Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1911
Page 6
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6 Afi diTNCtOr PREVENTION WORTH A nu POUND OF CURE IN HOG CHOLERA THE rOLA DAIIig^RECaSTORi SVEN KjS, rtBCgWBPSl9,: IW-._ A Sick Pig a Loosing Proposition and a Dangerous Possession for a Far! mer or Breeder—Exercise of Proper Knowledge and • i Judicious Care Lessens Liability to Disease. I • ifr— J*- iu O. Vandakin, Department Industrial Journalism, K. S. A. C] A SICK pig is a losing proposi- tton; a cholera-stricken pig Is a loklns proposiUon and a dangerous bosaesslon. The old proverb that "an KDuncs of prevention Is irorth a pound \oi can" is certainly applicable in vj^ard to taking measures to prevent ybplera from getting among one's lug>> Prevention of csnolera and the iemtlon of the hogs' health, com- le as one of the necessary, impera- e requirements of -^very feeder and ler of bogs. /Hog-cbolera is ose tif the ever- kiresent diseases to 'which these anl- imali are exceedingly susceptible, even taougb a farmer docs feed and pro- pMe'for bis stock very carefully and B &a^b 'erds have died, though handled pfelL But there is no doubt that the |exerclse of proper knowledge and ju-^ Wdous care can greatly lessen the jllabUity. This proper care includes |fReding of clean grain and grasses; S roviding pure and uncontaminated 'atari building warm, . airy hog- jbottBes and keeping such houses, and jtbe outdoor pens free from refuse; and handling, prudently, the breeding poiimala. [,Many fit'the small things, In thp Bdrman 's work, are those which, If ki^ avoided, lead to serious conse- iQBeaoaS, The first sighs of constipa- lUoB or diarrhoea In a bog, should be !i ^anslng to tbe fanner to quickly, but noderately, change the bog's diet and ttiloir the obange by a correcting ^Kativ^ as Epsom salts or small abount of Unseed oIL Feed the ani- nialB a balanced ration- These bal- aiiced rations (feeds of two kind's orbloh fatten and build muscle at the Buna time) are good preventives. A long, too-beavf\orn diet will cause complications wblclrmay develop Into cholera. . ; ' Feed tbe bogs slowly. When the com la dumped into the pen, or the inaebes are poured into a trough, xnoJt persons think they have cared for the hog's health sufficiently. It is a contrary fact Ear, and other grain teeds, should be fed from wide, bi;;b- «dged and grated boxes, which make ii Impossible for the grain to be dragged on the ground, and only such -a number of pigs as can be fed easily trpm one trough should be in a pen at one time. The bog is a machine ^that through eating; digesting and as- ^mllatlng makes money for the farmer. The farmer, and breeder, should take time and mone^ to make the machine do its work well and not let It nm along without proper handling. Cup ^ly the hogs with plenty of ashes, copperas and salt. Put these In a place where access Is easy. Take ithe' old cobs and fodder and burn them into charcoal, sprinkle with a inilxture of salt and cottonseed meal and the hogs will eat tbom and at Che same time be taking "ihcir metli- cinie." Be careful of feeding garbage, especially any that contains soapy snatter or lye. Moldy bread sbould t >e kept from the feeding troughs If cholera Is aotyWished. No sloppings of vegetables or fruits from a home, •where typhoid fever or diphtheria Is Itresest, should ever go to the bog- arard. ; Water Is a very Important factor In tnakisg the hog healthy and strong. and able to resist cholera. There are no animals that have a greater need for water than hogs. It U needed not only for quenching the thirst, but for the better digestion and assimilation of the food eaten by the hog. It Is the cheapest Sssential ingredient that goes into a hog and is necessary for any profit that is to be made. Keep pure water and plenty of it In free access to your hogs. One of the most frequent causes of cholera is from neglect of farmer and breeder fo provide pure water, thus compelling the hog, In his thirsty, famished condl tion, to drink any water he can And, which usually is from mudboles and green-vermln-covered little pools, reeking with disease germs that soon do great damage. The hog has :i natural desire for cleanliness. He has been considered a scavenger, but this has-been from compulsion. Water Is a producer and retainer of the liog's health. I.ook into this water i|ueS' tlon. Provide good, clean, pure water and your hogs will be better able to flght cholera attacks. Good shelter Is a necessary thing for hogs. Sleeping In and on old filth-laden straw and under n poorly constructed roof of four or II VP boards is not bent-ncial. The hog must have a borne. The hog-houscs should be large and well ventilated ana warm. Overcrowding during cold weather, especially where different sizetl animals are kept In same pen. Is a condition very favorable for cholera. The small i)igs get too hot and then easily catch cold. There should be pens or houses for the different sized animals. Damp, dark, filthy pens, where fresh air and sunshine are not obtainable, soon start cholera among a herd. When It Is possible, keep hogs from yards in which cows, horses and other stock are ke|)t. The breeding and handling of hogs is an imporLTnt matter. Care should be taken to breed the sows when In most healthy condition. Pay particular attention to her welfare for when the broodsow is handled well and kept strong, the litter will inherit strong, healthy facilities, and he able to survive the harde-st period susceptible to cholera; that is, until they are shoats. Keep the boars exceptionally clean. Rub and curr.v all dirt, filth or vermin from them daily. Don't let a boar pig's inner Hanks become crusted with mud or otlior refuse. Always keep boars in separata4 pens or houses. It Is advisa'.ite to whitewash every month the pens and shelter of a hogyard. Keep the yard free from rubbish, and burn about three pounds of sulphur in the liuusea occasionally. It Is best not to inbreed too often nor too close. For the best success in preventing disease among your hogs, and thereby increase the year's money profit, first learn properly to feed and water the hogs. Then lmi>rove the jian ::ary conditions and become expert upon bleeding. The farmer who gives his hogs the most at'tention, looks after the in the closest, handles tlicm the most property and carefully keeps the herd more healthy and disease-proof and makes the most money, lie is the man to follow In the hog business; DON'T f £ED HORSES MOLDY CORN lira fwa going to feed .yotir horses saoldr corn? Don't do It If you do, 'TSa' stand . a chance of losing them t^m. blind staggers. \ „There Is a great deal of wormy, fagiUf com la the sUte^ this season. Srbs flzperiments conducted at the TiaatiM State Agricultural college by ^ P. Haslam have sbowa that stag- ~K*rs frequently results from feeding anch com to horses. Some horses are saturaUy quite resistant and can eat.large amounts of moldy com without Injury but others will contract the 'tamble from corn that does not Injure the resUtant ones. t p It is necessary to feed a poor quality of corn to hones the danger may be almost obviated by BheUIng the com and pouring It Into water. The bad grains float and should be skimmed oft and thrown away. The fanning mill does not blow out the heavier of the moldy grains, especially if the com Is slightly damp. A poor qualltey of ground com may be rendered less dangerouk by mixing with equal parts of bran and oats. Owing to tbe small labor required to float the com and the good results obtained, it Is not wise to risk losing your horses from staggers by feeding them moldy com. In stewing an old chicken a little soda or vinegar will make it tender. The Agronomy Building at K. S. A. C. mis tiiiJBlffiS Lady ia Gi^Qi^ater Desoibes iHstressinl EqMrieoce and TeHs How She Was Rnal^ Relieyftt Ooodwafer, Mb.— ''Ever since I was a little girl," says Mrs. Riley Larainore, "i was a great sufferer from dyspepsia. 1 suffered misery after eating, and bad terrible heartburn, 1 tiiought I had to suffer this way as long as I lived, but when I began to take Thedford's Black-Draught, in small doses, every night, the heartburn was alj gofae in a few days, and I could eai without distress. I took two small packages in all, and although that was some time>ago, the dyspepsia has not returned. 1 speak a good word for Thedford's Black-Draught whenever 1 have the opportunity." If eating causes distress, we urge you to try Thedford's Black-Draught II cleanses the system, helps the stomach to digest its food, regulates the bowels, and stimulates the liver. It acts gently and is without bad aSer- effects. Try it Price 25c >K>V ¥\VKH \T OI'KMXO OK CO.MIKK.SS -a .SENATOR H0KE>5Hrai • A new ^'napsIlot of Senator Iloke Smith, lately governor of.<Jeorgl« and now rejiresenting that state In the upper House of ("ongres.s. This jih:- ture shows hiiu on his \vay lu the opening session. —Witiiout opiates or harmful drugs of any kind Foley's Honey and Tar Compound stops coughs and cures colds. Do not accept any substitute. J. D. Mundis & Co. —Commencing Monday, Majestic ."c Santa is surely on hi^ way. Why not get a good start right in the begi/ining and pick but what you want him to bring yoh. Any Christrnjas present will be all fixed up-aad^iagged and'put away for delivery when wanted. Especial care will be taken with every Christmas present that it is in i perfect condition and delivered at the proper place on the appointed time. The IQLA FURNITURE STORE •SOUTH SIDE SQUARES A. W. BECK, Prop. MUST PHY $18,0011 PER Off TAX P.\YI\(J MI'ST BE 1I.\PID if PJ:NALTY IS ESC.VPKI). or $2.10,000 Duo In >'Inf> I>ay<< llenrif Only iiHt,tm lIuK it4(II i'Mid In. —Means Finish Rush. Today is the ninth d.iy of Decembei. Ten days hence, on the 20i|i of tiii! month, the penally goes on all taxef which have not been paid, at least one half. R<>caIlJng that fact it is surprising to learn tliat only about one third of the first half of the taxes jni lbs county has been paid to date. The total taxes to be coIN-cli-'jl in] Allen county is $4C0,000. The first half of this sum, due on December If a penalty is not to attach, is $230,000. Up to date, with ten days re maining including Sundays, only about $80,001) has been paid, leavingl about $IC0.000 Sim to be paid in When you read this, ten days will remain, which means tliat tax<>s must be paid at tlie rate of nearly $].S,000 a dav, and that means a rush on th< county treasury. Of (he $S«,000 already collected somi< portion represents full payment, as in the case of the Katy railroad. U all siiells rush and crush at tlie treasury at the fm- ish .'ind if you would "ovoid delays and aggravation, you should get around soon. . $3 .00 RECEIPT FREE FOR '-. WEAK KIDNEYS KEIJKVEH UKINAKY AND KIDNEY TBOUBLES. HAt 'KACIIE, STKAI>. IX.', SWELLIM;, ETC Stops I'uin In the niaddcr, uud liuck. Kidneys, $100 Reward. SIOO. Itr TPatlrni of tlib pjpcT will tr MravM to Irari ttttt ibere b at lKt.i« our ilmdnl ubax! liiat nornrv 9u !.«n abic lu nire In all Its lUia-a. and tliit U Ouaivti. H.-jll*i Citarrh Cum it n..- nnty tw .itivJ 9ure now knunri to the miill<-al rratmiliy. (jurrh Miw » ro (t .t!iiiiiiuital dtu -aJic rrt)>ilr<-i a rrrmiuIkiQa: tn-atnif;it. i(« c siarrli furr W takiti i.'.- ntna 'ljr. artuu: Oinxfy ijt )t >u blvod and muiiiitf- KTUrrm of tl... FyMr -m. tl»-r«-liy fletfimyltiie' lire fOUntfallnn ot Ihi- Oi ^-aiij.. uiiU K 1-.-1 II< loll rl 'trairtli !)y UulMin-: i p :.m OOILUIUIIOO MIII .T»Mt- lac n.iur.- In itoux M I!..- pn.prli'ton I »vi; n^'rh Inuti *!i f-arjri-." ;:ii'»--r* ildt thry «n« Otie lllimlf.-t !...!.-,rH r..r .iiiy .j.-.- 11 tutU t •UTf. S«iirt lur .M 'I .Tl All lrr.«l t . J. « -.H- .V M' , iclilcO. Hlli I 'V Jil I'l -fUl-.. . -. "li-.-t: ; . »^;"iiv I'll'- - .>..•.-l^•.I^.c. MIKES NEW PENSION HECORO Jndge Smellier Secured .Mrs. McEI- rojN Pension lu Four Days. KEEP THE SHNOIAR CUTIOM Soap aM Ointment No other emollients do so much for pimples, blackheads, red, rough and oily skin, itching, scaly scalps, dry, thin and falling hair, chapped hands and shapeless nails. They do even more for skin- tortured and disfigured infcmts. AlthcHKh cutmm Rnap and Omunnt an •old br dnKfliu aad dpakri r>'cr ]rwbeT«. a Ittirral •ample ot meb, witb 33-ian tmnUn, oa Ot: cant •Dd (icaUUBt of akta and balr. will t» teou. fnt- becoaappUcaUpa tu -Vutk -ua." Urpi. A. IXialua. A new time record for (lie seciirinK of pensions in this eoiiniy was made this morning, when .hid^e I). B. I). Smeltser received a letter from the pension department informing liliu that his application for a pension for Mrs. \V. F. MeKlroy. of Humboldt, which was made last Saturday, had beep allowed. The judge figures that but four days Intervened between the- time the pension department received the application, and tbe time they allowed It. The previous tiii^e record for a pension secured by .liidge Smelt- aer was eight days whicli record wa.'^ made last month. "1 have had twenty years of experience as a pension afrent" said the Judge this morning, "but if I were to have twenty years more I expect that at the end of that time the record made this morning would still stand." liusually several months is required for the allowance of a pension. Mrs. McElroy was granted a widow's pension, and three monllis' accrued pension. The next game for the lola higli school basket ball team will probably be either with Neo.desha on a court In this city, or with Emporia, on a coiirt in- that city, and will occur next Friday night •Wouldn't it be nice within a wj>elt oi< t«o to begin to say goodbyi? forever to the scalding, dribbling, straining or too frequent passage of urine; tlie foreliead and tlie back of the head aches; the stitches and pains in Uie ba^ck; tlie growing muscle weakness; spots before the eyes; yellow skin; sluggish ' bowels; swollen ^eyelids or ankles; leg cramps; unnatural short breath; sleeplessness and the despoa- deiicy? I have n receipe for these troubles that you can depend upon, and if you wifnt to make a quick recovery, you oufeht to write and get a copy of it. Many a doctor would ciiarge you $3.50 just for writing this prescription, but I liave it and will be glad to send it to yon entirely fr<e. .Inst drop ine a line like thi.";: . Dr. A. K. Kohinson, K93a l.uck Uniiding. Detroit, iMichi- say, and I will send it by return mai; in a plain envelojie. As you will see wliien you get it, this recipe contains only pure, harmless remedies, but it has great healing and pain confiuer- ii\& powers. • II will quickly show its power once yoU use it, so I think you had better seel what It Is without delay. I will senji you a copy free—you can it and cure yourself at houie. OND Suctloh Cleaner i| You sec here an electric Suction which weighs but ten pounds- of sixty. With this T^eHMOHtf Cleaner you can clean your thoroughly—better than ; have ever been able to do it the past—and there'll be n< dust Instead of hard work you will find house-clean- mg a pleasure. This is not only the tightest cleaner made, but it is efficient— simple—durable—guaranteed for one year. 9 You can find out for youi- iclf— send a postal today fot a free trial te»t io your owa home without one penny of expense. leaner Cleaner complate $65.00 — For rent $2.00 a dya K. C. Plumbina & Jllstoric Tree .May Itc Sau-d. Sun Antonio. Tex., Dec. '.».—Tiie sole' survivor of a large grove; of cotton- woOd trees in which the .Alamo vvas • •rei-teU and which gave its name to that historic^ hiilldiiig (Alamo bi.-lng Spanish lor eoltoiiwood) a giant col- fa>ii.w(Hid tree, stMeral hundred yiars old, stands in tin- eoiirlyanl of the .MeNger Motel on Ahiiiio I'la/a. In rei -int yi-ais llii.s tree ha.-* In-en in- ffefed Willi a fungus growtli wlileli has eali-n big iiiile^ in (he trunk and killeril many of ilie lioii;;lis and it was thooght the life of tlie. iree was near its [ llilt tree surgeons have b<eo giving it heroic Ireatnieut. (rutting off tlie diseased and dead linilis nndreiitting out the fungus growth wlit.'n it ajipeared. spraying the eavi- tiesi with an antiseptic and tlieii filling Uliiiii with coiurele. and it is lie- lievyd lln- tree lia .s Invn saved and will- live aiioth 'T hundred years or so. The. tree marks a spot where was foii ^lil one of the fiercest confiiets diirfuK the sicgi.' of th<> Alauio in the war' for Texas independence. Foley Kidney Pills. —Tonic in action, quick in results. Will cure any case of kidney or bladder disorder not beyond the reach of medicine. No need to say more. J. D. Mundis & Co. A deed was recorded at the court house today whereby Dr. H. V. Dresbach, of .loplln. Mo., transfers to the lola Aerie No. 22(i, Fraternal Order of Kagles. lot .'; In block H.'i, in lola, for a consideration of |8,000. —-Commencing Monday, .Majestic .'c. AY HAIIi IKES yOtlWOLD GRAND THEATRE H. B. LeVAN, Manager Monday/December llth "The. Immense Record-Breaking Succes.s" I,<iiiis Kiliiliall and (lie enlire .Vlt^trojiolilaii rroduction I'KNDKUM; TIIO.MI'SON'M Brewster's Millions Exactly as presented for one year In New York Most Thrilling Yacht Scene Ever Put on the Stage lOver Given! Dramatic Critic The Most Klahorate Perforiiinnce of TJie Play The Big Original .Vttructinu IVaised hy Kiery ]n the Country. «A LAUGH AT EVERY TICK OF THE CLOCK' KESERVKD SEATS .XOW OS SALE Prices: Dress CIr. $1 ; Parquet i^JM; BaL fir. 75c; BaL 50cj GoL Sac Verne Dorsett went to Carlylc yesr terday to attend a'meeting of tho Y. M. C. A. club and walked hack. He claims membership In a pedestrians' club, should one be organized here. —Sneezing moping fowls have Roup. Cure them quickly with Conr key's Roup Remedy Get It on a "monf ey-back",guarantee at Morris & Howr nrd. ' ' —Commencing Monday, Majestic ScL A Simple Remedy Brings Back the Natural Color—Dandruff ; Removed. TIt»w often one h—.in the (•::nref--;".m. '•.Sli{' is Cray-r.ii'l t.i'-.:iiii!i:i? to !- JI >'; ol.'.." !l i.f true that gray h:iir iis;i;ill.. <li ii <iS-< hgi; and is always as.-^^ucijlcii uilli Vou ;nfvtT hiar one ri-f.-rrc'I to us h.-.v- ing |;ray hair and lookin;: y<iiiiii;. ^Ugfahnir is jrontTally the iali-:; <.' l ^iPRJl imir Is gray, you f:;ii"t iyoiir, fiToud'. for referring U> you as l .i .i':- ing old. Von can't rri;iiii a y.:p:!irt:' anpeaniuce if yon allow your t.. ?!'.>\y prny. Ma:iy )v r-o:;s of i -ii-! ": • :i;<i> ^jeopardize tii ir fi;:',ne ^fiirly '. lillowiaj; the jrrn..- li .iir ;o (ice i r :i: fest.i If your li::ir h:;; I..-i-.i::i,> f.. .> •^ray, try Wyclli's S .i-:'- I Si ! MI;. Ilnir U«-miHly. a iinimr.i': ..i v.' ; 'i r eheini ^'t hy llio naiiii- of \'.'yi'.i ,i ; i- a f«*\v yars a-ro. Ii i; : I I. ." pi -UH^ve ami pi:i(lir ;.l. .".;..! .. tilo gray h.ii.-:< in n fi .v •!•...-'. .'; ; ;.: Kuatantei-d tu ninovi- i' .n '. • i.T ; i:. • niOt«i the gronlli of .' r. lt;ii n I |i-:i.v ::::t tlr. 'f. •• t'..' luiir. Jindflfttr u.'Ia-: i! :l ( v.- . i,ii<l |dry «»ss of till' t:;-' I »1 i.:.;- lii.npp':ir. l >f)n't nt 'cltct .vo-..r !;:>. ;-:i:iit i:;:ii;.\Vy*th'« Sa »e a:i 1 ••'•.'.•'.rr your will ho sur;)ri.i..l at liiL- iiuii-k •rcaujt.s. 'JCkU prepnratioa i: o .'fcrcd to tli • pub^c at fift .7 tv :i*..; a li-. •;>. r- 1 i: rec(>|nmt.'Dded and soiJ c;! >iruj^i-u. Protect Your Property We have the GALVANITE Prepared Roofing. 1-ply S2.00 per --"are. 2-ply $2.25 per square, 3-ply $2.50 per square Brigham Hardware Co. OF IQLA AND Ft. Scott DONT HURT A BIT— That is what our patrons say. W , do the best Dental Work at the most reasonable prices. We are Before having your dental work done by others call upon us. In our I.ullur|m ofllees KVEIIY TIIUUSHAY. Ottlco hours: 8 to C .Sundays 10 to ^'i Evenings 7 to 8 For the quickest results—The Register Want Column!

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