The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 25, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1977
Page 6
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NKWS (CONX.), MONDAY, AUG. 12. 1IMO. •At-The-Salem Playhouse, Tomorrow Play First Gaihe Toiniwow; Must Wih Two Of Three Movl.. r.ii.K.ilflfii,..',, IH |,..r^nlfl.-il I'.v Mil'-rru! .MuM.- Ohrro.i, w • Dr-tn.VM I. IVi-Inn ITIm'.-- I,, l,'Nlv,'.'m,r» "IVrliiiUioKii- producti "NlRtit In ruriicINi'," In which she IN cii-sttiirri'd With liirluui. lli-y tlot<tt'tfti>'rtf'-n ,,I,IJ<R,, Jsyi.mUu • Floor. Ohrro.i, who on, tit. Grays Drop 10-3 Tilt To Bethany Nnliftatuc'.t r'li'iiy.'i wunt Into a Uo IW iii'Koml place'with BoUuiny In •i, |'/IIIIII"ITII»,' l,cii;;iii! yi-.ilorilay DI they lo.Ml a 10-S );am<> to I'irlh- •iny u. f.u.|<«' t;uusmt|«iii/;. Tin- lof.'iils wrii lu-lil to Mix hits I,V Ten'/ Itliirnlii. who hlmiU'ir col- i.M-ii-il tliri-e hits tu lii-lp bin o'.vn -Mini'. Hi: dlr.o ftuirii.'tl 13. l-'i-iiln IjunKi'iI mil u IHIMIPI- to nil! tin- Nuiii;u.tu<:!; lf«m. Tlit- two li-uiii'i hnvi- now won foin- of nix 'flllM. i-ir-ni-i- hy InnlnfiM: I:, tlumy 'C-l Ml (ViO 10 12 1 NuiDfiiliii-l! . .. "DD IDI 101) • .'! (i - lil'in.ln ami .Manl^iiyilon; dull- fti'UI. I'l'triliun mill iMnt'iu. Return Here Thursday Irrespective Of Success In Series The Naugatuck American Legion basuball loam, champions of Connecticut, left Naugatuck by train nt B:Sfi a. in.- this morning bound for Cilen Fulls. N, Y., where they will p'ay In -the Regional series for • the Number '2 district. : The schedule for -the trip, which j wan revealed bv Commander i Cioorge Lewis of Post 17, today, I IH us follows: ! Following their cntralnment at ' the borough station, the local team ! will travui to New York city, where 1 Liu.-y will have 10 minutea between i Uii-ir arrival and the boarding of the next train that will uxku .them j straight through to Glen Falls. ! Whllti on their journey up through ] New York state, the boys will cuj. ion the train, and upon their arrival nt Ihuir dufltlnatlon, will be greeted by olllcluls of the Legion in that town, and -the officials of the Regional playoffs. They are scheduled 10 arrive early this afternoon, Alter the youngsters become situated, entertainment has been planned Tor them, but tho next vnornlfir;, sorlou;? business will be in thi: oiling. Tho team will report to tlio playing fiolJ on-Tuesday morning to practice for the af- tiii'iioon gaiimi. 1't i.-i not known wht'lhor the local team will play a doubluhttulcr on' Tuesday or Wednesday, but It is known that three gainiui In -Hie two day space are to . NORTH MAIN ST. ii.n <'Hy - TI-I. ::iw:i 11 & p METAL WORKS on MO. MAIN HTUKKT <ui«ur> 1 Sti'i-l Hurt K SI t 1 * I''OIL SAI.K Oniniii'-iiliil Sfp-i'l U'orft 'IVIl'I'll'Mli' II.'I77 WANTKO ELL'CTPJC MOTORS 3-0, 1-4 and 1-2 II. P. Tel. WntnrhiiTy 4-1(504 anil Ki-vrrii- 1IK1IIKST I'KfCI'IS I'AIU Tlio WATICRIMIIIY HEATING 'lH.'i St.. Oavao;o •17 llOTCillKJSS STJll'IKT '/vi. r,7:;7 .1,' I,, MA'/1I..M:S(CAS, '••nip. Vacuum Cleaners | I'llci'ti'li'nl SprrlnllxtH s Tl'l.-l:.i v.-t-fi- cnnl'oo.'ilii but not iiu.iwin tin.- o'.lii'r day up In Wti- -i liiu-y, wh".i t!i«j lorul CIYO ti-ntn i'lli-ii St. I.ui-y'.s uf Wutcrbury to i>i.-i-i-.:ill tlr. Vv'iih .ftii.- If'-uly ntarllng off for i. ii'iiuifi. 1 !. Ht. r.ui-y'M found the M;U:I- In tlif third Inning. »nd i'i'i:'.! tv.ti runn. In tn'df-r io I'or- dill liny M'l'.-h riirthi.-r run-;niiklng. li.;if-li 'l>o.-.i MlnnliHiccl brought iniil' 1 lf»iily In fci! 1 ntllef of t\vln nilhi-r .Inf. (1:11- vVutni-bury pUiyor, who WIIH mil. fur ii Klii'.iM of w:Urr ut tlu- time WMM hfrirtl tu fifty; "CrOMh, ho\v cun Irippy pi'upli 1 . f have In'vn thinking i;ili('l;ly its Ihnt." ,N'i".v I l.'itnpshlru i|i>t(<rnilnoM its it.'i.'.!* .'i.'diiti'i I'll t.'Hli-Irl:! ntx'ordlng ro tin 1 aiuoiirit uf dlri-ct taxi!}i that in" |inlil. E M PLAYHOUSE Starting Tomorrow MI-IMOBIMV TI/RIIAX BJ;'Y SWAN'S l, 2,'i7l I." (.'ln/r<'h St, — I .list Tli "WKI.I. CKOOIVIKI) IMtlDI'l" SANDY BEACH I.AKK MICK VINI..KY, M/rr, Opon 11> A. M. to 10 I 1 . M. ttmtlng • Untlilng • IMciJc* bo played, and' that, In order to continue, they will have to win two of them. . • . Leaving with the team were Coach Donuld "Cubby" Cowan,, and Manager Eddie Nolde; bat boy. Roger Currier; score keeper, Wll- llum Sclimelcke;. and Play«™: Joseph and Vin Healy, Billy Noto- wlch, George Schuster, Finnic San Angelo, Chef Usaklewicz, Bob Markovlc, Bob Stauffer, Jack Curtin Fred Sokoloskl, Billy Muscolav Billy Stlnaon, Cui'l Boettger, Eddie Furta'do. Will Beturii • Tho Naugatuck Legion team, whether they qualify or nc-t- for the next phase of the playoffs leading up to the national title, will return 1 to Naugatuck following -thelr : stay at'Glen 'Falls. The reason "for 'this, as explained by Mr' Lewis, is the'fact that it wlil take the. teams which qualify in the Southern states Irom two to three dayw to come from their respective communities to tho next phase of -the playoffs, tentatively scheduled for Syracuse. New York. Due to that reason, even if the locul aggregation qualify for the next p|mse of tho playoffs, they will return here and then, when they are informed, will proceed to Syracuse, Final Series The finals may be conducted .in Holyoke, Mass. The .reason for this, although it has not been oiTiclally decided a:i yet, is that there is • n wavo of polio spreading throughout dhi; West, causing possible cari- cullntion of the Western site for the final games. Gene Scranton Wins National Honors In Half-Mile Swim Takes Second Place In Championship Race At Bridg/port Pool Nauccituck mermen took honors Saturday In tho sv/lmming meet at I-'Iffijiiii-i! Beach pool, Bridgeport, with HuKeno Scranton 1-1, winning second place In the junior national •half-mile championship. Al Untklewlch placed llrst in tho 200 yard backstroke and Jim Mc- Narnon svas second. Al BQllllo took Hi!C(ind pluoe in tho 200 yard breast stroke. In tho girls' events,'Ran Weln- hardt placed Ilrst In the CO yard breast uti'oke while Ginger Qulrke took sL-cond and Kcglna Sullivan third. In i ho 50 yard back stroke, Olive Hatkiov/ich took second. The complete team from N.auga- tu'rk all ri.'prL-sentlnA'. the YMCA. ncludr.-d Al • natkiewlch Al Belillo, Jumcfi McNamce, Gene n.nd Bill Strnnron. Charles White, Alex Sullivan, Jear.ette O'Donnell , R a e V/olnhnrdt, JJUinn and Gln«er Qulrkii, Olive Vlatklnwloh and Re- ;:lna Bulllvnn, Foley Squad Looks Promising, Golfers Lose By Not Using Numbers Coll'cr.s who refused to wear Id'ontlfylnj; numben; in the recent all-ArniM'lcan tou,"nament.s at Tarn O'ShuntOr lost $l,8C2,flC In prize mnney thereby according to George S. May, president of Tarn O'Shun- tor and head of the bu.' enfe'l- neerliu.r linn that bo;irs his namn. After the slartlnif field of <t'M was itducod lo 20'1 In qualifying rounds (70 pros, •)•! aniateurs 35 women), the Hurvlvoi-a for the tournament proper were given the choice of wnfirliiK or not wearing liurnhors, tho number-wearing pros becoming thereby eligible for prl/.es ID.'I per cent larger In the cane o! coch money winner. Only 11 of the 2M players refumi'd, all eleven being pi-OM. Names of these players with NUIII..I they last by not wearing numbers, are aa follows: Ellswr.rlfr'.. Vines, $074,00; Ben HoKan, $337.50; Claude Harmon, $153.12; Jimmy Dcmarct, .^lfi(j.50; Dick «Metz SJOC.DO; Toney I'enna, .•P12S.2C: Joe Klrdwood Jr., ?-l<j.53; Fred Hans, Jr., $'ID,53; Gene Sara- /.cn $'19.^3; George Fazio, $-l3.7Ji: Joe Klrkwood 3r., $43.7fi. Mr. Muy believes that Inasmuch as a lurtro percontiiKC of spectators at any lui'Ke toiirniiment know few or ritiiic- of the players by sif,'ht, the contestants sliould wear Iduntlfylnn numerals correspondlnK with num- l>crs on the printed program as in footbnll and hase.ball. This contribution to tho pleasure and convenience oi' the cusSi customer Is especially necessary, he fcely at tho All-American-isaetu'with their col- osiylal Kailorles which this year exceeded 152,000. Mr. May's requirement 'that numbers bn worn during the 1M2 All- Amcrlcari meets wajs vigorously op- posf.l by a few players, who withdrew !n protest arguing that num- bcr-wearin£r detracted from the traditional dignity of tho game. But this year Mr; May solved' the problem hy muklnt; number-wearing optional and applying one of the major ' principles of Ms business — wasc incentives—to 'produce the desired results. •' Ycu 'can now cnllit specially for aviation training In tho U, S. Mar- Ine Corpu. Single mun 17-30 can enlist for 2, 3, or 4.years.' Ask about the new. high pay. Apply Post Office, Waterbury, •Wlth'-practice sessions E oln e into their third v/oe'k with 'tonight's session, Coach Peter J. Foley today rnllcd for further . candidates for this year's grid squad. • The team, has already formed wh'at appears to be the making of a Kood 11, but experience is 3-UI! lacking in several positions. With the- b'U |l rantoe of a good backfield Coach Foley will bo concentrating more In the next few weeks on line defense and offense, and he expects to field one of the bent squads that he has formed In the past several seasons. One local athlete, who . has seen the team in practice, has stated that he would wager that they will win more than half of .their games and it wouldn't surprise him in the 'ens!: bit to i=cc Naugy come ' up with a championship squad in football, thia reason, adding another championship to the long list of laurels which Fo!cy-co.iched <"iutnlrt h:ivc accomplished during •the past few years. Standing of Teams AM1CKICAN LEAGUE By Jack' Sards Koston 7. New York 5 (1st). New York 9. Boston 1 (2d). Chicago ?,, Detroit 0 (J»t). Chicugo -I, Detroit 3 (2d). St. Louis 3, Cleveland. 2 (1st). Cleveland •!, St, I-ouis 3 C2d>- Washington 3, Philadelphia 1 (1st), Philadelphia 12, Washington B Tho Standing W, I.,. 77 33 C3 -15 09 40 ri Boston New York .••....'., Detroit .,..-..: .-. Washington Cleveland r>3 r>7' St, Louis -17 CO Chicago -18 01 Philadelphia . .: 32 77 Pet. .700 .1583 ,C62 '.GOO ^438 .140 ,294 Toibiy'H OttiniM, Pltoliorn Detroit at Cleveland—Eenton (4- C) VH. Grornek C'l-lt). Chicojro at St-' .Louis (nlplit) — Grove (E-10) vs. Zoldak (7-8). (Only games scheduled.) NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's. Results St.. Louis 15,' Cincinnati 4 (1st). St. Louis 7, Cincinnati 3. (2d), r-itteburgli 10,. Chicago 9 <lat). Pittsburgh 4, Chicago 4 (tie) (2d) Boston 10, New York 2 (1st). New York 9, Boston .0 (2d). Philadelphia 7, Brooklyn 0 (lot). Philadelphia C, Brooklyn 4 (2d). Tho Standing W. I... Pet. Brooklyn 60 42 .G07 St. Louis -... 03-11 ,006 Chicago . . 5548- .C'34 Boston »:.'... 52-52 .500 Cincinnati .;...• 48 5B .406 New York .'.."..... 48 58 ,453 Philadelphia •:.-.. 45"50' .433 Pittsburgh 40'Ci .390 Today's Games, .Pitchers , . New .York at Brooklyn—Trlnkle (5-8) vs. Lombardl C10-8), Cincinnati at Pittsburgh —HeiisBcr (C-8) vs. Bahr (4-2). .St. Louis at Chicago—Burlchard't (5-2) vs. Passeuu'(9-7j ; (Only games'.scheduled.) Raindrops are nevor larger than one-tenth.i.Jnch.'inXdiaiaeter, Errors Cost St. Francis Game; Highlanders 28, Millville 2 Millville Cubs Lose To Hills By KENNY CLYMER The Washington Hill Jrs., scored 'our unearned runs in five in- -.ings, then wont on to heat the Miliyllle Cubs 7-C in a game Saturday at Washington Park, Wa- terbu'ry. The Hills capitalized on a walk, u hit and four errors in the fifth to take a 7-3 lead- The Cubs came Back in the seventh with a threat that fell one-run short of its mark. Broderick struck out with the bases' oaded to end the ball game. Gaivin Crusaders Defeat Aces In a reccr.-t game played at Galvin'.s Stadium, the Galvin Crusaders took the measure of the McCarthy's Aces, 3-0, with Steve Owens hurling splendid ball for the winning team. He struck out four and walked two. Ed Calvin's home run in 'the ninth inning with two on put the baseball game on ice- Lloyd Jones . also played well for the youthful array. "Clkrlie Jay" On The Job In the absence of Sports Editor Toni'Fltxpatrlck, a well-known and ... popular former newspaper man, Charles J. Was. kowicz, will han- dlo sports for I'.THE NEWS. While Fltzpat- trick is -in Glen Falls with the American Legion loam participating- in tin; regional playoffs, "Charlie Jay" will lake ihargfc of The NCWH' sports page. Brasscos To Meet Meriden Insilcos The strong Meriden Jnsllcon. who i;av« the Erasscos eight Ions Innings of anxiety in Meriden sev- (.•rii) w<;«ks ago, will furnish the opposition for Mjjr. Joe Samoska's club Wednesday night at 8:45 at (hf Municipal Stadium. The Insilcos led the Brasscos, 1-0 for eight frames but a pair of un-tirnely errors plus spfipd on iho bri so paths turned sure defeat into n victory in the ninth inning for the locals. The Insilcos have a host of stare in the lineup, including Jolting Joe Binkowski, Yank Kobrn, Vvrn Conncll, and several othfirs and are expected to give the Brasscos plenty of trouble. Council, a former University of Connecticut southpaw, is slated to be on the mound for the Insileos •with the v&ieran Kobrin behind the plate. Shea Calls Special Meeting Of League Officials Tomorrow Night Despite tight, six hit pitching by Biik Mariano St. Franci« !oat to tho pace-setting- Rangers. 11-6 yesterday in the feature game of the Naugatuck Amateur League at Kecre- ation Field. In the other "game 1 ' the Highlanders trounced Millville 28-2. . Errors cost St. Francis the game ns Mariano limited the Rangers to •iix hits, while Rudy Szczslul wa« giving up 10 in the first six innings: The score by Innings: Rangers 000 242 (XJ2--J1 6 4 St. Francis. . 100 131 000— 6 10 6 Szczsiul and Aller.;. B. Mariano, Cuiran C8) and E, Mariano. The less said about Uie other game the better. The score by innings: Highlanders Olfi 033 3GS- -28. 1 7 1 Millville . . . .010 010 000— 2411 J, Nordby Mahaffey (4), Owens (7) und Swim: Henry U. Stauffer (3), Grecian (8), SUufTer CO) and Neary. President Prank S. Shea of the league hn.< called u special meeting of the nianHgers and ol!:cial* of th^ leaguo tomorrow night at St. Fran- els' school at 7:30 o'clock. All are urged to attend. Milk industries in the U. S. purchase about 375 million new bottles every year. p M. WHISKEY $3.45 J. K. STORES COT HATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS S06 K. Main St. Tel. «379 Free Delivery AnjTv.^ere In Borough ZnA BIC WEEK MacMURRAY Anne BAXTER IT SHOUIDKT TO A DOfi lattt UHKS WEBHtCDJW J«M< acwr i men NOW, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE GOOD jobs in non-com-missioned grades arc being offered now by the Regular Army to qualified former servicemen! Veterans discharged on or after' May 12, 1945, who' enlist or-reenlist for three years may be enlisted in the non-commissioned grade for which qtialifiud, provided this grade is not higher than that . KclcJ at time of discharge, and' provided 'thut-ar' least six months of former service 'was-. in one of 400 designated military |occuputional speciaUies in which enlist- is now desired. three-quarters pay! In tiio case of .a Muster Sergeant, this is up to $185.63 -a month for life! . . * There's ajveuturc, travel, education, a secure and profitable future in this vital, realistic profession. Get full details at your nearest Army Recruiting Station. Highlights of Rcfuisr Army Eolwim*«ls J. Enlistinontii for l'/2, 2 or 3 yoarc, (1-year onlintnicou pormittod.ior man now in the Army with 6 or' more monrtia of L:««n to'Wsrriore of. P<-*»," "Voiao of (he "Proudly We H3il," Mark W^aW^rniySho^. Off." "Harry Wimor Sport' R*wow." ant with Guy Lombardo, Hurry J*n*M, *•<! C\>t+t. on your radio. 3. A"ro«nli»tmcnt bonus'of ^50 for each*yor,r of active service nine* ouch bonus w»« last pnii, . v;wu BHKV uww..l kn^i.u* IT»> ,uah t'^* u . or. «c«..aat 'c-nrry.. injo :a*;rvice, providod'-t-con- s Ii3trc«nt'i^ within 3 nionthy oftcr last honorobi* diacliurRJS . . ' 4. Musioring-out pay" (baic'd upon length of- lervico) 'to oil mon who nra ditchm-god to r»- tnUat. • . • ' • Important, interesting jobs are "open . in hundreds of skills- und trades in the .Array, with. splendid .training and educ'a- tional advantages! . These are iii addition to. 'free food, housing,, clothing} medical ..arid dental care, low-cost insurance. '• : -' Never has this fine profession offered 6O;riiuch', in new higrier pay and opportunity for" advancement ! Twenty years from now, you'll still be a young-man; Yet;: if you choose to make the Army a career, you'll be eligible' to retire then at Jialf pay for the rest of your. life.! In: .thirty. years, you cnrv retire at *HU*T HOWATYOU* MKA*t$TAUmiY RECRUITING STATION AMO-MAKC IT A MWirOf*.'" 36 NORTH MAIN ST. Third -Floor, (Over Grieve, Bisset & Holland, Inc.) • WATERBJURY, CONNECTICUT :*^ 5: Option to rotiro nt half ,'poy" for 'iXe'rv your life a/tor' 20 yc'art' tcrvicv — incrcesinc to thrua-quartcra pay after 30 years' sarvkio. All previous octivu federal .inilitury lorvico counli towurd rotirom«»t. . • • G. GI Bill of Rieliti benefit! aiiurod 'for men'' who enlist on or b«foro October 5, Id46. 7. Choice 'of brunch of »crvico and ovortoos theater (of thoso still open) on 3-yoaronliitmcnu. NEW PAY SCALE In Cwr* MOMTHiT *°"cr* Y MMCCT Sergeant Technical Scrgieant 135.0O ScT£canl . . ', '• 100.00. Cotporal . . '. '. 90.00 Private Firit Qon 80.00' PriVuM .... 73.00 7-1.75 129.38 65.00 H2.-50. 58,5t) 1O1..25 5iOO" 90.OO *».75 84,38' IN ABDITKH* TO COLUMN OtMOf 29%~liKrM«* for S«r»lc« OvorKXH. 50% lufffmtf HU. A GOOD JOB foK vou

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