Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1954
Page 2
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H oft STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS One r lifrifc toef owed rnore money l&rs a yean -Wdolworth did wonders for the store business. He introduced the fixed pribze system— ho faarg«inihg With the man behind the ebitnler He put goods wehre you could see and handle them. He lutlawed , operations to Laneast- buying on credit, though that ban tilt hfts stnce beett rclnxcd - Today a rc 1,§00 Wooiworth Cbuntry alon. 170 or lay-away system. Some minor accomplishments of the Wooiworth empire hold their f;ifT6ah&cla, *08'S6Wie in the owft fascination. It was this oul- IfclfiSt 8 tft Cuba and — betlfit which populari/ed ice cream In ft£jt ft teaew ttoU *-50 to Wes- Cuba, to say nothing of hot dogs Net Sales 6f bofl- lrt8 baby pants and 1, upWafrd ojt 700 million dol* and turkey dinners. All told the ^WoolWorth's of today is a pretty impressive • monument j >e the Display *H the Window of. . . UWlS-McLARTY'S HTUDENTS OF KATHARINE WINDSOR ^' Its not • tot) lore to be in programs or reviews, : ? ';* Learn to dance, tap, acrobatic, ballet and toe, in 3 time for performance of ftntire school. KATHARINE WINDSOR'S Top & Acrobatic School of Dance < . (In Home Studio Phone 7-3327 \ > Ages! to IS 104 E. 14th St. Youth Receives Suspended Sentence JMUNTSVlLLE, Ark. i/ft—An 18- year-old boy was convicted here yesterday of killing his father, but the Madisort Circuit Court jury recommended that he be slkrvved to go free under suspended sentence. The jury convicted Freddy Emmelt of involuntary manslaughter, and set his sentence at three years imprisonment. A charge of second degree murder against young Emmelt was reduced by the jury. Emmett beat his father to death when the older man, an invalid who suffered from arthritis, refused to follow doctor's instructions. Young Emmett was nursing his father at their home near here at the time , The famous painting of Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre In Paris in 1911. to a Walertown, N. Y., lad who started his business career at nothing a week. He hired out as a stockroom boy on a trial basin. The first three months were on the cuff- his cuff. When he'd proved himself the boss put him on the payroll at $3.50 a Week. This wasn't much, but then it was only an 84-houf work week. No Explanation for Terrorism in Washington (Editors: Puerto Ri o's Gov. Luis Munoz Marin hurried to Washington a few hours after the shooting in Congress to express the indiganation of the Puerto Rican people, to visit the wounded congressmen, and to call on the President. In the following dispatch he gives his views on the situation.) IN THESE NEW Step daintily . . . gracefully into an enchanting Spring in these lovelier-than-eyer shoe fashions! Their airy look and lighthearted styling highlight Spring's softly styled fashions! 2.98 OTHER STYLES NOT SHOWN AT . . . $1.98 J«tthf*t smart Itw Arrivals in »ring A ' &? , DRESSES lUITS TOPPERS CURSES JUST ARRIVED LADIES HATS $1.98 TO ... $3,98 You'll love everyone of these pretty new hots for,sprin9, Just the colors and stylos fpr that new putfit. Select yogrs P^P P^P ^P P|P ^^^ ^W ^^ ^^^|^^ p FRIENPUY DEPARTMENT STORE Ife'-t' MARKETS St. f-OUl SL'VEStOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. (,ip) — Hogs 6,500 faily active; barrows and gills steady to 10-15 low- jchanged heavy hens 'hens 18-20; fryers or 27 Old roosters 16-18 to 6 Ibs 27. 20-33; light broilers 23- ducklihgs NYC Board Tells Coach to Resign NEW YORK UP)— Nat Holman n Butler steady; receipts 1,030,962; \ is entire adult who spent virtually his entirt adult. er; sows steady to 2f> higher choice 'wholesale buying prices unchanged! life building City College of New 180-220 Ib 25.75-26.10:' few loads 93 sco re AA 63 92 A 64.75 90 BjYork into a national basketbfl'. choice under 220 Ib 28.15-25 230- 62 r, gg 270 Ib 24.50-25.75 few 280-300 lb' c " olg Thursday, Morefi 4, 1^S4 _ Warrant for Bank Robber Suspect O7.AK W) — Franklin County Sheriff . E. Pritchard said today that a warrant has been issued for* the arrest of a man charged with*l robbing the American State Bank at Charleston, Ark., of more than $1,000. 24.00-50; 150-170 Ib 24.75-26.00; sows: 60.75; cars 90 B 63; 09(power, was told today to retire jor be fired in an unprecedented Eggs weifk receipts 400 Ib down 23.25-75 few to 24.00 ( wholesale buying prices heavier sows 22-2-23.00 boars cent a dozell i ower; u. S. By LUIS MUNOX MAIN Governor of Puerto ico (Written for the United Press) WASHINGTON — There is r.o satisfactory explanation of the terrorism which fell upon Congress on Monday, but it is heartening to observe how wholesome and temperate the American people can be in the face of a senseless outage. I am glad to pay tribute to the American people and the Congress. It is a warming experience. . I would like to reiterate that Pureto Rican Nationalists number fewer than five hundred. Puerto co has suffered from their lunacy. The mainland also has suffered from their lunacy. I have offered President Eisenhower a still greater cooperation by the commonwealth government in dealing jointly with this incredi ble and intolerable situation. Every organized community must risk lunatics, politcal, social and economic. Nevertheless, there are resources in democratic communi ties which will reduce the risks they generate. People in the states and in Puerto Rico know th ta adecent job is a means of sane life. God invented work as a route .to sanity. Friendly association in schools, in churches and in neighborhoods is a reassurance that all men want. In the states and in Puerto Rico we all must remember that. Oficials in Purelo Rico and in the states can do a great deal to instruct one another on problems rised by imigration and long standing economic problems in Puerto Rico. As for the lesser but crucially important business of policing, I shall make available to various police officers in the states and to the FBI whatever information the commonwealth of Puerto Rico has assembled, and will assemble, on terrorists and terroristically inclined. I anticipate a fruitful type of cooperation which will lessen the risks of such monstrous outbreaks as occurred this week. On behalf of the people of Puerto Rico I commend the people of the United States. Their understanding, their forbearance and their kindliness must make a mark on 1 the' decent opinions of mankind.. The attitude of the Congress, of affection and understanding for Puerto Rico, afte rthe great outrage by a handful of Puerto Rican fanatics is a moving example of the nobility of the American people and the moral greatness of the American Congress. 10.50-20.00. Cattle 2,000, calves 600; little done early on steers and heifers; demand fairly active and few sales fully steady cow de- cows 12.00-14.00 few canners and cutter 5 ; mand good; utility and commercial 14.50-15.00; 10.00-12.00 bulls and vealers sloady utility and commercial bulls 12.50-14.50 cutte bulls 10.50-12.00; good and choice vealers 23.00-27.00; 29.00 commercial and low 16.00-22.00. Sheep 150 not enough to lozeu lower; u. o. ittrgi- J.ne graying pcncuiomsi 01 . UK; •.-.--•• ; - .. - „,.„_,, ,,.111, U. S. mediums 40 U. S.| court only last week was cleared bandage-faced bandit oimcd with a 41-41.5; standards 40 current receipts dirties 38; checks 38. 12,540 derision by th Board o fHighlr to ijEduiation. large! The graying perfoitionist of Pritchard said the identity of the ...an was being withheld pending his arrest. He said Prosecut'ng Attorney Jack Yates last Monday filed 0:1 information charging the man with bank robbery. The bank was robbe.1 of about tne $1,150 last Friday by M jittery.^ LITTLE ROCK Ml Batesville- 401 of charges of misconduct by a [majority r eport of a three-man trial committee of the board as a Floral area — Market steady to result of the college basketball scandals of 1951. Complete exon- firm. Demand fair to good. Offer- oration by the entire tribunal was ings light and generally short of regarded as nothing more than a trade needs. Prices at the farm, broilers or fryers, to 3 pounds, prime good I 22" 2 to 23 cents. Mostly 3. NEW YOK COTTON fully establish price trend; 31-hcad lot formality. But for the first time, the board overruled the recommendation of its trial committe and thty blotted out the 34-year career of , , ,_ _ . the man who became known to NEW YOK, March 4 (At - Cot-' ntless thousands as "Mr. BBS- choice and prime lambs 100 Ib 24.2.5; new top for recent .months next price 23.50 for some mixed good and choice woolskins; 50-75 higher than close of week aged sheep firm: cull to good slaughter ewes 4.00-G.OO; aged bucks 5.00. ton futures moved in a narrow rang | slow dealings today. The market started off steady on a flurry of mill buying and covering against prices! export sales. When the demand lastihad been filled, the market devcl- NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, .March 4 UP) Stocks pursued an irregular course today in a fairly active market. Prices were mostly lower at the opening, and by mid-day they had become irregular.under crosscurrents of buying and selling. Most price changes were in the small fractions. few wide moving issues swung nearly 4 points either way. Oils were well out in front of the rest of the market, and the chemicals did well. There are several mildly depressed areas including motors, aircrafts, coppers, and dl> tillers, railroads, steels and airlines were steady with a few good gainers. • POULTRY AND PRODUCE. CHICAGO, March 4 .UP)—'Live poultry steady to firm; receipts 176 coops; f.o.b. paying prices un- opcd an easier tered liquidation. tone on scat- Late afternoon prices were 15 cents a bale higher to 10 cent lower than the previous close. March 34.40, May 34.40 and July 34.35. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, March 4 UP) — A new high since 1948 was set by soybeans on the Board of Trade again today as prices, whirled up after a little early hesitancy. Old crop soybeans futures were alone in showing strength, although the new crop months were ahead for modest gains most of the day. But the major grains all declined, wheat particularly being subjected to liquidation. Soybeans also were helped by firmness in cash bean oil and meal both of which sold at new 1954 highs. The new beans was six year peak on soy- set by the May con tract at $,59. Wheat closed -1— lower, March kctbaJl." a pistol. Bank President Clyde Hiatt said the bandit pretended he wanted to borrow some money and during the conversation pulled a gun. NEW DEALER Arkansas Gazette B. L. RETTIG 6 A. M. Delivery Phone 7-3381 or 7-3866 $2.22i, corn \' z to 1 cent lower. March $1.52,. oats -i lower to % higher, March 77'— 7 's, and rye 1 to l'/i lower, March $1.21'/ a . Cash wheat: None. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.5814 No. 2 yellow 1.58'/4- l -2 ; No. 3 yellow 1.54-50%. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 82'/2- Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting 1.20-62; feed 92-1.14; field seed per ' 100 Ib nominal: White clover 10.25-75 red top 57.00-58.00; alsike 17.0018.00 timothy 12.50-13.50; red clover 27.00-28.00. NEW NON-CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL POLICY Issued by HOME SECURITY LIFE INS. CO. • Ages — Birth to 100 years • Guarantee premium will never increase • Good any Hospital or Doctor In the world. Call or write your reliable local agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. 0. Box 104 MY DEAR FRIENDS: I am in the hospital with pneumonia, but it' won't be many days before I have it licked. I have certain obligations coming along soon that make it necessary to ask those of you who owe me to go by the office and pay Miss Andres, or Mrs. Holt, or mail a check. All I ask is that you bear down like I do when you need me. Sincerely, . DR. L. M. LILE Phony Savings Demos Cry at Budget Trim WASHINGTON UP) Democrats fired charges of "phony savings" at Republican budget trimming today as the House wrangled over a bill appropriating $1,146,988,000 to finance the State, Justice and Commerce departments for the fiscal year starting next July 1. Maritime and airline subsidies— along with the federal highway aid program —touched off hot disputes over government spending. In yesterday's initial action, the House voted tentatively to hold back nearly half the 73 million dollars requested by the Eisenhower administration to subsidize American airlines for the coming year. Republican spokesman sadi this reduction was not intended as savings. They proposed financing airline subsidy programs only temporarily until the Civil Aeronautios Board (CAB) is able to recompute subsidy formulas in the light of a recent Supreme Court decision. The court held CAB must base payments on the profit and loss from an airline's entire operations, rather than on losses suffered from a single operation alone. The decision placed in question subsidy payments primarily to a few big international airlines experiencing losses on their foreign operations — as distanct from domestic runs. Rep. Rooney (D-NY) top Democrat on the Appropriations subcommittee accused republicans of claiming "phony savings by del fprring payments. He also served notice he would seek to severse a House vote to appropriate 40 million dollars for subsidy payments to air carriers when the bill comes up for final approved tomorrow. The sum is designed to carry all airlines until ne>?t March 1 .when the CAB is expected to complete its re-estimate. Traffic.' Increase Is Indicated" I4TTW5 OCR W An analysis of gasoline gales shows that traffic on Arfcaww highways increased four pw cent in 1953. ' Repprting this today the Senate Highway pepartment said most oj over 1952 was on. the Terrylond is unique in guaranteeing 4% butter fat content in homogenized vitamin D Grade A milk. This is another, evidence of the high quality found in Terryland fine dairy foods. This Seal of Acceptance from the Council on Feeds and Nutrition of The American Medical Association means that Terry- land Vitamin D milk contains 400 U. S. P. units per quart of Vitamin D and is subject to tests of specifications at any time. •^— rs» JM v I r. U«m HALF LIQUID MILK '**, ASK FOR H0M0QIN1ZED VITAMIN P MILK AT YOUR FAVORITE GROCER'S ^ u D U ^ M «t kittle Rock 2-2151, Pine Blwf f 7839, Hot Springs 7068 Of muni?* er Forrest City $72 —r whichever is nearest t9 f you. Ferryland Fine Dairy Foods Are Processed By Arkansas Folks for Homo Consumption

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