The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 27, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results Vol. LXX, No, 190 "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" THE WEATHER Connecticut and Ilhodc Island: Cloudy, Jigbt showers and continued cool tonl.tht. Wednesday overcast with rain and lit lie change in temperature. Eaotport to Block Island: Moderate northeasterly winds tonight. ESTABLISHED 1885 TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centi Pilot Killed In Plane Crash Eagles Make Plans To Enter Float In VJ-Day Parade Plane Crash In Which Pilot Was Fatally Injured Charles Follows Appointed Chairman Of Committee For Float 'intt 'd to enter u float In (hn I(r<rno pnrad" worn dl«:it night at a special nioet- InK of the Naugatuck Aoilo of Dorothy fr',»'l\f>i, "rid Charles I''ol|own wit'i niiini 1 ') chairman of the commlttmi to make imiuu;eru imts for the flout.. I In will lio iiKMl.Mh'd by Jnsuph VVol- rln, Wllllnin Noragotig. Helmut fV":l<, JmrifM Shetlor, Tom Htoriion iin'l Mli'hui'l f:amo. Thn hnutie rnmmltr'ie Irir'luden f.'hHlrmnJi Wlllliifn Htokr.M, I'Mwur'l KrinyiiLMkl, Kol.ert ShHdon fliylrriin. Unhurt Crfindal, Wllhi'i'H anrl Kclwln NoraKci Jo!-'"ph Me("!uli'p h'larl.M thr corri- nuUfn on floc'dnitloriH .iiSMlwlefl hy Nnrilhlll Naug'.-s. and llobert C'i'iin- (liil. All appointment 1 ) wnru made tiy President ^Vnuge.'i, Thn comn',lt!rn'.<i will mnnt Thiini- rlny night to make fiiithnr plan« fur Ihe |»ir»uln hern Ke;>t. 'j. A i:l»it;i In honor nf -he !>'. D, !•;. V'rtii will he Band Concert Thurs. Night Walsh, Salem Schoo,! Student, To Give Trumpet Solo nnrnthy Walsh, a siUiclont at will he foaturotl tcum- when tho Marvin 1 lurry Dick Parkinson To Judge Fife And Drum Contests tilcinrl T. Parklmton. M 0"nlr;il i,,',.riMi.. \vi|] hi* nrnrint,' Jnrltfnn nfllin 1''i at tho annual state eniivmiilnn nf Ihr. C.'rmnnrt.lcut l''lf- pfi & rifiinimnr. 1 * n.'isorlnrlon to be ln'ld nt r.i'nnfoi'd. Hiiliii'dny, Am;, SMem school. pi.r. Thursday - Njuig'itur.'k Community T-Jand pre- Hcnls a concert rm the C'rnon at 8 o'rlnek. Group Hinging under the direction of Conrad Kohs ho on tho profcram. Mls.i \Vnlsh, a .-Undent of A. P, Ktnlth, svlll play "I'll Take You Homo Again, K'nthlfi.'n." Thi hand i roru'r-rt will hr> under the direction ! of Darilol Ocmr:kn, • Another attraction will hn tho : pi'funntiitlon of tin; March of thr: j Sorvlci'H, .AnftlifJi-.M . Awolffhi tho j Marine Itymn, field Artillery,; Ai :ny Air CJnrps nnd Amci'U'u, I'opuliii numhers >o liu played Irir-lutln Pon't Fi'cnce Me In, hot Me C;il| Yon Swrpthniii't, anrl tho P.ef:r rinri rl PnlUa. Other pi'OHcntn- (IrinM will Include the march "Klnjr (,'ni ton" hy Souna, OrjihciiM, Er- inlrfle. r;inw Worm, Maritana. Marry VVldnii- \Vn\l-/.. .My Onuidfath- • •I-'M Clock, and, nlnnlnjr, thn march, Mllliary Maestro, hy Hcekcf. T 1 " l't< Iniion f '^ f r^Vf iMolotov Makes Charge Against Certain Powers will he ;u(«lnl."d r||i"V'toi' nf tlif iinrrl hand of Nrw Itaven, -rl f '.I'pwr I 1 nf New Hnven. Mi/. /ni.'i.'ili.'e.M of HIP tSfiriv Mfc and nniin r:rn'pM tlir- r,pen wlt|i a nti'en(. ;uini(lf< at 11 inn o'plnrk \n th" iiir>rril M^, '"irh ne.'i,i'|y inr> druiti /v-r/i.'i finni fionnnctlrut, New Yorli, MiiMMiirluiMMt.M unrl fthrulp TMlivnrl '1'he Mtale chiiinplnnMhlp corite'H« v,;il .ihirr pi'fimpMv at I o'cloek In (lie >ifti<i-iir>ni) /i( thn hii 11 tfrnunrlfl. Mr. I'nvklnsiiM wan oltlelnl JurUfe n( thr, Ne" - York Sfnle /i.i.'ificl'il Ifxi c'nntfMiii hnid June '.!!> at Mrmnt V'Tiuin, N. Y., nnd af ttui FfurlMnn ViilU'v iiKdNelarinn r.nntn.'itii at New- I'linrh. N. Y , July I.'!, I!" h»>i tirrn en>;ii^'of| (o Jud;re i'"iilrst.-i to lie held hy thn CrPhPi'itl Knllnr pn;it rnrpii lit New F!rlt>ilrl Hi'i'l. ", nnd Ih" Ml. |i'i'ii.nelfi' HOVM lirli;nrl" r-onte;il)i ni Now Mllfol'rl Si-pt. I 1 1. Suspect In New Have?) Shooting Is Questioned N'nw KIIVIMI, Am;, l.'l (t.'C 1 ) I'M.' line (,[.(, rjUrflt Ion) nt^ II MIIMpeet in ' Ihn Hhnollru; rif ;;,..yeiu'-olrl [-turold . \Vuroniiiin. VVlllnl'innri. woinulnd III the flir'e ( "rid rifrhf let;, WHH found In nn nl- ; Ifyway iifriM 1 pollen receiver! n tnle* . plinnn ('nil thai thorn had heen n chfifitiri): In Hture nlrcnt. M|M con- . fllllnn lit Ht. rvaphunl'ii hn.ipltnl In! "'ilrl In he tnli: • '• flly »'lllt("l TrrN.s) , Sovli-l Knr-rljrn Minister Mololov IIHM opnuotl tndn.v'N Bo'isiinn of thP pcnrf r.onfcronrr 1 In Purls with >i I'hiu'f.'n Mint "tn-rtaln hifr pnwri'M," 1 (in ho put It, wrrf trylne; to K«t a monopolistic, powltlon In the Mecll- , H'l'i-annan ai'ca. And hn iif!f!u«crl thorn nf trying to pu;th Kranfie unrl Italy- the historic MrclitiM'rariri'in power- Into i hi> lniRkKi'OUncl. The Kovlft minister (lid not name tin- t/nltfrl Stnle.i i>r Britain but ribni-rvc'i'M rnpnrl hlii roCerencn.ij clniirly Indlculi'tl It was thf> ,-\nf,'lo-l 1 American jcroup he w/i» roCcrrlnR j to. j .\tolfitov fipokr In nn.vwer to Itiil-l Inn Premier tin fZanpni'lH arldreMs l.o the conference, f[o said Italy hurl a Hti'onjr i'(':iponnlhlllty for her role In Ihn Axis bid for power, Rut hn addurl thai ho fiRi-nod th/it thf ni'W rtnlliin repulilU: could not he rnlrciitffl to tin- role of a .sccond- rai'] riowet' In Knropr. Delude Oprllril The Soviet. minister's iipercli opi.-ninl a plonnry flohiitr- on the Italian treaty which Secretary of '.^lat.e HyrneM, fn.'tliiK nn nonfnroncu j uhalrman, tried ycHtnrdny to pnne. Hyrne.H hud n lonj: nrjrumont with thr RunHlan.M and finally lost rnit to demnndii that. Mololov be heard. MOHCOW radio reports Lodiiy thnt nuHHlit has demanded from Turkey 'v Hhare In the of tho Dardanelles, A Soviet tiote fm.VN the Light Two-Seater Wrecked As Pilot Attempts Landing F. Kyigsley Whittum, Somers Businessman, Dies At St. Mary's Hospital This Afternoon Of Serious Injuries By DOROTHY M. BEAN (Staff Reporter) F. King-slcy AYhittum of Sobers died today at ] :32 p. in. at St. Mary's hospital, Wafcrburv, fojlowin;;- tho crash of his Luseomhc light, two-scatcr plane in an open field in tho rear of the Peter Paul Inc., plant on Xcw Havpn road. The crash, which occurred about. Jlilo o'clock this morning- on property owned by Mrs. Caroline DooliHIe, is bcheved l:o have been r-ansed by rain and poor visibility. 7i; is believed the pilof became lost over XaniivUiick imd was possibly trying to reach the. Bethany Airport. Several residents reported bavin- beard a piano circlin- low over the borough about 11 o'clock. Photo by Bill I^euchars, Thibodcau Studio Shiiwn iihovn is the llcht plnnc In which F. Klngstay Whittum of Some,rs, Conn., \v:is fatally injured this morniriR: when lie apparently a^ l-oiitptrcl to liinil on a field niiar I'istcr I'siiil, fnc,, durlnp si heavy rain storm. The plane dutf its nose Into the soft enrtli, and bounced buck up- r]gM. Several local residents reported t*ic plane was flyliijf low just) before the crasli, seemingly in search of u landliiR field. Many Jews Cannot Enter Palestine Britain Is Sending- Illeg-al Immigrants To The Island Of Cyprus -Last-Minute News- WRECiKED SHIP BURNED Eoekporl:,. Mass., Ang. 13—(UP)—Fire brake out today in the former Navy ship Charles Haigbt which bad been aground and wrecked ol'F Rockport since last April. The/ire bnrued more than six hours as Coast Guard motor Huri'boats circled the vessel to make sure no one vas aboard. under which Turkey (By United One, of hl.ttory's most dramatic incidents IH taking: place at Haifa, in Palestine. . Wucplnij. hoolnft Jewish rofUKcn» —many carrylnc; murks of Nnni concentration ciimps—tiro bolnR turned nway from thft land of thnir dreams, as they've reached it. Officially It's "Operation Cyprus". In cold blunt military terms, it mcanii .simply that Ri'luUn has endue! Illegal Immigration to the Holy Lfind, and Is -sending llloj^al immi- (,'i'anLs arriving by ship to inturn- mnnt crirnpn on the Island of Cyprus. But to the Jewish refugees who have foupht for months to reach their "promlNc,d land," It scorns the end of nvcrylhins- Most of them have crossed tin: Mcdltori'ancnn In small. Ill-fitted, over-crowded ships. Many have stood up for clays on uiul because there wan no room to lie down. This morninK, British troops herded thorn aboard other whips and down into bnrbcd-wlre ROMANIA'S APPEAL Paris, Aug. 13—(UP)—i^omama has appealed unexpectedly to the peace conference for the privileges of a co- Ijclligorent and permission to retain her armed forces. Bv THREE PRIMARIES HELD United Press—Three states are holdinj primary elections today—Wisconsin, Vermont, and South Carolina. In Wisconsin, Senator Robert, LaFollettc is running for re-nomination on the Republican ticket. Before,-his return to the .Republican fold last March, LaFollettc headed the independent Progressive party. Locals Meet Staten Island In Tourney Healy To Pitch. In Championship Opener Slated To Start At 3 P. M. Nose of the plane apparently plunged into the ground flr.s-t and twisted around to an upright position heading at an ang:la toward the New Haven road. Completely demolished except for a portion of the fuselage, the plane's cng-ine was pushed far buck into the cockpit a.n'J the wings bad! ly smashed. First Notice First notification of the crash to Naugratuek police headquarters from the candy factory. Captain Anthony Malnnc and Patrolman Waller L>yskicwic/. were ! dispatched to the scone with the I community ambulance, oxtricatod j the injured man from the plane and rushed him to tlie Watcrbury institution, font Hy 1)71, ,1, rt. WABKKN (I l« known Mi/it pnrsonM who lire ltlir-r ',>n per cunt ubovo or 20 per he|(,\v the wnlsht fttt«(iptpd «" fur their iifto, Hnx, unrl MiThl nro not ('onnldorocl Rood I'lihn for In.iurancn. Tho under- wnlRht nhould rest hnforn find (if'"!' eatln« should nhnw thw food tt '"ll, dlifiiilcl eat much milk, crouin, f'littci', pntntoi'H find hi'oiul- Thd.v "houlrl K"t oiitdooi'H to K"t a wood Tho iiverwolKlit dhould down on thrum foocl« nnd on by Thn 'DM, Inc.) Consolidated rnntrolld tho uti'iitnKlc straits Is out . of dttlc. ', Another InCormiMomi! devclop: men*. Is reported hy the PraKUe : radio. A broadcast reports that thn I Polish Xlonlst nnii^rnss has docld- I er| to remove iiTT'iiws from Poland I linfore October 31st, j The decision Is believed bused On ' recent hloody pogroms In Poland, i nnd Polish ffovornmont Indirect ad! mission that rl.ilng hatrnd from ,rewn throughout the country cannot ho controller!. Hillside Avenue Woman Buys Apt. Block In Waterbury Mr.i. Allen T, Panasuk. 321 Hlll- •ilde avenue,, has purchased a business and npartmen-t block at •!«•! North Main street, Waterhury, In North Square from James IS- Rux- tnll, fiocordliiK to a warranty deed fllnd yontordny In the Waterhury town clerk's office.. Sale- price was about $25,000. Tho property has a butcher shop, 1'en-tixui'iint and barber shop on the, irround floor with tenements on thn upper floors, Mr, Hussoll, n» trustee, holds a mortgage of $15,000 front tho buyer, —Fur your nmr imlr uf »tii»ii. roiin- l» "nil Kfr IL. .tiiMMi 1 nil thr Niillimiil uuikri. iirr iivivllnlili>, »I>(H Store, 1<M Bunk St., W«by.—Adv. pens In the holds. ,InWs Flglit Vainly Young Jews shouting "faficist.s" nnd "Nazis" kicked, punched, bit and hurled bottles at the soldiers One with a bloody face shouted In the pre-dawn harbor' battle. —- "for years I believed in Monty. But you Some of tlie marines making the transfers were wounded by pieces of wood and bottles thrown In their faces. Five hundred Jews fought vnlnly with their fists ».g«lnst the I Infantrymen moving them from i their old ship Yagour to the troop| ship Empire Rival, A similar struggle occurred when marines boarded the Henrietta Szold to trnnnfor that ship's load of refugees. The resistance, was so sharp that marines had to call for army aid. Ashore thousands of fully armed troops milled around the barricaded harbnr, Tur.ks anrl armored cars were polse.d at strategic points. In three hours the transfers were almost complete. Correspondents watching the drama frorti the .sidelines Kay women refugees sang tho Jewish national anthem, "Hatlkvo," Then they shouted—"Tell them what you have seen here. Tell' thorn." Angry throngs crowded around the barbed wire barricades of the CONFESSION ALLEGED NIJVT Haven. Aug. lo—(PI?)—Police announce that 22-year-old .James Tyu.s bad admitted critically wounding Harold Waterman and that -lie shot him \v!ieii W; fcrrmui carne after him with a knil'e. .INQUEST COMPLETED Bridgeport, Aug. 13—(UP)—Tlie coroner has completed bis impiest into the fatal shooting of' Stratford police officer'William F. Scbrcibcr. Three Ansonia men are m-ciisod of the slaying. And one of them-—John F. Panone—is said to have made a statement to Coroner Tbco- e Iv. Stcibcr, but the coroner refuses to make it public. SHIP IS HELPLESS Tokyo. Autf. 13—(I'P)—A Liberty, ship is helplessly with a dama.ffcd rudder in heavy seas 200 miles of Sasebo, in Japan," Thr: commander of' naval acfiviiies in Japan has reported that (lie U. S. destroyer Goodrich is standing by the ship—-the.Joseph Aspdin—but has been unable to attempt rescue operations. By THOMAS FITZPATHICK Sports Kdltor Glens Falls, N. Y., Au B ust 13— Naupatuok'a entry In the American Legion regional two championships will depend on the strong right arm of Vin Healy this afternoon to turn back a biff Statnn Island, N. Y., nine, in r.hc first cjame of an elimination tourney among the title teams of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. The frame is scheduled for 3 p. m, Trenton meets Providence nt 5:30 p. m,, and the winners of the two gramns today w:ll clash tomorrow. The four teams were puests of honor Inst niKht at-a banquet, alonp with Mayor Andrew J. Dcutsch and Deputy Mayor Lloyd Kelley of Trenton nnd Percy Martin of Mass., ! director of the tourney. Manager Eddie Noldc arranged a. practice session for his charges today in preparation for the some this afternoon. The enthe tetim was in One shape and well rested afti-r the train ride. Manager Noldo announced that the stnrtinR- lineup foi'iodny's was coming from the engine, but no fire resulted. Mr. WhiUum's business address is listed as 301 Chestnut street, Springfield, Mass., with his home .address at Hall Hill road, Somers, Conn, State police of the Bethany barracks stated th«t Mr. Wh'iUum. whose planc's.-basc ia at North Somers, Mass., was headinjr from that airporL to Kcw York city when the crash occurred. He apparently was on a business trip, slnlc police stated. f State police officer Thomas Smith in rb.-u-KX- of the drtsk today at Die Bethany barracks said J,ieulenant Paul L.-ivin, Serfft. Jesse Foley, Oflicer.s Ed\si»i-d HiRncy, Russell Firemen John Weaving and Fran- j Burton, DIMitri Pnwchyk. Klhar.l, cis Galvin wci'c retailed from theiAngelo Buffa nnd Leo Dymkoski fire department as a precautionary measure in the event the plane ipnited. What appcdvcd to be steam went to the scene. The state police ambulance .as well as all cmcrRoncy equipment was placed in action. Ojeda Council Officers was: J. Healy, 3b; Schuster, cf; Stin Angelo, c; Natowich, Ib; Usakle- wicz, 2b; Markovic, rf; v. Healy, p; Stauffer, If; and Cijrtin, >:s. Managjr Moe ^Cohen nnd Coach . Jack Pair of the Staten Island tossing iiAtnv, ohamjyiontv of New" York -state, said their'S'.fsup would be «» follows: Copp, ss; Pinski, rf; Daniel,-!, ib, Johnson, If; Ginsberg, p; Facciila, \VIJ.rTAM WOT-L Deputy FKANCIS CAXJLFIJCLD Grand Knight NEW INFORMATION Onset-, Mass., -Anp,-. 13—(UP)—New information has been furnished detectives iuvostigatins 1 the murder of Ruth McGurk of Cambridge. John Laino of Wnreham who discovered the body while fishing indicated that her slayer may have hidden the body in nearby woods for three days l)eforc dumping it in tbe water. — rictllii* rmily fn CHUCK'S l''rlrnill.v Mn.t Irhi. Si-rvlri- nm! ..Cull hum Cull 4l»05 tat courleoun (Continued on Page S) — You will inurvrl lit tilt' rxtrnn mrniM (hut .vou will rind lit .l^f KrMiiiirunt, Ctiurrh St. In tltp*c niillry Uui'ii/ come to Ittt'i,— Adv. hot Two Advanced To Star Scout Rank Chester Pray OC Boy Scout troop, No', 15, and Jerry Dennis of troop, No. 7, were among nine scouts promoted to the rank of Star Scouts at a board of review held recently at Camp Mattatuck. Robert Shepherd, Sr.. of Naugra- tuck was amonjr the members o* the board of review. —Hnvr .VOH hrrn h^ri> Intely? Wi'll. then you're mlsKlnR taklni; iiilrnntnicr of HOIIIP ErnU viilum. VlHft KAPHAEt'S, >'nuciituck'9 FnilUoH ttoro, tomorrow. ROBBKRS SOUGHT Boston, Aug. 13—(UP;—Search is being pressed for two gunmen who forced a Roxbury garage attendant to drive-ftujm to Revere anci then robbed him of $20. Robert A. Johnson told police the gunmen fled In his truck. He said that a large sedan cr>ntalniny four men followed the truck to the spot wfiere he was robbed. —llnvn you in-m the n«w IfMT Stuilr- hukpr? Il'i* rciilly worth HpMnir. You rjin net it b.v rtNltlnir the Nnucutnck Battery and Auto Service,—Adv. Deate, c; K!l?.nick, 3b; Babitt, cf; nf. Tho loams were welcomed by Al«.- jor John BayJnet and State Commander -Earl Hitchcock, both of Glens Falls. Melbourne St. House Sold A house and lot on .Melbourne street has been sold by Patrick F., and Anna Crfotty to Harold Joseph and Lillian Dauacy, according t& a warranty deed on file in the ofiiCK of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. .According to.- another deed a house and lot in Millville has been sold by Paul J., and Ruby O. Bobbie to JO'hn and Hazel Carey, A lot on Moore avenue has been purchased by T«awrence R., nnd Malilda S. Koth from. George A. raham another deed shows. The News erred yesterday in reporting houss was included in the transaction, ANTHOXY CHIULU Chancellor Officers of Ojeda Council, KnlghtK of Columbu*. will be Installed tonight at ceremonies at 8 o'clock In tho Council rooms, by District Deputy Edward J. Flynn and his utaff. Grand Knight Francis Caulfield will he installed for his seventh term. Other office™ to be seated include: Deputy Grand Knight William WoU; RAYMOND FEHRMAN Secretary Recording Secretary, Raymond Fchrman; Chancellor, Anthony Cbli»lll; Financial Secretary, Al Bcnz; Ixicjturer, .Paul GnJIaghcr; Warden, .-William .Tnnkownkl; Trcn.iturer, William FitzKCrnld; Outirido Guard, Ray Schulte; Io r side Guard, A/idrew Sallnardt;. Tnistccs, Joseph E. Talnot, George Kennedy and Jnmcn Moore. V

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