The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 27, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1977
Page 4
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PACK «-.*AlIQAT«?CK NKWS (CONN.). TUESDAY. AUG. 18. mg —^—^^^••^•^^'^••Mg^^^^^^M i SUBSCRIPTION HATES puyublo In Advimoo ,$1.00' i * TliKSI»AY, AUGUST 18, HMO Returning Dimes f u tin- curi-i-nt polio ..piilfm'K'. »l' 1 • • ,, r,lT 111 OVen 1 March ol' Uimes is pnyniK ol . . . community where c-hihln.',, have *w Htr' 'ken !>v thu tlisi-nsi', tin- N»'| Knuiitlatioii for Infant tli- I'nrnlysis i hand tr> liclp-u-ith money, will, o meat, witli nni'ses. ,,,,„. r.-unilHti..!., i.-slHl.lisl.i..l m i.-SJO into iw, -pa. - , rim(ls raised n,v diVuir. , I,,,!-,,,,,. l.o Ihr national "U:,, lor .'.so.rc'h, I'm- aid ,lun,,K (U , rili ,,. „„,! to,' Klucutio.i ol Loll, p „„,! professional nature. Tll(l oil,,.,, lu.ll 1 stays u, »«'" Nslu ' ,, np(( ,,.sin ll,« , !! us,<l for immwlint.. l»c»l ass.s anco fl vi , tlr ns of polio, Th, Hmptc,- olho.*,. n.spiralors and any other' K|iui>- | milll m , ( , ( | ( ,,l bv hospitals for livatmont. Tii.-v pav hospital ..XPHIH.-S I'oi' lanulios w | l ,;. 1 ..i.<ili..||., 1 in<Ulii-yi.S|.H'lrnost lain- ili(^ to iii'i-d si.iui- riiiancinl aul. I lu-y pav IW special treatments, and for transportation to and iVr.m hospitals and Hm- U They keep close fnu'kol'l lie when they have recovered. Ni, i'mnily need worry nhoiit the finan- t-ial l.iinli-ii i.f 'inimililo paralysis. _ U-' cause tlic people of Ainerien Imv.- tfivcn K ,. m .|-misly t.; the annual March of Dimes, thuse (Mini's tin- ready to help ll "' I1L AUG. 13. 1MU t=—=sE=a^» Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck ffewi 20 Years Ago MUM Anno Murphy of New York city wa 3 ylslt- ln K Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Burn, of Pleasant avo- nuo. o —O—o Henry J. Freeman of Carroll street vacutlonod In Boston. o—O—o s 30 Years Ago Mr. and Mm. Wilbur G. Squire spent their vaca- lion at Btintnm Luke. o—O—o Mlm, Florence Donnelly of Walnut street visited rolntlves In Bridgeport. Lost Houses | n (| 1( . first five montlis of li>-K> lire- (IfHtroyod liuiisrs or piirls <•!' houses l<> ihe value 'ol' $'2.').''!.l)(;(!,(KM I. This would have l.nill 42,177 neu" houses at. *ti,»W pi-r l.ousi-. II means thai more Hum 42,001) I'nrnilies no\v looking I'm 1 any kimUi' sliL-l- (,.,• will look in vain because of fire. One way or another, the more than 40.000 families could have had roofs overhead, Do you think that fire companies and insurance companies and luniks and daily iirwspapei-s are tiresoniely and uanuces- snrily insUt.eut on lii-inw careful about f'uvf They admit they are Tiresome. Hut they stonily deny lluil III' 1 " 1 n-UiTiilimi is unnecessary. He careful. Pon't burn down any more houses this year—or any more factories or forests whence come the materials that H'o inl.0 the houses. Keep safe and keep sheltered. Many Drownings This Season Notwithstanding all the warnings to hut hers to take precautions against drowning while in the water, many swimmers ( have lost their lives this summer because tliey disregarded tfooii and well- intentioned advice. A liiri,'i- numbei- of fatalities winch have occurred at lakes, ponds and son- side resorts, and which have boen recorded in the newspapers, could havc^ beon averted if bathers were more careful. 11 is l<> lu> n-Kretled that more heed was not paid to the oft-repealed warninju's, Beloved Composer One of America's most beloved composers—Carrie .Jacobs Bond—celebrated her H4t.h birthday anniversary in Hollywood Sunday. The white-haired composer of "A Perfect Hay" ami "T Love You Truly," on- joyed the day with n few close friends. '"Although I'm not well," slio said, "T fool no complaint, because I am filled with Kmtitmlc by the messages of love extended to me." The two above-mentioned compositions m ¥ c genuine favorites and promise to remain popular for a long time to comc,.^ That. Carrie Jacobs Bond may recover lior hoftlth and enjoy many more years of happiness is the sincere wish of the millions of people to whom her musical have brought much pleasure. ; Around The Clock Bunco'u Falls politics will ho factional mid bitter this year, wo hcnr, as aftermath of a recent court case and its origin. What's this Marching- and Chowder Hub Al Mouni-llo and Connie Kierrmn are Icll'm!;' friends about .' Al Huband says he's much interested in the fact that the new million and a half dollar millroom will include facilities for quietness of operation. . . . Al says he has trouble sleeping some nights. ... We believe Capt. Tony Malone and Patrolman Walter Lysakiewicz deserve a note of commendation for the alertness in pick- in" 1 their man out of a crowd on a New York pier. . . . Having been on many a pier we know what a job it is to take care of number one man, without having to look for another. Tlio political pot is just getting lukewarm in Nauii-utuck and throughout the state. . . . Nuugatuek has a definite inter- c-st in the campaign this year (as if it didn't, every other year) what with Joe Talbot seeking nomination for governor; Jim I'atlerson a candidate for Congress; I'al Kelley, ditto; plus the state legislature and judge of probate- campagins that are strictly local, The Naugatuck chapter of Hadassah contributed S55 for the orphan children of Europe at a weekend gathering held at the Mayak hotel, Seymour. Mrs. Harry Sokolov was in charge of the collection. Seen at the Yankees-Rod Sox dmiblo- lit-uder Sunday— Lieut. -Jack Phillips, Hurgcss Domc-nic UeCarlo. Walter, Homy, HI a n ley and Oscar Gesscck, John Joyce, I'Yank'Broilis and Joe Kolakowski. . . . Also, someone named. Nancy. . . . And', Ted and Bill Chism, John Bicker- ilvcU-L-, John Muhigen. Burgess and Mrs. Andy O'Toole and family are vacationing at Westfield, Mass. . . . Pete Jepson, who. figured his team could beat the youngsters at softball Sunday at the VFW outing, is nursing a broken finger. ... Pete caught one when he wasn't looking. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. .Davis and daughter, Patricia Lynn, have motored here from Capo Charles, Va., to spend a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Clayton S, Davis of High street. . . . John Dancwicx of Spring street has recently been discharged from Uncle.Sam's Army. John was'an outstanding athlete at high school. , . . Marine Joe Owens is renewing acquaintances around town. . , . He's fresh from Parris Island. 1'id luil; has gone to Glen .Falls as a good luck token. ... Ed says thu only game the local Legion team lost in the'pennant chase was the one ho missed. . . . Not that his absence made any difference, he says, if only his hat conld have been tliQre. ... So Bill. Schmelcko, official team scorer, left town wearing Kd AVilcox's hat, and promising that the hat would be in evidence every time the borough boys play. . . . The hivt doesn't fit. too well,'but. the boys feel the chance is worth the effort. PILGRIM'S PROGRESS Veteran Denies Assault Charge Kolcused on $15,000 bail after pleading not cullty to a charge of a»- vuultlni; a Htudcnt nurtic. Navy veteran Charles Rusw.ll Goodalc, 25, Onisct, MULHS., leaves the Warehame. Mo*s., court with hl» mother. Pre- viou» efforts to link the nailer with the slaying of Ruth McGurk, 25, Cambridge, Maxs., hiive been officially dropped. (International Sound- photo) WALTER WINCHELL Ooast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1946. by Tho Hearst Corporation) THE BIG BURG WON'T IJI<: THfc SAME! Brooklyn is thu most .populous county (kings) in the nation — more than 3,000,000. It's Mayor Bill G'Dwyor's home bailiwick, and he loves it, So he fought to make its Borough President, John Cashmore, its Democratic leader. He won. But low know It was a bitter battle, in which the genial, sentimental Irishman, who can be as hard RS the niffhtstick he used to carry, routed the forces of Kenneth Sutherland, of Coney Island and his majority on the executive committee, which oloots the leader, with the same patronage starvation he is slowly, relentlessly dealing out to Tarr.many, in Manhattan, Sutherland represents the old machine tactics of the Boss McCooey days. That means cold, practical politics, with no fancy pro bono public nonsense. Mayor Bill was raised In that school and ho does not love his alma mater. He said: i "Cashmere, not'more cash!" Arid what he said went. The Mayor has won over Ed Newsman Named Truman For Vice President Post Two Favorite Storie* of Publisher John H. Perry Auitine Cattini Also seen at the Yankees-Red Sox double header:— George Day, Andy Rozum, Earl Oostello and Paul Minuto. . . Mrs. Mildred Ives French of the Veterans Administration will interview stenographers at 294 Cedar street, New Haven, from August 13 through 16. . . . She wants them for employment in Washington. Among residents planning a trip to Glen Falls to witness the- local Legion team in action: Commander George Lewis,, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Healy, Paul Buckmiller, Patrolman" Charlie Clark, Mr. and Mrs, George Schuster. By AUSTINE CASSINI Central Press Correspondent • m WASHINGTON—Rural press lord, John H. Perry, running aft« W« hat, blown off in the orocwash at Washington airport on the way to his Kentucky plantation. . . . Parry, the 65-year-old owner of a nation-wide chain of country papers. Is an old-line newspaperman, who started business as a Seattle lawyer He has dabbled in politics and the press for so long that he- has known top figure* In both, fields. He enjoys telling about the night he was playing backgammon with Harry Hopkins, who asked: "What about a vice president to run with F. D. R.? He must be a man sure to carry an uncertain state." "How about Henry Wallace?" suggested Perry. Harry gave him an are-you-kiddlng look. "He wouldn't get two votes in Iowa." "Well," Perry continued, "what about Senator Harry Truman from Missouri?" Harry Hopkins thought a moment. "Say," he exclaimed, "I think that's an idea!" Another of John Perry's favorite stories concerns the time he mentioned Arthur Brisbane to William Jennings Bryan, who tossed a torrent of epithets: "That cur! That scoundrel! That etc!" Perry looked shocked. "Why. that's strange," he fibbed. "Just the other day I was talking to Brisbane and he said what a wonderful fellow you were!" "Oh. well, now, don't get me wrong," protested William Jennings Bryan, completely changing his tone. "That Is—er—uh—he's not a bad sort." "That four-flushing old windbag!" "Now Arthur," said Perry, and went through the same routine of telling Brisbane what nice things William Jennings Bryan had said about him. . . . Perry got a kick out of watching Brisbane s tone change. But more than a kick, .he accomplished what he wanted—he brought the two famed enemies, Wilham Jennlnga Bryan and Arthur Brisbane, together as guest speakers at the same banquet, where they chatted lovingly with one another. • w * » ' • WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN was the greatest prohibitionist in our history. . . . Today his statue stands in the natlon'3 capital not far from the Potomac river. . . . But a malicious fate has let a brewery (where today beer is made) rise behind the statue. If you were to photograph the monument to the great prohibitionist, from almost any angle, you would have the beer works as a background! * * * » • • AFTER THE 79th CONGRESS adjourned sine die (in other words, without appointing a day on which to assemble again), senators and representatives were bounding out as free as kids on the last day of school! . . . "Kid" whose lights burned longest was Senator Morse. I His name rhymes with horse, and his nve-galted horse, "Spice of Life," wins prizes in all showa-around Washington). .. . , Only American woman who knows what's itglike to live In- a Saudi Arabian harem, Mrs. All Alireza, American-born girl who married the son of a merchant prince family of the town of Jidda (they made their money in pearls, spices and harem silks) buying a lipstick in a People's drug store Just after she returned by plane from her hubby's homeland in the party of the Saudi Arabian minister of finance. . . . Her bridegroom . was an interpreter on Prince Faisal's staff last year In San Francisco (pronounced Fle-sal). . . Sw«dl»h Mr. and Mrs. Bernadotte (he was the Swedish D ova ltv prince who gave up his rights'to the throne to ' y marry a newspaper gal), having borrowed the Con- '"At Hom»" necticut house of Actor Robert Montgomery, throw down the welcome mat to week-end friends from Washington. . . . Colombian Ambassador Santamaria, back in town after too much sun at Cape Cod, quipping: . •Tm the Specter of thp Nose!" iriemily. Jim Roe, of Quec-ns, who was once afrainst him, threw him a week-end fish-bake on Shelter Island and they're buddies a(?ain. It may take him a few months, maybe" a year, to run the current Tammany recime out. .. .Then he'll have his kind of support in all four major boroughs.. And Bill O'Dwyer will be kinjj of New York. Pretty Rood for an immigrant lad who in 1910 threw his shovel on a coalpile here and went out with $18 to outfit himself from head to foot; who became a policeman, a magistrate, a judg-e, the District Attorney who was to eradicate Murder, Inc., then take leave to become a Brigadier General, sent by his Commander-in-Chief, F.D.R., to decide for him what we were to do with Italy. Thnt was the hij;h peak of Bill's life. All the rest is to him an anti-climax Cleaning up the biggest, richest, most complex city on earth is just a job. That job is— To eradicate Political Murder, Inc.! Kuliy Kecler, once the danclncr toast of Te.xns Gninan's, then Mrs. Al Jolson and a picture-star .In her own right, is now a happy wife and mother of throe lovely children, all horn within about three StJ'Jljt. *>i'v .> ctij She divorced Jolson after 13 \ ear « I urday ni ght:" One Polio Case In Connecticut Only one poliomyelitis case was reported in Connecticut dui-infr the past two weeks,, accoi-dinff to the summury of disease compiled weekly by the state ' department of Tiealtl). This single occurred in Salem during the week ending August 10; foi\ the previous period no cases were i>.'porteil anywhere in the state. Most common communicable dls- e.ises' decreased during- the week just ended. Twenty-six measles cases were imported this week ag-ulnst S3 for the previous period, while cases of mumps dropped from C3 to 39. Syphilis cases dropped from 49 to 38 and those of Ronorrhe;) from 33 to 11. Chickenpox, G-erman measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, :ind broncho pneumonia were also on the decline. Six cases of chickenpox were reported this week, as compared to 21 for the \vec-k before, while German mea.sles cases declined from six to 1 and scarlet fover cases dropped from 8 to G. During the same period broncho pneumonia cases declined from 7 to fj. No diphtheria cases were reported; a fingle case of this disease occurred the week earlier. Whooping cough and meningitis case reporting' increased during the week ending August 30. Whoopinjr cough ca-jes jumped from 27 to 3G, while Stonington reported the only case of meningitis ii: the stato. No meningitis cases occurred ihe week before. L/obar pneumonia cases remaine/1 at 11 again this week, while for the second consecutive week, no typhoid fever cases were reported. Washington produces S5 per cent ol '.he nation's cabbage. That Club Car, the all-night kicker- licker Fifth Ave. fall-in, which had iis cabaret license lifted, rtoing nier- riJy along, 2-J hours it day .Yonk- <;rs is starting on a mile-long sign. with letters 40 foci wide and IS feet long—"Yonk?rs, N. Y.—City of :3-racious Living—Cflebrating its 300th Anniversary." Gracious! We spent 300 years in Yonkers one Sat- Answering Molotov nnd wed n man of her own ape, Lt. Cmdr. Lowe They reiidopted the | boy she and Jolson had adopted, | now 11, renamed and christened j him Albo-t Lowe... .They live on n| Piuil Gerard Smith reminds me that Murray Garsson. years. aj;o, "unified" n musical show, "Chine • . ja TJnff," with an all-Oriental, 10-acre ruiich near Van Jyu y s,, If n(>vcr Kot to Broadway, but ex- .*>_. II* ...... 4-n.rtfi 1 1-innrrH Tlrtf" 51 f^ Cniif. are well-to-do, though not af- ] "~, r ^ d " in ^ "burp that was to hear fluent... .Ruby misses neither Jol-' ^ • son's millions nor the rich rewards more about Garsson — WashinKton and adulation of Ktnrdom... .She Is radiantly happy and just as pretty and wlnsomcly dainty as sh« ever w ns — 110 pounds... .Mary Lucas Crawford, who dnrtccd with her in Gni nan's has just returned from a visit with Riihy. .. .Mary, too, married a millionaire—Bobby Crawford, music publisher, who died five years ajjo.. .And she, too, Is still a beauty.' Jan .Vultln, author of the Soviet- searing "Out of the Night," is back, out of uniform. .. .His new book, "Children of Yesterday," wHl go on display this week, issued by Readers Press. ..Valtin wrote it by bits and drabs, in South Pacific jungles and fox-holes, caXried it through two invasions and several preliminary campniprns. .. .He finished it in the Phillipines and, himself, at the controls, flew it to Manila, where he had it typed and shipped to Washington, to be censored.... Written unrtcr gunfire and during typhoons, the precious script was flcwn thousands of'miles safely — then was lost in Washington.,.. But he had the hand-written original which he had carried in his jungle-pack, half way around the world. ...He turned that in, and, since he had become a civilian, it went to press uncensored! Reported Romancing—Mary Dallas and Donald Buka, who have played stnge love-scenes, rehearsing thnlr own script without a director . ,. .Taylor Allen, blonde showgal at Arrowhead, Saratoga, and Louis Rltter,, furrier June. Chilstle, Stun Kentoii's vocallurc, and Paul Bannister, who hooks her. .Martha Vlckecs and Don Alvardo.... Don Wilson nnd Llta Warner, inovle- magnate Harry'n daughter, seen at the Carnival... .Ana, my British spies whisper, Rumania's King Michael Is being linked In Buckingham Palace rumor* with Princess Elizabeth. (If that 'comes off, does It make her a queen,, or., him. a p.vlnce consort?) . .The show Rot back to York by floating a chock at the Wlllard, Hotel— u poco, an the Bank of Para. Garsson then had an insurance -office on Fifth Avo., across from the Library, that looki-d like the one Nicholas Nickleby worked in ... Ho> hadn't yet met a Con- jjressinaji. The John Jake Asters are seen at the best 'nightclubs—but not together,,,'. .Louis Prima, introducing his new singer, Sandy BlsJiop, at Meadowbrook, says she's a Detroit Socialite. ..' .Liz Whitney, at Bradley's, playing hard-to-photograph. ., , Jidda Ciano. 38-year-old daughter of Mussolini, we arc advised first hand, is keeping her jaw up and out — apparently a, family chai/ictcr- istic. ..Shabby, hounded and fallen from pomp and power to poverty and disgrace, she has returned to Rome, seeking to salvage from her husband's or father's estates something on which to support her three " SKCRETARY OF STATIi .lames K. Byrnes is photographed durinir a dramatic moment at Peace Conference Rules Committee meeting in Paris. Thu head of the American delegation :it the time wan lashing out at Russia's stand on two-thirds majority vote. (International) GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DEI.IVKRY Your ' \VII.J.yS-OVKIU,ANI> Ui-uI.T LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 1'4 Hiirrlsun Avenue Off Kvrliuiiitr I'lnif, iVactrhnrj •I'iiom- 3-xr.02 I STRISIK'S! 10 Outer St. Waterlmry, Conn, ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland Approved G. I. Training Account Int. Uunlm-wi Miirlilnrn. Si-orrliirliil FA1.I. TKKM OI'KNS IN SKI'TKMIIias Limited Kiirnlliin'iit !THE PERRY SCHOOL Waterbury children I am still a Fascist," . . she says, '"Why not? But I despise politics, a filthy game ttom which I hope to keep my children ... .1 was #rlad when Italy joined the war. I believed we would win, I will live with my ^othcr-in-law in her little house ' in Tuscany .1 am writing no memloirs. . .My soul and my sorrows are not for sale!" Plaza Hotel 'Conversation Ilcce— Elderly gentleman, very distingue, very plastered,, paeed to the phone Helped by boy to get cord from around his neck. "Xid mouthpiece out of Ills ear: "ITIo No .. .No.. And wha'sh more, DON'T unity 'apropos of—!" WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL. Prop. . ' 8 South Main St. Choicest selection of salt and fresh water fish ut lowest; | prices. • Little Hof Brau 406 NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" and Vera Budrls, Prop*. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full tlqiior IJcens* BODEO RAMKLEBS Here Friday, Saturday "IRISH'! SHEEHAN Special '• ^Entertainment Thursday nnd Sunday Open Daily Until 1 A: M. ^r^,****..., ,+rf*fr*rr~~—~- \ POLAROID GLASSES NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "BUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Wlnslow Court BOUGHT SOLD Kent a Trailer and Do That Job Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE .. •/!*• AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-*2 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 6441 REGISTER NOW FAT.t TKRM BEGINS SKi'T. • IhiHliu-HH A<tii>lnlHlr»tlon. ACCOUP b*.-, S «»t n rl»l. JUNIOB POSX COLLKGE 2+^entralAvc. WaterbuO L

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