The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 25, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1977
Page 5
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TEI* .HKYMOUK 5112 Nmv York Officer 270 LAVAYlSTTje: ST. CAimfc^" BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. SCREW MACHINE TRODUCTS V ~ °' IIOX W SEYMOUR. CONN. EGGS FLORA'S rOUI.THY RANCH FLORA K. riNKHAM i J'lncs llrlilKo • Helicon I''itll« ~ ---. _____ ___ Duren Roofing Co. Hoofing - Hilling - Institution ..» HAMONA AVKNUK Wittnrli.iry — Tul. a-7U-l!t LEO'S WELDING Iron Work of All Dosljfnn "Wn Co Aiiywliiirti" Tr), Wiiti>rlj|jr.v -I-IKCO LEO BRITES STATION ISIfi S. Miiln St, Wuturliliry HI;V vouit BLANKETS NOW 70 OlIUJiCH ST. Fire Delivery D, Lieberman f-'Jlt'IU7M ST. DIAL 325C BU/INE// PER/ONALITIE/ Bakery JJAUG. 2567 1H CHURCH ST. ***** PEERLESS LAUNDRY May Wo Servo All Your In Dry Good* KENNEDY - Dry 1W) NO, MAIN ST, NiiiiKiitncIc CM54 HJIY HOODS STOKK Churfih'St, — 'IYJ. Nmi untuck WALTKIl IIONCAT, MiiHonry of nil kinds 50 KnlrclilUl St. Tel, 0102 Lord's Servicenter 'Scrvlco for LUliltlC'ATrON - TIRKS III! N. Main St. Tol. AND ONE OF TWO towing trucks, which (five service anytime and anywhere, property of Jack's Auto Body, IOC •ioiith Main street. Thu compuny, oporuled hy John T. Lynch, Is on call 24 hours a d;iy, and you may be issureil of prompt and officiant service. Boston Store las Accessories •or Home Beauty An uUructivG ]iomr> depends to n runt oxtent upon Ita accL-nsories:. Young And Old Increase Record Libraries At Mecca Music Co. Auto Body Work DDIIO iiy CAIU, nt Rubber Avc. Garage lilt! lltililicr Avi<. Tul. SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Com|>lrto Auto Sorvlcc liody Work Day and Nltfht Iluiid Service i:i::n SOUTH .MAIN. STICK KT Wiitcrhury - Plioiio 5-12li« -'»U-H - I-honi! 3-07U8 The lingo used by the younger ::et these days is strictly something uut of this world, however, maybo if you. listened to somu of the top upimslnj..; you merely placed the tunes of th« clay, you'd be able to plc-cua of furniture in a room I decipher some of this talk. Teen-agers and even adults have become record conscious, and some youngsters have been heard to say ihoy'd r.-uhur listen to records than wit, There is nothing any nicer than u complete record library, whether tr little things that make for i it be jaxz or classical. For the high icklontul:] that dross It up—you nd did not bother with the llt.tln rnildn't cull that tin attractive oom. It's the curtains, dollies, pictures n the wall, vases, do-dails and oth- Ucuucy, A bnthroom is a bathroom, but duinty htuid towuls, soft, heuvy bath towdH, colorful bathroom -sets and .shower curtains add so much to this utility room. school crowd it mcnn.s dancing to the Lop Itnown bands, or maybe just ;t .session of listening. Many 'adults havo collected albums of. the claiisics, nnd for their And so it is as you go down irionds they conduct regular con- D. Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL KUIIHKIC AVKNUK * i | S \ I \ DUNNE BROTHERS Automotive Service !M-lIour Koud Survlco I, iihrli-iillMi!—Wnililtii: Tlrt'H—lliitli'1-ll'M—Accr^niii-lcH B.'fl) SOUTH MAIN STKF.ET Wiift-rlniry — Tol. H-!l!)H2 Vic's Smoke Shop (MKitrx, Clgiircttivi, Ni<WM|m|>tirH dimly, leu Ori'iim, Soft DrlnltM , Toys I CUUKCIf ST, KAT IN COMFORT In Our Dining lloom TEDDY'S~DINER South Muln St. Till, 4H90 through the various rooms— table do thus In the dining room, pretty the type of store most likely to be .spreads for the bedrooms. Probably handling all these things Is a di-y ^'oods stoi'u, and one on the main dtruct of the borough is the Boston .Store, 70 Church struct. Owned and operated by Mrs, Eva .VI. Saffran, the store hns an adequate supply of household acces- (orles. One of the features of tho jttjru Is its lay-away plan on blankets. Paying for them in weekly installments of not more than fiO jcnts will give you a blanket In .ibout three months. HY-LITE Plating Co liii'tiiNlrliil riitlllix—l-riM'Wi.n I'liilli |i,M-,ii-Hllvr I'hulllir H-lll Ulililn" Avi'lill* NAVIIATfCK. CONNKt'TK'l'T Buckingham Roller Rink Ol'KN JCVKHY EVENING nnd SUNDAY AFTERNOON SjH'clul Instruction CliiKsi-H Mini., Frl., Sun. Ill GRAND ST. VVATKKBURY Joe's Restaurant FINK l''OOD i»nd Spftilul Atti'iitlion for \VtnlillHK 1'nrtU'H 1S!( MAIN ST.. SKYMOUK Tul. 2H.H2 George J. Demers KOOKINO Ol' 1 ALL TYIM'IS Chlinni'.v.H Clcnnml, Ri«p»lrml U7 CITY HILT, ST. i TH. 500!« DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT (UC 11ANK ST. WATKHBURY VKKK PARKING ]Ciit4<rt4iliiniont Nlfihtly DANCING Thurs, - Tri. - Sat, ^ Ken Thompson Trio Floor Show Saturday UKST FOOD IN TOWN 0 Sli-iiks • Lolwtor Di'Moloiis SiiuilwlohCM V. E. GUSTAFSON — J'utont Mi'ilMnos — I.unohMHii'tti' • Ic« Crmim OrociTlfH • Min.'<r/.lm>n tilt) Ttdliher Aviv. riiono 41)00 Fred's Grocery rini'st Fruits nnd 37 HIGH ST. Tul. 4»l>3 V&H Trucking Does Important Roadway Work Trucks of the V & H Trucking Co., -132 North Main streot, Seymour, arc beinf.' seen more and more around the borough as developers of housing projects complete -homes und roads (ire constructed. Road building Is somthlng one takes more or less for srrnnU'd, and many lirne-t we only think of road crews ns those workinK on slato or illy highways. But In towns when land Is purchased hy an Individual and lots sold for development, roadways must go throug-h the property, and these roads are usually constructed by companies such as the Sey- •mour concern. To Insure available materials for this- type of work, another firm works In conjunction with the V &. H Trucking Co., and this is the Seymour Sand & Stone Co., of the «umo address. The company curries stocks Including washed ncreened sand, washed crushed srrnvnl nnd qmrrled gmnlte build- Ing Ptone. Besides Its road construction feature, the trucking company also does excavating, regular trucking and driveway building. The corn- cany does not only do suh-cor.trnct work, but also constrviHllon of sidewalks., home pavements and other ] •itone work for Individuals. Charles W. Varian, owner. Is available to anyone desiring Information con-corning their own particular job. in their homes. Record play- Ing is a diversion worth-while investing in, for it can provide either unturtainmejiL or re-luxation. ..To increase your present library to contain the records you've always wanted, you should visit the Mecca Music Co., 203 Bank' street, Waterbury, where you'll find-a complete stock of both popular and classical recordings made by the outstanding bands and orchestras in the country. Besides the vast record stocks, the company deals in the soiling- and repuli-ing of instruments, and conducts a. school of music as well. Radios, record players and accessories also may be obtained at the store. Another asset is tho concern's recording- room, where one moy make his or her own records, vocal or instrumental, in complete privacy, , Dombnic arid Anthony Mecca operate the sturt und music school, ar.d also have branch studios i Bristol and Muridcn. Make the Mecca Music Co. you supply line for a.11 types of musica needs. You have a choice of man models of radios made by the lead ing manufacturers, as well as mus leal 'instruments ranging from th smallest to pianos. Dutch Door Inn Novel Dining Spot Novelty in a name is often a drawing card to many eating es- | tablishments, with some persons preferring to "try" a restaurant "just because of its unique name." But thi> real novelty in patronizing a place with an unusual name •s finding that you want to return n and aguin because of the excellent -quality food and good service. Such is the case of the Dutch Door Inn, 7 Broad street, Seymour. The name of the dancing und dining spot is intriguing, and with best food, fine music and choice liquors, It will become a frequent stopping place for you when in that area. Gilbert Nash its proprietor of -the Inn, which specializes in steaks, Shops a.nd sea food. Seymour being only a. comparatively short distance outh of Naujjatuck and Beacon rails, many residents find it a ,j)easnm drive with added pleas- s promised at the end of the trip. When you're tired of preparing a mta! at home and are considering eating ou-t, why not take u jaunt to Seymour and see it the Dutch Door Inn doesn't meet with your approval. RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. f , <!, LKIUG11 VALLEY COAL— ATLANTIC VUISL «)id HANUJ£ OH. — Poultry Kqulpmcnt . — Bnby Chick* •• " ' Field and Garden Sctids 5 Church St., .Naugatuck Phone 3076 Fine Wines und Liquors Imported and Domestic ? Vft A W G * LIQUOR } AT A19 STORED 72 CHURCH ST. PHONE 51M J PnA* INC. Telephone 2226 It's Worth a Trip to V&J Market For Finest Foods 51 Spring St. Union City Phone Naujjatuck 4070 PRINTERS SINCE 1880 You can have your gas -tanl filled and oil changed at a friend ly gasoline station—Charlie's Ser vice Station, 109 South Main street The place of business, which has a steady flow of regular customers each clay is owned and operated by Charles Ja/.ina, Sr. Automobile owners should not wait for trouble before going to a garage, and that is why John Kalinowski of the Prospect street garage says to prevent trouble let his able crew check and double check your car. The establishment is located at Prospect and Locust streets. Rivcrvicw Inn at 688 Derby road, Seymour, caters to banquets, weddings and private parties, wi-th the finest foods served as well as the choicest wines, beers and liquors. Residents from all over the borough patronize the V. & J. Market, 51 Spring street, because of its large and adequate stock of the finest foods. V. F. Burkus op- crates the market. Appetizing... because it's GOOD IWCUIISR it's scrvi'd RIGHT Ladies, too, enjoy our Business Men's Luncheon "Plenty Good" 11:30 .to 2 P, M. I.ohstcrsi mid Kansas City Steaks SUNDAY DINNERS ]2:00-f):00 A IVw Step* l-'roni Winter Fuel Now At Local Company You're probably making: every possible effort to keep cool at this time, and you'll think it rather an 'odd season to be even considering heat for your home, but the summer months really pass quickly, and now is the mos-t opportune time to get in that supply of coal or oil. It's a happy home-owner who !ms a full bin of coal or tank of oil ivhen the first cold snap brings the countryside to attention that win- ler is just around the corner. The correct time to purchase these supplies is in the heat of summer when the demand is less and the supply g-realei', it's still the old story of supply and demand, but don't let it catch you napping. Lehigh Valley coal, and Atlantic fuek and range oil may be obtained in Naugatuck at the Reliable Grain and Fuel Co., 0 Church street, Morris Sovitsky, manager. .As is indicated by its name, the company does not only deal in fue?f, FeittiJ.izcrs, poultry .equipment, baby chicks, field and garden seeds, also are important items in its stocks. Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service and Parts Factory-Trained Mecliunics 1ST W. Main St. Naug-utuck JLEYNARD'S Children's Clothes 170 CHURCH ST. Tel. 5990 Quality DYERS and •Hi dill aidJ Our Modern Cleaning Plant Assures You Better Cleaning, 5 No. Main St., Naugatuck 7^-" JACK'S AUTO BODY 100 So. Main St. Tel. 6159 FOR FAST SERVICE ROLLER'S CLEANERS Pickup and Delivery <27 X. MAIN St, UNION Tel. Nnujrntuck 5101, PHONE DKRBY 3489 Walsh's Green Acres Catering- to Weddings, Banquets, Parties, Choice Food* und Liquors Derby Avenue Seymour DANCING EVERY NIGHT Wo Cater to Banquets, WcddlnRs, Parties, 0£tc. 23-25 HARRISON AVE. Nil 'J0% Tin In nur Ciirlilnll I.i)illii;r Kxccpt on Siitiinliiy 9 DISCUSS YOUn PLANS NOW • ESTIMATES SUBMITTED • NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Office: 193 lluhber Avc Tel. 8860 MECCA Where to go for Leading Musical Instruments Also Guaranteed Rehullt Instruments Sold For Appointment Call 4-1422 Open Tlutrs. & Frl Until 8:SO MUSIC CO. VINNIE'S Highway Restaurant IlomrvCooked Meuls Beor and Liquors 1419 SOUTH MAIN ST. Watorlmry Tel. 3-9980 Rock wood Sign Co. Among Notable Firms Of Kind In State Most people at some time dur- p their lives, and particularly during adolescence, profess their desii-e to become paint artists, and •ot only a minority ever attain that joul, with the others admitting they :an'-t even draw a straight line. As in many professions, there are i number of branches a painter may enter. He may decide on still- ife subjects, portraits, cartoons r maybe a house painter. Some en- er the field of sign painting:, such 3 Louis J. Wersinger, proprietor f the Rockwood Sign Co., 35 Center street, rear, Waterbury. But beside'.-! being among the | notable sign painters in the state, i Mr. Wersinger, a Naugatuck resl- I dent, has done some exceptionally ! outstanding work -with pen and i Ink. So artistically done is this work that it is difficult -to believe .anythinf? so complicated could be done with a pen. Although it is worthwhile to visit the Rockwood Sign Co- workshop, samples of the fine work may be seen most any place in the im"- mcdiate vicinity. The firm does nearly all the sub-contract sign painting work for the American Brass Co., as well as other industrial plant.s and also has large orders; of real estate signs and lettering for doctors, lawyers and other professional men. Gold leaf work is a specialty with the concern, and needless to say, one has to be clever in order to do this intricate work! SAVE . . As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase L ISAACSON'S INC. QUALITY 'DRY GOODS SEYMOUR . For Vacation and Travel Needs Lockfir and Steamer Trunks, from fli.SS » Dross Trunks—SC In $22.80 | Wardrobe Trunks-^se In. W2.SO I plus tax JJOHNJ.CONNOLE * 70 Grand St. Xvtbry- Tel. HOME COOKED FOODS Beor — Wlno — Uquorm Valley Grill 158 Xo. Main St. Tel. 4959 Charlie's STATI(W Ph. Nau ff . 4908 Clyne Glass Shop ~ tamp* up Bed, Boudoir 109 So. Main St. MOVING and TRUCKING Moving to All Conn. Points Peter Moruska NAUGATUCK. CONN. PHONE 35S6 or 5112 Stoves Moved Refrigerators Moved ^3.95 up Gifts of Atl Description* Realistic Artificial Flower* Josephine Manzo, Prop. 29 HARRISON AVE. Watcrbury XeL| 4-4345 . THE White Meat Market and GROCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES" John Giihpar, Prop. 15 1 ; RUBBER. AVE. DIAL 3SSO AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated by Ex-G.r. MAURICE J. JOLLY Amity Roud, Bethany RODMAN Convalescent Home 159 "vleadow St. TEL. 3354 '!>!. B-DIMS2 l!>tlil»ll»lHHl ROCKWOOD SIGN 00 "HlB'iN tlmt Tulk" I,. ,J. WKKZlXCKft, Ownor SS Cuntor Stroiit «KAB Wiitorhnry, Conn, F T** HADIO SKRVICK • •"•*•• 20 Yojirw l'lcl<ii]> imil Dollvnry 1750 EAST MAIN ST. llninllton Tln'»t«r nulldlnc Watcrbiiry — Tel. . . 3-B407 HUBBELI/S SERVICE STATION CAM - Oil. AVI>, Tol. LOG'S BAR and GRILL 8« Tt'l. Harne'ss Shop Has Finest Leather Finest quality leather goods nrc always in demand, and n store whore you cnn be sure to find tho best of material is tho Harness Shop. TO Grand stroo-t. Waterbury, owned by John J. Connolc of Nau- Beautiful imnortccl leather arti- k's, unattainable clurlnfr tho war, Tiro now buck In the stoclts of tho conr.crn. Tho shop carries a complete line ot harness, saddlery. lugtragc and general leather goods. Of ix total of -1-1 113, 1-17 births rp- oorclod In the U. S. In thi> 2." years up to 39-11, male births exceeded female births by 1.200.575. Afrlcr.'s great Nile river is 4,037 miles long. Ethiopia has an area 350,000 square mllea, of about • BANQUETS • WEDDINGS • PRIVATE PARTIES Wines ^— Beers — Liquors Riverview Inn — Seymour CH8 Dl^KBY RD. — Aiisonla 8499 — Derby 3499 The V&H Trucking Company tlne — Trucking — Driveways — Road Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sund — Washed Crushed Gravel Quarried Granite. Building- Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2531 Dutch Inn STEAK — CHOPS — SEA FOOD 7 BROAD STREET - SEYMOUR If you want to discuss your building plans with an experienced contractor, • jt is suggested you visit Matty J'., Karboivjcz, 193 Rubber avenue. He will estimate on new construction or remodeling. Vinnie's Highway restaurant a-t 14-10 South Main Btreet, Waterbury. specializes in home-cooked meals' und serves beer and liquors The restaurant, which recently was renovated, is owned by Vincent Balchunas. • Glenwood Ranges • Ostermoor and Red Cross Mattresses • Emerson and Sonora Radlon 0 Kelvlnutor Refrigerators • ABC Washers and Ironnm • Bendlx and MaytiiR- W Agents for AH the Better Types of Furniture SEYMOUR FURNITURE COMPANY 20 RANK ST. TEL. 2807 — Seymour — Radiators FhnhMl OH - Greasing Tiro Repair Washing •0 BRIDGE ST. UNION CITY Naupatuck 4926 V SELRITE Juvenile . Furniture Co. TOVS - GIFTS 470-172 South Miiln Street Waterbury, Conn. Tel. 4-4734 BANQUETS WEDDINGS Phone 3458 PARADISE INN Wm. Pottbccker, Prop. FINEST FOODS Choice Wine - Liquor* " Wakelcc Terrace, Ansonlu, Conn.; Try Valley Grill For Finest Foods A home-cooked meal that's so delicious is a requisite when dining; out, and one of the local restaurants, which specializes In this feature is the Valley Grill, located at 25S North Main street. Owned and operated by Stanley Tolius of Waterbury, who has been in the business for nearly nine years, -the restaurant has the added attraction of dancing every Saturday and Sunday evening:. Another service desired when eating g-ood food Is the serving of wines, beers and liquor, and the Valley Grill has one of the finest choices of these beverages. There are 56 waterfalls that are higher than Niagara. •• ? HORNBECKER'S \ Buck's Hill Tel. 4-8420 Wtby. * HOME COOKED FOOD J We Cuter to Family Dinnera > Office Pnrtlfis, Banquets, ? Showers, Etc. \ *•*****•*•••••••••»**•••*•• f+***+*+*+*f++Ji Prospect St. Garage At Prospect St and Locust PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality. Hcnded and Automatic Screw Machine Products RUBBER AVE - NAUGATUCK r VALLEY WELDING and Fabrication Works The Portable Welding Service Tel. 5492 Darra-James Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS 22 Savings S Waterbury Tel. 5-2241 Hf us

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