Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1911
Page 4
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TH)B lOlA DAILY SEGISTEB, SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 9,1911. HE lOU DAILY mil TiM loU Dally Record «nd "ta lata Daily Indax. THB B£GI8TEK PI 'BLIS1IL \G CO. *Bnterea°at the loM Foatoftlce aa Second CUM Matter. Adverttelnir Kates iMdile Knonn on Appli catlun. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In loU, Cat City, Laayon villa, Concrcto. LaHarpe and Battett: One Week •I'J centi: Oi.e Mui-.lli ^ •« cents Onfe Year K. DV MAIL: One Year. InHidf iN .m.iy J2. One Year, oiitxide i -.>miiy IS. TEl-EPMONES: Business Offli.: Society R.-p<>rn-r o Job and Blndiry I>-ft I Official Paper c» City of lola. Official Paper City of Bascett. Official Paper of Allen County. ^ SCHim-RE. •i^i-i-^hi;^ -M'h^H 1>aeferonuniy 2S:1-I2. And It shall come to pass, if thor Shalt hearken diligently unto tb voice of the Lord thy God, to observ aad to do-all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the -Lord thy God shall set thee on high above all nations of the earth. Afad all these blessings shall comt oti thee, and overtake thee. If thou Shalt hearken iinto the voice of the Lord thy God.'< Blessed sbalt thou be in the cit and blessed shalt thou be in the field Blessed shall be the fruit of tli} body, and the fruit of thy Kround, an< the fruit of thy cattle, the Increnee ol thy kine, and tin- flocks of thy tdu^'l Blessed shall be thy basket unc thy store., niessiMl shalt thou bo when Ihoii coraest In, and blessed shult thou b when thou goest out. The l^rd shall cause (hine cnoraie: to rise up aRainst thee to be smtttei before thy face: they shall come out against theo one way and shall fle« before thee seven ways. The I/)rd shall command the bless Ing upon thee In thy storehouses, ano in all that thou setteet thine hand un to; and he shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee The Lord shall establish thee ar holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments fit the Lord thy God, and walk In his ways. And the people of the earth shaT see that thou art called by the.nam* of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee. Aod the Jjora shall make thee plen tiouB in goods, in the fruit of th] body, and in the fruit of thy cattle and in the fruit of- thy ground, in thr land which the Lord sware unto thj fathers to give thee. The Lord shall open unto thee hii good treasure, the heaven to give thr rain unto thy land in his season, anr' to bless all the work of thine hand and thou shalt lend unto many na tions, and thou shalt not borrow MORGAVS NEW BOOK. Having perpetrated a good man: "Letters From Abroad," himself thi writer of this has a sort of notion tha he knows a good letter of that kini' when he sees !t. Furthermore, hav Jng a good many things to read hf doesn't read the same thing twic< unless there is a very ^od reason for it. Also, being accustomed to go- lilg to bed at a certain hour he do<-e n't sit up beyond that hour readin; something that he has read once IK fore unless that something is, as ai Eaglltiiman. would say. Jolly wcl worth reading. "A Jayhawker In Europe," W. Y Morgan's new book has stood all thcs testa Which means that it is al right. Mr. Morgan went to Europe las summer on the steamer Potsdam wbJ^h the writer hereof very well re members seeing makng her slov Putt^ way out of New York harboi as the Arabic on which he was a pas senger, was lying at quarantine wait ing to come in. Two or three times a week^hile trailing around the oW country Mr. Morgan wrote letters tc his paper, the Hutchinson News, and it l« these letters which have nov been t^Ilected into a book. 'A ver;. handsome book it is, illustrated by Albert Reid with pictures that are un commonly good, even for him. an- pnbllshed by Geo. W. Crane of Tope ka,—a Kansas book all the way alon' the line. And it is mighty easy read Ing. There Is Information enough ir It to keep even the most consciei^tiouf reader from any fear that he Is wast- lae bis time, and enough humor tc deliver the most careless from tedium and enough human nature to appea' to every degree of humanity. It If about Holland mostly, which is th' qiuiintest and in many respects tb< iDOst Interesting country on earth Mr. Morgan went abroad to rest thlf time, and like a good many other bus> .men fouMB that there was roost fun reatlng in the country where everybody else was hard at work. Hr diiUed down t'le Rhine afterwards tiKJocii, and spent » few dnyt in Parts and got nroiird In the old stamplJiy ground of the Morgans in the north of Ireland itcfore he came borne. 80 th* totters ^ver a good desl of coon^. try after nil. And it will pay you well to get them and read them—and then pass them on to some frloud for Christmas. Jayhawker in Europe," at my of the book Btorea. MH. LITTLETON'S VXiili. Congrrssman Littleioi^ of New York will have the sympathy of every right minded nii^n in the country in his prompt and emphatic nseDtmcnt of the attack racde upon hlul by thi i»;crc'.ary of thi> AnU -Tni3t League. We never heard t-f ihe AnU-Trusi i^e:igue before but the chances arc that it is one of those organizations of which there are so many throughout the counio'. which owes its existence to the ability of some man to take advantai;e of rigiiieous public sentiment to feather his own indl- t'ldual nest. Did it nvfT orcur to you to wondor how ail tlii>si' (li.sin:'rf.«?;Ill, philanthropic, public s ii i (.-t] "'..Tiigufts and "C^ubii" an.l •".•".(.Li.'ii a" coriiv into e.xintr.nct? Vi 5! 11:1.i: taken ^ it for c-:ir;l<li.-ivi. >oi . tli:'t tliry v/itr( or^aiii:-<!i :'.ii<i Ihf ex; t ri.;. i of tlioi: paid by ti:- 3;'i.s : iid voluntary cc;i:;ins i.i;<cnhi r i;f liiilanihropic and i-'atriojic IITJI :.nd v.oinen will! no selfish interest wiiatevrr and with no one anywhere connected with them who is not wholly Impartial and disinterested? Well, here and there, at great distances apart, there may be a society with such a record. But go back to the beginning of about nine out of ten of them.and you will And the Man Who Wants a Job.—a job wlih very Ittle work and very big pay. He Is imart always, this Man Who Wants a Job, and well dressed and plausible. He discovers some subject in which here is a largo public Interest and which appeals particularly to iiutrl- Mic, philanthropic men and women He becomes an enthusiast on that jubject. He makes many speeches tnd comes to be known as An Au- horlty on it. He Is such a Friend of ho J'eoplc. He is so Disinterestedly Devoted to the Public Welfare, And ;o when a suggestion comes that a 'League" be organized to Forward the 3ause, what more natural than that le should be put in charge of the leadquarters. "We others," as Andrew Carnegie so beautifully says 'We others can* duly give money, mere dross; but this devoted maj\ -•an give His Life!" And so the De- .oted Man proceeds to Give His Lifp —at so many plunks per. And in or- ler to show that he is "on the job" til the time, this Devoted Man never OSes an opportunity to get into prin: vlth an assault upon somebody, pre- 'erably some public man because it iffers better promise of advertise- nent as proof of "courage" and "in- lependence" to assail some one who s veil known. It s a part of the way !e earns his money and keeps Uis Ob. In other words a whole lot of he men who are noisest in the clam- ir about graft and all other muck- aking raa^pess are themselves very heaj) grafters who fasten themselves ike barnacles on some popular senti- nent and "earn" thc'r living by ma- Ignlng men who uru Incomparably \\fiir superiors in everything that it akes to make a man. Evidently the man .Martin who us- lalled Mr. Littleton, Is one of this reed,—a cheap, hytiocrltical llttli ;rarter who Is making a living out of he Anti-Trust League whatever that s, and thought It was "up to him" to lo something to make a show of earn- ng his salary. And that is why the .•hole House of Representatives, R<- ublicans and Democrats alike,—l.U- leton himself Is a Democrat,- - hcered and applauded when the n:<">u rom New York nailed him to (he ross. If more public men, when th'»y re unjustly assailed would make tq- lally public and vigorous ansvpr, it nulght have a tendency to discourage he muckraking which has been so •ourishing an industry these past four f five years. Oeo wai defeated by 1,200? Dearly beloved, let ui alt rlie and sincr, "Blest be the Tie that Hindi." HEW AXERtCA!! AEHIAL WEAPON After BhooUng a shell 18,000 feet Intq the air and closer to the skies than an. aeroplane has ever flown, the experiments with the new one-pound ycat; than they did tenyeari ago. Pf course the advance of tirlcei 1 rill account for part of thla increai e; but most of it la due to the fact tiat our folks are better farinera nofr than they were tben. It is characteristic of Pijcsident . I Tnft's common sens-;: that he er naval rifle, destined to destroy the ! "'•'eak away from the old trad airships of an enemy, were recently '^e matter of the annual n roncludwl at the Ut.Uan Her.d naval ''^"tead of drowning the proving grounds ,, Washington., ^ """"l ^ot'ds about a II was announced that the new weap-suhject; at a time, it la £ufc to say that he hai: should itlon^ In ess^ge, ountry dcore^ of on and its carri-'igc- had provon eminently satisfactory. Fifty rounds were fired in the tests. The maximum range of 18,000 fe<! was reached when the gun was ele vated at an angle of Sa degrees. Th shot flashed accurately through course for 10,000 feet. Bcycnij t!-.a distance t lost Its velocity and wa •iffected by the air currents, rallin Into the Potomac river, 1 r.()0 fi^et !way from tiie spot where it h:id biicn reckoned it would drop. The airshii>- dcstroying rifle is described, with ill ^stration, In the December Popular Slcchanics Magazine. Lstablished a iiccc»;d«.nt for alS of dils THE PRESIDENI'S .SEIH.VL. There will be nine chapters in al! n the continued stury v.hlch PresI dent Taft is writing for the benefit if Congress. In addition to "The Tnists" and "Our Foreign Relations," the following will appear in due time The Toriff and the Reiwrt of the Tariff Board on Wool. The RejKirt of the Tariff Board ou Cotton. Conservation and Alaska. The ICvecutive Departments. ' The lU'jiort of the Einelency and Economic Commission. ' The Report of the Stock anil Bond Commission. The Report of the Postal Cominls- slon. As one little side light to show Just how much of a fraud "Pastor Russell" Is, the Marlon Record remarks that on Nov. 1, that paper received a copy of a sermon which the Pastor was to deliver at San Francisco on N'ov. 25. And the copy started out Uke this: "This is Pastor Russell's first trip to the Pacific coast and he expressed himself as greatly delighted with th< country ^nd the people. The P.astor is especially pleased with the people he has met in California. Although he was very tired from the long journey and his throat was not in good condition, he spoke to an Immense audience here today." ' All of which, of course, was written and sent out before the Pastor left New York. If woiild be Interest- ng to know—apropos of the libel suit the Pastor has brought against some newBpaper,-^lt would be Interesting to know just what any paper could say about a transparent fraud like that which would be libelous. Kincald is all torn up as to whether a bird would rather roost on a square pole or a round one. Sam Irwin holds to one theory and John Donica to the other and the whole town has taken sides. In the interest of harmony, so essential to a small town, we suggest that u special session of the legislature be called to settle-it. That would be a better reason for holding a special session th.iii any we have yet seen suggested. Our good friend ex-Congressman 'harles F. Scott pleads the statute of imitations in the matter of the hocus ocuB Garnett Convention of 1904, al- o that he had help In getting away vlth the goods. Well that's some ex- -juse anyway. As proof of his con- ention Mr. Scott Is engaged In thr heerlul occupation of "giving away' ome of tlie gentlemen who he al- eges were mixed up In the deal with tim. True to the old adage, honest Tien get their dues sooner or later,— •'aolavRepubllcan. Inasmuch as we were fifteen hund- •ed miles away when the convention vas held and were never consulted bout It, before or after, we don't exactly know how we got "mixed up In be^eal." Also the only gentlemen are are "giving away" are the Repub- Ican voters of the District who gavr Mr. Boweraock 6,000 majority,—2,00f rnore than they gave him two year^• before. And it ia tbe way the p'Hiplr size up a political transaction after til, that counts. If Bro. Greasor hinks a convention whose nominee wa> elected by 6,000 plurality was Isn't this matter of race prejudica thing inexplical;l°? For example he United States Senate unanimously chose a man as its i>residing offlcer he other day who has a considerable percentage of Indian blood in liis eins, and there wasn't a thought of protest from any quarter. But sui>- poee the man had had as great an infusion of Negro-as he has of Indian blood, what a difference it would have made. And who can account for it? At last the official figures have been given out from the long ago Maine election. The vole stool 75S against the repeal of the prohibitory amendment As a result of which, the Governor.—who Is a Democrat.— has given notice that he shall consider It his duty to call a special session of the Legislature to submit the question again to the people! How perfectly lovely It must bo to live in Maine these days? cuccessui'j. Tlio I 'i-csident's will bo a serial Hereafter. iloss4gt If It is his sympathy lor thb under dcg that led .Mr. Harrow to defend the Mc.Naiiiaras —the fee of 5100,000 biltig a wholly secondary co isidqra- tlcn,— otw is curious to knoiv what his fee '.voutd have been if he tered the case from purely mi! motives. had «n rceiuiry jfoer are so thick up In Connecticut that the State game warlen Jias iK-en obliged lo issue a bulletin warning motor men on the trolley cars to slow up v.licn tliey see one on the track and KO slowly until it s safely di.iOi-U I'v.ay. In Connecticut! Newton doi-sn'i think it can do dny- thlng for Mr. LaFollette as n i)resi- dentiai candiiiate; but as ai Prominent Citizen the Kansan tl might be given a free rid<r oil the? lu- lenirbaii and a conij)lliueiita to !h<' band concert. Inka he •y ticket K. C. Journal: The Soda eminent of Mllwauke has the municipal pay roll $29,006 a year. Socialism Is a "beautiful dniim"'un­ til put Into practice and th( comes a frightful nightmare! Wood row Wilson says h<^ ist govi iicreased II it be- vote for Bryan ki 1S96. Mr Wilson was sound on a good many sub^ectfi in 189G. Gifford PInchot is for liPollette. and that Is the best sign [we Jiave seen yet that T. R. will not be in the running. — didn't I maiv can Col. Bryan now says that a earn a million dollars honestly; Is the Colonel doing so well a^ that? The Brown County Wori lished by Uing Harbrt, enu/f." Why the n:? Isn't ine enuf? Have Music for Cliristinas And Forever Afterwards i \ You can have all these great artists sing for you in your own home The world's greatest sin«^ers to jirovulc an cvcniiii^ of music for yourself anil friends—whenever you wish, as often wish. A performance such as is never even witnessed in the world's L ^rcatest opera houses—no management could afford to pay the thoiisaiuis and thousands of dollars necessary to engage all these artists for a single performance, even if such a thing was po.ssiblc. And yet you can command their services on the Victor and lia\c them sing their greatest arias—and enjoy their \oices just as _,imicii as though you heard them in person. Cotiie iti and hear thc;« fanunts sinj^crs, and its show yon tlie different stvk-s of tlie \'ictor to $100) and the \ictor-Viclrola ($15to?250). J. V. Roberts Music Co. Special Agents - lola, Kansas m d, Ipub- spells it VGE; THE KA>SAS L.\>(;U Will the fart that ProhilJitiott lost by a vote of 87,344 to §1,6^1 in Lo.s Angeles at the election whe voters were very prominent suffrage causu in Kansas? —0— The Ccrfiyville Journal hijs sepureil a picture of Victor Murdoch wtiiring women laffeci th'' plug hat and printed it. for Murdock, Coffeyville is district. _0— Wesley Stout, etiilor of I You may have noticed that Mr. Ryan of the Structural Iron Workers, was not nearly so emphatic in saying he would have signed tbe statement declaring that he knew nothing about the crime of the McNamaras as Gompera was In explaining why he did not sign it. We have a'tort of idea that the country will hear from Mr. Ryan later—from the witness stand. hocui poena." by what epltbet be detigute «. prlnuur. whotej wcm)d BOBl. The farm popiDation of Kanaaa baa not increated during the past ten yeari, and yet the farmt oC Kaniaa pioduood |80^;IMK> wortli more thii Luckily not in his ;ie f^orrey- vllle Journal, had an uiilqiie experl- nco the other day when an Asrfocial ed Press telegram came tc Iilsl desk slating under an Oklnhom.i d.itelinf hat he. Stout, had been kll ed \n Old Mexico. 0— John W. Stout, one of General Cur.- fer's scouts was niarrlid in) Sbijtliern Kansas Ihe other day. lie Is a-Delaware Indian of uncertain ag'-, aii( once more in danger of losing hijs hair —0— The Marnuette Tribune wirts th' prize for the most j>hiloso|ihica1 tax payer. "Cheer up," it sa/s. f'taxcF are lower this year than tl ey <ill hi next year." What a happy thought —0— The wife of Job Harrimajn defeatet Socialist candidate for ma+or of l/Of Angeles Is a daughter of JudgtJ Bra zillai Gray, once a judge it l>avrn worth, later a lawyer at l|opel(a ant then in"^Wyandotle ctiunty. Two Topeka men were airesfed fo: teallng twelve pounds of cftewlnr tobacco. They were chargedt witl netty larceny but spltty would rea; better. ' | ! JBill White says he d|)esn',t wan to be postmaster general afid tlje bur ro he advertised for is for the kiddles • otherwise the story that he wanted : burro to ride to Washlngtjon tb urg' his claim' for office was reasionabl.v accurate. Bill on a burrb would be some show. —0— ! A navy recruiting physif Ian In Kai sas City pronounced Fred HI Dyt formerly of Manhattan a perfect mai nh^slcally. He Is 29 yefarsiOld, « feet 1 inch tall and welghs|212 pound: _0_ The Paola Republican says -that T T. Kelley intends to ask theicount; commissioners of Miami ci^unty to re part of the mine with the surface was day in the vcar, and v.hose court train not thought of years ago. g,,^ j.^^, j.j Emporia Gazette: .John D. Rocke- | P™"'' »° ^'"•'•y rest feller retired from the Standard Oil j "•••lural life, is the woman wao Compainy immediately upon bein;; i is capable, nominated for the presidency Ijy Ed j Howe. He doubtless wants to devote j all his attonticn to his campaign. _0_ A highwayman who robbed a couple of men in Ft. Scott, carri(?d a bible with this verse from St. Jolin mark, d: "For I know whence f came and whiter 1 go: biit ye cannot tell from Some one has defined orthodoxy as (lie diffeniiee between what you lie- lieve and wliat I believe. Being c.-ip- ablr-, th( ri'fore, is the difference Iie- tween the v.oni;in who IS capable and —my.self. The woman whom I ccn- whence I came or wiiitlier f (lo." Tli--j sider capable is the one who does the judge .cave lii.ii eighteen J'.''''^'", 'i'; things I would do. but cannot, penitentiary just lo show him i, llie; judge liad some i.lea v. Iiither In- would j The i)eKt jiaid Hteiiographer I eter "met up with" told me she en 'vlcMl th<- ;'irl wlio trimmed Iiei*" own hats and madii lur own clothes. There, f\u said was her i (l <'u uf a smart womi'-n. !»ut the smart women who Irlmmnd '2* tlieir own hats and made their o'-'n \-\-X'^^'h I'l' V hl'hhyhv ciotlies did not see it in that lln'.it. They were patheiieally blind to ili go. t ESTIIKK .>!. ( L.VUK'S (oi.r.MX. fund to him the $1,324.99 whiph Ke ley paid back to the countj nft^r serv Ing as county clerk, belt <: the suv the commlaslo'ners dcclar. il h» owed An Erie com le weddcti las(t weel after a courtship of twiilve . yearc That Ja what the lawyer sharks cal "premeditated." _0— • A telephone down in « ro^l mltu •t Pittaburg aided In savlig t^o n»ln- en after an explosion, ni id calls kt- tenUon to the surprialns fa^t 4liai snifh teleybone conneetloija for every j I do not find it hard to forgive inj fellow cri'atures for tlieir sin.s,. InKo- far as forgiveoi-as Is reiiuln.'d -of me What really calls for a slate of gri;e< an my part Is lo forgive them for their individual iieculiariths. I'll forgive any woman alive for being h» n- ml .ded or contrary as Old .Man Sin or for anything else in tlje Calenilai of Ordinary Crime. But I will NOT forgive any sane woman for wearing some of the seaon's hats which 1 have contemplated, wltli pious horror in the shop windows. niri8 wherewith tliey wero'endoweil •ind fairly eaten up with envy of the stenographer's salary. Tlfat v. .•|^ TIliilR idea of a smart woman. Angeline observes that the subject of hats seems to be a sore one with me.* The individual peculiarities of (•another woman, which she cannot chasten herself into forgiveness. Is the peculiarity of being fair, fat anc fifty and still affecting kittenish ways (Heaven save the mark!) Under such circumstances, Angeline further eluci dates, coyness merely becomes elephantine playfulness. When 1 inquired If kittenish- were forgivable in the woman who Is fair, fifty and skinny, Angeline 'withered me into silence with a look. And I cannot deterniin* whether it is fatness, or kittenishness or skinnlness which is the cliir on Angellne's shoulder. Toiieliins 'ny of these BUbje4!ts, even with a 'ight hand. Is the signal for a bunch of verbal pyrotechulcs to go off lit my lircctloii. Speaking of women (as one) I iwani (0 say that she who really excites all the admiration of my excitable soul, and brings out air the vencratlbn of my worshipful nature; shw ^oforc whom I'll bump an bumble hcati any Now tile capable woman of my i:ii- nginatiou is tlie woman who K.VOV/S what ought to be done, in any circumstance, and who HOES It, whili- I am shifting from thefront to the o;h- r>r and WO.VDERI.XG what ought tc be done and if it will be up to ME to do it, or If there Is a possible locp- hole of escape. This rule apples more strictly perhaps to emergenci '^s, in which your truly capable wom.m always shines. It is then that the weak sister goes into total eclipse. If she has sense enough she realizes that she is only a weak sister and-'keeps out of the way of the one capable, instead of cluttering up things worse than they are by her helpless pr- s- ence and futile efforts. I would therefore sing paeons of praise to the capable woman. Xot only to the one who trims her ov.-n hats and makes hor own (Rothes but to the one that can meet the unexpectejj half way down the road,—whether it is company for dinner In wash-dty, financial disaster or a railroad accl- rl'-nt—witli a coo! head and a steady hand and tlie heaven blest ability to keep things moving at the critical time. we may.make enemies! The trouble .vith most people is tliat they exercise great caution in all matters of vital Importance, save only the matter of making their enemies. They do that In a reckless hit or miss way, and then wonder why their enemies make them so much trouble. It is nothii diort of a monstrous impertinence ^ actlcssly antagonize tho m.-tn who nay be going to camp on your trail rirelessly to the end of y<Jur days. Of (he making of enemies there is no •nd, but you might as well taltc your ime to It and bring a little judgment fo bear upon it, instead of buying a i)Ig—and an inimical 'p^ at that—In I poke and knocking later on the bargain. \W.\V(JOKH CATAUHH, •in>iitiie .SiMidilnK:, Jleiillnfr llyomel— Itcllcf In l-'lri> .WInuteN. Where there's catarrh there's thous ;n'!s (if catarrh germs. You can't get ild of catarrh unless you kllT <enilH. You can't .kill these germs with ;tfJiiia (:h medicine or sprty-* or doucU- because you can't get wliere they :ire. V . You ciin kill these germs with IIY- OMEI a penetrating antiseptic air that you bfcaUic a few times a day directly over the raw, sore, germ In- rpfied luembrane. For catarrh asthnia, croup, cougl -olds and catarrhal .deafness Hyoi |^I is sold on money-, back plan by Chas. B. Spencer. ^Jomplete outfit $1.00. Extra botUes of HYOMEI if afterwards needed only 50 cents. Remember. HYOMEI does not contain morphine, cocaine or any drug that could, possibly do ht^rm. : To Mr Patrons, wn soon leave lola permanently, and kindly aslc all Who are Indebted to me or- to the firm of Coffman & Walker to please- call and settle at once. ' DR. S. A. COFFMAN. —The Register Publlshlns Co. turns out first class printing and ^raokblnd* ing. A trial solicited. And.further concerning the capabl' woman this afllant salth not. It has been said, with no small do- grco of truth, that Odd graciously gives ua our friends; but thank God At Foantelns & QsewMere ' 'JUik'ffor Th* Oriflnal ui liMlM MALTED MILK Tht Feed-itriiik for IB AgH. At ratauranis, hotek, am) fowluMt. Deiidoui, uvi^oradng and wtfainlifr Keep k OQ your c|(Mb«4 at hoine. Doa'ttravel wihoutE. K qmick hack pwmd ia 'a aiMf*. ItfaaoiaitalioB. Mny'WWCrS.''

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