Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 20, 1969 · Page 12
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 12

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1969
Page 12
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THE RKUISTER-NrcWS :\1T. TWRrTOTs", lL.Lil.NUI8 MONDAY, JANUARY 2Q, iswc- Biafra Mercy Ship Sails From Brooklyn THE 1970 BUDGET AT A GLANCE By Solly Tomlinson Associated Press Wriler N«:\V YORK i APi—The |!y lililc mercy ship snap- Forra sailed out of Brooklyn Monday li^ht, crammed with a fluoroscopy vitamin pills, rice and all •jf I he IhiiiKS the small people of » rich land donated for starving Biafrans. One eslimate pul lite value of the cargo at $250,0U0, but no one really was counting. "There never has been such BUTCHER BLOCK 407 So. 27th—Ph 244-0630 MENU Prepared and Ready To Eat -MONDAY- HAM and BEANS —TUESDAY— BEEF STEW -WEDNESDAY- BAR-B-QUE RIBS -THURSDAY- CHILI -FRIDAY- HOT ROAST BEEF —SATURDAY- HOT ROAST PORK Bill Mollis: !) * Retry I'll (i l'..M. Kins, Owners an outpouring." said Richard : Weston, a Biafra Christmas Ship Committee aide. The International Longshoremen's Association, on strike for Ihree weeks, put its men to work loading the ship. "They allowed volunteers on the pier to unload the trucks. The carpenters crated a fluoroscope some doctor donated. Ev- erylMxIy on the waterfront lias gone out of their way. It's the first time I've seen anything like this." said Edward F. Curley, vice president of the Kerr Steamship Co., which handled the Forra without charge. Boy Scouts, teen-agei's. old women on crutches and young people worked around the clock : 1 lacking contributions so the ship could sail on time. The International Kescue Committee collected SGO.OOO worth of drugs and equipment I - antibiotics, vitamins, bandages, x-ray machines—and $90,01)0 worth of high-protein food rice. cornmeal, beans, canned meal and fish. Mrs. Richard M. Nixon wife ol I he president-elect, appeared on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral Saturday to take part in the appeal. In Lagos, Nigeria, the government, owned paper. Nigerian Observer, objected that Mrs.' Nixon's appearance "was an example of continuing American interference' in the Nigerian civil war" with Biafra. A spokesman I o r the Biafra Relief Services Foundation said that about S.'JO.OOO cash has been contributed "and the mail still is running heavy." The funds will be used to pay for additional loadings at Newport News. Va.. and for the airlift between Sao Tome, an island off the coast of Africa, arte; Biafra. Each flight costs an estimated SI. 500. Over "100 Ions of food and medicine were collected in England and loaded aboard the vessel enroute to New Y:>il;. INCOME AND OUTGO Figures in Billions 1970 S195.3 Defense $81.5 Vietnam $25.4 1969 $183.7 $81.0 (28.8 THE FEDERAL DOLLAR Where It Comes From Corporation Income Taxes Social Insurance Trust Funds International 2c Education Interest on Public Debt President Johnson's proposed budget for fiscal 1970, sta/ting next July 1, would raise federal spending to the highest point in history. It forecasts a $3.4 billion surplus, providing Congress extends the 10 per cent surtax, now scheduled to expire June 30, for another year. Without the surtax, the budget would show an $8.7 billion deficit. Defense expenditures arc budgeted for a $500 million increase over 1969, but the Vietnam share of the total is expected to drop by $3.4 billion, the first decline since the United c 'ites become involved in the war. Grand Slam Hard To Bid By Oswald Oswald: November and James 'The hands National Jacoby for the charily but many players will respond ening will be almost universal game were quite interesting and well worth devoting several ar- .ieles to." Jim: "Let's discuss band five !ir,-:t. We will shift directions' around so that the declarer will be Ihe South hand." Oswald: "There's no problem Bridge Lesson There is no difference between the Latin cross used by the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches and the Greek crows. Now Possible To Shrink Painful Hemorrhoids in the play. There are ']:•{ top tricks available either clubs d-amonds or no- trump. The problem for match point player-! is to get to the top spot . ;-evcn no- trump." Jim: "Why don't we just show the first, two rounds of bidding? Not that, everyone will bid this exact way. After Ihese bids liit-re will start to be real divergence." Oswald: NORTH (D) A A 9 2 20 EAST A J63 V Q J 2 • .108 6 2 * J94 V K • K J 9 7 5 *KQ75 "VvKST A KQ1085 V 98653 • 4 3 *6 SOUTH A 7 4 V A 10 7 i • A Q • A 10 8 3 2 ' East-West vulnerable West North East South 1 • Pass 1 A Pass 3* Pass ,'IV See column for rest of bidding. 'Norths diamond op- one heart Tl.ey will instead of two clubs, do this with the mis- And Promptly Stop The Itching, Relieve Pain In Most Cases. New York, N.Y. (Special): Science has found a medication •with the ability, in most cases — to promptly stop itching, relieve pain and actually shrink hemorrhoids. Tests by doctors proved that in case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction Alaska Is Sending ! Reindeer To Korea of the inflamed hemorrhoids took place. The secret is Preparation H®. There's no other formula like it! Preparation H also soothes irritated tissues and helps prevent further infection. In ointment or suppository form. i By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Alaska reindeer—2-10 of thorn-- flown this week in a Boeing 707 jet; for Anchorage to their new home in Ihe rice paddies of South Korea. The animals have boon flown EXPERIENCE Combined with a sincere desire to help Pulley Funeral Home 1314 Main St. - Phone 242-3348 CHARLES E. HUGHEY, Funeral Director to Anchorage from their bareti Arctic home near Nome. Later this week, probably Saturday, they will be loaded on the jetliner for Ihe trip across Ihe Pacific. Souih Korean businessmen are paying lb)' the experiment, hoping the reindeer can adapt to the Korean climate and feed. They will be used for food and medicine. Jung D. Wang, one of the shippers, said parts of the rein- Jeer horns can be mixed with nerbs as a tonic "something on the order of vitamins." Laplanders and some Eskimos depend on the animals for meat, milk clothing and hauling groceries. - John /HtiTistejn of Redmonr:, Ore., known as king of the reindeer ranchers, was hired by the South Koreans to supervise the project. •Wang said he understood South Korean President Chung Hoc Park would meet the reindeer at the Seoul airport. Eight per cent; of the herd are .?o\vs. If the experiment appears to be working, another 200 reindeer will be flown to Korea next, month and fi00 next year. If ihe water in the rice paddies is deep enough, Wang said ihe experiment probably will work. i taken idea that they are keeping the bidding low. Jim: "This heart response is a poor one. South is going to ; i-.aivio at least, and should bid. his longer suit first in order' in give the maximum amount of information." j Owald: "I would have no cri- ! tic'sm for a North player who fnps to four clubs but I prefer 1 u e three club call. South is r .i -l going to pass and North iK»:\s not. want to bypass three no-trump right away." Jim: "South's rebid of three hearts is automatically correct. He also doesn'l want to bypass i!i-'00 no- trump and he should ',:ul bid it with the spade suit wV.c open." j Oswald: "A three spade call j by North is now correct. After j tins )jid it will be easy to reach ! sc.-en clubs and players who; ;;et there will be rewarded with i lyiud scores. As for seven no- j (rump and a real top, we just fion't know how to get there." U.S. Holds 'Evidence' Garrison Asks Shaw Trial Delay Doctor's Mailbog Varicose Veins Are Not Hereditary i _ _____ _ By Wayne G. Brandslatlt, M.D. ; cortisone group have been tried . ; with varying success. O What symptoms do van-, , ,. • cose veins cause? Are they her- Q- \ ^ llver s l« ts »" c'i arv' face. I know some women have : :ht"n when they are pregnant i A. Uncomplicated varicosities j but r never had ^ em tnen . j usually, cause no discomfort. In| Wh;jt causes uieni? ^ c£m far- advanced cases there may . „ be mild aching pains in the legs, easy fatigability and a feeding of heaviness around the j angles. Varicose veins are not i i •u.xditary but • are caused by j long periods of standing in one I piace. They often follow preg- i nancy and childbirth. Q. I am 23 and have varicose veins. Can there be an> complications? Is there any complete cure? A. The usual complications are chronic leg ulcers and inflammations of the veins (phlebitis). Surgical removal of the veins or injecting them with an obliterating agent will cure ihern, but if the conditions that caused them persist they may return. Q. At times bathers in the Gulf of Mexico are bothered by j jellyfish. Pinpoint welts occur; and later the gait becomes un- i steady and one gets cramps brj nausea. Is there anything the i victim can do when stung to i minimize the poisonous effects? j A. The results of stings by jellyfish, sea nettles or Porttt-; gitee men-of-war can be serious. Prompt local application of ammonia, alcohol or calamine lotion helps to neutralize the poison. Antihistamines will I reduce the severity of the delayed symptoms. • Drugs of the be done for them? Are they '•onfagious? .< A. Liver spot is a vague teroi that is applied to different skin conditions including chloa­ sma (the mask of Pregnancy) ur.d morphea (a skin manifestation of scleroderma), but most commonly it is aplied to tinea versicolor. This is a mild fungus infection which most victims ignore because it causes no discomfort unless the spots are on hie face and are considered unsightly. WHAT CAN PUT A SMILE ON A HOSPITAL. PATIENTS FACE? A cheery "get well" card, lots of visitors and MFA' HEALTH INSURANCE! See Your MFA Agent IELAN CARR WaI'ville Rd. Mt. Vernon Ph. 344-0387 for a cash advance Set your mind at ease. Add up the bills you're now paying, month after month... and pay them off with cash from GAC. Then you can enjoy the convenience of paying all your bills with one monthly payment that's fitted to your budget. Chances are it will be lower than the total you are now paying each month. You can plan ahead ... provide for extra spending money out of every paycheck. For prompt, personal service ... stop in or call. Get a cash advance from GAC to pay your bills... or for any good reason. LOANS UP TO $5000 GAC FINANCE CORPORATION 'Si BUY NOW sale The skull is a symbol of penance in Christian art. MjfmtrJ®& a **** ONE WEEK ONLY 20% OFF ON DRAPERIES FOR SOMETHING BETTER . . . SHOP AT JORDANS 104 9th St. Mt. Vernon, III. 244-0181 NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison has asked for an indefinite delay of the trial of Clay. L. Shaw, 55, charged with conspiring with Lee Harvey Oswald and others to murder President John F. Kennedy. The trial was scheduled to start Tuesday. Garrison claims that federal secrecy has crippled his case. Asst. Dist. Atty. James L. Al- c-ock filed a motion for postponement Friday with Criminal District Court Judge Edward A. -Haggerfy Jr. A hearing was set for Monday. The motion marked an abrupt reversal by the prosecution. A few weeks ago, Garrison said only his death could stop the trial. Alcock's statement in announcing the new motion carried a strong hint that the Shaw case might never reach the courti'oom. Alcock's action- -opposed by the defense—came shortly after a Washington hearing in which Court of General Sessions Judge Charles Halleck rejected Garrison's subpoena of autopsy photographs and X-rays of Kennedy. Halleck told New Orleans Asst. Dist. Atty. N. .V Bertel Jr. that he would have to show that the autopsy records are necessary to the case and that "this is something more lhan a fishing expedtiion." Saying he wanted to be sure Garrison was not simply trying j to "obtain what surely must be : sensational photographs," Hal! leek gave Bertel two weeks to 1 produce evidence. Garrison contends thai Kennedy, 1 slain in Dallas in 1963, was the victim of a conspiracy. The Warren Commission report said it found no evidence of a conspiracy. It said Oswald, acting alone and for reasons unknown, killed the President with rifle shots fired from a window as ; the presidential car passed by. ' The conspiracy case contends ; that: Kennedy was fired upon j from at least two directions and j i that the autopsy-material would prove it. 1 I The autopsy photographs and j X-rays were placed in the Naj tional Archives by the Kennedy family, with the stipulation that they not be made public. In seeking delay of the trial of Shaw, a retired businessman, Alcock asked thai, il be postponed until Garrison's office re- ceievs "all of the evidence called for in our subpoenas, of the evidence used in the autopsy report and all other evidence se- cerlly held by the federal government." FINAL WEEK!! CLEARANCE OF FLOOR MODELS AND DEMONSTRATORS SAVE $50 off regular price on the Golden Touch & Sew* sewing machine by Singer in a handsome cabinet. With exclusive SINGER* push-button bobbin that winds right inside the machine. Electronic power adjustment. And a built-in buttonholed SAVE $15 on a SINGER* 4-speed Portable Stereo. Battery-operated and AC operated stereo phono. Has Garrard Automatic record changer with four speeds. Full transistorized. Reg.$88 .oo. NOW ONLY $73.00 (Batteries extra) SAVE $10 on a SINGER* upright vacuum cleaner. Triple action vibrator deep cleans, sweeps and air-washes carpets and rugs—cleans the surface and deep-down, too. 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