The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 23, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1977
Page 2
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JPAGE 2—NAUOATCCK NEWS (CONN.). SATURDAY, AUG. 10, Dug Way Out Of Georgia .Grave; DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Australia's Evatt Is Tireless Battler For Little Nations, J'or Peace, And For His Fellow Men; 1 Has Spent doptf. Part Of His Life Rebelling 1 ; Refuses To Believe War Is Necessary .Paris—(by wiruluHs)—TJio t\vo men wliu .sit on the vi.'i:y i'ront. row of dfloynlo.s fit the Luxenifjoiirg Pahice arc 1 '('. S. (,'hit-r Dok'tfiite Jiiiunii' Byrnes anil Australian f'liit'f ;D(.-lff;'«t<: l.f(M-l»oi-t V. ICvatl. Tlioy are Uu- first to vote and wo l&wlors of (.tic tu-o ninsl duinooralic. imtioiis pn,>*rn(, And (hoy have trio most in oornwjon. Actually, however, (hey don't particularly lovu oacli other. When Chinese Arnbmiiwilor Quo J'ftl-chl (iilM'lfiU Aimtrftlld's Iflvatt In of thii confnriinen UH to t.r,w lontf I', would UiHt. tlui Ails- ti-nlliiri inxtornal Affuli'H Minister rcpllfitl, '"Vhran month)!," tM*:r. wh>-n Quo Tul-chl OHlitnl -'.hit xuriii) <iiicntlon of Sncrotiiry Byrneu untl lolil him of Dr. KvnlCn throe- month OHtlrriuto. HyrnoH ropllod: "Oh, not OVUM Or, Kvutt could tulk thut U./IK." Thu i'1-ul fuct l« Unit "Doc" Kvutt, (IH ho Irf nulled In f'itrlfi, Jti'ts In u l»£ at pooplii'» hull', Including Jimiiilc l.'.yrmm'fi, Hn I* ulwuyn I wtopplHK rj n puoplfi'n toou. I'Ll.shUiK In w(i»rc nritful.i four to tniud. But thu conciin.MiiM of unprojudlcud illp- Idmiitlt! opinion \n thut when th utory of nKin'ii iitriiKI'l' 1 toward pel nutrient pnucn In flniilly wrlttun fo •tl\ln tlHCUtlti, Doc IBvfitt will huvi contributed worn thun uny otlio: rrmri. At Hun ii'riincltico, Now York (ind hurl', h" hud lii'como the Mpokim rnnn for nimill mitlomi iivorywhun nntl, Kiot-f. thun thut, tlui HpokOfi- jriiin for llttlo fmoplo In.iklu. tin t)l(f finllon.N-™ pnoplu who do i\ot hiillfivo Hint inortily IKICUUMU u mi- tlon lij bl>: It In ncciwuui'lly ulso wl-m. lli'l/ffitcnctl AiiNtritllli'K Stutllro An n niHUlt or Kviitt'y -tlrolo l>ftttllriK for hln follow inun ho hut Miicci'inlmJ In llftlnj; Au/itrulln, un ob.'i'.'iini (number In thti funilly of rmtloriM, to u plucu ulun^uldu thu Some HAMILTON Wotches Hove Arrived! Not ninny — but «omn, I 1 ! n o « $ \\ to hold firth » profnUo i>t moru on tlio wuy, 'SC you'vo boon fnf ft bo hero now, uyVc inoro bountiful tiiuit ovot* und nil l»o »i only Itiuiillton cnn niukd thorn. PIERPONT'S !l«ICf«t«>rtttl Jtivftlvrtt, <l«ui Morlrtr ini> Bljj Klvii —tlospito Ui<> fact Ihnt thu ontlro Au»ti'ntlun continent MUM rnWLi- IntiitbltnntM than Now York City. Cni.iaili>r Fur JVacu I huvo known 'Or. Evntt n pood muny ycrirs--i;vpr xlncc ho c:imu to Washington shortly nftfir P e u r 1 Miirbor to .<51uful with V-to^evclt Cor moru help Cor his bolc:i8« p '' ct l r - oun- try, And T tiuvn ulwiiy.i wondered why U whoultl full to tho lot of an oIiMKiii'ti AuMtrftllim to become one of tho worlir*i ffniut rrusnclora of pniico. Snurehlntr throu|:h Evutt's lift? tht.'i'r ur(? Homu yljrnl/lcftnt •iKnpOHtM notuil. In thi. 1 pli'ico, hlti oltlei- brother 'vii.s killed in World Wur I nnd Evult ovur since, liii.M tlotllcutod tils lifu to MUimplnji out the »«i!tl« of war. But pprhup.-i (ivi-n more Important you dm) n ximlot's puMslon foe protoetlnj.,' the common mini runs all through tlvuU'.H llfn. His books—aomo fit thum pretty dry roadlnj:--:ii'ft largely dnvoted to the r7f;ht<< of man. One book, "The Klnfr nnd HI:; notnlnltm Oovi'rnors," denumcls that tin 1 Dominion* bn protected from uliu.ii'-i by the crown in limns or Houltil Ci-lMl.4. Ancittier, "Injustlc'j Within thu fjfiw," shows how tho I cotli'tM cun ho used to victimize' lubor. livutt ulso haw ativocatcit thut un Amrrlcnn tiill of niKhta bo SHOW OF STARS , NOW PLAYING; AT LbEW-POLI "Centennial,. .Summ,or,'^. joyful, •tuneful 'technicolor liit; now playing-at the Loew-PoU theater, stars Joanno Crain, Cqrhel.-Wilde, Linda Darnell, William Eythe, Wo.1- .te'V.Brennan, Constance Bennett and- • Dorothty Glsh, • Pilled with Jerome Kern's melbdiouia song hits, and 'matched;, with a. superb ci^at, stunningV--.production,: thai captures! the gay and colorful spirit of'the era "that saw this country's first fair, ;thls witty, 'fast-moving '-• pluy-• is. based on the best sollinj?:'-.'novel by Albert E. Jde'H. HEALTH FOB Its-stirring love story ypU:.'«nthrolled. JeAne will hol'd Grain Is."at: icr ;'be8t as the dreamy-eyed, love stricken i heroine. Romantic Cornel iVildeis every girl's ideal of a" lead- ng-'man.-tfcultry Linda' Darnell fur- NINI!!T.'EEN"-YKAR-OLU J.unlo Vunahlo Gimttl, tloinonstratcs ,-how, with the aid of :i shovul, slio i\i\K iicr way out of the crude ffriive' on tin- outskirts of Atlanta, Gil, Slic told iin Attantu Civil Court Judge that she liiul iM-oii jilacod lii the ifruve l>y lior cf>trun;rcd husbmul, Wll- llitiu r.c« Guilt I, Jr., ox-siillor, whol Uireutciiixl to kill her, saying: ."If 1 can't liavo you, nobody will." Sin- nulil that slio escaped l)y uskliiKr for food and climbed out oftcr Gantfc went for grocerie«. (Internutlomil Soimdphoto) • • r,(;ud(!r ARiiinst Soviets At Paris, Evatt hns become the reu! loatloi' of 'the antl-Suvinl bloc. Mo lot off hates him ,und ir.»l;os no od'oi't to ooncnal his scov.'ls when- fvur KVILLL speiik^. If Jimmiu Eyrnos mid Doc J2vuU pl.iycd closer bull together, their tenmwork \VDiikl be hard to b«ut. But they don't ulwiiys cooperate. One cuio whero they did WU.H when Poland propOHeil that It .sit on the comml.s- inon to write the ?Iunf;nnan pi;u.ce j efforts. At the second plenary fics- .slor:, Evatl, a painatakinp lawyer, tlu^,' up many embnri'assinjr quotes from oui-Jiar .sL:ii.ements by the BiK four's repi-osentalivcs. "The cimferencu i« convoked in order to nuUcc i'mprpvenisnta or I t realty. tlKlum's alecpy chairmnn Paul- Hi'tirl Spuak was about to O, K. wrlltrn 'Into thn Australian Constl-j tho p ,. opos:t i whcn Kvatt jumped tutlon svhllo one of his books:. "f:um !l!n . : as Old Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 UchcllloM," vlrtiuilly snv.i Thoniu.i JelTui'Mciii tliut .-"oi lltlli' I'i'bulllori cun l)o u healthy thlnr. At uny ruto, T-lvutt HOIII.I pcirt. of Ids life 'M he wfiw the yoimf^.'.it mernher of lliu Au.Mti'iillun Supi'cnu.' Ctuirt. over iipimlntod, liut ilui-InK thn Idle' war, Mvutl, lll<f.> JlmmlD Hyrn.iM «n: tlrotl thu r.'iruflml utmOHphcro of tho Suprume Court and ro.ilf:n'.-d to run u.'i ;i Lubor niumbnr of the Australian 1'arllumnnt. Ho has held two OiilMni-t John over slnon— Attoi ney Cii'iicral untl Mlriliitur or Kxternul affiilrs, Arrujilly, tho Job didn't j •imount tti u hill of iv.inns bct'oro Kvutt took It ovnr. AiustnilliVn p.\- rnitl ulTuIrs wi.-ri- luintltp'.l by irvUin, Tnrlay ho^'ovur Kvatt hu.'f rutdc AiiMtrallu'M "Xtorn.'il ufl'iilo not inly vury much nor nwn hut ha:/ •If'vatfd Ihrm to u plnce ' whoro hey huip luiid tin: world. Thut. of oiii'Hc, IN why tnoHptmrk Tori'.'. 11 , In bulb Au."M-fi)|;] UIH) rnwluiid, are sn hlLli'r r^'iimil thu toiin-h-tiilklnn 1'iwynr from Nr r -.v Scut!'. '\Valo«. up "'Now, just n mimi 1 .'!'" h» .s:Vid, "Wo vototl ycsturdny that nations not at wsir with enemy' countries .'iliould not sit on commissions to Kpunt a|v»rlti: thu puuco with those coun- llnjf. Atiti'lcs. And yesterday Poland voted I that such countries- could nnt sit. Uut today Poland wants ID make nn exception of Itself and oil an the Hungarian commission P.VOII thotifrh she wus not at war with Hungary. If wf mnke an exception In Poland's cnse I don't know where wo arc frolnp to stop."' MolotolY rose to champion Poland j nntl while he was .speaklup- Evntt | loaned ovor nnd whispered to i Byrnes, "Why don't you say nomo- j thine about this?" Byrnes took tho | hint and opposed Poland's sitting | on the Hungarian commission, As a result, Poland withdraw her ro- Uattli'S For Smiillcr Xulions Tho Australian is the nnly clcle- jfate who has consistently nnfl somntin'.i'M disfiRrooahly reminded tho I3IK Four that this Con- fcrencu wr» not called merely to sisrvo ns M rubber stamp for ihcir changes in the draft's," ICvutt quoted Molotoff :ts> suylnfr In London, "otherwise, conferences are not necessary." Again, Evatt i|u6ted Byrnes na say- inj:, "The Council (Big Four) was not to make the pcanu settlements hut to tin tho necessary preparatory work for the peace settlement." Thus clous thu Indefatigable For- ci>;-n Minister o!' Ai'.struliu baHle for the nations which have the !no;-L to lost! when \v:ir comes," the most to win by permanent peace. He iirmly believes that, if the views of the smiillnr nations prevail at Pnrly, m.'xnliind may have a real chnnoe of bringing order out of this msoi'dorod world. "Wi> cnnnot," says Cvutt, "accept tho cynical vli!\s- that history nxust, of neceuslly, repeat itself. I for one refuse to bcllovo that \vars are nccossary." competition in a satlsfy- ng v/ay, and William Kythe^ln 1 ap- >eallng as -the forgotten man' in ;he case of love vs.-love. Through their splendid portray- aJs and with the aid of a superb- cast, th/: amusing romaintic-advon- urca "and minadventures o"f"-th IB harming family i«- 'PhiJaduiphia .uring •• the Centennial - Exposition if 1876,' are unfolded with rare- and nthralllng excitement. Jerome < o r»n's sparkling music'-makes Centenlal S'unimer" -one of the moat . delightful • motion- pictures ever to come to our screen, ' .-Also on name program is the suspenseful .thriller, "Deadline for Murder, 1 ' starring Paul Kelly, Kent Taylor and Shlela Ryan- If it's challenging mystery, spine tingling suspense and 'soUd, fast . moving action you're-'looWng-.for in a motion- picture, "Deadline"fof-Mur- der" Is film fare that IB bound to ring ,tt>e entertainment bell. TB Amonr' tho.Youny . - Of all the dlsebue which afflie man; tuberculosis takes the great ,est toll.of li-ves arnonif young peo pic between 15 and '35' years'-of -age•'Tuberculosis !a no respecter o persons—it.strikes young and old rich and-poor. iMo race IB immune to it. Wherever it strikes, it brings suffering.-- s No. one can -say who suffers- most 'from tuberculosis. I 1 always tragic for the Individual to'Jleam that' he has the disease and it- IB tragic for his family ;whether-he is young or whether he has passed the bloom of youtl 'and 'Is approaching middle age. "Certainly it'ig tragic for a young or -woman ' about to begin a COMEDY INCLUDED IN "SMOKY' Love is many 'things to many, men, but-to Fred MacMurray," in latest film' tor.' 20th iCentur.y-. Fo.x, "Smoky," now at the Strand theater, love was torture. Fred' had several scenes with lovely Anne Baxter, who- Is featured in the Technicolor picture, in which 'she was required 'to pull several strips of adhesive tape from his chest! Anne WUE playing nurse, although the script said she didn't know much about nursing, 'After giving the star several excruciating moments she wound new tape around him. "All day long she p^it adhesive tape on me and ripped' it off," said MacMurray, ''And this, mind you, Is one of the big love scenes." ' He pointed to the script which read: '"As sho leancs over him, a strand of hair brushes his face. He business career or about to be married to be stricken with -tuberculosis. The years between 10' and- 35 are the years of promise and the years which see the beginning of the fulfillment of the promises of youth. 'While more people 40 years.oj age and over die from tuberculosis than young people, just as deaths are more common in the older age group, tuberculosis is the most deadly of all -the diseases which attack young people from 15 to 35. Tuberculosis at the age is -by no means a death sentence. It can be cui-ed at uny age. But the treatment or the disease moans an interruption of normal activities for months. • -• Th« risk of catching tuberculosis would be greatly" reduced if young people early formed good health habits and adhered to them throughout .'their lives. Of course the surest way of never getting tuberculosis Is never . to c .°™°. in contact,h tubercle bacilli, the germs wjjich. cause the disease. But we can never be sure we shall' not come in contact with the 'disease—in fact we can r be certain we shall. We 'can arm our- , selves in advance, however, so that ' when we meet the germs we, not they, are the victors. Qh The Air Today <;:(X> p. m. WBRY-WAEC—Washington, D. Other Statlons-rNews C;10 p. m. WBRY—Baseball Scores 0:10 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Portrait WOR—Lorenzo Fuller 'WEAF-r-Arlinerto.n Race WJZ—Piano Program WTIC—Don't You Believe Jt. WATR—Al Vestro, -Sports 6:80 p. m. WEAP—Navy -Recruiting WTIC-WJZ—Sports WOR—Newu WATR—Hits and Bits; News. G:J/> p. m. WBRY-WAEC—News WEAK—Art of Living •WOR—Stan Lomax WATR-WJZ—Labor, USA WTIC—Forum of the Air 7:00 p. in. WBRY-WAEC—Opera Program WTIC-WEAF—Foreign Policy WOR—Gueus Who? WATR-WJ&—Your Business 7:15 p. m. WATR-WJZ—World Correspondents 7:30 p, m. WBRY-WAEC—Murtin Show WOR—Arthur Hale WEAF—Curtain Time WTIC—Most Honored Flights WATR—Green Hornet WJZ—The Green Hornet 7:45 p. m. WOR—I Was a Convict 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WAEC—Star Time WEAF-WTIC—Carnival WJZ—Dick Tracy. WOR—20 Questions VATR—Dark Venture 8:15 v; m. •VATR—Modern Music 8:80 p. m. VERY-WABC—DAnny O'Neill WTIC-WEAF—To be announced WATR—Jury Trials WOR—Juvenile Jury 8:35 p. m. WERY-WABC—News C. »:00 p. m. WERY-WABC-Hit Parade WTIC-WEAF-Barn Dance WOR—Leave It to Uio Girls WATR-WJZ—Gang Busters 9:30 p. m . WT2AP-WTIC—Top This? WATR-WJZ—Bcrltshire Festival WOR^-Jbnathan Trimble " " ' OM5 p.-'m. • •-• V/ERY—Journeys In Jazz WABC--Night Serenade 10:00 p. TO. WTJC-WEAF-LiKbts Out WOR—Theater of the Air 10:15 p. m. WERY-WABC—Roundup JO-.Sp p. m. •WEAP-WTIC—Grand Ole Oprv WATR.WJZ-Hayloft Hayseeds, JO.-45 p. in. WERY—Report 10 the People WABC-Talks P 11:00 p. m . ALL Station*)—Newa ll:l- r > P. in. WBRY-WABC-'-Spoi-ts 'Arena WATR-WJZ-.-Georgc- Hick" WTIC-WEAP-Mi* Hill WOR~New« U:30 p. m. WATR-WJ2— Barron Orch. WOR— Weather; Orchestra WTIC-WEAF— Mooncy Orch 11:45 p. m. V/OR— Himber Orch 12:00 Mldnleht ALL Stations — News 12:05 a. m. WBRY— Night Club; New.i For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STREET I FULL LIQUOR LICENSE f^+»r+ (Copywriffhl, ]9-IG, Syndicate, Inc.? By The Bell j STRIKK 'J'lIKKATKNED j Wnshinyton, AUJJ. 10—fUP)— j Grc.-Lt lukes shippinc; companies are ;ill set to turn clown thi> demands of the national marl'limc union des- pile tho thi-oat of a strike next Wednesday. A company spokesman says, however, that counter prop 8ls will be madi;. Amonp other < manJs. tho. union is asking for reduction of the work work from to .10 hours. ; Young people should build up' -^—^——- . resistance to the disease by get- "™" iing- a g-ood night's rest every night — frpm 8 to'10 hours — by eating nourishing meals ' which include meat, greens, friiit and cereals, not to mention the all-important milk, by remembering- to wash the hands always before eating, by having periodic physical examinations which include a chest X-ray. An X-ray of the lungs will reveal the presence, or absence, of tuberculosis. If one does get the disease, it is far better to know it at once so that treatment can be begun without delay. The earlier the treat•the is on the point 01''taking; her in „ - „,„ , his arms...She bej*ins to pull off I nient is begun, the better fo the tape, her arms encircling- him | patient. in the operation. Again he has th W young people get in the habi impulse, ' but himself,".*-. again ho restrain Finds Hidden Blade Pictures Show Hiffhliffhts of Atomic Year One 'J'he ntoniltuKc opened July 1((, W'lD. with the Now Mexico test of tlic bomb (1). A few huiidrcd'piclced' observcr.i .saw it. A yorir :IKO. at Miroshima (2l, the first w;ir bomb Iclt JCO.OOO dead and injured. At Nag- nsiikl (3) « few cliiyn Inter cusunltlos were 80,000.' Only other atomic, explosions hnvo been in two Bikini' (phclo 4 shows lli-st one), scored by utomic scientiats as long on .showmanship, short on science. Along ivlth others, scientists nro obscrvlns Hiroshima anniversary -with picas for controls to end.nil use of bomb. C.H.GRPEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 if having a complete physical ex amination, with chest X-ray, a regular intervals, they stand ' tht be&t chance of never losing their health. ! In the next article, eumroer complaint will be discussed. More than :,200 materials used m defense for army and navy supplies and equipment have virtually no peace-time use. DODGE Hotchkiss"St.. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STHEfT Tel. 5727 J. !»• MAXILAUSKAS. Prop SALES — SERVICE SHERIFF Michite) Multaihy of Chicago examines a.' razor 'blad« found between pages or-"Treasury of Ainer.i.cnn Folklore," a wok which William Helreng askod hf«- unsuspecting parents to send Dim in Jii.s jail cell. The Jladc wiis found shortly after Jeirens hud been indicted for the laying; of Mrs. Josephine Rons. International) ' ' .' VENETIAN BLINDS 'n Utack, Tlire* linT D*llvr>-]^. LEBON'S TtlJVBTlAJT _-•"»» CO. !«.. Mala it. Vacuum Cleaners EleciHcul Speclulist* 'AX SWAN'S Tel. 257* 15 Church-St. . :-v.^i; : W^.f(uiSi'/.(Jj!^-K^» 1 ofcntista emerged frpm their lab- jg' 'oMt6rJe#"to v "jifie!(fc*Op"6n political aspects of atomic e'ri-' crfiy.- Photo (from-Aufiust March of Time) shows Albert Einstein with Harold Urey (Iclt) und TLeo 'Sz.ilar'd/.'all active in flglit to'control the bomb. • •••' Thp..niost lethal wiiy Io tldlvor an A-bomb Is by rockut, Army trlcilii of Gci' V-U typo (above) brought nssurtuices by the end of Atomic Year I tluit the day of lone rnnfie ntouilc rockets Is nl- niost here, SciuntiKW know of no,clcCi.-n»o'. FLOWERS Vot All OceimlonH : KI,OWKKS4 TK1.KGUAPH1U) KVKHYWHICRK MELBOURNE'S .VLOWER SHOP • ISO nUBUKIl AVKNCM Telephone 6325 .. ...-,t dli-ectlijt; Los. Ala'•' m'os Uomb' luborntory, Dr. J, K. Oppun'liolmor holpo'd --"' - "- X proposals, cst' 'isiuc of Atomic' Year 1 was interpntionarcontrol. U: S. Plnn, presented to UN Atomic Commission by Bei'nard Baruch, drew counter' proposals Irom nusaiu's Andrei . Gromyko (shown nbovc rending his plnn- Bnruch at ri^ht). Most .observers expected final compromise! The firoat American public spent Atomic Ycnr 1 coping with new words, now fears and new hopes. Scientists predicted blessings from'.the atom, but not if war strikes. Photo shows eililbit at New York Miwemn gi Scieoce. Drive for ' civilian" control of -atom in U. S; r . wa« led .by • Sen. Britn- hon'.CD., Conn'.)-. .-• RIFFIN'S- AUGUST SALE OF RE-UPHOLSTERING j',; ; .r,;-; ; 20 &'^0,% ; SAVINGS •• Your Old Living Room Reupholstered Rebuilt Like New By Finest Crafturnen Choice of Many ______^_ . FAMOUS FABRICS jpgCIALI 2 PC. SUITE $69" FREE DECORATIVE SERVICE—Terms Arranged Griffin Upholstering Co. TEL. NAUG. 4690 TEL. WATERBURY 4-8895 For years, newlyweds have' been coming to u$ for their wedding rings .. , because we have the styles they want, at moderate prices. Here indeed is where specialization payi . , selection, greater , greater value. "3* All Pricen Include Federal Tax OVIDfO PAYMENTS IP.YOU PREFER, AT*NO~AI>DITIOlNAiTCO$Tl fJEWELERS .•."/SILVERSMITHS SINCE.l?.yO.' 68 BANK STREET AT CENTER STREET T PHO^fE sr FOR FREE ESTTIMATE NO OBLIGATION JDIAL 4690 BRANCH OFFICES ' WATERBURY 4-8895 WATERTOWN 1478-W SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C.K SI,, UUHNPH Run Direct In Prnch CI-KANESr SJ'OT IN rHIJ ST.f E AUGUST FUR SALE — BUY NOW AND SAVE — 99 X. MAIN STREET Woterbury Tel. 3-2727 EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson '• Bu41dJn^ .". . Naugatuclt. Conn. VACATION IS !,, OVER!! Let Us Take Care of That PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK • , ; ' ' NOW!! I, Cloned .'Mondays During- .July and August Thifeodeau Stwdfo Neary Biig. Church St \ BICYCLE . SUPPLIES AT CDT r KATK PRICES! C A TST r 7TT l T>¥>C *«*•• to XVltly S Ar\/(11/ZVl O Saving Duuk- SO SAVINGS ST.. DIAl. 5-OS47 Qt. Presto Prcssui-c Coohem (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store ia-z CUUKCH STBEKT Cant Washed, Polished »t CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINJG SERVICE STATION 348 BHroGB ST. TKL. 4890 JIInMn.I-.-VN MOTOR OH.S GOOD LUCK JAR RUBBERS PRESS DKE COOKERS ATI. TYPES OF RADIO KEPAIR WORK Qrder Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLET HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. ;: . -Telephone 408fl SER I'S FOR VOCR VACAT10X' LUtEHGE Umbrella* Rrcovrrrd. R*o»lr«l FISHERS in- s. MAIN sr. 5-1*71 ; FOR PORTR.UTS OF DrSTlNCTIOK Phone 4726 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No- Main St. Naugatuck PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R& 156 MAPLE STREET

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