with tar«'-t and rubber arrow, jince - -lilc iN-miiioes. luiccd at . .\iiihor.'* priced at I-'<iolball (Jatce. jtrice .Many other iiHen-bfiiiK --Idc and ."i «c . - :J5c *L»..-»0 .c.atucs at .-l»c to. .Vfc DOLLS Our sto<-k of Dolls in most complete. Dolls of all kimis specially priced froiu .'»c lo ^'>M) pri I'.aby IJumps wilii e-: at unbreakable heails— - - Mild .'.Oc Writing Paper All l.iuen Writing I'.-iper. 4S enveb)pes and .shei-tn [laper. sp^-cia!, box i,jc Fancy Leather Goods of all kinds I.eaiher lUll ('a.-.e.=; in black'and tan. price.-.lflc •Siiiail Leather i'lir^ies, priced .i.'ic, S'>e, ."iOc locket .Mirror.s in red ailiijator case- sfil-IO .Manicure Sets in leather i)ricc.-i)er ^el . . - !).>, * I.:{.•> to *:u».l bound, ...-.Vic Daily Knj;ai :emi 'nt Itooks, leather in l)liie. Iilai-k and i-ed; each .- Coat IfaiiKei-s priced at _ Fancy Hack ('iiml)h from . . - - -- four ill a nice leather case. ^i.o*t iind ^KOS and llarretts priced -j.'.c to $:j..'.o Hair l:rushe>-—led ebony back—now priced at ollc Perfumes IJichard Diii!ni:t I'eifumes, jier o7....'23p.and .'>0c iliidnut Toilet Waters, bottle 7'iC Smali bottles of rerfnmo in fancy box for 25c Every Dept. in the House is Chuck Full of4 Beautiful and Useful Presents For Best Service We Suggest Shopping Early in the Day % WepaymUeage T manure sliould be b:!nked aroiHfd lie cdpe lo keep out the -find. Some, ime.s it may be m-ce^siii-y to corcr lie frame wi'h sOmcthin'^ to pro>'(-i lie plants. Care shouitKbe t.-ik.-n in loth the hot bod and rojd fr ;:me to naintain Die proper temjierafu-- and entiiation and the riplu amount of noisture. • Once .Cti 'i have a hot bed and a cold frame and you'll have them every ••ear. Th'-y retiuiie a little lookiii-.; ifter, but that" is,true Qf everythin-'; vorth wliile. And you' mouiy. I 'ou'il be tile first man its the block to lave ve ^irtables. One word in vvarninc;; , !)on 't watrr he hpt b-d some d'ly and RO away •n<i toTS%ii^, loaviuK. it .sh .ut. Voti'll lave to ^"atvli your j!:'rmomeior. •'he tetu 'i'i -rature will U'o up am.-izinj;- • y rljilii after .vou sprinkle ihi- soil for! t generates hear. Wat.'r it ev .-nly— , 'lofi't 1 i' dry out and-bum up—let' •n the air on jdea.san' diiys and don't .'orpet to cbjS" the sasli iti ilie l.ite afternoon. If the welitilej- is <-<iK! .vol! •vlll have to cover the. (.'ia^.s v .U \i naiUnj; or old quilts or s:.c.ks. To yiy Pit Irons. Wl'l soon leave lola- permanently, nd kin<I;y nsk all who are indebted 1 me <.r to the firm Vjf Coffmun & Valker to please call ;and settle at Gce. nil. S A.; COFF.MA .V. A very superior line of Pocket Knives Also, hand made kitchen knives, Aow on display —OF- lOLA and Fort Scott, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what,our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Hcfore liaving your dental work done bv others call upon us. We are in oi ;r I-allarpe offices EVERY TliruSDAY. niBce hor.i.s: S lo 6 Sundays in to I". Evenings 7 to S AT —T'.ie reason Harlo-a- .Mercantile 'ompany can undersell is i.'iat they niy for seven bist stores They make I sp<=c!a!ty of buyin.c bankrupt stoclts .nd cio.-ing them cut. ,- pjLES cniEi) ly Mi. TO U DAT.S. —Your drupRlPt wiU refund monei if PAZO OINTMENT fails to care anri ease <>f Itching, Blln<}, Bleeding or Prointdiog Piles la 6 ^ 14 daya. 50c —Hens layinc? Why not? A trial p.-rclcago of t'oakey's I>ayias Tonic will cost you nuthicK at Morris & lio.v ard if you bring this nd. —Harlov.- Mercantile ComitaTi" \ bought a store in Alton, Kans., thi.s , week. —Commencing Monday, Majestic ."ic. —Dancina School Tonight. CAMERAS—just the thing' for the Children's Christmas r $1.00 to $I2.00 GIBSON'S STUDIO

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