Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REJGISTER. SATURDAY E\ElhNG, DECEMBER 9,1911. ^KE * \ \ Shop now and shoj* eady «»thejaM]fifag|i?tfi^<e%^ comfort a^d-(|;on- s = veniehcie in makihgVybur Cnristmas ^elections =— Over SO Pretty ^^\vi New Neekvireir Never was thefC: such a variety to choose : from; each...... J .*.:^V.'..... .25c, 35c, 5'0c,'65c- ' "I RIBBONS-JHiindreds of Pieces. I^ull of Qcauty and Valiic My, What lovely/Hihbonsrand so reasonably priced! Tliat is what nearly every one says who sees them. In all sinceriti^ we believe that nowhere in these parts isiihere another such assortment of downright good Ribbons at prices as low. .'. • kWfi 0j[ it^ n ^est Things from 0iir 'Beit Bi!is;mt%ns, Collar Pins, Frill ijinsi Brooches hyid Pins—new designs, f j-onj those that; are alnjoBt; plain to beautiful ( with brilliants, pearls and rich center sets. Embroidery apd Drawnworlc Piei More tjian 20p,p;-etty things in White bVoidery'atiS i)rawWork pieces. Doilies of .eveiy size from tiny ones to center pieces. New Mufflers New Aprons New Handkerchiefs New Umbrellas I N^CW Fur Sets N^jj^^Dress Goods New Silks New silk and Fancy Hosjer> Men's Taney" NecKSes Vin Cushions Jewelry Novelties Head Scarfs New Towls Table Linens nes ces Em; Idrgd THE ELEGANT LlNl? OP PRETTY MILLINERY '/2 MARKED PHICE $3.00 Ladies' Hats... .$1.50 $4.00 LJtties' Hats... .$2.00 $5.00 Ladies' Hats... .$2.50 $7.00 Ladies' Hats... .$3.50 $10.00 Ladies' Hats.. ..$5.00 NEW TAILORED SKIRTS A big shipment just in— every Skirt marked special. .$7.50 Skirts, elegantly tailored, now $5.00 $7.50 Skirts for dressy occasions ,. $5.00 $10.00 Skirts—splendid values $7.50 to LADIES'SUITS $17.50, $20, $25 and up $35 Suits for... .$14.95 BIG REDUCTIONS ON LADIES', MISSES AND CHILDRI?N'S COATS $10.00 Coats $7.50 $17.50 Coats $12.50 $22.50 Coats $17.50 $25.00 Coats $19.75 .$30.00 Coats .$24.75 .$35.00 Coats $29.75 $40.00 Cf.ats $33.75 Mi.sses' and Children's Coats at a big reduction in price. Choice line of New Dresk Goods:—all wool materials 25c, 5Qc, 75c, $1.00 and up to $1.45 per yiard, marked special fc^ Christmas selling. Pretty New Silks—:<;hoic patterns and colors; 50^, 75(j 85c and $1.0 Oper yard. A Big Line of Underwear Ladies' Vests. .25c, 35c, 50i Ladies' D'wers 2.5c, 35c, 50(; Ladies' all wool Vests.$1.0d Laaie.s' all wool Drawers^at $1.06 Lacjjes* Union Suits, prided a£ .: 6.5c, 7.5c,$1.0(^ Ladies' fine lambs' wooLUn iop Suits $3.00 113 EAST MADISON ./I PERpNJtIS i Mrs. L. A. Kratz is seriously ill of I grip. George Lederer returned last night rrom a business vi.-iit lu Altoonu. —Fred Kovrden, Period Decoralor. Phone TBC —High Sftliool and tlass Pennants at Si>encer"s. All .sizes and designs. —Don't forget the Salvation Army Free Christmas Dinner Effort. .Miss Marjorie Smith is visiting witli friends In Vates Ceuttr today. —Chrlstnias PosUtIs i>c dozen a( Spencer's. .1. H. Wiggan, of Emiioria, is in (he city today on husiuess. ,^ —The W. C. Teats Realty Co. has iV .ioved to Kress building. Office rooms "Vi to 24. Dr. J. R. Pepper went to Kansa.s City thl.s afternoon to leniain over Sunday. Williaiu Carrol, formt-rly of this city liut now residing in Oklahoina IH in the city today on businetis and shaking huDds with friends. —Dr. acSHIen. PboneM IS and 33S. . Mrs. CuminingH. of BronKon, is In the city for u brief visit with Mr. and Mrg. E. K. .Munger. -r. W. MiiriiHI, Palntlnff and Papering. Pbonie 8i7. Mrs. .1. Sutclltfe and W. Sutclifre. who have been in Brofjklyn, N. Y., for the past several weeku viAlting, returned hoiiie last night. ^'-HenB laying? Why not? Atrial package of ConKey'a Laying Tonic -will coet you nothing at MorrU & Howard if you brln^ this ad. Mrs. George White, of Davis Addition, is reitorted to be very ill with peritonitis. —Most dlseaBe comes from germs. .Kiy the germs and you kill disease. ; Conkey's Kox-i-cide mixes with water •*nd kills the germs ForPoultrymen, Stockmen and Housekeepers. Guar- ranteed by Morris & Howard. tikfut d^nii Conk Mrs. E. -M. Blackburn, of Chillico- Ihe, Mo., is expected In tomorrow to sjiend the winter with her daughter, .Mrs. C. 11. Shields. —I>r. Lury X. Hull, Osleapatb. Telppbouex ]:!0 ond 6G1. Mrs. Charles May and little daughter-returned last evening from a brief visit in Fort Scott. They were accompanied by Mr. May's mother, Mrs. .1. W. May, who will visit In lola for .•ieveial weeks. —«% Honey. K. M. Conpl^ngbam. ('. A. Weltengale, who was employed Jiere by the Iron Works until about four years ago, when he was transferred by the company fo St. l>oiils, IS In the city today on business. Robert W. Neal. of Amherst, Mais., came in last night for a brief visit with Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Miller. Mr. Neal Is professor of English in the Massachusetts State College, at Amherst, and has been for the past several weeks making a tour of inspeii- tidn of the colleges of the West ! Mrs. Leslie Wolfe returned this af- temouh from Arkansas City, where she has been for the past several weeks visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Parman. Mrs. C. H. Taylor, of Sontb OmabQ. s expected in tomorrow for a visl if several days with her husband^ ,)arents, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Taylor. ' —Mr. Poultryman: When you sec your chickens moping, wheezing, .>wollen-iieaded and snee/.Ing, we recommend Conkey's Roup Remedy. Foi sale and guaranteed by Morris £Howard. Cherryvale Republican: Mrs. John Butler arrived this afternoon from Bartlesville, Okl.n., where she had been to visit, to spend u short time with Mr.s. JI. C. Hamilton, on the wa> to her home in lola. Garnett News: Miss IIOS.T Oberdini today to her home at /Harris from a visit with relatives at Ida. She waF joined here by her brother, Henry who went on to Harris with her. .Tbf2 Ipur banks 4v Law tombineil • deposlls of $2, • vnich' lndlc.-i<es that the he University have enoug last until the Christmas li take them home. Walter Coblentz and wifi A prominent middle: ktor fell into a practice comiWHJ^ ^ Washfngton of allowing ^aet^tify tO If iign the former's name to mueb oif his correspondence with a, rnbbor stamp. He was warned against the custom, but laugbinj^y remarited that the farmers out there wouldn't know the difference. Likewise the senator, as many have, have a stereotyped reply to commtmicatlons. It so happened that one jof these form stamped letters was sent to a substantial and influential constituent. Nothinc was known of. the break until a few months later, -t^hen the senator, endeavoring to rebuild his fences, wrote a letter to the constituent inqnirinc of political conditions In the home state. A prompt reply was received at the capltol, addressed to the senator, and in the exact form which he had written to the constituent, jt re^d: "Dear Sir: Tour valuable communication of the 6th Inst duly received. It gives us much pleasure to consider the suggestions contained therein." The letter was signed with a rubber stamp, not once, but several times. In each Instance upside down. For It seems the secretary had hastily stamped the original outgoing letter downside up.—Leslie's Weekly. •en9e show •.91.iS.1.7'.>- itudrnts .a' 1 money to blldays :iud have lefi •fter a visit their pah-ent^ lu're. Including a visit with Dick vllle before returning to C at Colllns- aldwell. ''C o n:i'y new cnse in "oday •' .'-ai.i the deputy cl Jlstrlil court to the hard-working and 'nnnfciit rennrter "is f 1 e case of .rhe-.iii ;it'.?ii' whieh Is bot|ierliig right shoiildor." • Ai»pIii;ation has been mi de at the Rosedale Hospital for the adn^lssion of Mrs. Soiithwick. one of lolals pellagra cases, but no reply has been received from the authorl Jes-as to whether or not she will bje received there; this ofllce lerk -of the my Garnett News: Garnett will soon have a taxicab line. Daniel M. Moore, proprietor of the Oak Leaf hotel, has purchased a taxicab through his ne- The lola Township Board was in phew at St Paul, Minn., and the cir session at the court house today, in is being packed for shipment. It is senii-monthly assemblage, aijdlting expected to arrive here in about two bills and maintaining Its rei weeks. The Maple Leaf c'ub was entertained by .Miss Stella Stewart and Mr. .\ewton. Fllpplns Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Gordon were present They addressed the club and their remarl^s were timely and good. There were thirty present Refreshments were served and every one had a delightful time. An lola retail dealer, talking of business and religion, says that he knows of a large, successful wholesale nuinufacturlng house which prints a text ot Scrlpluro across the bottom of each jiage of the large catalogue It Issues. And, he Insists, the innovation has helped rather than hurt the concern's business. That lohi man who recently received thirty dlfTerent kinds of stock for his one share of Standard Oil stock, now flnds himself In need of a stenographer and private secretary. Neaif- ly every mall brings him a letter from one of the concerns Infomilng him of a meeting or asking for a proxy. And, more rcmarkablei several have already notiOed him that a dividend has been declared and awaits' his order. —Commencing Monday, Majestic 5c. Parsons Sun: Dr. M. E. Wolfe Is home from Humboldt The doctor ^ wearing both hands In a sling' as the result of attempting to separate two sullen bull dogs that were contesting for honors. He was bltten'on the wtists in the attempt and came near being dangeroiisljr' tnjiirad. | one of the most progresslv ations in the land. utatlon aF organiz Frank Martin drifted in from the Osage today and bethought himself that last August he exterminated an entire family of wolves, root Mocx and branch. The list of fatalltleJi was eleven and Mr. Martin filed a lawful claim against the county f)r $11 In bounties, which Is a douhl tlon for keeping the wolf door. precau- Ifronl the Irishman James Reddlngton. the who caused so much excit icncnt In Petrolla and vicinity some weeks ago and was arrested and lodged In Jail, was released today, provided w^h a ticket by Al Abrams and se; it tq Ot- tnwa where he has relative i. jTh'e first report that he was vicloi s prhv^ untrue, he being merely an old.' sad man. walking from a strange liloce to see, old friends. , ., " Colonel William Bean makes the unique claim that h<' Is the t nly :fiol- dler of the late war, so fa ' as he knows, who was drafted. His ory'has recorded that hundreds ot ip tn •^ere drafted, but they all seem to have been killed In the fighting ind ^Mr. Bean, alone, to hear hlih tel It. remains as a memorial that sue i thtn;:s were. P. S.—Before he was dratted, which la n fact, he vo1untp<»f-ed iinff served and was captured and and nearly died. [nt bleB FOR SALE —SEVEIIAL Mood Poland China Boars, rirtt Harry Boeken. R. It. 3,{ [PTTRfe Priica! MoiFan MISTAKE OF BUSY SENATOR Rubber iltaniped Fpnn'Letter to lii> fliiential CoastKuant Brings ! Forth a hVply'in Klnd.'^ ' DOG THAT GOES TO CHURCH Maine Animal Attends Sunday Serv- loes Regularly, Sitting In the Shadow of the Pulpit And here is a dog story . which comes from the Journal's Skowhegan correspondent The story Is of a fine young shepherd dog which haa strong religious tendencies. He is the dojg of Elmer Decker of Hinckley. Sh^ Is persistent in his attempts to attend Sunday services. A late scheme of his Is to get up very early Sunday morning and call upon a neighbor who takes him to church in his carriage. On arriving Shup makes a practice of walking straight up the aisle to the platform, where he takes his • place In the shadow of the pulpit There, with his nose protruding by the comer, he can see what Is going on at the same time, he Is listening. The other day during the minister's long prayer an automobile came chugging and tooting along,'much to the disturbance of Shep's idea of the nicety of things. He rushed through the open door with loud barking and scared the Intrtider away, but his manner of quieting the disturbance {'bad a reviving' effect upon the iuit- enoe and our correspondent thinks the prayer must have been shortened. —Kennebec Journal. St TimothyV Episcopal Chnrrh. < Second Sunday in Advent Collect for the Day. "Blessed Lord who has't caused all Holy Scriptures to be writ ten fcrr our learning. Grant that we may in such wise hear them read, mark, learn and inwardly digest them that T)y patience and comfort of thy holy word, we may embrace, and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life which thou hast given us In our Saviour. Jesus Christ. Amen.' Services tomorrow will be: Holy Communion 7:30 a. m. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Young Men's Bible Class (at Rec tory) 9:30 a. m. Morning prayer at 11 o'clock. The .lubject of the address will be "Ethics In the light of the Mc.Namara Confession." The music will be such as |s appropriate to the Advent sea.son. Events during the week: Monday—Vestry meeting at the rcC- ory at 8 o'clock. Wednesday—l.«dles' Guild with an nual election of officers to be held at residence of Mrs. T. F. Zlegler, Soutli Washington. Friday—Service at 7:30 p. m. follow ?d by choir practice. AH are heartily welcome to enter nto the worship of God with us. We ire here to'serve the public. CARL W. NAU, Rector. Reformed Clinrcb. Sunday School at 9:4S a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Christian Ehideavor at 6:30,p. m. First 3f. E. Church. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Subject for 11 a. m.: "Church Mem- •jership," followed by baptismal ser- ices and reception of members. Epworth l.«ague at C:30 p. m. Sermon at 7:30 p. m. J. H. PRICE, Pastor. • The CbrLstian Cbnreb. Sermons morning and evening at he usual hours. The pastor will reach the morning sermon and at ;as City at 3 p. m. Formet' Pastor i. H. EHett will preach at 7:30 p. m. 't lola church. 1^1 gc chorus under direction of A. C. Boatrlght. Special music at all •ervices and congregational singing •oo. A live Bible School begins at 9:30. traded school, competent teachers, •'asses for all ages and the best attd nost up-to-date literature that can be ecured. A farm reception to all. Preparation is being made for a 'hrlstmas cantata, which Is unusual •nd niilque. All participants arc to ppcar in costume'"hnd thv decora- Ions will be a surprise to All. Young People's meeting at G:30 p. I. A large number of young folk njoy these services and others ar'e nvlted. Changing Taste In Hymns. Ono of our churches In New York city having Uken a poll of the congregation- in ordei^ to determine the ten favorite hymns announces • that the following received the requisite number of ballots: "Nearer, My. God, to Thee," "Abide With Me," "JesOS. Lover of My Soul," "I Love to Tejl tho Story," "Lead Kindly IJght," "Rescue the Perishing," "Rock of Ages" "Onward Christian Soldiers," "What a Friend We Have In Jesiis." Fobr 1 others were tied for tenth plac^ "Love Divine, All Love Excelling,^' "Just as I am," "Faith of Our Fathers. Living sun," and "In the Cross of Christ r Glory." Nothing could illustrate better the change that has come over our religious thinking. In the list there is not one hymn about heaven. Ten years ago no congregation would have omitted "Jerusalem the Golden" or "There Is a Land of Pure Delight" and twenty-five years ago half the list would have been given to such hymns. —Northwestern Christian Advocate. Bii.ssett A. E. Church. , Sunday School 9:4r. a. ni. ' Class meeting at 3 p. m. Allen Christian Endeavor C:30 p. m Preaching at 8 p. m. All are welcome. T. W. GREE-m Jr., Pastor. Indian Arrows In a Tree. A large and very old_oak tree felled on Indian creek by timber cutters proved to be a landmark of IndJans long since dead and gone, says a dispatch from Exeter, Me. A picture ot an Indian with bo^r and arrow pointing at« running deer was carved In the bark of the tree near the ground, while higher up wer;e pictures of the rising sun, with an Indian kneeling; a flying eagle, a tu)v tie lying on its back and a picture of a snake. More than a dozen arrows were em- bedtled in the tree, where they had been shot many years ago.' Baseball With a Diver. A nation basebali-mad das develop' ed In recent year^ such variattons on (he 'popular theme as night practice under electric U^ita and games In cramped quarters played with huge "Indoor" balls and diminutive bats. But 'way up at the ^ip of >Ianba^ab Island Is something really 'nnlqne-r baseball with the aid of a diver. ; In a vacant lot ^ear Broadway and 229th street a vlUl porttbn of left field Is cut away by a broad slough, which once may hare deserved- its name of TIbbef s Brook.. The amateur games played on this badly flawed, dif- mond are remarkable, mora for heavy hitting than for aclentlflc pitching;; and deep left fleld is a favorite lan^- ing place for safe blta. The bal^ often sail over the hApIess flelder> jead to land In "nbbetis'Brook'with » beautiful splash. On Sunday afternoon* a small bojr is kept busy diving off the bank and swinimlng after ballp when tlier'epm^ fb the mafsee. He getFw share ot-tbe colUetioyaa. Ma The Chri.<miia» Dinner. In spite of the fact that toe word 'yspepsla means literally bad cook. It .•ill not he fair 'for'in'any to. lay the 'lame on the cook if thfey begin the Christmas Dinner with little ajipetlti: •nd^end It with distress or nausea, t may not be fair for any to do thit —let us hope so for the sake of tlJc ;ook! The disease dyspepsia indicates I bad stomach, that Is a weak stoni- ich rather than a bad cook and for-a jveak stomach there is nothing' else •qual to Hood's Sarsiaparllla. It'glve.« 'he stomach vigor and trtne, cures Aft pepsia, creates appetite and mak ^5 mating the pleasure It should be. . Presbyterlun Cbnrch. . First Church: Rev. S. S. Hllscher :he pastor, will preach In the mom- 'ng . Mrs. Zebner will speak in the ;venlng giving her great address on -'National Ideals," an address whidh la's been given before fifty-nine chati- tauqiias In the country Everybody is invited." • • ."?r Sabbath School at 9:45 a. m. ^• C. E. meeting at 6:30 p. m. Little Builders' Chapel: Mrs. E N'. Jones, superintendent Sabbath School at 2 p. m. Regular school at 3 p. m. Young People's Society G:30 p. m. Bassett Chapel: W. H. Means. Superintendent Sabbath School nt 3 p. m. ' ^^^^^ * Second Baptist Church. You are cordially Invited to attend the following services: Sunday school at lO a. m. Mrs. J. W Gordon, superintendent Preaching at 11 it m. Theme— "Great Joy In the City." B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Mrs. W 0. Fllpplns, president By special request the pastor will preach at 8 p. m. from the text: "I have put off my coat and how shall I put It on? I h&vfi washed my feet and liow fthall I 'defile them T'-^Son^s of Solomon, 5:3. The pastor will leave Monday mortk- Ing for I.ACygne. Has., tt» bonduct "a series of meetings. • The Christian Union Club of our church wlir give a Tacky Social oil Monday night, Dec. 11th at the G. A. R. Hall. Ev^ryt>odv invited. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. Trfnitj Methodist CbareK Everybodr help to keep ihe" Si School attendance up'to 200; " " *• At the morning service at. 11 o'clock t<ie pastor will preach ' on "Jesus Christ—:^WIsdom'. Rigtiteou'sness, Sani- tiflcation and Redemption." We hODfe all members of the chufch will'makb an effort to be present at the monl- luK service. . ' The attention of Trinity people' H ] ^Ted tb'the t<*ctnre bjrMrarzehlBeK naaei' the Auspfeea drthe W. e T,y^ UpibreUas for C|iis^ Gold and Pearl Handles— from $3' to $10 Silver Toilet Sets-for ithe ladies $5 to $9 Manicure Sets, Military Brush Sets, Jewel Cases, Silver Brushes, Pearl Pocket Knives, Bracelets for the ladies, Smoking Sets for the gentlemen., A nice assortment to select from and prices are very r(?asonable. We are always glad to show goods and quote prices. McNiel Bros. Th^ Jewelers; at First Methodist church. Our young people's chorus will sing severkl jse- tections- at-thls'meeting:-'^^Therlioai* Is i o'clock. - • ....,v. I Tho Epworth League meeting will be h(Sld:at 6:30.' • ' . • : Th«* evening song service, led By'the dhoms; will begin at 7:30. Subject of evening sermon by the pastor will be "Dynartiite and Organized Labor," or •'lessons from the'McNamara Trial." l.aboring men are especially Invited. • C. F. JOHNSON, Pastbr; { • Uniled Brethren Church: ' Sunday School 9:45 a. ril. Morning sermon 11 a. m. Subject, "The Holy Bible and Fallen Humanity." •• ' Christian Endeavor, Senior and Junlor,'6:30 p. m'.' Addrefes fty R. H .Benriett 7:30 p. m. Subject, "The Lord's Prayer in the Light of Social Service." '. The inomlng sermon Is an important one In the series'of progressive sermons being delivered throughout the month of rrecember. The evening address by Mr. Bennett Is ftlsb'.An linportanl part of this series ot spe- chils. The house will be well vaJiin- ed regardless of the weather, you are cordially Invited. I • ^ I. B. PRATHER, Pastor. First BnptlMt Chnrel' Sunday School 9:4S a. ra. Pret^ Rpw den, suimrlntendent; ' ' ir " Sermon 11 a. nr. by Dr. I. N. Clark, of Kansas City.' ' - • B. Y. P. IJ. 6:30 p. m. President, Herbert Badkley. Sermon 7:'3tt p. m. TheJne: "How a Sinner May Find His Saviour." Special invitation has been sent to tei-erol men whom we are counting on organizing Into a, Bible class. A prayer service will be held W^nes- day 7:30 p. m. You are invited to all services. Strangers welcomed; G. W. SHEPARD; Pastor. First rhureb of Christ Scientist Sunday School at 10 si. m. '•• ' Church services at 11 a. m. Subject: "God the Preserver of Man." Testimonial meefting Wedndslay at ? p. m. Services are held In the ;9hiirch "Juildlng comer East antt Syeaniore streets. Ths'readlng rooin adjofaiing he church is open from 2 to. 4 p; in. >ach week day. A cordial, inritatlbn s extended the public to" attend' the services and visit thii^eading "rd^m. / Card of Thanlis. We wish to express, our. sincere -banks to the many friends and neighbors who so kindly assiisfed ud during the illness and death'"'tof otJr i&r •nother and relative.—^Mr. KT^'Xra'- 3eorge Switzer, Mr. and Mrs.-i-^ibh- ird Race' and Grand C!bit^en^. —Snnday Dinner; Bake^' Soyer's^Style. • •'• —We wish to call your attention to he fact that most Infectidiis Weft^es iucb ' as whooping congh, diphtheria jind scarlet fever are contracted when the child has a, cold. Chainberlaui's ::ougb Remedy will quickly ciirt^ a sold'and greatly I'ea'sea tfie (tia &i ^ot 'contractIng these iliseases.* Thte. r«iin-' edy is famous for its'cu/iei of I co}^s. It contains no opium or other narcotic and may be'given to a cnllS '«nth 'mpllcit confldenca. 'Sold by an-'deal- irs. • • • —ICommencIn^ Monday, 14AJlQstIc.^c. • • • • * BESIDENCB FBOPEBTT • ^ W.UIT^. • * Wll trade'28D'acres of .land • in Dallas Conhty,'Alrkiftisas'.-S • miles from Dalaa-k,'A^Tslhbad ^ town. One 5 room hd'uJM; fnii| ^ and fine water; {MHV acres In'^' ^ yellow pine virgin. timtief? m, • acres has been Wiaffed.'^^Iiftnd; • lays good, sandy'loajn;" ral»^ ^ corn and cotton. Prljce-MJljO;! • WUl trade for onei soodTr^sl-, • dence of eq.uSl ;-valu5j"6r" jAtt' * tntde for a hnMer'*bf'%maff' • residences. Landfe'iBl^ar. ^ ••' * Will be at the pennsylnmla., • Hotel in lola. Tuesdax a{te|- ^ noon.' the 12th and ISth' oMfe^'' • ceihber. Call and' see n&e 't&eb • or address ' •>-' • 0. Oi VeCRACKEX. ; 4•••*••^•••4••«

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