Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 3, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, March 3, 1 ft 1, -' Army of- Eisen- MARKETS --b* Miowed in rCorfimunism : tHi'uAofeasHigly vig- ^pfease of feovern- td ftiake ccrtpln STOCKYARDS, 111, ,' coops; f.o.b. paying prices un(*) —Hogs fl.OOO moderately ac* changed heavy hens 29-5 3; light tive ;weights 180-225 Ib steady to hens 18-20 fryers and broilers 2310 higher heavier weights steady 1 27 old roosters 18-18 duckling to la lower I'/O Ib down steady to '29-31; beltsville hen turkeys 6 to Weak sows steady to 2t lower, 8 Ib 39-42, mostly steady; choice 180-230 l!j Butter steady receipts l,OG5,o73 25/73-26.15 several hundred head wholesale buying prices un- 26.23. these uniform under -220 Ib' changed 93 score AA6S; 92 A or choice No. 1 and 2 gradeg 240- c *-75 90 B 62.5 89 C 60,75 cars, communism, \ itUig ourselves If cither by '' .throueh, cartlessness we "'Stoat, fliKfiot cdnform i< sense'8t justice Hy, »» )f ,4nc eotiselened Jf ' America rfjetfrly dUtcettl wfiefi WP arc pfolfe* -vigilance with- urtfain That conscience i lltt the oofly of tho &B Congress. jWo can bo itt that* its *nembers .will r». to Americans' convictions liefs In ,thte regapd." -flehhower said there are vital IRA and domestic problems con"" lit the nation which "deserve , .divided arid incessant atten- i4fbf a $BngresS, of the ex-»nu- iflhsaricft; <rf !thc public Infr-ma- ufcmMla > qf our nation, of our 4 " ncl.fetfen of-bur Churches." i- f . <j r f -.^jrdjt^asjmfortunate when fe«,dl\?fe>«ied ^rom these grave ? C(£ which jane i svigil- t .any kind /of intrenal ••{thiwugli (disregard «tf T^Js, of Jair jilay ,re.co/i- 4he'American people, 'incidents' are -all the iisejlesi ^and unfortunate in •" tKp 'tbaste ' dedication r; i|' American to the pros* «j|d, advancement of 'safety,' ,pt0sj)erUy and BjyeMjalcl'horland every ''executive departments ,,,,- , ,.»»&i«! , , . , £4hattthqp$ ought to be cooperation bo- , fiiijjjancnqs trf .government d*i|u,oh-cooperation "is possi- ^1h*>VT ! atmo,sphere of mu- at when he «Jtary affl. ./•(smember of disr.es.pect to- agfs-'who were ^said he tradition of Coh- Ib 24.75-23.50: 230-320 Ib 24.00* | 03 89 C 61.5. .. . 150-170 Ib 24.75-26.00 sows 400 1 Eggs steady; receipts 18,841 Ib down - 23.0-75 heavier so-,vs wholesale buying prices Unchanged 22.0-23.00 boors 1600-20.00. ' (U.S. large 42-41.5 U. S. mediums Cattle' 3,000, calves (50; moder- 40.5 U, S. standards 40,5; cur ately active demand for choice Steers and heifers few early sales alt grades fully steadyd loa choice yearling steers 23.5; smnll lots commercial and jjood steers reht receipts , 40.5 checks and ctirlies 38.5. GRA'N AND PROVISIONS -.. _-.. .-... , .... CH1CAGO, ; MarcH 3 UB — Soy- and , heifers 1850-20.00 utility and!beans soared to as much as ;8 low commercial steers 16.50 TOWS CENTS A bushel to a new high active and strong; few commor-|since 1948 in a wild market on the cials 14.25 utility and commercial'Board of Trade today, cows 12.00-14.00 canners and clit-l Wheat spurted early, fell back ters 10.t!041.50; strong cutler."j below the previous Close, and then 12,00 bulls 50 higher utility and came ahead again in sympathy With soybeans n the closing minutes. Old crop wheat ended lower commeeial 12.50-14.50 cutler bulls 10.50-12,00 vcftler'3 and calv«s firm good and choice; vealevslbut the new crop futures posted 23.00-27.00; few prime 29,00 com-! Rains. mtreial and low good 16.00^22.00. Corn displayed firmness at times but oats were unable to go up With the yellow grain. Wheat closed lower to , BROILERS LITTLE ROCK (/PI — Batosvillc- Floral , area —Morkc t about steady. Demand fair to good. Offerings barely adequate to short oC trade needs.-Prices 'at'the farm, broilers or irycru, 2 l /2 to 3% pounds, 22 to 23 cents. Mostly 22 cent?. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK I/T) — An advance tin the stock market .today wt,s pegged to a few strong issues. Somo gains raced ahead 2 to 5 points at limes, but Ihe great bulk of the 1 plus signs were less this n a point. Losses seldom reached down as much as.a point. NEW YORK COTTON f-TEW .YORK, March 3 </P) Cotton futures were steady today, featured ;by an aggressive demand for/.new -crop months. oThe buying of .distant positions was variously nltrjbuled to uncertainty over Ihe new.crop outlook in .the Southwest and the belief in some quartern ,that high price supports will he extended by Congress. Late afternoon pi-ice" were unchanged to 25 cents a bale higher than the previous close. March 34,38, May 34.39 and July 34.39. higher; March $2.22%, corn .% to 1 cent higher, March '$1.63'^, oats lower to % higher, March 77, rye unchanged to B lower, March $1.22, and soybeans l'/2-8!4 higher, March $3.51-$3.51',{>. R Cash whcal: None. Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.58—. Oals: No. 1 heavy while 82 1 /a No. 2 82. Soybeans: None. Shafer Gives Account of Shooting By JAMES F. DONOVAN and VINCNT J. BURKRER WASMINGTOON (UP) —— Hep. Paul W. Shafer (R-Mich) gave a federal grand jury today an eye- Witness account of Monday's gun attack on tho House of Representatives for which the government is seeking quick indictment of four Puerto Rican terrorisct. Shafer gave the jury "very positive" identification of all four of .he assassins. The government charged the three gunmen and their pistol- Wielding woman leader with assault With intent to kill on five counts — one count for each of five representatives felled in the 30-second attack. Meanwhile, the Jutice Department considered slapping criminal charges on leadersof the tiny but fanatical Puerto Rican Nationalist party to which the terrorists belong. Informed sources said department experts believe the gov- New Orleans Festival ' Comes to End NW ORLEAN SI/PI -Litleivd THEY'RE ALL PROUD—When Burton A. Kolman, of Chicago, 111., graduated from DePdUl University, his dog "Chief," and xvife, adjusting his mortarboard, were interested spectators. Kolman, 21, blind for six years, earned a law degree with cum laude honors. could be punished on conviction by 75 years in prison. But if Bentley should fail to recover, the charge would be changed to first degree murder for which tho penalty would be death. The four other congressmen Year's Planning Ends in Arrest PARIS, Tenn. I/PI — A year's planning went aslray as police swiftly caught a gunman who rob- ernmenl may be able lo prosecute j fired from Ihe House .gallery on party .chieftains under Ihe Smith !Mondnv were not considered to be wounded in the spray of bullets, bed _ a bank at nearby Henry, kid- Pope's Condition Is Fairly Good VATICAN CITY W— Vatican Bourses reported again :today that Pope Pius .XI passed a "fairly good night" and that his slow improvement, of the past several .days continues. Hhere was no official announcement on Ihecondilion of the ailing ppntiff, who yesterday observed his ,78th birthday ,and ; the 15th ;a .niversary of his etleclion to the papacy, But sources al the Vatipan said ^le has slept well during .the apst .seven ,nighls.and lhat this is aiding him in progress toward recovery from his .ailment, tentatively diag' nosed as gastritis. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, March 3 (/PI Live , Professional boxim* ,blbxes;.usual- poultry steady to firm tcceipts 2461 ly weigh six lo .eight ounces. iftpyright, 1033. by Ellttbelh Selfot Pittributed by ,Kmir Feoturw .Syndicate pie again. W»g 'Up Ws ,big . purely jy says lWd -under the - siarcasUcaUy. ouian 1 t get out , especially ," j»ajd :Myra. or toe ox- t Jl 41dn't Hnow five wpman a tied, ftnd set- reading j tp iw , against ,tne t-vW* '"'SW wwld °° m * j jw$r>irwould move nun —- wfto would ,t»en **iH evening ofi now dq peg? traipsin with Bfe, I ;t -the Wg, blond (fo' «0 B-fllpae any.' she faked softly. "~ pi nlgnt» weeH, 5T^"«bWt -the e4 HIM gtrl. "l Msdup;* 1 p| the "trajp- 4to»« Myra Qrajg "I •Shelly frowned. Eleanor V Xes. Probably. ' And in s day or two, she herself saw Craig and Eleanor together. In nis car . . . 'Well, if ne couldn't do better... What right nad Shelly to be jealous? She had flier own husband. Didn't she? As far as the office wont, he could -spare a little time for early summer dalliance. No, it was not her affair. Except ... In her "organization" of the office, Shelly came up against the truth as forcefully as if she had run, full speed, against a oncK svall. -Beginning with ner nrm, unannounced reestabllshment of the two waiting rooms, she nad gone on to organize the patients who came to sit tn those rooms, arranging them according to ctio claims they had Upon the doctor's time and .attention. Again, she was given her plan By one of the many excellent boons put out oy the various drug companies. This article had been titled, "Who (Sets to See the Doctor?" iSheliy rhad-read it .with interest, and considered it in reference to Stephen's ofuce and nis patients, yes, tt seemed a good plan, and U Craig did not object .,. JHe did not. On his return to his iractice after tho accident he seemed a bit—well, not chastened but he didn't point out Shelly's Inexperience so often, nor talk to ir at a- 1 -I about dolls, So she organized his visitors into priority classifications, fc'irsi came 'us regular patients with appolnt- ments-r'this would .include new. comers to town who might become regular patients, Second, his regular patients who came to the office without appointments. Third, patients who had been going to other doctors, and now would cry Dr. Talboy. {emergencies, of course, come in where they occurred and according to their urgency. Next tn line were the "detail" majj, the legitimate salesmen of drugs and iparaftis, and so OR, After them, the salesmen who were not to t>e •isslfled as legitimate—this covered a varied fleld, neckties, ciga- rottea, real estate . , . and last to get in should be such family mem* bera and friends as might drop into the office for a visit. j£ere Shelly took what comfort |he could in making ISleanor Walsh; wa4£ till the very last. And it was here, too, that she! ran Into the brick wall. Because, ofle day, there was no one in the lefi>&,JM3K} waiting rporo except JJUejuuM?« 7*&9 RevwejEMi f*reW6, tt hg,d Jjcen there earWey; he was g«« tpg 40 have to undergo surgery for hje ulcer; Craig nad attended |0 him,, and iff thoae patients cop. $£&%} wifti h|a plant services, and, Jp? -eieanor g Q tnto, tfte ftoctoi . '? J.I She could only sit at the receptionist's desk, smell tobacco smoke, listen to the muted murmur b£ voices and,the occasional laughter. No excuse to interrupt offered itself. No phone calls, no emergency; no patients arrived. ,s3he looked down at the .appointment book, turned the pages and sat frowning. What was going on'T She looked out. through .the window ,at the rain which fell like dull silver. It tell tn ribbons, and then in chains ot little silver beads ana small crystal 'balls. As it nit-the grouim, it made a sound like tiny bits ot broken glass. Shelly 'Signed, and leaned ner head against ner hand. Finally, Eleanor left; Craig escorted her to her car, .and then came back to stand looking down at nis blonde receptionist. "Something wrong?" no asked. "Ot course not." She sat quickly erect. • He sat down tn one-of the chairs, bounced tt upon its steel frame, and then leaned back. "1 thought maybe you had a headache . . ." Shelly cleared her >throat self- consciously. "Was Mis.s Walsh's a professional call?" she asked coldly. Craig's black eyes danced. "You know it was not." "1 was hoping It was!" she said tartly. "Why?" "Because—" Her head went up. "Without it, we haven't taken in enough money today to feed Donald." He shrugged. "Business couldn't be worse," he said cheerfully. "1 didn't realize bow much It had fallen oft, until today." He reached for ,a printed form which lay on her desk, "It sometimes takes a doctor a couple of years to recover from as bad a case ot gossip as I had, Shelly." Be spoke calmly, seeming more interested in the paper he fteld, Put Shelly was shocked to her heels. "You don't roesfl'-" He glanced at per. And rubbed his hand i&ack over his hair, "Sure, Half the town still 'talk* about my being drunk and (fitting people die. The other naif listens. Nobody wants to risk his life (n my hands." She could not speak. She leaned back ta her cftfitr and whtterfaoed, ,ftt biro. "J3ut-r" "I know," tte .«a,M flWietty, * truth was established. The ; truth never makes as ,gftod 9 story to tell and rflpeat. rfliut graduajily tt will bo tola. It vrtll tiJce time, of course." Act T- ,the same act under which U. S, ..Communist leaders were sent to prison. This forbids conspiracy 'to advocate overthrow of tho governinent. The ultimate fate of the four Immediately accused hinges on a courageous touch-and-go fight for life being waged at Casualty hos- .pital by Shafer's fellow Republi- cen House member from Michigan Rep. 'Alvin M. Bentley. Bentley, a 35-year-old millionaire from Owosso, Mich., was removed fi'om the hospital's "critical list" after, a restful night. But physicians said he is still in danger. A high velocity pistol bullet pierced his lung and diaphram and smashed his vliver. in any danger. All were reported recovering. Dr. Joseph R. Young, chief of surgery at Casualty hospital, said of Bentley that: "While the patient is still not .out of danger, I believe -is safe to remove him from the critical list, but must still consider him as seriously ill." Shafer was the only congressman culled before the grand jury. Ho told newsmen he was on the House floor al the time of the shooting and "saw most of it." "I watched it until the shooting stopped," he said, "and then dropped to the floor." At least 7,000,000,000 acres of the Under the indictment sought byj earth's surface is' forested, with U. S. .District Attorney Leo A. Ro-j about 5,000,000,000 acres of this ver each of the iour Nationalists] remaining largely unexplored. naped a farm wife and terrorized another family in a getaway attempt yesterday. Held in Henry County Jail here today in default of $5,000 bond wns n man identified as George Seg- nrs, about 30, of Anderson, S. C. He was charged with kidnaping bank robbery and carrying a pi- tol. All except $193 of the $4,130 taken from the Henry branch of the Commercial Bank v Trust Co. of Paris was recovered. Segars said he had planned the robbery for a year and was "very much disappointed" at the take. He told officers he had expected to find between $35,000 and $40,000. He was caught by state patrolmen after his getaway car was ditched and a stolen truck became overheated. streets and tired faces marked a solemn end today to the' carnival season. The climax came with the daylight region of Rex. Lord of Misrule and comus who died held way by torchlight last night. Most of the city was costumed end masked for its gala holiday. An Improvement strip tease popped up at points to enliven the crowds. Masking ended at nightfall. The balls of Comus and Rex closed the social activities. At the stroke of midnight the court of Rex visited the court of Comus in deference to Cimus seniority The monarchs dank a toast to the end of another carnival season and tho beginning of the 40-day Lenten e- riod and the city's return to realism, Police reported they handler] 551 complaints, compared with about 200 for an ordinary day. There Vero 103 automobile accidents and SG cases of drunkenness. John Al; bert. 53, was shot to death after i he broke up a fight between two women. Th» accident book at Charity Hospital, overtaxed in treating victims, showed that people had fallen, were stabbed, were struck with bottles and other objects, shot. Motorist Tells Nothing But The Bear Truth KENMOR, EN.Y. (UP) — Ken Behrens is responsible for this story of a bear that knew what to do when lost in Allegheny State Park. Behrens explained that he wa.^|. driving through thepnrk when suddenly the big brown animal flagged him down and saustered over to the car. Behrens offered the bear a sandwich but the animal snlrned it. Instead, it grabben a road map and ambled off. burned had acid thrown in their faces and were hurt in auto crashes. Gef Fosf, Soothing Relief witf] E»1R€Y MEDICINE NEW NON-CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL POLICY Issued by HOME SECURITY LIFE INS. CO. • Ages — Birth to 100 years • Guarantee premium will never Increase • Good any Hospital or Doctor In the world. Call or write your reliable local agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 MY DEAR FRIENDS: I am in the hospital with pneumonia, but it won't • be many days before I have it licked. I have certain obligations coming along soon that make it necessary to ask those of you who owe me to go by the office and pay Miss Andres, or Mrs. Holt, or mail a check. All I ask is that you bear down like I do when you need me. Sincerely, DR. L. M. LILE irfm America's most modern-type refining units. your car I've toyt moat of atephen 1 * ticel" toe aatd harshly. "Shelly, I'm sorry aMw that. i«-« | unew any way ta ciMMjgc tA««-w j>m eviw my moving sut woiUdo«$ Mp ftit situation. WatlJing will help ft, J^ tionte dofl't come to* doofcpr they BftflU tnmfc.* » ?»0e 6U ^ NEW LlOU alj the power any motor can develop ... alj the power most motors can develop LION'S NEWLY COMPLETED 5'A MILLION DOLLAR REFINING UNITS...MOST MODERN-TYPE IN AMERICA...HAVE MADE POSSIBLE THE GREATEST GASOLINES IN LION'S HISTORY New Lion Ethyl is now. guaranteed to deliver 100% Power in any car—even those with the newest high-compression engines. And your thrifty friend, new Lion Knix-Knox, is now guaranteed to deliver 100% Power in less-demanding engines. NEW HIGHER OCTANE RATIN CS-| New Lion Ethyl will satisfy the designed octane requirement of any car today, And new Lion Knix-Knox, at the regular price, is stepped up in octane rating, too! PREVENT "THE KNOCK YOU NEVER HeAB w —Your engine can be needlessly damaged and power can be wasted by using gasolines which develop a knock at high speeds—the knock you never hear because of the engine's roar. New Lion gasolines .contain a newly available, high-powered aviation fuel ingredient •which assures full antiknock protection, even at highest speeds; For premium performance at regular price; try new Lion Knix-Knox. For even quicker starting, faster warm-up, smoother acceleration and more miles per gallon with any car/ use new Lion Ethyl^unques* tioned best quality! +U** Amtrha'$ most raprfwu motor faok—new lha gasollnttl fat 199% f»w«r! w,w, y -x-*. \m*W. ,-" r ~' OlC ,.# All 4 «jr..« «'«,•• II OH

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