The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 25, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Wednesday, May 25, 1977
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** r News Want Ads Bring Quick Results 'A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community THE WEATHER Boston, Aug. 12—CU P)—Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut; Pair and continued cool tonght and Tuesday. Eastport to Block Island: Gentle variable winds tonight. Vol. LXX, No, 189 ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY,, AUGUST J2, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent* The. Beacon Falls In Petition Against Dump First Selectman Upright Says 1 Special Town Mooting To Bo Called Step?) to aboll.'ih tho (J. S. ritibboi 1 C.Vi. nihijl.ih and unrl riibbor rofiiKO '(lump' 1 'on -m Inland In tho Nnugii- tuck itwr nro betrur '../.ion by r<:M- (Ipnf.'i of Hoaeoii KiiilM who arc nH:n- Ini: ft ipi'tlllnn, which »vlll bo pro- n»nf'ul mt «. .-ipeclnl it/wn mooting to hr cnllo'1'ln the flituri;, nccord- Ing •• t'o ' a report trxKy by I''li'«t Snlfetrmin [tnlpti Upright. aiik"d thii-t »topii bo ollsh the "dump," svhlch ai a "niilsiincii," Mr. tho company him titk- en pi-ncKiKioimry iiiriiMtirus to con- | ti-ol ftiv Are»i. but rrwIdnnt.H con- • -t I n lie tlmlr complaints iignlniit; HiiKiku..' which foniOM from tho rof-' u«ri whntt burning. j Another, ittullri' to he premmtccl ! nl Itif nfierliil meeting will tin the! eonsilrler'i'lim of ronHlructln): n \ sewnjje 'll.'ipo.-inl plfint In Beacon fi'nlls. The town IM nwiiltlng word from t>ir MtJitn hfjiinl of health eon- (•"i-nlnc.'(he matter, and following I'de.nlpt.;. fit ft Ofin-iriuinlcHlloii,. Uiu H|n<i;li\l town rni'i'tlng will bo culled, Ml 1 . U'|>''fyctit said Noble Rotary Club Speaker -( \ Contractor To Talk On "How,To Own Your Own Horn?'. 1 At Session Wed, WI.lUii.ri) Noblo, ,fr, president (if the W.'if! M(!(;lri, Inc., will bo j.'iiest Hpmi.kHK-Vv'oflnPHtluy luion at the weekly lutirhoem-miiollng of tho Naugatiick Kotary club In. tho Y. M. C,'A-.'nt 13: IS o'clock. Mr, Noble, whoso comp'iny l« now e.onntrw'ctlng tho Glenddlo Mimor Champions Leave For Glen Falls Move Under Way To Halt Peace Conference In Paris; Secy. Byrnes Is Opposed Last-Minute News — Bowers New Local 45 Vice-Pres. McDermott And Crowe Elected To Union's Executive Board All .smiles and oiijror to continuu their winning ways, the Niui(nituck American I-CRion JJnsclwill tuuni J.s .slioivn climhinj; aboard tho 0:05 train for Now York, cnroiito to the regioinal championships at Glfin Falls. A small group, inrlmlhif, 1 - C'>n>ii>tiii'lnr Goorffc Lo.wis, Mr. and Mrs. Geortfo Schuster, Mrs. John Mealy iind I'atrolmiin Clmrle* Clark wvw the boys off. (Compl'-'to story on Sports I'affc,) [tMi'Old p.owrrM was elvetint vlco- preMlilont or Local 'If,, UT.CL & PWA. nt a rnretlnir of the C-TO groiir^ ycHt^rdny afternoon at Linden 1'aik. Mr. flowers, who previously WHS « [iiurnbpr of the executive board, succeeds Albert Patch- kofnky who nou- rosldos and ivories In Seymour. Two mciiit>P!-:i were appointed to the fxoeullvr. hoard Putrlck Me-| Dorrnntt was nanu'd to the. vacancy ; errnted by the election of Mr. I3ower». and I'ntiM Crov/u to th nf John Van Dull't. The HesHlun wus eonducted by | Prriiiflent Georgi! KroiihllRh. was voted to eliminate wonclli ruin ennntiillve to the Ititcnwitlonal | conveiit.ldii tu bo held In ,Sfin t'wn THE NEWS To Provide Special Coverage Of Glen Falls Action Complete and. up-to-tlio-mimite coverage of the local loam's participation in the Glen Falls baseball contests will lie provided by The Nangatuek News. . Thomas Fite pa trick, .spoils editor of'THE' NEWS, in with tlu 1 team and will.keep local readers informed of incilialcly—and at the conclusion of eacli throe innings all dovc'lopmoiits. Wi;'!l have the score of each game 1m- we'll have a report direct from the field. Follow flic Naiigatuok team with The Naugatuck News. Telephone ±228. The first game is scheduled tomorrow. Marines Name LaFave Vice- Commandant STRIKE IN STAMFORD Stamford, Aug. 12—(UP)—About 50 electrical workers have walked off their jobs at the Downcs-Smith Company. They want a scale of two dollars and a quarter an .hour as against a government-approved scale of a dollar and 85 cents an hour. The strike has been declared an unauthorized one. Business agent William Patterson of the AFL International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers declares that, the strikers have acted on their own. A. F. OF L. MEETING Chicago, Aug. 12—(UP)—-Tlie executive council of the American Federation of Labor opens a week-long meeting in Chicago today to consider important national and international policies. President William Green says the conference may be one of the most important in the union's history. It Is Reported Negotiations Will Be Recessed Next Month Until 1947 RUSSIAN'S COMPLAINT Paris, Aug. 12 — (UP) — Andri Vishinsky of has denounced as "unfair" a filling by Secretary of Sftite Byrnes, presiding as chairman of the peace conference. that there should not be any general debate on the Italian treaty at this ti^ne. TELLS OF PROFITS Washington, Aug. 12— (UP) — A witness liefore a House investigating committee — Benjamin F. Fields — has testified that he profited by buying surplus government war materials at below market prices and then re-selling them to private businesses. He said he" freqxiently called the War Assets Administration, government surplus property disposal agency, and that other persons in his office - ' \_i J, ll Y \A AU_|** WU*-«-A tA^\^Ai«_-^ y tJ ii>_*. LilAU U W *•*» ^ ». Naugatuck Man Elected At wei .- in constant cont act with WAA. State Convention In New Haven Sunday Vcrnon LaFr tuck Valley Detaehmont was elected District Vice-Commandant yesterday at tho closing session of the state convention of the Marine Corps Loag;:c u-t New Haven. *, * WIM'.IAM NOIII.H, Jit, project cn't :Vnw Tfnvnri I'oad will'nun UM hln subject, "How To O^vn Your Own Homo." The elilb has mudn plans for pin- tlelpatlon In thn Wolwmo Mome f)iiy program mid will nponi<oi< u Uolary floot to ileplet Ito service In vi>ternnH »;c they lot for the unii- "(I fnreeH, fiesler VVIgglnswcn'tri, HI- "i"r Mchoiltx luul Mr, Nohlr have 1'i-eii . tmrnetl the commlttco In Tim moi'ip will march In 11 liwly In ttir .\^\l ilny purnde. tturnlrl f'ei'ry l.-l ,lp chiirge of nrrnnKoiiU'nt for imrtvcli' |>Mi'tlclpunt.M, jured Girl Identified As Union City Resident VVnlerhiiry police today Identified the girl who WHM foum'l Injured Tlmi'iidny night on the Mldcllehury vend UM" Miss Sully Snviilka, 1!>, of •I.M N'oi'th 'Main Htroet, Union Oily, PrcvloiLily the girl had given her nddre.MH as itfi Phoenix uvenue, Wu- torhur'y. p When frnmiT, the girl wus blerrl- Ing frnn\ one ear nnd WHS tlunight to have, been Injured when till by fr thrown from li oar, according to FWee'dvn Joseph Dunphy. She has henn u'mter treutment lit St. Mary's hnspltdl. x-rnys «how th«t she «iif- fnrncl 'no fierloufi Injui'le.i, imtt the bleeding wa,«i from n mnntokl, f>eteiit.lyn Punphy said the \Vnter- bury .police depfxrlmont wn« "drop- Ping the niise." 1'lanM were discussed for the oomMMC'rl diitlrjg of four Locals, i to bo hold .Sept. I nt Linden P;irk. i he unioi',.1 in participate ai'u Lo- CHlJi -in, l!'f>. -l« and ;;OS, Mr. Fi'oeh- llclt Is gfin'riil t.'liairman, The corrimllli'o I" chuwn of ne- gfttlntlng *:i.tittra<rt.M roported no progress him bei-n made. In -this i-c- fljiect, Newspapermen To Discuss First Year Of Peace i Two Naii(;al.uek nowHpapermen janrl two from Waterhury will pnr: tlflpntr In ''i riulio dlsciisslon to: nl^ht on the subject, "A Year of ' Pejiee- -VVh-a.t linn It Meant To Vct- Comm.-indPi- Hnrold C. Lowl.s of the VP'VV and Commnnilnnl Joaeph P. Donahue of th^ Marino Corps Lonpue nlnjwlfled JiflvertkilnK nian- aper and miinaiflnK editor of The Nows will li» henrrl with P.fiymond J. r-'ltvipalrlck nn-.l Sherman London, labor and military editors of the Wiitorbury veteran. 1 !. The -'i U.S. Rubber To ,1! Assist Vets In "! Pay Applications Democrat. All are program will be IN IfiSNn VKAK New'Huvnri. Aug. t2-(UP)--M''"- I''nnnl(\ M. Jackson, who tiled Sunday In her 103nd your, will be hurled WivlneHdny. Mr*. Jiicknon wn» born la ttnrlforcl In 1S'!8 iind hud lived 'Vln. Now Hnvcn for tho punt 3!) ynhrfj.Vsho In mirvlvod by two .(' viW, from Stntlon WATU at !) p. m, Youngster Has Tenth Operation For Skin Grafting Uomikl Hunks. NO" of Mr. and Mr.i Uaymond V[nnk«. 31S North Mnln Htre.'t. who relobrntcrl his seventh birthday ye.xterriixy, recent- IV underwent hl« 10th oporntion nt the NewHnven General hoHpital for sikln grafting. . Tho youngster was severely burned on hi* lojw when only a year old- He Ijr-roportod «« recovering and pxpectod to return to his home in Arr/ingemniH.'i have been made with the U. S. Rubbir Co.. Nniigfi- •tu<:U Chemical and Synthetic division nf the U- S, Rubber Co., by the Service for Veterans odlce f.o n'-iilHt veterans !n regard to the filing of termimil leave pay ap pllc.-itinnx, according to an announcement by Mrs, Ford Wulfcck offlfie atlmini.strntor of Service for Veterans. AMhough application forms are not expected for throe J.O five weeks, tho company will arrange fnr making of phoLostatic copies of dlMChiu-ge paper. 1 !, which must he attached to the application blanks, with the work beginning this week. The company 'aliio plans to furnish notary tarixe the forms. publics to no- Upon rec:ci[)t of application forms, Pnstmnster Frank T, Green will announce their distribution from the pot*t oll'.cc. Assistance and instruction will be available to veterans at t.he Service for Veterans olllce, which will attempt to secure assistance from other Industrial plants in the borough. Other locul plant.s are making plans to assist veterans, both with the copying of discharges and the notnrb.lng of applications. Talbot To Address Young GOP Session Tomorrow Night Representative Joseph E, Tafhot will be finest speaker - tomorrow evening at a meeting of the Nau- K*:i>tuc!e Young Repuhlicans club in Pythian hall at S o'clock, it has been announced by President Wil- lliim Plo«ki. The Conffrcseman ^^'ill speak "on behalf of his campaign for the nomination as G, O. P. gubernatorial candidate, Jnck Henry, Mr. Talbot's. cam iifrn maniiROf, uls'o will speak to the group. Tentative plans for the annua outlnfr of the club were discussed vosterdiiy at a meeting' of the officers !.md executive board of the church, President Ploski rcfjuesU Lhe attendance of all club members tomorrow cveninp. -.'- -PRESIDENT'S DECISION Washington, Aug. 12—(UP)—The White House says or tiio Nauga-! President Truman has decided that the government will not seize the .strike-bound farm equipment plants of the J. I. Case Company. Presidential Secretary Boss says Mr. Truman came to this conclusion after much deliberation: and has definitely decided that it would not be in flic public interest to seize the plants. PAID DEATH PENALTY Tokyo, Aug. 12—(UP)—Allied officials in Tokyo announce that 15 minor war criminals were executed between May 15th and June 13th. Four were hanged at Su- gamo prison in Tokyo, The others were either shot or hanged in Singapore and Melbourne. Public Welfare Board Meeting The regular monthly meeting of tho board of public welfare will bc held tonight at S o'clock In the town hall. Routine business matters be transacted, according to Superintendent Leo Scully. The meeting will be the first in two months, the July mooting having been cancelled. the no<ir future, rl iiilv fur Hint trl " ---- c "" • T" —. •—; TTTl.. fJi-llliiK n-iii.v '»' """ "•"•••••'••«" — Knr •*nilu.;iMi imlr of nlmwi. *»<"<' ,'» Tfittt'K''* "••'li 1 '""*' f""' 1 '' 1 ' lrt "' ''" vtl unil Hi^'l'ift, Miwtly nil Inn "»»"'"'* \ " ilvn vnur mr n f"' 1 Kolnic ovrr. ^""S,"'« "W «"rwib/^M»- «,i" 41W8 W courcw. ,,rvl W .-Adv. BAKERS STRIKE Philadelphia, Aug. 13— (UP)— The staff of life is going to be mighty scarce in Philadelphia -today. A bakers strike has cutoff two-thirds of the city's supply of broad. The strikers are asking a 30TCcnt-an- hour wage increase- The -employers are willing to give them 1C cents an 'hour more. will inni*Vfl Hi tin* rxtrn*lv«i that you will Hull ut .Ivrr'M runt. Churrli 81. In tho*i> lint tliij-s, cvnlv to Jcff'n, — Adv. Lightning Bolt Causes Fires On Elm Street Minor fires were canscrl in two homes on Elm street Saturday evening when a lightninff bolt struck electric feed wires causing a short circuit. Fire Chief John ,1. Sheridan vo- norted the local department was summoned and confined the bl/. •to wires entering the homos of Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Farren and Mr. and Mrs. William Farren. 109 Elm street, and a building in the rear occupied by Mr. and Mrs. George Wheeler v and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reed. Firemen cut wires in the Interior of the houses and summoned the Connecticut Light & Power Co- repair crew, which under the Supervision of Earl Hcmstrcet, cut outside feed wires and repaired the damage. The section was without electricity for 10 minutes. F.X-rOLICE CHIEF DEAD Hampton, N. H., Aug.' 12— (UP) -A 66-year—old former Hampton police chief is dead of a hearf ailment, Uri Lamprey had'"retired in 1933 -ixf tor 14 years on the force. —Ilnvr you lifi-n ttffr Intrly?-Writ, tllrn. .vou'rr mlnHlnir laklnic nilvitntiticc' nf noun- great viilim. Vlull BAnlAKr.'fl, Nuuiriituck'H FiiHlilon »tore, tomorrow. VKBNON LAFAVE Mr. LaFave. an active member of the local detachment, was inducted at ceremonies immediately following; the election- The 'Convention opened Saturday with a ]arj;e number of Naugatuck members attending, includ- huo, Senior Vice-Commandant John T. Grant, William Benson, James T. Patterson, Raymond Wooster, Myrtle Chatfield, William Leuch- ers, Richard Payne and George Forish, Mrs. John Grunt, chairman of the local auxiliary, also attended, Commandant Donahue was toastmaster at Che banquet Saturday Salem, Mass., Man Tells Police He Killed His Mother Salem, Mass., Aug. 32— CUP)—A husky war veteran strolled into police headquarters today and announced that he had just strangled bis mother. Police said tho man later made a full confession to the crime, City Marshal John Harkins quoted Thomas Harry Brown as saying he did it for the welfare of tho citizens of Salem. Policemen raced to the six-room house occupied by the Brown fam- ^^ ^ lly on Cedar street and fourfd the Joseph""]?. Dona- pody of a gray-haired mothcrly- looking woman. She wus 67-year- old Mrs. Annie Hixon Brown. At the time of the crime, Mrs. Brown and her eon were the only persons in the house. The father of the 29-year-old • confessor was on his-night-shift job as engineer at the Salem Light company plant on Peabody street. The 200-pound six-footer appeared night at the Hotel Garde. Naugatuck, Beacon Falls Men Released Three Naugatuck men and one Beacon Falls man have been discharged from the U. S. Navy at the Lido Beach, N.Y., Separation Center.' -...-:• . They arc: Seaman 2-c Frederick A. Radcliffe, 20 Hotchkiss street; Aviation Radioman 1-c Leon W. CrayoIIe, 11 Church street; Coxswain Stephen T-Kirdzik, 31 Wash- ngton street, and Seaman 1-c Joseph P: Ryhinski of Church street, Beacon Falls. Moore Avenue House Sold A"house and' lot on Moore avenue las been soldj by Oeorgrc A. Graham o Lawrence R., and Ma-tilda S. Koth: according to a warranty deed filed in' the oce of Town Clerk Raymond J..'St. John. i impassive as he related details of ! the strangling to astonished policc- j men- Harkins cjuoted him as say| ing he had contemplated slaying his mother "for some time:" Hie confession credited him with saying: "It was -1:30 this morning when I entered her bedroom. She was alone. 'I said 'This is it 1 and I hurried toward her. She let ou-t one piercing scream, then I strangled her." Brown did not Immediately am- ulify his statement that he had killed his mother "for the welfare of -the citizens of Salem." Six Violent. Deaths In Conn. Over Week-End (By United Prcsn) Six persons met violent dcathn in Connecticut over the weeJc-end. The deaths included two drown- ings, three suicides, and suffocation of a four-months-old child in her crib. The suffocation victim was Sharon Lee Squier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Squier of Hartford- The baby had been left in the custody of a 13-year-old child while the parents went to a movie. Mrs. Katherine Anderson ofGlas- tonbury drowned herself in a pond —according to a medical examiner. She was 63. Mrs. Katherine Myrick, about (By United Press) In the city where world peace is being discussed, a move is under way to adjourn the 21 nation Paris conference. 'However, State Secretary Byrnes has made it clear that he vigorously opposes the idea. There ave reliable reports tha.t peace negotiations will be recessed in mid-September until early 1947. This would avoid conflict with the United Nations general assembly meeting scheduled in New York September 23rd. The Sovic-t bloc was defeated by a 35 to 6 vote again' today when the peace conference adopted a part of a British proposal on admitting additional members to the conference. The vote came after more than two hours of wrangling over procedure and on "how to vote on various amendments and amendments to amendments, Britain tried to amend a resolution to include Austria among the invited states. But then withdrew the proposal and no one moved to include Iran on tho list. Both Austria and Iran made belated requests to be admitted to the conference. The conference did agree—unanimously—to invite Albania, Mexico, Cuba, and Egypt to state their views at the plenary session, and to the commissions on the Italian treaty. Byrnes Presided The session which, proved rather rocky in the beginning was presided over by State Secretary Byrnes. Byrnes was taking his first turn as chairman. Ho presided in the easy manner of an experienced judge, and he Opened the session with two smart raps of the gavel. The secretary was dressed in a nutty blue suit, n white shirt and a blue gray striped tie. Ho spoke in an easy mellow southern voice which con- the previous chairman Gcorg-es Bidault. In Third W«ek The conference has entered its practically .And now there is persistent talk that the conferees will adjourn to attend the General Assembly meeting of the UN in September. Byrnes has made it clear that ho opposes any plan for a recess. Meanwhile Moscow radio has enraged that Britain and the United States are delaying the Paris conference. The broadcast adds that the Soviet bloc favors postponing the UN assembly meeting rather thnn adjourning the peace conference. The American secretary has fought hard to make the peace parley a reality. And he does not want to see it recessed. Politico! observers ndd that Byrnes will fight just as hard to keep it from being recessed. third week today with nothing accomplished. Three Escaped Prisoners Have Been Recaptured Windsor, Vermont, Aug. 12—(UP) —Three escaped prisoners are back in their cells after being recaptured while trying to cross the Canadian border at Barton. The trio, who escaped from a state prison work party Tuesday, were captured at gunpoint. They had been living on berries found in. the woods since -their escape The men are Albion Sliatney and SEEKS NOMINATION Madiaon, Wise., Aug. 12—(UP)— Republican voters in Wisconsin will cast their primary ballots tomorrow to determine the political fate of Progressive Senator Bob LaFollette. The long:-tlme Progressive has led hl« party back into the Republican rabies. But he faces a hard fight for the G-O-P nomination.. th« nsw i»47 stnHr- batter} «r,d Auto Service,—ddr. years old, of Old Lymc, hanged | Clal . cnco Hall of Barton llnd Ar herself in a garage, according to, mand L Bam , Qf Lem|ntor , authorities. . ] At Now London, 15-year-old Har- | ry Newman shot himself after being rebuffed by a girl friend, police, reported. A soldier. Private Goron Rey- HTCARINGS PLANNED Washington, Aug. 12—(UP)—The O-P-A de-control board meets in the naWon's capital 'today to decide the fate of price controls. Public nolds of Columbus. Ga., drowned I hcarings wm bc held for lhc ncxt in Long Island sound while swim- fou) . davs d urin K which a number ' ""? 0 Shol ' can d Country club j of at Norwalk. And at Old Lyme, the body of Seaman First Class Richard T. Hol- induBtry> and consum- ei representatives will testify . The board must decide within eight days what food items, if any, will land of Mabscott, W. Va., has boon bc ^ cturncd to price control." recovered from Lieutenant river. j Sister Of Local Man Succumbs Mrs. Laura (LaFlammc) Murphy, wife of John L. Murphy, and sister of Robert LaFlamme of Naugatuck, died yc&terday morning at her homo in Ansonia. after a long illness. She was born in Waterbury and attended schools in that city- Besides her husband and brother, she leaves three other brothers, and three sisters. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning in Ansonia, with burial in Derby, WANTED: Anyone Interested In Saving-.Money— Advertise your merchandise with Classified and cut advertising costs to a minimum. DIAL 2228 Our Ad-Taker Will Be Happy To Serve You

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