The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 27, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1977
Page 2
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]TAOB »—VAVOATUCK NT.WS (CONN.). TUESDAY, AUG. 13. DREW PEARSON r^ ON °Hie WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Stranded Gambling: Ship Patrons Before 'JRescue' Drew Pearson Says: U. S.-Russian Friction Worse In Austria Than Elsewhere; Mark Clark Has Outsmarted Red At Every Turn; His Tactics May Be Key To Policy U S. Should Adopt Toward Soviet Vienna—(by cable)— The place where the United States and Russia have co/ne closest to grips is not Berlin but Austria. Mere tho Rod army tfot in first and For u time it kept the other Allies out. Here the Russians immediately up- pointed their own Austrian (.lovcnimont and expected to^ run it and here—in a'little country almost* completely suv-j rounded by Russian-dominated Yugoslavia, CV,eclios|o- \ vnkia, and [funKavy—Moscow planned'to establish its economic; capital for the Danube, ______ The nmasilriK thing In that with nil .... tho carclit stacked In Ihtilr fu< vor tho nodi! havo completely to tho army, U failed. Thin In due partly ruthlcHsnniw of tho Hod which him allnmitod everyone hfi» come In contact with, nnd partly It In duo to the Mhrowdne.i.s ot kn American General who has out- nmarted the RuMfllnnn fit ovory turn, Kin tactics are worth studying. Thry may ho the key which tho United fUntn.i should ncce[it In oth. m* /irons, psrhnpn even an n national policy. Vienna, of coume, Is tho most fnmoim city In hlwtory when It (•omen to Oriental Irwimlonn. For c.enturlen, nrmlen from Asia huvo nwnpt up tho Rfilkfin Ponlnsulii or across the Cuucnmix In atttimptN to conquer all lOuropci - only to be «topp«d ii-t Vlennu. Tho Turku ramo to the very gnten nf Vienna ho fore, they wont turned bm.'k. Tho Mongols got im fhr an Kud/ipost and left behind I hem the Mngyiirti of ftimgiiry. Tho Mlnvs penetrated most of the Biil- knn<i luit never Austria. Nuw Vienna In t.ho battleground for another MHtorlc invasion — n new Slavic •ntlon, waving not the ban- Some HAMILTON Watches Have Arrived! Not many — hut .Homn. K n o u (; li in hold firtli » promlno of more on tlio w ny. It voii'vn wiltfiif; 1'or Hnmi)N»/i — it l>o horn now. Thi'v'ro morn hanutl- fill thiui over nnd n» (Inn ns ruily Hamilton cnn ninko them. PIERPONT'S ntgUt^rril JpwrtarMi Amnrlfrttl firm J*orl*(r m» HANK XTHKKT ner of tho Czar but slogans Communism and determined of to Austria and use it as tho .Mprln;,'board to the Adriatic, Italy and Southwest Europe. Cliirk Chnckod Tho man who had chiefly checked thin latmit invasion Is tall, rnm- rod-bullt Gen. Mark Clark who, three yunru ago, landed at Casablanca, fouRht his way up through ttnly, and now commands a small but doturmlnod American army in Austria. On tho othor side.of Austria, n Ru.-uilnn nrmy four 'times as lnr{fo asi tho American Force oc- cupln!i a much larger slice 1 of the nutlons while French and British urmldH occupy tho rest of Austria. Hero. In tin: city of Vienna moots tho Allied Council—tho real rulers of this beleaguered little nation. Under the Declaration of MOMCOW, t h i' Allied Council is charged with tho building up of Austria on the ground that ku poo- Wearv seekers after lady luck line the riill of the slijp.. tux .after they had been stranded nbour'd the crnft off Lon/j Beach, Cftl., when officials Impounded,the water taxis that cjirrlcd them to the vfts'sel After ions hours of wultlnu, they wcro taken nsnore by the water taxis which plied between tbe sh'ip and sheer under .the «i»pwvi»loji of .the Coant Guard. "AdmlnU" Tony Cornero Stralla, operator of conspirlnc to violate state ginnblinR laws. (International Sound- photo) put In n bill to the Austrian treasury for-t.wo m'lMlon schilling's on the ground that thc'U. S, had put. thai amount In reichmarks into the. Austrian' treasury. Clark knew that If he.doinnnrtDd t'nc money back from Austria, the U, S. demand on top of Russians, would bo .so groat that neither .couUl bo paid. " .... Most ' slgnincant thlrvs. ,_a bout Clark's strategy S3 that ho" started out by .being soft with tho Russians. Evoryhlne they asked for, he Cotton Hollow? Six Residents Attend Yanks- save. He sincerely believed In j B OSOX Double Header In .... ^1 .._,..„ __„.,. _., n ,jA« ..V* .3 'IT- *^W!-«V*fc ^~ .^ ^- — — strons: Rualun coopci'alion and ter the wui-s end ho bent over back' ward to PTlve It. But all he reaped from his favors was rfhurfs until, llnnlly he dccklcrt to try different tactics Now Clark doesn't budKC an inch and the policy seems to work b'pttcr, One of Clark's toughest fights pin wore thrown Into war by Hit-I wns over the return of German na- li-r without iholr consent, and that a hoalthy Austria IH ul«o healthy for a Democratic Europe. Although the Soviet WHS a 100-pcr-ccnt saib- iicrlhur to thl.-t doctilnc, Its Gen- ui'iil On the Vlcnmi Allied Commis- tlonals. or Volkedeu-tsch, some of whoac forebears had settled In Austria 300 years U.KO but who were declared Germans by Hitler find now, by a Soviet decree, arc to bo ousted from the Russian ha.M followed exactly the op- ! «me. Many of the Volkcdcutsch Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 poslto policy, A."ldc frum .shooting,' ;it American (ilrplnni-M, stftilliiK U. S. jeeps, mur- tlcrlni; oeciisionnl American M.'P.'s and blanking t'. S. Army tninspor- tntlon, the ntissluns nlso hrvvc followed 11 |{;' policy of svrecUlritf th" Aiialrlun economy. This Is wliurc Cl.irlt ;i!id the Russians huvo vigorously come to Ki-lp.i, At the stfir: of the occiiimtlon, for Im'tniici- tlio dumunded DCinono.nno sehlll!ni:s lo pay for Reel Army costs In Auntrla. Since Austria must iiho pn.y U. S., British and French army costs, this Just nbout htuilmip'.M tho country. So Clurk hfi.i iircrod, I'Ven clcmnndccl that the ntiMslmiH Huiilo down their occupation costs', Lust month thUi ai'Ru- mont finally ciimn to u crisis \vhen O'lnrU proposdtl thai the Russians reduce their co.-its to 123,000,000 schillings for tho next quarter. The !'Ui:iJtl;ins, however, sultl "No"—that 200,000,000 .schillings wiis tho least they would luko-nnd they threatened to wnlk out of th'o. Council. Vnto llUKihles Itcd.i C.H. FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Vor All Occa»!on» KLOWKJIS KVEriYWHEIlK MELBOURNE'S BLOWER SHOP MO RUBBER AVKNPH - 6228 Clark however, Is one Amclcan who has found the Russian veto .itratoj.'y Just HA useful us M. Molo- tnrt, Ho nromply oxiirclscd his volo and told tho Russians that they could dot havo 200 million schil- llnKM, whereupon they did walk out, A couple of woeks passed and the KiiMlnn.i walked In Afraln nnd meekly said they would now accept Olarlc'fl Hsriiro or 123 million Hchil- llnjc.'i but tho American General \\'an Immediately on his fj-ot. "I'm siifry. ffentlemon." he said, "hut It'ji too late now. Wo can't let you huvo hut one-third of tho mil- ary hud^e which will he 112 million schllllnKK Insteurl ot 123 million," Once tifjaln the Russians walked out. Onco apaln, however, Clark ntuck to his veto tind a few days Kitor the Hods came bnck nnd nc- coptod the lownr figure. But to pet even with tho Auatrlans tho Rus- i.lann sl(niiltnneou«ly put Jn a bill for (1QO million Hohllllnfrs on the pround that thoy hud turnod jn that amount {In Hitlers nld reich- iimi'kii) to tho Austrian treasury Just, (iftor tho armistice. Helohmarks no longer o.*ilst but tho Rod* i«kl they wit n ted thl( money back, whoioupon Clark ulsc nre farmers nnd thet Austrian Government didn't want them ousted until after harvest time. One day General Clark was attending an Allied Council mectinp: when nn aide suddenly thrust ,1 memo In front of him. It reported that C'1.000 Germans were bc- Inp horded by the Russians across the bridge into the American Those in front lind reached tho middle of the bridge and hfid been stopped by American pruards, hut the Russian guard would not lot them turn around and (TO back. There they were, blocking all traffic, .unable to move backward or forward. ' Furthermore, 'they carried phony American permits. Hastily, Clark adjourned the Allied Council for five minutes, called out massive Ccn. Alexel Zheltov, one-time Sovic-t wrestler and now a member of the Soviet NKVD (secret police), "There aro 3'l,000 Volkewcutsch crossing the brkltro into my zone," Clark told Zholtov, "They have fake pasports f,'lvcn them by you- You know it and I know It, I am not froinp to let them cross iho bridge. If your cuardn do not send them back, I will call In the press and tell the world exactly what's happened," A few hours lator tho lonp line of Germans wa:< turned back'frfcm the bridfro In^to tho Russian Kono. Clnrk'a policy of bcinfi- toufrh had worked again. Editor's Note: Another column on the clashes between the Americans and the Russians in Austria will follow.) New York A field day for all veterans who arc members of the Grange, .is planned by Excelsior Pomona to be held Sunday afternoon and eve- ninfr, Au,«r. IS, at Fowler's Field on New Haven road. All subordinate Granges are invited to participate,,^ the event. A sports program will gc-t underway at 1 o'clock, to bo followed by 'several other activities. Each. Grange is requested to furnish its veterans with lunch. Clams, corn and refreshments 'will be provided. by the Pomona. . . "The Gleaners will meet Wednesday for an all day session at the home of Mrs. Dorothy Benson, wil.h Mm. Nellie Law ton as hostess. Luncheon will be served at noon. Attend Ball Game . Six .residents of Cotton Ho!lov, r attended tho New York Yankee and Boston 'Rod Sox double - header basebai! game in. New York Sunday. They were: Wilfred, Kenneth and Hartley Taylor, William Hutt, Jr., Norman KotchkiHS and Fred Ardry, Jr., Fred Pn.squale and Ellsc'o Gallucci. ' Vi.ilt. nrJutlvcs Mr, ar.d Mrs. Henry Click and family visited relatives in Plainville Sunday. MIKS Melon Gllch r.e- rr.aiii'jcl to visit for a. week. Guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Jr., of Wnterbury. were guests Sunday ,it tho Necdham residence in Cotton Hollow. SENATOR'S WARNING Greenwich, Aup. 13--(U P)—A man Brlon McMahon of tho Scn- »ito n/tomlc encrpy commitl.eo has warned that tho United .States is the most vulnerable of all nations in the world to an atomic bomb attack. He issued the warning: In a radio address last niffht Cover A-B-C), during which he called Tor firm international control of the new weapon. At Mrs. Fred Ardry and Mrs. Joseph Sargent wore among those attending the outing of the Cotton Hollow Social club recently at Savin Rock. LRIIVC For N, J, Mr. and Mre. Raymond Anderson and children, Roger and Sandra, left Moncl;jy for New Jersey wrier thoy will visit days, Mentis for several Social Club Mrs. RuLli Sargent will bo hastens to the Cotton Hollow Social club Thursday at her home. noy Scouts A special meeting of Boy Scout trnnp, J\"o. !), has been called by Scoutmaslor Raymond Anderson for Thursday evening In the Grange hall a-t 7:130 o'clock. BACK IN JAII, Brooklyn, Conn., Aug. 13—(UP) —Armond. J, Pottic or Mechanics, villc Is back In Wlnclham Count; Jni | nflcl . Boin( , A . W . O . L p oU |o" a trusty, walked away from a po tato patch where he wn.s work- Ing. Seven hours later he wa» nlckud up by state police. Sworn In As Colombia President VIotorlouH invNldentlal candidate, Dr. Mnrlnno Ospiria Perez (loft), 88, .taken .tho outh of, office to b«como tho first CWserv'utUve I'lirty ' i'rcflldrnt of Colombia nlncc 1IWO. The .oath I* ad miniatured In Bogota by JONI. Jarwnlllo Clrnlrfo. pruKldont of tlio Coloni,l>ln Con K ress; A Joint nosMlon of ConRruNN wltnovNcd the Inaugiirntlon. (InternatloniU)' >'KW COftDCT Camhridgc, Mass., Aug. 13—(UP) • -The I-Inrvard college ob.sei-valory reports the discovery of a new comet by n. Now Zealand astronomer. A 'cablegram from I. L. Thomson of New Zealand said tho comet was discovered by A. Jonc, or The comet, which i: described as of ninth ' magnitude is not visible to the naked eye a present. • • Dutch .Guinea in South Amor lea .was awarded, the Netherlands in exchanp-c for the land which later became Now York. ' i Back To School PHOTOGRAPHS .7ust a few more weeks before that youngster gets deep in study, 'too busy. Thibodfeau Studio • Ncary' Eijg. Church St." METAL • •SWINGS: • FOR CHILDREN For Indoor or Outdoor Use <BA QS Special. vU«t7p. BEACON KIDDIE CENTEH Tl GKAND 8T»EKT __. • • •Waterbnry • •" ~ r Post To Appoint Convention Delegates Delegates to the National Convention will be elected tonight at a meeting: of the Montanari-Rado pos at 7:30 o'clock in Christoforo Colombo hall. All members aro requested to-attend as further plans for participation in the V-J Day parade will be discussed. Price Of New Automobiles Is Increased All you people who have aavcd to buy a now car- had better look at the bank balance ftffain. "he price of new cars has gone up. •The OPA has granted an average mark-up of over seven per cent to auto dealers as required by tn'c new price control law. This is •what the new price rise means to you: A 1D-J6 deluxe'Ford sedan goes up from $995 to $1,068. A Chevrolet Is j up from $936 to $1,005. A special deluxe Plymouth now costs $1,174 Instead of a little more than $1,000 before the price booat went into effect. 'If you want a middle-sized Buick. for example, it will cost .you about $110 more than you figured. And u •medium sUed Cadillac is up about $150. " 'Yesterday afternoon's price increase is the fourth one on automobiles over 1942 prices. And OPA says a fifth boost probably will'be granted to dealers today—something in the neighborhood of five per cent. This rise is to take cai-c of the dealer's normal preparation and conditioning expenses. The new prices don't takG into consideration such parts of the final selling price as taxes, freight, and''dcHvery charges. All in all, it's 'gr>ng to take a lot. more money to get u. car into your garage at home. Incidentally,, the Hudson Motor Car Company has rcsumerd produc-' tion^toddy' after nearly two weeks 'of •''idleness. The shut-down was caused by a shortage of parts. But at the Packard Motor Car Company more than 10,000 members of the United Auto Workers union are still idle after a weeklong labormanagement dispute on overtime and seniority. .AmcricanB use more than 500 billion matches each ycnr. TKN MEN ARRESTED Milford, Conn., Aug. 13— (UP) — Ten men have been arrested after simultaneous raids on a bowling alley and cigar store. The men arc being held on pool selling charges. The raids were made by troopers from the Bethany and Hartford state police barracks. -',-. 'TJP'V Town Committees Of Two Parties Meet Wednesday • Meetings of both Republican and Democratic town committee/) nro scheduled for Wednesday night and their actions will be the signal for f.he start of the local political campaign. Both meetings will ho conducted in the town- hall, with Cli.iij-- man Charles Rodenbach presiding nt the Republican session and Chairman Daniel Callahan presiding at the Democratic meeting. The Republican town committee already has indorsed Hep. Joseph E. Talbol for governor and James T. Patterson for Congress. While the Democrat* have M V . " PROMPT WATCH REPAIRING and JEWELRY William Schpero .rEWELEB 180 Church Struct NnujBtucki SPECIAL! CHIPPENDALE SOFA Thin beautiful sofn In choice of covering. Regularly $243.00 $198 Buy new Furniture here with confidence. You get,' stylo — you get quality — you! prct VALUE. . . . iHcrc. you'll find furniture thnt you really want to live with. Why not pny -js a visit? See what we have to offer—and let us tell you why we can give you better and finer Furniture, for less. TAKE A FULLTEAK TO PAY Select what you want . . . . Pay In -convenient amounts an suilji your budget. 1 Grand St. — Wai?rbury Cor. S, Main G.L Home Loans The new-home situation is tough — -vve wish we could tell you when the housing-situation will case up. But until it does, you can make your plans and find out about your financing. Come to your local savings bank. Find out all about GI Home Loans. Get advice on local values. Decide how much you should spend and how much your monthly payments should be for your income. Save up a good down payment—it will make your payments lower. When you do find a place, we'll arrange the financing promptly, and you'll have a home or' your own. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK 251 CHURCH STREET Naiigatuck, Conn. TEL. 2279.. .. ^ DfPOSITS SU»R»NIttO' IN ruit BY THE SHVHI6S fl»NKS' DtPOSIT GtimNTT fBMO/Of COHHtCTICUT. INC. MUTUAL SAVINGS BANKS j.

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