Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 3, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1954
Page 3
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March 3, 1954 HOPt STAR, HOPE, A SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday March 4 The Green Lasctcr Home Demonstration Club will iiK-et at Ihe home of Mrs. Fred Hunt on Thursday, March 4, at 7:30 p. m. j*,Mrs. Jiianila Hallmark, district deputy grand lecturer of the OES, will be honored with a pot luck supper by Hope Chapter 323 of the O. E. S. at 6:30 on Thursday night, March 4. The regular meeting will follow. and passed out booklets to help them in making plans for the year. Rowe—Thornton Marriage Announced Miss Trissy Rowe and Sergeant Bobby L. Thornton were married on Saturday night, February 20th. at seven o'clock at the home of the i officiating minister, the Reverend Charles Hobson. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Tony Rowe of Hope, and The Namibia Garden Club, with Mrs. Bill Groves as guest speaker, will have their regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Eldridge Formby on Thursday, March 4, at 7:30 $>. in. Mrs. Jack -Prilchett will be co-hostess. The Pat Cleburne Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Hope will meet at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon, March A, at the home of Mrs. J. M. Duffle, South Elm street. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. W. W. Duckctt and Mrs. Mary Duncan. j| Friday March 5 The Rose Garden Club will meet at the home of Mrs. S. L. Murphy on East Third street on Friday afternoon at three o'clock. Exhibit will be a line mass arrangement of bulbs. The United Council of Church Women will meet Friday, March 5. at 2:30 p. m. at the Episcopal 'Church. Mrs. Cline Franks, leader jtfor the day, will use as her theme ^'That They May Have Life." Spea- Mr. Thornton's parents are and Mrs. Carl Thornton. Mr Mrs. Lamar Cox Hostess To Azalea Garden Club On Friday afternoon, February 26, at two o'clock, members of the Azalea Garden Club met at the home of Mrs. Lamar Cox on East Third street. The entertaining rooms were attractively decorated with arrangements of spring flowers. Mrs. Moody Willis presided in the absence of.the president. Mrs. Early Archer, Jr., During the business session the group discussed the coming flower show and the merchants' Spring Festival. Scrap books were made. Mrs. Claude Tillery presented the program on "Rose Culture." The hostess served-a salad plate with coffee to 16 members and two guests, Mrs. J. C. Carlton and Mrs. John P. Cox kers will be Mrs. Dorsey McRae, Sr., Mrs. Oliver Adams and Miss Clarice Cannon. Luther Holloman will be the organist, and Reverend Edmund Pendleton, soloist. Chur- '•-<ih women of all denominations are urged to attend. Sunday March 7 On Sunday morning, idr. Troy ,-Martin of Texarkana, instructor oC '"(he Dale Carnegie Class in Hope, will be guest speaker for the Jett B. Graves Sunday School- Class. He will talk on "Human Relations" All members of the class are urged to be present. Monday March 8 The Union Meeting 01 die Woman's Society of Christian Service of First Methodist Church will be held Monday, March 8, at two jil.Jo'clock at the churcu. Circle Four '" will have charge of the program. Mrs. Fpy Hammons will use as her theme, "Women of the Bible." Friday Music Club Makes Plans For Musicals | The members of the Friday Music Club met at the home of Mrs. W. A. Williams on Friday evening February 20, for their regular meet ing. During the business session, Mrs. Jack Gardner, Jr., presided and plans were made for a Musicale to be held at the Junior High Auditorium in May. The president appointed a nominating committee, Mrs. Oliver Adams, chairman, Mrs. B. W. Edwards and Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Miss Helga Loew, German exchange teacher, was a guest. She spoke briefly about music. Mrs. Sam Strong was in charge of: thd program which was a study on "Music of the British. Isles." A aiano solo, "Highland Lament" by Barrett, a modern English composer, was presented by Mrs. Basil York. Co-hostesses, Mrs. Thomas Cannon and Mrs. Jack Wilson, served refreshments. Spat With the Army Poses Old Question By JAMS MARLOW WASHINGTON UP) — Sen. McCarthy's treatment of a general did more than get the Wisconsin Republican into a row with Robert T. Stevens, secretary of the Army. It helped revive an old question: Should Congress lay down mandatory rules for its committees — which now make their own. as they see fit — guaranteeing wit- iesses who appear before them fair play and more rights than they have now? Congress has baited that one around in one shape or another fors more than 10 years while doing practically nothing about it If the past is any criterion, it won't do much now. Various committees, including McCarthy's, have rules for pro ccdure and reasonable treatment of witness. Whether they're lived up to depends in each case on the committee members who made them. Last year and early this year members of both houses suggested Congress as a whole tighten up on its committees. Then, after the 'McCarthy-Stevens feud erupted a week ago Sen. Morse (Ind-Ore) and Sen. Lehman (D-Lib-NY) offered a detailed "code set of rules they call a of fair committee proced- The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church will have a meeting on Monday night, March R, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Miles T,aha, 1604 South Main street. Oglesby 4-H iCIub Meets The 4-H club of Oglesby met Tuesday, March 2nd. at the Oglesby school auditorium. The president, Boyd Lee Henry, called the meeting to order; the secretary Barbara Tullis, called the roll and read' minutes of the previous meeting. Following .the secretary's report Rebecca O'Dcll, song leader, led the group in singing the "Arkansas Traveler." i- Mrs. Wylie presented the girls with leaflets about cooking, square dancing and'hair styles. She also showed them how to weave baskets Mr. Adams discussed, with the boys, their projects for the year, Relieves Neuralgic ftln/SKT 200 Tablets Only 19* Personal Mention Sgt. and Mrs. Jimmy Walters and daughter, Anne, have returned from Manhatten, Kansas, where Sgt. Walters completed two years of military service at Fort Riley They, willl reside at 420 West Avenue D in Hope. Mr. Walters will be associated with his father, Frank Walters, in business. Friends of Doyott Collins will be glad to learn that he is recuperating nicely following an appendectomy at the Julia Chester Hospital. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Weaver Collins. Plot Meant Conttttied" front £«§« *'* Coming and Going Out-of-town people who attended the funeral of Mr. George Dodds on Friday were: Mr. and Mrs Harry Buchanan, Mrs. Daisy Rock of Topeka, Kansas, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kelly of Carlyle, Kansas. Mrs. R. A. Smith of Emporia, Kansas, Mrs. Clarence Dodds, Riley. Kansas, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gri/fen, Mrs. George . Dodds, A. D Summeryille of Hobbs, New Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Sparks of Lovington, New Mexico, Mr. • and Mrs. R. D. Haynes of Bentonville. Arkansas, the Reverend and Mrs. Ray Anderson of Mena, Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Clemens Hollamon Today & Thursday Features at: 2:00 - 3:39 - 5:18 - 7:16 - 9:17 ure." In many ways they'd give a witness the basic rights he gets in court but doesn't have before a committee. Then the Republican family dispute between McCarthy and the Eisenhower administration got so much public attention it worried the Senate's Republican Policy Committee. This group, which sets Republi can Senate strategy, unanimouslj decided it was time to look into the possiblity of changing thr> rules for investigating committeeb President Eisenhower -was report ed anxious to see a tightening up old friends? Rep. Javits (R-NY) proposed a single committee of House and Senate members to do all Con gross' Communist hunting. Such a joint arrangement woulc mean abolishing the House Un American Activities Committee headed by Rep. Velde (R-I1D, the Senate's internal'security subcom mittee, headed by Sen. Jenner (R Ind) and taking such responsibility from McCarthy's subcommittee. The arguments on both sides might be boiled down this way: 1. A congressional investigating committee, sometimes in a hurry can't be bound down by the pro cedures of a court. Besides, a wit ness before a committee is not 01 trial. Sen. '• Muridt"CR-SD) for example, said over the weekend court rules for an investigating committee would hamstring it. 2. But—a witness before an investigating committee is so much ht the members' mercy that he can be just as thoroughly ruined as if tried and convicted in court, but without full court protection. Therefore, he needs such protection. The changes proposed in the past week vary widely and overlap in some cases. McCarthy, because other members of his committee did not show ,ip, has been able to conduct one- man investigations. Eisenhower was said to want other members, particularly Republicans, present in the future. McCarthy has said it- isn't his fault if other members don't show up. The President reportedly wants a witness to have the,right to counsel in fact as well as theory. In the disputed Army case, Mcarthy ordered the Army's legal counsel out of the room. Javits, Morse and Lehman urge ,hat a witness, hit by adverse testimony, should have the right to cross-examine the accusing witness, a right he doesn't have now Uut would have in a court trial. Javits would let a witness, whose reputation is at stake, decide whether his hearing would be televised. Further, under his plan, no committee member could re lease information from, the files without approval by a majority of the committee. McCarthy has often questioned witnesses behind closed doors and then given newsmen such information as he chose. Morse and Lehman would prevent that by requir ing a majority vote of the committee before such information could Little hats with a level look make the most fashion news this | natural milan straw (lower left) Is edged With flange of velvet, spring. We show here (upper left) a little profile bonnet of ice j This is a Chanda design. Neat toque of yellow toyo by Sally i blue straw by Sally Victor. This has long-stcininccl roses in red I Victor has wing of the straw at one side (lower center) for and pink at one side with stems entwined on crown. Hat with { dramatic flair. Opal straw with a pearly look is used, (lower ' visored segment brim (upper right) is by Harryson in vivid -=-*•" «--- "-->-•••- i»«—.u- •• i--n-.. u ~* 4-1——>, ...,«u Granada orange toyo. It's topped with whip and silk pompoms in matching orange. Hat made of row-on-row of black-ami- , right) by Beatrice Martin for shallow bonnet trimmed with .white silk rose and pearlized quills. The Small, pretty look Of spring hats is keyed to the slim lines of ready-to-wear. DOROTHY DIX Tarnished Reputation Dear Miss Dix: I am an unusually homely girl, therefore, in order to keep a boy friend, I have-been reckless. It seems, however, that I'm losing all m; am only dated b, popular with the people I really like. What can I do to regain my Delia Answer: You rt:ciiu.c now that you took exactly the wrong tack in trying to win friends. Perhaps you can never get back your old status in your community. A tarnished reputation, a bad name, a tainted character, are much easier to acquire than to lose. You must sever all connections with the questionable people who have been your associates, and, though it may mean many months of loneliness, start trying to begin winning friends. Your handicap is not homeliness, but the unwillingness to accept life on the -terms given you, plus a low moral resistance. No girl was ever made an outcast because of her looks.. In fact, I have known many very plain young ladies vs-ho were popular leaders in their schools and communities, because they had gifts that more be released. Now a witness can be forced to answer questions only, without a chance to put a full statement oi h.is case in the record. Javits would see that he could do this a: a right. A defendant in a court trial has a right to counsel, and his lawyer can cross-examine witnesses; anc can call his own. At a committee hearing a witness is entitled' to a lawyer only. More and Lehman would give him other rights. Rock HUDSON Moicia HENDERSON • Stove CQCHRAN Shorts: 1. CARTOON, "iASY PJCKIN§'» 2, NOViUTY, "PiOPUY DRUMS 3, MU51J5AI./ "OZZIi 4. I^ATI NSW5 of Texarkana, and Mr. and Mrs R. L. Ponder, Jr., of Fort Worth, Texas. Mrs. Roy F. Prather and daughter, Mary Delia, of Little Rock, have been the guests of Mrs. Prather's mother, Mrs. Steve Card gan, Jr. glamor. Friendliness, cheertulness, co-operation, understanding, are far more important in a group than baby-blue eyes and dimples. The plain girl must work harder at achieving popularity than her better-looking companions, . but the friends she makes are usually permanent. Seek Aduly Advice case, Delia, can be greatly ai'ded with the help of a sympathetic adult. A teacher who is aware of teen-age problems would be a wonderful help. If your school has a faculty advisor, seek her advice. A Sunday School teacher, a church member who works with teen-age girls, a Scout, leader,'or any woman who is interested in young people, can help you. With a knowledge of your owii-.personality and local conditions, they can show the.way to an adjustment that will set you straight with your contemporaries. Don't -strive for mass popularity. The affedtion of onerealfriendis worth much more than the fleeting interest of. a crowd. Learn to appreciate what you have, instead of seeking thi> impossible through reprehensible means. 29. His wife had left him shortly before. At the time this didn't make any difference "to us, since we weren't serious. Now, his wife still hasn't obtained a divorce and we'd like lo get married. Could we go to another state and get married? D. M. Answer: If you do, you'll be committing adultery, which is a moral crime, and your friend, bigamy, which is a legal one. Both involve heavy penalties. There's nothing you can do until Will's wife is located and definite steps are taken, through her, to solve the problem. Dear Miss Dix: My brother-in- law and his wife visit us frequently and when they come they critize us and our home. I lost my temper once, and told them not to come again unless they could be agreeable. Later, .realizing my mistake, I apologized. They can't understand what they did to hurt me, and now have ': resumed' the same old practices. , P. D.; Answer: Sometimes we- must just face the' fact that there dre people like that in "'the.-'world — people whose only joy is picking others to pieces. 'Why net try giv- ing'them a dose of, their own medicine? :W,hen- you call; on them, do a '"little '/faultfinding, , When''.; they show shocked .surprise, 'tell' them you have learned their technique so thoroughly that you have become much more critical. That should stop them. X -.-•- .' , (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.). ... -'.' •,•-'•• •':•-' Dear Miss Dix Three years ago, when I was 18, I met Will who was Traffic Deaths Same as in 1953 CHICAGO — (UP) — The National Safety Council reported today that trafhc fatalities this January were same as January a year ago—2,900 deaths. .The council said that the numb- r of deaths in city accidents dropped 14 per cent in comparing the two months, but fatalities ; cen rural mishaps jumped 5 per cen. Of 46 state reporting to he council, 20 cut their deaths totals this January comared to last. 'The op five were Deleware down 80j per cent Rhode Island down 07' per cent Montana down 65 per cent, Washington down CO per taneously with the si shooting in the H6t senstitves. Thus th%, r . Ing to W Advices, Si and the pbssibttftv of "__„ tempts at asse^sirtslieaHfti son for' the Pfit ftleri '* Advi6os to the ttt» g :ng m.Washington- w%&_ . approval by Nationalist fae ters in fuerto Ricb,,Alt>«f pas. Nationalist iefcder iff' Rico, was reported* W, h« slructed his followers to, .r« rest. ,, The F$t has been Watfcl Nationalist party since manifestations in 1988. ; pos was released ttotil j lowing'long Communist da in his behalf. Vito M; when ft member ot the Representatives In Washlr nounded' the FBI for' „ .., . have Campos returned to pri* a probation violator, said that "the conduct w. «« * is criminal, and ass'a'ssihai against Campos." The great English poet 'Snl was drowned off the Llgurlan ci of Italy and his body cremated.^ '- *•£$ cent and 'Utah, down 80 'jter" ;c£ One hundred nine cities* .. January fatalities. The redUc nt Norfolk was 100 per>*ent& improvement was 83 per* cent Long Beach, Cal., 80 p$r*t:ent Seattle, Wash., and San''Ant Tex. and 79 per cent at Salthl Md. , -, -i V In cities with over'a ulatlon,, L.OS Angeles led<'.W,ll lowest d,qath rate p^rv.lO/"" cles, Its -.rate ^was 2».F .was .next with 3.9 and )( , v fi followed ( >ylth.,4 ( 0. 'V-'J'*},,^/- 1 ^ Creomulslon relieves !-.-,.,„. U goei infd' the 1 br6ncEI»r;sj 'help loosen and expel tg ; phlegm and aid nature to ,heal raw,:,lender, inflamed;, or money refunded. CrcbmUa,. stood the test of milUdai^u&i CREOMUlfSH Mll<»*» C*!*," Ac«t«Jl " A Hopi Indian crew fighting a forest fire in 1953 stageda rain dance and two hours, and later, a cloudburst, put out the fire saysAihe National Geographic Society. 3r E vl AL "JAS. R. seor JU;> -//| *+M», <*£$ 'Ope'n House'at my sj The card you receive worth $5.00 on any TOM Main Street TailoV"Shop —in the fabulous Hornet, and two great compauiou cars at prices starting near the lowest! Waiting and ready to thrill you is a Hudson Hornet, Stpck-Car Champion. Or there are the Hornet's two glamourous companion cars: the Wasp and the Jet. Each has a new Instant Action Engine with Super Induction—the quickest act- ing power you've ever seen. 1 Because.of IJufapn'^^i low center of gravity (due to exc}usive f 'Vtej^ty^fe down" design) these are the smoothes^ easiest^' lfl handling cars imaginable. See us, Hornet, for pure glamour that Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. John E. McGee Fayetteville, Ark., Mrs. Wm. A. Stanley, Ambridge, Pa. Mrs. Cannon Holis, Hope, Mr, J. D. Shaw Rt. 3 Hope Miss Lois Purtle. Shreveport, La. Discharged: Mrs. Tom A. Gathright, Saratoga Mrs. Mattie Wilson, Washington, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. John E. McGee Fayelteville, announce the arrival of a daughter 3-1-54. Pranph • Admitted: Mrs. W. D. Flowers. Hope Rosa Lee Harris Hope Rt.2 Discharged: Mrs. Royal Stroud and baby boy. Hope. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Flower? announce Jhe gjival of a baby girl HORNET THREE OF A KIND..,in Glgmour,Performance and Quality > .1 Ftandr.rd trim and other specifications ami accessories subject to ctumgc witliout flotleo. • ,. TO WHEN,9 TOL E TEX COMPANY H ^Pr Wi Hi P IBB 4F w> r" ^l^f-P^yP "^T*^^ /^f^^^l SAST THIR* TOUT ' . •, ' "**M^ > •'•**•',,'. ^ : ^'Ai^AMiM'^ ft* .', »>\Ji iW? i * ^ Yt- 1 w? n • f ''-V IfeM %^i%j8 v4nW J AvM| rf"'A 1",' ^&.fcnWn MjfJ'irSr ' I-,*, 'r, 1 *, X i. %>

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