The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 25, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1977
Page 3
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^VBBI^^^HBM On The Air Today 0:00 p. m. Aco.'i Otlioi' Stutlons— -NuwM dill) p. in. WHTSY ••Unmibnll Scaron WATR IntorhKlc 0;lfl 'p. 7i>, WHnY-WAliC -In My Opinion WriC I'roC. Kfhcnl«n' VVOR- -On tho Cuntui-y \VATR--Sportn: Hnrcniidii \VJK--IClhnl lind Alburt dlflO p. in. WrmY- K. Chi-lH-iy ICi-lt, Now« WAf'.C •f.urr.v Cnrr WJ/J—Allun I'rojicott \VTIC-iStrlctly Sport» WAT/4- -N«wji; I/itiTlllilo WOK-- ViintlKVontoi 1 «MS p, ni. WBKY-W/U-!C-Ni>v.'.« Till Now WTiG'-VVKAK - I.owoll Thorium WOK -Stan (,ornux WATTJ — I'ltiiisiiri) unit froflt 7:00 p. ni. W£!KY-WAI'.C -fultl Clnylon WATFt Albert Wiirnur VVTfC'-WHA'K-- Huppcr Club W.r'/. Hcitullimi ICdltinn WATR-WOU-.Huy rrimlu 7: 1.", p. ni. WliTiY DfMiK'UiH CJulri'ttn WAHC 1 •Hkylln.i Hoof WTIO-WKAl'" NHWW \VJ7, Klfimr Davlw WATK AdvcmUiroi In Kliytlmi WOR-— An«Wfir Mtui 7:l!fi p. in, WATK N..WH 7:»() p. in. WHKY-WAHC l.'iol) Hawk W'lTO-WKAK. • Ai-tuiiul thii Town WJX r.eirui KunK'it 1 WOK- -Nnw.'i WTlC'--Mu.«lU: Hull VurliitlPft WAT/t- -i'Jiono Your Amiwor 7:-IR p. in, WKAI' 1 .ft. V. Kalti-nliorn WOl't frmldi' or Mpoi-tM W'l'K.'- Alcritiollwi Anonymous WATK • Wully. Tin-in H:00 p, in, V/UltY-WAHC- tniu-r Sanctum WOK l.iilklon Dminmoiul VVATK-WJX -hum mid Aljiior 8; :!"> p. in. WATK-WJX K'l Sulllviin K'.'M f>, in. WUUY-WAHC. KlKhUni; Mi-imt WTtC-WKAl.'-. .e'ln.Mlonn [' ): MI, WOK r,'nMii of (ir,,):oi' V Hood WJX. Fut Mun Emerson Phonoraclio • Kudlu und l'hiinn(rni|ih with ji Autmimtlu KiM'iiril ChmiKiir f<Ji' ; 1JJ Jnoli rcc.oi'ds. OrKiitilll«< i tone, I; Older Mnilf<l (.'»iiili|iuitl(in<i fr»iu SHS.'J.'j niul up j.11,'1 No. Muin St. t'nluii City Tol. G-IU1 VENETIAN BLINDS In .MIiMik, LEBON'S VIO.NUVrlA.N I1MM> Co. STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Placo Open Uiilly Until I A. M. • OAM.V • AND • A lw\ CAKTK MKftV )>lnln>r Kooin, Ii*(Ki(l llur mid UdiHIi Hiii-vlci) Full Liquor Liconso You'll S-a-y . . . "Our laundry bundle is superb" Dial Watcrbury 4-410G AMERICA *•* MI •%/>#'> WATR—Girl Scouts 8:45 p. in. WATK—Voice of -the Army VVBrtY-WABC—NowT' H:00 p. in. WBUY-WABC—Milton' Berle WOR—Cubrlel Hofittur W.l'/.— i Dual .in Crlmo WATR—Forum ot'the-AIr ' 0:15 p. in. WOR— Stories 'J:'M ;>, m. WriliY-WATiC- Jnck Klrkwood WTIC-WISAF—Goodman Orch. WOR—Guy Lomburdo WJ55-Paul Whltoman WATR—Forever Tops U:55 .p.* m. WATTi~\VJK- -Hurry Wiwrncr 10:1)0 ]i. m. W}3RY-WAt-:C—Screen' Guild WTTC-WlSAF—Contuntecl Pf;m. \VJK- Question for America WOlt-WATR—Pluyhouso 10:1C, p. ni. .VA•^R-^VJK—Kuntasy; Orch. 10:HO p. in. Tonight on Broadway -WttAF— Dr. I, Q. WJJJ—lii-own Dotn WATR .-.Rod Cro.HH P«m. VOK • Football Revluw 10;.lfl p, in. VATlt ••Fun.tii.My In Melody II ;D!) p, n,, LI. .Stutlon.i—Neww ll:ll) p. in. VtikY-.Johti J. Daly, City Nows 11:1.1 p, 111. VUKY-WABC—You and the Atom VATI't-WJSi-Sturnoy Orch. ,'OM-WEAF-WTIC—News 11:30 p. m. .'MtY-WABC—Eileen Farrnll VOK -.WutttliRi-; Harris Orch, r'AT14-W.I3{ --CSumM; OrchcHtru VIOA1 1 ' .finuidwynrip Orch. /TIC — Iji/ony ICnwomblo ia:o» IV VRKY—N«wa Personal Fraternal NAUGATCCK NEWS (CONN.) MONDAY, AUG. 12, 194«—PAGE S Church Notes Murphy Co. Annual Outing Held Yesterday , .Employes of the C, G. Murphy Co., ani! thcif KUUSIS yusic-rrlny held the company's annual outing ot (ho Salilklfe-cn residences on East V/a- lorbury road. An extensive program, of sports, Kanios, c'.nncinff and card playing was hold during the tiny. Refreshments and a Ui.:-;;e picnic.lunch ware served us well as u hot clofr, hamburger and corn roust conducted. Amor.f,' thoso attending wore: Mr. and Mrs. Kudolph W. Smith, R. W. Smith Jr,., Robert Smith, Mr. and Mra. Adum HulfilcltoK, Mrs. George SSitzmun, Mrs. Henrietta. Poekur, Mi\ anil Mrs. P'red Miller Mr. am! -Mr.s. 'linrles Wrishtmnn, John Ronour, Mary Abucowic/., VVIIIam Hn.s.ion- ln, Carol De Franxo, Thomas McGinn, Marie Ciipnrellu. Lucille 1-Inrpor, I.ucy M'ozzio, E!I- i nor Harrison, Loin Hare, MildrQd "j, JoKcphlno r:lo. Richard Dum- icluitt, Arthur Lawrence, Anthony -uwronei', Philip Lawrence, Janet indo" Rado, Catherine Trluno, rlem> SCMIS:L, Charles NunlnUo, i\I'r. nd Mrs. ThomnH Walker, Ruth And Now It's•'.'Operation Stork* J,UC)0 tons of wtuel. liattloslilp luifl about Timely Salad Two Couples To Be. Honored A farewell dessert purty.ln honor ,Mr. and Mrs Robert ManFnrltincl nd Mr. und M'r.s. Jivorutt Whiplcey will I if- ln'ld \>y thi! Twenty Plus c-lub »!' thi- -Vlftlhinlirtt church Friday uvi'iiliiK, Auj r . .10 ul 0:'1D o'clock In the church parlor, Following the dessert, tlio group will motor to Lltchflold 10 attend IL purfoi'mancc at tho uunimur HIL'| ati.M- hiirr. Those pliinnlnj,- to nltuiul I tin- tlic-ater fire rer|ui.>stcil to makn • ••- '" Wins l-'earl Ad- on "Dave's IJroiim" which, dropped the atomic boriil) in, the midurwuti.'!- atomJc test at Bikini, l,t. R. M, Glenn, admires his eieht- pouiKl son, Iviiln-H. M., Jr., ut it hospltitl In Anderson, S, C., ns his wife looks on. The proud dud is stationed ut RoswelJ, Ni M, (International) reservations with itina. COTTAGE CHEESE exlends oil-based UrcssiiiR-, Serve over colMlaw In tomato cups. Cnvnisli with plclclcs rolled iu luncheon meat. Tasty snlacls nro the order of life clfiy, prepared from foods that arc plentiful. Try this sal.'id plalo for a ' luncheon or light supper— it's I'v.'illy ;i wljolc- meal, served with litlh- brnn inurTins. Cut tomatoes in quarters about halt way clown. Spread open ami (ill with a simple coleslaw mixture made of shteddod cabbage and slivers of green pfpper. Top with iicnerous spoonfuls of Cottage Cheese Dressing (tho cheese helps to stretch the oil-based mayonnaise, besides adding food value.) Garnish tho plate with radish roses and pickles rolled in luncheon meat. <•» CottaRC Cheese Dressing Mix together "i teaspoon salt, H teaspoon mustard, dash wlntp pepper, '1 drops tabasco sauce, Vj teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon vinegar and '/i teaspoon onion juice. Beat 1 OKK >' olk i" 1 ? ' lccl P bowl and add vinegar mixture, Continue boating, meanwhile addinn 1 cup. of bottled salad oil —drop by drop at first, gradually increasing the amount. S owly /dd 1 tablespoon vinegar and beat well. Chill. Just before serving, add Vi cup cottaRt chcese.-drain- ed, and stir until smooth. Sprinkle with paanka. Firemen On Vacation T..ieut. John V. Phillipa of tho local fire dentirtniont, Luilay utart- ocl hi;t .annual vacation. Jloturnnpr from vacation today was Fir<;m;in John Wuuvinjj. Doctor Returns From Vacation Dr. Fn>d W. Wide i, haa ruturnod vacation. of Church after a three Oxford. Couple Parents Of Girl Cotton Hollow Sisters Are Engaged To Wed Announcement is mado of tho op.)rnfroir,(,'nt .of two Cotton Hollow sinters ami tho coming marriage of one. Miss Dorothy Agnes Hutt urn! Mi.s-K Ruth Elizabeth Hutt, daughters of Mr. nnd Mrs. William P. Hui'i are engaged respectively H) Edward Joseph Mason, Jr., son (if Mr. und Mrs. E. J. Mason of llighlimd avenue, and Joseph John Foiey, son of Mrs. Marie Foley of Rubber avur.uc. No dulc has been act for the Miisoi>HiitL ceremony, with announcement of the Foloy-Hult wod- dir.g planned for Saturday morning. Sept. 14, ivt 9 o'clock in St. Francis' church. Both couples arc graduates of Nmif.'alucl( High school, with Dorothy bclnic elected class beauty upon lu'-r graduation. Mr. Foloy left the high achool in his senior year to enlist In the U. S. Navy, and Mr. Mnsun also is a veteran of three years in the Navy. Both has received discharges. ; House Guests Of Mr. and Mrw, Harold Renkor of _ , •««•-,„,„„ Oxford, announce the birth of a -LiOCai WOnia-H. daughter, Janet Ruth. In Wutcr- Mrs. Joseph Dnnnenfclscr and Anne Bristol Plans Sept, 7 Wedding Here Miss. Anne Wclton Bristol, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlton W. Bristol of Hillside avenue is making plans for her wedding to Robert Walker Brodie. of .New York city, son of Mrs. Frank W. Brodie and the late Mr. Brodie which will be an event of Saturday afternoon, Sept. 7 at 4 o'clock n the Congregational church. The Rev. Edward R. Hance, pastor will perform the ceremony und a reception will fol-. low at' the Bristol home, AS attendants Miss Bristol will .have her sister-n-law, Mrs. Oarlton W Bristol Jr., of Glastonbury ns. matron of honor "and bridesmaids will include her cousin, Mrs. George W. Hartland the former Ruth Bristol and Miss Sue Chitten~ den, both of Naugauick; Miss Martha Lord, Aufi-usta, Me., and Miss Nancy Ten Evck of Hanover. Miscellaneous Shower* Honors Ruth Kuraitis Miss Ruth" Kuraitis of Rubber avenue.who will .be.married to.Ed- ward G. Cchweitzer of Deep River, Sept. 8, was honored at a Miscellaneous shower recently at the home of Mrs. .Raymond Finsel of Gorman street. A buffet luncheon was served and the firuost. ot honor recipient of muny gifts. Among those attending' were: Mrs., Ho ward Rninvillft Mrs. Clarence Lundstrom Mrs. Edward Patton, Mrs. Robert' Ranslow Mrs. Adam Kuraitis, Mrs.'John Er.amait, Mrs, Adolph Mikelfinas, Mrs. John Enamat Jr., Mrs. Mildred Crosby, Mrs. Lydla Valonti, Mrs.' Lu Kieran. Misses Helen Paulablnsky, Hcrtha oi-losky Martha Koslosky June Reed, Jane Mpecke], Helen Geleta, Helen Kationis, Mary McGouffli, Brennan, Ediih Urgltis, Judy Finsel, Thelma Valenti. Gcrtrudje- UprijrM, Florence' Zmyewski, Shirley Walsh, Sophie Wailonis, Irene Kurtiitis, Dorothy Kuraitis, Helen SveiHiauskas Lydia Mazeikn, liu- nlce Voland, 'MildreJ Townsnnd Lois Hermonat, the guest of honoi and hostess. ST. FKANCIS 1 Francis Cnulfleld has been named chairman of a committee to arrange the Fall carnival.' Thomas ] be sad Saturday In honor of Mrs. A second anniversary"- -requiem high Mass will be said Wednesday at 7:30 a. m. n honor of Hugh Burns. Friday nt 7:30 a high Mass will be celebrated in honor of St. Roe. A month's mind high Mass will Lynch is assistant chairman, Miss Anne Lawlor secretary: nnd Bernard Sullivan, treasurer. The committee will moct tomorrow night at St. Cecelia's hall, at which time j the full commitleclist will he assigned. A four-door Dodge sedan will be the main-prizi-, A family outing will be sponsored ugiist 20 by tho St. Francis Men's Club at Laurel Lod«re. Masses Thursday, the Feast or the Assumption will be at G-J5, G:30. 7:30 and 9 a. m. Confessions will b« heard Wednesday afternoon and evening. A first anniversary requiem high Mass will be said in honor of Loroy Smith at 7:30 a, m. Tuesday. A month's mind requiem high Mass will be said Tuesday at S a. ni. for Dcniis J. Gorman. Rose Smith'at 7:30 a. m, Wednesday is a day of fast and. abstinence. ST. MAKY'S ,, Requiem high Mosses will .be celebrated Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings at 8 o'clock In honor of John Fekete. Tho Macs Wednesday is at the request of his family; Friday, Mrs. Rose Lakalos and family; and Saturday at the request of Mr. and Mrs. James OjConnor, Mr. and Mrs. William Sqpary and Mr. and Mrs. John Ro- pas. Thursday, the Feast of the Assumption, a Holy Day of Obligation, Masses will be at 5, 7, S and 9 n. m. Confessions will be heara Wednesday from 4 to 5 p. m. and from 7 to S p. m. Wednesday. Fake Off 'Bottled' Stockings With Liquid Hosiery Remover Ruccio-Francis Engagement Mr. and Mrs, Edward Francis' of Coen street, announce the engage ment of their daughter Marian Ann to Francis' E. Ru'ccio, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ruccio, 3r. t of Hig'h street. No date has been sat for the wedding-; Miss Francis' is a graduate of Nnugatuck High school and is now affiliated with the payroll division of the U. S, Rubber Co. Mr, Ruccio graduated from Naugratuck High school and attended the U. S. Merchant Marine academy at Kink's Point, Li. 1. N. Y. He recently returned home after serving 13 monthe in "the South Pacific, Pastor Officiated At Cousin's Wedding Officiating- at the wedding ot his cousin,' Thomas W.. Ho'gan, West Hartford, and Mies Katharine Marie Crowley 1 of Hartford, was the Rev. Paul F. Keating, pastor of St. Francis' church. T h e ceremony • "• I took place ,at St. Peter's church John M. Brodie of Elmira, N.Y.,' Hartford, Aug-."5. bury hospital, Aug. 9. Mrs. Renkor i daughter, Rita Louise of Great is thu former Ruth Morgan of Nau-' Nock, ui;e visiting Mrs, Harry Deth- jjntuck. , , lofse'n, To Prospect street, Celebrating Their 92nd Birthday We Are Now Receiving Shipments Of WEAR-EVER ALUMINUM WARE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE BOTLDINO TEL. 5212 formerly of Watevbury, will serve as his brother 1 ? best man, tind.ush era will be Craifr Barber of Water bury; Livingston Van de Water of Fail-Held; Edwin G. Reade Jr., of Water-town; Games' Weeks of Woodbui-y; George -W. Hartland of Naugatuck • and C. W; Bristol,' Jr, of Glastonbury, Miss Bristol, a provisional member of the Junior Loag-ne of Waterbury, is a graduate of Stoneleigh- Prospect Hill School Greenfield, Mnss. and Bradford Junior College, Bradford Mass., class of 1343. Mr. Brotlie n. graduate of Taft School in the class of 3939, entered t'he Marine Corps in March 1942, and served 15 months in'the South Pacific Theater. .He- was given' his discharge in November 19.15. Mrs. Bnr.evillQ VVjImot Naugatuck, nnd Mrs. Noyes'S, Wilmot nritertaincd at a notion shower and tea at the Jattcr's home in Seymour Thursday in honor of Miss Bristol. Guests were present from Nau'g'a- tuck ad Watcrtown. Presiding at the tea tables were the bride-olcct's mother and Mrs. Howard H, Eris- tol, Mrs. Samuel R. Mrs. .Lewis A. Dibble. Bristol and Recent Guests In Rhode Island Recent guests of Mr. and Mr Harold Brown of Church street, a Quonochontaug; R. I., were M and Mrs. Earl W. Barnum of Hil side avenue. WORK QUICKLY if you would A NEW LIQUID hosiery r<x rreate a handsome pair of "bot- mover is designed to lake ofT bot. tied' hose, to vie with finest tied loir make-up in ,-i hm-rv sheers. Small amount of liquid Pour the liquid into the hand leg'make-up is poured into palm apply to legs and rub centlv pf hand. Starting at the foot and Rinse with water and dry with ankle, smooth it upward with a towel to leave' the skin soft and 'rt r\ f* fifm ct ivilr/»c A*M *%*%*!_ long firm strokes. .smooth. Clara Chittenden To Be Soloist Violin soloist at a musical to b given Friday evening at 8 o'clocl at the home of Mrs. Edwin J. Brad bury of Madison, for the benefi of the Madison Historical society will be Miss Clara Chittenden daughter of Superintendent o Schools and Mrs. Harold' E. Chit tenden of Fail-view" avenue. Announce Birth Of Son Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McKce, 17; Quinn street, announce the birth of. a son, Owen, yesterday at the Watcrbury hospital. Mrs. McKce •as the former Mildred Owens of livinville, N, Y. MOST rK'OITJK cut c:ilcu tu col<>br:ii<: their blrtltiliiy. But not those twin sisters, Mrw, Catherine Klrscliucli (k'ft) and Mrs, Mury Franzun, of .Iiimnlcu, K. I. They jrlvc tlirvu-ntbiitlis-old Dennis Barn:t):, Mrs. KlfNclHUili's (,'rcut ffrcuulson, n hath, cvon though he objects. (Inter.) TODAY'S GARDEN-GRAPH Confer On Munitions Probe Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office ~"S, Rubber Ave. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear. Plant NautfatucJc Conn. U. rf. s&ifrmjo, fiiimcH ftlead • (left) of .New I'OJK, cli;iirn»an Senato War Investigating Committee, is sho'\vii as ho.conferred,. In WtiMlilngton with Attorney'" General Tom,C!urlt (riffjit), after turrilngr over to the hitter dntii and Information, gathered by tlio Senate probe' group. Standing is George Mender, committee counsel. (Intornationol j POTT-ED fiouse -FCRN CUttFEW FOK Cini-DREN New Haven, Aug. 12—(UP)—A partial S o'clock curfew for children under 14 has jrono into effect in New Haven. The action was taken by police in hopes of curbing crimes by juveniles. Ii is now illegal for children to loiter in a public place in the evening unless accompanied by parent or guardian. K 1X.1VRED Gorham, N. H., Aug. 12 — (UP) — The possibility of whether the Aft MANY ARRESTS East Haven, Aug. 12—(UP) — Fifty-three men have bcun trrcst- ed on gambling: charges. The raid was described as one of the biggest of its kind. It was mado on a Uiro<M3tory building on Foxon boulevard. Five of the men held are charged with operating IL gaming house and the others were booked as -frequenters. Washington railway collision may have been caused by a practical joker is under investigation The mishap occurred Sa-turdaj when a runaway flat car crashed a passenger train climbing the ijjlc track, Ii is believed the flat car's brake may have been reluasuc by a misguided joker or through curiousity. Twelve persons still are There's a future- in the sky!!! Ee an expertly trained specialist. You will find a job with U. S Marine Aviation. Enlist for ihroo or four years. Apply Post Onice Building, Watci-ljury. STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Sprlnu St,, Uninn City Tel. Naup. 0111 — Wat. 4-n'.^' FELIX NAUDKLLO, I'nll mnrk or Kti'i'l ninl wiinil llllndii iTIHilrrd, n-fiiprd, M. Barry Keegan FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER 108 Bank St. Watcrbury;; Jones Morjfon Bldp. Tel: 4-5384 DIED SUDDENLY Stamford, Aii«-. 10—(UP)—Ambulance driver Henry Kcrzon, after deliverins- n patient, complained •that he wasn't feeling well. A fellow worker drove him in JScrxon's own ambulance to the hospital where he died from 11 heart attack. He was 38 years old. PICTURES Any Home Can Use NEW PICTURES You'll Find A Large Variety Here— LARGE OR SMALL MIRRORS, TOO GIFT A.VNICX On The Balcony Tlio Card and Gift Shop SWEENEY'JJ ART and STATIONERY i : STORE Ncary Building Church St n&ZSto, Time to Inspect House Plants '.-... .-.--. By DEAN HAUIDAY Released 6y Central Press Association IF POTTED plants In the-hoosd ,or on the porch .or terrace look sick at this .time of, the year, look closely for red spider. You won't be able to see it with the naked »ye,' but. its' presence will be revealed' by small brow^i spots on' the undersides" of fronds, ah'd by the 'leaves .turning somewhat .yellow, and,'"lh. some cases falling-.from their'stems. To get'rid of this troublesome mito use* the "water' cure/' that is, drown the red'spicier by washing off 'the under side of'th'e'fpll- age every day wlth'".'cold : water. The accompanying' 1 Garde n- Graph 'shows an! easy; and "effective way to,'flush"off. potte'd'ferns' or. airy other'house'"plant; H6ia the plant' si'dewayg, or upside down, under the bathroom shower.' TKis'wiirprevent the'ap- '- of re'd'abl^er: ar Hd thft"' plant of the pest'if It has already attacked.)!. • • On. the stems .and backs .of leaves of coleus,' Impatlens',' Afri-. can violet, and in the crooks of. the Ivy leaves, wa.tch" for what look's HkV little lumpa r of v 'cotton' batting. These really are soft- bodied sucking-' insects' caTted "mealy" bugs." Under their de'f ceptive "cotton' blankets,", illustrated",^ thcy^arc busy siick'lhg the plaht's^julcea. . To checkmate mealy bugs, wash them off the leaves with an old tooth brush dipped in soapsuds. "On plants such ,as the .African violet, wh'lch rcscrits having its' leave's wet,"use' a"' tobth'plck with . a .bit. of cotton ' wrapped around the end. Dip Oita applicator into 'rub'b'fng alcoh'ol 'and 'touch" each cottony lump on a loaf with U;' If It WON'T WASH Bring or Send It To Us for QUALITY DRY CLEANING Fine workmanship—the kind of cjir«- ful scientific cleaning your clot lies (JetMsrvc. eerless 150 NORTH MAIN ST. L j% U IV B R Y- GEORGE R. BURNS" PHONE 5854 CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY . JTel." 221D 34 SOUTH ; MAIN STREET (OppOHlta XiiiiKntuck l^iirnittire Co.) Fntlnrj-. Ri-jialr Srrvler .on All, M»kr» 'of KAiHn Sft*. I'roinyt Service ut fur Radio Kcimlr Work. PHilco Car Radios . Immediate Delivery Automatic Phonographs and Record Changer* LAKGE STOCK OF SEAT COVERS $7.95; $9 95, $12:95 $15,95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 80 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Conn.. , I

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