Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 20, 1969 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1969
Page 3
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f MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 1969 THE REGISTER-NEWS MT. VKRNON, UMICOIS St. Mary Altar Society Installation Sneaking Praise To The Humble Shown .above are the retiring and new u'L to right, Jay Evans, retiring president;; Cecile Can' secretary; Betty Bergbower, retiring treasurer; Carm dent; Mary Louise King, secretary; and Sue Grigg, r The St. Mary's Altar Society met Sunday «tl' membership tea. icers of St. Mary's Altar Society, ison, past vice-president; Ursula ella Turk, treasurer; Mary Ann They are from Jeft McKegney, retiring Ilollbe'rg, vice-preai- etiring vice-president and new president for 1969. ternoon, January .12 at 2:00 o'clock for its annual Father v James Burke opened the meeting with a prayer. Mrs. Robert Evans, president conducted the business meeting at which time annual reports were given by officers and 'chairmen. Installation of officers was the next order of business. F a t h e r Burke presented the retiring oft ficers with gifts and installed the nevv officers and explained their .duties. A social hour followed the installation ceremony. Tea was j Robert Evans, served a( a beautifully appoint- j Grigg. Mrs. C. ed table with Mrs. Robert.^ Evans and Mrs pouring. j Gv ^ Hostesses for the meeting > Ore lea were the rctirinar officers, Mrs. Mrs. William G. Bergtbower and Mrs. John McKegney. ,„.,,. ,., . i • The January birthday cake William Gngg | was pl ,^, nted t0 Mrs _ WJl , iam The Mrs. centerpiece from lablc was awarded I j •nes Patterson. DEAR ABBY . 'Daddy's Girl' Has Much To Learn Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: My father is 57, extremely handsome and a real charmer. Mother died two years ago and Daddy is now engaged to a very lovely 45- year- old widow. Abby, while Mother was living, I'm sure Daddy played around with other women. I am also sure he hasn't changed since then. I have grown very fond of Daddy's fiancee. She is a wonderful person and so much in love with Daddy that I'm sure she's blinded by some of his faults. I hate to see this fine woman hurt by marrying an incurable ladies' man. Don't you think ' I ought to tell her exactly what she 's letting herself in for? DADDY 'S GIRL DEAR GIRL: No. You can't possibly have all the facts related to your father's "other women." And! how can you be sure that he hasn't changed! (P. S. The most revealing part of your letter is your signature. Think about it!) DEAR ABBY: I am a 50- year old woman. I'm not bad looking, but I look my age. \ I 've been married for 28 years to a wonderful man who has only one fault. He resists change. Harold likes for me' to wear my hair the way I did back in 1939 and every time I 'd come home with a new hair-do, Harold would say, "Change it back. I like the old way better." My Mends tell me I look like something straight out of an old Ginger Rogers movie but what can I do? Harold isn't a tyrant, or anything like that, but he's set in his ways. Should I change it anyway and hope he changes Ms mind? "VO DEE DOO" DEAR "VO": No! One compliment from your husband is worth a hundred from strangers. If you can't change Harold's mind first, don't change your hair- do. (P. S. Personally, I think Ginger Rogers looked a lot better in 1939 than some of today's glamor girls in their "Look, ma no hair" hair-dos.) By NADINE ALLISON SOCIETY ICDITOK By BETTY CANARY V'e all know it is more blcs- : >ed to give than to receive. A"vl as they say. it's also a ; ;:c. iv of a lot easier. The one tiling so many find - difficult to give is a compli- ' ment . For evidence, take the i«!c!erly gentleman rocking on ; ' t:ie front porch while his wife .botes his favorite apple coffeecake in the kitchen. "I love i her so much," he confides, ! "tl-.&t sometimes I can hardly | ke; p from telling her!" J Children can give c o mpli- ; rr.«nts beautifully, and usually they accept compliments with grace. Tell a toddler how pretty those new shoes are and he will answer proudly, "I'm glad ; they're black!" Or, a little girl will agree wholeheartedly when you say how lovely she looks in her new blue dress. This Wild of thanks, really a compliment in return, tells you they 1 think you have marvelous taste : and are obvioulsy a most sen- sit le and discerning person. I The remarkable tiling is how many of these children grow i up to be adults with a master's degree in compliment slashing. Tell him, "Nice tie," and he will say, "Oh, r know these r.arrow ones are out of style row." Tell her, "That a perfect ha"!" and she will answer, "Oh I just hate the thing, but 1 ilidr.'t have time to shop for another. " And then there are the humble ones. If you are so unfortunate ( as to have one of this kind around, you'll end up-plea* "i rltt.g with them to believe you, haps yuu have no cousin Pam. a-.-lti'il'y forcing them into ac- >:>k I'm sure somewhere in your i"i"ing your kind words. swathed in white linens and 'Incre's my cousin, for exam- ci owned with a IS- piece alum- fir, who has this obsession a- burn steamer, you have a hos- I'j'.t giving family dinners. Per- less with the same problem. Mission Circles Of First Buplisl Ti'.e Jean Austin Circle will nuvt Tuesday evening. January •'1st at 7: 30 p.m. at the home of Airs. Velma French. 3208 Len. n La no. The lesson leader be Mrs. Mao Dell Buchanan. -O- -O- -()The Barbara Deer Circle of the First Baptist church will meet Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Judy Pi'cssgrove. 2623 Cherry Street. L'.!h .Fon leader will be Mrs. Ma\ii :e Harrison, and leader of (i -.'votions, Mrs. Mada Turren- line -o- -o- -<>Mi. Vernon Lcpil S- '-retaries To Med The Mt. Vernon Legal Secretaries Association will meet Tuesday evening, January 2S at 7 0;i p.m. at Hunt's Restaurant. Ben Mitchell, associated with the firm of Craig and Craig, wili speak. Members and guests may mi ke reservations by calling Suzanne Ahlf at. 2-12-331 n. no la- k r than 3:00 p.m. Friday, Jan- the hostess The next meeting will bo held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L'o>d Phelps. -o -o- -o, M« Vernon Council For • Ac's and Humanities The .Mt. Vernon Arts and Humanities will meet Tuesd a y, January 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the rcroft of Trinity Episcopal , Church. '< This will be the annual meeting and election of officers. A i resume of the first year acti- ;v'ties will be presented. All members and interested i persons are urged to attend. -o- -o- -o- Fcdemted Chic C!»l» to Meet The January meeting of the Mt. Vernon Federated C i v ic 1 Civil; will be held Wednesday, January 2J at the L and iV. I Cafe at 7:U0 p m. program will feature music by the "Little Maids" and a dramatic program bv the Mt Vernon high «choo": drama de payment. All members are urged to at• tend. You taste the ham loaf. "De- hciuus!" you say. "I don't know - I don' think Ihe meat is ground fine enough tms time." she answers. At this point one must make a decision. If you're choking on a piece of gristle, I'd suggest agreeing with her. even if it means she'll run to her bed- tuom and cry the rest of the t-vening. However, with some experience you'll learn this is y.ur cue to ask for another helping of that yummy ham Urt, a big one. a great big oi.e this time, if you please. The salad you'll greet with mes of delight while she moans that she is sure she bruised vw bibb lettuce. Sne'll serve the vegetables wi I- murmurs of apology while you demand more and if she says the candied sweet potatoes are a wee bit sticky, you'll know this is the time to rum- rr.dfCe through your purse for a pencil, loudly declaring you can't live until dessert withdut me recipe for those sweet po- taroes. By the time dessert does get 'o the table, you are rolling your eyes and loudly smacking yojr lips for her and deserve an Oscar for your role as the starving village idiot who has .iijst been handed his first tho- .olitc cupcake. Then it's finally over, the cock will hang her head and say w'.'h humiliy. "It was nothing." Truthfully you cannot agree with her. Certainly it was not nothing. After all, a miserabl* evening is really something. ua-.y 2-1. Well it's back to the old grind lie a good idea to have several . . with the busy, busy holiday. pairs of different colors for dif- seasons over its time to gel I feernt. jobs. That way you won't j started with what's really cook- 1 use a pair that might have the j ing 1969. your windows, then polish 'with newspaper. This will keep your windows defrosted. . . In cold I have had just lots of inquiries as to what; has happened DEAR ABBY: You suggest! 10 1,10 column. OK, so a few that guests who are careless! o[ m y friends have asked wlmt with cigarets and drinks should \ gives with no recipes ... So be entertained in the barn — i S lacl the column was missed, those -basement amusement: and now I hacl better get busy.'| weather, hcands often take the rooms are too good for tbem( I If vou ,iave an .v special recipes, worst, beating. Help them stay Good grief-, Abby, that's the I or requests' lor a certain type. soft by keeping hand lotion or last place to send those tipsy I dish,- or ones you would like i cream at ihe oftice, in your smokers. Have you any idea j to' share with the readers, won't : purse and in the kitchen, how much 20 tons of hay costs? ; you send them along, I will, -o- -o- -o- FARMER'S WIFE, PRESTON, j he more than happy to use j Just in case there are a few CONN."."" ''" I them. . . in fact: I need them.'j slices of ham left in the refrig- ^ I The rabbit hunting season is j erator, here is a simple casse- DEAR WIFE: I don't know j [ n fu jj. sw j n g i anc i there seems ' rol dish your family might en- about Connecticut, but in Min-j to bc a goodly number of bun-: joy.'s about $400 — and i ters bringing home the game,: SCALLOPED HAM AND that ain't hay, lady. (Or is it?) i alsr; rab bits are high in nutri- POTATOES tion value. This just might bc 1 pound sliced ham. a good time for a rabbit recipe i 1 quart sliced potatoes. remains of the painting job on j !i aUed in ceremonies conducted them when vou do dishes. .'Thursday evening January 16, . On cold days, rub alcohol or | " «ie I .O.O.F. Temple: Can- salt water on the outside of I dace D °ugherty, installing offi Royal Neighbors v™^™™ c™ . I nsta 11 Officers : ^ ™, ~'r£ <™ Mrs. Mary Price has been o\ lock at Ihe L. and N, Cafe, reinstalled as Oracle of Fern M&nf'ord Logan will present Leaf Camp 694 Royal Neighbors a ,'rogram on forestry, of America Lodge. -*>- -'>- -o- The following officers were in- Katies POLLY'S POINTERS The Nason Eagles Club met at the home of Mr. and cer; Maude Miller, ceremonial marshal!; Fannie Metcalf. installing chancellor; Lillie Johnson, installing musician. Installed to serve with Mrs. Price are Goldie Jennings, past oracle;' Lillie Johnson, vice oracle; Stacy Kern, chancellor; j Ruth Purcell, recorder; Maude Here's How To Put On Parity Girdle Easily DEAR POLLY - When I DEAR POLLY — Tell the gal bought my panty girdle the who inquired "How does one saleslady suggested the follow- j t on a f ^ rdlfi nit,' way for putting it on: Turn I ., lt _ Mrs. Red Peterson at 2:00 p.m. gird i e UTO ng side out then, hold-' s,Jclun S ,lle fngcmails through' January 11. ; j ng it upside down, step in the! to do this: The gals should buy The business meeting was tal- girdle. Pull the ledge up to po- (or perhaps they have some) led to order. The new business s Jtion and then reach clown and i so f ( vvn ito gloves. Wear those was a discussion in picking a grasp the top of the girdle and ; Rl) umcs new name lor Ihe club. The pull it up. thus turning the gir- riub voted to change the name 1 die right s'de cut. I find this very satisfactory and I. too. rl- ways wear panties under it. — B. T. ci the club to I lie Rend Lake Star and Eagles. Refreshments were solved by Facts and Fallicies about Jewelry FALLACY: By ART LAIRD The karat standard in gold refers to the weight, as the carat floes in diamonds. FACT: Carat means weight in gems, but karat in gold is a grading for fine gold content, .'M- karat being pure gold. Pure gold is too soil for practical use in jewelry, so combinations of copper, silver, zinc or nickel are added, Uakarat gold, for instance, lias V/i parts of copper and Vi part silver to 22 parts gold. Other standard grades are 18, It, 13 and 10 karat. CONCLUSION: For fine jewelry In gold, silver and precious stones, see our gift selection how. Fine jewelry is our business. Laird Jewelers 1007 Broadway Phone 242-1433 DEAR ABBY: I have never written to you before, but the girl who signed herself "No Privacy" really got to me because I had the same kino! of mother. I finally solved my problem by keeping TWO diaries. One for myself, and one for my mother to read. I sort of "hid" the diary I wanted my mother to read in an obvious place, and I would even write some- tor the homemakers to try. KABBIT SUPREME i young rabbit 6 tablespoons fat. 1 clove of garlic. 6e medium onions. 1 can condensed tomato soup. Soak rabbit in salted water overnight, after it has been 12 whole cloves 2 small onions. 1 pint milk. 1 tablespoon fat. 2 tablespoons flour. U teaspoon pepper. Cut the ham in large squares, stick cloves into these slices. Soak sliced potatoes in cold wafer for one hour; then drain Miller, receiver; Florence Stroud, marshal!; Myrtle Malone ,ass't. marshall; Ola Spangler, inner sentinel; Grace Coleman, Goldie • Jennings, Cecil Dare, managei's; C. J. Anslinger, physician; Canclaee Dougherty, musician; Lora Martin, faith; Cecil Dare, courage; Hazel Byars, modesty; Grace Coleman, unselfishness; Nola Carr, endurance; Susie Price, flag bearer and captain. Mi's. Price presented each of Bring back the her officers with a gift for their days" with these Sew and Save when putting on * girdle or hose and those unfortunate accidents will cease. I have done this for years and years and have never ruined a pair of hose or a girdle while putting them on. —MILDRED tiling rather shocking in it so ; cleaned and disjointed. Drain and! and dry thoroughly in paper good, old charming support during the past year, i scenes in quick, easy stitches. Both the lodge and the offi- Fine for framing, delightful cers presented Mrs. Price with decoration for towels, cloths, tokens of appreciation for her curtains. Choose vivid colors guidance for the past year. A or balck and white. Pattern 7378: she would think it was the only! dry on paper'towel. Place the! towel. Make a white sauce of! *? c ! al hour was en J°yed in the four 814 x 10 V motifs. one I was keeping. My real diary I hid where she wouldn't find it in a million years. It worked like a charm. Mother was happy think ing she knew all about me And I was happy knowing she didn't. NO PRIVACY, TOO fat into kettle, with Uje garlic, j 1 he fat, flour, and milk. (To I ainmg room ' and chopped onions, cook until I do this, "melt the fat, add the i browned ligthly, add soup and j flour and cook till bubbling; i ReCGIVGS \ FIFTY CENTS (coins) for each pattern add 15 cents for each pattern for first - class mailing and special handling. Send to Alice Brooks, Mt. Vernon Register- News, Needlccrnft mix well. Place the • rabbit in j then add the milk gradually, the' kettle and cover with boil- 1 stirring constantly, and cook un-: PrOfTin'Hnn ing water. Add salt and cook j til smooth and slightly thicken- 1 over low heat, until the rabbit, ed. Place in a greased casse- 1 'Ari ene Milhnaker daughter of Dept.. Box 163, Old Chelsea sta- is tender about one and one- i role a layer pf potatoes, using |.j ]r . ^nd Mrs. Ray Millmaker tion. New York, N. Y. 10011. U ~ T> "" 1 '" ' " " ' " former residents : P«*int name, address, zip, pitted a pro- ter " "amber. Giant new 1969 photographer first Needlecraft. Catalog over 200 WAVES January designs to choose. 3 free pat- ji? terns printed inside. Send oO cents now. m-oblem ! ha " "ou^. Replenish the water ; a third of them, a layer of L r ' Cpntl , al .- fl IMoiuuii. if „„„„_„„„„ ivi,„„ „„ki,n. :„ •„„ , i , ... , . * . ... ! u - yenuaua, • Ljuvwj ucio a. tJLKjuiKjin. ' T T.,1 V i' u alia, lormc-r 's yours? For a personal: J ^sary. When rabbit is en-; ham and chopped onions; re- \ of Mt Verr^n Veceiv write to Abby, Box 69700 ' ^ trcmove t0 P f ter and j peat, placing rest of potatoes motion ^T ^ota ngeles, Calif., 90069 and en-' . ? th . e gl f?i' alIow,ng ? ne '^i 011 ,op ' Pour white sauce over c'ass in tlie WAVE^ Everybody has a What's reply cSe A ? e s 1 temped *'sel7 ^ddress^ of flour t0 each cup " 1 a11 and bakc for one llour at I envelooc ' j f« l of broth. Pour gravy over j 350 degree os-en. Covering for | ! the rabbit and serve with boiled ; the first hr.lf of the time. Serj FOR ABBY'S NEW BOOKLET j rice and current jelly. Serves ves six. i "WHAT TEEN- AGERS WANT j six. ] TO KNOW, " SEND $1.00 TO ! -o- -o- o- j ABBY, Box 69700, LOS ANG- i If you use household gloves LES, CAL. 90069. . I for a variety of jbos- it might INTKODUCED '.MASCARA Post-Civil War period saw the .introduction of mascara at fasb- • ionable spas, such as Newport and Saratoga. This was accredit| ed to Empress Eugenie. -o- -o- -o- Closing Ihought — When ac- guing witli a fool, make sure he is not doing the same. Miss Millmaker has been in the WAVES for seven years and is stationed in Washington D. C. . SOCIALLY YOURS Kiwonis In Lead For Maharaja NEW! "50 instant gifts" -- fabulous fashions, toys, decorator accessories. Make it today, give it tomorrow! Ideal for all occasions. 50 cents, "16 Jiffy Rugs" to knit, crochet, weave, sew, hook, 50 cents. Book of 12 Prize Afghans. 50 By NADINE The Kiwanis Club is leading cents Bargain! Quilt Book 1 has in the Maharajah contest being 16 beautiful palterns. 50 cents, conducted as a feature of the Museum Quilt Book 2 pat- Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins! he will receive manv o t h er. Stocking Follies. Lions club i terns for 12 superb quilts. 50 /-AM CTAPT inCIM" Texico attended the gradua- < cards along witli the one we is second. Noon Day Optimists, cents. Book 3. "Quilts for To- VJ CAN o !A!\l LUOlNbition of (heir ran, Rodney Haw- are mailins' todav. third, Rotary, fourth and Break- day's Living." 15 patterns. 50 . DEAR POLLY -- Tlw rubber ' tip wore off the bottom of a ! chair leg. Before we realized ; it there were a few ugly, moon j .shaped indentations (some quite j deep) in the inlaid linoleum. Ts there something we can use to fill in or cover up these marks? I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone whet-night have solved this problem. —CHRIS DEAR POLLY - Use a clothes basket with the bottom cut out to make your youngster a beginning basketball goal basket. Hang by a jump rope on a nail or hook in the basement or out on a tree. Be sure it is at die proper height for your child and his friends. Use a large bouncing ball. This is great for fun and for co- ordination. —LAVERNE DEAR POLLY - I have found that using baby's cotton tipped j sticks is the most efficient and rapid way to remove mascara from the skin under and over the eyelashes without disturbing i the mascara. —MURIEL i You will receive a dollar if ; Polly uses your favorite homemaking idea, Polly's Problem ! or solution to a problem. Write Polly in care of this newspa- I per. WEIGHT THIS WEEK IT'S- I-ASY Wll H SLENOEIVA'' BY P.D.A. This atnasing slenderising formula- availubie with no prescription, can help you become the slim, trim person you want to be! Simply take one smalt Slendcr-X tablet before each meal . . Slender-X goes to work at once to put an end to the excessive food craving. As Slender-X helps vou stop your extra food Intake, it will ptnrt you on the way to a more attractive you and it does this without giving you that "keyed-up n nervous feeling you get with other tablets. WHAT IS SLENDER-X! Slender-X is a powerful reducing aid . . Inow sold without a prescription ... and kins at the University of Mis souri. Sunday, .lanury 1!'-. -o- -o- -o- Mi ; fast Optimists fifth. cents. TAKE CAKE <)J' YOLK HANDS, : attended the 23rd District Cau! cus of the American Legion ai |Mt. Carmcl, Sunday. I -o- -o- -o- I Mrs. Fannie Metcalf, 50(3 N. and , Mrs. Loyd Marlow, \ One well-known connoisseur of, Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Allison beauty claimed he could tell the ] and Commander Jim Kaufman age q[ . jny woman by studying , her hands. If yours are dry and 1 roughened, give them the daily • protection of a creamy lotion. A i good hand lotion contains moist- j 12th street, will be S3 years urizers and softeners that lubri- j old January 2-1 as we were told cale skin and combat chapping, j • ' ' " ' Apply the lotion liberally to arms ! and elbows, too, where skin is j apt to bc dry. To nudge yourself j inlo the hand-protection habit, j keep extra lotion near the kitchen j sink, laundry room or in desk! in a telephone call Irom IT..-. cousin. Mrs. Myrtle Glover. . -')- -o- -o- Merlny Kecle of 2713 Cherry street, will be 70 years old January 24, as reported by his wife SERVE THE BEST GOURMET FOODS From IT REALLY WORKS! , Mrs. Maude 'Keele. We do hope i drawer. . . How many pounds do you want to lose? 1 10, 30, oven 4.5 or more? You'can do it with our Slender-X.. like people are discovering all over the country. You've nothing to lose except t h o se. .unsightly pounds. And if you aren't completely satisfied you vtfi II get your money back ...So set on the Joad to.a muchi better-looking you, this week... A two week supply is only J2.98 at your local drug ... SPECIAL RED STOCKING FOLLIES NIGHT For Grade, Junior High and High School Students Only. Wednesday, January 22, At 7:30 P.M.' In The Mt. Vernon High School Auditorium Admission 50c Tickets may be obtained at the door or at your local school. Proceeds go for Coronary Care Equipment for the Good Samaritan Hospital. The Prime Beef People Shop At Home The Convenient Way By Phone For Personalized Service And Fine Values CALL 242-6411 FREE DELIVERY 3 Times Doily Downtown Across From City Holl Free Forking In Back FASHION NOTES BrouEhf To Yon By Alhert Parker Silk is for all sedson* ... It spans the calendar from New Year to New Yeei without a iinjr 'ff storage bag in sight. -k it It * If you haven't conned the tingle knit jerseys . . , yoj haven 't tnv iciea what you've beer) missing . . , It's the soft, clingy fubrie that does wonders for a fiyurt. ir * * * oondjiig is used more • ane) more n many fabrics so that rlg 'it now you can be sure of the shtpe your dress will be in in the future. Many of th« newest Spring coats will feature beits . . . Buf if. your bu'ld is such that a bslt does nothing for you . , . you'll find the coat loses nothing by discard ng it. v * *• * Remember, fashion is your best SOCIAL sscurity, Albert's

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