Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1911
Page 7
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SiicUotii Cleaner q You aee lieine an deddc Suctioai Q( ttly.With thk . Qewer yoa can dean your dMRKVDQr—bctto than have ever been able to do i the pait^-asd there'll be u, <ha(t.. Imtead of hard work you wffl £od hotne-clean- mgapleanire. Thlskcot dte li^biat cleaner ntade, butk if efficient— ni4 >Ie—durable—guaranteed for one year. 4| Yea can Em] out foryom> «df-=«ead m portal today let m fiee bial lot is your tun hoOB withoat peany «t frpmtfr. one Cleaner complete $65.00— For rent $2.00 a day K. CPlufflbinti & Supply Co LIBERTY. —When trading in lola eat a hot, well-cooked dinner—20c—at Monty's Cafe, 1st door south ol Register office. December 6.—Mr.' and Mrs. Burl- oett and family toMc dinner with the latter'8 mother, Mrs. C»y, In lola on Thanksgiving day and Mrs. Uurtuctl who was'not very well, reiuulneU for a few days' visit. Mr. Wheeler has been having bad luck with his hogH having lust sevural lately. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and futnlly visited Mr. Webt^ter Green's family last Thursday. Mrs. Kramer and girls spent Thanks giving day with Mrs. Roseau ilcss, of lola. Mr. and Mrs. George Jones and children, Mrs. Walter Ling and baby and Miss Belle Bruce spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and it was not only Thanksgiving day |but their mother's (Mrs. Bruce's) birthday, and they had a most delightful time. Mr. P. Johnson entertained the following guests at supper on Friday last Mr. D. P. Nortiirup, and son; Louis, Mr. Ralph Dr»kc. Mil. Kramett Culbertson. Mr. Robert Sparts, of: lola Mrs. Walter. Uing and Miss Belle Bruce visited Mrs. George Jones Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Towasend and Mr. and Mrs .Stephen Townsend visjit- ed Mr. Mart Cahalen's Sunday. Mr. Castator and. family visited Mr. Veteto across the river Sunday. Mr. Chas. Slacks visited Ben Drapers Sunday.- Miss Belle Bruce returned to Newton Sunday after spending a' few days here visiting relatives. Miss Lona Kramer spent' Saturday night with her sister, Laura Frieschen meyer. Mr. Barnharts had word from Miss Emma that she would start from Falls City for Portland, Oregon, last Monday; from there she will go to Washington to visit a few days with Mrs. Prank Marley and they expect her home by the last of this month. The teacher and pupils are preparing a program to be given on the night of the Christmas tree, but as to tha order that will be kept it is most too early to announce whether It will be good or not But as we never have anything but good order at Liberty wc presume It will be good; - Mr. and; Mrs. I^ Goble and baby and MlsB Mamie Bower from Keuth- land, Indiana, visited from Thursday until Sunday with the former's brother, R. S. Goble, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Soutbards spent .Sunday with Mrs. Tiietcrs. Mr. and Mrs. Chnncey Heath visltcf' Lee Vetetos Mondiy. Mr. and Mrs. P. Johnson and Axel Jensen visited ttie fa;mlly of J. U CUne across the river Sunday. Mr. Burtnett Is having a crew out dolng.some much needed road work. Mrs. Bessie Pickett of tola and Pansy Johnson visited ye scribe Monday Mrs. Ed Osbom, .Mrs. Keithley and Mrs. Johnson visited Mrs. Castatoi Tuesday. - Mr. and Mrs, Kramer visited Mr. John Frleschenmeyer, of lola. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jo'm Harris took din ner Thursday witli Mr. George Wilson. Mrs. Ketthley and Mrs. Ed Osbom Xisited Mrs. George Wilson Friday. There /will be n pic supper at Liberty Frlflay night. Hra. ./Castator called on Mrs. Kramer.- Wiednesday. I^";; Elam waF making the rounds with Ais-meat wnpon Wednesday. Mn.->'StephcD Townsend in%ited a few /of her nei^'j^ors in Thursday to qofit out a quilt for her. Mn. Ed Osborp. Mrs. Keithley, Mrs. Qastator and m »<rher Harris and Mrs. ! Will Wilson visited Mrs. Prior Heath '/Tharaday. Liberty 3i «-w«. ' (By 2 Reader.) The roads are eood now and weather too but no telling how long they ~ will stay that way. Mr. Castator and family-Visited Mr. and-Mrs. Veteto last Sunday. Mrs. Fancy Johnson called on Mrs. Anna Cornell last Saturday afternoon. Mtsses Leia McGuire and J|ennie • Cornell called on Ch &rlle Slack's one evening last week. ' -- Mr. and Mrs. .Tolin McGuire started to prayer meeting'Wednesday night.! but as there wxEt't [any they spent: the evening witb Mra. Teeters. i V One of tbe^gresteltt events of the S6U0B In our nelgbborliood occutred. / / at the home of Mr. Ira Townsend on Thursday. Nov, 30. They gave a big Thanksgiving dinner party. Those ^reitent were: .Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Slack, Mr. and Mrs. Steven/ Townsend. Miss Christy, .Mr. C. C^huster, Ullhu SluiKt>.-r und .Mr. Ira Townsend and family. A most Joyful/day was spent / A. O. Curnt-ll delivered dfcsticd hogs to Steve Uninent in lola' last Wednesday. .\ ijrcat m:iiiy got scared of the hog choleia and butchered before they wanted to, rather than wait and run any ri^ of thiir hogs taking the distase. We were sorry to learn that Mr, Wheeler lost some of his nice, fat hogs last week. Some of our sick folks were In lola Tuesday consulting Dr. Garllnghouse, and they had the plejsurc of seeing his tine twin boys. itrs. Wheeler and Jlrs. Alderson were in lola shopping Tuesday. We hope there will be a big crowd at Liberty pie supper Friday night i t; A. L. Townsend was on the sick list last week. Two .young gents staxted .out- from lola last Sunday night on their bicycles, and In some way one of them ran his wheel into some object, demolishing It He was unable to ride It home after attending the Liberty :ehurch services. • Mrs. Ethel Best has been visiting with her mother, near Humboldt, lor the past week; also relatives in lola. >EOSHO V.ILLEY. —When trading In lola eat a hot, well-cooked dinner—20c—at Monty's Cafe, 1st door south of Register office. Dec. 7.—W. B. Gay and family were at Mat Reahm's on Thanksgiving Day. A. Fairs family were with friends in town Thanks^ving. C. R. Flake and wife went to lola during the early part of the day. on Thursday of last week, presumably to get in an early order for cranberry sauce and turkey, at the home of their son. Floyd Flake. Mrs. A. J. McCarley spent several days,. Including Thanksgiving, with her folks near Elsmore. Miss Hunter, teacher at Neosho Valley, went to her home at Cbanutc on Wednesday evening of last week, and remained until the first of, the present week, Frank Hase, who went with Mr. Peterson to Iowa, a little less than a vear ago. returned home last Satur- lay. and we do not lielleve that the "•tatcinent that he is glad to get back •d ".Stmny" Is wide of the I ruth. E. Snlveley and wife were, on the ID-TIME niEr milKEpEill lives Color, Lustre to Faded and Gray Hair—Dandruff ^ Quickly Removed. From time jmraereorial, sitgc and snl- l;ur bavn IK-OU used for the hair and •J I;'. Almost everyone knows of the i!ii<> of such a combination f'jr darken- I?; till- hair, for curing d.imlruff and aliir^ hair, and for making the hair .;i -ii -,v. Ill cliUn times the only .way to get a 1 til- Miiic of this sort wan to bri-w it in 'i" Ii.'i:io fireplace, a mfthoil whith was • •itbli'soMic ami not alwa.vs KatiNfactory. .•.>v,Mday.-i sltnost every ui»-fo-date drug- .i.-^t can sun;)ly his patrunii with a ready- •>i!.sL> i>-.-oiii :t 't. skillfully compounded In ••iTfo ^'Jly i-tjuipptMl luiioratorleR. The iVreth ChiMuiiill Company of New Yorit .lilt up P.U ideal ronietly of this sort, .aiidl Wyrtb's Sage and Sulphur Hair •! •:;i«ly, and authorize druggists to sell ;t uiiiliT guarantee that the money will lie n-funilwi if it fails to do^xactly as rt'iiri -si -nffd. If yi >ii have dandruff, or if your hair ti:rnlt)g cray or coming out, don 't ilchiy, but get a bottle of this remedy iu-i,'r..v. and lieo what a jtev days' treat- icoat will do for you. This preparation U' offered to the piittlic at fifty centM a tiottle, aind tf recommended' and sold :pi sli dmggiats^ BwrelFfe Scif Um,WM,Eu, pW <BBt ,^e tfae.flntiiwirt^o^^ * hai .been M iUng aiiiee t^re-. inovM froin thta nelgbborbood/tft- lola but It does not leem -that yrart dl separaUon. have diminished ,tlielr interest In the people with whdn they formerly associated. On-' Saturday when the West Side famieir makes hts regular weekly visit to. Tola, he ustial- ly nnds Mr. Snively on,/the street ready to greet him. Peter Yonng was down from Lawrence two or three days laat week, looking over his farm interest here. While here he rented his farm to Wash Dickey for,another year. At the present ratp of Improvement It seems it will be .some time before .Mrs. Jake Hase will be able to he up and around again. It is hoped, however, that the favorable change will come on more rapidly than it is at present Mr, King and family, of Gas, visited at W. B. Gay's a day or two last week. Edgar Steele came down from Gridley recently, where he has been at work in a drug store. He expects to go to school during th* winter Mrs. Trine, w.ho with her three small children has lived on the Regan place during the summer and fall, % of a mile west of the river bridge, has moved into town. Glenroy Flake, who ships stock, says that large bogs are very scarce and that his shipments now are made up of hogs far below the usual average. There are two reasons for rushing hogs to market One is that the price of /corn is out of proportion to the price of hogs, and another is there Is' a cholera epidemic and those having hogs yet unaffected are anxious to get ride of them before they are attacked by the~ disease. Eight or ten of Jake Hase's neighbors put in the day husking corn for him Tuesday. At the noon hour the women were on hands with a good supply of dinner, which waa relished by thdse whose appetites were sharpened by the lively engagement of the forenoon. This act of kindness, he- stowed^ at a time when sickness and misfortune had produced a period of urgent necessity, was much apprer elated by Mr. Hase and his wife. Mrs. Carl Williams, of Chanuto visited at Chas. Williams' several days recently.' Many of the people of this neighborhood are attending revival meetings at Pleasant Valley. John Slierrlll and wife gave their family relatives. Including a few not .so related, an excellant Thanksgiving dinner. Mr. Shcrrill's father and mother ciiine over from Prairie Dell the day previous and remained over night Miss Drollinger and her school at Union are preparing for a Chrlstma.s tree and an entertainment. W. rB. Bolln. Jr.. and his wife went 'o lola Tuesday and remained over night at the home of his parents, and took the early morning train Wednesday for Fort Scott, where they ore spending several days with Mrs. Bonn's folk.^. HER SICKLY CHILD Is Now Strong and llealthy—Vinol Btfllt Her Up. Every mother wants her little boy or girl to have a fair chance in the world. Make your children strong and healthy and they will grow up able to make their own way. For ailing children there Is nothing so good as Vlnol, our delicious tonic for It gives them a fine appetite, makes their blood rich and puts roses in their cheeks again. 1 have been giving Vlnol to my little daughter." says Mrs. G. Elsa- esscr, of Hackensack, N. J. "She was very delicate and I was worried about her. Vlnol has built her up fine. She strong and healthy now, wit& good healthy color In her face which she never had before. It only took one bottle of Vlnol to do this for her. She likes the taste of Vinol too." We could tell you of many others right in this town—but give Vlnol to your puny child and see how fast it Improves. We give back your money If Vlnol does not do all we claim. S. R. Burrell. Druggist. lola, Kas. WESLEY CHAPEL. —When trading in lola eat a hot, well-cooked dinner—20c—at Monty's Cafe, Ist door south of Register office. Dec. 6.—Mrs. Olmstead went to lola Saturday. Mr, Hunting's spent Sunday evening at Mr. Dickenson's. Mr. and Mrs. Sani Remsberg of Gas and Mr. and Mrs. GUI Ruxton spen; Sunday al L. W. HIgglns'. Revival services . began at Rising Star school house Sunday night. The farmers are busy caring for their "kafflr corn. Judd Fredericksod visited at home over Sunday. fllss Fergus and Aliby Femeaux attended services at the school house Sunday. Miss Booth dismissed school Wednesday and went to Fort Scott to spend Thanksgiving at home. ' The Ladles' Aid society took In %ZZ.SQ at,their pie social, also selling some aprons and quilts. . The Aid Society gave a short program at their pie social, as follows: Song—"Give a.Pleasant Smile"; prayer by Mr8..Saar: recitation—^"Ladles' Aid." Gladys Daugherty; Duett Mary Reade, Harriet Kenchner; recitation"A Smack In School," Mae.Smith; song—''tbdqer in the Shock"; reading, Emina Daugberty. Closing with the Montevale school yell: M-o-n-t-e-v-a'-l-e—that's the way to spell it; that's the way to yell it; Wake 'em up!. Shake 'em up! Keep 'em up late! Montevale. Montevale — best in the state! 1 -2-3-4—What's all this for?. ' I'll tell you what Ite for—Ladles' Aid! The Ladies' Aid society meets with Mrs. Young today (Wednesday) to make the new carpet for the church: We wish to thank' the MUdred yflcr'- c'cn and all who helped in our social. Carlyle Sckoel Report. Reijort. of Carlyle school DIst No. 80. fbr the month ending November 29, mi: KnrollmeBt, males IS, females 17; avprnre ^ally attendance, 31.4; num- b€t of tardies. 0, Pupils aeitfaer lUh sent nor tardy durfnir the'nonth were Gail be i^d for easiest of all. Lasts a life-time! Gives morie enjoyment! The greatest family tie! TfflS) GREATJB^ biFT OiP GIFTS! We have prepared a magnificent stock of Pianos fbr our Christmas biiyeri[f|| this year^ Friends, considerfthe Piano proposition !/Think of our easy terms of payment. You need a Piaiio^ in your %]tte. Do not delay, but come and COME QUICKLY! EVERETT, HARVARD, HALLET & DAVIS, BUSH & GERTS, KIMBALL, DAYTON, CONWAY, LEX-; INGTON and HAMMOND are Some of the makes we are selling! Good Used Pianos $120 Good Used Pianos $150 • Good Used Pianos $210 Lots of Square Pianos in good condition $25, $30, $40 up to $60; We are better fixed on Organ Bargains than ever. Organs (worth double the price) . ,$10, $15, $22, $25 to $85 A J>af*rel bunch of laughs out; of the jolly coon songs, the bijghttninstrel jokes, the humorous specialties, and all the other varieties of fun, on Jthe Victor. Come in today tad bear tbe Victor and I have a Jew Uuebs.- _ The J. V. Kohcrts Music Co. Victor and Edison Phonographs Our Store Is Headquarters ipi lola! Big Line of Phonograph Records I 'v._ •J- We sell the machines on easy payments. The Phonograph is the'most:!||: wonderful invention of the age. We have a complete line of th^e machine? and; the majority of our customers are people who are educated in music. | The Phonograph has become a great home entertainer. Victors $10 to $100 Victer. Victrolu $15to$2a) Tenni to suit Victor^ Do Not JForget (Hir Une of Ptetures, Mottos ail Cards-AIso Our Pieture Framing Departmeni To sum it iy>—to find your actual wants, actual needs, you can not go to a better place than our store for Christmas buying. Our prices are as low as anywhere in the United States. ^: John V. Roberts OPEN EVEJNINGS . .m lOLA, KANS^ii .•..JH'ro-'-v;.''-- Flora. Douglas and! Clinton TIcknor, Gertrude and Fred Shultz, Hazel, Mabel, Harold, Nola. Frankie, Bertha and Nellie Worster. Pearl and Teddy Mealy. Alice, .\orval and Prank White. Earl and Crystal Shore. Ernest, Homer, Hazel and Lillian Worster, Preston Wilkinson. Gladys Harvey and Chester Green. Pupils ranking h/gbest in deportment and class wodc are: Flora and Douglas I TIcknor and Ernest Wallace. 8tb grade; Gertrude Shultz, Hazel and Mabel Worster. 7tb' grade; Harold Worsteri 6th grade; Nola Worster, Fred Shultz and htankie Worster. 5th grade; Hazel Wallace, 4th grade; Floyd Wilmoth and Earl Shore. 3rd grade; Nerval White, Edith Wallace and Lillian Worsteii 2nd grade;. Bertha and Nellie Worster. 1st crrade. Visitors during the month were: Rev O. E. Tlcknnr..E. V. Berry, Misses Mary and Bessie Mealy, Hazel Longshore. Mabel J^unlap, Miss Go- ELSIE NEWLAND, Teacher, bin and Co. Supt. Mrs. B. W. Myler. Dec. ^.—We are having fine winter westheii this week. If there is anything ii the ilrst ibree days ruling the next three months, the hardest of the wln|ter Is over.; ^ Harrison, of Humboldt, spent last weik with frieids here. Mr. C|vnns'' parei^ and family and .Mm. McAfee spent Thanksgiving with them.- - i ,, ••Mrk. |(ary Barnh»rt and Mr*. Finish Har of Piqua spent the week end with relatives and friends in this vicinity and Chanute. Mrs. L: J. Booe and Lex Booe and wife entertained the following at dinner Thanksgiving: Frank Booe and family, Gary Cloud and family, Esta Runyon, Frank Harrison, of Humboldt M. . M. Booe and family anid Fred Booe ot Chanute. Esta, Ruth and May Runyon spent Sunday evening at the Cloud home. I M. M. Booe and family of Chanute spent the latter part of the week with relatives here. We are glad the quail season is over although not a great many of the birds were killed around here. Mrs. Brown, of Chanute and Mrs. W. E. Hamilton and children spent Sunday at Mr. McKaaka's. Gary Clouid and family spent the afternoon there' also. I VIrgle Cloiid school again after a two weeks' absence with a carbuncle on her face. . » Mr. Lon Ijrifey and wife spent Thanksgiving at Mr. Russell's. Ed Burghart has moved back on the home place, and Mr. Mafsler has mov.- tfd across the road on Mr. Burghaii's other; place.. / Alnia Burghart and the,DorrelI children started ^o school Monday. Another wellls beinis drilled on the Diamond lease.' Lex Bcioe win quit drilling and farm hia inotlier'B ^laee the cbnUnir jwaabn.: Parta. Sharp >apeBt Tneaday iiU^t with eoiisln, Or»^ShHrp>" • - 'is Wm 1 Ice, Cold Coal, Distilled Wateil -FOR SALE- V; 101A ICE, COLD STORAGE & FUEL CO. iPhone 116. • • •1 Hfghmi Market Prlot^ almo BW the quickest resnlts--The Register%i^ -5 •

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