Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1911
Page 2
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W IQIA PAIliZItEGIS^iR^ EVE N|[N4 r^ECJBMBER 9,1911. , , . _ ^-^-'ii^Tiiff Fair. Lady, Lad]r ^.t>BUing; fair!. -At I view your beauty rare, _.CoMly radlnnt. lik^ a gtnr. - H6w I wonder wh«i you «r«'; You weigh nini^ boundii. I gn<>8s— All the rest of you is dreitii! Borne is bair and apmo is ha;, "Flit and toathera ^nd all that: Say, how> many ll\>8 wero iinid That you might b«>;thUB arrayi-il? Your warm, furry 'coat reveals £:|dUi^ of aeveral acals; - Sable boa, sahle mntt Twelve small llvps wcrt- scarr<' ' eoough, AigrettfB, alx were surely slain Fw 'yirtp- headgear, smurl and plain. K"' - , These, your dainty hands are hid In the akin of slaughtered kid. Calfakio at the kind called "ooze" Mokes- (they cost a life) your shoes. Your hair—yours by purchasu please. Was shorn from off a slave Chinese; Silks and laces that you wear. Represent vaal toil anji rare. Your "complexion"—cljemic bam-! Cost.a world of woe and jiain. Lady, that yoii may be gay, - Thousands throw their lives away. Do you e ,Ver in your pride. Count Ita coet In homicide? Lady, lAdy. twssiqg fair, Doi you, know, and do you care? .-• ' . —Chieako News. keep Your'Eye on Our Windows from now until Cliristmas. The frecjiiunt rhaugei) sliuwing Konie- thing (lifTerent eai h day will help ><>u a lot on deciding what to give. BDRREirS The Rcxhll Store West Side of t^e Sguare lief Corps have tn.vl^ecl the l.aHarpe Ppst and Corps °t «r <be tteir guests at ^<^^mij\mmi^^m^^ wee*, .at |the hail here. .The host and hpstes^ met Tuesday afternoon .and prepand jthe Invitation and had another ')ne^t Ing today to talk about j ;he ^.jqiyB 'a means. t*:-^!?;*'* —Place yoifr orflar-ftor Millinery and you can get ydii'|r-HBt Qulc^]y a Klchardson'R. « • • I Yesterday afternoon a company of jthe friends of Mrs. Albert Harder. 204' South Third street, went to he- home and gave her n complete and hapny aurprisc. The guests ha* In tended to celebrate her birthday In some way.but were not informed ar to the date, so the dinner'yesterday was really a belated birthday favor A iMuntituI diner *'ns» pronnred nonn and afterward the ladles sani' old songs. Those who en Invert th day with Mrs. Harder were. M-'idMiae Price, • Heigele, Osborne, Gard Wood L. Root. Newman, Curfr>an, Wllliamt Cife, Douton, Everltric, I..awton, Don aldson. nixlcr, Regan, Mundls anc MUs Florence Everline. I The M. W. A. .nnd the Royal .Veigii bors joined in giving Mr. F. W. Am- meraiBZi A Burvriee last niglir. which was a delightful gathering of niajiy friends of the host. Tho lodge mem- bera their hall and then went to (he Ammerman home where ihey prepared, the refroshments they brod^' and presented Mr. and Mrs. AmmerQua- with a rug bearing th' )od <e. emblem. Among the visitors wer*: Mr...nnd Mrs. K. D. Curtis and Miss .Margaret Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. -W. .A. Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. W. A "Woodruff..Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Oliv-r Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Hurnslde, Mr. and Mrs. e,'W. Adama Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Coffleld. Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge Siewan. .Mr. and Mrs. Bnysinger. Mr. and Mrs. C. W.;Land, Mr. ahd Mrs. J. K ICIIK i- ton, Mr.tind Mrji. .1. II. McMuiray- Mr.- and Mrs. F. A. Wagner. Mr am" Mrs^ W. K. Ulack. .Mr. and Mrs. Jam.'; Jolliag, Mr. and Mrs. G.M. l.tA'aliey. —The elegant line of Prettv .Millinery selling bHPkly at half the marked price.—Richardson's. ** + A thimble party was enjoyed by the Violet club yesterday afternoon at tfaejiiome of Mrs. Thomas Monre. The ladies spent the afternoon making gifts and beard an interestitic reading toy Mrs. fW. A. Woodruff, fol­ lowed by music by Miss • Margaret Davenport. A buffet lunch was served to ^\\v,t<tM'^]j!iie^mwi!mk:^'^T^- ^• J. Ilawley, Mrs. Charles Slebbins, Mrs. .M. Fultx, Mrs-."JbhnCritwford. Mfs. I.:iura Ulaliop^ Mrs. . 0.,Mundon, .Mrs. H. E. Smith, Mrs. G. K. }vllnge.n- smith. Mrs. W. A- Woodruff, Mrs. G. W. Adams Mrs. S. E. Vaughn. Mrs. W. H. Morrison. Mrs. A. T. Craig, Mrs. Mary Honewell, "Mrs." Felix Casey, Mrs. Uoberl Davis, Mrs. T. N. Slack. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, .Mrs. Ad.i Overall. In addition to the club nieinbers Mrs. Moore eM'-nded her ho.spllallty to Mrs. Orville Marsh, Miss Davenport and Mrs. L. Weekly. • • —Ladies. Misses' and Children's lints Koini: niiickiy at ."(i cents on the dollar.—Uitlia I ilson's. .% hne of till- most elaborate funetionR sr-li.diiled for next week is the I'niiy club':; diiiii'T wliieh Will occur .Mon- diiy iiiglit .11 tile home of Mr.s. Clias. F. Seolt. Covers will be laid for Iweni.v-one at two large (ahlen which will 1(1' (rimmed Willi white and yellow. I lie club colors. The members will spi-iid the afternoon si-wing and there wDl III Sliak' Hpean- • <• —Siind'iv Dinner S.'ic Soyer's style Monty's Tufe. .> .> .> The stores are rapidly taking or a festive air which makes' shoppirir for Christmas a real pleasure. Al of the business places are diapbyin their stocks with on eye to assisting the perplexed giver of gifts and In malority of nlaceR nunntltiea of holly bells and foliage lntrodii5,e the Christ mas colors. Piles of gift boxes arf everywhere and holly-spraved rlbboi <8 close by. Shonning at this seasor of the year, even though one is haunted by doubts about what to give. Is more pleasurable than at any time in the twelve months. --DR. 0. li. ri)X. Oeallsl. • • • » The P. K. O. chanter usually gives n holiday dinner for the gentl'Mnin the llrst week in .Tanuary but tills yi'ar the event will be postponed for several months, and may possibly be diaiHUsed with. Th<> oonveiitioii here in the sprini; will include at least om largi' ri'ception at whicli the men wil be asked to "do soci(!ty" and If tKf guests 8«>ein to be appr<>clatlve of"the honor conferred upon them and en- Joy the event, the chapter may not no program. Ibs .n and | '-"t'Tlaln for the II. I. L.'a excluslve- K-eupy the ri'gular clubl'J'- meetings and IIK- study is so broad I . . and exiirts so inueh real brain work I —Clirfsfitias \ove:fie.«i Jn everything that the club tUUiks the e.-U-brutlon : ""w —ll'f'iardson's. of the birthday anniversary should b< a real holiday. . * * * The Current Kventa club will mi-el Monday afternoon at the home of .Mrs. Smith L. Jackson, 803 Xorili Washington avenue. All memberfi are n- quested to attend and make suggestions for the observance of the club't-- anniversary party. Mrs H. U. Goshorn entertained lu-r card club with n delightful parly yesterday afternoon including a supper which Miss Florence assisted In serving. The prize for the highest score went to Miss Neva Funk. Mrs. Vene Fry and Shirley Goodnough, who is visiting Mrs. L. P. Stover wero guests of the club. i IJRISTMA! lAMOND if 0 lyiAlHONbS'tfr* High-Bat Not at Our Store \(li DIAMONDS the present timiei weret ieiitirer eo jpd|^I».r u ist *Pwf«ierOliiaond 4100.00^^497 ""my DIAA \6nDS Fickle as FAshlon is, she nevjer^ ixo^ina on diatnonds. They «fe al- wayf in style, and alvavs a •aiefak'mt- . nient. There is no hope of an iocteased ^tip- ply, hence the v^Mom of huyin; dlaumondi now tssoplain that a child can see-h^-and a rift of diamonds islike opening a banic accoufat for the recipient. When we hougfht a Isirce stock last year we made a great saving for| otir ctis- tomeisy bcca«ne> legaidless of present conditions in tfie trade, we have not advanced pi|ices^ nor shall we do so this season. Weshowiioea few diamond rings selected from our large stock, consisting of a great variety, whkh we offer at prices that wo^d heotittof the question if weliad dela-yed making our purchases until this season. SeS-OO -.No. 499 Flat PtrfKtDUaoBd $75 00 No. 800 I4K Solid Cold PtrfWt OjMMSd S50.00 No. 501 14K Solid Gold Perfect Otanoad S18.00 No. 3630 i4K Solid Cold CcDBbsFeBCat DtsnofuL - Poor Whole Real PeerU Come in and iook pver large line of Christmas Goods and form your iiwri opinion as to quality and prices. We are confiaent that we can offer the >ery best quality at the most f ea-) sonable prices. G. A. LEFFLER JEWELER , 7 West Mnd!-.on Telpphoijp 125 The W. C. T. T'. meeting yestl-rdaf was in reality-a domestic one, iiisieacT of the customary literary after noon-, as the members decorated fhe looms and otherwise prepared for thejr reception this afternoon. * * + A Minnesota tyvlne has given ety folk of his parish something to no diugs an4 think about by requesting th.i decollete gowns b*' Worn to wed In his church. • * * —Great rediietlons on Suits Coals.-rRlehardRon's. li. * Dan Servey is asking guests for a dance to be given next Wednesday ight at the Clinker house, favoring Miss Jennie Purdy and .Mr. Wilfiur I.4ipham of Chanute, wlio arc io be marrl«Ml this month. .Miss Purdy iiiid Mr. hapham were K. V. friends ijf .Mt'. Servey and be and Mr. Lapham are innmbers of the same fraternity; Mr. Servey will be b»st man at thei wedding, x —What would be more appro|nrla.^ for a Christmas prepent—nothliig im- der the sun—than a fine Photo of the latest and most uii-fo-date sfyle.-^ Huffman Studio. { ^ •Vv- •:• i , The Papils! Sunday school' will give a concert Christmas eve which will include Missionary songs and rrc Itatlons. The school Is at ijresenl stud.ving a series of' brief lessons im India, which occupy a few niinutjes after the we«'kly lesson has betn discussed. The Christmas program will include songs of the season and tj\o usual treat will be given the clilldn.n. •:• •:• V ! Mrs. deorae Trombold who has been isiting with relatives here boveral days will return home tonlghtl • ^. * , i —Commencing .VInnday. Maje.?tlc t.c. *_* * ' Mrs. AlherrVeftehgill. of SI. I.OUIF was a guest of Mr. and Mrs..' J. i n Kirk yesterday. <* V V —Wnen you have a bilious ctve Chamberlain's Tablets attack trial They are excellent For sale by 'all dealers. I * * * 1 • The Methodist Sunday school today/I Wife and mtle'"daughter of William .Morgan Stiuster. Ihe young American Treasurer (iuneral of Persia, are In constant d.iugcr, and tiiu Pcrsla/i guard around the honin has been In creased. Tlie fears for hcra<'lt nri; entirely secondary however to the lonsuaiit danger of her stalwart young husband who has on his slioiilders. perhaiiH. one of the most gigantic re- .MpoiiKibllitit s ever uKsuiiied by nii.\ iiiati of bis years In recent times and '.vi.'o I^' confronted by probletus which are international. It lias i>een discovered that no less than three tlineF; plots were frustrated to kill blm. with the study of the day's lesson on "Peer Gynf." Tlie nu;nbers will be "Ase's He.nth," "Arabian Dance" .jiid "Aniira's Dance." of-ihe Peer Gyiit- sulle. • • •> —High School and Class Pennant.s at Spencer's. All 4l '/.e8 and designs. •/:• * Miss Ros.alln Charles who left lola several months ago for Spokane, Washington, h^ been honored by an appointment rfs teacher of china painting for, the Woman's Club of that place. A copy of the Spokesman Review has'Veached the Register and a lengthy Article, accompanied by a photo of Miss Charles, Is found on one of Jta" P4^8; commenting upon the wor^ of the*club and Its most recent cli6ice of a teacher. Miss Charles will teach water color and china paint ing, the membership of the class In the /^vater color work being 32 and thai! of the china decoration class nutnberlng 38. The class meefs In the clubhouse whfch the club owns. Mtss Charles bad a large class in painting while in lola and specialized on the china decoration work. Her did the first work on the program i for 1 many friends have been hoping for Christmas. A miscellaneous tirograrii will be rendered by the Sunday school Christmas night. •*• •> •!• Mss Hazel Baker, of UiHlaroej Is unending the week with Miss Wliftjna Jones. • • * i An Illinois fluffrnge nssocU tlonl recently devoted a meeting to talking about women who have done nost for their sex and for humanity Ir general and announced the followlnr list of the world's "twenty grca<eat I'omen: f!nrr|p Chapman Cnft. Mnr^ Bjiker Eddy. Frances K. Wlllard, Harriet Betxiher Stowe, Jane Atfdaris. Ella. Flugg Younu. Rmmalino Pi rkhurst. Florence JJIptbtengiUe, Clara Barton FHrabeth Cadv Stnifton, Suaa i B.•^Anthony, Lucretla Mott. George Eckel. Elizabeth Browning. Charlotf i BtTii»»e Msrgereft Fuller. Sarah Brmh^rdt. Mrs. Raymond Aoblna. the Rtv. Anna Howard Shaw, Mme. Curie. • • * Miss T.lvlneston who la Spending the winter with her sister. Jlrs. f). C. Morrow, will give a party torrtqbt. The gueata will be high schojol classmates of the hostess. .'. ••. —Comraencinr Monday, Malestl,C iic •> •> • At their meeting of J.tnuaiy eighth which will occur' at the hom. • of .-Mrs. S. A. Coffman. several musician^ are to play a Grieg program in c<[nnection rRUlCut EwltahFlaleli CMMtaeFaUCat 'Dbmoad St6.S0 No.3617 l4irSa1idCold CocllshTinish CoaUneFaliait Dtunoad $15.00 .No. 9618 UKSoSdCoki- RemaaFialsh SI0.00. No. 3613 UlCSoUdCeld Roaiu FlaStli CendaeFttOCut Cenuln^^ Cot Oiunaad DlsBiQod Ooobleu- $2840 No.36tS UlUeMlMd .DSECT RtOn HEADQUARTERS IND SA?E TOU TBB JdbDLEIUinS HtORT ;-%efcattee |«-/KMI« to dfoev; We ptito any Until Xm« MaaOMm AnjrtUns^la^ured berv farwwrtM'lm- meAstelr. ioi^mn prepaid* on raoalpl ottlMprteei .u4'di>- Uvwir.awMtwjiL y^ •'—.1 •' • Rpiy Wcafficr nt sPGdus 11 Ladies' and €hildre i's' '; OVERSHOES ' RUfiBERS RUBBER BOaTS RAIN COATS I and CAPS . : Gents'; Ladies' and Children's UMBRELL^Sf- rft ^ill at very specli^ news of her return to lola but having accepted the position referred to she will probably remain In the west indefinitely. All who have se'.n her work wlii be p&nfidei:t that .''Jie will have Ihe 8:':ue surrr-ss in Kiioknne that she Jiehievcd hf re. Somc'.iiri' bi'iwein v'- !'T<! I-; - firat of the year there will b-- thrf- weddings, but no OTw I vci; i ili" l:nmedl- atc frli ndu and ri-'.-'Mvt a ^f the couples know Juit Jus: v/jim ih^y will o(cur. All lh<' (•'i^'ai;i';iniits werii.for- mully nnno'ii'cd mid the fr" ncffl Informed Ihi'.t tlie wrci'dlntrs "i-oiild occur in Ufcember but the lliri.- couples Inferred to scia fn li.- doing some elev-T v.ertf in f.ul.vjlting the would-be jokers .;. —it will 11. ifi y;iiir In 'ere; t to buy your flour :in<I feed 11 Klaumann, 2fi'I S ./( fff rs-.m Phone 2.".S Au'cnt; the Wf-(-k'tr.visi or;; in lola were .Mr atid .^tra. K?rl W^si-Vr. of KansM!^ Cliv. v. ho vfsi.'<-d hi.s mother, Mrs. Ella Kcsr' • • • —Hr. WIrl. «/.N..-«|.;iih, Tel IS7, S88. Daughters of the King rnd the Missionary auxiliary of th-^ St. Timothy's church were entertained by Rev. and Mrs. Nau at the Uoptory yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Nau served tea after the business meeting and program. * * « In buying your Xmaa things don't forget those who are not able to buy. and give a donation to the Salvation Army Xmas dinner effort 'who sees that the needs of the worthy poor are taken care of. Captain and Mrs. E. W. Morris are the only ones soliciting at present . If any other solicitors sent out be sure that they wear a red band with "The Salvation Army"; also a soldier's pass signed to Decern ber 1st by Captain E.,W. Morris. Let no one fall to help the icause. • * • —Sharp reduction on Suits Coats and Furs.—Richardson's. —A Dea Moines man had an attack of muscular rhenmattsm In bis shoulder. A friend advised him to go to Hot Springs. That meant an expense ofi $}S0.00 or more. He sought for a I qnicker and cheaper way to care It>' aad toand it in Cbamberlain's LInl-!- nient Three days after the first ap-{ plication of thie llnifnent be was well. I Jjior late by all dealer*. | ^istmas -AT THE- • We will give FREE with every purchase of 10c or over, one coupon, entitling the holder to cast a vote for his Favorite Chui-ch. The New York Store will donate the' Tree and loan the entire Electrical Display now on exhibition in the north window to the cl^urch receiving the greatest number ot votes. All coupons to be filled out and left at the Register office. Contest Ooses Friday Deeember 22nd, at 19 a,^. The Register will .post, the standing of each churdh from day to day.' . , ' iSee North Window Display SUBELV MAKES DYSPEPSrA GO. SittiM Onf .or .(»rder Slomaebs End/ Ing Jndlgestfon in Five iUinuteM. Nothing will remain undigested or sour on your stDinaeb if you will take little Diapep.sin oera.sion.illy. TI)I.< powerful digestive and antaciil though as harmless and pleuKant nu candy, will digest and prepare for assimilation intu the liluud all tlio food you can oat. Eat what your stoinaeli erave.s witliout liie siiglifest fear <if indigei-- ti(Sn or llial you will be biithercil with sour ridings, belcliing. gas on .stomach heartburn, lieadaclies I'nni .sltmi- ach, nausea, had breath, water brash or a feeling like you had swallowed a lump of lead, or other disagreeable miseries. Sliould you he .suffering now fiom any stomach disorder you can get relief within five mlniiios. If you will set fnnn vnnr phanu.T- cist a .•>0-c;:n; case of Pape's Diapep- sin you could always go to the table with a lie-irty appetite, and your morals, would taste good, because you would know there would be no indigestion or sleepless nights or headache or stomach misery all the ne.xt day; and, besides, you would not need laxatives or liver pills to keep your stomach and bowei.s clean and frPKli. Pape's DIapepsin can be obtained from your druggist and contains more than sufficient to tlio.oiigbly cure the ca!-:e of ind;^t?s,ion <ir dyspepsia. There is n<:,iri- Ir'.if-r for gas on the stomac.'i or icir <,J.->!s from the stomach or to cure a stomach headache. You couldn't keep a handier or more useful article in the house. Gas City Herald: Miss Uladys iJish- op, of near the Katy crossing east of lola, narrowly escaped death this morning while trying to cross tlie Katy tracks near her home. She failed to notice the train until it Was but a few away, when she became frantic and ran off the track Just in tlilie to a.void the train from hitting her. Miss Glady.=! says had she been second later she would have met Instant death. Independence Reporter: The United ron Works Is defendant In a damage suit brought against It for $15,000 by Charles R. Baker, a minor,- a former emplo}-o of the works. SOME MORE BOOp ".Memories of Tw» Wars*" IJy Cen. Frederick Funaton Illu.strated by C. Yohn ".X .loiirnry of n Jayliawkcr" Iiy W. V, .Morgan illustrated by A'. T. Held "(lu Second Thought" .1. 11. Uttiise IDod Uaatott) Iliu.strated by II. Parpona -Th!' Pioneer'' liy Wiii. A. McKeever illustrated by A. T. Reld "The i'lirn of the Wide Way" HyvFiora U. Green A story of hunian hearts and social sins. , Befler Decide on Your Christ* nia.s Hooks >'ow. Look Ours ever ij Evans Bros. SOME MORE LOST—DAY BOOK Wl dollar bill and owner's .aaaie^iUl^. Finder please return to R- Lndll^iy. Reward. , •<» • . FOR SALE—GOOD MILCH Phone X199. BEAUTIFUL PALM BEACH, PLO- ida We will sell you a farnMad-Deita tiful location for a home on^L&a Worth for only $250. $10 down imd $X0 mctnthly. Don't delay if yob -want a location on this lovely lake-frda): Bryant & Greenwood, Republic Bldi ^i Cliicago. '• v'"' ECZEMA J eC^BMA CAN be:^Ri30 JO STAY, and wtvii I w/ cured, I RMito JUKt irliat iMT-O-U-It'I^O. and not •nral* PMCIIMI «p for awldie. to wara» ttan^belora.' KwnMbcr I tnakti Utb tt)ti>mBntalUr pouinit tan n-ara of iiur Uiiic uo UIIR ods dIMRK BIM naiullinff Io tiw nu-«n One u <|>»iHcr 'mlllkiDcoMol tlsbi'dn.-ad(ill <lM-ut>. Now, 1 . ratorn (ai« bniuii of _ _ „ (I'l not care nlMt all ynii havo uaud, Dor hoir mut;y it'K-ton bnrc told you tlwt j<ta rauM n<it b« vami— alt I nak l« jn«t a chani-u lr> skoir jrua tbst I kn.m what I am taUiio* alxwt. IfruoflU writu iiivTO DAY. I •will MiH> Tod a FRGBTttlALol my Dilld. BooChlOK. RuanuitMKl cure Uiat will Ronviiii-c you more, to a dar than I or anyone etna cimid Ifi a month*! Umc II y<m ara dlwaattid iknd dltcnoracnl, I dare yun toRlTu me arbance ta|in>Tu mit ••lalDii. By wrlUDKmeto.<lar you will rnF.yison n-;ii i-'.iii- tort Ulan you had over Uionfflit thf9 world litiUI>^ lor yoa.-'Jii^tryitand yoawtUsM t am-telling- yon IM tniUi. * . r Vr.J. E. CagiiadaT.1429 ParkSvure, Scdalia. Mo. R«r>nu«s: niidlbfiwiauk..<>^.n.. u. Coold ym <ia • t«ti« act than te <mo tkir notiea bi Bnor«i)lf«iiir»f 1'rnanl The Very productions in CHAFING DISH 8ETS# are now on display" at our store, "^e also show s 0 m fi very handsome CRUMB TRAYS! IWI Woodcutters, Attentioiil Axes. Buck Saws.. Wedges. Cross Cut Cut Saws. One-Man Saws, Handles, etc. Brigham Hardware COFFEE PERCOLA10RS --$2.40 AM© ••'if;.

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