The Courier News from ,  on June 11, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

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Tuesday, June 11, 1968
Page 3
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BlydicvlEe (Art.) Courier News — Tuesday, June 11,19W — Pige Ittnt DEVOUT HINDUS "wash "away Iheir sins in the holy waters of the Ganges River at Haridwar, India; The bathing festival takes place once every six years. ace to Tour 11 Cities MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Bolstered by reports of enough signatures to gain ballot space in Illinois and North Carolina, George Wallace swings Into an 11-city Southern tour today — his first public appearances since his wife's death. Wallace leaves, for Memphis, Tenn., where a fund-raising din. ner and a-rally are on his schedule. , v . Not since "Gov. Lurleen Wallace died of cancer May 7 has Wallace made .a public appearance on behalf of his third party presidential bid. State Sen. W.G. McCarey of Autauga County, Ala., reported .from Springfield, III., Monday that Wallace supporters there have gathered more than 40,000 signatures, 15,000 more than the necessary number. McCarey said he will file the petitions between July 29 and Aug. 5 to complete the legal requirements, for Wallace to appear on the Illinois balot in November. . Wallace's former news secretary Ed Ewing said in Raleigh, N.C., that the former governor has thousands more signatures than are needed to gain ballot position in that state. Ewing said he gave North Carolina Elections Board officials petitions containing more : than 16,000 signatures, at least 6,000. more than the number a third party candidate .needs to vuality in North Carolina. He said about 60,000 more signatures are waiting in Montgomery if needed. Earlier, Wallace told e aews conference in Montgomery that ''our nation's leadership has failed." He said he blames the nation's problems, on those "who have brought about the breakdown of law and order;" Wallace also told the newsmen "those in high places who have encouraged violence, have created a Frankenstein." Referring to the assassination o! Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, Wallace said the nation's streets are no longer safe for presidential candidates or the average citi- zen. But Wallace said gun control isn't likely to solve the probera of violence. Such laws "will in the main wind up taking tha guns out of the hands of the good citizens. The criminal can always get guns," he said. The solution to violence, Wallace said, "lies in obedience to the law. We must give our police the authority to enforce th» law." As Wallace spoke, he was ringed by Secret Service agents plus at least two state troopers. The Secret Service detail was provided by President Johnson^ for major presidential candidates after Kennedy was shot. Court Bows to Cop By BARRY SCHWEID Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court, accused for years of'handcuffing the police, has'bowed to the judgment of the cop on the beat. As a practical matter, said eight of the nine justices Monday, he can't be expected to: run off td_a judge for a warrant ev- "eryTime his practiced eye picks out suspicious behavior; Moreover, the eight agreed, it Is only reasonable that he pat down the suspect or suspects if he fears his questions.may. be answered with a bullet or' a knife-sweep.. "Such a search is a reasonable search under the Fourth Amendment," the justices concluded, "ahd..any weapons seized may properly be introduced in evi- dence against the person from whom they were taken." '•: Chief Justice Earl Warren assigned himself the job of announcing the lahdrnark.-crirninal law decision, as he has so ofteri in the past. * * * It is precisely the government's interest in "effective crime prevention and- "detection," Warren said, that justifies stopping people on the street for investigation even though the cop doesn't have probable cause to make an • arrest. . •'••_''•• And to support the thesis that the cop.has the right to frisk the Warren footrioed - : his 1966 alone. The constitutional basis for the court's endorsement of police stop-and-frisk powers is that the Fourth Amendment prohibits not all searches and seizures, but "unreasonable searches and seizures." Justice William 0. Douglas, dissenting alone, said, "the infringement on personal liberty of any seizure of a person can be reasphabe under the Fourth Amendment if we require the policeto.'possess probable cause .before : they seize'him." :.'••••• •* ', *.-.*'.• , Since., the majority, gave policemen .power to stop' and frisk opinion wih FBI statistics -of before they have'probable cause police officers killed and.wound- '- «^-*'..r.A,ini=t..«H TII= noM the line of duty:-335 killed from 1960 through 1966:^23,851 assauts on police, .officers in to arrest, Dou colleagues 'had: taken' "a long step down' the totalitarian path." / '". . Perhaps mindful of the court's critics, Douglas continued: "There have been powerful hydraulic pressures throughout our history that bear heavily on the courts to water down constitutional, guarantees and give police the upper hand. "That hydraulic pressure has probably never .been greater than it is today.", • And yet, Warren's decision mixed caution in with its endorsement of police judgment. The search must be • "carefully limited" to outer clothing. The courts will not permit "awes's invasions, of the- constitutiona rights of citizens." Perhaps most important, the majority warned, a stop-and- frisk action cannot be supported by a policeman's "inchoate and uhparticularized suspicion, or 'hunch'." . Charge Against Brown Dropped HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Authorities have dropped an as-, sault case against former pro football star Jimmy Brown'"in connection with a high-fashion model found injured beneath his second-floor balcony. But he still may face a charge of battery against a police officer. Deputy. Dist. Atty. Phillips Mueller said his office woud not issue a complaint because of insufficient evidence. After his arrest Brown had been booked on suspicion'of assault witti:intent to commit murder. "There was riot sufficient evidence-to convict," Mueller said Monday. "This is;aside-from the fact that the woman would not sign the complaint." He added, however, that a complaint could be issued if "some evidence turns up in the.future." The German-born model, Eva Marie Bohh-Chin,' 22, hospitalized in fair condition, wasn't available for comment. Mueller said his office will file a complaint against Brown with battery against Vpolice of- fiber, a felony. Brown was. arrested Sunday night after neighbors . in his West Hollywood apartment reported a fight. . Deputies discovered Miss Bonn-Chin semiconscious on the concrete patio about 20 feet below Brown's balcony. Brown was freed Monday on $12,500 bond. Emerges from Weird World By BURL OSBORNE Associated Press Writer DENVER, Colo. (AP) - John Thomas Zimmerman emerged from his dim,, topsy-turvy world Monday and promptly got sick. His world had been topsy- turvy because for three weeks, his only vision had been through strange-looking glasses that made everything he saw appear upside down and backwards. . His world had been dim because the glasses afforded only a narrow, barely light 7-degree field of! vision, compared with normal vision of about 180 degrees. The nausea came when he took off the glasses and found! conquer'vision defects. Zimmer- himself dizzy and disoriented at i man, a freshman at the Umver- seeing things right side up sity of Colorado', has been near- agail f - , sighted since he was born pre- Despite '•• the discomfort, the maturely, tipping the scales at 19-year-old Zimmerman was "" " pleased because his experiment had been fruitful. The study, and a 2%-month stint with right side up, but reversed, glasses ' before that, were aimed at learning how mind and body reactions adapt When the eyes see things as they he said, it is are not. Eventually, hoped the pilot studies will learn to help the mind and body—possibly with the aid of hypnosis— For his latest tests, he wore glasses w i t h . periscope-like prisms mounted on them. "It feels like I'm walking upside down," he said. A firsthand view through the odd spectacles—while Zimmerman kept his eyes closed—showed such sensations as watching one's own feet appear to be approaching, and instinctively reaching to meet a proffered handshake with the left hand. There were some Embarrassing moments too. He said a girl friend and another girl were standing beside each other, and with the -vision reversed, "I hugged the wrong one. They both gave me heck." FLOURISHING despite a government ban, South Viet, nam'i black market sells everything from canned milk to American cignreticii and liquor. This it a street Kens tettie. . • ''•'.. ''" "' ' . 30 ounces. Doctors said Miss Bohn-Chin had a dislocated shoulder and bruises.on her head, mouth and cheeks.'.. Deputy John Texeria, 185 pounds, said the 228-pound •Brown-knocked him seven feet with- a swing of (his left arm when the -officer attempted to -enter Uie apartment. Officiers would not comment on the progress of their investigation to determine what happened in the apartment. They did report finding blood on the bed, the rug,, the walls and a towel in the apartment. Brown was quoted in the sheriff's report as.saying: "You big white cops and your God damn system. Everything is against the Negroes. In order to get in, you are going to have to shoot me first." Miss Bohn-Chin is the daughter of a Jamaican diplomat and a German woman. She is described by her agents as looking "like a Negro with an oriental strain." During his nine-year National Football League career, .Brown carried the ball 2,359 times for 12,312 yards before retiring in 1966 to become an actor. Brown was acquitted in Cleveland 'in 1965 of a charge of assault and battery filed by Brenda Ayres, 18. He has a wife and three children in Cleveland. Quick Quiz Q—How early was the moon photographed? A-John William Draper took the first phbtgoraph -in 1840. Though not impressive by later standards, it' foreshadowed America's role in the development of photography and its use in astronomy . WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, '• ARKANSAS ' Doris Jean Moody, Plaintiff, vs. -' No. U586 ; Joseph Moody,; Defendant; .', : The defendant, Joseph Moody, is hereby warned to appear within thirty'-days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff; Doris Jean Moody. Dated this 24th day of May, 1968, 3:00 o'clock P.M. SEAL . GERALDINB LISTON, Clerk. GERALDINE LISTON,D. C. Percy A. Wright, Attorney Ed B, Cook, Atty Ad Litem it makes good sens* far guarantied y«»r 'round DANlWAIT-CMtWOMr.. PO 3-8233 BEAT THE HEAT Bedroom air conditioner PRICED SO LOW-YET IT COOLS TO 200 SQ. FT. 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