Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1911
Page 3
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ft Qiffitoas Sale •.' ; .1.. . •••'!• . . If I . Owing to the backward season we have induced the prices on all fine Furs. Reliability is our standard in our Fur Dep't. 1 Genuine Cross Fox Set. was $55.00: now S35.00 1 Genuine Mink Set, was $65.00: now $45.00 1 Genuine iJrown Marmot Set, was $:^0.00 $20.00 1 Genuine Black Conov Set, fancv muff, was $20.00; now $15.00 1 Genuine IJlack Fox Set, fancv muff, was $35.00; ^ now $25.00 1 Genuine Krown Jap Mink Set, was $18.50.. .$15.00 1 only Genuine IMack Fox Collar, was $40.00. .$28.50 Blaek Dress (Soods a) IS^Reducioii A o -ift of Black Dress Goods is always acceptable as a Christmas present. Buy a skirt or suit pat- tei-n—15'; reduction for foui' days. Choice of our entire line of Black Diagonals, Prunellas, Empire Cloth, Bati.ste, Wool Poplin, J^roadcloths, Voiles, Di- aijonal Ser.u^es, Storm and French Ser.t^es. 15 ; REDUCTION All Fancy Silks and Satins at 15% Reduction What is prettier than a beautiful or dress for Christmas? For four days only we shall offer our entire line of l-'ancy Silks, Fancy Brocades, Fancv Satins and all imported Patterns, at 15', REDUCTION New York Store THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, jDECEMBER 11,19U. Francis Yount, of Chanute, is In the city today on busiaeBB. ' T. O. CanatBey lieft tills morning for Toronto for a brief busintiss visit Mrs. C. O. Bollinger is reported to l<e III with a slight attack of typhoid —ClirlslmaB Spettccr>«. Fontals Sc doscn at PERSONAiS —Commencing Monday, JIajcstic ."if. A l.nwri'ncf iii<-ss:is<' to UM- Tuiii'ka C:i|iit:il slali-s that I'mil Ifiinkin, an o)iJ Ji»J;i l)oy. u;is SfVLTt'ly luinii-.l !J.V nil c\|iIO!iioii in ilio clif iiiii ;il I:il>oi'a- tory at the state uiiivoisliy. and TH,-> V lost- line or both of his PVPS. Th-^ Iv.nistcr will give full details -when til • I^wrence papers are received. — ..J«" -r. yy. MilclnH. PaJnIing .-ind rapering. Phone S47. —Sunday llhiuor, Ilakcd rblckon. SIIJIT'S stylo. A small canrcroiis Rrowth was r«v aioviMl from thi> liaiid of .liihn Mi- Ciilrc this morniim. It is .lielluvcd (lie 111" ration will iKTiiiantntly deslniy Ihr iirowth whiih has lipcn i-aiisinR Mr. Mcltiiiri' iiincli annoyance for .•iKiTiy iiiontlis. Mrr. C. II. Taylor, of South Oniiiha. Hyroii lliirri.'.- arrived liero fivnii Dal- 'as. Ti-xas, today on a two days btisi- iu:;.-< trip. II.' is still on tin? selling staff 111" till- Texas Portland and says Miai Hallas Is rioting in skyscrapers ilii'.se ilays and makiiit; plans for a 4reat I ily in spi1>' of the cheapness .:r cotton. He reels off a list of a ilo/.en new liiiildinKS. from eiKht, xu luenly stories tall, now liuildint; o; i.elMK planni'il for Dallas. — Ilailiiw Mercanlllf Company i l.niii;lit a siine in Downs, Kans. Ia>( j '.V: ek. i .1. iry iieihvcM spent Saturday after- Ltii'iiii in llie eilv on business. I Tom I'lii'lps. who has lieeii down foi the iKist :!e\eral days with n mild attack of dlplitherla. is alile to he ahout his rcKiilar duties today. — Scl:ool and Class Pennant.'^ .il .^iM-ncer's. All sizes and designs. I.eVan. of the Uranil. re- ,Hirts tnat the advance sale of lirkftc r.,r 'lin wster's .Milli<ms." wIMeh is t< •.:ipear toniKlit al tlie (Jrand, has beer ..ry good. {-oieparinK well with tin- idvance sale for the Lyman Twins, vhich i)Iiiyed to a sood house. Kvery .-ondition, including the wealher. ap ! ears liiKhly favorable for a big hou.«i lunieht. —nanriii? School Tonight. F. 1.. Wal'iier and Henry Cooper, oj Uifiler. Okla.. are In the city today lor a brief business visit. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Warner, of Eureka, are in the city for a vliilt of several days with Mr. Warner's bro thur. C. J. Warner and family. .toe Osborn, of Uronson, is in the city today on business. S. Heller left thiH morning for Col linsvllle for a short business visit, T!i<^ luirtu; of Attorney It. K. Ctilllson wa.s )ilacod under i|uarantino this af U^rnoon. his little son; Itobert, havinjr the scarlet fever. —Fn-d Kondcn, Ferfod Decorator. I'lionc TWJ. .Mr. and .Mrs. William Wilson, of llitii North Buckeye street, are the parenis o! A son who arrived at thei Iionie yesterday morning. Mrs. J. A. Uichards, wlio has been matron of the saniturium for the iiast year and a half, has rrslgned her iw sition, lind today left for Des Moines In., for a visit with friends. —<'ommenrlnR Monday, Majestic flc AllhouKh the attending iihysicinn reports that Pearl Henion, the seven year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Willlnni IVntoii, who was kicked by a ctili Hi'veral da.v» ago, is not >et out of iliinKer. yet he is Iniproving rapidly and the proMpeils of bis recovery are Kooil. Mr Petnile. of Wellltiglon, sfmnl Saluiday in this ciiy on business. Mr. anil Mrs. .Tii.seph KaioHcy, of thf country four miles south of Uillnrpe are the parents oC a son born yesterday niovniiig. Ueverend \. V. Potter, of KIrkwood .Mo., came in this morniHK, and I. W. Potter, of C'ofreyviUe. came In yesterday, to attend the marriage of their niece. .Vina Poller. In (ho past several days lola and vicinity b.ts had nearly two Inches of rain. Saturday morning early of an Inch fell. During the twenty-four hours ending at 7 o'clock yesterday morning 1.78 inches fell. And this morning, between the hours of Vi and C. o'llocW. a light rain which fell Intermittently aiiiotinted to M of an inch, biliiging the total rainfall since Saturday up to l.OU inches. The boj's o fllie .\evada ba.sket ball ieam expressed thetnsclves as much surprised at the great elithusiasni of Die students of the lola high school. They did not expect to be greeted with yells and songs, and they admitted they were bewildered by the liarade of students after the game and the tremendous bonfire at the 'liph school in celebration of lola's victory. It was worthy of a college lown they said. And it was. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Cuintnings and .son Waller, came in this morning from Tltiih, .Nevada, for a visit during the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. T. S llrackenridge. Miss Hazel Hiicon spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister Mrs. Hisn l.«vcland of the Hethel district. Mrs. O. li. Cox who has been in Topeka for tbe past several days on account of fh<( dangerous illness of her mother, will probably return home tomorrow, her mother's condition having improved very much. Mr. Zelgler who has been at th<i hospital for the past two weeks was taken to his home In this city today. Hugh Brewer is here from Bethany College at Lindsborg, tor a visit •with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Brew er, during the holidays. ' The next meeting of the Allen Coun ty Medical Society, say the doctors, is to be. the last of the ye^r and one .f the most Interesting. The meeting will occur on the 20th of this month -nd several cases of strange troubles ^f spinal cords will be viewed by tl)0 doctors. The annual election of officers •will also be held. t,r- viHST nun tHJitvPH or . VMF.RIC.I> CARDINALS IX RCHE. The three Ameriran Cardinals-^Farley. and O'Connell (left to right) on their thrones at American College just after receiving the P.)pe's Dizhettas, November a7th. =— BOOTH BOYS tSSMILTBEHIII 9EP0KTED THAT THEY TOOK HIS FROM RIG -(XD TStAT HIM. Trouble Is Outgrowth fil School HoW OTCT Wblfh Diiumge Suit for $Sli ;on« |s rending. Meager details of an assault committed on Kobert Beainan on a hlKh- way In the eastern part of the county- ainue days ago were received' here today. The report was that Bob and Gus Booth were the assailants of Mr. Beaman and that they took him froili his buggy, in which be was driving home from Uronson, and adnilnistert^l such punishment t:iat he has twp broken ribs, a broken arm and nuin^ erous other injuries. He was cared for at a nearby house and only re- nioveil to Ills home today. The trouble Is believed to be an out growth of the school trouble of alls^ Greta Booth, who has a damage suit for $20,000 pending in the Bourboh county court against Mrs. Maude Kun- ston, members of the school board of Union district and several patrons of the school, including Mr. Bcamari This old trouble was increased wheh Beaman refused to rent to fins Bei^man the farm which he has been oc. cnpying. Thi' alleged attack occurred In Allen County and legal pro.sccutlon m expected to follow. Do Not Forget Thiii Tomorrov* IH thf Ihiy Yon lienienilter thp Poor. It has been already several tlme^ unnoiinipd in these iuluninH so thiii Is merely a reminder that toniorro<>' Is Donation Day in loia. At nine: o'clock all those who have |)roniised to donate tlieir own services or the iise of their vehicles, to tho good work, are rcitucsted to meet in front of tlie Woodman Hail on North street- From there they will start on a sysr- tematic canvas of the city. The ve^- hicies will be driven past every hoiisr ita town and a boy with a horn will give notice when your door is reuchei^ >Vbea you hear tbe horn, if you will open the door and give a sign thai you have sumething to donate, thjt l)oy will do the rest. If by any mischance you should lie mls.<ied, theji send whateve;r you have to give tp tbe vacant store room under the Wood man hall which has been secured it temporary depository for the gifts While It Is household goods, ciotlt- ing and food that are mostly desired there' is always imperative need for i;eady money in carrying on tbe work Of the Associated Charities. The treas ury of the Board shows a balance now of but little over $6.00, and In order that it may be rejilenisbed the ladles will make a carivas icmorrbw of the business houses to ask for cash con- tVibuttons. The Register bespeaks fur these good women a courteous anud generous reception. It Is unpleaKaQl work at best, this going from store tb store and asking for money; dotft make ft any harder by being grumpy and disagreeable. Of course you are going to give something; give It, llijc d gentleninh- Uive It as If you were glad of the dinnee, and thank the U- (Jies for coining after it. It won't real ly he any inoie for being given that way, but to the Indies who get It, Jt will see ma great deal more. Vake up your mind right now what ycfti' will seem a great deal more. ' Make or out of your cash drawer, or write a check for it now, so as to have all tlie hurt of parting with your money good and over with by the time the ladles come. Then give It to theui With a smile.—and ex|)erience for once in yuur life the Joy of that "cheer ful gUc;' whom the l..ord loveth. •BRK'.VSIhK'S .MILLIONS" TOMOH Grand (h'l'ers Altracllon With Stanni ol tiiiiiic AiiprAtuI on It. A clever company, headed by I.,ouis Kimball will produce George " Barr McCutchcon's" famous story, "Brewster's Millions" at the Grand theater tonight. The seat sale has been large ^nd there is promise of one of the most successful engagements the Grand has ever known. The company supporting Mr. Kimball this season Is headed by the charming and winsome younig actress Miss Grace Nile, who «on the highest enconlums from the critics when she' first essayed the character of "Peggj" Gray in "Brewster's Millions." The remaining long list of characters are in practically the same ca^ able hands as last season, including Viola Grant, Richard Morgan, Marguerite Slaven Howard Dorsey, Lew Krause and others. Mr. McCutcheon>s story has an Intensely fanUstfc scheme. It turns the prevailing miol chase for dollars topsy-turvy and ett- tlrely disposes of the almost universal belief that money Is essential to either happiness or contentment. Thfe dramatic version of the book was made by Wlnchell Smith and Byron Ongiey. The claim Is Justly made that the great yacht and Mediterranean storm scene In the third act cotp pletely overshadows any other stage picture ever presented. - Dr. J. R. Pepper is expected home .onight from Kansas City with his sister from Now Mexico, he having gone to Kansas City Saturday to me«it her. Floyd Moore, a young man of Colony was here Saturday nfternoon to have a fracture of his arm treated. Tbe fracture was the result of a full on a defective walk at Colony. nr. P. 8. Bcattle says that ho^ cholera in this county Is somewhat on the ebb after spreading in ah alarming manner for a short tlm«. The ebb In the disease, is due no toubt to Bomo extent, to the universol vaccination of hoga. Dr. Seattle vaccinated between 300 and 400 head Ijf hoga in this count; last week. vt 4k Distinct Designs in Gift Engraving! The monogram fad is now universal. Practically every gift slioiild be neatly engraved in some form. We have made a cut and are herewith showing, ytni a few of the many designs we j'Hgrave in our workslioj) dejmrlny^nt. All Jewelry and Silverware boiiKfTt of us will be i!iigraved free. liny your presents KAlll.Y while our stock Is complete ntid we will hiy them nway in our safe for you ittitll you wisli to lake them out. 'I'IIIH way >-nti avoid the crowds tiiid yoii stand "more chiinci! of geiiing the article you wish. We siigge .it that you ^'ve us a call and let us show you our elegant t.lock. HICKS®, .SON Jewelry Store KEEP PEpRX PATIENT HERE Probnliip That liospltal OiTer oT Cure : . for *10 IVr W«'ek Won't Do. GRAND THEATRE ~T0NIGHT- "The Immense Recoi"?d-Breaking Success" Louis Kimball and the entire. Metropolitan Production FREDKItlC THOMPSON'S Brewster's Mil 1 ions Exactly as presented for one year in New York Most Thrilling Yacht Scene Ever Put on the Stage The Most Elaborate Performanie of The Play Ever Given! TUn nig Orlgrlniil Attraction Prnlscd by Every Dmniatlc Critic'| In the I'oiintrjr. "A LAUGH AT EVERY TICK OF THE CLOCK" By direction of the board of county commissioners. County Clerk Culbertson recently wrote to the management I of tbe stale hospiui at Uu.sedale. inquiring about, tbe po.ssible admission ' of Allen County's female victim of pel- ' lagra to that institution. Today Mr. Oulbertson-received the following reply from Marvin -T. Sadler, associate dean: Hosedale, Dec. D.—Your letter in regard to the pellagra case In Allen county has been received. In reply, I would state that the law governing the sending of such patients to this hospital states that tTiu actual ex- penseri shoiild be paid by the county. We are counting as nctniti expenses, board, laundry, light, heat and the cost of nurses and house physleUin.s. Wo have not been running Kufllctently long to tell Just what this will be. In tho old hospltiil, counting Balurles qnd everything, It averaged about $2.14. With the number of patients that wo have now I 'would say that It Is probably costing up $1.50 per day and so far we have charged county patients $10 per week. 1 am sorry that I can not give you more deilnite information at this time. We are enclosing a copy of the law and the blank to be filled ottt for the caro of such patients." The commissioners will meet tomorr row and Clerk Culbertson will present Dean Sudler's letter for consideration. It Is not believed that the commissioners -win send the patient to Rosedale unless the rate for her care is niade lower than $10 per week. —Commencing Monday, Majestic fic. Austin Mayfield of Carlyle was here today visiting relatives. Ben DeHaven returned this morning from Savonburg where.he spent Sunday visiting friends. D. H. Brewer returned last night from Wichita where he has been to see the Rev. Billy Sunday. —Commencing Monday, Majestic 5c. The Masonic Council will meet at Masonic hall tonight for the jmrposo of conferring degrees and electing officers for the coming year. December 10th, yesterday, has been exactly the same sort of a day for the past 29 years cohsecuUvely. This data was not secured at the Wealher Bureau, bnt has been obtained of S. A. Ellis, the loth day of December being his wedding anniversary, and he thus havlilg occasion to observe It. Try the Register Want ad way. iTio Alien County Poultry Association will hold n meeting tonight In the ofllce of Carl Peterson to complete arrangements fo rthe pouHry show, which will occur In tbe Iowa atoro building during tho first or second week In January. Final arrange ments for entries for exhibition will bo dlB|)OBod of tonight. The lola high school luisket ball team la a candidate for th" cliamploni ihip of the state jjnd /he chances DgalnBt its' election are wery slim. An evidence of the Ida team 's reputation Is atteated by the fact that Raker L'nl- vorslty called up this morning In an effort to. secure a game with the locals. Tbe challenge has not been re- )ittel tofaa yet _^ Ooor Open K oVInrk; Curtain S:.1(l. Telephone SOI. Prices: Dress Clr.Sl; Parquet 9I.o^; BaL CIr. "Sc; Bui. SOe; Oai.8fif What can be more appropriate for a Christmss. Gift than some piece of Furniture or China or a Piano? You can combine beauty and utility. Eve^thing to Furnish the Home is our motto and Christmas is the time of all times when the "Home" spirit appeals most strongly to every one. We are members of the lola Mileage Bureau, and accordingly pay car fare to out-of-town purchasers. ^ Tbe tela Fwniture Store SIOIJTH SIDE SQUARE A. W. BECK, Prop. For the. q^i^J^ .^u^J^The Register Want Colun^!

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