Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1911
Page 7
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•'-5- WHAT SHALL I GITE. A preaent thit gives pleasure not merely for a feW days, bnt for Ions montbB andlyears, is the ideal Cbriat- mta Gift, that is vhy iewclry made by master workmen and spld at moderate price&l tH^gna foil is faat growing in lavor. of beauty of art are found in prpfusion and our prices will aston- iB&yeu. Tbey are mora than modjer- atit. they are extremely low. Let [us help you In making-ybnr selectiops. Cbboalng will no longer be a task but a tneasure. L L GRABX, LA HABPE DBCG6I8T. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Gates received the news yesterday of the marriage of their son. it. G. (Mart) Gates, who is of Los 'Angeles, Gallfomla. Mr. Gates went from here to California a number of years ago to study medicine. He had unlimited access In the profession and is head Interne at the Los Angeles County Hospital. The announcement of bis marriage to Miss .Clare DeBey, a nurse In the hdspltsl. Was made I known by the Los Angeles papers byj using tbe lirlde's picture, and a one-column' story. Following' Is a few paragraphs taken from the' Los Angeles paper: "When Miss' Clare -DuBey. oneW the pretty nuYsea. suddenly disappeared Wednesday tnorn- lag. and when Dr. M. G. XJates 8ur-«.<j geon in charge of the Barlow Sanatorium, disappeared from bis post on tbe morning of the same day .there was tall guessing among the nurses and internes. The answer to the riddle WHS found yesterday afternoon. The answer is Mr. and.Vrs. Gates. Dr. Gates went to the County Hospital early Wednesday morning In a Kg automobile. He and the bride made a quick trip to Santa Ana, in which cUy they were married at II o'clock, returning to I..OS Angejesr In time for a 2 o'clock luncheon at the Asgelus. Early Thursday morning Or- Gates returned to his work, and the bride, instead at returning to the County Hospital, secured employment In the French Hospital. The brjde had been at the county Institution for more than a j-ear. Now slic experts to give up nursing In favor of housekeeping.; Dr. Gates left the county Institution September 1 to uke up his new position. The bride is 19 and the groom 25 jears of age, and both were very ppiiular at the County Hospital.' The brfda's nfother, Mrs. BicJi- ard Fu^tt, tuis not yet been acquainted with the fact that her daughter figured in an elopement." —^Fooft balls, knives, sleds and skates ;make nice presents for the boys.. Buy them at Hinea' Hardware. A Register reporter was scanning the register at the City Hotel yesterday, when he noticed, the name J. B. CaVaney, Cherryvale. Kansas. He Immediately asked Proprietor Burrla Jf it was possible that this man was the luuiatic that ofriclals bii captured -in Gameit.Mr. Burrls alis?rered: "It must be the same; the descriptions are like this man. and bis actions there paralliel with h^i talk to me." "What did he say while here?" be waji ^sked: —Look at the Rochester Silver Ware, Casseroles, Percolators, Cbaf-i Ing.pishes and ail kinds of baking dishes sold at Hlnes. '^e ^afd many things; but they amottnted to UUle." said Mr. Burrls. "He-eatne into the hotel Saturday monln^.before day break and asked for a j diip of coffee, stating that he dida'tl dare for any breakfast. After he bad.druik the coffee and eaten a bauaaa: he stepped to my Seslc and mid, 'Pardner I am sofr)*, but I haven't, a cfeot, bnt I am- aot'a-common every day man. I am a millionaire, and by tbe way I will iuat mal] you a his bam yesterday morning to harness his horses and to fits astonishment found bis harness gone. John Midman a farmer near here while coming to town yesterday, found the set of harness by the road side a few miles north of town and with them another single set the owner of which cannot be found. Leather must be Increasing In value. Mr. and Mrs. William Lasley. of Raymore, Mo., are visiting at the Ayera and Fronk homes near La Harpe this week. • have one of the largest lines of dolls and doll buggies ever shown in La Hart*. Come In early and make your selections and let u» lay It,away for you'. Waters & Danfortfa, Drugs and Jewelry. John Vaughn shipped two cars of to Kansas City yesterdagr. Mr. Tblle Is also shipping two cars. 3fT8. Philip CoblenU left last night tot Lebanon, Indiana, for an extended visit with relatives. Mrs. J. J. Lowe, of Osceola, Mo., was in town yesterday lo<^lng for a house fVlth the expectation of locating here. Mrs. Lucy Jewell of Moran, visited friends here yesterday. .Miss Mayme Ward went to Ft. Scott yesterday for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hurlock. Mr. and Mrs. 11. W. Cox stopped off ;ier8 yeoterday from lola and visited fri^qds enrbutc to ILc^r home In Els- mo4 Mrs. n II. Mnrripon has returned from .Vevada and reports her sister much tinipruvcd. Joseph llnyneji, who left here some time, ago for Council Bluffs. Iowa, writes that he is gradually failing In health nnd i!ic doctor has told him to go'iouth. lie win probably return WAHTEn—MJaCELtAXEOVa. WANTED—WOMAN FOR KITCH- en work; 202 East street. WANTEfr-POSITION AS NURSE. Address Mrs. Lee. Gas City, Kana R. No. L RAW FUBS WANTED—TRAPpers: Do you know I buy all kinds of raw furs and pay highest market prices and give a square deal In grading. Call on, phoqe or write for free price list to Wm. Works. Humboldt, Kans. WANTED—POOD. FUEL, CLOi^- south. .Mrs. n-.i (iarsby, of Snvonburg Is the guest cf Mrs. Xettto Jones, this Mlssrs H.ittle and Stella Miller viPTf In Inlti ypstprdoj. Go(irK(! Ijarker is threshing kaffir corn for farmers southeast of town. Presbyterian Church: S. S. 9:45 a. m. Preaching 11 a m. and 7:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor 6:30 p. m.—Geo. H. Cl>Tuer. Pastor. Methodist Episcopal Church: Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Epworth League 6:30 p. m. Preaching 11 a .m. and ":3C p. m.—S. L. Chase Pastor. Elder Victor Goodrich will preach at tbe Christian church nnxt Sunday at the usual hours, morning and even ing. The subject for the evening dls course will be "Creation's Story." The Presbyterian Sunday Scbool will have their Christmas tree and exercises Saturday evening, the 23rtf as Christmas Eve is Sunday this year. f 50 cbe^ for a Cbrlstmaa present I am walking from Cherryyale to'Kaa- saa aty on a wager and mn^t be In the cit/at 6 oTclock thifr «ventng, tben I will be a rich man.' I told him 1 thought h« would be successful in anything with the nerve be had. then be bid me goodbye and departed. HU bill being so mnall J didn't care to have blm arrested, and when.I beard of bis arrest in Garnett, I knew I would be deprived of my Cbrlstmaa preaent" Vr; and Mrs. Charles Stlnson, of earlyle. ylstted Mr. and Mrs. W. li. Ridr^tu yesterday. Miss Emma Hoover and Miss Column Fowler went to Kansas City yesterday, called there by the serloua 111- Heasjof Miss Hoover's brother. Mrs. Fowler, who has been vlaltlng In Mto- Bourl. will Join them in Kansas CKy todair. —Ilaasters and carving sets make alcBj preaenu for the wife. Sold at Hln^s. —Keep your boms warm by using tbbae weather door strips. See Hinea abotit tfaem. . 'A j dance, will be given in the opera bbii«e mday, the .l&tb.. Good masir and jgood order will be the feature of ttael^Lnce. In answer to a notidb in 'QI\B paper I^Uj'radky coacering the basket ball same Mrc 'Wednesday, as was told by itae lola playera. the coach of the Ik' Harpe team has the following to iidr; iSfeore: La Harpe 16, lola 2. No Xk^'goals thrown by lola. The two B«|]fita were made «n free throws. La Ba.n^ jiraa never in dancer of lola " ' Uig^a;.field goal asltliey outclas- ih^.tola' irtrla by aliHde taiargin. loti la wrong-III blamUglii Harpe IHih alfthe-TKii^h^ptaSJtaX. as Io)a prij^'-^q^alhr .ias roag||:-J £ai.-^waB a<^' ^4 Jby aaliPla'ajpiectator. Tola's 'of playing Xa^Barpe In a iea game, aar-fkey atated before Jg was'good M fbciy. failed'to In coaslderatlott th« La Harpe rtajriag fil^ttjr. r .VKLYLE SrilOOL >-OTES. Report of Carlyle School, District Xo._ 2, lor month ending Dec. 1, 1911. Names of those neither absent nor tardy: Fred and Floyd Wilson, Edmond and Hershel Feeback, Charley and Lily Martin. Mary and Albert Dlckerson, Emo'gene'and Golda Mc- Cllatock. Ethel, Gladys' and Mabel Wingler. Martha Gilkeson, Frank and Arthur Chambers, Everett Ehivis.'Mack Percy and Marie Smith. Honor Roll: Grades 6. 7, 8. 9—Mack Percy. Mary Dlckerson, Marie Smith, Golda and Emogene McClintock and Fl-ank Chambefa Grades 1,2.'3, 4, Edmond and HersheT Feeback, Albert Dlckerson. Martha Gilkeson, Arthur Chambers. Mabel and Gladys Wlngl^r and Uly Martin. Number enrolled, 20; average dally, attendance, 19 17-20; tardiness, 0. Our pie supper was a decided success for which we thank tbe patrons of this district and visitors from 76, 81. S and others. Mr. O. W. Bates very kindly lent us hla aid In auctioneer­ ing the plea. Groaa receipts S16. We have purchased the following new books: David Harum. A Certain Rich Man. Outdoor and Indoor Games for Everyone, Stories about Famous Men and Women. Bllthedale Romance. Wonder Book. Tanglewood Tales, Bible Stories for "Voung People. Mother Carey's Chickens, and Child's History nf Our Great Country. .Visitors for thia month were: Mrs. Myler. Co. Supt. Harold Stlnson, Mabel Prenary, Glenn Dlckerson. MrSj. Nell Sutherland. Mrs. F. H. Smith. Leslie. Kate and Mabel Smith. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dlckerson en- S rtalned Thanksgiving Day the fol- wing visitors: Mr. and Mrs. long­ shore. Mr. and Mrs. Ollle Sutherland. Mr. and Mrs. C' L. Sutherland, Mrs. M. Harvey and Gladys, attd Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leighty: hnd children. Mr. and Mtb . J. H. Chrtetlaa, Mrs. J, T. Allen ahd Miss Anna Vezle spent the day In"'this neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCUntock also entertained. Luther Snell of Independence, Kaa., recently visited Chauncey Sawyer. ' Miss Golda McClintock spent last Saturday and Sunday with Miss Marie Smith. Peari Martin's side In Orthography still retain tbe medal. Feebadc land Chambers threshed kafBr corti and mllo malse last week. work. The Salvation Army, 214 W. .Ma.^on. Phone 943. WANTED—POSITION ON FARM by young man 19 years bid. Phone 1409. POSITION WANTED BY YOUNG lady stenographer. Experienced in office work. Phone Main 256. WANTED—GOOD OTLCII COW. No Jersey . W. J. Waters. La Hari>c Kans. F01| SALE -^lPSa FOR SALE—200 G0( fodder. Inquire at'the West street Phone 1 3[>silOCKS OF Sta« Bam, 201 B 11. • ." •1 ' II FOR SALE—ALMOS for less than halt pri Davis, at the furniture NEW BUGGY e. -Seia Harry store. FOR SALE—GLASS counters, good safe. Hotel Bldg. SHOW CASES Cheap. Kelley FOR SALE—PBKIN Buff Rock chlckeni; 1 DRAKES AND >hoiia 488. TO TRADE— B-YEA' broke single and doubb mllch cow. Inquire R-OLD MARE, i f<r first elasB 15 £.'.Madison. FOR SALE—DAIN by 18, good as new. t Mtad. 428 East Monro; lAY BALER 14 leo, M. McClel- f bone 815. FOB BENT—XlSd XliAKKOUS. ^ ———^ggTgljj Eight room, modeita bam; close in. Call C. L. WHlTfA 'house, with ra9. KEK. . FBiyATE-JIOjrEJ TO LQAir. We'have some -Private Money to loan on Farms. Low Rate. We also have Eastern Money at the low'est Tate and best terms. Let ns tell yon about our terms and rate. Prlviledge to pay at any time. For Sale—Improved 40 acres near car line, between lola and Gas. • THE PETERSON LAND CO. Phone 97; Old Court House Bldg. PETERSON LAND GOXPANT. lola, Kaaiai. AGENTS EVERYWHERE CAN make money, spare time, distributing Post Cards advertising our Chewing Gum. No canvassing. Liberal terms. Yearly contract.. Weekly settlements. Send seven two-cent stamps for supply Post Cards, Instructions and Contract Spearmint Company, 1777 Broadwa.v. Department 178, New York, LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE WANT ed. No canvassing or soliciting required. Good income assured Address National Cooperative Realty Co.. V1423 Marden^ulldlng, Washington. D. C. ij)8T AND FOjryp. ""nFOUND^WATCrf" CHAR mT ^OWX^ er may have same by proving property and paying for thIa ad. FOR RENT—F 505 N. Chestnut Ph ISflED HOUSE, ae -ni. FOR SALE—SHi Martin street ler. Gas City. ^SHOCk QC . La Qringi CORN SOUTH G. B. Chand FOR SALE—PAWN^ED SUIT cases; hand bags; ju tt like new. Bigus Pawn Shop East Sh e Square, in fruit store. First door so ith pt Kress store. TOEXaiASQE 12,500.00 Grocery Stock all cleas goods, for small' tract of land in Allen or adjoining countli a, of equal value. Wan* to deal with 1 iwner of land. We have other exchang !s. f Call on ni. CHARLES i I; FOTTEB.' FOB SALE OB EXCHANGE. Eighty acres hardwood timber, for lola property, or acre tracU; |1200. . 16Q. acrcaj- 40 la aultivatlon,.^an.ce timber; fine water, bearing orchard, cheap house and barn; for lola property or stock of goods; |2.000. Several nice lola residences for land. 80 acres well Improved in Elk Co., Kansas, for lola property; |4,800. 160 acres well improved in Elk Co., Kansas, worth faO per acre; trade for business property Is lola. Five room house on paved street for rent $5.00. Modem • 8 room house close in, for sale or rent WHITAKER & DONNELL i lola, Kansas. WHITAKER & DONNELIi. •^WE NEED nir BUSINESS And will make It InterMtlng and to your adTantagtf to glva U to ui. Try UB and 8^ We write InBurance, write Surety Boada. write Burglar Insurance." draw Legal Papers, take Aaadirledgemeots, make -Loans on Vtena Lands — and nmln them at aa low a rate aa tboaa (eU6wa>irto adverttsa to make lofDB'a^ t%;>n dcm^fbx^ get to eomft -aniff Tet-na prore It to you." Alntf'perhaps we'may have some'tradbtg prbpoBltioAB, that -wUl-lhte^iist you. Come In antf look Qtqfa'ifrer. and list's get hwiy dn'aometblng. ALLEN CO|;:^BMJY CO; Br £. TkompfMiB, Wge. OFFICES B *Mia -BLDg.IOLA WAXT lOlA PROPERTY In exchange for the following: 300 acres 2 miles - Baldwin. Kas. Price 115.000. Mortgage $7000. Improved 160 Logan county, Kas. Unimproved 160 Gove county, Kas. Extra well Improved 160 L.ine county, Kas. ' Improved 320 near Garden Ciiy iCs. Well improved 560 acres Decatur county, Kas. Unimproved 160 Logan county. Kas. These lands are all clear and the price Is right Pine wheat land. Pick out what you want and deal your property for It - lOLA LAND COMPANY. —You will find that draggists every where speak well of Chamberlain b Cough Remedy. They knOw from'long experience in thd sale of It that In eases of eouKba •nd colda « can air ways be deepnded upon, and that it ta pleasant and ttfa to take. Ftorsaleby Mrs. M.^ D. Arbuckle is qziiccted to return from Coillnsvllle this afternoon.' Sam Gard of lola was a business vlajtor here yesterday. Ben Lowe of Bronaoh was In town Bhaking bands with old friends yesterday. Constable Ihrig and Undersherlir Dipfee of lola were In town on busl- neaa yesterday. There baa been a number of com- plalnU concerning the uncovered Wells, and claterns In our dty, that had been left unattended to when the house was'moved away. Wouldn't It b {B a good Idea to compel tbe owners Ut aee that such placea were covered or filled apt • C. R. Carmain has been appointed by the Deming people aa local manager dt their gas Interests .In thle city. H O. Adams, who has been manager for Mr. Taylor for eight years, will reslgr the 12th and With bU faimlly wll] leave shortly for Rupert, Idaho, to make their borne. During Mr. Adams' stay in this city he has" accumulated a number of friends, who. dislike to see blm- go, but aevertbelesii wish . tbe move a good one. Mrs: jr. B. Forrester and daughter Oma win visit relatives fn Blue Mound for a few weeks. ' Mrs. R. W; Stanton and daughter. Miss Mae, ^fter a pleasant visit with their daugb.ter and slater. Mrs. C. E' .Burns in Parker, (Kaa.. have returned to their home ber& Col. A'tchlBon of Ibia was' a busl- ne"8 caller here yesterday. From all reports wedding bells -wHl hitvn a chance >o ring' In Gas Cit.T Christmas. Cuol4 l«"rery buay matlnf pairs for this holiday. ; Cbriatian Cburch-TSunday achool a.* 2 p.' m: Preaching at 3:ofcIock p. m' br Elder 'Mbopiaw, pastor of tbf ChriatlaB C^uhsh in lola. ICvcry onr' invited to attend. '= tfettidUat Chn^h-.-flnn4ay schop' 6:30 p. m. Preadbln^ 11 a. m. on the tlienie, "Open Doors and Enemies In the Way." Preicbthg 7:30 p. m. Everyone invited. l>BBfor. To My Patrons: Ini order to have more room my of Icai will hereafter be In the front ro>m^ (up-stairs) of the new lola State pank Building; Entrance on the e ist side. Respectfully Frederick L. \B. peavell, M. D. Dec. 8.—The pic held at the County the evening of thi COUNTY LINE. social which was Line school house 29j|b proved quite a success both 8aci|ill^and financially. Mr. and Mrs. Wi 1. McCartney, spent Thursday afternocp Of last week at thb Bishop home. Mr. and Mrs. jdneB>and Miss Lulu were Colony vlsltoi a Friday afternoon. Lena Banks i^snt^ Thursday and Friday of last wee c with home folk. Mrs. C. L Hay anil Mrs. Jasper Powell had buslnias in Colony Wednesday last Mr. and Mra. C Wi Hay called at Harhf Hay's Wediesitay afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. E D.^BroulIIette. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Har and' dianghter, and MlsB BrownrI sg enjoyed a boun- teoUB Tbanksgtvi tg teaat at' tbe C I. Hay home. lUaa I<bra Moyi r v0io baa been oa- siatlng Mrs. Blab >p with her bonae- h'old duties returfl id tb her home near Modr Ida W%*6eil8y^evenlng. . Edwin Rellisy, whp has been attending' the fltati ' normal spent jhia ThRnksgtvihg vac&tioii with his'folk. While E; D. R ouijlefte waa gping •h town Friday « r laat week onei of his horsea took auddenly aick,|BXid :ie was compelld tct borrow another before he coii]d j roc^ to town. The dck'horse was ickii^'given medical lid mid by-even ng-waa able to be taken home.' • ' < •; "Mlsa BrOwnrig; enenf Saturday night end Suadajp at-the Kelly home. Farm and Lamm KANSASvAJID .QnAHOlU Low Bute) ' Anan'ai *er' Seml-Anvaal Interest—PHvlIege to Pay la FaU Bedaeed Bffea6*^Flra. Imarneel Old Geart Honse BI4f; • Uta^Sa*. TO CfTBC A fSAliOTlir QNS 9AT. •UTMce'LAXAlWTKBROMO qidalne VtUXm. 'Drogtf flii >efnn4 mdney if .t fkUa to enW K W.'OROVE'8 ~Big-> |iatar« ia'M-itte) rboic^!U£';*;- .CR£8C£NT YALLBI ^ . r Dec. 6.-^r. and Mrs. VL.'a. Wilson and children called 'at W. VLl" Eddl- cott'a Tuesday evening.- " Mr. and Mrs. CD. Wright and family, Maude and Dora Endlcott'. Stella Simmons, Katie. Francis and Jerome Wlllenburg visited 4t J. P. Wllhite's Siihday. • Mrs. Wlllenberg called on Mra. Dorhbergh -Siitiday evening. Walter Wllhite and fAmlly were the guesta of Rflej' Moore's'Sunday. Maude Endlcott stayed over night with Ula Wllhlte Saturday night. Ralph Stewart and .wife went to Chanute Tuesday. Louis Simmons bas^urcbased a new buggy. • ; A' few-from here attended the pie supper at Cuppy Friday night •" Archie. SImmonB Is "on the sick list Mr. and Mrs. Updike and children called at Gerald Moore's-Sunday evening. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter add daughter: and Mr. Joe-Rhodes and family visited-at Carter Rhodes' Sanday:--" Mr. and Mra. Updfiie' and 'cbUdren. Mr.'and Mra.- R, B. Wt^v and family, called on Mrs.:'Adame aad-Loa- nle Sunday evening. • Mrs: Wlllenberg and Mrs. Wljblte called on Mrs. Rbodea^ Tuesday eTen-< Ihg.-- • ' • - . = Mrs; Wright called on Mra.-WI)8on Tuesday evening:' \ . r-ThlajB the la^t week tor free trial naekage of Conkeyla Laylag^idc-and , Big Wnitw 'Book, ? cm ' at Morris'* « WEEKLY LIVESTOCK BETIEW « — '• --::r::'."_::...^-; •;>.•;-.*• • * • • «> • • « • <> ;' Kansas caty '^tock Yards Dec.' s:— [:CatUe received here this week 37,900, last'weiric 30,4I $d ; same week last year 55 200., This is the second week of light marketing of cattle .here and the market has developed a terrible thirst Prices were ten higher on most kinds yesterday and again today, an unusual procedure for the - slim run that arrives on Friday. Total gain for the week la 25 to 50 cents on killing grades, and atockers ax^ feeders are selling high. Dealers believe the good market will draw out a larger run next week, but the trade should be able to handle Ihcreased supplies wlthput hurting prices. Good heavy steers have sold at $7.50 to'48.25 this week, some toppy light steers at $8.50, and 1030 poun^ steers today good enough lo bring $8.25.' Nothing of tbe Christmas .variety has been here this week, though dealers expect some ot that kind nbxt week. Predictions are made that nine tUty to ten dollars will be' liaid for a few loads next week Sometimes there Is no overproduction of fancy Christmas beevoB, and In such years they sell at a amall margin above the general' market Last year was an example of that con dltlon. But tew believe.there Is too many fancy beeves this year. Oil Mill cattle are running from the mills this week and selling at $5.00 to $5.'80. Fair to good Oklahoma cows sold In tbe quarantine division yesterday at $4.15, 25 to 40 cents higher than teoi days' ago. Colorado beet steers sold at $5.70 today, 1119 pounds, as high as any lime this year. The general market Is closing the week at the highest point of the year. Liberal riins of hogs continue to arrive at the market; and tbe quality is improving. Run here this week amounts to 79,100. last week fil^SOO. same week last.year 38,800. Prices have been lower this week, but the market has some spring to it, and sales yesterday and today are a to 10 cents higher each day. Top today Is $6.33 bulk of sales $r>.SO to $6.30. The feature this week is' the Improved demand for light hogs, and the relative strength displayed by them. They sell today at $5.70 to $6.20. J. A. RICKART. Market Correspondent —If yon are troubled with chronic constipation, the mild and gentle effect of Chamberiain's Tablete makes them especially suited to your case. For sale by all dealers. LIBEBTT. Dec 6.—Mr. George Cornell hauled com one day last'week to B. F. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Townsend spent last Friday with their daughter. Susie Slack. Mr. Goble and wife and Miss Bowera from Indiana spent Thanksgiving with R. S. Goble and family.' Mr. 'Wheelei^'loat some hogs with cholera this week. The now bridge east of Liberty greatly ' improves the looka of the road. • • Mr. IVheeier Is baul/ng bay to PJQOa. No one needs to go hungry for meat as Mr. Elahi peddles It for six, eight nnd ten cch'tR per pound. ' ' Mrs. H. E. Burtnett baa been staying In lola tbe'last few da^B, as she has been unable to do her work. ' W. a. 'HlllbTBht helped Mr. Murphy butcher Tuesday.' ' Ddnle;' Btartaett' has been making quite frequent'calls at lola. / Mi's. HiUbraaft apent Tuesday with MrB. George Cornell. ' »' Mrs: Susie Stack Is on the sick list Mr. and Mrs'. Castator spent Sunday with Lee Vfeteto. Mr. and' Mra. Ira' To-whsand and family.'Steve Townsend and^ family visited at Martin Cahal'en's-tSnn'day.'- ' VtJ and Mrs, Ftaodc'Cox' eaterttan-' ed a comphny of friends a£ dinner Thanksgiving' Day. • Irene' Cdx.'-thetr daughter who. stays at:3ola- the'-mbst of the time was among the companr. Mrs. p. Johnson, was yjaitlng last Thursday's. O: W. Bnrtneft spent Thank^ivlng' day -in lola at Grandma Coy's. Thanks^vlng Day atiiuda out by Itself on the calendkr this year. There Is do other day v^th so many dellgbt- iul associations iemd tender memories 'lipon w^Icfa. tfie heart so spontaneons- iy poura out Its grateful tribute to the father abbve. So while! tbe'pass^ jng-.year baabad ita abrrbttb, we feel that'the Joys have outweighed them and more sUII God's deb(<na iirtttanka tor"hl8 many blessings. In every community • ther*-are-'those -to ^b'pm rundiy word briaga-a touch of the splriit ot the festal'day.. 'By so doing "DiaUkBglying iB-made 6n]avable tb 'iai wlio; alt around the felfal 1ioalrd .r "Sbiiday ^school w#m ^ell -.attetidea lastJfiunday. . - 5 f-'rilfiu cairiaty la preparfngNher^en., 'tertUnnientVfor CaiilattiMu^; wKh; thia' IOLAtB. B. TIME TABLEJSi A. T, « 8. F. BAILiyAT • South Bound.. ^^.^ ' No. 201— Atoiiy -^Pirtsengar;;......ftOS^m,, No. 2D3—Dally Fauenger -..2:4Sa.m« No.. 207—Dally (except Sunday) Fa «wn- 8»r 8l60j>.ai, No. 215—Daily (except Sunday):- miy Freight. Arrlve"12:et p.. nk. De- ? •part. j; i 1:06 p. m« V > North Bound. '.--•> . . So. 202—Dally Passencar ...Mtttp. m. No, 304—Dally. Passenger >. -.1;N a. m. No.aog—DaUy (except BunOay) Puaaa- - -aer -.r........v...-'.-ii-...;...'. BrOa.m« ' N0 .-ZIB—Dally (except Sunday) •'IVay Freight. 'Arttva-U:1S a. ni,„ Depart .i!'...... n:n~P; a. iiissocBiTAcqfic BAILjf4r Fr«lBht»-W««^ Booed. ''* 491—Local (dally ex. Sun) iT..;;..3:4Sp.iB. . 461-Colo. Bed Ball (dally) ' 1 Freight*—East Bound. 458-ated-Ball (dally)-ar .?i....v " |49^Local (dally ex. Boh) Br.....8:00 a. nu ; ; Pasaengera—West''Bound- '•• 407-4Kansaa C;rty-Yates-(^ter Man and . ^Express (daily) lv.;...i.'..:,4:47ipc in. 409--Bt. Louis-Wichita Ball; and BU-piuae (dally) Iv.. S :*a <a. n, L PasMnger»>.East-Bound; . 410-^t. Louls-Kansaa atr -Maa and B e> press.(dally)'.ar--^.^'<'"'—'--?'il''Tl>l nu 408—St. Louls-KBiisaa dty' UalPUia Sxr-i. . < press (daily)ar.....v^.S^fa: so.. 3L i * TLJUttWAfl' I • i $outh Bound. •No. 6n—'Way FrelBht, (dafly Sunday) .^...1... *i3Stt .Ta^^ No. 75—Mixed (dally) '(USpwm. " No. T^PasKnger (dally} ...:. .12:19 p. m, >.:, No. 25-FTyef (daOy) ..:........6:50«.nu ' North-Bound. -;; ; No. 24—Passenger (daily) : S:2Sp:m. No. 76—Sllxed (daUy) 2:30 p. nu •No. 572—Way Freight; (daily except .JB-S Sunday)":. I2;19pum..' s Ij •571 and'5T2 Will carry paaaengent s^i > - • ' • • • • • ' -jtU n Ever7 .Abstract^Sto Is gaaruteed to be a meranafei: able abBtraot or-mtaar- wtoBdiil;! .>.i ,4. . lOLA ABJKrRACT COMB*KT.H- Trank'Wood, Haaaga?. « I Boyal/TyM-irriter'Ageaer » ^ CoBtrdlB ExSftlhalve Bala ot fha 9 » Boyai Staadard Typewxllcc S * Ju Allen ConntT ,. » £ E. H..Bn £lBb Agent'. », S Xorthmp i^fidlng lolk, Kana S .$ TypeiTrIfei;,BeMn.aqilJSB»pw SS9 as'gss$g« S ir.Ci a BBJT _ a Boom HotOtap BMg. a Extractfbii 'withput^paln. by the IB r-i^- a -use of• Nitrous cSade Gaa SU-^ a Phone-OffiqeRes. 852. « a WHY HOT I m \i^ Have Your Piano Tanad lir aa tt .J?^l Experienced' TunerrrOna-U'r-; a ingiB your hbartt^bwi; ^ , -V*^ j» •^a ^o .ciMtasr. Roberta Vatfti ColV. a a a a•»•• a a a a • aaLO-** - - ^ i BatiBftie_ T ' phone' aC' TatM CeBter -mm KABlTBf$r " wail 1 Or Jev Bfgtfa Square.-'OOlce'-in'] All'tiraEnBaetltflia'. diaiaaV.'-?^ t:; '•'-it ^™€5 ^i^ llmUl ofaale. wltir BtoJMmir ;BQlag^iinii ' The one waj^;(av<a;^;f^siaft;^^.. JPAeaelM. J dlst01at»foi^i

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