The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 30, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1977
Page 2
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2—NAUOATUCK NTCWS (CONN.), WKPNCSDAY. AUG. n. DREW PEARSON ON ' e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND On The Air Tbday Drew Pearson Says: Austria Suffered Because Of Pauley Blunder At Potsdam; Mark Clark Stymied Russians On Seizure Of 'German Property' There; U S, Prestige Is Tops In Austria Vicuna—(By Wircli'SM)—llnrolrl Icki's did tin- U. S. .Vnvy a <crwif t'«vor wlit-n lie blocked llu- i-luilluMit -K<1 Pau- lcy t'rom I/ccorniri^ iintlorsccivtary of tin- N'nvy but, un- lo'rtiinHtf'ly, Irk>s' wasn't iilili- to bar I'mik-y J't'oni other fields of i.-iidi.'HVdi'. th» don't r»nllx» how Am»rlciui public should bo to I'ntll you'v« w 1 1 n osts B <l work cluovvhcrii. All over JCiiropH other Amoi'kans arc now liylri« lo pick up put toKotli'M- thn l.i-fikon ploco-i ritsiiUUiK from I'/uiluy'n ctumilnuMii. Hui'e In Austria you HOC MO ri'HUltM (if U1IU Of hlH worst blumlnrst. VVhun uny i;(/f<<l mmlnotn lli'rn M|j,'nn a contract It llrxt brings I" nxfiort lawynru td MCi'Ullnldo that contract from (ivory p{>:<Mll>li> unjfli 1 . fiut whnn thii United Stilton »ljrnod, inn Rontmvt on Qorrrmn reparation*, Inrluonclntf whiithiir Amri-l (.v.ri t>nya will lltfht ,Li;iUn, Wn tivrtiiKhl I" & political (nil of Harry TniiiiaiiX HkliU'd In biucon-i-iollm,- Ur:lrtKut<;ii (it Ihu Chicago Donut- rr;ill<" convention. At 1'ntHdam, C'al i'aillo.v ukuvrd thf I'tipariUlunH iijri'i'U'iNM't wlvlnir thii f{n,t!ilttfifl Uir rlKht to tuku Ounmin profjiii'ly In various ivruan -hut hi' fornot to do- Orif Ciurinnn prof"'''/' fn Aii»U'i» toilny Clwn. Ararl: Cldrlt l« now trying to utojin far that ornlwlon. b'or Instlimw whon H It- liif rioliic'd Jowltih prdpi'rty ttint propvi',ty ndlclully hccamu Ooi'ioan <i»d now under fauluy's slipshod HKi'i'iTnont the fiuwUiri.'i ai'ft carting off Jovvln'h p/'oporly clnlmln',' It In fivnniin, Appnrnntly they think tlm J*'Av>i clkln't nuffoi 1 onou^h. How tJJurk l''ollril Kii.s Another thlnfr Puuloy forgot wai that. In IfW whnn ftltltir took over Inrliuiti'yi tt tnurofot't' lipfl rlfilly Ctururiif.n and urulur r-i'piu'atirm I'lilrx It can h by tlio ftiiHMlnn.*! who an; wn.itlnn no rlriic In Hnlxlnr; If dusplto the ll'i »oiy to molt* a wtt» choke. Jvit aid lo Me aw Genuine Orangm Blowcm Rltiffv Tha name ti your awonut 3) (Vvo qvofty. ' I:KI'|IJ»IV<<IX AI— PIERPONT'S HANK MTJIICICT Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 fact that, actually. It In 100 per cent Austrian. All thin has contributed U) the hPtnl-oi', clash between Kus- iilim and American forces In Austria—a clash which j.f tho most >i:ii;nlflcnnt In Hni'Opo and which sot a puttuiT. for tuturc U, S.- pollcy. Guriural Clark, who did nis best to cooperatu with Moscow at llrst, him nuw (it'outfaced hi* oi'lKlnal "uflur you, Alphonso" attitude and l« oppoiiInK ovory Upauthorl/cd or unfair move tho Kusslana mako. Whon tlu' Kod Army atarted to tn!«i own- Auocclun Industry Genor- ul C'lack tuccltly uncouruKod. tho AiMti-ltvn government to puss) ft law natlonallxInK' "II thnt nation's Industry untl«r the Austrian gov- urnmunt ItNolf. This rerilly put the fiUMslami on tho spot for, iiccoi-dlnf,- to ehn tontitx of Communism, in- iliuitry should bo nationalized. Thus, whllo trying to sp'/Oad Communism In Austria tlio RuHslnna \verc In the po.iltoon of x'olnK directly counter tn Communism. .Hy u'imtinu Austrian Industry for IhuiiiMflvua, thu KusalaiiM oven had thu null 'o demand that thu Aus- rlan pui-llumimt bo overruled by the Allied iirrnloa of occupation. It WUH ut thl:i point thai Clark mado uii neat a USD of the fumntis vuto Crimmclu Molotnff—If anything, neater. Tim American commander had piT.MUadi'd thf Alllud council to adopt n. rule that any act of the Ali'ii'lnn parliament shall become law If after 31 days, the Allied council '.loos not overrule It. Therefore, all Clark htm to do Is 1 hit buck, uXurcl.Ha his veto for 31 days, and HID out of luck, Tho AuMtrian udlct tmtionullxln^ luddji- try tliun bucornra law antl thu P.eda can't :jul/.i> It. V'lininii Sliiirs Clark's PrulfHtH With the Soviet drive on to take uvur Austrian Industry, Clark phoned Secretary of Stnto .Byrnes n ml tot hin O. K. on a plan to return to Austria the factories In the American /one. TMc clcnlnration of Moscow iipuclfles that Austria \vtid (I'viKt'cd Into the war hy Hitler and IM to bu built up after the war. So tiyrm.'s UKrcod tha factories uhoulJ i)n returned to Austria. Amid pununN of prnlsi- from the Vienna pros*, theroforo, and with UioimiimlN of people watching, C'lai'k hold an Impressive ceremony at the Hermann Goorlniy Works and handed It hack to Austria. Naturally this raised r;, S. proatlso (d<y-hli,'h find madr> tho Russlnn.s mid their siUxuro policy look vory Hick Iruloed. Meanwhile, tho Russians have been frantically trying to promote CVimmunltim In tholr zone —tho wealthiest and Int'Kust of all Allied occupied iicfing. Tho only real pro- Kn'Ms they hfirr> mndu Is through tlio policy of hlrlm; Riuwinn worlc- ei'M In l'4UHi'.lnn-mannKr-d factories ,'U 11 much hlifhpr wajjn lovf'.l thnn Is paid In other- Allied nre'nw. In addition- -and In a country which I.-i stai-vln;.', this Is all-Important— fiu.'dnn diniSiycs |,'i:t 'i.OOO food rfilorh.'H por day iix acr-ilnst 1,300 for wcH'kf-rM In tho rest of Aunlrln. Naturally, thorn Torn. Austrian workmen flock to Hi!H:>lan factories whenpvi.'r they can. What of the Austrian workers don't I<nnw In that their extra WfitfoH coma out of the Austrian luinsury and 'that their food comes, In part, from the Unltot! States. What happens l.i that the Russlann collect extra occupation costs from (fin Austrian fcovornmon't and use •thi! iiioiHiy t.o pay off tholr factory (1:00 p. -m. WOn—ICnsy Acea ' Other Stations—News ti:l(l p. in. WERY—Baseball- Scores WATR—Interlude 0:15 p. m. WBUY-WABC—Word From tho. Country WKAF—Seron«do to America WTIC—Prof, Schcnltur WJZ—Kthul and Albert WOR—On the Century , WATR—Al Vestro, Sports C,:'M p. m. WATR—Cocktail Serenade C;'IO p. m. WEUY—B. Christy Eric, Nuwn WABC—Larry Cnrr WEAF--Serenade; Sportti WJZ—News; Sports ' WTIC—Sports; Mystery • WATR—News: Interlude WOR—Vnnde venter 6 MO p. I)', WEAF—Sportfl (i :•!."> p. in; WERY-WABC—New.s WTIC-WEAF—Lowell Thomas WJZ—Hero's Morgan WOR—Stan Lomax WATR—Pleasure and Profit 7:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Patti Clayton WTIC-WEAF—Supper Club WATR-WOR—Ray Henle' WJZ—Headlinu Newii 7:15 ii. m. WBRY—33lllle O'Brien WABC—Skyline Roof WEAF-WTIC—News WOR—Answer Man WATR—Adventurott In Rhythm WJZ—Nuwn 7:30 p, in. WBRY-WAEC— Girl Scouts at Camp WAEC—Ellery Queen WI3AF—Claims Agent WOR-- Baltic 1 of Commentator:) WATR—Phone' Your Answer WJK—Lono Rjinffur ' WTIC—Fire Prevention 7:45 p. >n. WBRY—To the County Farmer i WTIC—Music I WATR—Waltz ' Time WEAF—Kaltenboi-n .', - • • • 8:00 p. m; V/BRY-WABC—The Whiiillcr; WTIC-WEAP—The Norths WATR-WJ2-—Lum and. Alincr , . WOR—Can .You Top Th'ls? •'.;-..,,, . ' :'. ,' '-' ^:1.G p, nl. . '"' ' l WATR-WJ2—Llstnn to LaGuardia. 8:80'p. in- WERYv-WABC—Dr. Christian ; WATH-V/ja—Hunting and Flsh- | • • !):()i) p. m. ' WBRY-WABC—Sad Sack V/TIC-WiEAF-—McGnrry iind Mouse ^yOR—Gabriel Heatt'er ' ; \VJZ--MiiiSi'lrij,' Helrn i: '' .''•''' WATR-'-Wrtterbui-y SJpcults ''' <>:]5 p. in, WATR—U. S. Army !):,SO'|>. m. WERY-WABC—-JntriKue WTIC-WEAF—Mr.' District. Atty. VV/.TR-W.I5S—Friinkio- Carle \VOP-— XuviiM' Ctieat i):5fl p. in. WATR—Sports 10:00 p. m. . WBRY-WAEC—Academy Award WTIC-WEAF—Kay Kysor WATR-WJS5—Tommy Dorsey WOR—To bo announced lfl:,S(l p. m. WBRY-WAEC—Holiday for Music WO»R—Symphonottc WAT.R-WJZ—Author Moots Critic 11:00 p. m, WBRY-WABC—News Other Stations—News ' • 11:10 p. m. WBRY—John J. Daly, City News 11:13 p, in. WBRY-WABC—You and the Atom WATR-WJSS—Sports WTIC-WEAF—Hai-kncHS 11:!',() p. in. WI-.'KY-WABC—Invitation to Music WKAF—Tucker Orch. WOR—Weather; Lombardo Orch. WATR—Gems; Mooncy Orch. 12:00 WBRY-WABC—News Home Service Makes Report For Past fcth Mental Expert Studies Heirehs Fifty-eight cases were handled In July fl by the Home Service department of the local American Red Cross chapter, with 30 'cases con- ..tinuud from the previous month and 2-1 new and reopened. . ^Recurrent cases totaled four. Eight cases were not acted upon, with' the remaining .50 cared .for. Closed cases were 27, with 31 con- 'tlnued to this month. Seventeen cases concerned active servlceinn and thir dependents and 31 cases regarded veterans and their dependents. Clv.lllan cases totaled t9n, •'Othei 1 statistics were; Reports rc- g-aj-^lntt B«ryicemen, six; service- men''-.1'nquiries; three: asalstarice claims and benefits, •' 21; family i Counselling, 22; referrals to other agencies, five; other services! seven. Nursing service report for th£ month; New. patients, .92; patients dismissed, 26; total, nursing calls, 2*72; number attending ;. well-baby coriferchce, 27,. ' '. . . C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME G2 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Vnr All Occasion* Kl-OWKJlM TKT.KCUAVJIKU KVKMYWHKHK MELBOURNE'S PLOWER SHOP »90 JICBBKB AVKNUU Telephone 0285 Legal Noticei DK TT ORDAINWD BY THE WAKDKN AND HURCBS3J3S OK TUB BOROUGH OP NAUGA- TlfCK; That Soctlon U3, Clau^i- 0, nt the ordinances of tho Borough of Ntui- jrtituck In no far as the wa|:e ratn of thn iiupcrnumcrary putrolnion is concinnnd, as nmuiulrcl Is hni'oby iwtln amiindcd to i'aad as follows: Thn wajro rate of supernumerary patrolmen iiluill bo, 1. I''li'.-<t ynrr $.8G por hour. -. tiocond yoar, $.nn por hour. .'), Third yoflr and tM<>ruAftcr and tho»i> who svcrc mombnrs of tho forco on August 1st in-Ki, uluill bo paid $,00 por hour. This amendment effective upon Its adoption. That Suction 13, Clause SO, of the ordinance of tho Borough, of Nnu- Katuck bo and tho same la hero by iimondod by adding thereto thu following: Claiii;o 80 1-2. Any mipernumnrnry patrolman fulllofr to. .report . for actlvo duty .when roqiinstud to do no by thu Chlc,C of Police will, for tho third nitch fnlluro so lo report, bo doomed Kullty of ncfiloct.or dls- obudlnncu of ordors ,ind «htill be cllsmlHMod by tho Board of Wardnn ami Uurt;o8i<u.M. Pn.'jsod, adoptoU and ordcrod pulillfihod by tho Board of Wardon and RurKoiitio>i at tho mnot- In Kof 'Aucm.t C, ID-IC. Attoot; ClfARCISS F, 'DALY. Borough Clerk. workers. Altso, the Russians gal an extra food ration from American sources, thanks to 'the stupidity of UNRRA and our French and Brit- I Ish allies. Here Is the inside story of how •Uiln happens: Last winter, General Clark had been feeding the Austrian*! in the American zone I their full calory ration but the I French were foiling behind and i wanted UNRRA to relieve tliem of | the burden. Also, the British, through having considerable food on hand pi'oposcdselllnfi- it to UNRRA and leKlnj? UNRRA distribute It In the British '/.one. This rnoant, of course, that Uncle Sam would pay 70 per cent of the cost since 70 per cent of UNRRA's cost is borne by -the United States. All of this played right into the Russian hands, as Austria's rich- eat farm lands are In their zone. Tho Reds should have sent food into other areas. Instead, they were using It to feed the Red army fore June 2. UNRRA found Its t'hocl feeding, thu Russians simply had a field'day. This was duck soup for -them. They not only pulled a certain amount of food away from the other occupied zones through UNRRA's unique distribution pol- Icybut they sent tons of food back to Russia. The result was that, bo- fore Juncl, UNRRA found Its food supplies nlphoncd off and the en•tire country, outside the Russian zone, was on fhc verge of 'starvation. General Clark finally had to come through with 18,000 tons of American food to save Austria from chaos. Ho is now demanding that UNRRA straighten out its distribution and penalize 'tha Ruu- slans for shipping food out of Austria- Thnau arc some of tho problems in that part of Europe whore clomocificy meeU the frontier of Bal kan dlctatrahips and 1 whore the moat important -test of Soviet ox- piimdon is being utngod, Austria, prior to seizure by Hitler, hud de- ' vcloped a pretty good parllamcn- 1 tiiry system and tho Austrians I know how to govern themselves, j They did not jump from Czars to j Sovl&ts—both dictatorships—as did the Russians, and today there Is no country in Europe where tho Rns- .tluns arc-loss popula. In Insl winter's Austrian elections the, rod- facud Soviets found themselves polling just 5 por cent of the vote. Th« situation :;lnco then hasn't changed. In other words, a country which had norm., experience In pre-wnr democracy and which Is given half a chance to support itself Isn't go- to rush enthusiastically In'to tho arms of Soviet Russia. (Copyright, 19'I8, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Miss New York City Broadrick To Serve fi •: ?!'..'<'''••*' ••;' ••; : '" ^ t; ''V "i: '. ' Until Board Names f'arf Time Assessor tr'ntli tftc' ; a'pointm&nt ''-of -"ti-'part- time assersor is made by tho board of warden and burpresses, John Broadrlck's term expired June. 14. Starting today two assessors will canvasa 'the boroug:>i to determine the value.'of'each, new cbnstrucion here a'nd consru'ction of Oct. 3, 1945, which has not as yet been complet- en. FolJowing their listing- of the percentage of iornplttlon of the property they will report findings to the board by Oct. 1. ,Abou-t 30 airplane parts are made of'compressed, resin-soaked paper, lighter than -aluminum, but as strong as steel. Sailor Feduzi Given Release • Fireman 1-c Joseph A. Ftduzi 82 Coon street, has been discharged rom the U. S. N«vy at the Jdo STRIKE Southwest Harbor, Me Am* -u -(UP)-R Csidcnts at Southwest Harbor say thcy_ are determined to do something ' to check the rislne of food. The "Square D et d Club," formed sued .1 The club or fruit. an by organization recently the Hm-boritcs, has ia- members are not to buy Opening a. study In Chicago of the JeUyll-Hydir personality of William Hftlreiin, 17, a pnyclilatrlwt makes note* UK the youth, who' was a college student ut one moment and a burjfh*r-ldUcr the iiext, answers questlon.s. Malting- the test Is Dr. Itarry Hoffman. (International) i !t pledged to main- n the highevt code of ethict th» funeral service profes- ALDEESON FUNERAL HOME —INC.— 70 CENTRAL AVE. NAUQATUCK 201 MEADOW ST. TEL. 3-5112 TEL. 2253 s ur amond ar» uari/iaj for color, ttaiffht, <J""^''|/... fiJ'o of to your •((uruic* o f WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CMTJKCH ST. Jfaupatuclt, Conn. « S IM •.lIHESttfl Now York city will be reprcsent- <!<; at tlii; pageant of talent and bfmuty In Atlantic City, N. J,, next month, hy TKIIcoii Henry, 21, of Brooklyn, N. V. Choson "Miss New York City" over fifteen contestants, Eileen will snuk the title of ''Miss America." (International) Back To School PHOTOGRAPHS Just a few more weeks before thai youngster deep In study, too busy. I i Neary Thibodeau Studio Church s ,\ TiblmForm*SmutCoattd <Tiht as Directed METAL SWINGS FOR CHILDREN For fndour or Outdoor Us Special BEACON , . KIDDIE CENTER IS GRAND STREET . \Vuterbury LINCOLN EQUIPMENT CO. JNC, 15 Leavenworth Street — Tel 5-0177 : ; :WATERBURY 32, CONNECTICUT SAY.* SHARPENING SERVICE Our new automatic "electric machine."will quickly sharpen any kind of saw:— , ,-.- BANIl SAWS « CniCT^AK SAWS • CABrENTilB'S SAWS • BUXCmCH'S SAWS • BUCK SAWS « POWER SAWS • ONE and TWO MAN SAWS Band Saws Made to Order On Our New Electric Welding Machine! Any Size ! Quick Service!: Low Prices! I Black and white check 12 to 10.. . .- B Wool jersey 32 to Plaid Skirt ... 0 to 15 Genuine Plgtldn Shoulder 5:98 MUSLER-LIEBESKIND ^35'East Main Street, WaierburX;

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