Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1911
Page 2
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' V ^t.* meettng of the Ep- yrorUi- IJMHJW of Trtal^ ^buroh held latt^TaesAFallrti^ 'tbe foUowlng of- itesra irfeVft relieiti^:*'. iT^ent. MMa : Mildred Vtebd; S 'lfr«t-.Tlce-pi^BWent, : Mlst 'I^ttlejlaRne: aebond vlee-prea* Staled. Smith; treaiurer, Orval Smith; orgknlit,-ftiM -Alu Ragle; cliblriater., ljUs* Suale Smith. SorUihi "tai -pltiancnUy I enterUIned •yeaterday .i>y Blra. Ji. L. Hendricks. The progn^ was: -. "Sfafltae fistitediek • for. Siobness and Acca«bt.tu^llj.Call Items. "Ksaaja; toa ^Byatem In Caring for tlie^Slck."-|-Mr«. J- T. Pric©: '^Cheerto ii«sa. & flood Medicine,"— '«80M4Wlala'idlfaJiut' Inralld Cook- ery,"-^MMrB. D. Bhields. Dlacuaalin—'Prepafatlon of Cere- ala!r">itrB. Claude Stewart, leader. '-Nl&ete«a jnenibejrs trere present, three of tljem, ^rsr Riddle, Mrs. P. O. ^^nson and Mta. A. W. 6eck attending for thi ( flrat Hmo •since they were ghmted n emberahlpa. , Mra. M. 'SL StoBdard talked for a short'tlm^. fcbdtit ;8uffrage and (he rgitnfitadiin of a laague to riUi^ tetUpanlg hut the • lib o)nclat action In the pro^tttA i old -In-thJE dub' stattsr.' -At the a,coi|iipa ^ ted.'i^ntt behMrale -i ^rawB .Work—Handkerchiefs, dol lies laid I Inseftions, made in Ongole, rndlii-by kihodi girls .Sent here for saje.' Prqceefls to pay expenses In a CbrtstUti tlitaidol. For sale at Dog- getitBltlltittStt St<;re for a few days. •!'•;,* liClfiCtaa church last night 'of yoling people hanquet- iit the evening planning ^, . work. The attendance raprUf^tatiiA the Loyal Sons and Senior ^^RitUiUlea'fcliaaaea of the Sunday achoiSI'aiA thirty-four were served at theiMBp^ 4able«.. The yottng men vereitfvmei^ing (he decoration of the uppM-,tobliii'(it'tbb cliurch. The young Mdi«l*f«:|airtiea local betierolent work andfOie-Atippliilr of. a collection of ctotIil&3g#(l kUpples to dne of the or- phafikcM l&klnl&'lnea by the Christian trhur^stf'' " 1 • • • • + + iSn. Jjdbn B. Young and children, who bavB'been visiting Mrs. Frances Younlr. 4>ave returned, to theii homn in ObdTgta. .; * * * Cbriafmas fiecomtlons are being put ;in place In the W. C. T. U. rest room's !n anticipation Of the reception to l»e givea for Mrs. Adda Zehner tomorrow .afternoon. Guests arc to be entettelneS trom three until five o'clock and'ltr&. ZeUner will talk on temperanoe • subjects. . Tlw lectiirb.:oii: "Amerioan Ideals," WiUYcmWant Chamois? We have a superb stock of the finest ones procurable — all sizes. I These chamois are splendidly finished—even in color and thickness. Suitable for any purpose that chamois can be put to. , Ladies are buying heavily of these choice skins just now for making needful holiday gifts. Let UB supply you. \ i The Recoil Store West Side of the Sqnare which Mrs. Zebncr will give at the Presbyterian church on Sunday nigh't has been given fifty-nine times before Chautauqua audiences. Yesterday the Register announced this lecture for Monday \8ftemoon but Mrs. Zehner will be compelled to limit her stay in lola to two days and wilt give thi6 lecthre Sunday night SUndiiy afternoon there vill be-a mairo meeting at three o'clock at the Methodist ohurch. A chorus from Trinity church will sing and Mrs. Zehner will talk. The ptiblic Is Invited to the two meetings on Sunday and to the reception to- motrow. + * + Christmas shoppers will find some lieautlful trimmings and lace at the Tbif shfl@R@|olJiu$tty«itiy inflnence 4%fian''ok- a^oiii«|,to ^ve up, the V^uirc^ tmi ^dtuaoitr^ch filled J their Uvea before the wedding occur-M •I red. They declare they Wenl'thrbtl ^jB the formalities of a marriage •ervlcei*' only to 'escape the scornful anilTa'ot': their vorU but do not believe It necessary. Mrs. Easlman has Indef'' j pendent meana and the card on their ' front dodr .aoatMn>>two names. "Rauh I and EaatBMttirtr^ ' • I —Dr. ^mrt ,,.Otit««paUi, Tel 487, , '•.;.<.^*-+ I Mrs. H. B. Goshom is enterblningj her cord club with a party this afteN noon. • • * The Baptist Aid society will hayeH a tea Friday afternoon. / Decemberf^ fifteenth, at the home of Mrs. J. O. Major. A meeting was held at the home of Mrs. T. S. Ball yesterday afternoon to make a qiiiltt • ** Notes of the day •from the V. W. C. A: Miss Gobin went to Cprlyle today to attend a meetinc of the club at that place. Next Friday the gfrls will have a Christmas party. Mrs. P. O. Hanson will accompany Miss Oobin to the party, exhibit her collection of Chinese curios and talk about mfs-.l stonary work. Tomorrow will be a great day at the -meeting of the Junior gymnasium^ class. AH who desire to see the little folk at work will be cordially welcomed. The social committee of the high school club will meet next Tuesday afternoon to talk about entertainment for the club. The Bowling club will have a spec-, ial practice tomorrow morning and members who desire to improve the ^H opportunity will snend an hour or two at the Record alleys. * * IMBER 8,1911. mvi for Chrisliiias I ^^uestS at the Moose dance In Ma sonic hall last nieht were: Messrs r .and Mesdames F. H. PInnell, Charlep J«« Brandt. A. W. Anderson i'iX ^'i^n J- O- Brown. B. C. Wrighthouse. l,o<. an^u ?t yn^rdi '^hc \^"«,,r^• o^ci -i^ «alntalned,by the woman's Baptist, g^^^^^^^^^ nio Walters. Inez Cooke. Marlon Lois Foreign Missionary society of the West and the proceeds of the sale will be sent to officers of the school. All the articles for the sale were made by pupils of the school. + + * Mr. and Mrs. J. G. MIttlebach gave Talbert and Dr. C. "M. Ru8S.y^ • * * X A membprshln contest will be con ducted bv the voung people's branch of the W. C. T. U. until the first „ ^VtylaTt ni;ht "fo7"rnumVr or Thursd^^^ January. At present th couples X belong to the Original' organhatipn hns on'^ th'rteen mem Whist club. A four course dinner. bers but It is hoped that fifty young was served at a table adorned with chrysanthemums. After dinner guests spent an enjoyable hour at the card tables. The party was one of the delightfully Informal gatherings which the club has had at intervals during the winter. • * * Mrs. Ida Rauh-Easlman, Wife of Professor Eastmah of Columbia ITnl- verslty. Is not kno^-n to her friends as Mrs, Eastman but as Miss Rauh. Both Professor Eastman and his wife arc Socialists and they believe that mar- people will join before the contest closes. . The society met at the W. C. T. 1 rest rooms last night and talked about the duties of Christian citizenship. Topics under that heading were dls- CUS8M at length by the members Mrs. C. P. Day read an essay. * + * Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson received altout forty young ladies at their residence last night, the gather ing including, members of the Ixiyal Daughters class and numerous others The silver plated ware that is guaranteed for iifty years. An ideal gift for youi? home. We have it in several different pat? terns. Also the Rogers 1847, and the beautiful Wallace Silver Plated Ware. « In addition to these we liave a large assort^ ment of the world f amy­ ous Gorham Solid Sil^ ver in various patterns. Meim BfiOS. 'the Jewelers CONI who will belong to that division as soon as new converts to the church are assigned to their proper places. Business affairs of the class were dis cussed for the benefit of the hew comer. Mrs. Richardson stTved refreshments. ! * « ^ —Don't forget the big Amateur nlvht nt the (Jnind. Something- new all the time. &c to nil. + • • Mrs. Fred Freeman gavo a i)nrty yesterday- afffrnobn for members ol the N. T. T. Thimble club. Mrs. Walt er Decker was a guaat. A two course supper was served during the party * The Gleaners class of the Christian Sunday school will have a meeting at the church tomorrow afternoon. .:• <. Miss Shirley Goodnough, of Nnvada came in today to be the guest of Mrs. L. P. Stover. • • • Miss Bessie Tipton entertained the choir of St. Timothy's church last night and served a.dainty supper after the music for.Sunday services had beeb rehearsed. f + + • A meeting of th^ Missionary aocie- ty of the Reformed church wag held yesterday aftertMftfti at the hotne of Mrs. P. H. Troutman, where a:large number of the members gathered for a pleasant and profitable afternoon The program was a full one, almost every member contributing something of interest A liberal offering was made. Mrs. Troutman served tea after the program. > • • • —Saturday only, with every pur chase each person will be entitled to a pound of Chocolate Drops at 10c per pound. Palace of Sweets. -DB. 0. L. COX, OcBlIst. * + * Mrs. Jason Wtitson was hostess of fourteen ladies yesterday for the semi monthly meeting of the At Home club The attendance list included Mesdames Beard, Bowdermilk, Knowlton Williams, Fife, Lacey, Neal Seymour Green, Reynolds, Taylor 'Redmond Coffleld and Barnes. Mrs. J. W. Pattee was a guest of the club. The program was: , Scripture lesson—Mrs, H. N. JCnowl ton. ' Paper—Mrs. J. W. Fife. Address—Mrs. Fred Green. Solo—Mrs. Neal. • + • ADDRESSED. THE TEACpEBS. Professor H. Vf. jMxelyn Talks on •^ElemeiitaiT Edncallon.'* Professor H. W. Josselyn, of the state university, gave ait address last night at the high school building to the teachers of this city and .nearby country on "Elementary Education." dealing mostly with the work of the studenu in the schools betw^a the first and eighth grades. -iF^Jofessor Josselyn 'B talk was tery Interesting and It^ value was greatly enhasced by his showing on a screen between thirty and forty lantern slide^ showing a'graphical record of the work of pupils over the state. DealtiNg with each pupil as much as^possible In accordance with the needs of his Individual character was advocated by Professor Josselyn, and he gave it as his opinion that a student steould be promoted, not especially for the work he had done, but more for the work which the teacher knows he is capable of doing. *. Professor Josselyn was secured for the talk last night through-^the efforts and at the expense of the lola teachers. The attendance was large, and there were a number of.'country teachers present PTOMAIKS MAY BE FAtTAl. ^rsT Wnilam JaeksoBt Cslor^ Is In a Bmgeioss CeadtttonT Mrs. William Jaoksoo, colored, of 707 North'Buckeye, who wasipolsoned wlth.ptomalne about tea days'ago, has failed to rally from the. ^uiigerous condition caused by the pc^Mm and it is very doubtful if she wil? recover. Mrs. Jackson and her t«i>'' ehilOren were takea suddenly 111 a^iont ten days ago as the result of edting sausage la which ptomaine ha^-formed by reasoB'Of the neat belac allowed to stand for several honn. '^a dhl}d- grea were at so time as Q£ as their motbar, aad ar» sow «ot of idaacer. TO and Fish ISolNet'easily That They Cannot Pan» . erata It. A eorrespoadeat rec«stlr reported vhat he deawibed as i tbe "oorioua freak" of a blackbird flylnff against a parlor wladoir numy timea at the same spot '. ' ' .--•i'lfji Such aa laeldent Is not nooonuiion,) Birds have been knowi to fight for hours at a. time, day a^ter day, with their owB image reflected la a pane xTt glass, peoUag aad flotterlag against the pane and quite exhaustlag themselves la their fury to demolish the supposed rttal. It is aaotber Instaaee of how the arts of oor dvlUsatloa corrupt and confuse the birds: It Is the same with fishes. Darwin tells a story of a pike in an aquarium separated by plate glass from fisfi which were Its proper food; In trying to get at the fish the pike would-oftea dash with such violence agalnstthe glass as to be completely stunned. It did this for more than three months before It learned caution. , Then when the glass was removed the pike would not attack those particular fishes, but would devour others freshly introduced. It did not at all understand the situation, but associated the punishment it had received not witb the glass, but with a particular kind of fish. Darwin's American monkeys proved themselves more "knowing.". When they cut themselves once with "any sharp tool they would not touch 'it again or else would handle It with the greatest caution. Thus they gave evidence of the simpler forms of reason of which monkeys are no doubt capable, but birds are evidently lacking la reasoning powers.—The Scotsman. TALES OF THE TELEPHONE its Exploitation In England Seemed j Impossible Until Queen Victoria Became Interested.'' The United States has eight telephones for every hundred of population, while no other country has half as many. Following the establishment on a solid basis of the American telephone system work for European exploitation was early begun. The re-; suits were hardly encouraging. Five-eighths of the British rights were purchased for |500 by a Providence man, says the National Magazine. After working in London four j months he could not find any one who would put a shilling in the telephone. An English review said of It: "The telephone is little better than a toy. It amuses the English, but is inferior to the well established system of air | tubes." The victory was won at last by Kate Field, who sang-"Kathleen Ma- voumeen" over the telephone to Queen Victoria. The queen was delighted, asked Bell If she might buy two telephones, and It was not long before all England was interested. An exchange with ten wires was opened In London, and In April, 1879, Theodore Vail sent an order to the factory in Boston In Us terse, characteristic way: "Please make 100 hand telephones for export trade aa early as poB «ible.'* Have Qrave Garments Ready. ' In an account of the death, at the age of one hundred and foUr, of Lucy Hlckey at Gloucester there appeared the interesting Item that she was burled in a shroud which she had made for herself i,iany years ago. This may look strango to most people," said a resident of the Enst side, but not to the old-fashioned Jews. I am sure that If you go through any of the tenement houses in this part j of the city you will find In the majority of homes the Sbrbude of all men and women who are married. It Is an old custom to have the grave garments ready, and with some of the people it is considered a shame not to be properly provided in case of death. Tbe garmenta are unually of fine texture and invariably "hand sewed.'" The »13 Fine. ' Courtrooms are not free from superstition," a lawyer remarked. . "For Instance. It^scems to be an unwritten law of the'^bench that nobody shall ever be fined $13. In my seventeen years' experleuce at tbe New York bar J have seen offenders fined nearly every other amount from $1 to |1,000, but no judge has ever defied fate by] Imposing a |13 fine. "^Nothing but respect for superstition prevented him from doing it It wa^ the logical fine. Several times I have labored in the lost cause of unfortunate clients whose fine from tbe standpoint of damages Inflicted should, have been |18, but the Judge had aot- the hardihood to name It: h« ahoiya nadershot or overshot the laark and made fl3 or |14." Ctff istaas Voting CcHitest -AT THE- We will give FREE with every purchase of lOc or over, one coupon, entitling the holder to cast, a vote for his Favorite Church. The New York,Store will donate the Tree and loan the entire El^trical Display now on exhibition in the north window to the church receiving the greatest number of votes. All coupons to be iilled out arid left at the Register office. Contest Ooses FrWay Deeember 22nd, at 10 The Register will post the standing of each church irbm day to day. See North Window Display The Wateh The Rmgi - li Any of that Jewelry you intend buying is here, as well as a choice collection of Table Silverware, Sterfing and Plated Silver Novelties, suitable for Christmas, wedding or birthday presents. Call and See Our Line G. A. LEFFLER JEWELER West Mudir-on Telephone 125 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SATURDAY. Fountain Pens Regular |1.00 values—gold pen —guaranteed 1 year •},•>(!• China Imported dainty Tableware^* Cups and Saucers. each.lOi^t Ribbon Moire, Taffeta and Satin—regular 25c value — very fine quality, yard.—lO*.. 15« Handkerchiefs • These are what you pay 25c fbr^ any place but here<^1000 of- them, each 1 . ^O^" MUSIC—ALL DAY—All the latest hits. Get the "Hypnotizing Man**^ its a hummer. 300 other popular air; all TOYS—You all realize that we have the toys of the city—all yon; desire. Books and Games—hundreds of them. This is th«.^ stopiiing off place for old Santa Claus. 'WATCH KRESS*'WINDOWS**^ No Escape. "These New York doctors and dentists put up a game on their patients that makes the hea-aad-egg proposl- tloa seem as easy as A, B, G." said' the man who complained that he' haaat been "fetdlag Just right" "The other day I coasulted a doctor.! He said he couTd do aothing for mej till I got my'teeth fixed. So my dIgM-; ttoa would improve, biit when I went;, to the dentist be recoiameaded hej seat me Itack to the doctor becanse It waant worth- vbBe to work on my teeth antO my caaeral system got toned up, BO tbay 'eaugbt me eo«nLic{ There is one woman in the county jail, and now that the commissioners have declared themselves in favor of working prisoners on Si rock pile some interest Is felt In their attitude toward her. Will the board follow Judge Smeltzer and declare for equality and order the woman to the rock pile? Or will they take the other view and restrict the rock breaking crew to the male malefactors? None of them was willing to discuss the'ln- terestlng problem. . Word has been received here that Mr. and Mrs. Walter Drummond are It home in Nevada, Mo. Mr. Drummond formerly resided in this city but is now employed by the Missouri Pacific with headquarters in Neva4ai He was married on November 28 to Miss Elizabeth Davies, of Windsor, Missouri. —When yon have a bilioua attack give Chamberlain's Tablets a trial They are excellent For sale by all dealers. FOR SALE—GOOD MILCH Phone 1199. COW. The Very productions in CHAFING DISH 3ETSl are now on display at our store. We also show 8om -e very handsome CRUM^ TRAYS^ B. P. Xow of-Bronsoit fa in thr-etty today shaking haqdswitl^ <dd ft^ek^ Beglster Want JUI Get r

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