Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1974
Page 6
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Six MOPfc (ARK.) STAR Tuesday, October 8, 1914 SIDE GLANCES By GILL POX 'There could be a reason for why I hate bath water the way I do. Maybe I'm biodegradable!" OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN I KNEW yOU V^OULPN'T WAWT TO RUM OVEI2.TH' HOSE, BUT ITAIW'T UP TO ME TO MOVE IT 'CAUSE SIS USEP IT LAST/ you OUCHTA BE C.OOP ENOUGH TO STEER--UH-- / I MEAW JUST BACK OVER TH' BRICKS AMP M3LVVE GOT IT MAPE/ Q> WHV MOTHERS <5ET C3RAY I'LL GIVE VOU JUST 3O SECONPS TO CLEAR THE AREA-START- IMG WOW/ ,—- | „_ OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE CHARLIE MUSTK HEARP * SOUR W WHEN T FINP NOTE AN 1 LEFT ME TO SING ,^. MR. CAMPUS THE CHORUS.' I NEVER 5H0ULDA, * CHARLIE I'LL TRUSTED HIM! A PUPE V/HO ^ PLANT POISON TAV.K& THAT FA*T COULP 5NEAK / IW NEXT TO AWAY FROM AN SUBMARINE yf THOSE COLLEGE IN MID-OCEAN.' ,——-^f> WALLS HE'S PePPLIN'/ ..BUT NOW I BETTER GET MY STUFF AN' 5PLIT.' • EEK & MEEK THE AjeiW SOC/AL MCVEMeWTS <9F THE PAST 20 YEARS. HAVE Jumble Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Rodent 4 Indolent 8 Sacred bull of Egypt 12 Malt brew 13 Close to 14 French resort 15 Numeral (ab.) 16 Displaces 18 Signifies 20 Pays attention • to 21 Night before 22 Roman date 24 Raw silk weight 26 Intend DOWN 1 Hindu queen 2 Astringent 3 Sober 4 Habituate 5 Fender damage 6 Scottish miss 7 Before 8 Poker stakes 9 Heap 10 Frosted 11 Soap-frame bar 17 Therefrom 19 Sheeplike 23 Diurnal 24 Pageantry HASH GORDON By DAN BARRY HE3S1 ran 26 Intermediate 42 Cutting tool 27 Savant (var.) 28 Tropical plant 43 Lamblike 29 Camera part 44 —- dixit 31 Cringe 46 Geometric 33 Eskimo home figure ............ «T . a 6 ^.«i.uj 38 Endured 47 Ireland 27 Pharmaceutical 25 Martian (comb. 40 Distrinct parts 48 Rave salt form) 41 Apple centers'SO Winglike part 30 Citrus fruit 32 Pendent mass of ice 34 Measuring devices 35 Multitude 36 American writer 37 Singly 39 Sediment 40 Iris layer (anal.) 41 Study 42 Chimical compound 45 Child's vehicle 49 Hair stripper 51 Boy's name 52 Piquancy 53 Unaspirated 54 Transgression 55 Pieces out 56 Fruit drinks 57 Powerful explosive CARNIVAL By DICK TURNER ©1974 by NEA, Inc. T.M. BM. U.S. Pal. OH "How would it be if we moved the smokestacks inside and let . the air-conditioning take care of .the problem?" •••••><-•- Fishing for compliments around here is like looking for sharks in the bathtub. If you can't imagine the troubles some folk have, they'll tell you in detail. BLONDIE THAT TIRE-FROM- , HEAVEN'ACT BOUSHT US TI/M6. VICKI... , THE EMPERORx.. I'VE 60T TO FIX THE 'TIME- ( HOPPER' BEFORE A ROMAN LE6ION ARRIVES' THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM , I WOULPNfT WORRY TCO ALLEY OOP By DAVE GRAUE IT'S A PLEASURE CUBBLE/ I'M ALLEY OOP/ AND THIS IS ORVILLE LURCH ' WELL, REGARDLESS OF WHERE WE ARE, X WANT TO THANK VOU FOR SETTING US THAT ROADWAY WHEN YOUCUBBLE! ~ INCIDENTALLY, MR.CUBBLE, WE'RE NOT FROM THE ISLAND YOU SEEM TO THINK WE'RE FBOM.' .HAD r BEEN MORE OBSERVANT, I'D HAVE REALIZED.. THAT AT ONCE// DID, MR. , UH CAPTAIN EASY POPDBK WILL SHOW YOU "V AND, M/V/ TOVOUR KQOM1... ^^ I HAVIN0 TWO CHARMMG By CROOKS & LAWRENCE P TIGHT. \ HE BETTER &BU£VE IT- GENTLEMEN ! )• JU&T (\$ CAN WHEW! " FOR IT1 POSITIVELY By CHIC YOUNG Another nice thing about your newspaper: Did you ever try to nap under a 450- pound color TV? BOSS/ I'VE GOT A GREAT IPEA TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEE MORALE lllllir WE'LL START WITH A SANDBOX IN YOUR OFFICE/ YOU SHOULD PUT A RECREATION ROOM IN FOR THE OFFICE STAFF WE WORK HARD AND WE NEED TIME TO PLAY MAYBE YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING THERE By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP 1^6 HAVE tJOVJ MOVED IWTD AJU ERA OF... By DICK CAVALLI life HARD TO BELIEVE THAT SLIMMER IS MAYBE? YCU'LL FIND IT EASIER TO BEUEVE WHEN YOU'RE LIP TO YOUR EYEBROWS IN SNOW AND SLUSH - YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A FELLOW FEEL &ETTER. FRANK AND ERNEST By BOB THAVES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS THANHS A LOT, FELL A ' BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL MESSAGES, &U«&S?| YEAH, BOSS... '—- fcatV/V.-YER. (50LF MATCH IS ALL SET r FEK SATURDAY... ...YEK WIFE WANTS YA T' PlGK UP A LOAF O 1 BREAD ON , YER WAY HOME AN TH' &AKBEK SAYS THREE O'CLOCK IS OKAY PER A HAIRCUT/ AKIO IS THE OMLV PROFESSOR I'VE EVER KNOWN... PRISCILLA'S POP ...WHO EVEN PUTS THE PUNTS (N HIS ROOM TO SLEEP' By AL VERMEER AND YOU'RE NOT TO GO OUT TILL VOU TIDY YOUR ROOM! IS THAT CLEAR?- WELL? WHY DON'T YOU GET STARTED? RAINJIN1G? > WHAT MAS RAIN GOT TO DO WITH IT? I COULDNT\ Q-o OUT A MY WAY fj

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