The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 30, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 3
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rODAY'S GA^DEN^GRAPH W>Rie<3AT€T3 LEAF OF PLAMTAIN LILY Social And Personal Thanks Jury Members For Verdict Plants With Varigated Foliage By DEAN HALLIDAY Released by Central Prcsx Association TUB VAHTEDATOD Jenvoji of cortnln plnntfi add Intercut to <my Xc.rrlon and plnnh*hlt for (loworti whrr\ thrro In H clcurth of blornn. They nbio brighten Mhiicly KpfH.M under trorfl. I'lnntnln Mly, the common nfimo for I tastd, which l/i filno known «.'i Kiuilda. l.i un ideal jwml-Hhfulr; plnnt ot VfirU-putml folluKo, It In u very hardy purcn- nlnl find excellent for border?) or for uw n/i n formal cd.jflnff ninny pardon palhsi or u clrlvowtiy, U ran nl.'io ho ujicfl u,i un accent lit cornnr.n of ri flnwor heel or In foundation plantings, Tt ivl-io |nnd;i Itfielf to fjroup pltmtlnpi under trooa. Mfint/iln Illy plnnt.'i should lx> npucc-tl K to rt foot fipnrt. Tim llnwnr npll«\i rlno I'.j to 'J Tiu't jibovn tlui fotlugn find lifrir (irriull tuhulnr HiwrH In jihiuUvi nf white or Irivonclor during July an<\ AiiKu.'it. The viirlofrntoil Iciif of tlio Plantain Illy IN lllit.'itrfitod In the accompany I MR Gurtlon-CMiph. The plant Is ciiiilly propnptited by dl- vlwlon of the roots in early .'iprln;:. Another of the many plants with varlpfrritccl folldfrc, IN Gout- wcal or UI.'iliop'N-wcetl. It.-i leaven lire murRlnetl with white, un 11- Uintratcd. It flowers In June, Contwccd Is iiNcful for edgings nncl IIH a losv-^rowlnfr ground cover. It In ciipoclally • nnu for .ilnuly locntlonN, Onco oHttibll.shed It spread;! rapidly. It, too, cun be • Increased cnsily hy dividing Its ulondcr rootn In ,'inrlnf,' or fall. It.i botanical name Is Ac>,'opo- (llum podayKrarla. from the Oruelt for Koat and a simall foot, pos- jflhlv from tho outline of IU-i leaf- t.v. us ItUiHtrntcd. Party Guest On 10th Birthday! Mitts Joan OWCIIH was Ruest of 'Kinor recently in a surprise party hot' 10th birthday pi von by Mrs. Walter Vocjfell at her home, H4 Woosler street. The guest of honor was recipient •>f many Rifts.' Refreshments were •jQt'voil and ;;roup Hinging enjoyed. Amoni; intending were: UliiM Wllmti Konp, Ml'. . and Mrs. ard Hunp, Al Wurtcnberg, Jo- icph Bedding, Mrs- Hnttlc Clmp- imn, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Owens Mr. and Mrs. Voegell nnd the ;ucst. Visited With Parents Here Staff Scrpt. and Mrs. Herbert D. Fischer have roturned to Wustovor Fink), Mass., after visiting Mrs. Fischer's) parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett M. Brown of Meadow street. Kennedy Circle Meeting Tomorrow A rojriilar mooting of Kennedy Ifolc, Dauf, r htern oj' I.stiliolla, will bf held tomorrow evening n.t 8 Vcloclc In St. Cnccliu'M hull. Plans 'or fall activities will be discussed, mil nil members arc requested to iitleiul. '['ho group roonntly conducted n :r,rd party at which 75 were pi-e«- ont. A door prize was awarded Mrs. Lottie, Harper. Returned Home From New J"ork William Daly, of Cherry .street, Via returned home after spending '.he week-end in New York and Long Island. Doctor Back From ' Maine Vacation Dr. and Mrs, Leo L, Tyloc 136 Meadow street, have returned from •i vacation In Maine. Field Street Couple Parents Of Son Mr. and Mrs. John Hay Jones, Field street, announce the birth of a son, AUR. 11, at the Watcrbury hospital. Mrs. Jones Is the former Ella Fredericks. Entertained Guests Recently Mrs, Albert Raytkwlch, 0 Winslow court, recently entertained James Turn of Cambridge, Maes., uml Adam and Joseph Kuncos of Middlcboro, Mass. Among- Shower Guests Among guests at .1 shower held recently for Miss. Patricia Kilduff. .~>S Oak street, were Mrs. William Dowling, Mrs. John Gormlcy, Mrs. Pai-sons and Mrs. John Stockton. NA.TJGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, AUG. 14, 19U— TA.GE H Congregational Mid-Week Service The Rev. Paul W. Peterson of the Hlllsiflo Congi-cfjutional church will speak on the subject "On Knowing: God" tonight at the regular mid- .veck devotions at 8 o'clock. A Compliment Catcher I'ATTI'lUN N». IKMHN With 11 np>irl:ilnK M''t of nmt.'i iitid napkin, i, your tubln will lock dn- IlKhtfiil. I'M" ni'lk'hf ffilnfs for th" ul'nplc nitny >ttlt''h! l :t. T'litlnrn pnviilcip' 1 fnnlnliri hni- lror\ trunHfurx for rlKht divilfffiH, i-il<ir chiu-t. «tltrh lllii!ilnill"nM und lull dlii'i'.tl'inii. Jli-it Out! Our ni«w i'.r).pni:n inul- llcnlcircil "t'.nnh of N"iiflli. Ailsi" '•f»nt)ilnlri>' flvo frur piiMorn.i, nnd tnuny (it.hf'i 1 MUt;^f'MtlonM for drriH- ln<; up yiMir IKIMUI u;ifl ydUivir. l.'i Jii;if (iff Hiu (ii'ivi'i, i'.i'nd your 10- r|im!it fur l.hl.'i he ill KI UK< ndflri'Mii ll.'iti'd lii'luw, cncloHlnvr t wctiiy («>ntii C.:(ic. i In C'rilnn to rnvrv thr co;lt uncl iuiillln>r chin K"'ti. Si-rul l.lpcnlH (ctilni for t'nllrrn N», ULM.'Ift t(i Niiiu:n!i:clc Hully NI-WM. Ncnilln AI-IM l)i'pt.. I'. O. Mi i.x OH. HlMMnn f!. NHW Ynrk IP, N'. Y. I'lnn^.. Im.ludc your |. - mtiil /mil' mmilirr, fnc.) Borough Golfers Fare Well In Conn. Open NaiiKHtucIc jrolfnrs held their own In the Connoctlcut Opon which cnmo tn n clo.Mo in a driving' rain y.Mrcrday aflirnnnn fit tlio Tor- rlfiirton C.'nuntry Club. Kdtlln Biii'ko. profrSHlonat at the Rin:r Brdok C'liib In Oranfio, posted a 21"! tot/tl for Use 72-holn tour- nry, to finish nucond behind the wliinor. Kollx Toj-sia of Wethers- I Old, who rlnliihcil with n 203. I l-iurki;')! cunt tfiivo him first plucu iinumi: thu |)ros. C'nmln:; In with n. ,"!0fi W.'IM Johnny Gnlodkl, popular Union City ••r, then Mlki- Kloc with u 307, and I'I'tr P.'.ii•!'.(• with a 30ii to place them In !("• iipfic:- twenty to finish ttn- day. Stunlcy Krullltowskl, thn oth- nr N a u K a t u n k reprowotitRtlve. '.linpfFixl nut aftiir Kottln;: nn 83 In thr inornln« round ycNlni'dny. Thompson Motors Files Certificate A rnrtlflciitf of nrt;nnlr,nl.lnn has bpun fllocl hy thn ThnmpHon MH- l(ir f'tirp.. Tfl lUvM-'ildr; tlrlvo. with the Wrrri<tary of -StiUo, I-InrtftjcJ. Suti:icrlliln« for S-lO.OfiO, thi> firm hn.'i 'I'lO sihiiri'rt nt ."tnck. par S100. C)[Mi:rr.M ui'ti ivrnnrth VV. Thnnn 1 " .•ion, Watcrbury, president; Joseph C. f'.timr'vlr'h, Mklrtlrhiiry, trniiji- .ri (.'iH'inliic c;, Clprlano. Watnr- r.s', .iff-rct/iry. lfrrd .'vfi'.viM'hunM, Wiitnrbiii'y. d liuyniond KWHsnlPW^iUl of i:aMirk, toftnthfr with tin: olllcers, Slate Rent Executive Has Issued Warning Hartford, Auf,'. l-l—n; D— State Rent KNeeutive Jamcu Sullivan has warned Connecticut landlords not to raJHC thch 1 rents. Said Sullivan: "Many landlords are under the erroneous Impression 'that the new O-P-A act authorizes them to raise their ccillncs from 10 to 15 percent. Discussion in Conprcs.M of an overall rent raise haft f,'l v c'i rise to ninny requests from landlords that they bo permitted to raise their rente, but there Is no pt'ovi-slon in the act for arbitrary rallies." Announce • Birth Of Son Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Zlnko, 298 HIi>h street .-innounce the birth of a .von, Joe'. Frank, August 6 at St. Mary's hospital. Encampment To Meet Tonight Magnolia Encamprmint, t. O. O. I-"., will moot tonifrht nt K o'clock in Orl-J Fellows hall. Chief Patriot Carl Peterson will bo in charge. Siinmii'o in Braxll to February; winter June though August. A salesman and deputy sheriff, Donald Murray (rijrbt) thanks some of the women-members of the jury In Chicago which acquitted him, In the hotel room tryst slaying- of his best friend, Major John) Fletcher, . of the Canadian Army. The jury of eitflit women, and four men dc.llh- crutod for forty-three minutes before reaching- their vrdict (Intr- •, national) Try NEWS..Want Ads—they bring results Safety Council Holds Monthly Meeting Here The Naucatuck Chemical and Synthetic Rubber Plants nt the United States Rubber Company were hosts Tuesday to Uic Naujja- tuck Valley Safety Council for their meetinCT which was held at the Nautratuck Synthetic Plant. After a dinner in the plant cafeteria, a brief business meeting; was conducted by President William McChcsney of the Scovill Mfp. Co. Following: the business mcetinc-, John J. Raytkwich, Director of Safety and Plant Protection at the NauRatuck Chemical aJid the Synthetic Rubber Plants welcomed the jjroup and introduced H, R. Gaot?, Production Superintendent-of the Naugatuck Synthetic Plant who Kavc n. brief tak on safety and lt« place in production and management. Following this, the gathering was divided Into groups of fclx and were then given a complete plant tour under the direction of A. L. Roddc, Technical Superintendent of the Naugatuck Synthetic, In addition to oxplairflnp the production equipment and process the safety engineers were shown the various programs, equipment and devices used at the plant which la the only Synthotic Rubber Plnnt in New England, PAUL JONES and IMPERIAL $3.39 J. K. STORES CUT UATE, UQOOBS, WINES, BEEBS 806 N. Mnln St. Tol. «07» Delivery Anyw.Vere la. PICTURES Any Home Can Use NEW PICTURES You'll Find A Large Variety Here— LARGE OR SMALL MIRRORS, TOO GIFT ANNEX On The Balcony The Card nnd Gift Shop SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY STORE ;' Neary Building Church St. Is December months are VENETIAN BLINDS In Stock. Tlirrr Dny Dcllrrry. LEBON'S VENKTIAW n/.r.\u co. '(I No. Mnln Si. TCI. ,'i-r^> lViiti»rlmr,v ; M. Barry Kecgan ? $ fil.AMOI/li j T'llOTOfiKA/'HV ; IflK Iliink St, Wulrrliiir.v > .T(nif«i nimxiin mile. Tol. "i-(i,w You'll S-a-y . . , "Our laundry bundle is superb" Dial Watcrbury 4-4100 A MERICA /..i rywff >••., PARKER '51' Pen & Pencil Sets . . Pens S12.50 . . Sets 317.50 CCHNEERC ^^CREDIT JEWELERS*/ ain 'St. — 42704 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE ».", Sprlnjr St., Union City VI. NHUB. (IIU — Wilt. 4-0520 full "li'i'lt of nli'i-1 "nil wnml lillnilH j llllnilK rt-Miilri'il, rr-lmifil, nn. J Steady, interesting work making our famous Keels, Gayteos, and" other quality footwear Now Available . FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office . Rubber Avo at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant . .. Nangatuck. Cwm - NAUGATUCK 156 Church St. 21 S. Main St. \VATKHBUKY 1 So. Main St 45 W. Main St COLD WAVE at home easier than ever before .. essional-type PLASTIC CURLERS NO OTH£K HOME KIT OFFfRS THIS NEW IMPROVED FEATUKE Air Conditioned for Your Shopping- Comfort Extra Dress Safe Continues— ONLY 128 Spring and Summer Dresses LEFT The Early One Gets Her ^ : Best Selection. HERE'S ALL YOU- DO! Pick any garment from the sales racks, note the price . . . then pick any other garment of equal price and just pay an extra dollar. That's all (.here is to it ... It's just that simple. Closeouts of Our Sportswear Depts. 'i PLAY SUITS and SLAX SETS Reg. to .10 4 00 PLAY SUITS and SLAX SETS J-Joi;. to 14,98 6°° PLAY SUITS and SLAX SETS Koj?. to $10.08 8 00 Now, a Portrait-perfect cold wave pcrmnncnt in just 2 lo 3 hours in your own homo. No guesswork! Quick! Simple! Por- Irait I'lastic Cur.lws are so cosy lo wind. Portrait, is ideal for children's fine hnir, too. SHORT PAJAMAS | Cotton Print | Midriff Top | lies. :),98 ? 300 BLOUSES 2-00 2 00 Hog. 3.98 (!"•. 5.98 ;. 7.98 3.00 4.00 BATHING SUITS 1 Piece mil] 2 Piece Reg. to 5.98 I'OIITHAIT GUAHANTKEM: Soft, natural- lookinp warm! Jinny-lo-manncp. wnvcn! \Vnvnn llmt hint nK lonf; us ?iO lionniy Kjilnn prnnnncnlM,' Your wonty hack if not <:nm/>/<•!<•/}' ialiajicil. ' '' 149 Spring Coats and Suits -. to 20.98 15°° Key. to 3o 20°° JReir. to 55 2500 • Plattic Curlers- con bo r«-ujed. For h' ture p«rmanent$ buy a PortratT COLD WAVE PERMANENT R«fl« Kit Contains ovorything WITH rHOFESSIQNAl-TYM PlASTIC CUHLiRS excwpf CVTlon. SI CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tol. 22JS 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET (Oiu>n»ltn NuiiEiitiifk Vurnltnrn C".) 1'ncliir.v Itri.nlr Sirvlcit «n All .MukM Cur ICiidln IHiiiilr'Work. Philco'Car Radios . Immcd!:tto Delivery Automatic riionoprnplis and Record Clumbers LARGE STOCK OF SEAT COVERS $7.95, $9-95, ?12.95 •$15.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 30 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 conn. All Sales Final Charge Your Purchases

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