Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1911
Page 8
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^Q£t,^^^je« In OUo.tbe, cqjpi^ •|D% Otto <tt 'K^G\noM'i»n'totf»di» ^M.Iteen throwing a.iiKy .aomd 60jl btubels In order, Uiab. the over-BuppIy nay not break down the price. That sort of practice may keep np the price to the producer ^_.^ii»TibH ^RAir«*' ; m ^llghJtbut It i> doJlan^l ^^iiL&Si£^Li£lS'-''> H ^owa 'tlhelp tk_ |5dI ?rT :!^?I^r!vr .r ^ilo^^ iar The price he geU trite tkeee ;':T:l".iV]V;;V;V PpmailBBlon men wUl be baaedton the big supply. It Is only the coMumc^. who will get the benefit of the-artUlo> ial scarcity produced by hauling 500 bushels of' applet every day-in order sort of thing that Is paving the way •in, every great city for the public market where the producer can come feoe to. face with the consumer, ellmlnat ing the middle man completely and permanently. 2 , JrHJtf( 8Ii)^'J«eA 'MEN COULD BO. -InjiJ^ie Olpo^inJiec Strand Magazine . «PJ >eif >s UB W U *. article with the . abOT'l^Utlii; TEe author kas taken as — the uprld'a »lx richest men John D. B«cIf{)FeUer, Flerpont Morgan,' Astor, l ^f L(firdii ^trat ^oona, Andrew Carnegie I — and il^rdt.R9t(K:hUd. He calculates ; that A ^tWtenV'them they own five I -thottfdud millbn dollars. What mighti - - they ^|o with such a sum if they com- I blnei)i\ror(ies?. What things could they I not i^eve with five thousand mll- ' lion (^Uan^/; Suppose they were ag- gren^e anf^ •inclinedj to wage war. The3t«oul4Jpnli-.a naUlon,men'ln. the Held (igidinMtnlnln .thep for ten>. years, - ^^IP8t9r<Httl^^ The American, R«v- 'ola^lfl^r7«,v%r cost seven hundred : mlQ ^i}! dcg^ The wars with, Na~ poie^ ftp|!|v:17il<t to 1816 cost Great , -^rlt^ tkrc4 ~tktraBand :.two. hundred and ,i)fty million dollar^. The Crl- meaf^ waF ».ooat.«na- hundred and fifty mlll^ dollars for two years. The Sbutjh -A^^^ea%.' wafw cost England 'twelf«» hundred and fifty million dol- - lara.^^ llMtriobektof these could.have _ bom^the costliest of these wars and had 4^ gaod~aum left - over. ; —It ti »ey turned their attention to the sea tkey could with, half their capi- , tal I ^d a fi^tt^ttcwottld'ke unlQUb, ovei!j^wer |9ar^ ilt8|d>tibl& The blg- 'ge8t^fleet <(^ti(P^warld>—that of Great Brtt^^-,i*9a<h^iurnJ«»bly. be- dupUcat- .ed IJE^ aiXUmmttit ntUltaa dollars. Aga^ tl)9f |priQyl]ipIk)» Ox^ oould gin aJiuBdrd^^^lHRboMAKtoi emtT- nuit wonu^ aU^:i^a^Jn.thei%itiah Isles They;, could ^voftt tke- TJnlted<- Klngdov. tor i |(x years akd^utg^, pay the to' tal'Amount of [its expenses and remit ^ eveil^lng to the Uxpayer. They oonl^ cI<|Ni|f>^..tke> custoou- houses and aUo|6 everj^ne to se4id Jetters and tele|t|aa(j| tree. Hiey. up al' --the l^gllldi railroads with their roll Ing jito^^an4>:]bnUdlngSi. They couk buy/all .t])«- automobiles in the world ~ and^avfe' eoough left to purchase the -^PanMoa <u>d Sues canals, and aftei tha%iaufflclent to buy up the total Brl' Ish i^jhifePlng for ten years. And If Att^w Carnegie could persuade hir flvei ifrifnds to-come In with him on ' .B .liUKd dv «I'they;oonId-bttr up Soot- i laa^^fiif '.thiB assessed value of-that i ' con^tryji^-real. estate is only, four '- 4hoi ||iai|p|' six .knndred .and fifty mil- Hoi^oIIais. These are a few of the 'startling things these six elderly gen- tlenMn oonld do with their combined - wea^ iffifiiea^only poisaesaed the re- qulflfte audacity, imagination an^ sgreonent This paper isn't much of a Jingo. but it confesses to. a great deal of sympathy with • the movisraent which has been started to cither abrogate the treaty with Russia or enforce the observance of It. The attitude of recognise Uptt- ed States iiassports In the hands of TAWsis certalqly oCpeaslvc to'the-dig* nlty of thit Natlon| as well as an affront to its sense of-^Justice. A Jew who escapes from Russia, comes to America and Is ^naturalised- herej Js as much entitled to.the.prntectloD;of,our flag as the naturalised citizen oC'aiU' other race or religion, and there ought "]|o be- some way to exercise that pro- lection. "I want also |o suggest to you that you at once urgently request the State central committee of your State to arrange for a presidential preference primary election,." is the closing sentence in the letter which W. L. Houser chairman of the LaFoUette campaign ^^ommittee at Washington has been scattering around over Kansas. It'Is said that a good many thousands of these letters have been received-in this sUte. and that as many as twelve Of the recipients have written.-to the ^tate Committee as requested. Kansas Republieani are very much.given to the.idea that they can look after .their own business. mSBEWABD. 7~IUiB>einber as.yon read it please /-aat^the followii^ fajfrom the editor- f ;M npfge a^fm Toprte Capital: • CUasiaiead delivered a glow: taq; :AqliKy^<tf$^-olB:«oldiers. in thr - HajfeiT^lMmMWhlp iii his- Stat< c^fiUwicti Society address, though he *i satwto^maA-widusis to Quay and •»L>*' N6r Tiidn-^fn the country, li hBidd. mis^ more appropriately IdffneilMle ^Miei^ta*'tor' stKb. an'ad- di !8ift :,^6r;jtiaess.«e are mistaket i^GiaaiNtlMfl''«as the last of thr „^pl river: A few veterans re- tram Conn«6tis«t Pennsylvania fwid yothttr «n ^C]« :8tMe6' per- FbUt! when Calderbead re- I tUk, XNur^ no, oldf soldlAr re- M^TtmmMetM braiRh of the West, Senator Wlar ... Wyoming excepted. Kansas itd Judge Oaldertkead as muoh as man the Historical building a n^ oif.'lke'<comer of 'Hetith kT mt ^iaHUenca was ab;necessary. says State Ageot ilson. who conducted thr t-atate at-y—hlngton." to r'df'CongreM td the re- -^"^ot 'the $528WI EVU ^prfatioB. A»d ^;J «4a» Caiderheed labored early and 1«t«^ put the apprmriation through, r ^WUbiirkM baildttsris 'alao.jlhere- ~ tise^%^ BumnmsoBt to.kis 8«rvices. ;^7il ^t Is a stn^ tetfaumal to the "Jndsa: Calderbead and of 'iaflaeaieft the strong, and ** of the'sidea- has done tor i intarestlng to man In the Ttkiafes now Istate or the ^.y—.- ,., . MrtiSB-Calderri l^'iM^^iraM^^ Congress last TfaeSecretarrof Agrfeultnre'as-one Iresnk of. the extended inquiry, bu has ytem. maUng' into the high' cost- of living^, reports that on the. average •Ihe consumer pays one dollar for food for which the farmer who produced it receives fifty cents. That'is 0 say, somebody gets as much, merely for transferring, products from the producer to the consumer, as the pro- ^'icer-gets for all'his time and toll .ind invested capital. It Is another Illustration of the fact that the weakness of our economic system is the distribution port of It. Whot is the remedy? The November Bulletin of the-fln- \ematlonaI Institute of Agricuttdre unfortunately backs up \he Sugar ^rnst in lu claims that present high prices are due to a poor crop of sugar and not to the control of the mar> ket by the Trust. According to this "^lletln the beet sugar crop of Russia is less than half as great this year as last, while all over Europe, notwithstanding an increase of over 100 per cent in acreage the yield, is far below that of last year. May^e the tniets do tell.the truth once in a while. The moreyoa tblnV about it the. leas nkely you are to waste much sympathy on that man Darrow. In the first place he received a fee of not less than $50,000 and possibly $100,000, and jia ^hUttdMdT dollars a day addlOraitt Sac respemres.' Then he sayr he m-MavlK west oTthtji ^|?ftpp 'tl». beginnlHg- thfr: MeNa-H inaraa were guilty. And finally if he jlid not: lUnself direct the men who were so basy bribing jurors, he can hardly have failed to know that such '^rk was. going on. Mt. Darrow may yet have some explaining to do. Tliere Is a story going the rounds,— the Register has heard it from several indq;iendent sources,—that a large proportion of the letters being "received in the Governor's office "Urging" a special session of the legista-. pUB were first seat out- tnmrthe; G»t- emor's office With a request that they be signed and -ret u med. And is THAT another source of the "tremendous pressure" for a special session that the Governor is finding it hard to resist? k; K. C. Journal: Although most of .recent cases of women who killed their husbands have boon decided in Urw of the women; yet the kIIllBg.ot husbands is really an unlady-Uke performance. Occasionally there is a husband who doesn't deserve kiU- m slgp^Vas^Siw^^ijig^^ the SraatBjf was/one ijroitf^^^ erection at: a' ibemprlal'to ^theflljhpVthT :Amerleaii' Indtaa..'. TheVta<poriBi-vis to be In :tbe- form, bf a bsoniie statiwii of ah Indian, and is to he erec^ oh' one of the government reservations ia New York^harbdr. comes a neighbor oC<Prot byche's right in bonglas county; and' dsclarep that the Professorfs idea of raising fish on every farm like hogs is all a fake. He declares that fish cannot be raised In still ponds, and 'that if they were they would not bef^| fit to eat. Next? . The Wichita Beacon printed on eof Billy Sunday's sermons In full, and the next day the aforesaid Billy prayed for "a very special blessing on Henry Allen who," he added cautiously but with enthusiasm, "who I under stand is a crackerjack!" Lawrence Is'giving signs of bi'lng the first to organize a Taft for i»rpsl- clent Club. The papers are out nnd the Journal says everybody-signs who is asked to do so. THE KAXSAS L^VNOCAGE. Rev. Rpbert Norrls stated before the State Temperanoe Vnlou in Topeka the other day, that be bad "bou^t liquor in 40 placesin .Topeka within the past few months." Now don't get critical; maybe the Qaverpor con- bidera Top^a to tough to reform. -0-. - Winiam J, is the second "Bob"by" Burns to win world fame.— A 400 acre tract near. Edgerton recently sold for an even $40,000. . Salina has Issued an Invitation to the State Butchers' Association to cut up there when It holds Hs.state convention. —0— Considerable Interest and amused comment has been aroused by the fact that Collier's Weekly had not a word to say this webk about- Hon. SteSens and the McNamara business. . —OT- If Shady Bend decides to change its name. I.inn county offers to pro- yide a new one for Hell's Bend In that pounty. . By a vote of 461 to 47 against, 01a- the,recently adopted> the commission form of government. —0^ , One dealer has 12.000 bushels of corn piled up out of doors in a Sumner county town and is still adding to *^ —0— The appeorance In Kansas City next week of "Get-Rich-Quick Wall- Ingford,'' brings close to homo Hale Hamilton, the leading man. Some tweivty years ago Hamilton, when a student at K. U., told his frat broth- .,.AT— tSm, tm %W, $8.98, $9.75, $15 The greatest offering of a great coat season—-! coming right in the full tide of coat usefulness. Style and saying rival each other in these garments, to the manifold benefit of the custon^ers. You need not put off the buying of your coat any longer. The reduction? are the same now as are usually offered in, our after Christmas sale. All are perfectly tailored and represent the season's latest styles. EXTRAORDINARY VALUES IN TAILORED SUITS. Suits formerly marked $^ to $27.50 now... .$15.00 $17.50: Suits reduced to $10.95$15.00. Suits reduced to $10.00 $13.50 Suits reduced to $8.95 CHILDREN'S COAT REDUCTIONS. $7.50 Coats reduced to $5.50 $6.50 Coats redvKjed to. $4.98 $5.00-Coats reduced to. .$3.75 Plnsh and Caracul Coats Greatly Reduced! mmmmmmmmmmmmmi era, thpt some, day he would be; a star. For over a. year now he has twinkled brilliaUtly on Broadway'; another Kansan who- has tnad<e good., Nobody haS; explained yet why the W^Iington Journal is in mourning and' using only black-faced type. —o— ; The Oluthc Registei; is the preltifst printed p:\per in Kansas and is the envy and' desi)utr of all its e^qbanges. —0— ; The Kansas jlour mills which merged say. they will ninke a strong fight now to boost Kansas fldur. ,They. l^ad the capacity- to Krlnd most of the wheat, but the Minnesota mills liad the best of them in selling-and bought a lot of Kansas wheat and sold; it from the Northern mills. Go^ fti* winter io diniH^ is like June Escape zero weathei: back East. Summer is^ not far av^iay, it you seek it^ki the sunny Southwest comer of U. S. A. The overland journey is a j,^^«>.mucb to see that's different t* _the Petrified Forest, for instance. As soon as the Star and Governor Stubba ascertain that they can dictate to the members they will call that special session to put the finishing touches to Boss Rule. —0— The Salina Union Is authority for the statement that thanks to a test case made there .you can this year write "Please do not open until Christmas" on a package without hav ing to pay extra postage on it. —0— Missouri-Kansas, Farmer: An Iowa man came to Anderson county, Kansas, ten years ago with $1,000. He bought a. quarter section of land, added other acres later on and recently sold out at $40,000. Pretty fair wages for ten years' work. Perhaps because the Los Angeles cose hold the spotlight. Junction City's labor troubles escaped attention last week. The Stone Cutter 's Union went out on strike because a non-union stono cutter butted in and took the Jobs away from one-half of the union. There are only two members of the Union there. The old Wsyeriy hotel at Lawrence, a stonei building, is being razed. In 1856 when, ferry boats landed there from Wcstport it was tho leading hostelry in. the state. Jim T^ane and J. J. Ingails both made headquarters there. One out of rvcry 200 pooplo who have attendr-'I tlft> SiiTidny inmings in Wichita has Ijofii convertrd, and as thousands have nttrndfd r<^jailar- ly, the percentage is vrymucli higher, probably one in fifty. —0— • * « * * •> * * * •:• •:• •:• • * * • • • AS mirE«» srTE Tirivfis.- « -> • • * + 4- •> • • • • •:• • <• y •^ •{• * >* m. ma Best Lump Coal delivered anywhere In the city.. Feed Bran Shorts. Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds —100 IbpersacK—^guaranteed weights;, U.S. Patent and Fidelity Flour -—To Dealers Newton Milling & Elevator Co& Phon» 157 Wiilis Pereau, Agent^v A Santa Fe-train wiO-takeyou there. The ody ra|b^ under one managefflent CaUfornia. The only niln^to Gnipd.GnifDaof Amwia. Dooble-tracked.liatf-Way; blodc-signalsaf^ardiaOtlieway. FMdHwvqr dining-car, dining-rooqa and station-hotel serrice. •HieCaMfatahlliiiim King of the Iiaiit «i».-aciD ^y (pr fint- dais tnvfKrcuMLmiy day—sleeper for Grand Canyon; Svmrm,ia4Mf»-rA$tmif atn^ tr^.CUag» to Lot Ap. Kd «;-oaee .a«ttlt:4^ • B---.^ J»ofl>e.LosABieks«s|«.i. ud 8v Pnun aaco Enms-fliree dailjfi tran ^rrtfa ^y \»rf .•tandard Pulknaat. touiyil siceiiff &Midithait c^n-slWaitet of ticfcrt %hoopRd. Say whidi tralq you pnltr.. Wil| mail.baokleth mE.RAfcSTON ~ ABKST- Whnt Do Tim Think of Thin? Bame.v Sheridra: The ffflnsas City Star told us all who?n. to sunport in 1908. So intenso WBJ ? its desire to elect Tnft thpt It pub 'lEhed forced letters of Clevpldnd to hclii bring.about the defeat of Bry .nn. So determhied was the Star In this, ft rsTK^tPd the declaration editorially, and th^ letters were genuln" aftor Mr.-?. Cleveland pronounred them fnreorica. And by "the. way, the sanT«» Sls.r nrvor yet admitted that the letters wern. forg-?r- les; although every other newspaper of the landtrepudlrt^d the letters and denounced th-; writer DP n forger. . And now the Kansas City Star as- snmea .the right to«again dictate to <tho people of, Kansas what to do as to President. The fact that It misled and'deceived them> in 1908; through eHher its ignorance, or i.'«f.^shoneaty; lir no way deters it from. tryluii^ to - the .voters^ into -the ditoh agaln:ln n'Ar a gatbterer and distribotor. of news the Star is a suoc ^Mfttl 'daily. lwtr«B a^ poliUeal leader It ta.bbth Io>- isoiapeteot'and dtahonest. TQe trusts hvbb 'pnitaBrdUed it to support. Thft In 11906 have not deemed it'neeessaty to eoBtlnne the subsidy since the Taft of-19il is the same Taft'of 1908. aqd win be the aam* .T8Ct<li^^l9ia. In other wordsr the Special IntMreats that paid! thepKansa» Ctty Star $150 ,000 fori itB ibpsiort-three years ago., are Btabdfnjg .pat-OB the convJctloB.that it sbOnM: stair bought So^ much .for a (newspaper • that sella its, opinions. TuSrmtnas. : Wri sooB • l«av» lola-, permanaBtly. imi ktndlr'Bflk^aU^wtao are ind «bled „,*o .ma 'or. to th* flrm of Coffinan & iVr^ker to please call and 8ettl».at onte -r DRt8 .iAi coraasAN; > Tirr.arBfciftar Waat A4. Kow. lOlA, KANSAS . OVEU FORTY YEARS OF COXSEIIVATIYE IJ.V>'KISG IN lOLAv Depository, for the United States, State of Kan<>iis andAilen County OFFICERS: L. L. NORTHRUP, President D. P. NORTHRUP, 2nd V^Prea.. F. A. NORTIHtUP, Vice-President MELVL\ FltOXKi Cashfer; ' R. J. COFFEY. Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,00a,0flli Interest Paid on Time Deposits . • Safety Deposit Boxes for.Beat' YOCK BUSINESS SOLICITED. ilULJIl THOS. H. BOWLUS, President -r..-^^. '.--r-rf. ^{^^^ J. F. SCOTT, CaaUect lOLA, KANSAS ESTABlISHi'D A QUARTEK OF A CEMURY. Capital .. $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $5^0,000.00 INTEREST P.VID 0>- TIME DEPOSITS. i SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOK BEKIT . : lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus .. $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSJa^? : L. E. HORVILLE, Pre.«<. VI. .H. KAUFMAN, Sad Yieeffnai^ J. H. C.VMPBELL,^ Cashier. : A. W. BECK, Ylce-Prcs. F. 0. BENSON, A SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT. /a-^iS'-'KliiiS*5

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