Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1911
Page 2
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V ' ^^iiciin^ ^tt» for men used to be a Usk. Now it •iEP-^iffaceni Tinen are.hundreds of suitable items in our present holiday stock and you'll find jiist the thing here for every man on your lls*i_^ : Jtttl^rr BrnsbPSf Leatkrr TnnfAlag~j^^ Infc mkron, PJ^cs^. Cigaiis, Ash tnja!f Pi|>i Kiickji, ^mpklu^ Sets, Haxorn, Safely I{)isbrs,^iSliaTAi?">SeliC ^ Sbu\in^ Sfugfi, Itutor Strops Ltilber Bmslieji, Httftiij I^ioi %te;'V«ntatnIn Pens ThernioN IlutUe, Qi>«k Hctii, })b4k'''RRfk, Wdmlders, Collar nnd Cuff Vun^ folW HHirMt Cameras Photo Supplies P«<>ket Rooki <;w,hiHk8, riojl|if« Bruttbes H^l Urux^es etc. ^ ' TheRo'are alt gifts worth while nnd every nrtJcle Js of worthy quality. Our low prlcPB will wivo you moiiny. IfR tjino to selcrt— dp it toUax wlillo the stock Is coinplote. s Drug Stm The Riexall Store West Si^«fjf€i%if%^p THE lOLA DAILY REGIS' K.\^ ... 'Ji!V. • The MUt^nary qgciety of the Christian chuf^-will 1» entertained to- CL A; jriH ftere iti^- riSrrJfw affiwnooifcAt tl^^home of Mrs., q^KWc^Mf^OPA 'imj^mM 1T|BR, MOyt>AY EVENK^g, DECEMBER 11,1911. y deorge' JdUnsbnVnortli 'of town. <^ <{> / •^Dlt. O. J> (-0\, <)eaIbL- • • • • . • Miss Mary Waggoner, of Wichita, is visiting her brother, Mr. GcorgB Waggoner, of Xbrtli Washington avenue.*" • • - • ' in the futnrei, <> * —Great. reductions on Suits ; and 'Coats.—Rlcharason's. • • + Belated Thanksgiving contributions to the Orphans Home treastiry }iave come from the sixtb grade of th^ I A- Harpe school and from puplla of . , . V .1 «»*»si'^ w^iiws uuu a*v»»» fUfaacf vc f., ~Place Ttoirr ordy for Millinery Odense school taught by Miss ; I nee • 4Uia you can ge; your Hat quickly at.Nelson. ; ^ Richardson's. , •:• •> Mrs. Adial Swing, .-who has been . here; for Several ^ays left last night for her home in PnrkersburK. West Virginia. Mrs. Esving mado the trip to get her nephew Arthur Taylor, sqn of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Taylbi-. who will make hia home with Mr. hnd Mrs. Kwlng and* the little fellow uc Br' comiMinled bor when she left Iota. .:. —High School anil;CIa?P Pennants at Spencer's. All siz'e.« and ilcMims.' .> ^ 4. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Wheeler of ') Chanute spent Sunday in loin. • • •> —Dr. «Irt, Oitteopath, Tel 487, 588. * •^ 4; 3raIde9liood. «i -f You havA raised the cujj to vour lips to drink. You have opened your eyes to see: Fearless you stand uiwn the brink Whper many have stood to plunge and.^Ink Through the'wash of the waves 'o their unknown graves In the depths 'of an angry sea. Ah, child, girl child, is it v.ell you learn? You are pure and .voung and the ler son is hard; You stand on the threshold now and yearn To pass the gates but the world Is stem, » There are thrones to reap there ar< tears to. weep, And many, feet are scarred. We mnht walk the road till the C I OSJ of day; i But you— ^Hy grieve bef( re yov need? ; "Twere ^better far your feet should ThTCfu^ 'ieids, than tread life's 'dreary way, Better -'"you sing and the young voice '^Ing Than tbatr your heart should bleed Ah, tarry awhile and stay your hand. Nori ^open the gate to sorrow am' Viret;. Tarrryawhlle in the .golden land. Tbeti ^^B time to spar^ to understand; Mrs. W. F. Dewey has received letters from Miss Augusta Cottlow nnd her mother which contain many Interesting facts about Miss Cottlow's niii- sicai conquests in Europe and her snccess in American musical centers. On December fourteenth MIss^ Cottlow will play at the White House for a dinner which President and Mrs. e stream Taft are giving for members of the runs sweet, , " Cabinet and their wives. Miss Cott- Tarry a little yet. ' low has given several recitals in lola. —^Washington Gazette. | •£•••> ^ I —It will be to your interest to buy The Sunday school of the Reformed .vour flour and feed of H. Klaumann. church will meet tonight and Thurs- 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 2B9. day and Friday nights to rehearse i •> « 4; music for the Christmas entertain-' The I-ady Macabees will have a ment. , meeting. tomorrow afternoon at the 1 i .. -x- Stay J your. fe«J wher^ • • • —Commencing .Monday. Majestic 5r. home of Mrs. H. F. McGuIro. * •:- <' —T.adies, Misses' and Chlldreiv's The .sorlely editor of the Wichita Hafs going quickly at .50 cents on the Eagle says things religious have inter dollar.—Richardson's.- • fered with the social routine of the ' *•* <' city to such an extent that many of Mr. Virgil McCarty, of Kansas City, the clubs which she has serv<'d in an spent Saturday and Sunday with editorial capacity, are TJostnoning friends here. ^ meetings frequently and that she ex- *5' i* •> pects them to disband until after the Mrs. A. W. Beek. and Mrs. Ray Tay- HiUy Sunday meetings close. At club lor went to Kansas City today to ineeiings the members never gossip spend a part of the week. •i' •:• • —The elegant line of Pretty Millinery seTling briskly at half the marked price.—Hichardson's. * * *. The Glcnnors, who' were to have a meetlhg at the Christian church Saturday afternoon n08tpone <l their meet about anyihing e.\cept the folk who have hion converted and lots of folk are buying Bibles or religious books exclusively for Christmas gifts. + + * —Christmas Novelties in everything new.—RIchariJ.son'.s. • •:• •> . . .Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson are ; Ing because of the storm. planning a family reunion for Christ^pa's and will give a dinner for a number of relatlvoa. Among those from out of town who will be here are Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Clark of Kunaa Cllv; Mr. and Mrs. John l.add, of Wy- ture by Dr. Hllscher tomorrow night, oming and Mr. Jake Udd of Bakers- This will bo the last meeting until field, California. ' after the holidays. + • • —Dancing School Tonight. •:• •:• * -The Y. W. C. A. Bible class will have its customary supper and lec- /f» th» trtmordinarr rahet. tdmta found cf our store, thct account for our largo Chrittmambuitmeu. Thoto praetieat demoosfiptioet poiat the r/c/ to opoeial oppor- tunitiot that imtantly appear to Practical Buyer*, mto 4/ experieaee hare come to know that true eeoaomfia only possible irkero quality iu guaranteed. Price Popularity is measured by what the price gires. At thja store erery quoted' prica'reprwnis tie /alleetstveKolueaod me guofoatee tl^at tlf goode are exactly a$ repretented. iilio No. aess SolljlCdd ReseFJnlih SoUd Calif Entlliii FhitA Roiaia Flalili 1 S3.2l ,No .3Ma SdfdCold RMtrinlth Wteta R A I Paul Solid Cold Roman FItilth RnlPlvl No. 3<SI $1800 No. 3632 14K Solid Cold fittefcl-l-iaish "CcnulBe »5j6iHo .393r FuUl^DhaMiid Ctear Cater Two Whole Real J3 28 Solid Cold ,No -374p Rorfiaa Finish Fine Ctoaise ConI St8.t)0 : 14)t Sc ' Briffat FtoUh . Ccnalns . VFUl cm DUmoodi d^Eogarad . ISMSI PIRECT FROM nEAI)QaAkTERS^ft.S4^1,Yp^THB.l |n)^^^ •jrtl wrtpt you to •ee tlie ile*' edition ot '«nr fllostrated "tnlialwr.' I»«esaae tber« Is i&6r« to •bavtedtosNT. Wo r- 'jCip^ Bvnlng» Until Xmau^ Nad Oi«Um: AnytfaincplatarM ben fcmaitfad iia!> ma^lately. portace prapridr oat TCoelpt oltto*Mea.*ai><|-d*- avair-saanatMd. EvMilnga ViitU Xm««. 1 • ^ ^ —Vh»t more approifriai.^ tor a CbrlsMnas present—nothing under the sun—thai^ ^^flqe Photo bjT the latest and. mo»t np-to-date style.— Huffpaor Stiityo. ""' 4. 4. 4^ . K. N. A. Camp, 366* Is expectiiig to partlplpate in an enJo>aWe i^oclal event OD -'Thuraday. TheyhaV^ Invited the Gariy(«, Plqua and Erie campa to be their gpesta and : will serve dinner at the M. W.A. hdll for thn vlBltora. In the afternoon there .will be a special riassion of the '(odge and Initiation' >. of canUldates. ; The lodge wtli;~bav.e a nieeting tbmprrow night to-elect offlcera'and inltlniecan- didatet, • ' ' • ; - • • * * ^ i —Commencing -MoBday, Majestjc .">c Bert Mlllpr of Nowata, spent .Sunday here with hIa parents,' Mr.; and Mrs. H. M. Miller. He left today for Hartford where Mrs.' Miller is Visiting her parents. : •• * * • . —When you have a bilious attack give Chamberlain's Tablets ' a trial They are excellent For sale by all <lealer^, ' Tbe Art club *lll have a raef;inp Wednesday afternoon In the Y. W. C A. parlor. Miss Crosby will present B paper and tlie program will be j-ounded out by a roafazine acticJe read by Mrs. Fred. Halm. T • •••^ —Sharp reduction An Suit.s'^ and Purs.—ttlchardson's. * * • ' " The Aid society of. fho \Banlist church will serve a tea Pridaf afternoon at th»S home of Mrs. J. O. Jfcijor. 309 East Madistm.'- • * * The Board of Directors of tho Orphan's Hbme is having the D'^cepiber meeting this'afternoon in the V-. W C. A. building. The children's Clirisl- •mas is -bfting planned for. * « « The Aid Society of the Christian church will give a social at (he clmreh Thnrsday evening, to which the jmblic la Invited. A chili supper will b< served and a program of music rendered. Proceeds of the evening; will be applied on the church debt. • • * _ —Oysters In bulk at all times Mills' Cafe. Friends o£ -Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Wjis- son who forni.'riy lived here wljl be Interested to know that they esi>eci to make their home In Hudson, New York In the fijlure. Mr. WasHoJt will Join the Colbriy of lolans who are connected with the Hudson cement plant. •> * The Guild of St. Timothy's church will have a business meeting which •will include the annual election Of hfflcers, Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. T. F. Zelgler, C14 South Washington avenue. • • * According,to an item in the Pomona California, "Progress." Mr. and'Mrs D. Ewart, formerly of this place gave a Thanksgiving party at which a' num her of Kansans and ex-Kansans'were guests. The paper says: • Mr. and Mrs. Ewart entertained a company of relatives and friends at Tbaoksgiying dinner Thursday at their beautiful home on East I\>urth street. The rooms were richly <leco- rated with boquets. of red and white roses, smllax, pepper' Kbugha' and ferns. Thanksgiving cards marked the places at the dinner table for the following guests: Mrs. X P. V?right and Mrs. Nettle Ewart of Pasadena Mr. and Mrs. Ell Dillon of roIa,:Ka8. Mr. and Mr?. Harry McNeil and son Edwin, Tom D. Vance and mpther Mrs. Vance of Pomona. Mr. and; Mrs J. D. Ewaft and children Park,? Foster. James, Margaret/ Hubert; and Mildred Ewart. Mr. Tyler and Mr. and Mrs 1^' O. Campbell and son Ralph, of Upland. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Oeitimell and daughters. Ella and Huth of Clareiffont, Misses Abble and Anna Ewart. and the host and hostes^. After dinner the company - was pleasurably entertained by Mias Anna Ewart with Vocal and tnstmnwntal music. The day will long-be Temem -r bered by those present « « « —Harlow Mercantile Co.. has stopped the mall order buslneas. People realize they can buy merchandise of Harlow Mercantile Company for, leaf than through mall order houses.^ The rain Saturday afternoon; kept away lota of women who othetwiae would have attended the reception given at the W. C. T. U. rooma'tor Mrs. Adda Zehner but the attendance was Bufflciently large to be a compliment to the honor, gueat The «ietnr bieifa of the IJnlon received Very Informally and Mrs. Zehner talketd or Interesting topics for a few mlntjfates. I After her address refreahmenta were served in the dining room. The tab' les had a center of flowera and In the ' several rooms were plentiful defloration* of Christmas green. Mrs. C. P. ,Day, Mrs. Ell Sharpe and Mrs. ftagle asaSsted' Mr». Keys. \ In the Methodist church yeaterday afternoon there was a mass meeting which waa attended by a large jaudi- ence which heard an intereatlng lecture by Mrs. Zehner. The Tttnlty chorus rendered music. > Last night Mrs. Zehner occupied the pulpit at the Presbyterian chnrch and gaye for the flfty-nlnth time her lecture on "American Ideals." ' Mrs Zehper. always interest* her audience with this aubjectand her bearerj^ last night eojoyed *the lecture very ^lupfa. Mrs. Ziehner and Mra.. Keys we^t to SaTQBbnrK today to attend-a m«ctIog of the Union at that place. Mra^ Zehner will complete her tour of -Alle^ <!oanty with i^Unga at Garlyle .>Ham bo >4t and Q M City late this we«k. Just What Yo^W«^i;it in Jffwelry: Choice Silverware and appropriate novelties—and at just the prices you n SB apBjS puB X^qBnb ^saiiSiq aii :^sual but also to make our prices reasonable, will find most suited to nay. *We have aimed in this showing to give not only G. A. L^FFLER, Jeweler South Side Square. ' PHOXE 125 TtH-D TO HTAM) FIRJI UV STLITK 1»£PAJ{T1IE>T -J- ' • * Washington. D. C. Dec. 11.—William Morgan Shuster has been advised by Washington to aland his ground against Russia and by thus receiving the sanction of Uncle Sam Russia will be tackling a rather delicate problem in attempting to force hia resignation. William Morgan Shuster, the present center of trouble between Persia and Russia has been continually in international strife almost since he reached his majority. He is 34 years old and in his high school days was captain of the football team and one of the most pojiular boys in school. .StlUSTEK He Is a trifle over six feet tall anc: well built An accident in his youth resulted In the loss of an t-yo and li now wears a glass eye. Upon leav ing high school he entered the law office of Calderon Carlisle, one o' Washington's most prominent attorneys. He picked up stenography ir his spare hours hnd in WOO when tht i'eace Commission went to Cuba tc establish a newl government, young Shuster went a^ong as stenograiiher I-ater he was made auditor at Cubr 'n order to atraighteu out the tanglei nnancial system.! He ha.s been a cIos( friend of President Taft's and hi; showing in Persia to date marks bin IS a genius In straightening out gov- .'rnment finances. Shield's orchestra will give a dancr tomorrow night In Masonic hall. + • * Mr. Brigham, of Parsons, formirlj with the Hiint Engineering; company will be one of the out-of-town guests at Dan Servey's dance Wcdnesdaj night. <• •!• •> The I,oyal nrothrr.s, jt club of younp men will have lh?ir reKuIar busines." meeting tomorrow nialit. • •:• • —Harlow MejcanJilf Cnmiiany bought a hat f.ictoiy ;i );d tJie entirr stock of lizts IrFt week. .;. Mrs. Ida Ogrten of V."?.\ Monrc diristnas Voting Contest -AT THE- New York Store We vdll give FREE 4nth. every purchase of 10c or over, one coupon,-entitling the holder to cast a vote for his Favorite Church. The New York Store will donate the Tree and loan the entire Electrical- Display now on exhibition in the north window to the church receiving the greatest number of votes. . All coupons to ^filled out and left at the Register office. Contest {loses FrMay Deeeraber 22nd, at 10 a. ni; The Register will post the standing of each church from day to day. See North Window Display 'We have Just received a nice line of this beautiful Pottery Ware in Fern Dishes, Vases, Hanging Baskets, etc. These articles are artistic and useful— - a nice decoration for the home and makes ideal Christmas pres- . erits. Prices rai\gc from 40**. TO S3.(H>; We have also the Eng^afa Dol: ton Ware and a beautiful line of • Hand Painted China. Call In . and .see them. t rTK« Jewelers street gave a party Saturday afternoon celebrating the fiftli birthday of her daughter, Gladys. The guesis were: Kula Gos.s. Anna Copeniiij;, Sarah Copening, Byron Copeiiing. Mma Bonnen, Ruth Goss and Wiliani Japhet. —Dancing Sciiool Tonlg'it. That End G=at. The season for the "end seat hog" Is passed, so far as thie trolley cars are concerned, but it Js just beginning elsewhere—shall we say it, and we hate to say it, in the churches? Is > ? it possible that there Is where the warrant for the practice in the trolley comes from? People see' it In the church, and of course justify it in the street car. It may not always be so, but insisting on holding an end seat and making others push by or ciimb over has a tinge of selfishness in it that looks very strange In a church whose gospel Is unselfishness. There Is ho place where the Christian spirit shows up mora finely than where one moves up and gives his brother or sister a choice seat It is a way of "preferring one another" that the Scriptures speak of.—Columbus (Ohio) State Journal. Bars Sawdust From River. Sawdust contaminates water, according to the decision of a Virginia court in the case brought by residents along the banka of a stream to prevent the owners of a sawmill from dumping the dust from their mill Into the water. The farmers testified that the aawdust'gave the water such a color and offensive odor that the cattle could not drink it. On the strength of this testimony and other facts brought out the court ordered the aawmiU peo- -pie to make other disposition of their refuae. SOME MORE KANSAS BOOKS ".Memories «xf Two Wars" By Gen. Frederick Funston illustrated by F. C. Yohn ".\ Journey of a Jayhawker" By W. Y. Morgan Illustrated by A. T. Reid '•On Second Thought", ' .1. E. House (Dod Gaston) Illustrated by H. Parsons "The Ploneier'' By Wm. A. McKeever Illustrated by A. T. Reid "The Turn of the Wide-Way" By Flora B. Green A story of human hearts and social sins. Is Better Decide on Tonr Chr}st- nias Books XoTv.Look Onrs over Evans Bros. BOOK 8T0BE. —DonX ^ofBet the Salvation Army '•""ree Christmas Dinner Effort TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOR SALE—COMING 3-YEAR-QLD filly. J. W. Amett Phone 998-3. Foley Kidney Pills. • —Tonic In action, quick In re8ul_ Will cure any case of kidney or bladder disorder not beyond the reach of medicine. No need to say more. 3. tJ. Mundla&Co. !! Watch Your Coal Bill For Kansas Lump and^ jpl Anthracite • Iola.lce« Cold iStornge and. Fuel Co.i S

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