The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 25, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1977
Page 8
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TACK H-HAfftATltCK NKWS (CONN.). MONDAY. AUG. 12. 1046 Draft Boards Consolidated Local Board To Bo Made Part Of Waterbury Unit, Whittomore Reports Official of Nhusiiluek flclrcllvn Horvlco Board M-A will tin rniuioll- clntfld with the Wnlnrhury Imardj {(opt, 1,1, nCRordln;; to nn nnnnimcr- ment today by Chairman -ifarrlfi WhltUmoTfl. ifi 1 . Cominlltlntlnx of clruft ImnrdM throughout thn ntatn IIIIM bron Ifi practice for aovonil months, with the local board receiving oftlclul o retort) today to bocomo piirt of Wii- torbury local board Group C, located nt 105 Grove otroot, Watorbury. Personnel of the Nuusatuck board, Minn Adelaide Clayton, chief clorlc, »nd Hodwlfr S-/,MCslul, iiHUltitaiit clcrlt, will remain. In chai'Ro of office business when It i« moved to Wutei'bury. Tho draft hoard was first o»tab- llxhod In U>e Bcobo street school, and throo yenr« <ifO> your, wn.'i rnovod Conn. Democrats Held Outing In Norwalk Sunday locution In tho Tuttlo uchool o Church utreet. Norwulk, Aug. 12—(UP)—Another atop has boon taken towards deciding who will bo tho Democratic candidate for governor. About 3500 Democrats .from nil parts of Connecticut spent more Oct. .1 of this, tliun six hours yesterday mulling to Its present) over the problem. The occasion was World's Largest Bomber Passes Air Test Our Diamonds »r» tvfifiuj fur Oolor, ttmlffhi, quality , , , Vjotir fj 14* runt no nf !>on« fill* qunllty All American Vets Meet Tonight To Plan Semi-Formal you* nouronco o f WILLIAM SCHPERO mo ommcn HT. , Conn. The wookly mnntlnft of the Al .\mcrlcnn Vclnnvmi will take place Inn iKlit 8 P' m - llt ttl(! YMCA, Com rrmrirlfjr Robert Liiwlnr announced tnduy. Some very Important busl- ripjiM will bo discussed this, rommanrtor Lfiwloi 1 wild and he ««!<« "i«t all momhnrs attend. Plans am to ho completed for i\ yeml-fnrmiil (lance September 21 ut Odd follows Hull, with mimic by fi'i'Mirls Delflno and hls'lfi Mnmll- l.nnlans. Jac;k Diirby heads the nr- ranKements comniltttir, iisdl.Hlod b.v fi'runk Johnson. Jack Ashmoro, Louis Qiilnn Dnnald Meyers and Charles Santo: 1 ':, Over 100 Attend VFW Family Outing About 100 attended the family outlnj: of VKV.' yoiturtlfty at Schlld- i;i'nV. ("irijvr. Kood mid nifreshmcnts u-rrr Mcrvi'd tlirmiKlinut tho day. A sportlni; program Including | ool'thall hrirnc.whon pitching and wheotfifiri'fiw rucrS were ut tMn d«y, Paul Connoiy'M annual outing which \VHH jitlemk.d by ' sucih, top-flight loadero as Senator Brion McMahon, termer LT-S Attorney General Hom- ,cr 8. Cummlnfrs nnd many others. Prospective candidates who did cr Economic Stablli/.er Chester much hund-shaklny Included forni- Bowlc.-! Atid Lieut. Governor Wilbert Snow. The matter Is still up in the air, but party leaders believe It may bo Htittlcd with In n week or ten days, Five Cases In Borough Court Two companion cases and three other were nrraipned this morning before JiulRe Martin L. Li, Caine In Naupfatuck borough court, A nolle without payment was grant- el In tho companion case of Raymond Hughes, 1C Southvicw street, and Sidney Weiss, 8C Carroll street. Tim men were Involved In n. slight utomoblle accident Sreturdny afternoon nt the corner of Park place ind Mniulow street. TIIK ARMY AIR FORCES HC'GE SIX-ENCINED BO MBER plane, the Cnimiir XB-30 Is shown parked nloiiRSldo ii bnttlo-tONtod B-2», jiint before It took to the uir for the first time ut Fort Worth, Tex. Tlia mlglit.v plane, capnblo of flylnp from Snn Francisco to Tokyo and buck a Rain nonstop, flew for 38 minutes In Its first tost und observers said It "exceeded all" The. new craft, which dwarfs, completely tho B-29 fortress, Is 163 feet long and has a 230-foot wingrspun. Official U. S, Army photo. (Intenmtlonal) Small Claims Court Officials In Session Today Judge Martin L,. Calnc and Mrs. Lauretta Sullivan, clerk oC the recently established Small Claims j .... ........ ! court, will sit In the court room of! John Arcsta and Blnvldn Amadn., | the town hall this afternoon to as- 5oth at 500 South Main street, wnrc )rccntod in a companion case. (\rcsta wns hoard on three cha'.'Res, norals, obtaining money under also pretenses and breach of the eaee. He was given six months cntcncc to the Now Haven county 'sonii between the apes of 6,'i TO In tho LI. S. have almos-t ed In number In tho period firim IH70 to 1030. iflfl A U. S. GOVERNMENT Report announces tho discovery of n now tannic ncid treatment for ivy poison- inff. The treatment has been found excellent; it is ffenllc nnd wife, dries up the blisters in n surprisingly flhort time—often within 24 hours. These government findings arc incorporated in the new product for it nt your tlruR store. ii!)c. «lM'~l h/ !VV.nilY, An FnfK<i «!,, Mnnl-Uli, N, J, IVY-DRY nil which was .suspended for one car, on the first count found not guilty on thfi second, nnd paid a fine of $100 on the third, Tho woman, charged with a morals count was meted a throe months' sentence to thn county Jail, which also wag suspended for one year. Other cases were: Hugo AUcgrnl 700 Wood street, Watorluiry passing n walk sign at tho corner of Muple and Main strert, forfeited $Q bond; Mary Snmaska, West Mountain, iir- rOHlC'.' after hacking into n Miss Hreen July 27, nolleri without pay- mont; John Shaw, Sunnysldc avenue, Oakville violation of the motor vohlclc laws, arrested by State Troopnr Carl Carlson, continued to Sept, 3. j slst persons desiring to flic claims. Although literature, forms and other material noceasary for the op oration of the court, has ns yet no been received. Judge Caine said to rlay ho and tTie clerk will be avail nhle to anyone requesting informa^ lion as to the court's operation. • It is expected the first session of the court wilTbe corTilucted Aug 26, the judge stated. Gold Star Post Special Meeting Tn determining' the distribution of legislative seats, California excludes Mllcns' who arc not eligible for nnturalizntlon. A special meeting of Gold Star Post, Catholic WAT Veterans will be held tonght at 7:30' o'clock in the St. Hudwlg's church 'pavilion. Commander Martin Lucas announced, today. Tho post will meet with the auxiliary and representatives of all parish societies for a discussion of plans for participation in the Welcome Home parade. Price Control Meeting Off Indefinitely The meeting of the Naugatuck Citizens Price Control committee scheduled for tonight in the town hall has been indefinitely postponed, it was announced today by Chairman Harold C. Lewis. It has henn decided -to defer further meetings of the group until more dcfin'i'" !nfO!-malion is known of I lie activities of the Price Decontrol group and OPA. FORFICITS BONO Vcrnon Adkins, 28, of 32 School street, forfeited a $6 bond this morning in Waterbury city court, when his case of illegal parking was presented Judge Charles R. Sumjria,. WAR BRIDE Mrs. Irene Sanderson and her 7-morjths-old son, Glllin, arc pictured n hoard the U. S. Army transport Henry Gibbons, lifter the ship had docked in New York harbor. They come from Frunce, nnd are bound for their home In Union Hills, Ind. (International) Zones of standard time ndoptcd in the U. S. in 1883. were 1 DODGE "SMOOTHEST CAR AFLOAT" Pf& tfivelfrtt Double Protection To Oil Six More Streets Tomorrow Six streets will be oiled -tomorrow in the street oiling program »*t up by Superintendent of Streets Harold Murtha. The thoroughfares to be treated tomorrow arc: Walnut street, Walnut terrace. Park avenue, Elmwood street, Elmhurst street and Sweeney street. Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4096 t UTAiLllHED lltl ROGERS-PEET — A GOOD NAME TO KNOW IN MEN'S GOOD CLOTHES A good name, easy to pronounce —easy to remember and not easy to forget because the prices $60 to $85 are forgotten long before the good clothes are worn out. Rogers-Peet good clothes are for the wisely thrifty who from experience have learned they cost less by the year than any other ••>, clothes you've ever worn- Complete * line of Work Clothes NAT'S 410 North Main St. UnJon City TJEL. 6136 I-AWNMOWKRS GRASS CATCIfER WAJ.I, TAPER tx STOCK PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MATXJE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Delivery Telephone 50<4 TIME ACTION PRICE. GOING UP Washington, Aug. 12~(UP)—Metal household furniture is going to cost consumers nine percent more, starting today. Manufacturers have been granted- a seven per cent increase, and a'n additional two per cent may bo passed on to buyers. Beautify your home We recommend Murphy Da-Cote Enamel for a. beautiful finish of long enduring wear, For the many indoor and outdoor opportunities to bring the beauty of color to che home then U nothing like Da-Cote EnarocL Time to lake another look at the ever changing economic picture, and the effect on your family budget. Time to consider your Savings Program—does it measure up to current day needs. Most people need two programs—one for emergencies—the other for the future. You can begin today—and with as little as $1.00 —to build an account that will guarantee comfort and securitv in later years. NAUGATUCK 1870 SEVENTY FIFTH /ANNIVE R SAR Y i 941 AllPEPOflTC FULLY GUARANTEED ;, Lady Nearly Choked While Lying In Bed- Due To Stomach Gas One lady said a few days ago that she used to be afraid to go to bed at night, She was swollen with stomach gas, which always got worse when she went to bod, and the gas would rise up in her throat after she ' lay down and would nearly choke her. She couldn't lie flat. Had to prop herself up on pillows.- Recently this lady got ERB-HELP and now says gas is gone; stomach feels (Ino, bowels arc regular and she can go to bed and sleep soundly. ERB-HELP contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, net on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get EHB- HKLP. Sold by all drug stores here in Nn.ugatuck.—Adv. - I See Our Large Sraefc «. LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS nlHO All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOES FOR GARDEN and LAWN • SHOVELS (Ion* and short GARDKN RAKES HOES — SPADKS PRUNING SHEARS GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc. GUS SMOKE SHOP; *02 North Main St Union City * Gus Kllmaszc«'ski, Prop. ? Magazines - Periodicals ? All Newspapers - Candy i Smokers' Supplies, JfovcUcs, etc, j Our .lumbo Banana Splits and Fresh Fruit Sundaes Are The Talk of the Town: ! CORNER CANTEEN S92 No- Mulrt Street "I>om** Tollcrltxi, Pmn, Maple St. Tel. 3507 Protect Your Comfort From one mil of llic country to the olhcr Doclpc Dr.iilrr.H nrt- now givinp their friends nnd customers Dntihln Protection. This inrim* tluit while new cnr production remains liohitul demand nnd schedule, every new Ptnlnii hiiyrr nets iriMircri nitfety and comfort in tlir old cur lid is driving now, It mam* lh«t old cnginns, hrnkos, ignition, wheels « ml tirrs lire carefully • checked, ndjustcd nnd rrpiiirrrl no lliut thuro mny he no ri.ik — of cither »nfc!y or comfort while WHiting for the new cnr. THANK YOU Protect Your Present Car Investment In addition to insured safety and comfort the Double Protection program gives. your present car n higher value when your time comes to in. It gtuncia to reason that if your old car is in good condition we cnn nllow you more than if you permit its qualities to run down. Bring in your old car today. Let us give it a complete inspection nnd adjustment. Then you'll know where you aland, you'll have peace of mind, you'll be money ahead. FOR WAITING • NBW OODOt A PlYMOUIH CARS —DODOE JOB-RATfO' TRUCK S • HOTCHKISS STREET GARAGE , 47 Hotchkiss Street EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond S<». GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CKKAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 491B Edwnrd Vln«J{auchns, rrop. SAVE USED FAT YOU WANT MORE SOAP Highland Package Store 93 Highland Avc. — Tel. 3083 Anthony Fat-rat, Prop. FREE DELIVERY AH Farts of Niuigatuck Try NEWS Want Adi.— They Bring Result*. COAL COSTS! WITH THE HONEYWELL Cleeirtc 4^ n ^ or DAMPER M CONTKOL By Jnilalllnv th* Honeywell Elvctrtc Janitor dampor control you can »or» up to 30% on your coal bill. Think what (bin oaring- moan* during ju>t OD* healing *»cion, Wo hov« EUclric Jaflitom in rt°nl* now. Call u« today- bnloro th« jupply i» 900*1 for lull information, The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHUECH ST. PHONE 5236 C Ci n h n XV tc ci a)

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