The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 30, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 4
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TAGK 4-NAUGATl/CKNBWS ®te Bail? Hetatf "^iiiii^-- ^Js^L?^?^S£S2S=^? WKONKSDAY. AtKUtS^t. _^___ _ H. G. Wells Wells, worl.l-lanuui ^ itis;h ,''"'i" Do You Remember? From the FUes of the Naugatuck Newi 20 Years Ago Jamos Lyom, of Golden Hill street vacationed at NtuTiigunHOI.1 Pier. o—O—o Mr. and Mrs. James Fox of South Main street spent a vacation ut Capo Cod, Mass. o—O—o / 30 Years Ago MIHH Albevtlna Znhndor or Sheffield lano vacationed at the Milford shore. Warren D, Abo. and family of Mlllvlllo avenue motored to Lake George. (H J I !•"» Ll/ l ,' ' I I 1!>V('>;' Arnm.K hi* ™>|y '''^Th,,'^^'' ^.n^'NlisterKntlm^S'^^^ 1 ,! 11011 - 11 ' T'V' 1 | ['. n'unisiti 1 'to those * i<iil(1(1 '." rriars'els in " I'ulniv iitfe. Hi«Mtronj,'ilislMsli' l»r tin- vvmlil us " saw il. often eaused Int.. to \v»x sa ir.enl. HiM "\Var c! 1 the Worlds 1 ' In.U'htene. Jrlnuy Americans svheu,hey hsene, U null.. (Inimatr/ntinn u! .1 l>> }»* UYIIes. II was mistake,, l,y then, |,,r un Ha',,;'! hroacleast of .... mv^um h-om M'I' \\YIU WHS lu.lM as 11 sot-in! reform',,,',,1 hi* strikm- < l »< 1 S(llll " w ' h !! l .. star ' • ,,,„ r , iril( . i,,, ae«iuuvd as 11 \v i il.i i. Om , „,• h is more r,eent artieles, whu-h >e wrote lora Socialist newspaper ean>< n mi,^ sensation, In h J- I'ttaeke, ,h. Hrilish royal family, ..IK'iHK murn l,ers of Ihe family have r.mi.c with the P.nlish luseist m ( iv.-im-i>t. Had be lived, Wells wonld have niched his HIHh birlhday in S.-plember, Order Should Be Maintained Weather ,, (! nml.lm;r. 11"' N'»"K»anc-k (!nmmu nity band will.U'ive another m Us Hl .ri.-s of ermeerts tonu-rrovv ui«lil on the "' (h Musie lovers will ap|.iveiale it if ^ood ,, n '| ( .r is maintained during llu- rendition of the program. have been eom- plaintsal previous eoneerls to Ihe e lee ihal scufflin- and noisy youngsters has e ,, n , V ented i^rsous in the I mm cniovinn 1 "'e music. it'islo be hoped that, if slieb d.sordeis nn . started tomorrow .-v.-uiiiK, theoiten- ,|rrs will be proiuiil ry sqnelehed. Spending Billions Nearly a Irillion dollars was s|ient in , h ,. i;,ru,.d States in the six years ol Worbl War II, Hut before Minimi},' the wastefulness of I'nele Sam, listen In Treasurv Department analysts, who say , hal ,,,.,,'rly fil) p.-r ci-ul of thai figure was p.ivalespemlin^ by individuals and eor- ' on.iinns, Another $;,l),0(m,(KM),l)Ol] was MiK-nt by stale and li.ciil e-overnmenls, All lold, the federal government is responsible for the speudinK "I" »nl.y 'he ,,'ini'usj sum of *:uir,.(HH..(H»i',niin, i.»i;t »i ^•hieh'was ,,ai,l for by taxes, he ddler- Ptu-i., or $2()!),OI)0,000,000 is the largest part of the national debt. Within the memory of many now li.v- ;,, K , (' ( ,nu;ress horrified people by spending $1,000,000,1100 in a single year, in 18!)0. Now'I he expenditure of many times that amount eauses no general revulsion. "While, of course, the country is far rich- or than in 1> S ' )n - tlu ' spending habit can rnsily grow. It is not so much our present debt which should alarm us, as the possibility that the spending habit may "become fixed. Around The Clock MAN— QH, MAN! Income And Taxes Almost lutlf ol 1 Amoi'ii'ti's 1'inttH.ios have incomes In-low $2,000 n year. Oiiry one out of three cxci-ods $:'.,000. This announcement has just i-omi- out of a joint survi'V of tlio FedenU Koservo Hoard niul the Buroou of Agricultural Kconomies. This is the dinchiiiK Hirumeut against tho'salos tax, atlvocatcnl hy somo as n rov.- onui' raiser. Tt raises revenue, without doubt, but from the pockets of those who cun least afford it. . .... qlt down I've a Htory to tell V°" Onoth.a could only happen to mo Sometimes in the night I And I cry out in agony, tecall it Well, one of my very kind And suld "Well, I'll try r -.nurppil the lOBS of the SUgar ^my n}.o m n. U ;"S 'always brought pratao But I™ gurcd that after thl- evening My huMbnnd was due for a raise. And in honor oC all my That brought rnent to our bill of faic I 'coated my cookbook for hours Oh! thu odors that filled the air. Well n we sat clown t° dlnn " No he did kidding I Ho said: I'm a eally died. Ml have some Hplnnch r»nd carrots vegetarian! take A job _. DAMNING NIAGARA fej.w»am-rc,CJ&-.-T,:.> • WALTER WINCHELL Greenwich Has w Objection To United Nations new objection to the- United Uons locatinK its headquarters within its boundaries First Selectman Wilbur M. Peck now says that under a substitute plan the U-N would deprive the town of all of its watershed area The U-N committee of which Sir Angus Fletcher is chairman, has taken this objection under oonsid cratlon after receiving details from Greenwich Public Work* CommiH sloner RotiOrt A. Kaufman. The U-N committee however, appears to be faring better in West- Chester County, New York, than it was several months 1gf The committee says it now ho,: assurances that If the headquarters is located in that area, it might prove beneficial to Westchestcr county. Another C.r-itlclKm Hartford, Aug. 11 — (UP)— The people around Greenwich have been sharply criticized for opposition to fhe United Nations plan to make permanent home in Connecticut. Rocco D. rallotti—who is seeking the Democratic nomination fo state senator—called this "A grca Misfortune." Added the candidate:—"Our stat has been given a black eye by th. disgraceful conduct of the pcopl around G-rcenwich who have tol< the United Nations that they ar not wanted." I Women From Chile And Brazil Study !onn. Labor Laws Hartford, Aug. M—(UP)—Two •omen representatives of the Lv or Departments of Brazil and 2hllc arc In Connecticut, vinltinjj ndUBtrial plants and studying thf> tatc's labor laws. The visitors arc Mrs, Elsa Sow*» Rlbeiro of Brazil, and Minn Dlgnn. Munoz of Chile. Mrs. Ribciro, however, thinks hat in Home ways the labor lawn 3f Brazil ahre superior to those In ~v his country, J "If employers don't pay the same ages to men and women," she sayrs, 'they' have to go to labor court where they arc fined." Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 19-16. by The Hearst Corporation) Bill Leuchars was on bis Iocs tor that tlirp l ;n> o oarshpK'ture yesterday....^ had tbe picture ,,n m,r desk be. o ,c lull (U ,,ails of the accident were Marty l.ucas is to with an insurance company. Charlie Jay has returned to our sports pa-e . . . Jots by Jay will be found in the spot it used to be many months ago. Charlie Clark, Mr. and Mrs. John. Healy and Jack Healy, George Lewis and Sam Lyons are among those from Nau- iSSok at the Legion baseball games in Glens Falls, N. Y. The "Welcome Homo Committee meets tnnVcbt at. the Town Hall ---- And so ,|n the Republican and Democratic town committees. . . . Our switchboard was roallv busy vostcrday as we provided last service on' t'he score "f tlic Nangatuclv- Staten Island game, Joe Dinneny is vacationing in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. .. . Along with Elmer Carroll and Pat McKeon he'll be heading for Maine next week ... Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Earnest, with daughter Mary Ann, have been visiting with Mr, and Mrs. John Ash of Rubber avenue, ('apt. Bill Morris has left for Detroit (,, rejoin his wife, having completed a 1,,-iuf' vacation here ---- Bryant Kirkendall and Bob Crotty are at the i MU'\ camp. . . . Oeorge McKenna moves to his new home on Millville avenue today, . . . Oouuie Kiernan, Frank Wood, John Ash ami Pat Kelley were at the Democratic outing in Xorwalk last Sunday. Fred Church who holds his annual auction Labor Day at the Millville Library is wondering w!jat effect the Welcome Home celebration will have on his program. . . , Persevere, Fred, maybe we can arrange to have the parade stop at the library for a time. Local fireman, Edward Galvin, who is currently on vacation will try his hand at pitching tonight, when he leads Spike Doegan's Pioneers, an Oxford sot'tball team into a contest against the Southbury team, at Sonthbnry. Father Joseph Hughes of Kansas is visiting with his mother, Mrs. Mary Hughes of Meadow street. . . . Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Reilly, parents of a son. SPEAKING OF BAD BABIES— Of all the toiiRh characters I mot in my colorful Chicago clays, the one who most stands out has bcon virtually forffottcn — Puter Nicclci'mcier. He w:is the lender of Carbarn Bandits. The other's were Harvey Van Dine, G-us Marx and Emil Bocskc. They didn't usually stick their victims up—they killed them ilrst, then robbed them. They had murdered 34 men before they shot i-i-om tho outside and killed a sleeping conductor and two others in the o!ci Stewart A^e. carbarn and S'ot riway with ' $13,000 one Saturday rnornlnp. Marx, over six feet, a few r.iBhts later was drinking in Greenberg's saloon, at Robcy and Addi.son. He was drunk on beer. He pulled out two revolvers and said, "The cops want me. If this one won't get 'om, that one will." Grecnbcrg sneaked, to a phone and called Herman =chuottlor, then a captain at Sheffield Avc. station. He sent Detectives Quinn and Blaul to the saloon. Quinn came in the front door and Bltiul tho side door. Marx knew Quinn and saw him in the mirror. He turned and killed him. Blaul hit him with his billy knocked him nut, dragged hint to the booth and stood orThls chest whle he called the A-agon. WP didn't know who Marx was, hut Schiiottler broke him down. Mnrx confessed the night Xfcrtcr- nifler, Van Dim; uiul Un planned U> dynamite: Ihe station, kill every coy In It and rescue Murx. Now tlu-y hciit It In a dugout In. talked to him, bcgp^d him to set himself right with his God. T etc promised he would., asked, for a. pcucll to write a farewell note to his mother (who was as tough Uh he was, and who assaulted all of us ri'.porti-rs with an umbrella.. »t his grave.) Pete broke the pencil and, with the jagged edge, cut into his wrist. He tried to shove, the. piece ol pencil under his main artery, to Im-ak it and bleed to death.. He fainted from loss of Wood. Again. McNamara was called. He forced so.m-thing down the bandit's throat that revived him. . When Charlie Peters, the chid deputy sheriff name. to. Nledcr- meier's cell to ask him, in the n:\nio of thn law, whether he had anything U> say before his execution, Nlcdermior snarled: "You bet. I wish I coul<l live lonu enough to croak one more copper!" He was too wc:ik to walk, so they curried him to the gallows on a stretcher. He was hanged us he tat in a chair, strapped to the legs. Vim Dino was the son of a woman whose lifcwork it was—and remained, during the trial and after the executions—to save young boys from lives of crime! Rocskc, who got a new trial, waa In the jail for somo months. On the memorable day of the >roquoiy Theater. fVc, he was caught on the roof, about to descend a ladder, icto a wagon his brother had stationed in the alloy. I got to know thc^ four well, during their confinement. Niedormcier had never worked a how wrong it is to drink. Why, every .time we clipped a saloon I felt like we was Boy Scouts, doing our deed," Nicdcrmeier organized it as a trio Rocske was forced in later; the throe were plotting on a Lincoln Park bench when they heard a rustle; they saw Rocske on the ground behind. Niedermcicr pulled a K un and was going to kill him, because he had overheard their conversation. But Rocske pleaded to be taken In. Nicdcrmcinr laid down the rule fraction: •Shoot, grab nnd run-in that order . .get me? We're bound to kill somebody, anyhow, sooner or Inter. They can't hang you any harder for killing 50 than for killing one. And if there arc no witnesses maybe they won't hang us at all—for n whi'le!" An enlistment in the U. S. Marin Corps today assures you of an op portunity to continue your edu cation under the G-I Bill of Rights (expires October 5, 1046). Appl Post Office Building, Waterbnry. POLAROID GLASSES NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Winslow Court Tel. 3314 THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Nr»ry Building Naueatnck, Conn. BOUGHT SOLD Rent a Tr.illrr and Do That Jol) YourRclf: ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKIJEPHQNK Nmimtnck 808* Offlcr In t:nlun CUT H«rdw»n> Bld«. Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH MAIN ST. "All* 'and Vera Budris, Prop*. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor Llcenne RODKO RAMBLERS Here Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHEEHAX Special Entertainment Thursday nnd Sunday Open Daily Until 1 A. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 6441 M.! REGISTER NOW TERM BBGINS SKI'T. » IliiKinrNH Ailminihtj-ntlon, Accoim(- InK, Jipcrrtnrlnl. COLLEGE Central Avc. Waterbnrj The railrond which is.going to elimi. natc ticket lines in depots is shattering iirnrny Indiana, in the sand-duno country. A mnle school-teacher cnmR Into our editorial ofllce anil told us he- had Nf.'i-n some mysterious men there. I-iid hy Schuottlur, we made up a special'train and pulled up near tho dugout. Wo surrounded It, The trio picked off and with rifles klJIed u detective anil u deputy sheriff, then escaped Into thi: cornfields. Farmers joined the posse and the flrlcM were .surrounded. Afl<;r many hours—nnd after the hiindits had comnmndered an engine and killed the young engineer, hut derailed tin- locomotive, at u closed switch Vim Dine and Nicdi'.mielcr ounc on) hiinds up. wounded nnd frozen. Wo had moved 1.2 miles In tho chase, so went to another little, wooden depot, to wire up for our cnn. On the single bench, uslccp exhausted, lay a bill trump. Schuot- tlcr WHS about to nudge him, to make jilaci> for tho, prisoners whc.ii his hand struck :v gun. It wus Honski\ H.O wokis up handcuffed. The> confessed n lot, Including the Tcwor W robbery in which they had .climbed a high frame-work on i the C, M. & St. P., und murdered' the man in it so they coulcl throw a switch and wreck a train to rob the dead nnd wounded. They had killed in cold blood a little boy who cnme into n. saloon with a tin •"growler" for beer as they were robbing the joint. They were tried before Judge George Kcrstcn, for whom I named my first son. Rocske, who was a. stooge, got life. The other three wern sentenced to hang—and I saw them all swing in one morning. The night before the execution, Nlcdermeler, at three o'clock in tho morning, Kwallowed tho, heads of a whole box of sulphur matches. Dr. Francis MoNnmarn, the jnll physician, was awakened nnd he pumped him out. Nlcdermelur was badly, shaken, green; I HIIW him, for I,.was on tlie all-nlpht death-watch. ' John Whitman, the kindly jailer, day, had been a hoodlum and robber isincc he wore knickers. Van Dine had been a soldier, Marx a ho'.isc-paintcr. Rocskc \vas always a bum. Nlodf2rmcio.r told mo: "I knocked off a man when I was 10. I seen him come out .of a store and he was .putting nnme bills in his pocket. I followed him and shot Tilm through the heart and went 'through him, -What a sllff! All he had was four bucks. 'Well I bought a bottle of whiskey and went in under a wooden sidewalk, like they had then, and got drunk, I wns young- then. I never drank much after I got some sense, "Gus did. If he hadn't, we wouldn't be hero. That shows you | WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABBAL, Prop. 8 South Main St. Choicest selection of salt nnd fresh water /lull ut lowest prices. Waterbur4sLI Dependable I I Store I! (Mand Closed Mondays during August II FINAL CLEARANCE OF READY TO WEAR GET A JEEP , IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Your WIM.YS-OVKBT.ANn Dculrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24 HnrrlNon Avpntto Off Kxchiinjrc rinrr, \Vutfrbury 'PIlfHIA 3-JWOif STRISIK'3 I 10 Center St. Waterbury, Conn, ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland Approved G. I. Training 1 ••' AocnuntlnK, . HiiMlnrMn - : Miirlllni-«. Sccrcturlul PALI. TKKM OPENS IN SEI'TKMBKK , I.llllll.'ll Enrollment !THE PERRY SCHOOL • ; : '..'-. Waterbury ALL SUMMER SPORTSWEAR Bathing suits, .tee shirts, shorts, blouses, slacks, bathing- bags. Price ALL SUMMER DRESSES Cottons and rayons in both prints and solid colors. Misses', juniors', ; and women's sizes- Regular $3.98 to $19.98 Price

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