Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1911
Page 4
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J THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 8,1911>^ WI.\M\0 Tin: .sEVF .NTII V.VSEUHBILT CUlP RACE. i . FINIStiOFlSWPERBILT Uinier left, Ratiih K. Italford, the klnp of the auto.uoUUe world fov Hill, with the •sn.lle that won't come off At upper riBlit Muifonl coitiing (.'own ihi- .^irclch. HCIOW , plitur ccif tl:e llnioU just ns MuKord was couiiilctfug tlic iOri.CS mllt! race at an avoruKe upoed of 74.UU luilos an hour—a ilen:i cut trlunudi for America. CHRISTIIUS POSIAGE OONI'S .S»MK OF TIIK r«).M.>H>NKST KH- HOKS THAT MAKK T«Or»LK. OI)!«(>rvp TI M'SI- \\y\\vs iiiid Your ClirlsU ki]cd «r>t'«!«t £x(ni. No'w that the Christmas season is at .hand, and everybody is iirejjaring Christmas packages, it seems that it is the psychological moment for a few pointers on what to do, or rather what not to do. to secure the greatest success in the sending of presents through the mail to your friends. Tne following "donts" secured from the local posioflice force, may assist some in averting trouble uiili their packages: Don't put any stamp on the addrcbs side of a Chrisuuaa package oiiKi than postage stamps, as the package Is otherwise uhmailahle, the indiscriminate placing of sianips being confusing to the postal eiiiidoyes, - who are good-hearted, and do not like the idea of <!ancelling stamps e.xpressing the sentiments of the day. Don't enclose in your packages three or four pages of Cliristmas sentiments, as the government has some idea of their value, and will charge you a first-class rate for a package containing them. You may j)iu in the package however. card telling by whom it is sent, and to whom it is sent, or the words "Alerry Christmas.' Don't put a padlock on your Christmas package. The mail' clerks are generally pretty honest, and ihe gov er^nient disnnproves of such nil in:;in nation against its honesty, and charges a first-class rate. Don't try to make a postcard tak- the place of a Christmas tree. Card.-, •with tinsel _on them are -absolutely barred from the mails. Don't neglect to address pa'"': age. The postal employes are ver> bright men, but the mind reader.- among them arc very few and fa; between. Your nome may not be v pretty one, but if you will put it ii a comer of your package, it may !» of Imatcrial assisianci' In reiuriiing tf you any i>arcel that .vou may bav( jnlaaddressed.; Don't put a one-cent siamp on : two-pound packa>;e. U.TI.S.-J you wan lo'jilay a Joke on your.sdf. llncb Satn Is as cheap as a Chlnpso sfr vattt, btit its hard to slip one ov(»r oi BtampB on your packnsc. Don't trj' to send household furni ttite through the mail. The postn clerics are' not professional wevijh lifters, and be-sidcs the weight limi of packages through the mail is foui pounds. Don't stand in the stamp window to wisp packages. Of course, the stamp clerk likes to watch you. and the people who are waiting In line be hind you don't object at all to the delay, but there is a desk nearby at •which you could do your wra'pi)inF much more easily and quickly. Don't expect postal employes tc •wrap your packages. This, of course is amone their regular dut.,?.-:. but j-or should Jjave some heart and cons!d.">bow they are rushed a* Christm.T time. Besides, with a little practice you can wrap your ova packages. ARTISTIC BOOK PLATE.S, NEW WELL HASN'T SHRUNK connection with the his second annual iiniiUry Hhow of Ihc Association, w!ilr!i l.s to be held llii' )U>1 or Hfcond { \vi«ek In .lanuuiy. The committee an- i ' ' i:ounc. il ili.nt 1hi>y had umde nrrnnnc-! II II OHUM I I.oml niid I.iiKtiiy When j.iint.'* fur D IP sluiw to be held In the I OpoMt'd .--«0 I'ouiids i 'n'>>snn'. Iowa .-ioii' building, at tlie i-outhcai-t < orner of the square. This building la. It Ifl really plfaslng to learn that very riinmy, and uliould be very suit-: th" first reports of the city's new gas jible for the display of poultry, which well on th.' Butler lease grow in siz^ from I'le^'nt Indl/atlons will be three rather than shrink. A good flow of limes ns Uirtic as that of last year. I shale gaa was struck at about "(ki — fe?»t but the drill was sent down t(. SriT FOR BACK SALARY. SCO feet. The shale gas develoiicd a (pretty strong pressure but the present Claim Ap-alnsl Potrolia Kcflncry C.ets j pressun* developed is about 70 Into Court. j pounds. This, placed behind the pres- It Is .getting to be a regular thing for someone to file suit against the Petrolia Refining Company. Several have been filed and then the company has come forward and settled. Today was no e.\cepiion. T. G. Sickles, now of Ft. Smith, Ark., being the plafntilT in the latest action. Ho asks for $140 for salary unpaid und'er his contract :id superintendent from September 1 .o October 11. Ho also claims $31.50 V. hich he says was unpaid to Charles H. Fry, who worked at $1..'0 a day, later assigning his claims to Sickles. lOLANS >E.VR IC It. MAGXATES. niuch Fact Is Recallrd by llie K. >. & D. Reminiscence sure in the city mains, will boost numerous ounces into the'stov?s. Aa noted before, the well is dry and ha(' suflicient strength to "clean Itself," the roar of gas being plainly audible for a mile. it is interesting to note, also that Doctor Glynn, who was attending the birth, made fine haste to report to City Clerk Zeigler, as prtAided by the Vital Statistics law. BIRXED BEFORE PAID FOB. N'ewspapers from Topeka to Fort Scott are giving space these days to a reminiscent story of the time when I'le Kansas. Nebraska & Dakota rail- ;ead was completed between the two cUics named and the first train was run over the wobbly "streaks of rust" en December C ISSC. The story fails .o mention, however, that John Fran- U and (feorge A. Bowlus, of Allen ':;:n!y. were among the prime movers ;n that road and- had tender little ! fipes of becoming railroad magnate.-; • :iich were blighted by an early f:iist. The road was taken over by i:i!;ers before completed and neither !!<-n county nian ever became presi- .'nt, tliough they were magnates long : :!.-iij ^h to own passes over most of • >e lines in the country an "exchange ; courtesies" granted them on the •Tingth of their prospects. The Oarnett Xems says: According • > Eome of the old settlers llie train ' composed of old fashion coaches I better than a freight caboose, a iiall engine not much larger than • (i>e used now as threshing engines, Mcli had a tall smoke slack with a K round top. It is said the offlctuls announced ' I' tiain would he through here on a i;aln date and many citizens were : tlie ilepot to watch it come in. It i.' -.1' naiembtred whether any Garnetl f.jilo rode on the train the firat iiii. It arrived in Garnctt soon after :f o'clock in the morning, and' .stoi)- i .'fd long enough for some of the road (ificlals to make short talks to th"* people w"'io were at the depot. THE TEXXT HAS COME TO STAY. H«ii«soine Gifts In PrefwrafloD For _ ^ Some lola People. One of the most interesting pres- , cntB Uie Register kuowa of as being In preparation for several lola people is a book mark made from an original design by Rev. Carl Nau. The deslgna often represent a scene in the library of the person who is to receive the gift, tables, chairs and book-cases being shown, and from the drawim^; an electrotype is mado which has the name of the library's owner and a place for numbering the book. Tlir t>ook plates are artistic and must prove a treasured gift to the recplent. 7be Regte ^r knows this much about it for it oas act<>d as go-between between Rev. Nau and tho electrotyp'-r and bas later primed the doalgn from \die pintcs. JPOPLTRF siroH IX low.i STORE. : The erccutivp «.nit;!r'.. ue »of the Alten Oouatj- Fou-tiy Ar .u ;(:lnilon held a raecUl meeting iRft night In the of- JUce "Of Carl FeleKoo on business }u Xerchanis Hare io Get Lanre Xnm- ^ l»er >i From Ihe Rank. ^Chester Cowan was seen hustlinf from the bank today wiUi a sack o! peiiuies, which brought out the fac :hat the humble copper has won a permanent place in the finances of th< %\fst. Many i)eopIe still young, car recall when nothing less than a nick- ie was expected in change in tht West, the penny being practically un known. But today pvery merchant ii:s to keep a large supjily. of coppen 10 make change, for odd cents are th. rule and not the exception today. Th* a'.erage man falls to api)reclate what his iiie^ns and hands the pennies ht gets to the kids or plnys them intt a slot machine or In other ways showt •hat he does not regard them as mon "y. And, somehow, it doesn't seen iiuite as free and easy and open-handed and generous to wait around foi one or two cents change. It was more fun to live in a time and place \vber no man's time was worth less thar he five cents for fifteen seconds necessary to get the change^ At an accidental session of the Volunteer Reform Aseoclatton at the :uurt house this mottling, t^ug, be- itg present T. B. Shannon, the county Utornuy and n Keglster reiwrter It was rfsolved that "The Golden Rule mny be lived up to In modern bu^inesf without going into the bankruptcy -•our',^ or being elected from yout •hurth." Kow all nccos»ary ie 'ar everybody to get on the Job. 1F300 Was Owed on East lola firocorj at rime of Fire. The fire which recently destroyed a small store in Kast lola had a part In the filing of a suit for $300 brought in district court today by K. S. Eakii; against C. A. Swope and Nanni Smith. Eakin says he sold the property to Swope for .«SO0. of which $.=>0< vas paid down and $300 was due on Ofcember 1 with 8 per cerit interest from last August. Swope assigned the place to Mrs. Smith who took charge and ran the store until a fire destroyed it. The petitioner says tht ?300 became due on the first and was unpaid at the time of the firo and h« believes that his claim should b< cared for out of the insurance money. Yates Center N'ew.^: Ed Naylor is (quarantined at the home of his parents in the south part of town with n •ase cf smallpox. There are said to be two o'.her cases in town, but ar« !i3(Ur s'lrlct quarantine and there \i not much ni>pr.^henslon as to thf Sjiread of the dl^•^a.-e. Mke the caset in Neosho Falls, t'.'.ey are of mild form. DROPSY THEATER FREE. KKVNKI.IX .HILKS Jf. 1>, I,L. B.- The Well-Known Heart and BropNy SpeciuUsl, Will Send n Two- Pound Treatnicuf Free. .>lauj- "Hoiieless" Ca«*cs Soon Ctirei' After '> to l .'i Doctors Failed. At first "'no tlise.tfce Is apparentl.^ more harmless than dropsy, a littU iwelling of the eyi-lids, hands, feet, lakles, or abdomeu. Finally there it ?i"eat shortness of breath, smothering spells, sitting up to breathe, cough, faint spells sometimes nausea anc" vomiting, even bursting of the bmhf md a lingering and wretched death if •be dropsy Is not removed. Dr. Miles has beea kuowu as a lead 'g Ei >eciciiEt, in these diEcases for 2t ears. His liberal o.TerJ^^oertainl} vortby of serious co.-;sirfpraf on. Yot ay not have another oi)portnnity. The Grand Dropsy Treitment con •'•sts of four drop.fy remedies in on< •:EO Tonic Tablets, and Pura-La.xa fo p. the •wa'er. This treatmen' :i'l!y preitared for each patient nd is at ten times as success ful as that of most physicians. It •tsually reUeves the first day and re- iioves swelling In siX days in mos* •;ases. Debfy is dahgerous. Mr. Alexander Milne, Spokane Wash., cured by two moirths'/treat- •!)ent. Mrs. Sarah A. Boyd. Oelwein. •a., cured after giving up hope. Mrs Elxina Sonders. Decatur. Neb„ cured •fter 10 physicians failed. Mrs. A. J Vash Pickering. Mo., cured, l.lmbs -wo'len up to Ihe Ijody. Mr. C. A '<llllnger, Shippensburg. Pa., cured <fter four ph.vslclniis fadct to relievo. Mrs. Julia Brpaull. Dugdale. Minn, "irod after being tiroiounced Inetir- 'hie by Ihrfee »<hys!cl!'nH. Mr. .Tohn •»*. Alexoider. Elwood, Tile., cured af- er 4 failed. Dr. MI'cs' Book contain? > lorge number of remarkable cur*"*. All affltctM reidprs may have the "pw r)rop«r Bo<j!< Examination t^hnrt. •itilnion. .Aifvlpp. )<id a Two-Pound Trpptment FBKK. VMJe once. D"- Bcrllie your nniso. Adrtrjpss. Dr Kr-nV- t:n Mlle«. rv,n«. c, sjo to 525, Main Btroet, Elkhart. Indiana. Ii Reductions ON RAMSAY'S SUITS^ COATS AND DRESSES Should be of the utmost interest to youifyoucbntemplate buying „a NEW SUIT, COAT OR DRESS! . . ' $25;$mdrtTafl9red Suits $18.75 Women's and Misses' strictly Tailor Made Suits, in hard finished serge, cheviots and worsteds in blue, brown, gray and mannish mixtilrss: plai^ and braid trimmed; Skinner's satin lined; usual $25.00 values, sale price, tomorrow $18.75 Special Saje 15 Suits at $9.95 woi'lh up to $op.00—fine fabrics and superb tailoring are iheir chief points of excellence—to be sold, special now only Talfeta Silk Petticoats — black and all colors; special $3.95 '^ladies' and Cbildren's Coats I and Furs at Special Prices. ' Children's .and Ladies!- Coats worth up to $6.50; special .....98c A few Ladies' Coats, worth up to $20.00; special $5.00 A fullXne of Children's and Ladies' Furs to choose from—at very special prices. Just receiv'ed a new shipment of Ladies' . Rain Coats! One-fourth reduction on all Evening Dresses. . A special sale of Silk, Messaline and Wool Dresses at , $9.95 REMEMBER! Mlien in need u( SIIBKS you eiin Iliid Jill <hp iH 'ueft titjicr in tanx, veliHi suede, iiafculs, K«I > metal and pliiln kid. here— at the -^crj Iune<«t jir!,"es. ijual'lj c<in>ider('d. t;p<clal U'.'hnUm ii\m utctjil Hoot— nc-.v 111 broad tnc, 'price only ii'.*I ..'»0 , Talent f'olt \t and ll-btitton lloota— plain and Khltld \\y \ery nobby styles, pricpd at *.V»«^ Ladle.s" and little gun metal and kid leather Shoes—button and lace. Priced very special at !?J..'»0, $2.25, !(!2..-|() and *;W>0. jrST BECEIVED n big shipment of Children's Uipli Toi> Button Shoe^, In tans, iialenls and gun metal— Rizes up to Specially l>riced now at onlyl tfiJil) Si'ECIAl^Boys' Heavy School Shoes—sizps ft ~to i;{_on «aie tomorrow for only *i .2i Free—To eveiy little girl that STAMPED PILLOW CASES Si -cK •1l'x.'!(; and l.'.x:;!;—extra Kood finality—price, jier pair 59c Kiiucy Stampi'it ildck TOVVOI.H —.ilze.s LSxilfi—each SI5c i;mbroldcry ,sh''urs—prl<ed u jialr. 25c uud J5c ^ Gloves and Mittens of All Kinds; I-adies' and (Uiildren-.s fJauntlet Glovci, pair 50c, %\M and Ladies-' and Children'.s ,Knit Glovrs and Mittens pair ISc, 25c, 50c HOSIERY , Hoys' and Girl.s' Pony—lighl, medium pnd heavy -weights— none befler. IVr pair. .' 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The most comfortable and best wearing Un- .. dorwear on the nmr.ket. Ladies' Union Suits ^1 .00 to 9%00 . Children's Union Suit-s priced froiu. .jOc to fl.60!,;; Ladies' Fancy Neckwear Collars, .Jabots and Tics; priced fioin 2 .'ie, 3.5c, 50c to $lJiO UMBRELLAS Ladies', Gents' and Childrens Unibrellas^plain mission and fancy Iiandles. Priced at i .'.Oc, 7."»c, $1, *1U »0 to' $7.50 ' i — • r : ^—- Do Your Christmas Shopping now. We set the pace. We pay your mileage. m« IHtV WEATIIKK CUOP. (ilo »nizo IMiiutrd July 2» Olves Four Tons Ter Acre. Manhallan, Kas. Dec.' 8.— When the routh wa.s nl its worxt, last summer, suggeKtlon was sent; out from the ansas • Agrliuliural CoIIego by Pro••Shor O .1-:. Keed of flip dairy depart- .iient, ndvl.slnh farmerK ((/ cut corn hat was tasseji'd and:about to fire tnd put It Ink) the siSos Profes.sor toed admltlid liiat such sllnge would U )l have the best feejllng (lualltles. >ut stock would eat it and do well on it The chiff rociiilremcnt was to keeii It lioltered fiom rain If'the corn then a hand was insufficient Profcsa(jr eed advised the iilanting of milo ainety-day corn Corn,' or kafir, he ^•aid, cculd he listed in fields that had l-ei'n in oaU or wheat and, if a little rain tell to germinate tlio seeds uould glve^sllo cro |is for fall. The value of Profo.-=.-^^or Heed's ad- xico I."? shown In the rejiort, just Is- j filed from his department, showing ti^e yields of mllo sown .luly 29. This in-llo was i)ut In for the exact purpose I Inscribed In the drouth circular. Pro-| f 'ssor Reed says in his report: "The yield om mllo -mal7 .e sown Ju- j 'y 2'.i, was four tons an acre. The k.ifir corn yield was four and two- tenths Ions an acre. These crops were u^ed for slLnge and were harvested j for this purpose October !.">. I While the:-c crops do not make as [ good silage as crops that have become mature the cattle like it and do well on It." - .HOKE TlI.VX SKIX DEEP, .'dore 'riiaii a Skin Snhc Is Needed to t'ure Piles Permanently. Oon 't be disaiipointed If you fall to get a lasting cure of idles v.ith salves. The cauye of piles ia more than BKIH liocp. it Is sluggish, flabby veins— 1 rockets lllled with thick, bad blood. IIKM-HOII), a tablet t(mlc remedy i:; taken inwardly, acts-, on the circu- Ibition and cures all kinds of plIcK thoroJighl.v. against American Bridge Conir • ! 1!M».'—Four dynamite outrages oa i.iructures under erection by bridge company. I'tt.f.—Twelve explosions. 1!)0T—Six. i;(()H_Twenty-nlne. \- Ittii'i—Twenty-one. ' i ;i 10— Twenty-nine. I fill— Eleven. Totals—K -Kploalons 113, properly %\ t'c)r L'4 days' supply at C. B. Spen j b .-s |.'{,.-.00,000 live? lost, 112. rev ft ("n.'s, lola. Kas.. and oil drug- i;ists. nr. l,eonhardt Co.. Station llulTaU). N. Y., mail a free booklet I 1 acillc ilrug- j . "i /Ti.'p stut A wrnt In a The Dynaniltr. Uecord, udents of,,thc high • school- body to meet Ithe Mlasouri west bound pas^nger/whic&r I brought in the Nevada. | Mo., basket' August 10 .too.-—General .strike de-; b::II team for the gameJtonight with c'ar«d by International Association j tbo lola five, and the yisitprs- were o." nridge and Structural Iron Work-i given a hearty reception!. ifisitor Santa is surely on his vfay. Why not get a , • f:ood start right in the beginning and pick out^what ycu want him to bring you. Any Chi^tmas present wilTbe aH fixed up and tagiped and put away for delivery when wanted. Especial care will be takeii with every Christmas present that it is in peife^ • icnditton and delivered at the proper place on the ;:ppoihtcd time. ' The lOLA FURNITURE STOKB SOUTH SIDE SQUARE A.W.BECK,Pro|». i

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