The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 30, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Monday, May 30, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results THE WEATHEE Connecticut and Rhode Island — night. Thursday fair and -warmer. l£astporL lo Block Island— North- cast to north winds. 'A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" Vol. LXX, No. 191 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents Brophy Candidate For Congressional Nomination Local Legion Team Loses, 8-2; Drops Protest At Jap War Trial Will Play Providence Team Today Loss To Providence Would Eliminate Naugatuck From Playoffs New Price Decontrol Board Opens Hearing's BULLETIN sdii'lintf al -iN). V'in will piny scroiid IHINC. I'nili'St of (he #»""' yes- li-nliiy \vitli Stiiti-ii Tsliiml has lii'i-ii withdrawn. Rodenbach Sets Plans For Caucus Republicans Meet In Three Wards August 20; Committee Meets Tonight IS.v THOMAS (Sports Cili'iiM Full'', N. V, • Tho (.null Amm-lean l.i.'glon tciiin WHS iii'fi'i'.iiiil yu»i«!i'iln.y urtiM-iuion »•!! by thu StatcM iMlurul, N. Y, tram, but Wdillii NM'li.', fiuiniti!'!! 1 (if Mm locuU tmM flli'il u firnt.'Mt wnlcli If iillmviiil, will r.iciulro the rupltiyliiK of th " ;;il JIM'. The liuronirh luuctiir In claiming a inl.'ilntPi'fin'tiitlon of tho rules mi a [ilny In 'ho m-vnnth Inning one (if I hi- Hi'vnriil (llxputoii with tliu inn- Nutitfuturk plH.VH ITrivltlnnr<' tudiiy In llin Ht'conil Kiuii(> of tli» ccrlc's, The X«tvn will iwriiln l>«t- vlili- Hlii't'lal cuvi'Tinr* 1 . Cull W-'H li)r Hi'ori-u oiimliiK to IIH tllrx'l from film Full* wln-rt' Mporln Kdllor Tliomli* Flt/.imlrlrk I* wllli ttin N in itfitt lick toliin. l\(,x Score on to di'torinliii; whi'thor prlco controls should roniuln off dairy, livestock, gruln and soy bcuii products uftiT AUK, ^H "re shown Ri'ltlnj; under way In Wiishlnpton, D. C., beforu the threo-man Price Decontrol Hoard nnide up of (left to rijrht) Guor^'d M, Muiul, Roy L. ThompHon, clmirman, and UiinJel W, Hell. At rlKlit Is Kiliviinl. A. O'Neal, presldunt oil the Amcrlcai; Fiirin Burouii, who. declared that fe- Ntoniflon ut price control on luisle food coniniudltlc.s would hi'injr about it revival of the hhick nmrkets. (Internutloniil Soundphoto) State Officials Probe Cause Of Plane Crash, Wreckage Removed To Bethany Young Republicans Take Action To Support Talbot For Governor pin- In i-imw of tho (runic. d iioonitt four nm.v III tin- r. On thw doubtful J>l".v, J''nvnl< Sun AiiKi'l". NnuHitUick dUchiM- on U pllr-hciLit, nti'iipi'd to the Hl'lu of iho phktu ami iirtor Uklng Huuly's llii'ow. (aiwU Cnpp of bUiU.m Isliiml who wii.»' niiirilmr lu fi'fi'n third. Nnlili' and Ci.wtm, who tlli'tl thi- in'otmil with f.'omnil.iiiloniii I'oi'oy Miu'Uii. I'lnliii that ttin liaUnr for r."lnnd, Mcitili'lH. Htiippcd aci'osid the pint.- urul IntiTfiii'iia with Han An- vi-lii who WIIM ('lour of tho plain al l!ir linn'. Ni'W Yorl< nunli' tholr fli'f't '"•'• Urn In .thu fourth with two away, ,\riiT Niuiiratuolt MHI ff nil two op- piirtunltliiM for until. OlnMbui'K, who oiipo-st'd Vln llnaly on tho mound, hit a fly to (iiititorfliild, whlisti Si'liiiMl.-i''iiil*JiulKiicI. Thi' bull wunt lliKiuirli for a MlnKlii. with Dan- li'ln nnd Johnson, who worn ofi l>n»ii' Mtmrini: on tliu Play. Trylntf 'U' Illllllli .ICCOIKl Olll.'llll'l-tf WHH tllJfKllU for I In- tilled out. hut thii dainaKi' Illld lil'ITI dOMH. In Hi,' nlxtli, tin' NuwYork crmm- plons talllud twlcu morn, with Cln.-ilii'i'K uj.'aln «U|iportlnk! ^h" ilrlvc, inaUIni! thi- Hooni, -I-O. l''oui' nion. I'lliin nddod In tho HI-V- 1'iitli. and vli'tory wao InHiirnd. Nauratu^U •thnialnuud many tlnioii In the conti'Ht, loadlni! llio Hiini'" In tin- iii-cnnd, only to havo OlriM- IIITI; Hcttln down ami Mtrllu' out Mm MMinilnlMK nion fauliur him. AKIUII In thi' Hi'vonlh, with 'two iiiiui out,>«rK U'*t control and wulUod throi- -itrnlj.'tit num. only to lnivi- SchiiHtrr ),:i'" l " ul oul u ' " n( flic Inning. NsniKiilui'k finally hit pit.vdli'l In tin- I'lKhth Innlntf, whon Nato- wli'h was witlki"! foi 1 tin- third tlnu'. WUH sliiKlud homo hy UmiUli" (Continued on P«K« 6' i Thanking the Nr.uignt.uck Young i ! [liipubllctins club for Itn pleclgit to ] I support him .In hl.M candidacy for thr nomination of novcriuir, Bop- j roMcnUttlvu JoHoph IS. Talbot last night I" fuklru.siilng thu group Mtat- iid Hint IK; "will nnt return to WiislitfigUiii in any political capacity iintlui 1 any condition." Ho suld he full "reasonably Hiiro" tlmt tin' wii.iturn part of Connecticut will mipport his uuborniuorlul offort, for which ho IIU.M beun cum- palgnltig Hlncii July 1, 1!M5. Wlion tin 1 suggestion wn.s made that u local "Talbo-t foe Governor' 1 | club bo fonniHl under this sponsor- IHhlp of NitugaUick KiipubllciiriH. j Mr. Tulbot Hiikl Im did not wish to 1 bi! oonsUlui'ctl ua tho Instigator of i thu l(Ui/i am! h()|M>d that any work j carrlod on by thi. G. O. I J - of the i btirt>iij;h would bo ciindiioLud with ; u vlow toward Inl'luuiK'tng thu dlMtrU-tM til' tho I'usturn part of Iho titntu, I''lvi< to Act l j i'p!ilili-nt Wlllluiu I J loHkl wii.i iiutlidi'lut'cl to nami.' flvt pur«ons -to net. an an Imlupitmlunt commiltuii of the group In biiektnf: Mr. Tul- bol'-i efforts, with minnbor« not ni.uoKMurlly having club urriliiillona. liy-liuv.i of UID group prohibit official ontliii'Miuniuit of any candidate for public fitHeii. In Ntatliig hib ifiiKon.s for II.-HV- lui; ConnriiMM, Mr. Talbot said thai hi; dlil not. hnvo Hulllclont funds lo maintain roa.Moniiblii livin,'; con- | dltlotiH, and tl'.o Hmo xp'-'iit away j from Ills t'uiiilly ulncc his Initiation | lo live yoiir:i ugfi prompted hlin to iini'U u position In Cou- nucllcut. Mo InUI of Ills duties In WuHhlnglu" and miiil that though tho work was dllllcult, he cnnsld- tircd polltk'H n "in-unil adventure" /mil wan ubli' to look buck on a wi'iilth of friends and yours '.if on- Joymont thrnuuliout hl» long poll- Low Back Pain And Sciatica Jly 1>K. J. 1J. WAUKKN Wln-n thoi'o IN lo\v buck puln nnd .solution the llrst Shonujfht Is to re- lievo thn ptvln. Howovtr, tho pain IB iimmlly c//ui<<d by Infliction or by Injury, ir by Infection, pnln Is wor»v whim putlont In nt runt, \vh«ronH If by Injury pain In worno whim pn- tlpnt la on hl.i foul, In strain or In- .Hirji pallont loun.'i to oposlli) Kltlo, IM unubli' to bnnd forward with Uncesi ntrunvrht ,atul thorn t\rv tun- 'li'r spots ilown tho btick of thu and eulf. New Switchboard Operator 'Busy . Answering Queries "To «iiy tho loust," blurted M.vrtlr, our laconic purt-tlnio Nwltchhourd operator, "It's bcrn a busy duy." Myrtlci was Mllshtly out of hrnuth at tlfu clOH<- of Imsl- ness yc.stcrdu.y, whut with more tlinii H(ll) calls received In tlii' mitiini of Inquiries on tint proKi'PSH mill outcomo of thr Gluns Fulls biiHcbull Ramo, iiiH-.oiinli'd calls on tho airplane i-niMli, and fow more with ri-fiin-nci! to u fire alarm In tUe afternoon. Myrtlu went home .speech- tlciil cni'O'.'r, He explained that the popular opinion concerning Incompetent conjirossmon and Honalors who usually arc not fnmlliar with thu bills they vote on 'In definitely erroneous. On thu whole, the- people In Washington ".re hard work- ecu and constantly put forth their lieKt. efforts lo nrrlvo ut the correct itonclnslons. he maintained, Janios T. Patterson, formal- Marino Corps major, who is candidate for the Republican nomination for representative, a post which Mr. Talbot will soon vacate, told the club ho will "do everything In 7ny power to prove my work and your trust." He has been pledged support by the local club and has beer. c»m- for the past few months. Pilot Flew Low To Inquire Directions, Spectators TelJ Police A probe as to the cause of the fatal crush of u. two-seuter LUH- combe plane in an open field In thi! rear of the Peter Paul, Inc., plan* on New Haven road yesterday morning, continues today as authorities from the State Aeronautics Commission svith' State Police from the Bethany barracks nl.'in lo view the wreckage at the j Bethany Airport, Remains of the completely demolished plane, in which F- Kings- Icy Whittum of Somers was fatally injured, wore removed last night from the property of Mrs. Caroline Doolittlu on which it crushed to the Bethany Airport. Sei'Kt. Jesse Poloy of the Bethany barracks said today ofllcials from the aeronautics department in Hartford, tiro expected at the field .sometime today, at which time an extensive Investigation of the plane's mechanism will be carried on in an effort to ascertain whether or not cause of the crash was due to mechanical .dilllculty. First report of the crash came to the Naugatuck Police headquarters shortly after 11:10 o'clock from the candy plant. Captain Anthony Malone and Patrolman Wul- Republican electors of the borough's three wards will meet in caucus Tuesday evening, Aug. 20 at 7:30 o'clock in locations designated in each of the wards, Chairman C. P. Rodenbach of the G. O. P. town committee, announced today. Electors of the first ward will congregate In the court room of the. town hall, those in the second ward J.vill mcetiatthciJi'O. RajfUtwicri, Jr., garage 106 South Main street, and those of the third ward at the Polish- American club, 199 Bridge street. Seven delegates will be elected from each caucus to a. borough convention to be held at 8 o'clock the same evening in the town hall. At the convention, besides elect- in.!;- a new town committee, there will, be election off delegates to tho Republican State Convention to be conducted in Hartford Sept. 9 and 10 and also to the Congressional, County Senatorial and Probate conventions, Other business that may properly come before the caucuses and convention will be transacted. A meeting of the town commit- tei> will be held tonight at which time plans will be formulated for the caucuses anrj convention. May Ask Support Of Democratic Leaders Tonight Veteran newspaperman John B. Po>'.cII, who lost portions of his feet because of brutal mistreatment endured In Jap prison ciimps, is shown :»s he testified ut the Jap war crimes trial in Tokyo. Shown leaning on the wlt- [ness stand is one of Powell's crutches. (Yiiter'roitionul) x (Continued On Patte Eight) Miss U.S. Rubber To Take Part In V-J Day Parade Girl Selected Will Adorn Float, Contest Now Underway In Plant Tin- United States Rubbnr Company Footworn' PUmt will ontor a motor float in tho parade which will bi> « P"rt of tho Welcome Komi- Day culobratlon on Scptcnv bor 2, It wtm announced today by r,ouln Ti'liino, a mum bor of thn float committee. Tho float will bo dcsiRned anrt built by ?Ionry Bulka, Footwear Plant ni'llst on a truck loanerl by tho NiuiKatuck Lumber Company, wince tho .Rubber Company has no iruclt suited for that typo ot ilis- P 'scvorat live subjects will be used on thi- flout with the thomc built around « "Miss U. S. Kubbei. A contest to select a plrl ns "Mlus U. S Rubber" wus stqftocl yoatcrdn> In the footworn- Plant. Each ollice and factory department is eligible to enter a contestant, method of selection to be decided upon by ouch Individual department. Tho Judiicfl will announce their decision on 'August 29. Tho winner will be awarded a lan, r c lovlntr cup, n bc'.ui- tlful evening: gown, and will be singularly honored on Welcome Home Day. The "Miss U. S Rubber" contest is a yearly alYair, usually run an one of the featured events In thu Foot- wour Plant's annual Family Outing. The title was won last year at Lake Quassrxpaujf by Anno Di Angclo of Wiiter&ury. In 1939 Linda Grey, also of Watnrbury, won the crown and then went on to place third In the national, beauty conest a Atlan- Ic City that'same year. Miss Grey later went on to Hollywood where she appeared in ueveral motion pictures'. ~Zf,, r your ii«t iml' <>' "'""•"• 7""'',,'." —Crlllnc irmly for (hat (rip Cull OIIUCiK'S Frlrmlly Hrrvlre mill linvn them irlvi* your I'or u mil Kuliitf over. Cull 4I>66 fur courteous norvlc«,—Adv.. (Continued On Pago Eight) Ojeda Council Makes Plans To Enter Parade Installed for his seventh term an Grand Knifrht of Ojc'da Council, Knight of Columbus Francis C'aul- Ileld last night announced appointment of committees and set up pluns for participation in ihr Welcome Homo parade. Mr. CauHleld said a float would bo. consfructed and the council' probably would hire its own band. It was also announced o.y Fnithful Navigator George Carroll of Mon- sl(?nor John J. Fitzgerald Fourth TJegree Assembly, that Fourth Degree members would take part in the parade dressed' in full ntllclal rogalia. Raymond Fchrmnn Is chairman of the Ojeda Council parade committee, John Sullivan will make plans"for thr> float and Francis Wei'Xinger Is marshal. Cards will be sent to all members requesting tnat they indicate whcthci' they will take part. Anthony CJiiulli and William Woll arc assisting on the parade committee. General committees named last night include: Sick, Deputy Grand Knight Woll, Catholic Activity Rev. Paul F. Keating, Rev. John Wanat, Mr. Chiulli, George Carroll, Mr. Caulfield and Mr. Werainger. Membership, John W, Sullivan, Dominic M'inicuccl, James Kennedy John Christie, Alex Kolakowski, Albert Ecnz, Joseph Suchowski, Stanley Suchowski Bernard Sullivan, George Kennedy and John Hoaly. j Program, Mrs. CaulfleW, Mr. Woll, 1 , Mr. Fehrman, aPul aGllagher, Raymond Schultz and George Grimm. -Last-Minute News - CONNECTICUT ELIMINATED 'Stamford, Aug. 14— (UP)— Connecticut is out of the running as a possible site for the United Nations )ic;ul- quarters. The headquarters commission has eliminated Connecticut and announces it has narrowed its choice now to five areas in Westchester County, New York. This he- came official today both in New York, and at Stamford and Hartford, where the word cnme from the UN headquarters site commission that Connecticut was no longer being considered. STRIKE IN DETROIT Pontiflc, Mid)., Aug. 34— (UP)— A strike of somej 2,000 war veterans has stopped work at General Motors j plants in PonUae, Michigan, idling 25,000- an to workers. The strike was called to enforce the veterans demand for; vacation pay. COFFEE PRICE BOOSTED Washington, Au,g. 14— (UP)— The OPA has boosted the retail ceUing price of coffee by 10 to 13 cents a pound. 'Tl|o increase is effective immediately. The retail price increase on coffee results from a simultaneous increase^ of slightly more than eight cents a> pound oh green coffee prices on the docks in New York city. MORE DELEGATES Hartford, Aug. 14— (UP)— When the Democratic state convention opens in Hartford next month, there will be more delegates than attended two years ago. In the 1944 convention there were 1,199 delegates entitled to be seated. This year the number has been increased to 1,245. The increase'is attributable to the increased presidential vote two years HELD FOR TRIAL Stamford, Aug. 14— (UP)— Charged with manslaughter, John Wilson is being held for superior court trial under bond of $2,000. Wilson is alleged to have caused the death of his wife, Gladys, Police say that she died last- week from a punch administered on the 25th of Jvsjy. TEHRAN REPORT Tehran, Aug. 14— (UP)— The Iranian government and its rebellious province of Azerbaijan both are rcport- eTTmassing their troops as a result of new friction, A division of 15,000 central government troops is said, to be on the alert some 20 miles north of Tehran. And the so-called democratic army of Azerbaijan province is reported concentrating about 100 miles further north. —Ytiu will mnrvrl nt the .extrnnlv*! ini'iiuH Mint ynn will find »t Jcff'n ItrNliiuruiit. Church £t. In tlirne hot mltrr days, cuiue to Jell'*. —Adv. Mothers Class Starts Tomorrow The first session of the Expectant Mothers' Class will be held -tomorrow afternoon, 2:00, at the Whlttcmore Homestead, Church street, under the supervision of Miss Kathleen Sullivan, R. N. These classes are sponsored by the local Chapter of the Red Cross. PKICES DECLINED New York, Aug. 14—(U P)—The Dun and Bradstreet Agency reports that wholesale food prices showed an average, decline lost wec-k—the first overall" dip in 12 weeks. Dum and Bradstreet says its index of 31 food commoditioa shows a slight decline from the all-time record high which was established in the preceding week. Bulgaria Makes Plea To Delegates Asks Peace Conference To Grant Her Strip Of Greece's Territory Bulgaria has pleaded her onsc before the Paris ponce conference- She has asked daleffa-tes from 21 nations lo KTanl lu.-r a co-bolliRcr- cnt status and .1 strip of -the Lor- ritoi-y belonging lo victorious Greece. BlIlg-«;-inn ForeiKn Minister Geoi-- gei Kulichcv made the plea at. the peace conl'orcnco session lliismorn- ing-. He said his country must have part of Greece-owned Thrace as a corridor -to the Aegean sea. And lie accused Greece of Iong;-stand- inj; aggressiveness against the Bulgarians. Kulichov says Bulgaria deserves co-belligerent status because she helped the Allies during the final months of the war. Bulgaria is the third of the five defeated countries to pi-eserit its case to the conference. Italy anil Romania have maOe their pleas. This afternoon Hungary is expected to state her case, and the last, of the five nations, Finland, will be heard tomorrow. As soon as the Bulgarian foreign minister .wound up his. speech • to the delegates this morning, Poland and the Ukraine asked permission to reply. Acting Conference Chairman Secretary of State Byrnes has recognized Poland an«1 the Polish delegate has begun Jiis address. When the Polish delegate finished, the Ukraine delegate Dmitri ManuiJs):! opened an attack on Gi-ccce. He claims the Giook government is trying to stave of) peace in tho Balkans. Mnnuilsld supported Bulgaria's nppeal for softer peace terms and a slice of Greek territory. Warden Reports Party, Labor Leaders Have Approached Hi^i To Run Warden J. Brophy, three times elected hood of the borough government, today announced that ]ic was a candidate for tho Democratic nomination for rcprestnta- I.KO .T. BROPHY Break In Mass. Murder Case ' Is Expected Onset, Mass., Aus. M--(UP)—Tm- portiint Chios in tho sluyinj, of Miss Ruth McGurk nrc expected to ho revealed shortly. Stat<? pniicr* hc- liovc they hf\vc uncovered valuable clues in the slayint: or the Cambridge department store executive. A state police spokesman said in- vostisrators wore certain they knew thi' identity of the sluyor. He adder) that n second man Is believed to havn aided the killer in disposing of Miss McGm'k's body in a Cranberry botr. live from the Fifth Consrossionnl District — the oUice now held . by Rep. Joseph E. Talbol of NauK-a- tuck. ' "I have been approached )\v several party and labor leadoi-.s to run," said" Mr, Brophy today. "I have decided to become a candidate. " It is expected that Mr. Bropby's supporters will ask tin- Democratic town committee, at a meeting tonight to indorse his c:\iididncy. Prior to Mr. Brophy's announcement there were indications support would be Rivon Patrick H, Kellcy of Walerbury, also a candidate. Warden Brophy \vos first elected here by a majority of C5 voles. Two years later tho majority was •lOO ad in the last r:unpnijjn the majority hit a record liifiii of J.fiOO. He nlso served four Years as a burj;ess. A native, of N.-iujral uck he \vns once employed as a supervisor with tho stale public works department and with the U. S. Housing: Administration. Already in (he fi«ld for lh;- Democratic nomination are, besides Mr. Kelley and Mr. Brophy, William Dc>yle of Winstcd. and Thomas Ra:i*<'vich of Torrinftlon. Raymond .J. Fitzunlrlclc. .of Waterbury, veteran newspaperman and. former Marine cnrr"spondent, nnd Mayor Corn^ltuu Caldwcll of Derby have also been mentioned for the nomination. Candidates from Nmignluck for olllce in the coming election now include: Rcpublicnns: Joseph E. Talbot for Governor; James T. Patterson for Congress. Democrats: Leo J. Brophy for Congress: Daniel J Callahan for Sherilf. . Winner, Loser In Wisconsin JUDGE J. R. MCCARTHY SEN. R. M. LAFOLLETTB, ,IK. Madison, Win., Aup. 14—(UP)—Sen. Robert iJiFollcttc has conceded defeat In the republican primary for senator. Ho wn* defeated by Circuit Judge Joseph McCarthy of Applcton, an e,x-Marine captain, | who was leading hy 42,000 votes in incomplete returns. LaFolletto h«a been a senator 21, yean* and a member of his. family has held a soot In the senate since in05. —lluve you In 1 ™ hire liiti'iy? Wrll, Him you're mlKHlni: Inklnc nilvnnhiEr of Mimic cn-u< viilui'S. VMt KAI'HAKr.'S, NuiiCBtuck't FuihlDo more, tomorrow. —>ltnvi> you *<vn the nrw 11M7 Stmlr- ImkiT? II'K rriiUy worth m'plnic. You rjni hi'it R by vlHlthiK the NuUBHtuck Untlerj' nod Aulo Scrvlct,—Adv.

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