Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVjENING, DECEMBER 9,1911. Providence II. I., Hci-. 9.—Harry Rlchip, alone in his 21 foot ixjwpr (lory hoiu's to he ilie first man to pilnt-^.craft ihronph the Panama'Canal. Uichie put out uf the harl.or here receotlj' on a 't.Ooi) mile trip lo San Francisco by \v;>y of rneie Sam's ue w ii'aterway' across the isthmus. Uichlo 'R doiy bpars (he iiistorie name^^'CjeorKo AVashington" and carried the American flas J 'lsd the State fins of Rhode Island. Uichie himself bt-ar> a sealed documenc troni M:".y/)r Henry Fletcher of iliis city to iiie mayor of San Francisco, and he ])roinisod on leaving to sail the (ioldeii Gate on the niorninR of V.:ish!Ui;tons birthday. Hichie hails froio Xew York, but decided to siiil oui of Narragansett Ray. He iK a veteran .m;!fariv.i; man. : M years old and single. Savi-ral stop.s are lo he made enroute. Kicliie's challenge to the world, mad.' j^isi bi;lo!.- h'.:- tiny craft started on her trip, is as follows: "I advise '.he people '-f ".'rincisco that if ti'.ey will loolt out on the iiiorning of next Washiiiston's birthday on the liroail gleaming suif.-tti^ <;i the. Pacific tln-y will see a little speck coming throiij,'h the OoUleii Oate. Tliat will be me, Harty liicliie. ai! lii-^ way from Providence. U. i.. via tlie Panama Oanal in my boat Ceorge Washington." Richie ^'xpects to t ^et peni!i.s.'-:on to make use of the Panama Canal so far as it is completed, and to have his dory carried around Cr,:<;r.i C::t. .Much interest is being manifesteil in the outcotne of his tri[). lOLO «K£LiflED NtVMJI Fust loin Five refeaJed .\Cia(!;i 15::-^ Ut Hall Team •'>( lo II. The lola high school ba.-ktt hall team defeated tlie .Vevad:i hig!i school team at l!ie .Auditorium laht uiiilii ny the overwhelming score of .'.I to U. jind the score is a very fair meisure of the difference lietweon 11. e two teams. In no dt>parli;u'i;t of the did Nevada fho<v ; ry siii^Tifirity, and her basket tlir:)« itij;. uiiiii »ork. and general play eotild he i !;^s^e.i. ;!i their best, J18 only fair. li> \\iig:it. !ln' .Nevada fiv were SUlirrior to tlie lola boys, but It wa.- .••'lown la,-t night that weiglit t!oe:. iir>i belp a team to ni:ike )ioiiit8 in basket bail. ' The feature of the game, as ll bus l)een In their .very gauie thi.-i ;in>ion. was the team work of the l<d;i ilv.v The' throwing of each ^ilji.vec fipu; one to the other was swift, anu .'ceur- jile. and tbi- ball was passed down thf court with a tupidity that dazed tiie Nevada j)layi :s. In a luiiuber of instances the team work of the lola boys wss highly spe.-lacular. the parsing of the !)all amoun'ing almost to sleight of hand. It uoiild be diflicult. indeed, it .^eems. to li.nd a team that could Kucci's.-t'uliy combat (he local five's system of team "ork-. Only at one tiir.e during the game, the first minute of jday. did it sceui that the .Vev.ida i.-i.m a chance. lJut an instant pfter th.' ball v.-as in play. lola made a basket. .\n instant after the ball was again in p'ay, Ne­ va--.i nicle a basket. Tliis basket was onr i; le.o tliree Nevada made during: the entire game, while lola was i. ;iki:ig twenty-four. After that first ; Ir:'. .> of jday lola rapidly drew r;i>!i! her ojiponents. jiud at the I . .Ill ' .Lo J'.rn Imlf the sccro stood j JI t 1 'm IS.Ss favor. I I' llal.^tead and !:-.::l::lo who 1 battleii desperately in tlic- -^eoad half, j the Nevada team soeiucl to reaii/.e ' their defeat, and to be in a mood to j sill reijder. In the last half-they were I heiplt'ss. is proliahle th;»t if iti'.e rules had perniilted, they would i liave "thrown iii) the sponsre."' In this ) h.ilf. Hadgeley, I.enhart. Foiist and I lUtchi.y veil- put in by .Mr. IIarri8.=. ' Nidson, Tlioiepson. ("antrell and Wat- j terson being laki'n out. The new ^ pbiyers sliowcd all the gir.ger and 'iiMliiy In team work of their in-ede- c 'Sfdit', and the l<i!a su-ore lan up rai'ldly. tin- j.e.ire of Die last half Ix-- li;g ,'!<) lo s. iimklnj' the totiil neon; for the gai-e .-.I to M. The game was throughout, the one feature '.khich caused some ills- ..^all.'Sfac'ion b.'ing the v.iuk of th<-. Nev;iila referi-e. who eolleil a number of foul;: on Iula v,hieb wer.- very fiucs-iiniiable. to express it mildly. \s:.!e fnuil d'uible foul.s. it er.n he iem..ii'.beri-d tlmf );e called brl one foul on Ills own tea'ii. H is iiicc."?- celvnble that .Vevr.da, with her su perior w.^ight. si'.miM have had. as ih" score look shows but 7 fouls, while lola made 17. Ki^ht of Nevail.-i's points \. le made en free th.row:! while lola V 1 :.- b'.tt tlir- e points by this metho.l. Following the '."hulated .=!i)re: I OKA FC. FT FTM 1" Cantirll . S Z L* I Thompson Dudley Nel.soii I Watterson Miidgley I.en hart . iFousl ... lUtchey 8 1 4 1 II ,'i 0 0 0 I) I) 1) 0 • I 0 II -() 0 I) II 1 0 NKVADA Stuke.sbary Hecket ilare Hoot Hedges Ilaldwin — 24 FG 1 2 u u u 0 FT FT.M F s s ;! 3 Cnrrtl in Ilrr Own Home Totrn. Wichita Kaw. Mrs. C. I* Grounds tells !!."» wnv for her fellow townsraen lo be cured of their kidney and bladder ailments, as she was cured. "Some time ago I suffered with Kidney trouble. I had n severe iiain In my back ami side ant; when I laid dawa It i^erfned as if I could not strnlKhtcn up. Mother told me What good results jnv father wa.s gelling from Foley Kidney Pills so I went to the drug store and got some and commenced taking them I began to gpt better very soon, and now after taking two bottles the pain has left my hack and side, and I am cured of all my kidney trouble." J. D. .Vundis & Co. YELLOW llKrrEU TJI.IX BL.VCKf Yoitntr Coloml .Man IlaNes a Xcw (Question in Controversy. FREE TO YOIHUY SISTER Free to You and Evory Sister But- ering from Woman's Ailments. I Bin a woman. 1 Itnuw woman's Bufferings. I 1 have found the cure. I wlU niBlI, f r<.-e of any char«;e, ray to— hn!- BHtwith fall in.<tnictlun..<U>aii]r saOervr tru:i< wutooQ's oilmeiiU. I want to tvU tU women alxmt this curt— rta, my reuder, tor yourM-lf, your daoghtvr,yonrmother,oryonri>£st»?r. I wiiuf to tfU you how to cure yourselvm at home wilh- out the hulp of sductor. Meu cim.' nodirrtei d women'i) sufff rings. What wo women know tiax •iftriMct, we know better than any doctor. 1 icnow that my'homn tnatmcnt S H safn ar.d rorc core for UMtitoN tr Wfcitltk tfitdaim, Blctnjien. C.t- fnfMit, eitriM ir Mriu Tsaen. u Sttmtkt; ilM (tu:: ii kt«<, tack u4-kmli,kc»iB( <cwo iMllttt. unMuut, cn*rt« ftiliiv s> tin t««, mhatMr. <Mira i» cii, bet flatkH, ntiiMn, kMiti. %ti klitdir UuUn mktn UKti kr »nkPMJM nt »liir to our sex. I want to send you i caaphh In ir,'t hulaal tstinlT fm to pror« to you thai you eau euro jroursejf at home, easily-, quickly and ' (urely. BememtH-r, that,rt CHI cnl >oa Mtkisfto glTu tho trcfctmtnt a complt-tc-triul: and if yon wish to oontlnne, ft iriU cort yon only aTwut ifccntaa wwk or W-M than two ciiits a.luy. 3t will not Interfere with your wi .rk or occupatlcn. jMt t»4 M tnr em Htf tdint$. ttU mt- bow you •ufferIf von wl^ih,andl wiUii-:ia via thetrvacmunt foryoureate. entlrci,-ft; i i<lidnwiu!>- per, by rolurn mail. I wil. a! • . M ri-i v.j.ifttfof ent, my hook— "WOlUUrS OWI UUKUA WOT w .'ih. Jiii.lanalory lllnntratlonH >-h>.» inir u h> wojuOT euffer, and hi>w thi-v cnn <*«ily cnr.-f b" Ivi« at burnt!. Eviry womiiiish-ni; 1 l/ It, nndlMim to IM«klw ktnill. Thi-n wie n «i<.-.l.-k-if.r ru ^is— Wher.'vi r r.m Ilv<>. I fan i r to lo Jli < .'.f ov,-»i !<i-:.:";,- v " r "W«-.d«llUloi'.W t <I! niiy Hur .Tir llmt ( hi» Tit'.p .i I •'^iili •• all \v...:i' n '.<<ti- rts. - UM I .i- -< •. 'i.iiii will, ."•njii.i. JI I LM.'I Mii rijhu-t Ji-1 . :.f :i par aii-l lie- fr.-.-li"ii'iiyVir.uta.cut'..*;uarH,iu*o l!> • t,.«.U. sViit'- t ..Hlay, i«< )•, . i.ui.• t.'i j tJiU u>lt "UKII I II. J I 'lln -K^ MHQ. M. SUAAMLKU, lio.- ' - - South Bend, Ind.- o. e.A. Ti'.e controver:-y v.Jiie;i got g.oing ::omeli(.w recently foncorning raci.'.l prejudice etc. was given a now twist today by a comniun?; ation fro.m a • young colored mr.n whose skin is real iy and truly b'.a'k. He may be pre. sumed to speak for himself us well a.s ' others therefore, when h., files the following p!o;e.-t against the alleged ' piejudice which light-eoloreij negroes exhibit fow,".rd the bJaek ones, which differs In no way from the original : charge that the wiiites exhibit a prejudice toward all negroes. Ilut the letter speak? for Itself and follows: j lola. Kans , Dec. 9 1911. Editor npgi.'^tcr: I will write n let! ter concerning the pnrti;iiity shown by the negro race in the line of yellow and black people. At the clubs thry even show partiality by not kissing the blaek hoys or associfiting willi them in t'lieiv games, but If there Is a light boy in tlie lu.use and thej- are called^ on lo kiss l:im they are per- feeilv'wiUlng. j .Mr. Kditor and friends, I think If anybody should be jiroiid of their color It fihoiiM be the bhick n-an. Which do you think Is the most honorable color, black of yellow? If you are a , negro, why not be your own color and not some one else's? If they do not want to H sr the black boys, what rai-e do they want to kiss? i The while race Is just as far above kissing yellow nrgroen as they arc above kis<<lng black om-s. •^'ours truly, A CLUI) ATTICNDA.NT. mm This Lamp That Saves The Eyes Children naturally never tKink of possible strain on their eyesight when poring over a fasdnatlng bock. It b up to you to see they do not ruin their young eyea these long evenings by reading under a poor light. The Rayo Lamp is an insurance agzinst eye tfoubleSi alike for young and old. The Rayo is a lovr-priced lamp, but it is constructed on ths soundest . scientific prinu'ples, and there is not a better lamp made at any price. ft is easy on the eye because its b'^ is to toft and white and widely diffused. And a Rayo Lamp never fiicken. E»xiy lighted v «4iKout remoring f&ada or <iliimoey; easy to dean aaj icwick. Sclid biasttluougbout. with handsome nicitel finkh; alaoia many otltcr style* awSfinkhcs, Atk Toar iaict lo iow yvt iii tat JUtyoUof I e( krtiiB for <btcripiMs dradsr lo ur sfcacr «i as St&ndsurd Oil Company (lacor^oratcd) .til AInrni nt Miriii. —That til ikes terror to the entlic household is the loud, hoarse and me• alllc cough or croup. No ml?takltig it. and fortunate then the lucky parents who keep Foley's Honey and Tar Compound on hand. H. W. Casselman. Canton, N. y. says: "It Is wcrtU its wciight in gold. Our lUUc children are troubled with croup and hoarse ness, and all we ^xe them Is Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. I always I'ave a 'joltle of It In the hoiise." J. H. Mundis ic Co. nrownlop to Cnptafn K. l\ T.-iv.fence, Kan., Dec. 7.—Harold Urov.nlee. of Sylvia, Kan., right end on this year's^cam was tonight elect fd captain of the Kansas university squad for 1912 at a, banquet given the players here. The only men who does not believe a thing the newspapers say has been found. He lives in Atchison. He has written b cousin In Ixis .\ngeles to find out If the VcNaniaras have confessed. It l3 presumed his cousin has alre?.dy apprized hlin of the fatt that the Times building has been destroyed. Furniture Pieces for Christmas Giving Furniture iPieccs to please and satisfy old and young, friends and relatives. It is hard to decide? Let this si(jro aid ycii in ycur decision and see just how easy it will be! THE SLUMBER CHAIR Will surely jile^se him, as it is one of the most comfortable chairs sold —has a food re$t attachment, is upholstered either in Chase leather, the best grade, of imitation. This chair must 3e $cen to be appreciated—only on djsplay at this store. Either in mission or golden oak finish. Priced from— $^6.00 to $22.50 .75 for Tiiis Two-Inch Post Brass Bed. With fine fillers in head and foot; finished either bright or dull satin. A high grade bed at a very small price. We are showing many other patterns cf Brass Beds at very low prices. On display in our North Window. $11.75 THIS MISSION WRITING DESK $12.00. Finished in Early English with extra size writing'table and one large drawer and book rack. A very pleasing design of mission art —other desks of mahogany, bi^ds'- eye maple and golden oak on display at very .reasonable prices. All goods wij^l be delivered in |^ood condition &t any time to please you Cash or Credit STE.IDF.V.ST riie FolloHluir <'on<-liisii« Kiery (OMFIDESCE Stan-ment FrV' lo }^houl(l Form I' nf .>lerit to leader. Could .stronBor proiit of the nirrit of .my remedy b- desired ilie stateinenls of Braii^'ful endorsers who say their coniidcrtco ha.s been undi- 51 PIES SOLD FOB $39,00 mlnisheii by ln[>M the kind of s(at<' pearinK coiistantl; jiers for Poan's are twice-told ami eiithusia: ra. Can the following? It of lola. Mrs. ;'':.n7ik n. ^MUk. .'.07 .\orth St., of time? These are nen(s that are ap- in' voiir local pa- <Cidn<?y Pills. Thoy conhrnied with n."-.' any. reider doubt is from a resident Io!a. Kat;;. says "Five years apol heupflt until I)oai| urocuri'd at C. DruK Store. Th I p;;;»!i(!y indorsed noun's Kidnev Pills .-iud at I'li:* time I Kladly (onlirni tha't statenieDl. ,\ 'if my faiiiilysiiffcied severely from backache and heai.'aclie; tliere were pufly spots lien -ath hor eyes and dlzxy .«i)i -I's cauH "rt nnich annoyance. The kidnev secrt lions were also ur- natiiral. .Nothint: broupht the le ^s' lilberly IJovs STiide Arthur Townsend Pay $2.t;0 for -lli -r" Fie. Out at the Liberty school house "liles is pies" as was proven by the Pie Social held at the school. last night for tlv purpose of raising funds for the Christmas tree for the school. Fifiy-one pics were contributed by patrons of the school and these were auctioned off to the highest bidders, the ,51 pies seling for $39. which will go a long way toward providing that Christmas tree. There was a lot of fun connected with the affair, and when the boys found that Arthur Townsend was determined to become the owner of a cerlain pie, supposed to be the handiwork of a certain charmer, they conibin<'d apainst hir^ and the result was that it coat \/. Townscnd |'i.ii:> to bt'como owner of that particular pie. Ice, Cold Storage, Coal, Distilled Water ^FOR SALE— lOLA ICE, COLD STORAGE & FUEL CO.^ -Phone 116 's Hidney Pills wir" n. Pi)enc*r & Ci '.'f. s rei"edy effccled ;i coii'iplete r.nd periimtivnt cure. 1 also know of nnol Hoan's Kidnev P| the most siitlsfn For K.^lc by a' Foster-.MIIhtirn t Ifeuu'iiiher !hc| take no other. .Miss (':'.rlson o .says t^nt v.-hen •r Instance wliere lis wi-rt' taken with tory reRUi'"!." di>,i1 <^rs. Prl<-e .'.O.'. o.. P .uffnlo. N'. Y.-sole aci'n'K for flhe t'liiled SlnliT. paiMc—Doan's—nud tlie I.lndshorfc- .\ev. • • he was nt Excelsior' ••nest on i:arth'' —Tiil.s Is the venli'-t of R. .T. Howell, Tracy ().. who bo'uglit Foley's Honey anjl Tar Cnn:pf'und for his wife. "Her ca?o was t'.e worst I have ever seen, iind looked like a sure case of ron- .•unipllon. Her-lungs were sore and she couphi;d almost Incessantly and her voice was hoarse and weak. Fo- I'y's Ilonry and Tar Ccmpouml l.roiight relief at once and lens tlian three TUIUL^A effected n cowdcte . u '.i-" J. I). -MundKs & Co. .'^prlni.'- 'he rmb vylio oiiT.'.ted tl -i- pump .-It the Slljiam.Purines told her that lio had plckl-d 'ij) fourteen ladles" hnnf!!l.^r• d'lrlnd thpc summer and only on» I'f the foijitcen contained money. Ilowevpr jhey' .ll! bad powder _ ra.!;?. fi'im whi'i she draw.s the con-! cluslo" \hn'. a w jmajf can bpve a fair-' Iy good »ime wi hotU any money pro-, ifded s!ie keeps her powder dry. Roots Barks Herbs That ha've grea raised to their purifylngr and they are parlll.i. ^o.asfi testimo count in two (nri conibl ned . power, aro hl3hc.1t etricleiicy, for ichliig the b'.ood, as 1 ill Hood's Sarsa- liala received by aetu.-.'. Bo surj to laXp yfcarsi Hood's ^drsiapariila n U£U.^1 Ihiuld form or as tatU^d Sarsatatis. Git it today cUoco'»atfc«l tab .The Missouri and Kansas Telephone ronipnny Is making arrangcmrnts for the placing of a steel fire e-acnpe on its building in \\i\s city, for the better protection of its eniiiloyes. The telephone huildinK here Is not of great hefShf. hot the fact that twenty-three young ladi.'>s work on the ^cond f'oor makes a fire escape ve:y desirable. ^ghsi MarkQt Prices for Hii§GS sinci Fur» also FsffiG lamp Goai = FOR SALE AT Ld Krupp's Jusik Ysrd Phaao 31^ ERsaRaBamsasEzcsa .InmcH II. Slgnor, the former Hum-1 vim - who >.'curi'd recognizance for boldt man mentioned In the Reglstir' Mr. Slgnor i\» a sinner of tho consti* last night as being nt last recognized ( mtlim, «ay.s he will now mako an ef- by the Kansas State Historical H"-' f'T' ''> have the middle Initial co^ clety as oni( of the seven uurvivlni; signer.') of the Kansas conslitutlon, i< referred to In the statutes of 18i;'2 a; .lames A. Signor. Captain T. S. Sto- rected In tlie statutes. —C<)iu:::;'ncing .Monday, Majestic 5c; Wiih tlie ronilDp of Middle \^t: —There is a letting down In the, physical forces often shown In annoy Ing and painful kidney and bladder all raents and urinary Irregularities. Foley's Kidney Pills are'a splendid regulating and strengthening medicine at such a time. Try them. J. D. Mundis & Co. The Imps, the lola foot ball team which was to have gone to Mildred to day for a game, were compellefl to abandon their trip on account of the rain, but they say they will make an effort to arrange the game for nest week. —Jlonty 's t'afc, Soycr 's paper ha? cooking. Honored by Women When a T ^oman speaks of her silent secret suffering she trusts yoa. MJlIioas have bc- ctowcd this ninr.'c of conS* deuce on Dr. I'.. V. Pierce, cf Duff :i !o, N. y. Evc-ry- wbcrc there ire women who b-j^r witness to tho wonucr- T/orking, cur::!.-t-;jcwcr o£ Dr. Picrbc's Favvjr^te Prescription ~>T ?urh saves Ci.j ctryinr.^ sex fror.t pciu, and turccps'ally grapples .S ivornan 'r; v/eali- IT M.\!:r:5 \/ZMC woriEN strong IT nAlyES SICK. WOMEN WELL. \ No n-oman's aripeaJ was ever mijjJIrocted or her eoa^' ndcDce inispiaccd when she wrote for adyiee, to/ the V/oBLo's LJ ::?ENSAr.-v M edic *!. AssociATidN, Dr. R. V. Pierce, president, Buffalo, N. Y. ' Dr. Wwcc'i' PleaMzt PcilelJ i^yhtof nti'd ontursf ft'>rj-f./ aoYeauat oacs n day- ^

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