Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1974 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1974
Page 10
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teft (ARK.) STAR Monday, October 7, I !t- , Analysts forecast little Judge Sirica, is attempting car sales improvements to speed up jury selection A NEW ALBUM currently being heard on radio stations is "Mickey Gilley at His Best," by Mickey Gilley. Also scheduled for release soon is a single by Gilley entitled "Night after Night" with "I'm to Blame", on the flip side. Back-up singers are Edna and Lavon of Patmos, Ark. (above). Polled Herefords hit 207,000 registrations DETROIT (API- Independent analysts forecast little improvement in car sales in 1975, but their predictions conflict with those offered by the automakers themselves. Top executives at General Motors, Ford and Chrysler recently estimated that 1975- model sales, including imports, would be between 10 and 10.5 million cars, up from 1974-model sales of 9.6 million. However, Wall Street analysts forecast far fewer sales in the coming 12-month period. Their predictions range as low as 9.3 million for the 1975 calendar yefr, compared to 9.4 million for calendar 1974. "The product this year is not smashing. The cars look the same," one independent analyst says. "Gas mileage is a little better, but 11 or 13 miles per gallon is nothing to write home about." These pessimistic sales predictions are based partly on expectations there will be little feal growth in the Gross National Product in 1970 — perhaps a percentage point or two. Stagnation of the GNP, a measure of the goods and services produced in the United States in a given year, means little change in the amount of money consumers have available to spend on a new car. Consumers also face sticker prices that have mushroomed about 20 per cent in the past 14 months and higher gasoline prices. Detroit auto dealers indicate sales of new models are moving slowly, with many prospective buyers taking a wait-and- see attitude. Imports are expected to hold onto about'15 per cent of the U.S. market, despite a surge to nearly 18 per cent in Septem- ber. Analysts say importers indulged in something close to a "fire sale" last month in an If- fort to clear large inventories. Price increases averaging almost $1.000 per vehicle are ex- l>LT!ed to help the makers improve their profits picture following record declines in the first quarter of the year. In addition, analysts note, the makers spent hundreds of millions this year converting some plants to production of smaller- size cars to accommodate growing consumer concern about fuel economy. The expensive process will not have to be repeated in 1975, and the domestic firms are now in a better position to compete in the small car market, financial analysts note. ex- strike activity is pected in 1975. By MiKfc SttANAHAN Associaild Press Writer WASHINGTON .CAP) - U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica is trying to speed jury selection for the Watergate trial by lengthening his court days. The process of trying to find a jury is in its fifth day and some defense lawyers believe that, even with an extra hour each day, the panel of 12 and six alternates won't be chosen until the end of the week. Even then, there are some issues that Sirica may decide must be worked £Ut before testimony is heard.'For example, lawyers for former President Richard M. Nixon have asked that subpoenas for Nixon's testimony be quashed. As of last Thursday, Sirica had won agreement frornl defense and prosecution lawyers on only five potential jurors. Today, Sirica continues ques- A record-breaking 207,882 registrations were recorded by the American Polled Hereford Association during the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, a major milestone in the history of the hornless whitefaces, America's first native beef cattle breed. The breed's growth momentum is reflected in figures released by the American Polled Herford Association in Kansas City, Mo., which registered more than 200,000 animals for the first time in its history. This year's total shows a 26 per cent increase over last year's figures. APHA President Orville K. Sweet attributes this continuous increase in registrations to the fact that Polled Herefords have stayed with the "basics", emphasizing the importance of a calf from every cow each year, enough milk to raise a thrifty calf, superior growth rate that makes a profit and the naturally hornless head. "The faith the breeders have in Polled Herefords is evident when one considers that Polled Herefords are the only rriajor beef bread that has not experienced an over-all decline in registrations," Sweet says. The theme of "204 in '74" was announced at the Association's annual membership meeting in Denver last January. APHA member-breeders responderd by registering more than 3,000 more calves than the goal called for, indicating their optimism for the future of the breed. Bill Clinton sends in economic suggestions FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Democrat Bill Clinton, who is running for Congress in the 3rd District, sent a telegram to President Ford Sunday containing nine suggestions for inclusion in the administration's economic policy. Clinton told Ford he had talked with small farmers, businessmen, working people and retirees in his district to learn their feelings about economic policy. From their comments, Clinton said he came up with nine suggestions: —Balance the 1975 budget and try for a surplus budget in 1976. —Ease the tight money situation in this country and reduce the flow of American dollars abroad by reimposition of capital export controls and modification of foreign investment tax credits. —No longer insure multi-national corporations against po- litcal reversals overseas. —Give tax relief to middle and lower income people, who have been hit the hardest by inflation. —Bring down food prices and re-establish the grain reserve program. —Delay unwarranted price and wage increases. —Give the Federal Reserve Board and the large banks which set the prime interest rate power to keep the prime rate down. —End federal subsidies to big business and market domination by conglomerates. —Increase funding for the Snail Business Administration and increase the availability of loans to small businessmen. Clinton opposes the re-election bid of Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt, R-Ark., in tha November general election. Chile buying U.S. planes SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) Chile is buying from the Unite^ Slates supersonic jet fighters and close air support attack planes for possible defense against neighboring Peru, sources say. The purchases are part of a mullimillion dollar arms deal between Washington and Chile's ruling junta, according to diplomatic and other sources. The deal was confirmed by a high source in the Chilean air force, who also said they were for defense against attack from Peru. But officials of both Chile and Peru said they want to maintain peaceful relations. Marxists in the Peruvian military are not friendly toward the junta in Santiago, which overthrew Marxist President Salvador Allende and took power 13 months ago. The sources said Chile is buying 18 F5E Freedom Fighters, the latest model of a fighter designed for the air forces of developing countries by Northrup Aviation Co. of Hawthorne, Calif. The total cost is about $60 million. Sources also say the junta is purchasing 36 A37B close air support attack planes. These are built by Cessna and were flown by American pilots in Vietnam. Each plane costs about $300,000. In Washington, a Defense Department spokesman said only that any such deal is announced by "the country making the purchase," not by Washington. Fire damages school building at Pine Bluff PINE BLUFF, Ark. t-\P) A fire authorities believe was set by an arsonist destroyed a part of Southeast Junior High School here Sunday night. The fire gutted a temporary building being used as the principal's office complex. It was the second time in two weeks fire struck the Southeast principal's office and authorities suspect arson in both cases. Fire officials discovered a glass bottle believed to have contained kerosene behind the burning building Sunday night. The main school complex was not damaged Sunday night, but school officials were unsure whether classes would be held today because the school bell system was located in the office. Low Prices with Absolutely no Compromise ;n Quality Honing potential Jurors'ori their general awareness 6f Water- gale. Sources familiar with the closed courtroom session say the judge has been emphasizing heavily whether or not the prospective jurors watched either the televised Senate Watergate hearings or the House Judiciary impeachment hearings. ".--;. Once the jury is 'selected, its members will live in a motel and travel back and forth to the U.S. District Courthouse. Rare contacts with family members or anyone: else not connected with the case will be made in the companyipf U.S. marshals. Despite the anticipated three- to four-month length of the trial, Sirica has found a large pool of Washington residents willing to endure the inconvenience. An initial group of more than 300 potential jurors is U^< ; \w.w*-** down to more than 140. The five defendants are accused in connection with plotting to cover up the original Watergate break-in investigation. Among them are three of Nixon's closest aides at the time, H.R. Haldeman, John D. Ehrlichman and former Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell. The other two defendants are former assistant Atty. Gen. Robert G. Mardian and Washington attorney Kenneth W. Parkinson. Both had worked for the 1972 Nixon re-election committee. Skis made by Scandinavians for transportation in the California Sierras during the gold rush ranged from 10 to nearly 13 feet long, and were called ''Norway skates,", ''snowshoes" or "long boards." A man could race downhill aboard them at 80 miles an hour. SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY U.S.D.A. "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY GRAIN-FED HEAVY BEEF CHUCK ROAST ONE PRICE ONLY "Super-Right" Quality U.S.D.A. fteavy Calf T-Bone Steaks HEAVY CALF? MtAVT V-MLITv * 1 flO Round Steak ...... .....»» I 09 "Super-Right" Quality U.S.D.A. Heavy Calf Sirloin Steaks >-iv weo WHERE ECONOMY ORIGINATES LAMBRECHT FROZEN CHEESE 12-oi. SAUSAGE 14oi. HAMBURGER 8. PEPPERONI 13 ei. I A&P SKINLESS EA. FROZEN DINNERS PATIO CHEESE ENCHILADA BEEF ENCHILADAS - 13 ex. AND MEXICAN 12-ox. _ COMBINATION ll-ox.,^^B FRANKS 59* 12-OZ. 1 •PKG;' CUT FROM U.S.D.A. INSPECTED FRYERS BOX-0-CHICKEN BOX CONTAINS 3 LEG QTRS. 3 BREAST QTRS. , 3 WINGS, NECKS LB. AND 3 SETS OF GIBLETS 39* Br«oil ;....lb. 891 Dromilitkl tb. 791 Thighi. . 75« Super Rtghl " Quality Giom-Fed Heovy Beet ^\ ^\ jfc Chock steak::.::..^. 7 .. 6 :; „ oo> Super- Right' Quality Giom Fed Heovy Beet StetiV or £ * 59 Boneless Top Round 9 ";* * $]49 $] 89 'Sjper-R'Qhl' Oualifv Grain Fed Heavy Beet BOTTOM 'ROUND . Boneless! 0110 *" 'Supe»-Rig*>) fully Cuoiioci Bonpte' Buffet Hams..:. Slued. Skinned And Devi-i'-id Beef Liver OiCOi Moyf Ham Steak AiP Sliced Bologna 8a»e BIOI! 0' Fry Turbot Fillets... aoi PKG 99 < , 89< Capn John i ^IIO Fried Fishsticks ^* I IV El Dorado $119 Breaded Shrimp w, • '.r. FROZEN POTATOES 69* A&P FRENCH FRIED OR CRINKLE CUT 2-LB. BAG ARGO SPINACH 00 LIBBYS STOCK MP NOW 5 16-OZ.*^H CANS W CREAM STYLE OR WHOLE KERNEL ^^rcAHt'-'-w 00 GOLDEN U.S. NO. 1 YAMS LB Fresh Snappy Green Beans ,39C New Crop 1 O /" Rutabagas u>. I TV New Crop Fresh, Tangy Limes.. E O TROPICANA MAXWELL HOUSE ALL GRINDS xwtu ,. IB HOUS' CAN WITH COUPON BELOW ) VACUUM COFFEE ORANGE JUICE 2 79* Ufk CANS W ^^ 100% FROZEN FLORIDA CONCENTRATE JOY LIQUID DETERGENT 22-OZ.^^^ ^^^T ^* ) BTL. ^^ *^ 10(OFF LABEL EXCELLENT WEO VALUE FAB LAUNDRY DETERGENT IOC OFF LABEL 49-OZ BOX SWEET PEAS ^» GREEN Oi&NT 3 i6 01 ^^ji^^^r • CANS ^B^^ ^B^ JANE PARKER HAMBURGER BUNS A&P ALL GRINDS l ' lB CAN 3 12-OZ.V H PKGS. V 00 CHED-O-BIT SLICED CHEESE INDIVIDUAL SLICED 8-OZ. PKG. 59* MURRAY SOFT CHOCOLATE CHIP OR HAWAIIAN CAKES : CHIP OB HAW. 79* 16-OZ. PKG. LISTER INE MOUTHWASH BTL. ARRID EXTRA - DRY POWDERED OK 14-OZ. REGULAR CAN FUNK & WAGNAUS WILDLIFE ENCYCLOPEDIA THIS WEEK VOL. 6 VOL. I VOL. Granadafts* Exquisite Flatware , — 40 ptoi xnb hr I mil 13.20 OH OUIFWt This Weeks Feature Dinner 33* Fork WITH EACH $3.00 rWHAS£ VALUABLE COUPON WITH THIS COUPON YOU CAN BUY MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE •T- All GRINDS MB. CAN $108 Limit on* coupon p«r family- Covpon good thru Sol , Oct. 12. 1974 VALUABLE COUPON WITH THIS COUPON YOU CAN BUY A&P VACUUM COFFEE AU GRINDS MB. UJ80 CAN f*, UO limil on» toupon per (omily Coupon good Ihrw Sol . Oct. 12. 1974 I

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