Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOIA DAILV REGISim JBIDAY.EyAsiNG. .DE(;EMBEK8.I9U. Shop ^owand shop early in the mornings if you desirje comfort and con- —venience in making your Christmas selections T»E ELEGANT LINE OF PRETTY MILLINEKfY «4 MARKED PRICE $3.00 Ladies' Hats... .$L5a $4.(K) Ladies' Hats... ..$2.00 $5.00 Ladies' Hats.... .S2..50 $7.00 Ladies'^ Huts... ..$3.-50 $10.00 Ladies' Hats. ...$5.00 Choice line of New Dress Goods—all wool materials; 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 and up to $1.45 per yard, marked special for Christmas scllino:. Pretty New Silks:—choice patterns and colors; 50?. 75c, 85c and $1.0 Oper yard. NEW TAILORED SKIRTS A big shipment just in— every Skirt marked special.^ $7.50 Skirts, elegantly tailored, now $5.00 $7.50 Skirts for dressy occasions .$5.00 $10.00 Skirts—splendid values $7.50 Over 50 Pretty Effects in New Neckwear. Never was there such a variety to choose from; each 2oc, 35c, 50c, 65c A Few of the Newest Things from Our 100 Varieties of Jewelry. 13elt Pins, liar Pins, Collar Pins, Frill Pins, I )i -o()ches and lioauty Pins—new designs, from that are almost plain to beautiful ones with brilliants, pearls and rich center sets. More than 200 pretty things in White Embroidery and Drawn Work pieces. Doilies of every size from tiny ones to large center pieces. RIBBONS Hundreds of Pieces—Full of Beauty and Value My, what lovely Ribbons, and so reasonably priced! That is what nearly every one says who sees them. In all sincerity we believe that nowhere in these parts is there another such assortment of downright good Ribbons at prices as low. BIG REDUCTIONS ON LADIES', MISSES AND CHILDREN'S CQATS $10.00 Coats ...$7.50 $17.50 Coats .$12.50 $22.50 Coats .$17.50 .$25.00 Coats .$19.75 $.30.00 Coats :. $24.75 .$35.00 Coats .$29.75 $40.00 Coats .$33.75 Misses' and Children's Coats at a big reduction in price. LADIES' SUITS $17.50, $20, $25 atid up to $35 Suits for.. ..$14.95 A Big Line of Underwear Ladies' Vests..2.5c, 35c, 50c Ladies' D'wei-s 25c, 35c, 50c Indies' all wool Vests.$1.00 Ladies' all wool Drawers— at ^1.00 Ladies' Union Suits,-priced at 65c, 75c, $1.00 Ladies' fine lambs' wool Union Suits ., $3.00 New Mufflers New Aprons New Handkerchiefs New Umbrellas New Fur Sets New Dress Goods New Silks New Silk and Fancy Hosiery Men's Fancy Neckties Pin Cushions Jewelry Novelties Head Scarfs New Towls Table Linens 113 EAST MADISON EAST MADISON trouble Hacar reading the Register, -wbioh every mbnth^^riiitB a list of the —.'WJls allowed and the warrants drawta.* KJKWentjr-iflople lost the price <of a year B raDBcriptlon at one full swoop, 'and the Register sincerely hopes they were none of themsubBcribers. Two lola men got into a dispute last night as' to how many acres of'< *land 'there are within the curb Jibe surrounding the court house 'sqntfMi^ One man said it was a ^t five acritil and the othe^ said it was a skimpi tttf' acres! DTd'you ever guess on-It? ' f PERSONAIS Toil Canalsoy is In Yal's r.iii.r today ou busitices. plaudo Ruth of N'orili Stale .stp i' iiT!reported to bo srriously ill. —Fred. Rowdcn, Phone 786. Period Decorator. Mrs. E. W. Myler, coiiniy stiiicrin- tendent is inspecUns tin? SPIIOOI districts west of the river today. }—Don't torset the Salvation Army Free Christmas Dinner Effort Mr. and Mrs. Charlfs B»thard, of 824 North Wnsliington are (lie iiarciits of a girl bom this morning. \ I'r.'sitloiit ('. H. Ooli- of lhi> fnii "il Iron Work.s was IH T'- toila .v from S|>riii){i )<'l(l \isiiliiK I )av>- .Morrow and I In* ri'iit. of the local |iluiit. --Ihin't forte) the lili; Ani:i(eiir iilclit III file (•riinil. SoiiietliiiiK »en III! (tie liirie. oe to nil. Till' connnissioiMT .s liavc been list- •iiiii'-r lo a ntimliiT of kicks liy prop• ri .v (nviicrK of UiHarp<> and (!as, wlio owned lots with hous-s on them when '.li<> last valuations were made, but from which the houses have since been femovod, but the fact not properly credited on the tax rolls. —Our commercial ambition is ."^at- i.'--fipd cuslonif-rs. Can't be denied. Once tried satisfied. Thaf.s all. Han- na & No. ,S IJnrvey. llurry N. Jeffer.son. Up .lewelers, S. Mctcalf vnU conduct tjie Inspection A short iKiruKruph In yesterday's rtei'ister noted tlie fact tliiit an ofllco >;irl was lo (|ult her position last iilnht to net miirried. Hefore noon todtty fourteen Kirls had niiplii.'d for the lilaee, wiileh Is u trreat eompliinont to ilie Hi'nisKr and no reflection on the owner of the olllce. —It will be to your Interest lo buy your flour and feed of 11. Klaumann. 206 S. Jefferson. Phono 2D9. Orders hate been received here by the officers of Company M for the semi-annual fall inspection which Is to occur at the armory on December 14th. next Tliursday. Colonel Wil&er -i -rhrlslmas Silencer's. Postiils 'tc dozen at! Howard Coman of South Sycamore street is reported to be seriously ill with the grippe. i-Dr. KcXfllen. Phones 32 and 232. W. <E. Starts is in Algonia, la., having been called to that point several days ago by the serious illness of his mother who resides there. _ lAttomey S. A. Card and J. M. Xow- el^ returned last night from Danville. « Kas., where they have been on busi- f ness. f —C. W, MitchTll. PalnUng and i f FAperIng; Phone S47. J k Sweet who has be<»n visiting and ( transacting business hero relumed to taiis home in Fall Rivor, Kas., Inst ntght. '|—©r. Lnry M. Hnll, Os|eo |iutli. Telephones 120 nud 061. Samuel Williams who has been ur the hospital for the Jiast two Wf ^kH with a serious attncK of pneuinoiiln, was taken to his home yesttirduy. itfrs. E. B. Cannon returned yesterday from Pueblo, Colo, wln-ro HIIO boli been visiting for the past two ! months. Christmas Shopplpg Do your Christmas shopping tomorrow. Overcoats, Suits, Hats, Shoes, Shirts, Ties, Tie Sets, Suspenders, Bath Robes, Gloves, Umbrellais; Suit Cases and Bags, Silk Sox—Everything you want Come Tomorrow! Barclay-Shields OoXo. "THE D0D8E OF —Don't fonret the Ug Amateur nltrht lit (he tinind. SoniethlnK uetv (111 the time. Ac to uir. Mrs. Katie Oraham, 'of 310 Kast Monroe who was seriously. poisoned Wednesday night by sausafee which contained ptomaine is reported to be much Improved today and her recovery Is assured. Mrs. W. H. Donnell who wps taken to a Kansas City hospital Tuesday In the hope that something could be done to improve her be^^lth returned home last evening. The City surgeons decided that an operation would do no good. ^ —iinn'Tkorciiief?. doilieis and inser- tlon.s fr(.:n Ongole, India, made by native fl-.o::' girls . On sale at Doggett'.> MlMineo" Store fori a few days Proceeds sent direct to Ongole to pay expenses cf these girls I15 a Christian schcol. The Record Bowling team defeated the Humboldt team last njght at Hum boldt in three successive games, their margin being seventy-fiv^ pins. The Record team also defeated the T. M. C. A. team two games out. of three although the total of the three games for the two teams was the Same. —Saturday only with every purchase, each .person will be entitled to a pound of Chocolate Drops at Mc per lb. Palace of Sweets. Reaben W. Armstrong left last night for Hillsboro, 111., where he has accepted a position with; a smelting company. Mr. amd Mrs.' Armstrong have lived in Tola for many years, and have a host of friends here who will regret their departure. Mr. Armstrong was for years an accountant for the Acid Plant In this city. . The second team of the Humboldt high school and the Bo^ Scouts of Obamite have matched a i^rme at Cbanute for tomorrow. sSo tar as known Cbanute U the fltat case of Boy Scouts uklng to the itridiron. The county commissloneni yesterday cancelled a bunch of o)d warranta which were three years of age. The sum total amotmted to $89, which somebody might have had for no more mre im Only One ^^Bromo Quinine thnils • ^ ' : M^xBt^e Bromo Qumlno nEff 'rar IWMBUI knra TO OUKE A coin m'.om OAT. ^ijlwajs Rmemba the fnll name, l^^it 25c. temembei the fall name. \j)r this sign atnre on every box. "SPOTTEH" IS >0W SPOTTED. Bryan May Be Fonnd Onllty of • Federal Offense. Topeka Kan., Dec. 5.—"W.- H. Bryan who for months was active in the campaign conducted by Governor Stubbs and the state administration against violation of the prohibitory laws is now in serious trouble with the United .^tates officials because of alleged illegal sales of llquOr. Bryan was for a long time employed by state officials as a gecret service agent, or in common parlance as a "spotter." It was bis duty to frequent places where the probibitory law waa being violated, make purchases of'.liquor and then testify againat the !Sw violator. —A Des Moines man ha$ an attack of muscular rheumatism in his shoulder. A friend advised him to go to Hot Springs. That meant an )expeBsa of 1150.00 or more. He sought for a quicker and cheaper way to cure It and found it In Chamberlain's Liniment. Three days after the first application of this liniment \A was well, fior sale by all dealer& Uncle Sam's postofflce and railway, postal clerks have been barred froirij organizing and Joining any secret association ainong themselves. An order to that effect was issued recently by the postmaster general. Local postal clerks are giving miich'^tlme to discussions of,the order. W, L. Bartles denies the honor of having furnished the name for the bustling bnrg in northern Oklahdma called .Bartlesville. Tt was named by Its founder Col. Jake Bartels. The! two rdtit and flgurcd that as their Krandfath'ers both ,came over froih Hanover, Qermany, they were probably kin. One wa« born May 2, 1842 and the other May 9, 1842. But' the likeness stops there. Jake wns short rtnd pudgy; W. L. Is long and lean! Jnko married first..a Wyandotte and then an Osage woman and died rich. The reporter dassent finish tho story. Sallna Union: Perhaps in about a year from now court stenographer Waltman, Instead of sitting all hump-' ed up at hiB desk in the court room taking the testimony of witnesses and the statements of attorneys In lawsuits, will be parading around in the corridors or sitting beside a dicta­ graph on bis desk reading a novel *hile the court goea on. That's the possibility of the dictagraph, the first of which we ever heard was when the detectives in the McNamara case placed one in the Txis Angeles Jail to get evidence. The district court sten- dgrapher in Allen county has installed such a machine in the court tfouse at Tola and tho Register gave a detailed hccount of it. —No man ever successfully courted two girls at the same time and J\p ieweler can successfully gain the people's support until be has proven conclusively that he is sincere in executing his policy of selllngthe right kind |*bf goods at the right kind of ^ices. That is exactly the secret of our snct cess. Hanna & Harvey, Hurry U P Tewelers for hurry up people. No. 3 Vorth Jefferson street. Great ^Bend Tribune: E. "W. Can- tress, an attorney at law of Tola, Kas., vrlll give a free lecture in the Cook bbriding. south of the Kendall hotel. Great Bend, Kansas, on the fifth day of December «(Tuesday of this week) at .7:30 p. ia. The lecture will be on the great world movement of today Socialism, "White Slavery, the Money and Banking Question, Christianity Churchanity and other kindred subi-l Jects. Ministers, professors business men and laboring men and ladies are especially Invited. H. L. Ames, Socialist candidate for congress, will also be present and speak on political Issues. A good attendance Is reqAest ed and considering the reputation of tho speakers, should be expected. ' Yates Center .Vews: Miss Ella Mc- fSnrnion of Humboldt Miss Mary Mur phy of lola and Miss Anna Curran spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Conway. • • • Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. Mrs. Fred VTeri and two (jhild"- ren and Miss Pern 'V^Illiams were ov- • ^--i- • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••• V^T^.* ^ • 1" • ^ 1 Merfiatitmal Sunday Scheol QuestieBS ^ .+ (Copyright 1910, by Rev. T. 8. LlnMsM, D. O.) 4 Lesson for Stntda^, 1«; Wit;! 'S^.'Sf' th of my life; of t • • '0' <• * <• • * •> •> > :• * > > > •> {• •> • GOLDEN TEXT—"The Lord Ts the sti whom shall I be afraid?—Ps. ift:!:'" (1) Verses 1-2—When '<Soii. is blessing ^tis with '«rMt; success in our work how does that'generally affect thoSie who are doing the same kind of wort?- -.v i < • (2) Which kre tlie worst enemle&'tibd Why, ftosie Who'out­ wardly declare their hostility, or those who pretend to be 'friends and are secretly working for odr frijuryT'- ' ' ' ' ' ' (3) Why instead of being anhoytid; dlQ 'ritft'SabbitlUit sOnTtis company admire and praise Neheraiith "fdr his wonderful auccaias? (4) In a race It is fair for each to'try to 'wln'f <but nfbaCIs the character of the one -Who'l)uts Out hla foot'atid"trliM'>tflt^ls chief coihpetitor? ifbsr >. C5) What would you say were the 'j'eal "HJoflvW of >SalilmilBt, and his friends, In -wanting to prevent the liuilUing oC the wall of Jerusalem? : /-;.r ,.-.f)i' (6) When men have for yecfra ite^teiitM, tifWifed^'tb db a needed work, bow do they generally feel when others do that work? • : . 1 '.it, .>r :.i:>'. .<• lUi C (7) Verse 3—How wonid >db chWtaclflrtfti <he '?BlfiWirfif ''of Nehenilah to the Invitation to a conference with 8atlbt1W(? ' (8) What may be expected tif bMfiratia 'erpittfe^^flm^iiMn who neglect their calling, and spend'!»0 (m 'tftne1il'!)i >1H ^ii ||r 'lMlll or other pastimes? i'"' • • • • • v>i >i , >ei (9) Verses 4-8—Why yore' -they so' anxious to'^HMs 'Mis outside conference . with Nehcmlah? (lU) If a false report gets circulated Ubout a-mHh ^tWUoms doing a good work, how muchlfsHly notice should he talce Of It? (11) What probably would have been thfe re8UH?>'lf J »Bhb- miah had gone^to this conference lit'cMerio>'prdAsdt1fItf 'gtf6d name? • > •• ^v-• .• • ..-..ii- If- H. .-.i(12) Why do people so dften Impugn the motives of those who are succeeding in doing a good work? (13) "How should we treat those who oppose us or speak evil of us? ' • (14) What arguments did or could Sanballat use to Justify the accusation he said people w^ere making against Nebemiah? (15.) Is slander of good people generally pure fabrication, or is it a perversion of actual facts, as In this case? i. (16) . Verse 9—There is a natural tendency for "us to be more or less afraid of such devilish and persistent enemies ^ these; what therefore is our best method to keep up dur 'courage and succeed? • • ' ' '•' (17) Verses 10-14—^What'would have happened if Nebemiah had been tempted to fear, and bad shut himself up in the temple, as he was advised? (18) In what class would you place the sin of moral cowardice? (19) Which are the more Tile and why, bad men hi a plans gnrli, or'oat>abd>ont sinners | (This Is one of the questions ttiat may be anSirei *d In writing by m^aiber «'of "the'elttb.) ' ' • (20) How did Nehemiah discern thie hypoCrlsrM ShemallUi? (21) Verses 15-l8^How Idng'dld It trike fhem to ComlJTetB the wall? » (22) What qualities did Nebemiah display that are sUll essential for success? Iips.son for Sifndny, Bee. 17, IWl^^Eira Teaches the L«w.'» Jfeh. 8. er from lola to spend Thanksgiving with the family of W. B. Burllngame.-, * • • Mrs. Steve Lance and daughter. Miss Ruby, were over from lola 'the latter part of last week visiting Tief parents Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Ellison of Eminence township. The Register noted the other day that In a wrestling match at Colony W^elntt of that place won from Young liUtz, of Tolal Lutz called attention! to the fact that on Wednesday pro-, beding he won two falls from Weint at Colony In 38 and 46 minutes respectively. There would seem to be groqnd for doubt, therefore, %s to which is tho better man. Moran Herald: The condition of R. J. Hobby, yho Is yet In the hospital at lola is not as favorable since the operation as could be hoped for. 'Oth er complications are delaying bis progress in recovering, but it is hoped they will not become serious.. LA>-D VALUES HEBE IS.lMJ^l ^^^^^^ ' * iDteresUng OM VumAMlHWnA by Colony ITm. Colony Free Press: L. M. Wlilta bair'found among hla :papera 'ttkttlMr land list put out hy^he Neosho Villlt Land Agency ia^ IMS. Th»»<^l«: Bisntad the KaAvu'Citfi •mmmtk ttad Southern R. R. ComiMaQr. 'AdWrB Iftg'to the artiole the-'|»apaM |lr«Ms(^ ed Just What hds ootne 40' piM'^ltet this fsa great garden^lMC- 'A »' Following tb »'pr4vftUlDC-pil >M «l and terms around. lola Bad •ilorAi'w far -as Colony.' ' The' prictf lra»>dM- formly |4 'per acre cfa tnte'ftfr^VMO for cash. On the tUne' tfriMb* iMirii were as follows: AdVanM-"jMmMft at the'time of purchase, •fIW>^Ot''Mft- olpal on each quarter'secUoa-^tfv'Olh er 'payment for W <h y«««.*Urtb''In­ terest for two years-at-aeveh pte^ewBt, and bne^sfacth of the retqainiliV pMA- clpal after that'on*«lxth ''or '-'tl»e*T»- malning principal ^nd IMereat ittih- ally until paid. L adds! wonderfully to ^the beauty of a nice; piece of Jewelry or silverware. Our engraver Is an expert and under- standa Monogram Engraving thoroughly. Buy your Christmas presents of us and if you desire some engraving we will charge you nothing extra. We have all the latest patterns In high grade Jewelry and Silverware and our prices are very reasonable. Buy your presents SARLY while our stock Is complete and we Will lay them away In our safe for you until you wish to take them out. Tbla way you avoid the crowds. and you stand more chance of getting the article you wish. We suggest that you give us a call and let us show you our elegant stock. Jewehy 'Stot* '

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