Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1911
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING^ DECEMBER S^19liwr:^ Dainty, useful, low priced. Our holiday stock of Aprons is ready. Bretelle Aprons at 25c, 50c, 75c, 98c Plain Hand Aprons, hemstitched hems, at 25c Round and fancy shaped Aprons of fine lawns, dotted Swiss, all-over embVoidery, with lace, embroidery arid Hemstitched edges--daintily trimmed in the newest effects with ribbons, bows, etc. The largest and finest assortment ever shown in this city. Ask for them. Price 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, 98c, $1.35, $1.50 In Our Handkerchief Department 100 boxes of high quality Imported Handkerchiefs—most beautiful i)atterns, box of four. .$1.00 Second Floor Bargains for Silk Kimonas from r. .$3.98 to $15.00 imr -rrr'- • • Women's Caracul Coats, 54 inches long, $12.50 values, special for Saturday, $8.75' ' Women's Caracul Coats, with colored satin hnings, shawl roll collar, cuffs and pretty' button trimmings, $ 18 value, special for Saturday, $10.00 Big Bargains in our Children's Dept. —Percale dresses, h^igh neck, long sleeves, ages 3 to 14, values up to $1.50 for Saturday only.. Your choice each, 98 Cents January Home Journal Patterns Now In NEW Don't delay yo\ir Christmas Shopping! DO IT NOW -HOMBOIDT MAN IS HONORED J AS. H. SIR>OK A SUJXER OF WYA.VDOTTE CONSHTL'TIOX. After Ten Tears, T. S. Stover Got ' llbitiirical Society to Include lliiu Among Seven Survivors After ten years o felfort. Captain T. S- Stover- bas at last succeeded in getting tlie name of James H Signer a former resident of Humboldt, wliose home is now In Saranac. N. Y., on the Kansas State Historical Society's list of survivors of the Wyandotte Convention, which on July 29th, 1859, a.dopted the Wyandotte constitution. For a nnmbep of years the Eurvlring members of :^the convention have held annual r reuvions. the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the constl- 'tution having been celebrated by them •in 1907, The reunion in celebration of the fifty-fourth anniversary was held recently at Topeka. Just pre- idous to, each reunion the newspapers in giving notice of it. have published the following list of six names as the sole survivors of the convention: Samuel D. Houston C. B. McClellan, ^bhn T. Burrls, Samuel H. Hoffman, Robert C. Foster, and Benjamin F. Simpson. For the past ten years immediately- following the publication of this list. Captain Stover has written 4o 4he papers, calling attention to the Ifjct that they had omitted from the list tbe name of James B. Signor. _The papers have never paid the -— sllgbtest attenUon to his; letters, and it vas not «intil Captain Stover spoke personally concerning the matter to George H. HarUn, secretary of the - State Historical Society. last Febni- = i-ary-that anything was done. Mr. : Martin •wrote to Mr. Signor, receiving^ a reply fully verifying Captain Stover's claim, and tlie name of Jas. JL^Sigoor, and his picture are includ- ;, -efl in an article in the last Issue of the Journal, of ibi" State Historical SoctetTt which gives an account of the r rscebt reunion-on the occasion of the -flltj^-fourth"anniversary of the Wyan- dpttfi Conventlos. - 'lames H. Signor was a resident of M' ^"BOfoboUt prevloos to. and during the ^-' time; of tlie civil -war, and went from tbere to- lOie Wyandotte convention. -^.jSlgttoir left Homtwldt immediate- Ifjutter the war, and has since made yilf home In Saianac. N. T. COURT CONVENES NEKT WEEK T AnjOrRNKI) SKSSIOX OF THE SKP TE.MBEK TEH.M MOMlAY. List of Cases Set for Henrlnp on First FAor liuys .Makes tjuite u Kesperfnble Showing. An adjourned .session of tlic district court will begin at the court ne.vt Monday. A docket has been arranged for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the cases set on these days are as follows: Monday, December 11th. . Pearl Hurtt vs. John Hurtt Trust Company of America vs. Lanyon Zinc Company. Gaynor Engineering Co. vs. Monarch Portland Cement Co. The First National Bank of Sapulpa vs. W. R. Shumard et al. J. A. Cooper. Adm., vs. W. J. Rumble. Katie Saar vs. Harvey Fry, et al. The Brazos Land & Zinc Co. vs. The Mackinaw Zinc Mining Co. Helen A. Porter vs. The National Annuity Ass'n. Taeiiday, Decemlier 12th. R. P. Dade vp. The Humboldt Kber- stone Manufacturiqg Co. John W. Draperijts. BiUa Draper. Fannie V. Stevens vs. Chas. £. Stev ens. Eliza J. Hohart Adm., vs. Ada I. Stafford et al. Wllhelmina M. Martin vs. A. L. MarUn, et al. E. H. Rarnsworth vs. William S. Burdlct et al. Maggie McGulre vs. Rachel A Davis, et al. Allen County Agricultural Society vs. Board of Co. Corn's. WednPKdny, Dec. IStb. Emll Geppelt vs. The Midcjle West Stone Co. Joseph*L .Brown vs.-Fred Sproul, et al. G. W. Alexander vs. Charles W^ Jackson. Babctta Mecklinberg vs. Tola Portland Cement Co. R. L. Works et at, vs. Humboldt Opera House Co. Samuel Cole vs. W. A. Cole et ux. Tl^e. Board of Co. Corn 's, of Allen County, Ks., vs. R. L. Thompson. The Board of Co. Corn's, of Allen Kl\({ AXD (iUEEN OF EXtJI.AM) IIAVK AUUIVEU JX IXDI.V. IHE THE DURBAK 40". DELHI Delhi, India, Dec. 8.—All Is now In J-eadiness for the - "most gorgeous spectacle the world has ever seen.'' .While the great event will of course I be Tuesday, Uecojiiber 12th, when the most notable ceremony of all will take place, many dazzling spectai^lcM will afford Joy for the pageant loving potentates. On Tuesday the vast mul­ titude will head toward tba two amr phltheatrcs wblclv^ have been erected on the spot where in 1S77 Lord Kyt- ton formally announced to the Indian Empire Qu^en Victoria 's asBumpttoh of the title "Einiiresa of India" and where 2C yenrH later l/ird Curzon Itroclalnicd the late King Edward ^^ti Emperor- On the occasion of the last durbar an American Rirl. tlio wife of l<ord Curzon an^l formerly I>aiHy l.«lter of Chiofigo, played an iin])ortnnt part. Oaf this occitxion another American girl, the I)ucli »Hs of Mirtichester. formerly Ml88 lleltm Zimmerman of Cincinnati, has been singled out for high lienors at the commend of Queen Mary I County, Has., vs. C. E. Adams. Tne Board of Co. Com's. of Allen County, Kas. vs. C. 0. Bellinger. Tbnrsday, Dec. llth. ^ Charles Lemunyon vs. John V. Ttoberts. Hannah 11. Knox, et al., vs. G. B.' Damold. John V. Roberts as The John Vf Roberta Music Co., vs. J. H. Bryant,' et al. C. R. Flake et al. vs. The City of lola. W. 0. Ilalgler vs. Fred C. Hughe#. City of Gas vs. Cit yof lola.. Deming Investment Co. vs. Taylor Fuel-'Llght & Power Co., et al. WKEAI LIVELY BOT LOWER TOO -MAXV FCOI'LE A.NXIOrS TO TAKE S.YIALL ri{OFIT.S t'altle and Hojrs Firm With Rut Little (bunge in Yesterdiiy'.s tJiiofH- tions. ;iT%; .luly 91%. COll .N—One cent lower. No. 2 mixed GUI 62; No. 3. 59%@%; No. 2 white. 61#62; No. 3, 6a%. Close— Dae. GVA.(ii%; May 63: July 63%. OATS^Unchanged. No, 2 white, 49 fi i-i; ,No. 2 mixed. 48%®%. KYE—!».'?fi94c a bushel.i liAY—Weak. Choice timothy $19.50 20.00; rlxolce prairie ¥13.25@13.5&. BilOO-M CORN-:-|80@16p)per ton. Kansas City Llresivek. Kansas City Dec. 8.—CATTLE, re- ceipt.s 1,000. Strong. Native steers •$',.2:>f!9M); cows and heifers $2.75@" 7 .00; shockers and feeders:$4.00@,6.75; f o,.„«orP ,i lodnv l^oHs J3.')UCi5.00,- calves $4.60@8:00. government rei.ort, disappeaied o <K^ , ^Qcs-Receipts 9 000. Steady to 5 under lively selling. Opening ^^^^l^^^j^ higher. Heavy |6.25@6.35; pack ' ers and butchers ?C.G0@6,30: llghta (By the Assoclat<><l FrcFs; Chicago, l»tc. S.—T!ie strfngth in wlieat, due to biillifh c-cn.«truction of to higher -May started 97Vi to %. ^0% to up, i^ank to 9G% to %. Close—Dec. 93; May 97%; July 93%@%. COH.V—Slow. May opened % to % up at63% to ^A. s:isgpd to 62%. Close Kansas City Frodnee Kansas City Dec. 8.—BUTTER— —Dec. 61%@VJ; -May 62%; July 62%.! Creamery 35c; firsts Ssi. seconds 31- OATS—Light. .May started a .shade , l>aeking stock 21. " ; ' to l^(iihi higher at 49® Vs to liTpli { EGOS—Extras 33c; firsts 31 'sec-Dec. 46%; receded to 48%. Close May 4S%; July 4 .'>2. Provisions were up. PORK—Jan. $15.r.O; May $ir..97i^. LARD—Jan. $9.00; May ?9.22^. ends 17. Chicago Livestock. Chicago. Dec. 8.—C.\TTLE, receipts 2.000. Strong. Beeves $i.6't(fi9.2r,; stockers and feeders $3 .00@T).SO; cows and heifers $2.0O 'a.l.90. HOGS—Reeei|its 2O,()00. Steady to a shade higher. I..i{:lits $ri..'>.",(fi:(i .20; mixed $r..7."><06.?..".; heavy $r..8 .>i &6.37'^; rough ?5^; pigs $4 .00@ 5.40. St. Loiil.s (.'ruin. St. LouLs Dec. 8.—WHEAT, close- Dec. 93Vi; May 97'^. COH.V—Dec. r>\%; May 63%. OATS-.Dec. 4Si/j; .May 49. St. Loiils Livestock. ' St I/)UIK, Dec. S.-CATTLE, re- reint.s 1 ,"(10 Strong. .N'ative .steers $4..'0®9.06; rows ami hcirery $:!.onW. 7.00 ;8tocker8 and feeders $3.2">f(-\'i.2.5. HOGS—Receipts 9.r.00. Strong. Pigs and lights $4.25Ji 6.00; packers $3.60 @6.15; butchers $5.7.". ff 6.35. KnnsaH City Grain Kansas City. Dec. 8.—WHEAT receipts 42 cars. Cash wheat, hard Ic lower, soft unchanged. No. 2 -^ard, 96@1.02; No. 3, 9501.01; Js'o. 2 red, 94095; No. 3. 93@94. Close—May Eugene, tlie small son of Mrs. E. K. Taylor, who was operated upon at the siinitarium a few days ago for relief from a throat trouble, is recovering rapidly. At the regular meeting of the A, O." r. W. Tuesday night the following ofPeors were elected for_the coming year: M. W., E. W. Arnold; Fore4 man. I). A. Sutton; Overseer 3. H, 'Parkc; Recorder, R. S. Moore; Finaiw cier, T. T. Anderson; Receiver A. Adams; Guide W. E. Hartley: InMde WatcJi, W. J. Ihrig; Outside Watch. J. W. Mi-Ciure; Trustee. W. B. Hartley. An examination made this morning dlsilnsed the fact that the skull of I'oarl Denton, the eleven-year-old son of .Mr. and .Mrs. William Denton, of nor> .North lUickeye street, who was kicked in the head by a coU Weane»> day morning, had not been fractured as was suspected yesterday, although the sliock of the blow caused a slight Injury to the brain, which it is thought will have no serious results. —Most disease comes from germs. Kill the germs and yon UU disease.^ Cnnkey's Nox -l-clde mixes with watw »nd kills the germs. For PouItFymeai Stockmen and Housekeepers. Qaataa teed by Morris & Howard.

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