Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1911
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVEWNG, DECEMBERIll, 1911. THE I8UI ojiiLi mm; Th« lola Dafty Record and ">a lola Dally Index. THE Jt£{>IST£U . I'liJtLISIIlNU CO. Entered at the lola I'ontofrico as Second- CI HIU Mattfr. AdvertialnK Itau -H .V.a<I<r Known on ApiJI- Clltllill. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in I01.1. Oat City, Lanyon- Vllle, Concroto, LaHarpe and Ba»ett: ' Oriii WVrk 1« On» Mui:lli «< <•••,'•''' One Yiuir UV MAIL: One Ycnr. liisi .I,. ...uii- KM one Year. <>ut.-i.l ii:.iy t.!."" TELEPHONES: BuMnesn Offi -.i- 1* -Society n<-|Mirli-r Job and Blnrf.rv H- l-l '*> Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bjssett. Official Paper of Allen County. THE .SIIEllWOOD HILI- On the face of it llie jicnsion bill Introduced by Gen. Slurwood, a Democratic monibcr of Congrpss from Ohio, is a fair bill. H provides a pension of $15 a mouili to all honorably discharged ex-lnion soldiers who served 90 days, $20 to all who served six months. $23 to all who served nine months, $30 to all who served one year or longer. If such a bill had been proposed twenty, or perhaps even ten years af;o there would probably have been little objection-to it. On' the face of it, as we have said, it looks fair, for it is easy to argue that a man who served in the I'nion army a year or longer should have a bigger pension than one who served six months or three months. But there are several, things this bill does not take into account. One of them, and perlinps the chief one, is the fact that a pi-n.sion Is not pai<.' upon the theory that It compensates the soldier for services rendered on the field of battle. It is a recognition of that service, not compensation for St. because no man ran be comiiensat- ed In lenna of mere money for the risks a Midler runs. A pension if pnld In order that a man who bus served his country us a soldier In time of war shall not come to beggary and want. It is for the honor of the nation that it should not permit one who has offered his life for it to b'- come au object' of public or privaK charity. Another thing (he Sherwood' bill does not take into .icrount is the fad that comparatively fiw of the lonr service men jirc now living. His bil' comes too late to help the men for whom it professes to be most concerned. The great majority of o!o soldiers now remaining are those who went in as boys in tlie latter months of the war. And it may bc^ added that it took a pretty large aizcO bump of patriotism and pluck to seni" a boy into the ranks along in the summer and fall of 1SC4. The idea !li:i. war was a picnic had bei-n preiiy effectually disjielled by that time. There were too many men cripplinj; around in everj- neighborhood in the north with one leg or an emptj sleeve and the lists of the killed and 'Wounded In every new battle were too conspicuous in every newspaper to escape the attention of even the nidsi careless and reckless of boys. Thi^ is one of the reasons why the payment of equal pensions to those who served three years and to those whc served six or nine months appeals so strongly to the average sense of jus tice. But the main point is that it drawf lines of dlstincUon and discrimination among the old soldiers which have never be<*n drawn before, which ili<y do not draw themselves and which it is unfortunalfe should bo drawn at thja late day. All the pension legU^- yuLESswiiyTO ^ DmEIITHEIU A Little Sage and Sulphur Makes Gray Hair Vanish—A •Remedy for All Hair Troubles Who doe.s not know the value of s.ige and tiutphur for keeping the h;!ir dark, soft. gIos.«y and in good oouilition? As a y matter of fact. Milpbur is a natural elr ment of hair, ami a deficiency of it in the hair is held by many i;ealp sptn-ia!- ists to be connc<-ted wirh los.s of <•<;!••: end vitality of the hair. rnqucsti>'ii- ably, there is no better remiHly fci; hair and sealp Ironlile.s. o.-ipecially |.r<' tuature!. tlian yns*' and Mil- phur, if properly prepared. The Wvflh Chemical Company of New York piit up an ideal reracMly of this kiml. calliil •Wyeth 'M Sage and Sulphur Ilair Heni- «dy, and authorise druggi.-ts to sell it under guarantee tbiit the money will b-.' refundi-d It it fails to do exactly as rep- reSpBted. If you hare d.inr'rd 'f, or if yonr hair Is thii or ti;r !i!Tig g :.y, g t a iK .itle of this n'm«Hlr froio yvir dn;ggisi to-day, and a*e what it "ill i!o for vou. This prep!\i:.tif>n 5; ofiere.1 to the, public at fifty rents a Ixiltle. and is latlon since WJO bi'.s been baled upon \ he idta,—the idea the soldiers them- j selves have been first to avow,—that nil the men who honorably .wore the uniform of their country In that great stmgKle deserved equally well of (heir country. And if n^census of the Old Soldiers could be taken we have no doubt that an overwhelming majority of them would say that this principle should contliiuu throughout any new pension lesishitlon that Is contemph.ted. \V(t do no", believe they would say lii:it Tom .lone.s \.ho served nine months siiuuld rcctive but $2:t a month, while Ills neighbor Hill Smilh, wJio s<'rved ten months should have $25. T><» difference of a single day in length of service, uftder the Sherwood bill, nii.uht mean a diff-j erence of in a month in the amount of pension rrceivd.—.-^nd we don't j believe the Old Soldiers will think that is fair. It is understood, however, thaf the Democratic caucus l;:i.^ endorsed the Sherwood bill, ."o t'l-yi if MIV iiension legislation is iii;n''-l l;y !hi.s Congress it ir;!ist t':s hi.!. .\ild of cours' i- !i b<!;<'r ih r lu . ;i very little li< t'•• 1)1.Ill iitne. It :o i:ii:c !i to be rerf'ti-d lia; Si 'oway b:!'., which i :!Si '-(l \hc li -juse l.Tst winter, could na; have li '<or.-.r a l:nv. V DE.SKKVEO TKIlHrE TO flKTlS The last issue of the National Tribune in a front iwige artxle discussing the probability of pension legislation during the present session cf Congress, j)rints a portrait of Senator Curtis of Kansas, and has this to say about him: Senator Charles Ciirti^. of Kansas, hardly needs any words of ccmmeiida- lion to the readers of the .\'iilion:iJ Tribune. As a member of the if Uepres) niativ) s for IC yi-.^ra )f the Senate for livi> ycirs I:-' l;:is »eeii a Cfiiist;int, fi.iihful iiiid •nt frii'iid of thr vciirans. and did heroic service to secure til.' passrige of the Sulloway bill. H..' and Senators Scott. I;ick, niirnhain and Siiiooi •>ire constantly on duty, momentarily watching every o|iportuiiity to secure the pas.sag.' of the hill, and left nolh- •ng undone to that end. Senator Cur- tls's whole career has been on" of the utmost, straight-forwardness and sln- eerity in whatever lie unilertakes and in nothing is he more sincere and •arnest than in his advocacy of the •ause of the veterans. He spares no ime nor effort which will protyls*' n any way to advance tlicir Interests jnd no one knows this better than the eterans of Kansas, who have been he recipients of iniiiinvrable services o them. Senator Curtis is. forlunali'- y for the veterans, one of the raiik- ng members of the Committee on "ensions and we can rely m.on him loing everything possible for a htii oming with the greatest closeness to 'he provisions of the Sullow-.vy Iiili. Referring to the case in Oregon vhere the attempt to recall,a distri<!i iudge failed for the rea.'^on tha' •nough signers to the petition could lot be secured the Top"ka Cr;p:tii.l says: So far as it pors this Oregon rasi iinijily shows what advocates of the •'•call bf^lji've—that the average Amer can community is so conservative hat if will never recall a judge from he bench except under th" greaiesi ;)rovocation and for the best reasons. And in its saner days the Capital •vould have added: "And when thar ime of the greatest proiocation and 'Jie best reasons comes, the law pro- .ides a way by which a judg - may be impeached in an orderly manner, with ipportunity to confront his accusers, o examine under oath those who ,ear witness against him, and to have in the end the verdict of a fair and mpartlal court,—which is a vastly llfferent thing from being tried- in he ^wspapcrs and on the stump." Before you grf*' too much exeiled ihotlt the "scum from the cilles" working Blxl<'en hours a day in iJii sugar beef fields out in Colorado, wait until you are sure of the fads. In th:' iirsi place the •scum from the riiies" mighty seldom get Into ' tlK- country, and when they do they ar- not apt to work sixteen hours a day. In the second placo nearly all the beet sugar farms hre let by contract. That Is to say a man agrees to cultivate and harvest a crop of sugar beets Tor the man who owns the land at so much per acre. If he works loni; hours rather than hire somebody else to do part of the work that would seem to be his lookout. He Is working for himself. Remember tliat there are some big "interests'" that would be a heap better off if the be<'t sugar business In the I'nlted Stat«s v.ere broken down; and all this talk about "peonage" out in Colorado sounds very much like the first gun of their campaign. aiid what he did find was "on tin- contrary, (lulte I he reverse." lola never looked cleaner and more itrosiierous and in point of fact, e.\c<'[it at the very clinia:< of the boom, it nnver was in better business condition than ii (s'riL'hl now. Ami the pf(j]de who live lure are the ch'erriiUesl lot of folks you ever saw. Thi-re is nothing whaii-ver the mutti-r with lola. The trouble wiih M.-sdero se^'m."; !o I 'O (hat, like all other reformers for office' sake, he jiromised too much. .Vnioiig other tilings he gave the Mexicans to undersiaiid if they mad' him President he would drive the .\meri- cans out of the country. Of course he never intended to do anything of the kind, hut the people, who dearly hate the "Gringo," thought he did; so now it is "down with Mailero." It remains to be seen whether he it: strong eiiotigh to hold that which h«" was cunning enough to get. Calling attention to the fact that Governor Woodrow Wilson now f:iv- ors the Initiative and Referendum although ho was formerly very ninth opiiosed to them, the l^wrence Gazette excuses the apparent inconsisl- iicy by suggesting that when flie governor denounced these measures he thought the people were against them, and now, when he apiiroves thorn, he thinks the people are for them. There Is nothing like beiii}; fair ill lillle inat;( rs like this. .our coasts and drive our taierchant ships off the' sea. Inasmuch as about all the American law can do with a recalcitrant witness is to send him to Jail for contempt of court, the chances would Bcem to be that if the M^Namaras don't want to tell the grand jlury anything they will not have to. A Jail would liot have any terrors for a man already ordered to the penlnnilury for life. It is just as Important to encoui;age really good wholesome, high class plays as it Is to discourage cheap, trivial and degrading ones. A tlieatre is a business cnteriirise, noj a chari- tahie instituiiou, and the _ management of it has a right to judge what kind of plays the people w:vnt by the kind they patronize. And now comes the announcement that the S!;.ite Uoanl of He.'ilth is tc fix a standard for mince meat. Is there no way to put a stop th th«! pernicious .-ictivity of Old Doc Orumbine'. He will he le'.lins us what there is in our hash next. I The name of W. T. .Mclilroy stir stands at th<; head of the llumboldl I'nion. .Sijinehow we Jiojie it will always stand there. The Vn'ipn is McElroy's monument, and why shouldn't a man's name be on his monument? Secretary Morrison "understands' that Mr. Darrow wi!! send iiini a detailed account of ih:' wavJin whiel/ the .\I{;.\amara defense fiiiid \va; spent, lias Harrow also gone into tin onfesKioii, business? ' Kmerson: If a man can write r better liook, preach a heiie.r sermon or make a better trap ihan hh neighbor, ihoHi;)! he biiilds^his houa< in the WOJM I B , the world will make 1 beaten path to his door. Kvery time there is a bad spell ol hog cholera all*lhe n<wsi)apers tel he story of the man whose hogs wcri cured by getting at a crib, of ha! burned corn. Hy and by the choler: ronies aronnd again just the same. Talking about the Mnino, th- chances are that Col. Dryan wouh (iniii tha! an <'xa'minalionrOf Cliami Clark's armour plate tha he was blown U]> from the outside. REF!,E(TH»S OF \ B.U'llELOK. From the .Vew York i'ress.' Maybe it's Heaven because ther the taxes'lire fair. ; A man's iii> n of standing up for hi- own rights is fishiing to get some body else's. The ugliest tempered njan knov better than to t.nik to thg cook tl; way he does to his wife. If it wasn't for per.sonal siiife ev ry mother knows who the tenchc would say was the hrightcet pupil ii he school. PERSIL is a New Washing Compound Persil is a different washing compound. Persil is the only washing compound with an Oxygen base, yet it sells for only 10 Cents. This means that Oxygen, the element that whitens and sweetens your clothes when they hang in the sunshine, will whiten and sweeten your clothes in the Tub. And Pei'sil does this as^ easily as the air and sunshine and as harmlessly, and for only 10 Gents. Persil cuts the time of washing in two. It cuts out labor altogether. Does away with rubbing. Ask your Grocer for Persil He has it at 10 Cents a Box liBfsil ''1 ir ' «S' \- WASHER I "I confess that lola looks a whol' lot better than I expected to see it." was the remark of a former citizen of Allen county back for a visit after two or three years absence. He had heard that the gas had played out, that the factories had gone, and ail kind of hard luck stories, aod be r>-- iwcted to see the town down .^t the heel and down at the mouth tx-drar- gled as to its physical appearance and /ecttBuaendwl and sold by aU druggisu. discouraged as to iU sUte of mind. What Is the matter with I'arsonii'/ It has been growing rapidly these Iiast ten yi'ars, hiilldliig u|ion what seems from the oiilalile to be n most sure found.ntion, and its po|iu1atioii now 1.^ more than 12i1(t0, Hut the two dally papers that come out of It, while in every other way creditable, carry a pitiful little bit of advertising that, makes lh"m Ir.ok pinched and iioverty stricken. Is it becaus.> there are too many papers or is it because ihere is sonu-thing the matter with i'arsoiis? And now comes the announcement from Madison, Wisconsin, that the l-aFollette delepates from that State to the National convention have already been selected. Hut we thought Wisconsin was one of those states where the iir-ople rule, and where the political machine, which picks out deIe;4at'o .months ahead cf any primary or conveniion, shall c-ase fro:i! •troubling? A big modern navy costs a lot of money and it Is mighty easy to talk about "lairing the money one battleship costs and building an ocean to ocean road with it." But It would be a whole lot n-ore expensive to be In lie fix Turkey is, without aiy navy at all, so that a fifth rate iiower like little Italy could mmpsc up anduiown VOINTKD I'AK.VOH.Vi'HS. From the Chicago News. Kvery woman would study geogra hy if the boundary lines were hem stitched. Give a small bo.v a piece of chal! and he will proceed to make his mar' n the world. ,A girl can get more by pouting dur Ing courtship tlinn she c.aii by shout Ing after marriage. The defeated candidate is snrprisei at the number of mls.guiileii m<'n wli' falleti to vole for him. Awoman who beats the; street ca- company out of a nlckle und puts i In the collection at church may be lleve In the eternal of thing.*; Doubtless that Virniont widov meant well when she erected a inonu ment to her hit" husband bearing th inscription. "Rest in ])ein;o until wi meet again." THE F .WOUrTE L.l\ATIVK. Our af Muhf MakcH Ihiv >rxt Da; HrJgbls .No Charifp If It IXifsn 'f, Hecause of Its extremely gentle ant' effective action. Rexall Orilerlles hav< become the most pojmlar Remedy foi eonstieation. We a:e so poslllve that.: Rexall Or •leilles will do all that is claimed, fo- 'hem that we po.sltlvely guarantee tr hand back the money you; paid us foi them upon your mere request, if yoi are not cntirel.v satisfied. ' Re.vali Orderlies are e.iti'n like car fly. are very ideasaiJiP to tJ'.e taste, di not gripe caii.-e nausea, or any othc annnyanee usually experienced wher. ordinary cathartics are n.=ed. Rexa'l Orderlies have' a positlvt regulative effect upon'thej bowels ani tend to iirovide permanent relief froir Constipation and the myriad of associate ailments. Resides, they help to overcome the necessity of the con- .stnnt iiEe of lavatlve."! to keep the bow els in normal condition. ;' We hone?tly believe there is no stmdar medicine so good as RexaP Ori!erlie.<!, especially fpr children fsed. or dc'icaie i pcple^. They are nrernred In erirrvrnlent; tnb'et form 'n tJiree f<y.r^ oi p.icki^p^. Prices Hi^.,'2r>c. and '"e. \V»!y T.ot try thMli at our r!-k on cur gnaraiStee? Remember. Rexall Remrilf.?s cnn be obtained in thi.s community onlv a* our ttore.—The Rexall 5Store. Rur- rell's Drug Store West Side Square. —The Register PnbIlR}^!"» Co liirnf out first class printing abd bookbinding. A trUl soUciUd. + * + + .J. ^ ^. .>.;. .J.,5. .J. * •. > AS O'llJEK.S .SEE TKI.XJS. •>{ 4* ^» ^. .;. .>.% .;. .J Heir IferKcil Kclmke. .Marion Record: Th" Kaii.-ris Cliv 5tar iiiiot. s a tciragni i ,h aiu). d al tli".' nl (|UllieK of 111;- ,-\yr>:<^ lm ::ill.v, ;„i(l says that it Is pretty .'^tr'.ng i.iH; "|V„. 1 r.'-actionary luitK.-r." Ai'd (h .it uonh! loubtless be true. It .-ivis :|i S:;;r great pleasure to ati.-nipt ui l)nii:il •yi'cry paper wliich pnys no attention 0 its at{emiil<d domjn.'nion as "ic- ictionary." The read- i-s of the R.c- •rd know that it lins piivsu'd a pro- rressive coiirs", eonsist -iitly and with ..vhafever ability it may have Iiad ai ts command for forty years. It was for Prohibition and was fmhtin-.: men nside the Ri-piiblican p;iriv ;•<! wel! is in other parti-?s on that issue a: 1 time when the Star wa.s .-in oi" n op- )onent of such b -.tiislaiicn and liiliiif^' its columns with };;ie «TS :;r ".sumiitji-I try legislation." It among ih'- •lioU'-ers in Kansas for tin; demand 'or railroad rai' ligi .shitioii .uid iia.s 'icen for every honest effort in tJ-.-i' lirectioM. it has lieen for the primary 'aw, anti-pass law, juvenile coiirl law "or better schools, .good legi .'sla- ion, two-cent fare, and all othi-r i>ro- Tressive measip-cs. It lias I K-'U for •very well-mat ir^d i:.-)liey aiiiii'!| al oriiorale domiii;ilio:! ur rf>rriii>t in'f!'.'| >nces of any kind in t'liliii;- afTiiirR. ' lut it has not sr.hseriti 'Ml to every •air-bak<'d scli-n'" w!ii-'h some pro- essional reform--'- ha^; allimiited to ise for the puri >0Ke c( riding into of- Ice. Nor has it bowed down and vorshipiHl every littie tin god that he Star for one purpo^^e or anoih -r las s-'en lit to put on ;>. pedestal anil umish with ;>. i.aui '-me -down h:i',< s'or has it been iti favor of busting he Rejiiihlican party just to iil-'ase ho Star. It has been for tariff revis- on, for instance, hut for .-i r-'viaion hat would not ignon- the lalior wage n countries compelintr wiUi us, and ;ot for free trad-*, even ihnuj.h 'irought about undi-r the guis" of mere "tariff revision." Wherefore, and f <ir sundry other similiir reason the Re - ird Is "re-act!oiiaiy' aciofding to lh<' -?tar. Rut it will go on liiing pro- jresaive just the same. THEiNORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK I0I..\, KA .V .SAS OMM VmiTY \l.\\)S OF ri -NSllUV.VTIVE U.\NKIN<: IN 10J „V lii'lKciior} for Hie fnlted .Stllle^. Sl.ite of and .\lleu County OFFICI KS: r.. f.. .VOitTlimi'. ('resident I). P. NOIiTIIItri'. 2nd,V-Pre8. Ii A. :\()l:TllKri'. Vir—Prc^iilmt .MKI.VIX FUf)NK, Cashier. R. .1. COKi'liy. .\; -iistaiil Cashic r CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS 320,000,00 Iiilercst Paid on Time Reposif.s Safety l>ej; Boxes tor Kent YOrU Kl SINKSS SOLICITED. THO.S. H. BOWl -r .S, President .1. F. SCOTT, Cashier MIenCounty State Bank lOLA, 1» ANSAS EST.MJLISUEO \ (ilARTER OF A CENTURT. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 Deposits $550,000.001 ' I> TKRE .ST PAIR ON TniE OEJ'O.srr.S , SAFETl WEPO .SIT BOXES FOft KEXT Cheap fares !>ave moneyi m your tn\ louth weat >y taking .d'/antage o( the pw fari;s on the • •"irst and Third Tuesdays of each nonth, via the Katy. KhtTt yoo ut needed aosi is wktre joa will •nake xaott. Tonroi-imituiiiCy Is In hf? S 'ni[luvt '>t v.-liiTc ' ;iiiultM !!i (Iii:»;i:- raJ rniiditiuus aru all .'uvoralili.*. It IH r.dt in uiie-iremon thlr .g {•>ralatiuiTi !iOkl :i. •miiia or ivia.s to pay lor his lann in one rear. 'ftiU coiihl only 1 c dtlT.C W tlLTO i afitl MKT? 10 lOLA STATE BANK Capital Slock $25,000.00 Surplus.. .$12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS hiipif- •" / .' E. HOKVIM.K, I'res. M. .S. K.VIF.HAN, L»nd Vlcfi Pros, .f. 1/. (•A.>Ii'Hi:i.I„ Cashier. A. Vi. HECK, Vice-Prcs, F. 0. BENSON, Asst. <'n'Mer SAFETY DEPOSIT I'.O.NES FOR llEN 'r. I TEXAS . Isfeitlla and I Dex fioni 'Ivj; croii- bil! and iirii;i::i Now i* the time tomaki* utrii-to Okluliuiiia or Teia.-t and Ft-- j-i-it where your epportuuityJie.-i. A-'k yniir local »7 nt lu Fill you rii:kcl via Katy —'jrtcll.-n^»vheri? V'lU WUllt lO (JO b 'Uthwestand I n'ill i-'VaD your .tripand give you full inlorraatinii latnuc the faiR from yourhnn-.o .wn Hchcdulccte. I »;a alsn»cd.iroa our /icthiK.11 on Soutliwcpt o^por- imilti,.-*. Writu i.'ilay. W.S.S».CECEt:E. C. p. X., H. K. i T. Hr-i Best Lump Coal delivered anywhere In the ci!y. "Ftf>#^r1 ^horK Oil Meal and A'falfa Feeds M: CTcrU _!oo !bp>rsack—guaranteed weight?r U. S. Patent and Fiddity Ff6ur NS, "To Dca^i OIVLY NeWiOnJV1liiin.s.& Elevator Co./ W.5.S».tECRt;E. » , ' sie'ft.wiiTiai,"'" iI'or ti»e Ouiikest results—The Register Want Column! •i:.

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