The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 25, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1977
Page 4
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I'AGK *—NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, AUG. 12. 1040 DOG DAYS' dfte Uaflp Publlahml Kvory EvonlnK (Kxoopt Sunday) by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS COnj'ORATION NAUOATUCK, CONN. ftUDOLPK M, HICNNICK. Prenldont and Jfuollaher Telephone* 222H lind Z230— All IHipitrtmnntii Knlorad n» Hticond olu»n matter ivt tho poat office In Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advunco I month 11.00 1 Your .••-.•—*"-°° Member: The American Nuwspiiptir Publlnhor» AHM'H Tho N. K, Dnlly Now»if>npor Pub. Aaa'n Tho Conn, NowBpnpof Publnhoni Ata'p MONDAY, AUGUST 12. ilMO ' The Newspaper Boy AN a fair staU'iiUMit ooiiccniiiiw H pONi.-d riiMOtmi'iit of lo^islntion would prevent. I'oys uiuliT I'i from doliv- (•riiiK' ticu'spnpel's, wi 1 (soiisiilcr the following cdiloriiil from the (!i>lnml)iis (U.) Dispatch well worth rrprintiiii,' in Till 1 ] \W\VS: Onu or tho Konld of /i bloc o! pmnido-llhurulH compomtcl Im'Koly <>' oxtrumUt lubof Icudi-rH und Hlncorti but fUK/y-mlndud "clo-tfotiilurii" IM thu un- uctmunt of lOKlM'iitlon which wcmld forbid boys iimliir Ifl to dnllviir pupurx, Nuw«jjiif>nr» nnd miW!ijui|Jtinm>n would feel n mituriU dtitlciiry In cIlMciwulrij; un Itwuf In which K curtain MiiirintuiTHl IM Involvuil woru It not for tint fact that th« IOIIK nnd hunoniblu rucortl o( thii "pupin 1 I'tiulo" u« n monuy-rniiltiir, a builder of KUircly pnyxl(|iii', a bciujflcliil Introduction to tlui (imditmnntiilN of biixlnuxx und netfiiintlnK nml u iilUmilii.'i to thrift l.-i «<; huiillliir (hut n volcu rul.sucl In lt» di'furmu noiidx no iipoloKy. Any boy who HiiccuHHfully inuniiKcH a nowsiuipiir rouui—und not ull do jmcocnd, liny more thai) every adult doo.i In )I\H chosun work—K<iln» ux- ' pm-lnnc'ii that In ot InuKtlnmuln viiliui to him In liiliir yeui'N. MUimlly millions of Amoi'icami who currlud pupurx In their youth c/in uttuMt to th« truth of this Htttlnmiint. It l» lljfht work, requiring JIIXM offort thun m.iny xtri'iuioiis xports und the financial rnturn In hlnh fur the mniill time' IM- volvod. Tho preHunt-day ciirrlor l;i a wtlf-omployod mnrehnnl on u mlnliutin; nciilc. [In Iniyw his product at wholi'Hiilo and vrmdu It »t. rutiill. If he Is n flood currlur, he liuirns to be punctual, nuat, xyxtemiitlc and efficient. Ho wilnw n pricoluxs In- nlfrht Into humiin mitui'f. nnd lennix how to mnct und dunl with people. Only In the nilndi of xpnclnl |ilniidpr.i for K(;l- flxh Intei'etitH in- In tho ratlonnllKiitlonM of roform- nrn who ciinnot neii the for thn troex can thero be riuule nut u law wlilch Would make It Im- poHMlblo for boy.M who wish t<i do so to carry jjapei'M, A nnwHpaprr route IKIH lioe:i a traditional American Juvenile occupiitlon dtt lunk' »s< there has been American newspapers, It In a 1'1^'ht of our youth that xhmild bo Kuiu'ded an -/ralouMly a« thosi? of thiilr eldnr.M aKivinxt the efu.'roacliniont.'i of thorni who «nwl< to mnltn the Individual tho .icrvant of the ytutu In all lhlnK». Do You Remember? From the Flies of the Naugatuok New* 20 Years Ago o — O— o Phillip Gottlieb of North Miiln street returned from a weok's visit to HaiTlaburp, F.enn. MIsM Ellzftbcth Ven Delft of Mnplo street spent her vacation In Now York city. 30 Years Ago o— O— o Danloi Noni'y of Fiilrvlew avnnuo' headed the local boy HCout troop at tliclv annual camping trip to Trumbull Beach. Mrs. Maurice Condon and daughter vlxltod relatives In Litchfluld. Around The Clock THAT'S BUMMER Kuthlnj; nulls und golf clubfl btrown upon the porch Hair like limp apuRhctti And skin u. flumlnt' torch. Tho lawn IK crlap and withered 'It needw water, that Is plain So you drag out the hose from the cellar And down comes a. blinding i-uln. From September until April The loo cube trays work fine But May until September? You'll have trouble uvury time. One hour to do the kitchen floor J'iecauHO you wax it twici; Then Sunk' brings In mud pies And says; "Mommy ain't they nice?" You ilronm of your vacation For with rest nnd sun you'll thrive But tins morning of your departure? Your relatives arrive! Thut';i Summer. O! faillnK lenves, O winter winds O frost, your Icy touch Would not prlcvc me, plcnse bcllcvo mo Of Summer I've had—too much. JENNY LEE Burnings Badlands Tho jir'ul, ccric luitlcs nl' (lie Dakota Bfidliuids nrc nice lu lixjk nl, Inil they are a slinckin,!;' fdiciioiiieiioii \i> n mine in- s[)i?cl(ir, M, L, U'illimtis, w}\<> lias been ^ivin.n' /in olTieinI lodk lo I lie ;ire;i, s»ys that the lieaiilil'iil rainhosv sd'ijn-s are linked in liy siililerniiienii liti'iiilc I'ires which have heen !nirniii,U' I' 1 "' centuries. U'lien the scorched crust x'i'1^ t"" H'i" it caves in and leaves the luittes, with their purple and d hands, llmmn is chiel'ly eoncenifd ho- fires are linrnin^' up millions coal which will never see a furnace. The summer tourist, who winds /ilfnif; 1 the hot and dusty road through those hare, sun " linked hills prolmbly doesn't wive tniKili thought to next winter's heal. , to sliuid, wrinkled Mr, \Vi <'iitise the dl' t.ons o Joe Lmvlor lias hcon promoted to Pri- vnU- First (Mass in Undo Sam's Army, and is now stationed at Tlunnon Field, Newlnimdlaiul. . . . -loo, n signalman, low I'rom W(-stover Field to Nowt'ound- liind in Ji matter of about four hours. Congratulations to a former local couple, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Osborne, Cheshire, who have announced the birth of their first son and third child, John Hinton Osborne, at Waterbury hospital last Thursday, . . . Mrs. Osborne, the for-^ mer Maybelle Hinton, was-active-here in" salvag-e work during the war years, prior to moving to Cheshire. "Repair Xntos—Painters have completed work on nidcoonitiny of tho lower, ."skirt" of the town hall. . . . The lower. JVw feet of hriek have, hoen painted up nicely. , . , "Workmen are doing quite u job on the Maple street trestle of the New jjaven K'ailroad. ... A new flooring is being plaeod so (lint pedestrians will no longer have to avoid snow and water drippings after every storm. By ELEANOR MITCHEL New" York '. .' .There's going t be a bang-up celebration in Nev York during United Nation Week. That week of Scptcmbe 22 to 28 is being set aside to saj howdy and welcome to the UZ General Assembly and the thou sands of people from 51 conn tries who will come here to be a'S^isers, staff members and family people. It is a time for the American hand to stretch out anc shake .the,, hands of. its visitors The public' meetings, religious services, .exhibits and spscia" shows planned will dramatically where the hand- . Education Association the idea as an over- WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946. by Th'j Hearst Corporation) IK YOU'KJi IN A DIAMOND- BUYING MOOD— I.e Khetlive, champagne-colored square-cut diamond, one of the luryust in the world, h.'iH omortfotl from the seorct hicliny place whore it was kopt durinjf tho war, and ia ol'l't-rod for $500,000, American cash . ,. .It weighs rr.oi-o than 4o karats And has a romantic 'history...,It into Hollywood's poi-t for her llrst picture in. five years She was c::- haustoU, tiisspiritccl and disguritocl. The flight had been lent; -- irom Paris, straight through. Uul she chocked in next day at Paramount, to begin "Goidon Earrings". . .Mark HolllngcV due hero on a tour of premieres of "Tho'Killer"—he':; to be cocktalicd cockeyed and go was pvcsciitcd by Khedive Ismacl through all the rust of the to-do- to thu Empress Eugenic nt the in- ings. That's what he frets for turn aufural ceremonies of t'ho Suca iny producer, when he waa dcln Canal; was inherited by King Al- fine as a columnist. ..The U. S t'onso of- Spain, and sold by him in 10,10 for $500,000 In gold to the present owner who hides his Identity,. . It i.i nov/ olToi'(.d by Jose Worst of Ghent Belgium, to Jack Worst, of Dayton, O. who is so interested that has; applied for a passport to around the floor of a smart East Side spot ...Olivia de Havilland making El Borrucho with Jfarcus Goodrich ...Anita Ellis Red Skel- ton's' lark, playing Hollywood wiUi Bob Conn nephew of Columbia Pix boss... Rudolph Field, publisher, seen around with Jane Anderson— carbon-copy of Judith Allen Field's used-to-be. . .Zita Miller, Longines watch heiress and Navy Lt. Art Davison, at Armado's. .. Orrin Lehman, on leave from Walter Rcadc Hosp., still limping, badly, with Doris Lilly at El Morocco. . . .Sill Iji Reine drc.°s-man, with Bobbie Heist, of tbo Toledo Scales fimily . And Jack Dempscy very gently pawing the tiny hand of Felice Ingerj-oll once again. say welcome shake can't. It all got started when the American Association for the United -..Nations, the National Broadcasting .Company and the National dreamed whelming gesture of friendship. They interested over 80 other national organizations — representing 50,000,000 people— in the idea and secured their cooperation. Now it's ready to nappcn just at the time the General Assembly meets 'in New York. And the welcome isn't confined to this metropolis alone. People all over the country are planning their own events to call attention to the fact that the UN has "come to town." I'm going to take ycu for s peck backstage to the scene where, activity is like a chicken with its head cut off. I'm taking you lo the heart of the operations —to some of the peoplf '.-.'ho an? really doing this job of getting the events in motion, and at that I can. only give you a smattering. So much of the activity centers around the AAUN offlcw in a n ; - modeJed old mansion on Street next door to the former Sarah Delano Roosevelt house. From these offices I h-jvc- left with staff people many a mornin? to keep appointments with UN officials, city leaders, commercial firms who want to help, or National Broadcnsting Company personnel. A typical day runs something like this: A trip down to city offices near the Holland Tunnel to discuss permission to use public squares for information booths or to place notices in subways, street cars and buses. Then it's dash back uptown to the Chrysler Building'where one o, r the large industrial concerns wants to be told of the posters, lapel pins, etc. thst they can help distribute. In ths mcaniime, the printer is waiting back on GSth Street to show -proofs of the poster which had • to be chanjed when the date for the General Assembly was postponed. A telephone message also waits to call one of the civic leaders who is considering accepting chairmanship .of the restaurants committee. The restaurants hope to have a special Welcome United Naticm. notice on their menus during tJN J VcC u ' u -. VJ J }ich - b J in & s to fnind lunch that hurriedly becomes a' sandwich and a bottle of milk on the side- of an overcrowded dc*k In the midst of gulps comes cony ' of special articles by Secre'arv of Commerce Henry Wallace and Van Johnson, prepared by th->m paying tribute to UN Week f or each one's particular audience. Then it's lime to grab a cab and go over to Rockefeller Cen ire to talk wilh the NBC peoole about the activities in the sunken plaza where the skating rink is. [roll: clanc:ng, band concern and IJN speeches will take place he-re. Back to the office for con- sultaUon wilh one of the very wonderful volunteers who has iccn busy la Iking with banks hat will feature window disnlavs on the UN. Word has also ju£ _omo m that Mayor William ODwyer has accepted honorary chairmanship for the Wt-c-K in •Jew York City. That means get- in;; in touch with the n^wspancrs —that's new.* they'll want to iave. In the meantime, the Presi- c-nt of United Nations Youth is landing by to talk about youth participation in the program. Chatting with him means in'e-- rupiions by ca!Js such as a newspaperman asking about the part retail stores will play in the observance, and a miik company to discuss their sending out'notices with their bills, and a natod song writer offering his songs for use that week. At the end of sjch a day the crowds in the overstuffed subways seem more tremendous than ever. ALSO . of . . Prof. John P. Humph- Canada has been named Director of the Division of Human Righls for UN and Sir Raphael Cilento of Australia Director of the Division of Refugees. Both serve in the Dopart- inan of Social Affairs. . . . The General Assembly wiJI elect three now non-permanent mc-m- bors of the Security Council to replace the Netherlands, Egypt and Mexico who are due lo retire after having -served their one-year terms I take a bit of a vacation starting next week. UN AND YOU will be carried on by Arme Winslow, former WAC Lt. who served in England, France and Germanv. She is now associated with AA1TV Unclaimed Bonanzas Do you have so niueh money that you overlook some of it? fn New York State 80,000 people are in (hat lucky situation. At least they have bank deposits in their tiimu-H to the amount of $4,000,000, witfi which they have lost contact for .15 yours or more. Hvery Auicust the banks of the state advertise such names in the hope of finding the missii^y owners or their heirs. J,ast year's advertisements revealed money wl.ill held in the names of such eminent Americans as Wood row Wilson and Buffalo Hill. They appnreatly never missed the funds ,Tf their heirs fail to claim them, they will revert to the state, subject to payment later on presentation of proper proof. ,1'Yw experiences would he more axoit- raents of unclaimed deposits, and t'iiul- ing than looking over the ndvertise- in£ your own name listed. Humble Hollywood Not everybody in the movies makes fabulous salaries. The Screen Office and Professional Kmployos Guild, CTO, announces that 44.5 per cent of its members cam loss than $UO a week. Only 19,2 make as much as $40 a week. Evidently Hollywood is not exclusively composed of Gary Grants and Jane Russells. Aviation exports predict a plane which will,go 1500 miles per hour. We hate to bo so slow, but why should it 1 / Bill Krodel, popular manufacturer and ex-serviceman, is a patient at Grace hospital, New Haven. . . . Why not send him a cheering note?. . . . Dick Payne and George Forish are planning to attend a dance in New Haven Saturday nig-ht. . . . Tickets are now being sold on the green for the new car which will be & featured attraction of the Welcome Home Day celebration, . . . The car is also on display. Tom Fitxpatrick, our cigar-smoking sports editor, lias his dnft'le hag all packed for the trip to Glen Falls with the Legion team. . . . He'll keep us in- I'onned of the details as they happen— and yon, loo. . .. Mrs, John Hoaly, mother of the (here's that word again) ubiquitous twins, says she'll make the trip to see the boys in the finals it' she has to ride a flat car. . . . Norman C. Owens of "\Voostor street has enlisted in Die Navy for two years John Ostroski postcards from New York, where he's renewing acquaintances, etc. Faces about town. . . . Mr. and Mrs, Alex Schmitz "headed for the Salem Playhouse, . . . Alex says he's not sure whether his uniform still fits and thus can't be certain whether he'll take part in the VJ Day parade. . . . The Bill Bensons are making ready for a week's vacation. . . . Judge Claremont I. Tolles is back in town after a trip to New Brunswick. view the stone. Worst Is the second largest dlt»- mnnd denier n tlie U. S.. (Harry Winston, of N .V. i.s No. 1) Wei-si bought the "rock Unit Clnrln- Vun- durhilt, Sr,, Imd to sell wlum Gloria Vunderhllt Stokowskl told her she Wii.1 o»T the iniyroll, , .For a Dn.y- tonhin Wui'Kt Is \vell known In the butter Manhattan bistros.,Hfi newsboys S3 hills for.. piipeVs. piUins JiCiUliv;ilt<;nj* with S10I) notos .. .Hi; Is n moon-faced, smiling ifent ....While abroad In; will also hid for the Hcssc jewels, the collection which floured in the Chicago pinch of that colonel und Ills WAC brido . , Princess Margarita turned down his cabled bid, but bo'll try thn [101- H</iuil contact: He's In town now, at a jeweler's convention,. 111. tho Waldorf-Astoria. Air Conditioning- Corp, turned dov,- Buckingham Palace';; request for unit. "Wo flew to SanilOtfa—a quiolilo bi;tw«fii suns. .. . We 'li<tn't /Iml tli Spa "ivide open," though there are VI rj; In in Field's mother is en- route from Enplane! to -sit out with her tho waiting period in Las Vepas. Ncv., toward divorcing- Paul Doug- Ins ...Doris Dulte hoicd in at Lc- roy Sanitarium for a rosl a checkup and inaccessibility. She's left there nnd touch-letters will not be forwnrdud ...(This is a necessary caution, as every time I mention a person of wealth, with an .address, a flood of befffritiff mull is loosed). . .Jl.irlPno Dietrich flow hookies by the hundreds und slot- inunhincN.. .No wheels rolllnp- with in tin; city limits. . .Luciano's Chi cug-o clul) I* dark Some runil spot-, running rnw, lint the' pl;«y is not heavy. .. .The familiur mobsters of other yp.nrs are out of rho pictun und the Whitney-V.-uiderWIt sixiial circle is hack strong. .Kyp.ry townio is on the m:vke. .Parkinff lots "elose" when hulf-fil]i.>(l but Riitus SWI'HK apart for foldintr-.stiiflr Mutucl tote im(;N|K!ctertly hipli and talk of nom oru racinc tliore is defunct... Bookies liave a new system: Add i> per cent to winning 1 puyol!', over muU's and kick hack 10 p«ir cent o( losings. .. .They don't hsive to Day Unit 15 per cent tjix but I couldn't find out just ho>v tlx.'y figure the o- nd-10 as ubovc stated Bob Hichic m:i}' lie interested ~to Icatui that, when Bcrnicc.. Parks,, lush thrush at Arrowhead, excused herself to answer a phone-call, as thw pairc-noy said, "Your mother on the wire, Miss Parks," it wasn't anybody's mother—It wu.1 u. trans-At- lantic from Paris—male voice.).... Mary J:uiR Kroil radio-writer, nnd her daughter Sonia Ix; CompU>, have their names legally, changed., to Michls-iiii Kroll .and Michigan Kroll, .Jr. respectively. They were born in Michigan (Good tiling they were not born i n South hukotu. South Dakota Kroll, Jr., now, would h<> a mouthful) let Mac Donald is peeved at me—says she scarcely knows Ray Murray, to whom I said she was "quietly betrothed' The fabulous Kothschilds are in tho picture misInesK—EHc de Rothschild, in Paris, will turn out movies for United Artists 'Denies Productions,'' roadsbowing through California is not a New Ueal propaganda unit—happens It's owned by n Corp., of which the head Is Nick Demos Instead of being replaced by a store the. Miami. Theater, closed for showing forbidden lilms, will he the site of a flrst^class film j to be culled the Avniiue.. | Pretty young Maryaiine Cohan, laughter of Jackie Saunders Cohan, t comes out, eloped June 10 and narrled Marine Lt Kobert I'rini- >(T. They told Mamma when the ouiifister's show closed last night iid they left for a honeymoon at •alio George. I . i 10 Center St. Waterbury, Conn.! ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland I s •STRiSIK'S WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABKAL, Prop. 8 South Main St. Choicest selection of salt and fresh water fifth at lowest price*.. Reported Romanclnc—Mary Ixm Schrosder cattle heiress and horse woman, ifallopinp: around Deep Ho low Ranch, Mon'tauk Point wit Rojrer Prevost, .French polo ace. Pnt Coofi'an and Ernie Matthew g-cttinff. childish, rolling tennis-ball Couple Toast Future Wedded Bliss Art Fnger asks us to remind you that another waste paper colection will be made in Octobe.r. , . . Watch for the announcement of tho Nnugatuck News Open Golf Tournament to be played next month at the A.BA course. . . .'Plans arc now in the making. Walter E. Smith's Cbestcrtowii, for which he paid $40,000, which he K-ot back in the purse- and the mu- tucls when the Kentucky-bred shal- loon trotter won tbe Hambletonian saw a dizzy procession of Number S's. .. The classic to be run Aup 7 wasp ostponed to Aufr. feig-htl' I month) 8, because of rain; Chester- ' town was given post position 9, b onn horse was withdrawn makin it 8;- he lost the first hent, a run-o was required making: the final th 8th race; the chair In which Smith watched the race was No S marked, though a "ringer" from some other time or rack as no othe seat was numbered; Smith drov up from New York with a part of 8; the $40,000 price is a mnltipl 01 »; the winner paid $3.60 multiple of 8; Smith's 'ape is -1 ditto and he was \orn on the 8th: Larry Parks, playing the nam Part In Sidney SkolakyVThe Jolson «tory," mus t |,e hot...From all side c been getting rave* Sny, tl he' GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Your WII.I-VS.OVKRI..VND »rn!rr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24 Harrison Avenue Off KxchimKc. Phior. \Vftirrbury Thonc S-K50S TO A S425,000,000 FORTUNE, former Lt. Conidr. Richard J. Reynolds, 40, and Ills bride, Marianne O'Brien, 23, Hollywood! starlet', clink classes in a toast to their future- happiness, following- their 1 marriage in New York. Tiie clviu ceremony took pliice at the Manhattan home of tho bride's stepfather, Abe Attell, old-time boxer. (Inter.) Little Hof Brau ,. 'OS NORTH MAIN ST. Al and Vera Budrls, Props. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License RODEO RAMBLERS Here Friday, Saturday "IRISH" SHEEHAN Special Entertainment Thursday and Sunday Open Daily Until 1 A. M. i REGISTER NOW FAll, TERM BEGINS SEPT. 9 JUNIOR COLLEGE ' Waterburj 24 Central Ave. NATIONALLY KNOWN Silverware 36 Pieces! Complete <- O 95 Service For 6 Service for 8 Available CCHNEERC ^CREDIT JEWELERS^ POLAROID GLASSES NAUGATUOK SPORT i & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. WLnslow Court TeU S3M' 1 RUGS and CARPETS CLEANED — SHAMPOOED EMBRUSKI .. ClEANtR • TAIbOR TcoQKU JS1 No. Main (it. TV|. SK07 linlon City 162 South Moln St. — 4-2204 BOUGHT SOLD R«nt a Trailer and Do That Job Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKLKl'HOXK Nanntuck SQM om<»> In Union Cllr Uardwarr Illdl AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82 SOOTH MAIN Telephone 6441 ST. You Shouldn't Need Glasses To See That "NEWS CLASSIFIED" Can Help You Out With That Advertising- Problem TRY IT OUT AND SEE. PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND DIAL 2228

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