The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 30, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 5
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-'CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA" OPENS AT POLI Now playing nt the Loow-Poll Is the lavish I'echnleolor film of the lovo urul Intriguon of Ejtypl'n famous Qucim Clnoputrn. "Caesar nnd Cleonatra" Htni-M Vlvln'n l,olKh and Claude'Rfilns. Clooputrn, Qlloon of Utfypt, thn ooioriul Hiory oi whnmi IIfn find loves hiui cunio down to tho mod<mi-<l(iy Kltinrn- tloii.t In the. form of a curlouH hlekllnur of fuel iintl fiction. WHII. fin tt nuiUrr (>t fact, ti very null nnd dymimli: portion who loft n moHt cloflnlto Imprint on tho world of h«r d»ry, A now clnnnui version of the llfo of I'lf'vfit'.t ludv monnrer. "Ca nnd C|M>p;ilni," u production In rich Tent\lcoliir. hi»H renently bnon completed, nncl can now bo ne<m «t tin; roll, Thin new film, bn on the piny by Tiorriard Shaw, It In odd, howovor that In nil thn yearn fii-t.reMseii hiivi) been pluylru; Clnopiitrii, no mirlou.t attempt him hnen rnado to find u physical copy fit thn mont authentic IlkcmeBH of thn tjuenn of thn Nile which, ox- Inis u bun relief which HhowH her with ii hook-noun nnd a fimllo: iibifi u doubln chin- Tho nrrtrt MocHri't look rxae.tlv lll<n thn kind of equipment which chunifon thn roui'Mf) of hlMf.firy, but tiiNtcifl In benntv elmntrn with thn iti^na. and maybe thut WUH what uppnulnd to a roving Uomana, Generally npnak- Ins, Htajro nnd «crcon Clnopntrnn have ntwn.vH conformed phynlcully to whatever typn of fomlnlnn bounty wmi In vojruo itt thn time, Ho, for out- money, wo lay foots on Vlv- l<~n f.elch tin thn nnchiintlnf,' nf thorn nil. Bout known foi' thn rmlch-dlnr.iixrtcd Scarlett O'Haia In "CJono With thn Wind," she |H thoroughly captivating In thn coin, nhly lopplns off thin lonjr line of (IJ.stlnf.'ulHlipd C'lnop'ttrim. AI.MO on the wfimn program l;i thnt famous myiitory novel, "Thi> Ki'ench Key." broturnr In llff with Alhr-ct Deelfer arid Kvolyn Anltern In thn InadlnK rolns, MlIK ln"ornn for fai-mnrs Is lui'i;- flr tlmri that derived front cviUlf, three tlmt-.i that for whniit, nnd five tlmen thnt for cotton, Mlnnnnntn In Um nuwit northerly • tnln In thn Union. JEROME KERN'S SONGS FEATURE. AT STRAND : With the. opening at tho Strand theater of tho "Oth .-Century-Fox hit, "Centennial Summer," music lovers who never Kocmed to have boon, able .to get enough, of Jcr- omo Korn'w memorable mclpdlcH, will have an opportunity of hearing eight now songs by the' com- DO.sor of "Old Man River," "Smoke O r ts In You/' T^vos." and countless other hits, Kern's last creative effort, before his untimely death 'n«t Novombnr, w«a thn .score for the Technicolor mtis' p n.l romnnc-^ which stars Jeanne Grain, Comcl VVIIdo. Linda Darnell, Walter Brennan, Constance Bennett and Doro- '.h.v C,!nh. EsppRlnlly fumed as a writer of romantic melodlos, Kern's score Includes threo lovo songs: "Al Through tho Day," with lyrics by Owcar Hammorateln II, "In Lovo 'n Vain," and "The Right Ko •niiriCe" with I,oo Robin lyrics Three oth:r sure-fire Kern hit.' 'n thfi film <u'i! "Un Wl'h the T.irk' 'with lyrlcn by Robin), a lilting -»i"iher exnre"Mlir: jovof life; "The Railroad Song," a catchy, amus Ing number (ulsn with Robin lyr 'CH); and "Clndorellii Sue," n llveJ> ruimbcir about a ragamuffin child •'vlth Ivrlcn by B, Y, Warburg), The picture's other two song.'i —- "Ccn- i.ennlal" and "Long I..lvo Our Free \rnri leu" —are Irlontiried with the Cnntonnlfil Exposition of 1RG5 ^mr.rlc(|'n first background for the 'tory. Tho film was produced and dlrnctocl by Otto Promlngor, The compiinlun feature, is "Dead line foi- Murder." featuring Paul Kelly, MKKS AKMY Now Haven, Aug. !•!—(UP)— From colonel to master sergeant Is ho (liimotlcm taken by Augunt J. ''lnne.o of Torrlngton, a man who ikns the army no matter what rank ir- tiolrls. Blanco has 31 years sor •Inn which Includetl action in both World warti. Only two d«y« after -xiilratlon of his terminal leave as i. colonel, P.lanco bocumo an cnllst- -dmfin, In the same rank ho hold u 1M2. Hallway rofrigerut'or cai'.s In 10-13 •arrUxl about 11-1,000 tons of pcr- Mhuble freight dally, Reward Lensman For Dog Photo Detroit ni'WMpnnrr p Howiird Shlrkey l.s Hhown (li>fl) holding the UmrntiKlihrad KIIK- Hprliicer npiinlfl uu'iirilocl him l»y tlio S|irlnB'.T SpiinlH club of MlVlilfTiin In recognition for the ticNt Hprlnjtir picture of the year, Tho photo (nhovr). rnlen.spd exeluslvely by IntprnnHnnnl .VI'«',M I'tiDto.H In IMuy, nhow.s Tommy Si'lf. lit thp dnor of the dop pound Hi'iirrhlnir fnr his lout puppy, t«ildh Kilwiiril Flnrlp of the pound hiiN hehlnd lil.s hiu:l<. Shlr- key WIIN ulso ' mmln u llf<' rnom- licr nt thn (lop fiinrlprs "club a* purl of Itln itwuril. (International) SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE gUASSAPAUG ,,VI.. IIIIUHI-H Hun Dlrpcl in llrni'ti .I'iA.VUNT MI'OT IN TIIK STACK Bl&ke&leeb AUGUST FUR SALE — IIUY NOW AM) SAVIC — I)!) N, MAIN STKKKT Wnterbur.v Tol. S-S7Z7 BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT CUT-HAT I"! 1'KICKS! SANZERI'S «/?;»& 20 SAVINUS ST. 1>1AI. B-0«-17_ .IAUS GOOD i.ircK Af,I< TYI'KS Otf RADIO MBrAIB WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 ST. Tclrphonp 40H9 .» Qt. rrotto o»1 O rnwiiiro CoolterM H)\.64» (Iniiiiedhite Dollvcry) WEISS' Bon Franklin Store 162 CHURCH STHICET <,'nr(( Wuxhed, I'ollshed lit CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 2-18 imrnoK ST. TKT.. -i»no j «,,.Mir.i.AN sioTnic iill,S » MKK t'H *'(IH YOUR VACATION LUGGRGE , ll«>»Jri*d } (/nil>rrlliiM ICt-r(ivrrr<l, llM»ilr \ FISHERS lit S, MAIN ST. FOR OF DISTINCTION Phono 4720 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO II No. M»ln St. Niiutratuck PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 MAPLK STREET What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar of events foi | today, tomorrow and every day Fighting New York Pier Fire TONIGHT Republican Tosvn .Committee Meeting. '' Democratic Town Committee i Meeting. I Welcome Home Committee i McotlnR. August 1.3 Band Concert on the Green, Seven Houses Reported Sold Seven houKO?, mid '.-it.-, In Ihe. Olon- r'ldBO KutatcH ho-js'.nf; project hsivo been so'.d by the NniiKntuck Do- < vclopment Co,, Inc.. according to | warranty dcods filed in the office j if Town Clerk Raymond J, St. John. Purchasers of the property are «N. follows: James R., and Ada P. Batc.s; John M.. and Margaret J. Poynter; F'rcd W., and Gencvleve S, WohlUo, all on Damson lane. Lyman E., and Mary A, Wither; CcorfroJ., and OlgaR, Kalian: Ain B. Happy, all on North Hoadlcy •itrort; Matthew A. and Kuthryn D, Houston. Birch lane. Legion Team (Continued From Pace One) •vie'/.. \vhn in t.'frn Hcorivl on Vin '•Tealy's sthnrp single to left. But '.he lutn mlly was to no avail, and 'hr- fin;i! score was 8-2, In favor of -laten Island. Nauratiick residents who attcnd- ••d ycw'ordiiy'a content were Mr, and Mrs. John Hoaly. G nr ir[re ticvi-i. Samuel Lyons. Jo". Rolnnd. Joe Papnona. Charles Clark and Benny Crotolla, Pluys TYovl(l<>nr<> Naupituck must win today's Tame against Providence. Prnvi- lence wa.M defeated !n yesterday's came, 7-0. by Trenton', rr vlrinr- lous today, Naupatuck will play •Wiinst the losfir of the Trcnton- taten Island cramc, If victorious n that Rfimo thev wIM play nc-aliiKt he winner of the Tronton-Staten 'sland contest Cor the champion- <hlp. It. Gov. Snow ' T Wants Clean-up In Minor Court System Middlctown. Aug. 14—(UP)— Lieutenant-Governor Wilbert Snow has called for a clean-up' in the state's minor court system. j Snow, who is mentioned prom'. ir.ently as a candidate for governor on tho Democratic ticket, made t.hc statement during a political rally. Said he: "If I were the states chief executive, I would aslc for a clcan-'np in the state's minor court NACGATUCK'TOEWS , APG. 14, IMS— PAGE e- Hystcrn, and tlic first step in this move would be to have each city -led. its own minor court .-judges. In this way the city would elect judges the people know arc competent and worthy of the position they would hold in the courts." FOUR. 'EXKCUTKD Strasbourg, Aug. 1-1—(UP)— Robert Waginur, former Na?.i Bafilcltcr of Alsace, and three of his assistants were executed by a French tiring squad today for war crimes. Wazner shouted. "L,ung live Adolf Hitler" ns he died- Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucki J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 108 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4O96 Lumber comprises SO per cent of the construction material used in Americas .-.he U. S. Investment ownership is $SO billion. in borne Now At Strand Sevon stjirs! .Tciinr.e Cruin, Cornel Wilde, I.lndu Darnell, William ICytlio, Walter Ilrcnnun. Con- Ktiincc Bennett and Dorothy Glsh uro starred In .Jerome Korn'M "Centennial Summer," the ni-w JOth Century-Fox Technicolor musical at the Strand theater, Wntorhury. Tho companlun fen- •Jiire Is "Deudllni; for Murder,' featuring Paul Kelly and Sheila Hvnn. 'CLIP' YOUR ADVERTISING COSTS With Hard-working Result - Getting WANT ADS Best Results Reasonable Rates THAT'S 'CLASSIFIED' DIAL 2228 Let An Adi Taker Solve Your Problem t j. This uirvlew shows flrchouts' poirrinir streams of watnr on the- smok- li, K '.|iid bl'1/.ine; Marine Repair Yard of the Delaware and I,HC]«i\vimna Kull'rniid Stilton Island, N. Y. Three firemen and u. watchman wore Injured in the $500,000 bla/.o which destroyed two drydocks, (International) Key To Senate Control Fight BREAKFAST SETS FOR OUR AUGUST SALE Wi'h members of C(>n ff buck homo mcndlr.p their fences :ind pri- mury etimp;«iffiis popplnpr up in one state after another, strateffists In both' parties arc bc«innliiK to check tl\c chances—if any—of GOP con-, trol of the next S«n:itc. To win this, control,, tho Replibllciuis must innlntaln a hold on states the.y already have an* win 0 of 23 souts held by the Democrats. Those states indicated by black ureas have lon K been considered Democratic" sure-thlnffs. This leaves 15 on which the GOP must concentrate. Indicated by shaded areas these are: Wyoming, W»st Vlrrinln. Washington, Utah, Rhode Jsliuid, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Now Mexico, Montana, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, Idaho :md Delaware. (International) SAVE USED FAT IF yOU WANT BOAr} TEXTILES AND THINGS/ 5-Piece! Bakelite Top $8600 f Stuin resistant, heat resistant, bakclite top in maple color. Four chairs covered In simluated leather. Cutlery drawer. _ ._. 5-Piece! 2 Leaf Table §4975 Stain resistani'., heat resistant bakcllte top finished in gray blue shade. Base and cji.airs all in white enamel with, upholstered scats. • GOVERNMENT SURPLUS • — Limited Quantity — Dungarees U.49 Work Shirts C Sizes 29 to 40 Sizes 14 to 16 1-2 WALLY'S Union City DEPT. STORE 14 Spring St. Just Around the Corner from Spring St. 5-Piece! Solid Value $6950 Solid Oak, sturdy extension (able that opens to scat 5>. Comes with four matching chairs twiUi simulated leather sontu built for comfort nnd service. 5-Piece! Solid Birch S4975 Solid Birch, Maple finished. The table has trimly turned legs, measures 28 by 38 closed and opens to 28 by D6. Space to serve 8. Comfortable saddle seats. Tho Breakfast Sets Shown Arc Similar To Those On Display Here'. INCORPORATED 91-99 WEST MAIN STREET WATERBURY

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