Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 15, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 15, 1943
Page 4
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" HOP! STAR, h^A.Vjii.«.i».i|jifti ii TI «i-*-Tra^*-*-"-"«-"« 'f »'•'«•»•'•" T' 1 T ^ '' ''" ' ' ' " ^ , ^^^ H m* _. 1 ' ' mm ' 9 . • nprecedenfed Bombing Attacks Prelude to Invasion ^^ r*i ' ••• ••••• •" ------ - iin.m — 11 •—" '• *j»-~ i j « - • ^^ MM A 11*1 ' Fttf Rfcilw | . I [This would tend to stymie ^m | I | 111 BlQ LeagUG LlhgO MafkUKtOlK StampS High F URN1SHED APARTMENT. 3 Jtt*l* Jtf from developing Kiska as an air lAAlfAllfC VAlV > . ., ^ ••— ^ T |QLIV VQjIvllJ ^ * 'lit** * ."". "«JT«,.| un ln halh. Private ilysis of News by lackenzie %t • - Editorial Comment ^Written Today and Moved by Telegraph or Cable. Jiy DeWlTT MacKENZIE lied initiative of global proportions continues to intensify, forcing lie Axis - Japanese comoination o.stand on the calert at many loints. ^Hitler's Europe has been rocking aider an unprecedented deluge of tombs, from west to east. Italy ind her great islands of Sicily and Sardinia have been undergoing fur- bus air raids. American forces lave stormed their way ashore the Tap base of rock - bound Attu up itnong the Aleutian islands off Jaska, and bitter fighting is re- orted to be proceeding. , ,Out of this welter of pressure and threats will emerge new Allied of- Jensives. At this moment we can't forsee with certainty where the blows will come, and therein lies lie value of this war of nerves vhich the United Nations are wag- ng.'The enemy is on the defensive -in the dark. Signs point to the next major of- r0 und. iensive coming in Europe. Observ- ters in Tunisia believe it will fall tftb. certainty on Sicily and Sardina k as a natural corollary to the bcis debacle in North Africa, and ^fmight be extended to the Italian nainland. However, these are fast moving fdays when High Commands have Wo make quick decisions. Necessity tor'opportunity may provide the im- Ipulse for an offensive — and there fare numerous points at which it light come. Italian territory like/ is the best bet at the moment, ttout western France and the Balkans also are inviting trouble. One thing stands out clearly. The lied air offensive over Europe is lidoing a tremendous job of soften- lin'g up the Boche. Not only are the 'Americans and British airfleets Jtearing into the continent as far fafield as Czecho - Slovakia, but |lhe war of the air over Russia is atense. Soviet airmen have been ranging clear from their central ront to Warsaw. ip ,The Anglo - American air fsaults are on a scale which is in- fflicting severe damage to vital •spots in the Axis war-m,achien undustrial centers, Supply points land communications are beinj and even wiped out. As I |ha've reported in this column be fore, when I was in England las liall I was told in high quarters ithat destruction of 160 targets o 1 this nature would so weaken Hitte ithat an invasion Army could bi Handed from the English channc fwithout undue losses. Since ther |inah of these targets must hav Ipuffered heavily. Kj* You have to see to believe the de- fstruction of one of these major ly'aids. I was guest of Air Chief Mar- fshal Sir Arthur Harris at his home land we sat up until the early morn- ling" hours studying the effects of Imass raids as shown in enlarge Eair-photes. Forty percent of the Igreat industrial city of Cologne had I been distroyed in one solid block, This would tend to stymie thorn from developing Kiska as an nir and submarine base which could threatened the Alaskan mainland. Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Press Buck Ross. White Sox Allowed Yankees one fluke hit for 3-0 victory. Sid Gordon, Giants — His ninth inning single drove in winning run for 3-2 victory over Cubs. Pete Sudcr, Athletics — Hit homer in sixth inning and worked squeeze play in 12th that produced winning run in 7-li decision over Tigers. Charlie Workman, Braves — Hit single with bases loaded and two out in tenth inning to down Cardinals 4-3. Dutch Leonard, Senators — Limited Indians to nine hits for 3-1 win. Hank Gnrnicki, Pirates — twirled seven - hitter to down Dodgers, 52. Fights Last Night By The Associated press San Francisco — George Duke, 150. Petaluma, Calif., outpointed Cecilio Lozada, 155, Mexico City (8). Boston — George (Sonny) Home, 158 1-2. Nilcs, Ohio, outpointed Larry Pacino, 158, Boston, (10). Worcester, Mass. — Verne Patterson, 151, Chicago, outpointed Eddie Ellis, 149, Quincy, Mass. (10). Hollywood — Charley Burlcy, 154 1-2, Minneapolis, and Holman Williams, 153, New York, declared no contest after one minute of 10th Portland — Joe Kahut, 165, Woodburn, Ore., outpointed Roman Starr, 164, Tulsa (10). Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago — Pete Reis- r, Brooklyn Dodger outfielder, re- ained 3-A draft rating after par- nts appealed his 1-A classification. Three Years Ago — Petcy Scalzo. BA featherweight champion, cored technical knockout over ^rankle Covelli in sixth round. Five Years Ago — Boston Red Sox won eighth straight to increase American League lead to one and a half games. Lookouts, Vols Make Southern Tennessee Affair Atlanta. May 15—(/I 1 )—It's strictly a Tennessee affair around the lop of the Southern Association these days. Nashville is the head knocker now — pulled a half game ahead of those white - hot Chattanooga Lookouts last night by sweeping a double - bill from Knoxvillo, 2-1 and 4-1, the opener going 13 innings. The Lookouts, leading the loop in hitting and backed by powerful pitching, snatched their fifth in a row from Atlanta lust night, 9-5, and today take on Nashville in the season's first "crooshul" setto at Chattanooga. Birmingham kept only a game out of first by trimming Litlle Rock, 11-3, while Memphis and New Orleans were rattling around in second division dividing a doublchcader. Iron- man Frank Vevreka pitched both games for the Chicks, dropping the opener, 3-4. and coming back strong in the finale to trip the Pels, 10.-C. Birmingham staged a hitting orgy in the fourth inning at Ltitlc Rock, scoring six runs to clinch — the decision. The Barons clubbed 13 hits, including three triples and one double, off the slants of Al Moran, Little Rock's star right- hander, and Traveler Manager Buck Fausett who relieved him. Games today— Nashville (Gardner) at Chattanooga (Torres) — Day. Knoxville (unannounced) at Atlanta (unannounced) — Night. New Orleans (unannouccd) at Little Rock (Grcer) — Night. Casfoffs Seem to Work lor White Sox Dy SID FEDER Associated Press Sports Writer Old James Joseph Dykes must t buck In his rocking chair out lore in the While Sox ball park very once in u while, lake an cx- ra-long pull on that big igur, and gel to thinking black nbout low funny the dice can roll somc- imcs. Now, this is not lo point out Ihut 'nines Joseph is a crup-shootcr. As u matter of fuel, usicle from baseball, blowing is his game, imntcur and pro. But what must be especially unny to James Joseph is that icre he is, the round man with he cigar who thinks Connie Muck s just about the greatest baseball jruin ever to come down the like: yet, every so often, he picks up some player Mr. MucGillicuddy !ius cast off brqm his Athletics — and the cast - ofC usually becomes as hot as a Gnrand rifle in Tunis- Stamps High School Honor Graduates Slumps — Special — Honor graduates for Stumps High School for tnis school ycur urc James Ernest Jurnigun with a perfect six-point average for four years, Jane U'rosft with un average of 5:&f». In addition to the highest scholastic achieved by young Jurnigan as vulediclorlun, hu Holds the record for most perfect attendance in twenty-five years for the Stumps High School, having never been absent nor tardy during his entire school life. He has been president of his class for several years, drum mujor of the school bund, a member of the National Honor Society, and the National Athletic Scholarship Society, editor ot Ihc Buzz, school paper and president of the student body. Miss Cross us salutttturiim has also beet) active in school affairs. She is president of the National Honor Society, secretary of the senior class and the student body, WHS the school queen in this year's annual carnival and is u member of the Buzz, school paper stuff. Jurnigan is the nephew ol Dr. and Mrs. A. VV. Keith, and Miss Cross is the daughter of Mr. and FUKNISHED APARTMENT. 3- rooms and private bath. Private front and back entrances. Vacant about May 15. Sec Mrs. David Davis, 1002 East Third, phone G88-J. 13 - 3lch TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- tncnt. South side of house adjoining bath. Would rcn'l to working girls. Bills paid. 022 South Fulton St. Phone 301 14-3lpd CLOSE IN. MODERN DUPLEX. North side furnished and south side unfurnished. Paper hangers and painter just finished redecorating both sides. See Tom Currcl 14-3tch Wanted to Rent THREE OR FOUR ROOM UN- furnished apartment. Conveniently located. Duplex preferred. Phone 708 before 1 p. m. Saturday. 12-3tdh Lost Dog Lovers Protest Canine Curbs Colorado Springs, Colo, (fl') — Signed "Dog Lovers of Colorado Springs." a full-page advertisement appeared in the Colorado Springs daily newspaper recently protesting against an ordinance prohibiting dogs from running at large. The ordinance, designed to prevent damage to Victory Gardens, said that dogs must always be on a leash when appearing on streets or in other public places. (Only games scheduled). How to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary Pueblo, Colo. —(/Pr— Recipe for celebrating a wedding anniversary, by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saxton, who have been married 56 years. First, Mrs. Saxton writes a letter and places it under his breakfast plate. It tells him how much each year with him has meant to her and how happy she has been. When the dinner hour arrives they dress in formal attire. Usually they dine with their daughter. Later they spend the remainder of the evening together and agree that an extra hour or two of companionship is the best possible way to celebrate their anniversary. SPORTS ROUNDUP By HUGH FULLERTON, JR. Wide World Sports Columnist New York, May 15 (/?)— This is a queer town. . . The Inter-collegiate A.A.A.A. (count 'cm - truck meet today figures to draw only about 4,000 customers because its being held on Randall's Island — just a five- minute bus ride from the subway. . . . The same athletes pulled more than 10,000 into the garden for the indoor championships and it was called a "disup- Between 1850 and lt!(iO, about. 250, 000 buffalo were killed annually in the United States. pointing" gale. Billy Brown Today's Guest Star Jesse Linthicum, Baltimore Sun: "Chalky Wright, pound for pound, is one of the greatest fighters to conic along in this generation. Some wiseacre may crack that he doesn't belong to this generation." Army Viewpoint Corp. Vinny Carbonc, former can't run outdoor fight shows at Starlight Park this summer because its loo close to the Coliseum, which has been taken over by the Army. But Fort Hamilton arena, on an Army Post, will have its weekly cards. . . Difference is that Fort Hamilton shows arc run for the soldiers with the public admitted to pay the freight. "extra' season Flashes of Life Reformed Characters Headline: "Dodger fans eager for cards at twilight.". . . But not for high stakes, ot course, Mr. Rickey. \Vest Haven, Conn., sports scribe, relays the .suggestion that ball players ought to be in super-doopcr shape" this because of rationing of steaks and sundry groceries. . . If they're not, says Vinny, they must be patronizing the black markets. . . But how about Ihe old baseball theory that steaks arc loaded with buschitsV another twenty - five per cent tin scattered areas — a total of tpixty - five per cent. Yet they tell Pus the raid the other night on Puisburg, industrial and railway ] center, unloaded an unprecedent- |ed. weight of bombs. We haven't Complete details of this raid, but sis was reported as successful. 'We shall do well to keep an eye $ the continent for it's getting |rjpe for invasion. Vt.If our assault on Attu island is ^successful we shall have done Ivmuch to render the position of the TJaps in the Aleutians inocuous. • By the Associated Press Ancient Mystery New York — "It might be a bomb," headquarters said in ordering Policemen Julius Barth and Milton Wolfe to investigate a suspicious package on a park bench. "It looks like part of a body," Wolfe said when the two turned their lights on the package. It was, they discovered, a part of a hog's body — an ancient, inedible ham. "^Second Team in Action Raleigh, N. C. — It was assist ants' day at Raleigh City court yesterday. Assistant Judge J. E. Pearson presided, Assistant Solicitor R Pearse Upchurch prosecuted Assistant Clerk of Court Henrj Bunch took notes, and Dctectivo H. H. Horton served as corn- crier in the absence of crier Ka Warren, * AIRCRAFT JOBS OPEN jp For Trained Men and Women f'Fpr full particulars listen to KWKH i'Jftonday, thru Friday 6:50 a. m. i'Sonday night 8:20 p. m. Also Electric Welding See—Or Write to Shreveport Aeronautical Institute Room No. 442 Grim Hotel, Texarkana Treasure Hunt Lakeville, Conn. — John Jordai is leaving no stone unturned—am the same applies to floors — i his search for his false teeth. Jordan swears he saw a ra pick up the teeth and disappea behind the woodwork. Two floors of the three - stor Jordan house have been ripped up, but there's no sign of the rat or the teeth. Undismayed, Jordan plans to carry his search under the one remaining floor. ransformer and blacking out the istrict a few minutes afler the ractice had begun. Some folks complained, how- ver, that mother nature had been bit over - enthusiastic in her corporation." The electrical pow- restored for seven r was not ours. Look for Fish Los Angeles — Police are searching for the fish that got iway — all $800 of it. Customers began phoning a fish ind oster company to complain that their deliveries were late. The delivery truck was found out the driver ..... and the fish— ,verc missing. Relief for Insomnia Grand Coulee, Wash. Merc One-Minute Sports Page Lightweight Allie Stolz has been given a medical discharge from he Coast Guard. . . And his manger always claimed that Allies' various ailments were purely 'menthol.". . . Only three of the Chicago Cubs who won the Nation- League championships in 1938 still are with the club. They're Stan Hack, Bill Lee and Phil Cavaretta. . . Fred Digby of the New Orleans Item missed a perfect record of picking the and Preakness 1-2-3-4 by Derby putting Seven Hearts, who was scratched, third on his derby list. Fred and civilians, in wartime, are barrcc from the mile - long roadway ove the world's largest dam. But padlocked gates swung open and armed guards stepped as 5,000 sheep, enroute to summer pastures, were driven across the dam. Count Fleet now are aiming at triple crowns in the Belmont. . . Notre Dame's Frank Leagy and Bill Graf, Watcrtown, N. Y., high school athletic director, will run a summer camp in the Adirondack!) on the Oswcgatchic river. . . Sounds like one of Leahy's "Irish" tackles. WANT TO SWAP? Use The Classified . , . It's Direct Get rid of what you can't use in exchange for something ypu need or want. For a few cent* you can put an ad in • the classified section of the HOPE STAR. You'll be amazed at the offers you receive! HOP! STAR Slight Oversight Grand Island, Neb. — A Grand Island man insisted that his wife remain in bed after she suffered minor injuries in an automobile accident — he would take over the household duties. After he quit work at the sugar factory at noon he did a bit of shopping and hurried home. He asked his wife what she would like for lunch. ''First," she said, "I'd like to have some breakfast." Resourceful Carlton, Ore. — It took a lot of sprinting, but Farmer John Kirsch solved the manpower shortage. He had two tractors and only imself lo run them. He set the controls of one and tarted it driverless across the eld. Then he jumped aboard 10 other and followed. Before the irst on reachd the fenc he an it down and turned it around. And so on — for 300 acres. The Mower • Downer Boise, Idaho — • Sgt. William Rea of Brirningham, Ala., saw a power - operated lawn mower in action at Gowen Field, so he bought one. His first attempt resulted in: Destruction of a picket fence damage to two flower beds and a leg injury. The mower wa; wrecked, too. Now he's looking for the kind you push. Long Practice Brazil, Ind. — Lightning mad- a practice blackout in Jacksoi Township, Clay county, a start reality by stricking an eleclrica Service Dept. Sst. Sam West, former Chicago White Sox outfielder, fulfilled a ballplayer's ambition when he joined the Army. He's back in his home town managing the ball club —the Lubbock Army air field team . . . Pvt. Artie Dorrcll, who was one of the better welterweights when he joined Ihe Army, reports Ihut boxing is tabb for Ihc boys who arc learning to be fliers at Ihc University ot Arkansas — too much chance of broken bones or knee injuries .... But, Artie adds, "they're keeping me busy with ul- gobra, geometry, trigonometry, physics and the roughest course in geography I've ever seen." Cleaning The Cuff P<3im will have only a seven-man entry in today's I. C. 4-A truck meet because Capt. Pax Gifforcl received his Navy call a few days ago. . . There'll bo no spcciu "track" buses for Fail-mount Park racing fans this summer so the fans will have to hoof it 200 feel from the main highway to the gate . . . How far they have to walk to get buck to St. Louis depends en tirely on the customers them selves. ia for Ihc Dykes Chicago circus. Connie gave up on Bill Dictric a few years buck, and let the Sox take him for the waiver price. Bespectacled Bill only pitched u no- hitter for Chicago and he's still around there. Two yours ago, the Sox picked up another Ahtletics discard, Lcc (Buck) Ross, a strong - armed right - hundcr out of Norwood, N. C., who has never been good enough even lo make baseball's annual "Who's Who." He went under the collective wing ot Dykes and his crack coach, Muddy Rucl, and yesterday he paid off. Thrown in against the New York Yankees, most famous of nil hitting circuses, Buck limited them to one measly, scratch single of tin; "fluke" variety as he twirled the Sox to u 3-0 decision. This was the first whitewash job painted on the Yanks this year and was easily Ihc standout stunt of a day which also saw likeable Freddy Fit/.simmons, fat and 41. fail in his first pitching job in a ycur, and four of lire afternoon's six games decided in Ihc final inning, two 'of them in overtime. Two tussels were postponed because of weather conditions. Several ot Buck's teammates and a lot of the fans thought he I had his no - hitter when the game | ended in Chicago. The only hit oft him was a bounder by Nick Ellen in Ihc second inning which glanced off Buck's pitching hand. Apparently n lot of folks thought it had been an error, but there was no argument over it in the press ox —it was u hit, scratchy as it was. For fat Freddy Fitzsimmons, who went less than four innings and was the losing pitcher as the Pittsburgh Pirates pounded the Brooklyn Dodgers, 5-2, the defeat us one of the toughest he's hud o take in a big - league career .retching 'way back to 1925, In ic first place, he was given a nance against these "pals" lo how whether he still hud the tuff to be kept on the Dodgers' ctive player roster. He served un u wo-run "boom-boom ball" lo Bob Clliott in the first then walked wo men and was tagged for a ingle by another in the fourth rame — and that was curtains. The New York Giants put on heir second - straight ninth inning ally to knock off the Chicago Cubs. This time, after Mel Oil and Ernie Lombard! had hit homers earlier, Sid Gordon singled in the clincher with the bases loaded in Mrs. Aired Cross. BROWN HORSE AND RED SAD- die at Blcvins, May 7. Branded M. H. on left hip and 20 on left front shoulder. If found please notify Jewell Bruce or Harold Campbell, Hope, Rt. 3. 12-Gtp Points on Antlers Foil To Prove Deer's Age Cheyenne. Wyo. (/I') — The number of points on u deer's antlers isn't always u true index to his age. Wyoming has u collection of antlers shed each ycur by an eight-year- old bunk. He never grew more than five points. Massachusetts was the last of the 13 original stales to adopt a written constitution. MAN'S BLACK WALLET. CON- luinccl $14 and red and blue car stickers. Reward-for return to Albert McD«dc, Emmet, Route 2 or to the Hope Star. 13-3lpd SIGMA NU FRATERNITY PIN between City Hall and Methodist church Sunday. Liberal reward for return to Hope Star. 14-3tpd Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- ncwal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Reynerson. City Hall. 1-lmch Classified Adi must be In office day before publication. All Want Ads cosh In odvanct. Not token over the Phon«. One |imt—2c ward, minimum lOc Six times—Se word, minimum Tic Three times—3'/iC word, minimum SOc Ono month—lie word, minmlum $2.7* Rates are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." NO HUNTING FOR THE BEST place to sell cream. Try Thompson's Cream Market. Top prices. 10 years in Hope. J. T. Thompson Bartons Store H-3tpd Wonted to Buy For Sale SEED PEANUTS. GET CERTIFI- cate from A. A. A. office and buy them for (iVic per pound. Pedigreed Stoncville and Rowden 41A cotton seed. Dortch's 340 hybrid seed corn $7,50 bu. Rutgers tomato plants, also garden and field seeds. E. M. McWil- MEN'S AND BOYS' SPRING SUITS pants and shoes. Ladies' and children's spring dresses and low heel shoes. Bedspreads and sheets. R. M. Patterson, EaA Sccqnd St. . , 31-tf , ! tr! IMMEDIATELY. ELECTRIC IRON in good condition. Phone 768. 12-tf USED HAY RAKE. WRITE HAR- ry Browning, Hope, Route 2 giving price. 13-3tpd liums Seed Store. 24-lmeh Markei Report Ardent Vegetarian San Francisco Taxi driver Richard Midson slowed down for n intersection. His passenger, a woman wear- ng a fur coat, jumped out, ran across the street to a parked vege- able truck, climbed in and drove til. The truck was found several Dlocks away — minus driver and some vegetables. Legal Mixup Des Moines Attorney Ted ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., May 15 1 — I/P) — (U. S. Dept. Agr.l — j Hogs, 200: not enough on sale to make a market; a few 180 - 240 Ibs. 14.10; around 160 Ibs. 13.50; compared with last Friday: Generally 50 - GO lower; some heavy hogs off slightly less. Cattle, none; clavcs, n one; com- ared with close of preceding veek: Steers arid heifers 25 - 50 ower; cows, vealcrs and replacement steers steady; sausage bulls steady to 25 lower; lop for week: ,286 Ib. steers 10.75; 989 Ib. year- ing steers 16.10; 851 Ib. mixed yearlings 10.00; 765 Ib. heifers .5.85; cows and bulls 14.00; re- ilacemcnt .steers 15.25 and vealers 16.00; bulks for week: steers 13.5015.75; mixed yearlings and heifers 13.00 - 15.25; cows 11.00 - 13.00; re placement steers 13.35 - 14.90. Sheep, none; compared Friday to Friday; Lambs steady to 25 high or; sheep unchanged; choice Hartung almost became a triple threat man of the legal profession. First he had a client. Then he was appointed city prosecutor. Finally his name was drawn for jury duty. He had visions of both prosecuting and defending his client, ther hopping into the jury box to hell, reach a decision. But his confu sion was resolved when he was excused from jury duly and an other attorney took over defense MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES for the children, delivered complete with clean washed sand. Hcmpstcad County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. 3tl Personal WHIPPOOR-WILL PEAS, $3.50 per bushel . Stroud & Co. Wash- fngton, Arkansas. 12-12tch GIRLS BICYCLE. PRACTICALLY Ihc finale for a 3-2 decision. The other lust - inning sprees saw the Washington Senators shove three runs across in the ninth to take the Cleveland Indians, 3-1 behind Dutch Leonard's nine hit hurling; Pete Sudcr put on the squeeze play for the dccidin murker as the Athletics nipped the Detroit Tigers 7-0 in 11 frames and Rookie Charlie Workman, up from Nashville, whacking a single will the bags loaded in the tenth I I steady, but were able to score onl | slight gains. At the close wheat was 1-2 cent higher, May $1.43 3-4, Jul til.42 - $1.41 7-8, corn was in .hanged at ceilings, May $1.05, oats were 1-8 lower to 38 higher and ye was up 5-8 - 7-8. No wheat. Corn No. 2 yellow 1.07; sample jrade white 1.21 1-2. Oats No. 1 mixed 04. Barley malting 92 - 1.07 nominal; feed 83 - 85 nominal. RESH COUNTRY BUTTER. 45c per pound. MUHlcbrooks Grocery 14-3lpd new. Call 412 14-3tpd MAN'S FULL-SIZE B 1 C Y C L R. Hctivy basket. In excellent cqiuli- tion. Phone 32 or 506-J. I5-3tp Help Wanted WHITE HOUSEKEEPER TO LIVE with couple. Apply personally 'ill) W. 2nd, Phone 241-J. 15-3tp EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR OUTSTANDING WOMEN Long established firm of Personalized Merchandising & Advertising has openings in HOPE and TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS for resident woman of refinement and education who can furnish excellent social and business rofc-- cticcs. Work dignified, interesting and semi-civic Jn nature, entails sales and service and affords opportunity lo contribute to war cf- fort.'v Also very remunerative. Bonus and percentage basis. Car most helpful but not definitely essential if other means of transportation available in your city. Also openings for Bookkeepers in Memphis, and women with same excellent references for traveling position in sales and selection of personnel. Salary basis. Apply by letter giving ago, qualification*, past business experience, recent photograph (not returnable) to The Welcome Wagon Service Company, '2500 Sterick Building, Memphis, Tennessee. 15-3lu Found 1AKEN UP ON MY PLACE, brown Jersey cow, weight 700. Earl Burham, Emmet, Rt. 1. 13-3tp Wanted POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, May 13 — f/T) —Butter receipts 714,331; prices us quoted by the Chicago price current: U. S. 88 score 45 3-4; others unchanged; tone unsettled. NEW YORK COTTON New York, May 15 —(/Ft— Cotton prices made some recovery today from an early dip. Trade price fixing was Ihc principal sup- spring lambs top for week at 16.25; j j )or t O n the decline, medium and good 13.00 - 15.50; Commission house choice clipped lambs scored 15.2"); mostly medium and good at 14.0015.00; with throwouts around 9.0011.00; odd head shorn n a lice salughtcr ewes 7.50 - 8.00; a few wooled ewes to 9.00. liquidation and hedging dominated the market iu the first hour with losses running lo as much as 40 cents a bale. Futures closed 10 cents a bale lower to 25 cents higher. give the Boston Braves a 4-3 edg over Ihe St. Louis Cardinals. Dog Puts the Bite On Tomato Worms Denver (/I 1 )—Some dogs catch rats, mice or cats but not so Peppy. He kills the tomato worms in Ihe Victory Garden of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ariose, his owners. Tomato worms long, tough-skinned and equipped with sharp jaws, the better to chew tender tumuto plants. Peppy saw Mr. and Mrs. Artesc, at 5 a. m. of a morning, destroying tomato worms in the Artese garden. Soon Peppy was in the garden every morning before Mr. and Mrs. Artese, catching tomato worms. So they've turned the job over to him. -•••Japs Lose 125 (Continued From Page One) crs, seven bombers and six Zeros were listed as certainly downed, five bombers and another fighter a "probables." On the aerial offensive side, Alliod bombers delivered particularly heavy blows on airdromes at Gasmata, New Britain, and ,Wc- wak, New Guinea, cratering the CLEAN RAGS. NO WOOL OR silk. Bring lo Hope Star. 8-lf FURNISHED HOUSE OR APART- ment in Hope. Must have un electric refrigerator, private bath, at least 3 rooms. Write Joe Perry, c/o Barnsdall Oil Co. Patmos, Arkansas. ll-6tpd My Office Will Be CLOSED EVERY WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Beginning Wednesday, May 19. This replaces my old schedule of closing Thursday afternoons. I do this lo co-operate in Hope's general closing program at 1 p. in. Wednesday. Dr. A. J. Neighbours ?'•} t i ANNOUNCEMENT- We ore now distributors for Shawnee's Best Flour & Feed. See us for prices before buying. Dudley Flour & Feed Co, Hope, Ark. Phone 660 106 S. Walnut GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, May 15 (,'P) Wheat prices advanced on short - covering in a quiet market today. Sell- of his client, whom Hartung now Jly— opened, 19.90; closed, 19.74 Oft— opened. 19.68; closed 19.50-53 Dec— opened, 19.51; closed, 19.38: Jan— opened, 19.32r closed 19.35n Men— opened, 19.42; closed 19.32-35 pressure was will prosecute "to the fullest tent of the law." ex- j the recent decline and uncertain crop conditions. Oats and rye were 11% v t Lijvjci y . uvj+j *«••"• ~* — • . if\nn li»ht in view of | May—opened. 19.35; closed. 19.27 Middling spot 21.73; Unchanged. N - Nominal. Gasmata runway so effectively the enemy must make repairs before it can be used. Typical or special tasks carried out daily by single planes, a Liberator blasted a bridge on the Kumul river on the vital road between Wewak and Madang. Now Open DOMINO TABLES In addition to our popular Bowling Alleys we now have: domino tables for our patrons. Come in and see them. Hope Gigar Store South Main Street

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