The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 27, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1977
Page 6
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1*,\OK O-XAttGAT.trCK NKW3 (CONN.). TVK8DAY. AIJO. 13. 10-tU On The Air Today l!:00 p. m. Al.f, MtfiHnn.fl • NnWH WOK- I'!a»y ACPH ll:IS p. in. , VVP.UY Krrmtli-ni <>r Mcl<tn<:« XVJ/--l'«lhi!l and Alhort V/ATK—Al Vimtro, Hport.i Wurf On tin* C.'unliiry WTIC: <:ii'» Club WI-'.AK Ani'-rlcun SiTiiMiido ll:l!l) |i. m. WA'l'it CorklHll Hcivmidti »',::«» \>. 111. WMUY M (,'hrlnty Kfk. News VVAl'.C [..iin-y CHIT VVJX Alh'fi I'l'i'iieol' W'l'tC S'.H'lftly SportM WATK NIIWII; Inti'i-hidi' \VOK- Ni'Wii ' . r.MO p. m. W'lTC; • Wcnthi-r WKAK H|.oi-t» 111.15 |i. in. VVf-flV WAI'.C NI.W.I '/'III Now VVTK.'-Wf'IAP • f.f'Wi'll '('human VVJX H.-1-H'ti Moi'Krtn . • WATK - I'luaHun- und Profit WOP. S'.Jitn Unmix •7:IH) n. m. vVt.ftY.WAMf.' null f.'l»yl"» WJJS Hmidlln" I'Ullllon WATK- Fulton [,1'WlM VV'/'lC'-WMAP' Sui'l" 1 ' 1 f!|11 '' 1:10 |i. m. WHKY-WAllC .llori-'.! to Vi'li-ni \V.1X .KlmcT [Jiivl.i WOI1- -An»l^<'r M"'i WAT1': fthvlhin Advcntiiri-H VVT((,'-VV|.;/M'' • NnVH T.M P. m. WATU MCWM •7;!il> p. in. W£IHY-WAHC- 'Mi'lody flour W'l (f.'-WI'IA/'' -To l.r itnnoiiiicfd V/f'JK- -Aithni' .'-'"/i::r: NOUTH MAIN ST. • Union Clt.V - 'IV!. .TIH.'l R&P METAL WORKS 1)0 SO. MAIN STKKKT (Un:ir) Stl'l'l IllU'l .t SlU'l'tN FOR SAMI Ornnincntiil sim-l Work Ti-lxphnnti CII77 WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-G, 1-4 and 1-2 H, P. Tel. Waterbury 4-1G94 run! Hiwi-rsc dlinrj,'n nronr.HT THICKS r.\m The WATERBURY HEATING Co. l,4<n(lf<rA »n ifitmo limiting M-SH Hl'UINO ST, 4-»W7H Vacuum Cleaners K.lrcti'lntl NpcrliillMtH AT SWAN'S St, 1:45 !»• ">, ,,.,..—In.sklo of Sports WATR—Alcoholics Anonymous VVEAI-'—Kaltenborn MstlO p. m. WMRY-WABC—TSIlt Town WTIC-WEAF—Johnny Presents WO I'.--Nick Carter WATRAVJH -Lum tintl Abnor WJK -Tho O'Nnllls WATR -I Wunt u Joh \VUP.Y-WAKC---Thuator of Ro- mnncii wnr:-WKAK~nato with Judy WATR-WJ5J--.Sammy Kayo WOK Tho Falcon H.T13 M. 7TI, . WHHY-WABC- Tnlnnt Scout.M WOP nnhrl"! Hiinttoi 1 \VTlC-WT5At-'—Cranil Miu-queB WATK-VVJ5i--Tuil Mulonu {):!'> p. m. \VOR fli'Ul S.orli.'N W/V'I'i: r.i-itun tn Ann Grunlor WJX • LJrown OotM l!:lin p. m. WM1 V .Y-WAKC ••Knuuri 1 '1'heator DoRtoi-H' Tnlk SVOK • Aim;rlciiM Forum !);.|5 |). m. WATR-WJ54 UNRfiA Pjjm. I WATri-WJ/. •WIsmur'H S|iort:i | 10:00 p. m. ' WJ.KY-WAHC'- Night Life • WATK -Brlim McMnhon \ W.l'/. CciiK'L-rl Time | WnC-WEAf---Man Called X 10: in [i. in, WATR •••Of A' Tnlk \VOU T«ihi! ThoMO Notns IO;SU Ii. m. Wf-lRY- WAh'C Opon Hoarlng WTf-'-VVKAF — V-toinberg Music WATK- From l.ou Angeles WOK- My m phono t to \\'.I'/f I luOMipr I lop I / :(K) p. in, VVIiriY-WAIiCJ—World Mows Other SUiUun* NL-WM ] 1:11) p. m. WRHY-.-John J. Duly, Local Now.i 11:1") |). m. Wf'-IP.Y'V'ABC • Voil and the Atom WJ'/, K|;ort;i WTtt.'-WOK- News WATK Mi-ckcf Orch. I1 ;SO p. m. WM'li''f-WAT!(.' Spivak Orflh. U'KAi-' Him- 'l-!arro:i Orch. WTfC PollMh Mlisifi WATK-WJX Clemn: Tucker Orch. vVOi-'- WftiMi-r: Orchestra r'ilW Midnight ATJ. Stations • .V.:W>! Mow's the time for that NEW VORK WEEKEND No need co deprive yourself mul your family of a trip co Manhattan this summer — tiow ihtit Commodore nccni/i- 7/todntions arc more pltHtiful titsfing the Inner (ittft of the week. Comcnriy Tluirsday — stiiy clicough Sunday for a long nnd thrilling weekend in America's grcatcsc vacn- tion city. Accniccivc conncct- itij!-room arrangements uvailablc for family groups. Ju.'.c wrice or wire — as far in advance as you can. 2,000 large, comfortable outilds roomi, each wlrh prlvato bafh. DI1.IGHIFUUY AIR-COOUD KSTAUIANIS J* HOTEL CommoooRE "NKW YOOK'S BsitT loc*rre*HOTU." MAKTiN tWUHT , Prllldlnt * aioHrnT GKAND CtNtRAt. A*t> AlRlINK TlRMINAkl Interdepartment Joe Geruch's Tennis Mak ing Club Favored To Take Honors . Th.i round robin playoff for the- toi'ilcpai't^iont ' championship of thn Unltad Status Rubber Company Footwear Plant. get* under way to- nl£Thl. after n. week's .delay due to the special playoff necessary to irunk tho Ihrcoway tic for fourth pluce, Fi-ocl Wonlke's Industrial En- ,'Imi'orlng-OIIlce combine staged nn upset by defeating thn favorite, nnla Mill-Mold, who had previously dufcuited tlie Boot Room toum.. TonlKht'i games, scheduled to start .U fi.-oo'p. m., should provide a keen •mind ol' hull since the four teams niv for thn championship ixro >rotty fivenly matclved. On tha juslM of tholr broenInK through .tho •i-jrulnr league seuscn wiLhnut a do- en't howuvor. Joe Geruch's Tennis Nuking club Is favored to cop the 0-10 crown, v. Cum Shoes will stack up againHt hie TiKlu:itriul Enslneerlnff-Ofllooon ho .south diamond with .Dick ,'uckey and Frank! us um- jra while Tonnls Making und th'w .<iiboratc>ry will face one another n >ho north diamond wlt.'h Lefty i'uriT.r and Bill Kado calliii£:- tho ;nlls and xti-ikes. Tho two winners I' tum'irlil's contests will piny ".bout wo out of three series for the title. Vrealdtn Krmund Vulois today niiounctiil that plans wore about umpk'ltid for the league Outlnc vhich will bi> held at Nis.sen';; irovu next WaJncsiduy nl/tlit. Final Leujj Sports Chatterbox By JACK'DABBY ennl.-: MaklnB • urn Shourf itboratory lulUittriul EiiK.-Ot V:ini« Mill-Mold loot Iloom ... . Waterproof P.-S Gtvytees .Vli'tituitiicul VJ. 9 0 1.000 .300 .TOP .1101) .5.17 .500 .333 .333 ,11.1 000 Shea Holds Third Place In Coast Loop Standings Francis "Spec" Shea, Nauga- luok's contribution to the New York Ynnkoe 1'urm system, struck out seven men In hi.s last time out for the Oakland club of the Piicino Coast Lcnguc, on August 4. Thi.i brings his total to 83 for the your, und his 10--1 record giscs him «. .'Inner hold on third pluco in the pitcher's! .standings of the coust loop. Pitching the morning game of a df>iita!o-hcaclBr .'ignln.sL the (Irst place San Francisco club, Shcii \valkccl only two men, held the longui'-leaclers ncorelc^s for the first (Ivc innings, and guve up eight hits. The local youth's record, puts him Just behind ft team-mate of his Ardixola, who -shows a 10-2 result for hi.s efforts, The league leader is Janscn of San Fran/:isco who has won 22 fff.m«s inducting thc, (i results, while losing only 3, Shea's record becomes more im- pr«8ilve as one considers the fact that thf On.l«ln»!d club is having trouble fielding a top notch at times. On July 31, for instance, Manager Casey Srtmgl? used four chortstopr in the inlk-ld to field a ,. According lo vf perls for the cnast, Khun l.s oonsidornd by mimy funs. to be the best chuukcrln the league, Local Youngsters In Wtby. Track Meet Two Nniifrattick youngstcra placed In events at the Nautfntuck 1 Valley rnviUitlonal true It und field moot n-t V/nlcrhnrv yi!Ht»rdiiv nftnrnoon at the Municipal Stadium In Y alc1 'bury. .In Iho junlnr division', which In- cHidnd boys of 10 and 10, Jur/.ynskl placed third In the- running broad jump which wai won by Dillon of vVntorh'iry with a jump of 17 feet, one inch. Wnlii! of NauK.a-luck. came in fourth In the mldgnt divlaion ol niiuhond Cluittti-r Well, Naugatuck did it again! Another state championship wan recorded IP. the bore's already overflowing scrap-book last Thursday evening as the American Legion tciim blanked Windsor, 3-O, for tho chance to represent Connecticut in the National Regional Tourney at Glen Falls, N. Y. Congratulation*! are in' order for every member oi tho Legion organisation, and we personally think that Eddie Noldes boys will go fur in N. Y., 'If they can get by the first three gamea that are to be played in the space of two days. This will be a tough •'rind on the locals pitching staff, with "Vln" Mealy probably work- ng two of the games and Chet Usa- Iclewlcz the other.,. The Phllly Bluejays' double victory ovur the Dodgera Sunday was tho first time the Phils registered a win 'against the Bums thin year, and the first time they beat them in tho Quaker City since 194.1... looks to uy like that double loss will start the Dodgers' fall to second or .third place. .. This reporter was among the 73,OCO fans that witnessed the Yankee-Red Sox'twin bill Sunday at the Stadium. And although the BnanlowriRrsi gained a split and didn't look too sharp at times, you ;:till might ,as wpll fend to Eoeiton for those World Series cardboards. The Yanks just don't soem to hnvfi the "stuff" to ever overcome thai. 13 eami> lead of the Sox.,, "Vic" VH.ii.lls tells us that his Unio Cnlty "Lost Weekend" softball squad Is looking for games with ThurKton's, Merry Morticians, Clai-ks, or the Male Waves. The Union City "Lost Weekend"' soft- club and earlier this season gave the undefeated Thurston team their closest battle, with the Icemen v.'itining out, •!-."!, with an extra Inning run. Golf nnd Romance . . Our good friend (He may not hn nftor this) Johnny Dsividsmi rr>ally looked like another Byron Nelson on the fifth hole at the American Brass Country Club last wiv.'k. Tn ca=o you didn't hear .Tnhnnv Sfored a sensational "holo- In-one" there last Tuesday. The ABA Hub olllclals stated it was tha first "ho'.e-ln-onc" snored on the course since they took it over from, the Hop E:-ook Club. The real story didn't unfold how- over until after the golf ma>tc.h ended. Davidson modestly accepted many handshakes and a couple of "free ones" back at the 'A.BA Club house and then headed ouick- ly to sec his one and only Joyce, When the girlfriend heard of Johnny's remarkable feat she threw her arms around him and screamed "Oh Davy, you're wonderful! And to think you're the man I'm gonna marry!" The climax came (And this may be a scoop) when the pair, who have been engaged for quite some timo, announced that they plan to be married about August We hear 'johnny has been "in the clouds' ever since, at least ho was Saturday night when a gang of us were "night-clubbing" down n.t "Actor's Colony." Hey, John, how about telling us that secret of how you made the "hole-in- one," or don't you know, cither? To get serious, though, we really want to congratulate you on that golfing and your coming marriage. ON HIS OWN By Jack Sords Chemical Drubs Rubber No. 1 14-5 In Dusty Loop Game Important Meeting Of Amateur Loop Tonight Then: will lie :i special mi'fltr Ing of the NmiKiituck Amateur r-eaeue tonight at the St. Francis' school building on Church stre<:t. This uffair Is Hchedulcd for eljrlil o'clock sharp. Frank S. Shcii, president of the pbov<; loop requests that ul) of the following managers report to the meeting without fall. They ;ire: George Allen, Riingcrs; Milton Weissman, Highlanders; James Kennedy, St. Fnuicis; Charles Kevlt, Bencon Falls; ;md Harry Stauffcr, of the Mlllvilift A. A. Several important matters will be discussed at tonight's V.onfah'. Detailed arrangements; will also be made for next Sunday's games: Highlander vs. St. Francis at Recreation Field. Mlllville vs. St. MIcliael's at Beacon Falls. c S? ^ Local Golfers Trail Leaders In Conn. Dl A/W3GIO Open Championship e. lode, Joe". AS A S-TAR Mi s Standing of Teams AMERICAN I.KAGUR Yosterday'n Kosultn Cleveland 3, Detroit 2. Chicago at St. Louis, wet grounds. Only games scheduled. The Standing the GO yard oven. The winner was DIBiase of Wato'rbury with a time ot' 7.3 seconds. Watcrbury's 13 playgrounds supplied the winning team by scoring 07 polnt.'j. Torrinffton, Watertown and Litchtield finished in that order. Peter J. Foley, Naugatuck High school coach, and su/jervisor of playgrounds here, and Frank Eutch- cr accompanied the local group to the meet. W. L. Pet. ! 77 33 .700 fl3 4!3 .DS3 GO 4G .5CG .!i('l 53 08 .-177 •47 GO A1S •IS 01. .1-<0 32 77 .295 Boston Now York . Detroit Washington Cleveland ... St. IXHllli . . • Chicago Philadelphia Today's G:iiiii-s, I'ltcliers Washington at New York—Leonard(8-7) vs. Bcvons (12-S). Boston tut Philadelphia (nU7hO — Zuber (3-2) or Dobson Cll-5) vs. SavniTD (1-10) or Harris (2-9). Detroit, at Cleveland (night) — Trout (fl-11) vs. Feller (21-G). Chicago at St. Louis (2 twi-night) —Grove (5-10) and Rigney (3-4) vs. Zoldak (7-S) rind Potter (7-7). NATIONAL I.KAGUE Vcstorday's Results Brookyln 3, Ni:\v York 2. St. Louis r;, Chicago 0. Pittsburgh 3, Cincinnati 2. (Only games scheduled.) The Standing W, L. Brooklyn 6G 42 St. Louis .... 64 'II Chicago 55 • )9 Boston 02 52 Cincinnati .„ 48 !iC New York -IS M Philadelphia 4fi 00 Pittsburgh 41 61 ret, .611 .CIO .529 ,500 .462 .•M9 ,•433 ,.102 Today's Gamns, Pitchers New York nt Brooklyn (night) —Kennedy (6-5) vs. Head (3-2)Philadelphia at Boston—Raffensbergei: (6-10) vs. Lee (7-6). Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (night) •—P.urr.bert (5-3) vs. Lanning (3-3). St. Louis at Chicago—Brecheen (9-10) vs. Schmitz (7-8). You can still enlist in the Regular Marine Corps for two three or four years, For additional information, go to your 'nearest United States Marine Corps Recruiting Station, Post Office Building, Waterbury. WEVE GOT 7 SAVE MOREIISED FAT; MOM — POP'5 DlVlNG FOR OLJRl - Millville Cubs Win Over Hop Brook, 4-3 By KENNY d-VMER. A single by Woodfield in' the last half of the seventh, with two out, and two wild -throws as the runner tried to stretch the hit, KIIVC the Millvillo Cubs n. <l to 3 decision over the Hop Brook aggregation yiisterday afternoon, at Recreation Field. The unearned run gave Broderick,; Millville hurlcr, a win for. his splendid efforts, on ,the mound. Limiting the number of walks to seven, fivi; of those to onn man. and allowing but five hits, the Cub hurlor collected three of his team's hits. Score by innings: MillvlliB Jrs. ..,"1000021—482 Hop Brook 0100110—3 fi 4 Batteries: (winning team first), Brodericlc and Anderson. . . Umpire: 1 Butcher. Brasscos Hope For Clean Sweep Over MeridenClub The strong Meriden Insilcos, one of the lop teams of thn state, will attempt to gain an even break in the season's series when they op- pone the Brsisscos tomorrow iiight •at -thu Municipal Stadium. Mi'j-. Joe Sumoska's club r.oscd out " Hie SP.vor City aggregation, 2-3. in a thriller at Mcriden sev- r-ra.1 v.-f.eks ago and Ksver since Mgr- Tony Kawolski of the Insilcos hus been seeking a return comest in hopes of breaking even. Vcrn Conncll, who hurled shutout ball for eight innings only to lose out as the result of a pair of infield errors in the opening game will be back on the hill for the In- «ilcas tomorrow with the veteran Yank Kobrin behind the plate. Connell wnis one of the lending southpaws in collegiate ranks in the East this year while hurling for •the University of Connecticut. Connell liar! no trouble at all with '..he Brr.sscos in the opener but the game with two out in the ninth inning when his infield support collapsed behind him. He will probably be opposed by an- olhor top collegiate fiinger. Wall Gathman of Yale. Gathman has won four out of five contests for the Bi-assccs after racking up 10 straight triumphs without a setback for the Eli .three months ago. Jimmy Sheehan will handle his slants behind the plate. The Bi-asscos have been strengthened in the infield with the sign- Ing of First Baseman-Johnny White of West Hnvcn for the balance of the campaign. White is considered as the top first baseman in the state and is expected to take some of the long distance hilling burden off the shoulders of Red Sheehan. Wliil.o will bo at first with Whitey Piurek at second. Lud Jasilunas at shortstop, and "Whitey" Piurek at third. Rod Sheehan, Billy Moore and Johnny DoVito will be in the outfield. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Tues., Wed., Thurs. MERLE OBIROOURHAN BEY Coining Friday and Saturday "CUBAN PETE" "MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER" For A Snack, a SandWich or a Full Meal; Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STREB* ' FULL LIQUOR LICENSE MacMURRAY Anne BAXTER Just Arrived NEW LOGAN SHAPER on display* For. ' Immediate Delivery SEE ARNOLD, SMITH . IH TECHNICOLOR 2nd BIT IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A 008 , C«W« UtOHS MILL SUPPLIES After leadins the fleKI :t -t the end cf the ili'.'-t .oiKhlcen hok-s of the ConnpcLicul Open, beinf held at the ToiTii:c!OJi Country Clu h, the Burke brothers, Kddi>? and Pete. dropped back, although not out of running, as the 30-hole totals were posited Jast night. Three professionals, Frank Sarro, Tumbli-brool:, Willie Hunter. \Villi- ijiantic, and Joe Sullivan, YaJe posted 347s over the hilly Torrir.ff- ton course to make it a triple tie at th<? half way mark. The Burke brothers both came in with par 72s for their morning- rounds, but. t'/sir putters :ust couldn't find their mark after lunch, Kildio ending up two strokes behind the leaders, whiie Pete.- was i getting- a_79 for n. 101 total. Not loo 1 far behind in the standing, at 35-1, stood another local golfer, John Galc.'-ki, who may pick up a few strokes today as he is considered by locals a good "bad- weather" golfer. on fond Stanley Krulikowski. the only other local entrant reporting; hid score," ran into difficulties with his irons, posting a jiajr .of 87s for a 37-1 ar.d not too-co I forting total. Risdon Team Wins On Forfeits As Glass Fails To Show The Naucatuck Chemical drubbed the U. S Rubber i team, J4 to s. in n. Dusty softbull league ftame last niRht at the Recreation Field. In the other jjame, Kisdon won itself a 9 to 0 victory on a forfeit when the Naupa-tuck Glass failed to field a team. C. Bulka started on the mound for the Chemical ten, but ran into ditllcuJtius in the fifth when the bases were filled and none out. Eddie Urashka, fact-ball arlint, took over the mound duties and retired the next three men in order. The winners scored three in the second inning, four in the third, two more in the fourth, another in the fifth, and jusyt to add to the total, four more In the sixth. Rubber managed a run in the first two more in the second, and one c-ach in the third and fourth. A total of 39 hks were garnered by the winners, Bulka and Urash- ka giving up ten between them, to the losers. Al Raytkwich, getting three for four, was the bii; Run in the batting department, with Vic Borzaneki adding a homer with two men aboard. Brownie Karaban had a homer and a single to lead the not too potent Rubber Co. batters. Eddie Walker came up with some brilliant fielOinR-to nrovent a larger score by the winners. The score: Chemical .... 0 3 4 2 1 -i 0—14 IS 0 U S. Rubber 3211000—5305 Batteries: (winning team first), C. liulka. E. Urashka and F. Edmonds; M. Janus, E. Mariano and F. Purs. Umpire: R, Weaving. Seventeen slates require there shall be at least on<> representative in the lower house for each county, and one state, Maryland, requires not less than two. llCHFIEID Hainan blood t/>ntair.s about 11.000 white corpuscles per cubic centimeter. SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG DICK FIN LEY, Mfirr. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. • Bathlns: • PlcnJc* Open in m Xij^ht The CURTAIN RISES Angnsi 13-17 SEATS: Sl.OO, Sl.OO, 52,00 plus tax Curtain S:-SS Tel. Litchfield SSO DODGE Hotchkiss St, Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5T2T- J. L MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE Fleischmannjs $3.45 90 Proof J. K. STORES CUT RATE, UQCORS, %V1NKS, BEERS 396 N. Main St Tel. €978 Free Dollvorj' Anywhere In Borough Beautify your home We recommend Murphy D»-Co« Enimel for a beautiful finish oflong enduring wear. For the m«Jiy indoor *nd ootdoor opponunide* to bring tb« beauty of color to the home then it nothing like Di-Cote EnwaeL Seo Our SJtwek LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOTS FOR GARDEN and LAWN % SHOVELS (lonp and »bort handles) • GARDEN RAKES • HOES — SPADES C PRUNING SHEARS « GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc. Maple St Tel. 3507 SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG . C.R.*L.. WiiHWH Knn Dlrwt lo Hfnth CI.KANKST Sl'OT IN TIIK STATK AUGUST PUR SALE — BOY NOW AND SAVE — 09 N. MAIN STREET Waterbury - ' Tel. S-2727 BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT CUT-BATE PRICES! /~» A *».TryrTr^T?d »xt to Wtby. SANZERIS s»vmc. B«k 20 SAVINGS ST. DIAL 5-03*1 FRUIT JARS GOOD LUCK JAR RUBBERS PRESSURE COOKERS ALL TYPES OF .. KADIO REPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH SX-.-.SV- Telephoito 408S _.^,.^ ± 4 Ql; Presto fljt O QC Pressure Cook«r» tDX^««/tl (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STREET Cars Washed, Polished at CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 248 ST. TEI-. MOTOR OII-S VACATION-_ LUGGRGE nK Brmv*r«l. FISHERS 111 S. MAIN ST. 5-1871 , FOR PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Phono 472C LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No. Main Sfc PLAY , POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS IKS MAPLK STREET

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