Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 26, 1976 · Page 32
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 32

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1976
Page 32
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Nearly All Indicators Up Carroll Shows Economic Gains Business Barometer The Bicentennial year 1976 finds the City of Carroll in an exceptionally strong economic position, according to the annual survey made by the Carroll Chamber of Commerce. In virtually every category checked, Carroll shows an economic plus sign compared A-E Serves 80 Counties Carroll County is one of 80 Iowa counties served by the Anderson-Erickson Dairy Company with the Carroll branch office located at 321 West Fifth Street. Area Supervisor Gene Cross and 17 other persons are employed at the local office. Milk and other related products come from all over Iowa, including the Carroll area. Area distribution points are at Carroll, Sac City, Exira, Manson and Gowrie. The Anderson-Erickson production facilities are in Des Moines. Lange's Dairy of Carroll and Sac City was purchased by the firm in 1971. to a year ago. M.J. (Mike) Arts, executive vice president of the Carroll Chamber of Commerce, said the strong showing of Carroll "is directly related to the strong agriculture economy we enjoy in this part of the country as compared to the industrial economy throughout most of the nation." Retail merchants had a whopping'$6,325,698 increase in retail sales in 1975 compared to 1974. These figures are based on state sales tax receipts released by the Iowa Department of Revenue. The retail sales figures are compiled on a T!m«« Herald, Carroll, la. '* Friday, March 26, 1976 O 'fiscal "year "ending 'with June 1975, and are the only figures included in the business barometer that are not figures on a year end basis. These figures have been adjusted to show that food items were taxable in 1974 and not in 1975. Bank deposits in Carroll showed a more rapid increase than during the two previous years, exhibiting a nice increase of $7,022,488 over the same period in 1974. At the same time, bank assets were up $7,229,381. . Building permits issued by the city works administration increased by 26 over 1974. "When you take a look at the increase in retail sales, banking figures and the number of building permits issued," Arts said, "you get a good idea of Carroll's economic position for 1975.'' Of the total building permits issued in 1975, 89 were for residential construction with a total value of $1,322,655 and the remaining 23 were commercial construction with a total value of $2,655,145. Substantial gains were made in the utilities category — gas, water, telephone and electricity. The number of gas customers increased by 79 even though there was a decrease in the total cubic foot of gas used. The number of water meters increased by 22 as the consumption of water increased by 2,829,000 gallons. Electricity customers increased substantially as the KWHofelecticityused. Sixty-eight telephone lines were added during 1975, an increase over the previous year's total of 4,144. In the area of county statistics, which are included mainly for those who are interested rather than as indicators of Carroll's progress, Arts said there were more divorces and births and fewer marriages and deaths. CATEGORY Retail Sales Bank Deposits Bank Assets Postage Receipts Building Permits Valuation—New Construction Gas Meters Gas Used • (Cu. Ft.) Water Meters Water Pumped (Gal.) Electricity Cust. Elec. Used (KWH) Telephone Lines COUNTY VITAL STATISTICS: Marriages Divorces Births Deaths * Figures adjusted taxable in 1975. 1974 $46,328,427 37,346,009 41,695,809 354,601 86 2,434,820 2,866 965,202,600 2,908 375,348,'000 3,807 57,162,227 4,144 STICS: 240 28 353 265 1975 $47,066,407 44,368,497 48,925,190 377,383 112 4,066,260 2,945 940,000,000 2,930 378,177,000 3,901 59,992,642 4,212 212 30 385 260 Increase or Decrease +$6,325,698* +7,022,488 +7,229,381 +22,782 +26 +1,631,980 +79 -15,202,600 +22 +2,829,000 +94 +2,830,415 +68 -28 +2 +32 -5 how food items taxable in 1974 and not 'Involvement 76' is Bicentennial Goal of Chamber of Commerce "Involvement '76" is the 1976 Bicentennial goal declared by the Carroll Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for the 380 business and professional men and women that are members of the Carroll Chamber. The Chamber's economic and social program for 1976 includes a comprehensive program in the following areas: industrial, agriculture, transportation and tourism, plant and equipment, finance, meetings, legislative activities, public relations, advertising, community betterment and retail promotions. In addition, the Chamber will again serve the city as an everyday clearinghouse for matters concerning the Carroll community. The Chamber finances its programs entirely through local membership dues. It receives no tax money and is not a part of any governmental operation. The organization compiles a plan of action at the start of each calendar year, used as a measuring stick of the Chamber's performance during the year. Under the direction of M.J. "Mike" Arts, executive vice-president, the Chamber operates with four separate divisions comprised of 12 board of director members. These divisions include EX9K9C9C9Q0 wssssesocsaa* KERP'S ONE OF CARROLL'S NEWEST BAR mi GRILL PROGRESS- THANKING ALL OUR CUSTOMERS Serving Mixed Drinks & Cold Beer- The Way You Enjoy Them Best, Also Serving Breakfast and Noon Lunches Where Friendf Meet Friends internal affairs, retail promotions, public affairs, and economic development. The directors include all the officers except the president. Three directors are assigned to each division. Lyle Bernholtz, co-owner of Bernholtz Brothers Frozen Food Center and Lockers heads the 1976 lineup of Chamber officers as president. Other officers are David O'Leary, Carl E. Stukenholtz, Roger J. (Chico) Kanne, and Roger A. Haynes, vice presidents, and Ronald W. Muhlbauer, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Dorothy Bohnenkamp is office manager. The officers have set the 1976 goals of the Chamber by divisions as follows: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIVISION (Carl Stukenholtz, Mike Benton, Robert Day) INDUSTRIAL — Encourage existing employer expansion. Develop a program that will insure a continuing effort by all Chamber members to be alert to industrial and retail firms wishing to expand or relocate here. Maintain a clear channel of communication between the City of Carroll and the Carroll Chamber of Commerce Industrial Development Committee. Cooperate with local developers by assisting them in any way possible in connection with business development. Complement the work of the Iowa Development Commission by contributing to and participating in their activities and programs. AGRICULTURE — Promote Agri-Business and Farm Relations. Help host with local agriculture production groups the 6th annual Agarama. Sponsor the 2nd annual Farmer-Businessmen's Banquet to provide an opportunity for area fanners and Carroll businessmen to enjoy an evening together and communicate their problems and goals. Establish additional programs to better identify the Chamber with the rural trade. TRANSPORTATION AND TOURISM — Continue our membership in the Iowa Good Roads Association and the Iowa Highway 30 Association. Cooperate with local transportation firms in securing improved' service for the community. Inventory and publish list of area attractions for distribution to the general public. Prepare and distribute Carroll City maps. Participate in the newly established Regional Tourism Council. INTERNAL AFFAIRS DIVISION (David O'Leary, Ronald Muhlbauer, Mrs. L.A. Smith) BUDGET — Prepare and 699 Arrests Made in City During 1975 . »*«*£ XXXXXXXX"» BUILD ON A FIRM FOUNDATION OF CONCRETE ..... READY MIX •53 Any Mixture... WHETHER A LARGE PROJECT OR .SMALL ... we deliver fast and courteously right to your project. • Re-rod — wire mesh — equipment rentals. • A full line of concrete materials. Rock and sand in any quantities. Carroll police arrested 699 persons in 1975, a report issued by Chief Maurice Dion shows. That includes all types of arrests. The report says 264 summons were issued after 624 accident investigations. Of these accidents, 519 involved damage of more than $100, 97 of less than $100, 6 pedestrian-injury accidents and 2 involving cars and bicycles or motor bikes, the report states. One person died within the city limits and 83 persons were taken to a hospital or doctor's office after accidents. Another 11 complained of injuries, but went home. January and November were the big accident months in the city — 70 were reported in each month. Other montly totals were February 68, March 45, April 62, May 46, June 42, July 30, August 57, September 37, October 47 and December 50. The report shows 408 of the accidents to be two-car collisions, 46 car-fixed object accidents and 45 car-truck or pickup. Several transients were in contact with the police station —14 of whom spent a night in jail and 77 others who "were given help in 1975," the report says. Seventy-one forcible break-ins were reported; eleven were solved, Dion says. These break-ins include homes and businesses. In eight of the break-ins nothing was taken. Sixteen persons were'arrested for breaking and entering. Fifty-seven other thefts were -reported last year, such as entering cars. Eleven of these were solved, the report states, and 19 persons arrested. Dogs took up much police time, with 327 dogs calls and 180 dog impoundments. Police escorts such as funerals, parades, equipment moving and so on took place 458 times. Juveniles were contacted 825 times in 1975 for things such as break-ins, vandalism and shoplifting. Checks after business hours by police produced 138 cases of unlocked doors and windows. Seven cars were reported stolen, with all seven being recovered. supervise Board approved budget. Monitor the Chamber's fiscal operations. Aid the Chamber's Treasurer as may be required. Recommend budgetary changes as may be needed^. Plan and conduct the annual membership drive. Review the budget on a regular basis and make recommendations to the board concerning financing, operations, policy and procedures. Organize and maintain a continuous program of membership solicitation. Recommend policy to the board, coordinate the policy recommendations of the other divisions. SUPPORT SERVICES — Publish the Program of Work and make periodic evaluation on its progress. Provide Western Union service for the city and area according to regulations established by Western Union. MEETINGS AND PROGRAMS —Present the Annual Meeting of the Carroll Chamber of Commerce. Conduct an orientation meeting for new Directors. Consider additional social events for the membership, thereby creating increased fellowship and rapport among the people who make up the Chamber. Make personal calls on existing chamber members, inform members of the chamber programs' and encourage greater participation. PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIVISION (Roger Kanne, Clark Peters, James Pie tig) LEGISLATIVE — Monitor legislation at all levels of government and communicate need for action to membership when necessary. Recommend "position" on issues affecting membership when appropriate. Act as a liaison between the various parts of .the city government and the business community. Promote legislation in the city council which Chamber policy supports for the good of Carroll business and for the good of the city as a whole. Maintain constant and close relations between our State Legislators and the Chamber. Sponsor several public affair forums with our State Legislators. Promote legislation in the State Legislature which will improve the economic stability for our business and our citizenry. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND ADVERTISING — Promote the use of the city slogan "Carroll — Iowa's Newest City." Circulate a wholesaler's and distributor's buyers guide of Chamber of Commerce members. Present the Community Service -Award and other forms of recognition to deserving individuals. Sponsor the annual Summer Outing. Work with host individuals or organizations to secure conventions and meetings for Carroll. Maintain a program for the Carroll Colonels, the Chamber's good will ambassadors, whose function shall be to greet and welcome new businesses, welcome dignitaries to our town and generally relate to the public as necessary. Maintain close and constant liaison with the news media; provide media with news releases which explain the Chamber's activities and positions. COMMUNITY BETTERMENT — Provide urban and rural opinion of Chamber's programs. Cooperate with the local police department in presenting an anti-shoplifting educational program in our businesses and schools. Promote the use of the' 'Call Two" Merchants Warning System when necessary. Maintain a liaison between the Chamber and the Carroll United Way, and encourage business participation. RETAIL PROMOTION DIVISION (Roger Haynes, Kenneth Burkett, Dennis Bierl) Develop and maintain a retail promotion file in the Chamber office for the use of all members. This file is to identify and outline promotions by the month or special occasion. Organize a retail bureau smoker for all members of the retail bureau. Give all support possible to the shoplifting campaign and the "Call Two" Merchants warning system. Develop a diversified program of retail oromotions within budget allocations and in keeping with what the .Retail Committee deems necessary. The following are among those to be presented: Crazy Daze, Sidewalk Art Show, St. Boniface Day, Ridiculous Day, Polka Band Day, 20th Annual Western Iowa High School Band Day, Christmas. Seek more parking facilities for businessmen and employes away from the primary customer parking areas. Establish a permanent committee to study and make recommendations to city officials as to proper timing of parking meters in the Carroll retail area. Cooperate with the city to enforce parking laws rigidly and fairly, and to encourage self policing within the business community. ... Any Quantity • Beer Distributors Serve Wide Area \XXXXXX ^v****"^* "~ * _ MOORHOUSE READY-MIX West 6th . Carroll • X Four wholesale beer distributors contributed to Carroll's economy. They are. the L.A. Smith Company/ Auen Distributing Company, Farner-Bocken Distributing Company and Bower's Distributing Company. The L?A. Smith Company, located at 326 North Clark Street, will observe its' 20th year in Carroll. L.A. (Jack) Smith established the firm here in 1956, Thirteen persons are employed by the company which continues to expand. The vehicle fleet includes three trucks' route, two merchandising vans and a tractor-trailer for hauling quantity shipments from Milwaukee, Wis., and Omaha, Neb. Six lines of domestic beer and three imported beers are distributed by the firm in a seven-county area. Smith is chairman of the board of the Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association and is a director of the ' National Beer Wholesalers Association. The Smith firm is known as the home of the famed English double-decker bus. Auen Distributing Company, located at 100 North Grant Road, has been in business for 26 years in Carroll, Crawford, Sac and Calhoun Counties. Two lines of beer are distributed to dealers in the counties. Two delivery trucks and a van are used in the operations. The firm, which employs seven persons, has been at its' present site since 1968. Wholesaling beer is a part of the Farner-Bocken Distributing Company, located east on U.S. 30, Shirbroun Distributing Co. of Carroll has added Pickett's Beer to its line. Pickett's is brewed in Iowa's only brewery in Dubuque. Jay Shirbroun bought the Carroll distributorship of, Bower Distributing Co. of Fort Dodge at 303 N. Clark St. in April, 1975. Shirbroun had been the Bower manager for three years. The new company is a one-man operation with one route truck. He has been in the beer business for 16 years. ''Pickett's has been received well here," he said. "If Pickett's is a success, then we may need more help in the operation." The Dubuque beer has increased sales from 11,000 barrels when it took over the former Star Brewery to 60,000 barrels last year. The move into Carroll, as well as other Iowa cities! is an effort by Pickett's to establish statewide distribution. Youll Find This Is a Friendly Place to Live And Convalesce • Professional Nurse on Duty 24 Hours of Every Day • Security and Personal Attention • Masonry Fire Safe Building i • Residential, Intermediate, Skilled Professional Care • Member —Health Facilities Association of Iowa '•'*'» • , Carroll Health Center Acroti From Municipal.Gplf Court* 2241 N. WMI St.. Carroll

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