The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 23, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1977
Page 6
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TAOK (U-N'AUOATWOK NKWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, AUG. 1ft. IMfl St. Francis vs. Rangers, Amateur League Game Sunday 'Red' Mariano, Rudy Szczesiul To Be Opposing Hurlers Standing of Teams By Jack Screw Highlanders Engage Mill ville In Second Game Of Afternoon Couch Jltn Konnndy and hln Kt. I'YitnolH' iilnn hovii hltfti hofxm this Sunday of jjdiTnrrnlnK HID major up'iot of the your, whrn they will Hnt; th« Hlr'inf,' r-Jiintffir eomblno In th« flrtU j;iim« of .Sunday'* Anv uti'Ui- (tonkin. 1 dduMfihi.'iulur, With Robert "Hud" Miirluiui ro- turnod'to the llmmp. Conch Ken- midv biillovim that hln chui'KuM :nny fllinlly poi-form a victory over tho p-n hut Boh MnDormott, cnptfiln .ictjff.'i ;it whut the Ht. J"'riini'l» rni.'ntor has utntud luul prccHc-tH a victory for his tuarn, nnd (i victory over which thurti will ho no (inflation svhiin th« warm* ends. l--Mt<:h<ir Mariano -itm-tod the n«n- non for thn St. KrunolM 1 tnnm iintl W/IH oonnl(iarntl. (it thut limn, II.H onii of thi- hi'Mt hui'li-i-H In the IcngiU' In KjtdOri'Ow'M tjonttiMt. he will he K<J|MK up HK'Hln.'it thr; hi'Mt hurli.T In tho loop in funl'ur ftuil.v K/,c/usilul. .Wiu'lfino hn« rvt hud vary much op. jioi-tunlty to Hhow just wh/it he ciin ilo niiw h/it he h;ul riiturm-tl tn thii lun/n, JilthfitiKli ho looked In fine nhiipc, when h» pltchtid u rclluf role, Sunday, In Uniterm Kiillf). f'lti.'hnr SucniiHlul IM luut frusili from a victory ovisr the Hluhluncl- ci'i, Iri which hn limltt'd the opposition to thief hltv unit nn runM, while hlx learn combined for 17 hits iiml 18 I'uriH hehlnd him, to turn he i;nmn Into a rout. In the N«c»nd irmni! of tho day, the Hlnhlnndr'i 1 ;! un<l Mlllvllln A. A. will play thflr Unit Kiinm of tho itdconcl The vVolwmiin will he fuvi»r<!U to take the measure of thi Stimffnrmen In thin nontext, hut Millville mltfht win. Stranger hjtV'i happened. NATIONAL LJCAGUH Yosturdiiy'M HemiltH Brooklyn 1, Philadelphia Boutan 5, Now York 3. Chicago 0, Pltt.Mhurgh 3, St. LuulN 5, Cincinnati 2. St Loiita 0, Cincinnati 2. 0. Tim Standing •W, L, Brooklyn .............. O-l .10 •it. f.ouiH .............. (51 -II 51 11 -18 53 'IT 07 -13 08 3S Gl IJotuon Clnclnnntl Nnw York hlhululphlii ret. ,lil5 .398 ,5-1 5 .500 ,•175 .•152 .'120 .38-1 Toduy'.s Oiinu-H, I'ltchuiti Nuw York at Boston — Budnlclc 3-2) vs. NlKKtllng (1-3). Krooldyn «t Philadelphia — Melon (l-l) vs. titancuu (1-3). C'hlcitKO at Pittsburgh—Schmltx (7-7> vs. Strlncuvlch (0-20). (Only games scheduled.) AMKKICA.Y KKAGCIC YeMterda.v's Kesiilt.s HoHtoti -I, New York 3. Detroit fl, Chicago -I, Washington B, f j hlladelphia 1. Cleveland 5, St. .Louis 1. C'loveland 5, St. Louis -1. The Stumllng I liuston New York (Introlt Cleveland St. t.ouls Philadelphia WATERBURY AMILTOtf SiMda W. K. 70 31 Cl •!•! 01) -H S3 53 51 OG •!<! 58 -1C Gl 3075 Pet. .710 ,581 ,573 .MO ,'177 ..(.|2 .-130 .2SG Owen To Consult Chandler Monday Cincinnati, Aug. 10— CU' P)— It looks as it' It will be Monday before former Mexican leaguer Mickey Owen will be able to sec Commissioner "Happy" Chandler about being reinstated In organized American baseball. Owen in on his way to Cincinnati to present his request to Chandler, but the commissioner's office said he was away from his d«sk and won't be "available" until Monday. One of Chandler's aides said Happy's" ofilce had received no word from the ex-Brooklyn Dodder catcher, but assumed from newspaper stories that Owen would "appear at any.moment." Tho same Chandler assistant— Harold "Muddy" Ruel — said if Mickey applies for reinstatement—' "we will accept his statement for consideration, if and when he np- pears, after due consideraion," continued Ruel, "a decision will be made. There'll be no comment on the case until then."' Ruel added that—providing Owen is reinstated—there is nooning to block ihls playing for the rest of the season. TiKluy'x </uim,\s, I'lti'licrs l.-lo.'iton nt 'New York—Harris (1-1- v.i, Bon ham (3-D. l'hllndnl[ililii at Washlnfftcn '(2) •(''lores (ti-S) and Fowler (8-11) -'i'. Wynn (2-'l) and Hudson (7-8). Cleveland at Ht. Louis (night) — Harder (3-2) VH, Potter (7-G). (Only Kiimus scheduled.) :-/Jfanciy at 8 I K&P METAL WORKS DO SO. MAIN STHKKT (ICrurJ Stui'l liar* * Shci'ts I''0ll SAI.K Ornlifiii'titiil Ntcul Work i 1 SO.iulTer will enter '.his in Sunday's with n ru- i'd llneiij) und expects the hanm-.s thut he hud made to .ro- iiilt in victory. Miinii>:ur Htauffur hns announced Ihut Joseph Duddoiiti will couch ^ho .\Hllvllli- .tciuiul, to lake the plucu of A I lirfwcr who recently resigned dun to pressing business. Mr. Dnd- iloiiu wus u former outfielder for Editor's Notes On Glen Falls For you local baseball fans who want to know just where, tyow, when or why about Glen Falls, we dockled to rack our bruin today, und 1,-lvo you us much information as possible. For those of you.who don't-know why we're giving 1 you this info,-the local American Logion . U'lim will play at thut place for the j bacl< Springfield." Brasscos Play Stadium Tonight Mgr. Joe Samo.ska brought the Sprlng-fiold Grays to Wuterbuvy Inst Saturday night to oppose the Brasscos and since the powerfu Lonfr Island team defeated, his club he Is receiving requests to "brin tm> l« fully c-nwib!o, Stuuffcr hau said of hiinrlllng the duties of couch. Inuring the two contests, "'III l.ic u\vun /iiviiy, L/.-a^'uc 1 President I-'runk yheii prcicui-i; a ton or to Klvn awuy thly week, ns well us nylons nml oilier useful Items, Regional 2 playolTs, starting next Tuesday. • O.'en Kails, a borough, 'of. 18,000 last census Is situated in upstate New York, just 2ti milus north o Snrutocn. and nine -miles south o Tjiikf Georj-e. The town has a war dt'n and a morninK and r?vi?nln( nowspaper to antagonize him. Tht jnornlujf. paper Is the Post-Star 1 and the afternoon edition has- the norr.en of the Time* Frank Gnrcin Is the editor 'of the mornitifi: sheet The local team will leave for this plitcf Monday at a tlmn to be nn- half-ton of coal nounccd by Legion oficiaia; nnd will Avoriue t.enm find In endeavoring to Sunday. l:3fj at Rce- 2nd BIO WEEK MacMURRAY Anne BAXTER 2nd MIT IT SHOULDH'T HAPPEN TO A DOQ Cw»/t UmiS • Mft JOUYH C!nniu rcullon Field, OUT roil SKASON Cincinnati, Aug. 10—(UP)—The iiMKl.Mtant commissioner of hnsoball, IliicoUl "Muddy" Ruel, has indicated nftur a oonfurericii with Mickey Owi;n that the former Iir- 0 oklyn cutcher svlll not hu roin- this suoHon. Owen jumped to thu Mexican league this spring anil now Is buck In the States socking reinstatement or a lessoning of tho riviT.yonr suspension put on hint by Commlsuloncr Happy Chan- play their ilrst game Tuosday afternoon. In order to qualify for the- next-part of the tourney they must win two games at Glen Palls and then will proceed to either Syracuse or Cleveland. LIICHFIEID I''tinnlor thun ".Scpiimtc Rooms" 'ROOM SERVICE' August (MO flKATS: .51.00, $1,30, $2.00 plus tnx Curtnln SMD Tel Lltchfleld 880 NEXT WEEK; The! Curtnln Rises Four Qualify For Club Tourney Four more qualifying matches for the cluh championship at A 1 . B. A. have been played, with Gus Klcm eliminating F. Blletz, '2 and 1; Tom Lucas, taking the measure of Bob King, 6-5; Henry Cieslewski emerging victorious over Jimmy Krykowskl, 2-1 and one of the favored players in the tourney, Johnny G»leskl defeating Osslc Gray, with one stroke up on the 18th hole. Games that will have boon played, before this evening are ZiggleFurs vs. Jack Denn and Stan Krullkow- Hkl against Tony Waranowlc-/.. Tho championship play will begin tomorrow at the club, but the pairings for the opening rounds ha« not been announced as yet, "I can't bring back Sprlngfleli this week, but I'm giving our fan a team that rates 1 with the Grays? the Union City, N.-J., Reds, an other club from the Metropolitan Baseball Assaclatiori," said Sam oska this morning, "Just stake a look .at this line up," caid Genial Joe; as he glanced up and down the rpster. "Pitcher Hal Benne played with the Washington Senators; Pitcher Sal Pelicnstro played with Kern's Service team o.' Kerns, Utah, which won the 1945 Service tournament; Pitcher John Bausewein was in the. Southern and -Mid-Atlantic Leagues. ' . • "And Catcher John Martin played for Trenton' in the. Inter-State League, and .Chris 1 .Danish, another receiver, played, tor New York U. and was'signexi'by ,the Red Sox, "The Infield "Is.;-go'otll too. Take First Baseman'George Bausewein, who played on. three, of. the New York Giants'. 1 -farm teams; Second Baseman.'Jackie,'-TayUar' was with Littie Rock;-. Shortstop'. Stubby Har- •im£.ri, startod the .present season .vith. Birmmg-ha.'m'.of. the .Southern Association f . and Third Baseman Ralph Benzenberg' played In the ^Jew York Giantu' 1 farm' system Samoska- turned-, to the outfield. Did- you see Mickey Steinman the nlgh-t he filled in for Nick Tre- nark 'of Mount Vernori, Well, Jimmy Sheehan warned us Steinman could hit. 'He got a. triple and sin,'Kle and,he plays right field for he Reds. Pat Finnegan of Fordham is in center, and Eddie Halsch, ormerly of Scranton, Is in left. That is a good ball club," Buys Garsson Plants AT THE OPENING of n bunk- ruptcy lien ring In Federal Court, Chicago, It WHS announced by Jo(»«ph Schwartz, representing Henry nna Murray GurMHon, thut James Stoln (above) of New York,, had bought the Batavla MotiiI Products Co. It wan Hold for $9,000 plus a percentage of earning* over ten yearn not to exceed $350,000. (International) Horseshoe Tourney Being Planned Joseph E. Skubus of the Aluminum Co., Bridgeport, Conn,, announces that tho State Industrial Horseshoe Pitching bhampionahips arc being planned, Entries for this event will close Saturday, August 17, Tho cities represented in this championship- tournament arc Bridgeport, Meridnn, Naugatuclc, Now Haven,. Torrington, nnd Wa- torhury. There • has been excellent participation in .horseshow tournaments and. leagues' in the State for the summer season. , Chad-man Joe Skubas will be assisted by Harry. V. Abbott, Industrial Secretary of the Bridgeport Y, M. C, A. The tournament will be held at Beardsley Park, Bridgeport on Sunday, Augiist 25. Cubs To Play Hills Juniors Industrial Tourney New Haven, Aug. 18 The Connecticut Industrial Recreation Council of the St.ilo Y, M. C, A. announces that the Industrial Golf Championships will be held Sunday, August IS at the Yale Golf Course, New Havr>n, Conn. Cities represented in the Golf Tournament arc Bridgeport, Meriden, Nau| tuck, New Britain, Torring-ton, 3Vnw j Haven, and Waterbury. Jt is expected that some very keen competition will take place between tho leading industrial golf players of the state. Entries for this event close August 12. Representing this area in the tourney will be a four man team from the U. S. Rubber company composed of Henry Cieslewski, Ch'et and Charley Wojtczak, and Edward Cichowski. FRANKIE VIGEANT, 102, of TlximuHlun nlg-ht deposit Bobby "KO" Hick* ju»t where Bobby has been placing HO many boys days, to tho canvoji. Bobby, wlio only landed two blows of any xubHtanco during tliti entire card, in our CKtirrUi^ tloii droppoJ niore from curlier piinlKhitient tlmn any other thing, when Vacant knocked him out in ll)& seventh round of their scheduled eight round bout. In utlxir bouts staged liuit eve- Kniie <irlttln doclHioned Miller In the feature, ten round illght heavyweight event, with the decision being booed by the crowd; Billy Brown of Bridgeport outpointed "Bau tier" Stroud of Hurtford; Al Sil- verniaji of the Bronx knocked out Charley Harris, also of New York, in tho third round of u. scheduled six rounder; Johnny Llzak of Springfield, won a TKO over Norman Stanley of Bridgeport, in the opening- event of the card. Shea Wins Tenth Victory On Coast Salem Routs By KJEXNV CLYMER Capitalizing on nine walks and eight hits, Salem school's Junior team yesterday defeated the Millville cubs by the unbelievable score of 13-2 ,with O'Shea being the winning pitcher. Richy Roland, who started for Millville, was the losing pitcher, although only five of the thirteen runs were scored off of him.' The runs which he allowed were sufficient to warrant victory for the rejuvenated Salem array. Salem's victory ended a four game osing streak, as the team behind D'Shea played headsup ball to give Um his first victoi-y since the recent grammar school season ended. Score by innings. Salem 322 303 x—13 8 1 Millville Cubs. , 001 000 1 222 i Fran'c "Spec" Shea, local boy who is hurling for the Oakland team of the Pacific Coast League, now sports a record of ten wins and four losses, it was learned by the NEWS today. Shea's recent victory sccurred Jast Sunday when he hurled the first end of a doubleheador against the league leading! San Francisco team, winning G-3. Later in. this week, Frank, in a special, pregame batting - session with softballs, won a contest for hitting a Softball the longest. By i virtue of his prowess in slugging | that softball, he won fifty dollars I We attribute his softba!) ability to j some early season practice with the local Merry Mortician Softball ten. UTAiLUHID t llf A POCKET RAINCOAT THAT'S A SMART LITTLE PACKET FOR YOUR POCKET. You're ever ready for.. weather changes with this miracle coat at $8.95 a fusion of plastics and synthetic chemicals that will,preserve your dignity and poise in a downpour. Slip it out of your pocket onto your back and let the raindrops fall where they may and you'll feel like singing in the rain. t Complete * line of Work Clothes NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEt-. 6136 r.AW-V.MOWERS GRASS CATClffiR \VAJX PAPER IN STOCK PJTTSBURGjr PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone SOM TIME Triplet births occur only once in 8,800 times. ASEBALL Munclpal Stadium Waterbury TONtGHT, 8:4C P. M. UlS'ION CITY REDS, RASSCOS PIRATES SOLD Pittsburgh, Aug. JO—(UP.)—-The 'Ittsburgh Pirates baseball club las been sold to Prank McKinney, . banker and baseball executive in ndianapolis, Ind- Associated with tfcKinney in the purchase ia movie tar Bing Crosby. There arc 7,083 islands in the 'hllipplnes archipelago. SANDY BEACH LAKE QCASSAFAtTQ DICK FINLEV, Mpr Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M Boating 0 Bathing * Picnic* SALEM PLAYHOUSE WED, Thru SAT. WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-6, 1-4 and 1-2 H. P. Tel. Waterbury 4-1694 and Reverse Churge HIGHEST PRICES PAID The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Leaders in Home Heating 84-36 SPRING ST. 4-8478 Time to teke another loolv at t]ie..ever clianging economic picture, and the effect on your family budget. Time to consider your Savings Program—does it measure up (o current day needs. Most people need t\vo programs—one for emergencies—the other for the future. You can begin today—;md with as little as $1.00 —to build an account that will guarantee comfort and security in later vears. NAU6ATUCK SAVINGS BANK 1870JWENTV FIFTH ANNIVERSARY 1945. AUD*PO<IT< FULLY GUARANTEED ' GUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main St. Union City Gus Klimoszewski, Prop, Magazines - Periodicals All Newspapers - Cundy Smokers' Supplies, Noveties, etc. r" Our Jumbo Banana Splits and Fresh Fruit Sundaes Are The Talk of the Town! ! CORNEE CANTEEN 392 No- Main Street "Dom" TrllerlMi. Vrop. HARRISON AM MA ANI> TM.I ^.of KIMGOPSIAM^f The charges'-of Coach A) Brew- ey, the Millville -Cubs, will 'travel to Waterbury this afternoon to engage: the strong.Washington Hills Juniors nt''4-p.-.jii. The game will be ..played.' at; Washington Park. The lineup, as'announced by Mr Brewer, is, tia follows: Roland, If; Spadola,'2b; Aquavia, Ib; Broder- Ick, rf;, Schuster, c; Woodfieldi as; Stlnson, cf;''Labrlola,-3b, and either Mariano or. Wooater pitching. IF IT IS HARD TO GET-TRY US - FIRST NAUGATOCK HARDWARE Tired of looking at old wallpaper< You don't hive to take it oflfl Ju« paint ovir it with Muf- Tona — th« •iioofjfaiog aew wtter-thinncd paint that's waik- *bl* . . . Cover* wiJlboxrd and painted wallj, tool 100 colrr. to choose from. EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond St». GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery TeL 4919 Edward Vlaskuuckas, Trop. Highland Package Store J 9S HiRhland Ave. — Tel. 3083 Anthony Farrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of Naugatuck .Try NEWS Want Adt.— They BHnc Reiuiu. See Our Large Stock «. LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOrS FOR GARDEN and LAWN • SHOVELS (long and »hort handles) • GARDEN RAKES • HOES — SPADES C PRUNING SHEARS • GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 COAL COSTS! WITH THE HONEYWELL Cleetrtc CONr«Oi 0 AMf tfi By IDA tailing 1h« Hou«yw«U Janitor damp*r control vou can «av» tip to 30% on your coal bill. Think what thie t&vlng zu*an» durinff ju»t ono baalin? aaaiob. W* haf o £l«ctnc Janitor* In *tor;k now. Call u>' today, bofor* th* supply i* 0<m*. lor tuti JaJormalJon. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236

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