Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1911 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1911
Page 10
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Flo THE iOLA DAIi:iY RE FRIDAY EVEljnNG^ DECEMBER 8, IftLt THE "DOOMED" SALE AT "THE FAMOUS" IS STILL ON IN FULL BLAST In order to close out all our winter goods we have made still GREATER Reductions. Notice our windows for price reductions. We quote below a few prices which speak for themselves, and on which we save you enough to buy your Holiday Presents, which have also been greatly reduced in this BIG DOOMED SALE. Men's Suits. MEX'S AXD TOUSQ ME^•'S SUITS, $4^ Good heavy Wool Cassimere Suits, worth $7.50;-sale price $4.85 MEVS AXB YOUSG MEVS SUITS, $«.95. In Cassimeres and Worstads—the latest styles and colors —worth $10.00; Doomed Sale price •. $6.95 MEN'S AND TOUJiG ME>'S SUITS, $8.96. In all this season's styles, in Cassimeres, Worsted and Serges, worth $12.50; sale price $8.96 METfS AJTD TOU>G HEN'S SUITS, 89.85. These are positively worth $15.00 and come in all colors and the late models; sale price .$9.86 B MEVS A>D TOUNG MEN'S SUITS, HUB. These come in all wool Worsteds, Cassimeres' and Serges, and arc positively worth from $16.50 to $18.00; sale price $11.96 ME.VS ATTD TOUNG MEN'S SUITS, 114 .95. The very latest New York styles, hand tailored, self- sustaining fronts, worth $20.00; Doomed Sale price $14.95 MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S SUITS, $16.93. Tl^ese are equalled by few tailors. Every one hand tailored. The celebrated Handcraft Michael Stern's Rochester made, and-Kaufman Pre-Shrunk makes," worth $22.50; sale price $16.95 MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S SUITS, $18.95. In fancy Tweeds, Worsteds and Blue Serges, worth $25.00. We defy any merchant tailor to equal the make on this line. No nobbier patterns ever shown. All guaranteed; Doomed Sale price $18.95 Men's Heavy Ribbed Shirts and Drawers, worth 50c, ; sale price...; 29c Men's heavy Flannel Shirts, worth $1.50; Doomed Sale price 98^ per M«h's Socks in black and tan; worth 10c; now on sale pair 5^ Men's Heavy Cashmere Socks, worth 20c; sale price 12c lien's and Boys' Hats, worth $1.50; Doomed Sale price 980 price Men's Heavy Flannellette Night Shirts, worth 75c; sale 450 Men's Canton Flannel Gloves, knit wrist, worth 10c; sal^ price 7c; 3 pair for 20c Men's Heavy Fleeced Union Suits, worth $1.50; sale price ; 980 pnc Alch's and Boys' extra heavy Sweaters, worth 50c; sale .-^9^ Men's hea\7- Duck Coats, blanket lined, worth $1.50j sale price : 98c Men's Wliite Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, worth 10c sale price Oc;»l tlx sale Men's Hats, the e.xtra quality, worth $2.50 and $3.00; sale price '....[ $1.95 Men's Dress Shirts, the 75c quality, sale price— each! 450 Men's and Boys' Heavy Work Shirts, worth 5 Oc; sale| CHRISTMAS Combination Sets, Tie and Hose, worth $1. .69c Silk Ties in fancy boxes worth $1, sale price 69c Silk lined Collar Bags worth $1.50 for 98c 'Silk Knit Mufflers worth 75c, sale price 45c Linen Initial Handkerchiefs worth 25c, Doomed Sale price 15c; or 2 for 25c Tlic Xcw Rough Hat— A'cloiir -Aviator—in grey and brown: worth S2.50; sale price, only— $1.4.> THE lABGEST LIN« OF BOXS' SUlTS IN IOLA Men's Heavy Corduroy Coats, blanket lined, worth $3; price $1.98 price 35c SPECIAL.S 50 llozen Silk Ties worth 50c and 75c; Doomed Sale price 25c and 50c We also have a large line of Combination Sets of Cuff Buttons and Stick Pins to match. Silk Mufflers, Silk Hose, Silk Suspenders-Jewelry of kll kinds, and other articles suitable for ChHstmas presents at greatly reduced prices. $2.50 Suits, sale price .!.... .$1.95 $3.50 Suits, sale price .,.$3.45 $4.00 Suits, sale price : : .,.$21.95 $4.50 Suits, sale price j.,.;- ,.$3.45 $5.00 Suits, sale price L ..! .,.$3.95 $6.00 Suits, sale price 1. ,..- .$485 350 pairs Men's Gun Metal Shoes in lacc and button—the latest style toes and high heel; worth $3.00; sale price $1.98 Overcoats. We carry the largest line of Overcoats' in Allen County, and have priced them in this sale at a saving of from $2.50 to $5.00. $7.50 Overcoats, sale price $4.85 $8.50 Overcoats, sale price. .'. $5.95 $10.00 Overcoats, sale price $6.96 $12.50 Overcoats, sale price .,..$7.95 $13.50 Overcoats, sale price $8.95 $15.00 Overcoats, sale price $11.95 $20.00 Overcoats, sale price $14.95 Men's grey striped worsted Cravanetlc Rain Coats; wortli .'^li-.^O; sale |)rice $8.95 Men's I'.Iack Thibet Cravanetlc Rain 0>ats, worlli $15; sale price $9.8.5 EXTRA SPECIAL! In men's 52 incli all wool Fancy Overcoats, Presto Collar, worth $15.00; Doomed Sale price $9.85 BOIS' OVERCOATS In all the late styles and colors in this sale. $4.00 Overcoats, sale price $2.85 $5.00 Overcoats, sale price $3.95 $6.50 Overcoats, sale price ..$4.85 Young Men's Overcoats, 52 inches long. Convertible Collar, worth .«?12.50; sale ])rice $8.95 ]\Ien's Heavy Wool.Sweaters in white, brown and grey, worth SI.50; sale price , 98^ We pay^ railroad fare « —Look for the Big— Doomed Sale 99 5IGN TO m mm TONIGHT loL-i Ilitrh .Srliool Basket Ball Team tv llret »Titda Team. Tlie basket ball team of the lola high .school will play its fifth game of t'.ie season tonight at th© auditorium, its opponent being the team of the .Noviida Ma, high Echuol which claims to be the fastest team of Its kind in western Missouri. The Nevada team has played tiiree games tlilK ht-asun winning each of them JHiusily. and It is certain that lola will havt" no walk-a-way However, if Nevada ox poets to defeat the local five she will certainly have to '"go i.oiiie." Halstead and Buffalo, which have for years been two of the best teams In the state, have gone down to defeat before lola this season, the lat- tfr team twice. lola's other victory tills season was over the Chanute city tram, which was swamped. Bven the most confident fans predict however Uiat irrespective of the scores mad« tnnlght, the game will be a good, fast cae. Ttfe game will be called at 8:30 o'clock at the auditorium. ascertain whether or not he is her husband. Frank Scnmidt, who was to have loarried Leoia Cummmg^ but who, on his weddinj; day telephoned to his bride that he had committed suicide has admitted that he has been married, but thought that his wife had secured a divorce. The last he heard of her. he says, she was in Kansas City Kani ^ag, vo the woman whose letter was received this morning may really be his wife. .MAKE THIS TE.ST. SHE MAT BE SXITH'S WIFE. Kanya<: City, Kantia<!« Womaa Aeks for Dcscriptioii of Fr^nk Smltb. Chief of Police Coffiejd received a letter yesterday from Mrs. Emma H. Smith, of Kansas City, Kansas who thinks there is a possiblUty that the Frank Smith lor Schmidt, confined in jail here for ; a statutory offense against LeotajCummings, may be her husband, of whose whereaboats she has been in \ ignorance for many montlis. Mrs. ture of the Smith in J?il here be sent — her at once so! Smith asks tliat a pic- tliat Ebe mar. be able to JIntr to Till If Your Hair In DlKmitrd. K>en Jf you have a luxuriant head of hair you may want to know whether It is In a healthy condition or not. 98'i of the people need a hatr tonic. Pull a hair out of your head; If the bulb at the end of the root Is white and shrunken it proves that tho hair Is diseaited, and requires prompt treat ment If its loss would be avoided. If the buib Is pink and full, the hair I^ healthy. We want every one whose hair re ijnlres treatment to try Rexall "SS" Hair Tonic. We promise that It shall not cost anything if it does not give satisfactory results. It is designed to overcome .dandruff, relieve scalp irritation, to stimulate the hair roots, tighten th« hair already in the head, grow hair and prevent baldness. It is because of what Rexall "93" Hair Tonic has done and our sincere faith in its goodness that we want you to try it at our risk. Two sizes 50c and $1.00. Sold only at our store— The Rexall Store. Burrell's Drug Store, Vfest Side Square. Mrs. T. Summers, who was taken to the sanitarium several days ago in a-very grave condition, is reported to be improving. 'She no* has a good chance of recovery. SETS RID OF HOG GHOLEIM 3fi>>sonrl F.-irmer Uses '^Slmnlianeoas Treatment" Snccesiifully. Concerning the west way to cure and prevent hog cholera, the following story from Ilardin, Mo. telling tlie system followed by R. 8. Rust very succe.ssfully. Is being generally printed In Kansas and commented upon: The simple, serum treatment now being ui^ed to ImmunUe hogs frdm cholera for a timo Is not effective, so RuRt said at his farm ye.sterday I "The serum being inado by the ciiN leges is all right; there is no complaint on that score The i>oInt 1 B ,| I am advocating the adoption oxclualve ly of the simultaneous troatment That will rid the country of hog cholera. "Let me explain tlie difference. The serum treatment consists simply in Injecting into a hog the blood of another hog which had been absolutely Immune from cholera The simultaneous treatment consist of injecting this same serum into the well hog and at the same time injecting into tlje hog a small quantity of real cholera blood, taken frm a hog that had the cholera when the blood was drawh. The cholera blood gives the well hog the cholera while the seruni furnishes the fighting element that orei-- coraes the disease This immunizes tbc hog as long as it Uvea "In the last eight months I havje given the s'.tuultaneous treatment to more than ten thousand hogs. My losses will not amount to more tba^ 3 per cent. Indeed, I do not believe they amount to that much." I —When buying meats you want the best; you get the best at Carl & Hunter's. ; SEXATOK.S TAXK PATIKOXAGE. alt AlMtnt Cartis and Bristow ConJ Kansiiii I'ostofi'Icjei). Washington. D. C, Dec. 7.—Conferences are being held by Senators Brls tow and Curtis of Kansas to federal patronage in Inregard Ithe second and and seventh Kansas congressional districts. The second district Is reiircsented by a l)emoci"nt, ^Joseph Taggart, and the Seventh Is temporarily unprecedented, and iho adminis tratlon. In accordance with Us custom has notified Kansas .senators that they may control thejpostmaster appointments In the two i IstrlcU, on condition tlint they agree as \o the wa ythe patronage In to be handled. This the Kaniuia senators t re endeavoring to and they hope FO ( n to- reach an agreement of some kint. AJiother conference will be held In i few days at which It Is hoped the natter will he satisfactorily settle d. I i the mean time W. B. Chllds. posUaast^r at Kansas chy, Kas., is o)a. t le ahxious seat. His commission as >08t&aster expires December 9 and he is a icandi- date for re-appointment. He Is in Washington and today Interflewed both senators. It is understood that B. H. Shore, chairman of t^he Republican central commitfce of ihe Second district, is also a candidate for the place. Mr. Shore managed theJ campaign for Congress of U. S\ Guyer of Kansas City last fall. 6000 ROXO BOOSTERS TO lOU Indopondenec \s Plnnnln^ an Invasion of the >'orili. According to the Enteri "best guess" as to the pre latlon of BartlesvIIle is 12,6J postal authorities were most Oklahoma papers wou! from the malls for their guessltig contests which ever upholds. rise, the ;ent ^pu- ^4. Jfthe rigialy p^vere. Id be shut population <^3isas The Good Roads advocates of this city and county arc contemplating a spin early In the new year to Oherry- valc, Chanuto and lola, spending a night in one of those cities and return Ing via CoffeyvlUe. Then a road boosters' convention will be hold hero with a big banquet In tho evening. It Is exi>ectcd rc])rcscntatlve8 will be here from various parts of southern Kansas.—Independence Keiiorter. Come ahead, brethren. lola may not have shown any considerable earnest ncss In urging good roads but right close by is the lola Township Board which probably has as much rock road to Its credit, everything considered, as any Rock Roads organization In the state. And lola will draft the township board for a bold front and get into the gam<3 good and strong for a rock road from here to Oklahoma. The time Is about ripe for less talk and more work, everybody being now convinced that jgood roads pay band- some returns on the investment. LEAVE K. C. TO SPRAY TREES, j purpose of the expeditions is to eradl- ' bate that most serious menaQe to the Kansas orchards. The San Jose Scale Will Be Foub'bt by Student!* and Professors. Earl Griffith, the fifteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Griffith, of 517 South Jefferson was the victim of an accidental fall yesterday morning In which he struck his head violently on the pavement, sustaining a slight concussion of the brain. It Is not thought that the Injury will have serious results. Mr. and Mrs. John Hartley, of 819 South .Waphlngton, avenue arc the parents of a girl, born Wednesday morning.' . ;jt_ x_lilii I^wrcnce Kas., Doc. 7.—Three par ties of entomologists of the i'niverslty .of Kansas will devote practically the entire winter In spraying orchards in Reno, Sedgwick, Pawnee, l.jil>ctte and Ford counties. Tho first few weeks will be spent In Wyandotte and Sedgwick counties. The work Is under the diroqtlon of Prof. A. J. Spanglor. The university entomologists will co-operate with farmerK and orchard growers of the state and instni't them In orchard .culture and spraying, and how to discover and destroy the San Jose scale. Tho principal Bruce Mcllbaney, who. has been employed here for a long period with the Prime Western Smelters ,ha8 been transferred to the company's plant at Collinsvllle. and left this afternoon to lake up the duties of his new position.^ .Mr- Mcllhaney has a host of friends here' who will regret his leaving. J. A. Francis, of Altoona was brought to the sanitnruliiv yostorday morning to undergo treatment for a serious complaint. —The W. C. Tents Realty Co. has moved to Kress building. Office rooms 22 to 24. A Permanent Cure For Chronic Constipation Althougrh those may dinpute it who have not tried It. yet thousands of othenr, who speak from pcraonal experience, assert that tliere is a permanent cure for chronic constipation. Some testify they were cured for as little as fifty cents, years a»;o, and that tho trouble never came back oa them, while others admit they took several bottles before a steady cure was brouebt about. The remedy referred to is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. It has been, on the market for - over a quarter of a century and has been popularlxed on Its merits, by one person teUlng another. The fact that Its strongest supporters are women and elderly people—the ones most persistently constipated—makes It certain that the claims resardine it aa a permanent cure for constipation have not been ezsKfferated. . It is not violent like cathartic pffls; oalU or waters., but operates 'cenUy, v.-ltbo'ut erlpliig and without shock to. t)id system. It contains tonic properties thpt strengthen the stomach and bowel muscles so that In time medicines of all kinds can be dispensed with and nature ^ is again solely relied on. Amons tlic lesions who testify to tbesa'. tacts are Mrs. Elmma Clemmons, CHeTs-, land. Kas.. arid H. M. Davis, Oaawatwnle^ Kas., and they always have a bottle of it In the house, for It la a reliable laxa|tre for all the family from infancy to old see. ' Anyone wishln? to make a tr}al of this remedy before buying it in the regtilar way of a dnigslBt at fiffy cents M - one dollar a lar^e bottle (family size) can have a sample bottle sent to the home, free of cbanre by -•— •— »^ W. B.. CSil' Montlcjello, ou a postal .card wlU do. sample Dotue sent IQ tne noma, cbanre by almply_addreSBtne Dr.' Caldwell. 405 Washiiuton St.. iUo, 111. Your, name and address

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