The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1942 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1942
Page 2
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*>AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Advanced Ratings Await ; M^, r Who Can Qualify In Trade Groups "AiU acute shortage exists in the ratings at radiomen, ship's cooks, motor*' machinists^ mates and machinist's mates in the United States Coast Guard. Men between i'ifi jiges of 17 to 35, who are qpm- . P''teiit;';in any of these trades are eligible, for enlistment at ratings ii}> to 'second class petty officer, (iep^ndiri^' upbn their ability and oxpsriehpe, R-adiQinen will be required to (lemqnstrat& their ability to send and receive up to twenty words a minute 'before they are enlisted. L' of recommendation i'or the. machinist's mates and ship's cooks 'ratings '.fill toe required from fonn- tT^pri'jloyers before enlistment can. be Jeffectecl.'Th^ machinist's mate, ratings cover gasoline^ diesej, and; steam CMperience v ' ' Men qualified"" in any of tl"je above mentioned Umdes are urged to. contact the United States Coast Gmrcl Recruiting Officer, Room, 20G. New Post Office Building-, Spring-field, Missouri. Men who can qualify professionally and physic,- THURSDAY, APRIL 1C, 1942 Man's Job—Guarding the Panama Canal in his bedroom. The bees, in fact, have their own small passageway that leads to their bee culture, which is conducted! by Ohio State University. He has! • - ^..-- & .. t, uy \jui\j ooai.t: uui vci .iiov. -Tie iuu->t private entrance to the bsdroom. Young Easily became interested eight hives oiv his family's farm 'Ihrough a hole in the bedroom j in bee study .several years ago, and ! in Mentor, O., but maintains hit window frame .the _ bees entei: a j took a correspondence course in j bedroom apiary as well. WE NEED It takes.a good man to handle .50-calibcr machine guns on a mosquito boat nncl Charley Kiefer looks as it he can do UN? job. He's pictured on maneuvers oft Iho Pannma Canal Zone. His assignment is to keep enemy pianos from strafing the small but potent boat. ally will be immediately enlisted in Mhe Coast Guard Reserve and "placed on active duty. The pay for third class and second class petty officer is $80.00 and $72.00, respectively. ;Men between the ages o£ 17 and. 35' not qualiiiec in the above ratings are still being: accepted for Apprentice Seamen in the 'Coast Guard Reserve. G inner s Agree To Keep Tags , FO.T Identifying Delta Cotton J O E. A. Stacy, oi Dell, president of the Agricultural Council of Ar- 'kansus, has announced that "< majority of gins in North Missis- Those men up to 45 years of sippi .County and Southeast Mis- age, who have had previous service in the Coast .Guard, can be enlisted at the rating held at the time of their las.t discharge, provided they have not been separatee! from the Service longer than ciyht years. Ex-Navy men \ip to 40 years of age can be accepted at the rating held at, time of their lost discharge. Marriage Licenses Nine marriage licenses have been issued from, the Blythcville office of the county court clerk souri will cooperate in a program to advertise and tag identify Arkansas and .Missouri bottomland or Delta cotton. At, a meeting of ginners held in Blytheville nil of those attending agreed to cooperate in the program and make the Ug.s available to their customers. Mr. Stacy explained that the plan to advertise and Ing identify Patriotic Club Members Will Renovate Old Clothes To Help Nation MIAMI, Fla., < UP)—The scarcity of ships and the danger of Axis sea raiders have swelled Miami's work, and importance as the principal u. S. air terminal between the Americas. inter-American travel through Miami's land airports and marine seaplane bases last year totaled Ii5,5l7 passengers, compared with 34,528 for all other ports, including New York, Los Angeles, San iM'ancisco and Brownsville, Tex. Pan American Airways' entire system, in Latin America—all 'Passenger and express space—has been- made available to U. S. Government demand. Restrictions and jMorities govern each flight. Air express figures for one month in l!/i2 .show more cargo carried than in any other entire year. Average weekly cargoes leaving [Miami total more than 30 tons. Ntw Routes .innuguralcd On a typical day recently, 10 nations were represented among 1 the il-Ci3 passengers arriving and departing on flights between the Americas. Three Hungarians with, diplomatic passports from Washington headed the list of foreign- era, which also included £liree Danes, one Swiss, three Frenchmen and nationals from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba. Canada, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Haiti, the Bahamas and Great Britain. x Several new routes and increased service have been started to meet .war demands. 'Where once three (lights a week to Balboa were sufficient, daily round trips have been inaugurated. Now there are extra j weekly flights to Puerto Rico. Ser, vice between Maracaibo, Venezuela and Miami has been doubled. Big- Freight Loads But all the new duties—carrying delegates to conferences; flying officers, machines and ammunition to army bases; evacuating lAmerican families f rom v danger /ones; and flying the mail to every large city on ihe continent—has not stopped commercial air With tho conservation of wool, valley was sponsored by the Ark- anssa and Missouri Council at the request of the mills. It Is well known that cotton from the Delta' during the past week.: '.Names oi, section possesses a character ana rain-grown cotton from the alluv silk and coUun impBrative to as _' ml plains of the Mississippi River sun? W earin K ^p^i, blankets. the coiiples and ministers or of-' facers performing the ceremoniues, if listed, folow: ; Chaa-ley 'Rone and Miss Delphia Wilson, both of Fortngeville, Mo., By iMagistate T. L. Cassic^y; Joseph 'Raymond Downing oi' Armorel and Miss Opal ' r Li 11 inn Garrett,' of •EtytheviUe, by the Rev. T. R. Shepherd; John Scrivner and 'Miss Vessie Hamlett, both of Blythevillc, WITH RETAIL STORE EXPERIENCE One of Arkansas leading chains of retail .department, stores requires: the services of sales men capable of de- '' velopinff into store managers. Write, fully, about, ability, experience, ag^ etc. Ftirr.onai interview granted to men selected. • Write B«x R-3 : c/o . Courier News. strength superior to that oi muny other areas, it was pointed out. The mills complain that in tho past their ha.s been considerable .substitution of cotton 1'rom irrigated .sections which causes no _ small amount of trouble 'and expense, as they do not mix. They do not spin or absorb i.ho dyes the same and came rejection , of finished goods, Mr. Stacv .said. by Magistrate Cassidy; George While the council copyright bale Boston ana Mrs. Gertia Boston, both of Belleville. Til., by Magistrate Cassidy. Grover Barber and Miss Gladys Pauline Fletcher, both of Biythe- 'ville, (By Magistrate Cassidy, James William Goodart, of Cape Girarcl- eau, and 'Miss -Myrtle Mae Clark, of Jonesboro; Levi Ferguson and Miss Minnie Yaney, both of Senath Mo., by Magistrate Cassidy; Andrew Cole, of Los Angeles, and Miss Melveta Stevens, of Manila, by W. P. Flowers; Harry PL Harris and Mrs. Beulah Bracey, both of Wardell, by 'Richard Thomas. WORLD'S LARGEST SEU.CR AT PURE-WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY identification tag may be used in the place of n it i. 1 ; not parachutes and ammunition for our armed forces, thousands a'. 4-PI Club girls in this and other States will contribute to the nation's Victory Program, by renovating old garments. A thorough training in this war duty i.s provided in the National 4-H Clothing Achievement contest, directed for the second year ,by the, Extension .. Service. It., teach as girls - how to -dress^pproprintely .a'ud • economically through the best iLse of available materials; to make accessories by crocheting, knitting, or by other necdlecraft arts, and to serve their families and comi- .munities in various clothing activ- sold as such. The council through advertising in trade papers, correspondence and personal contact is making known the council tag as representing yuality rain-grown cotton from aluvinl soil—':L Ls growth area identification at a glance- coupons are also placed in the. sample and the tag lias a map on the back showing just where Council tagged cotton is grown.. The Agriculture: Council of Arkansas is a non-profit organization composed of leading production farmers of Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana. In addition to competing for r.'oun!.y. State and national awards •provided by the Spool Cti';tion Company for, superior exhibits and. public demonstrations of their handiwork, the girls may earn money through sales of their products. More than 64,275 clubsters in 40 States participated in this activity last year. Gold medals will be awarded to county winners, and each recipient of State honors will receive an all- expense trip to the 21st National -1-H. Club Congress in Chicago next November, to compete in the finals. /1 YOU GiT BLUE PLATE Mayo nnaise MADE BY THE WESSON OIL PCOPIE In addition to Mr. Stacy other ; Twelve college scholarships of S2C3 directors from Mississippi County ; r>urh will be presented to a blue are; Charles Rose, Roseland. C. • ;Lward i;roup comprising two win- H. Wilson. Blythevillc, J. H. Cnin,'ner.s from each of the four exlen- Wilson, Rufus Branch and E. B.: j-.ion .sections, and' four at l:\rge. Chiles of Pecan Point. . ] Gins who have entered the program to date and agreed to have the tags available are; C. O. Langston. J. C. Eilis, Blytheville Gin Co. Coopedge Gin. Smart and Tucker, Lee Wilson, Armorel. Stevens Gin, B. S. Simmons Gin and Dell Gin of Dell, Roselancl Gin Co.. C. K. Whistle of Mara its. Sometimes packages must wait to allow something more vital to go first, but they still get there much more rapidly than by boat. Last week a shipment of 233,895 false teeth left for Rio, and every uay bundles are Slipped in ip make up total weight such as medicine film, phonograph records, jeweir> ball bearings, chemicals, hair nets, fountain pens—even dill pickles. War time personnel changes also have been made. Women are dong ; jobs . formerly done by men. 3iris now handle most of the re- .ervations and are being assigned o the traffic department where ,hcy must meet passengers, have in understanding of visas, pass- icrts and be able to care for bag- age. United States and Royal Air- Force pilots have learned naviga- ,ion on 1,500- flights in Pan Amer- can ships over a course of more than half a million miles in the South Atlantic and Caribbean. To allow more weight in passengers and cargo, everything possible has been done to economize More frequent stops save carrying extra fuel. No hot meals are served and the customary heavy silvei service has been adandoned. Where two stewards were aboard, no\\ there is one. Meals consist of box lunches and few night flights are made. Such economies have increased capacity as much as eight, passengers. • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Shrimps. when boiled. al$ brown; the common pink ones are really a variety of prawn. Students are "offered n course in am] cs{ tnat it be omitte(1 mountain climbing at Colorado f] ., )m -^ but - n cas(1 the Universitv. Boulder Colo. Note to "Two Inquisitive Draf- tn-y" — As previously staled, r.he Courier News does not publish luir.nymous letters. When the writer of a letter to the editor does not wish his name to be published ihe writer may sign his name AMERICAN LADY .. . . . . canned foods—just one of the many high quality items featured at Fickanl's! Am. Lady Tiny Whole PARTY BEETS, 40 count can Am. Lady Little Pet Early JUNE PEAS, 2 No. 2 cans ... 29 C 39c Am, Lady Main Blueberries, No. 2 can Am. Lady Fitted Cherries, No. 2 can Am. Lady Asparagus,. 2' -10£ oz. cans Val Vita Peaches, 2 No. 2i cans Argo SKced Pineapple, No. 2?>-can BACON, Armour's Star, sliced, Rindless—-Ib. 20c ROAST, Swift's Prem.^Roll Rib—lb :J5 C VEAL CHOPS, milk fed, blade cut—Ib 29c STEAKS, tender—jiucy, Swift.'s. Prem. n r Laih, Swiss, Club ..."...i'. : .'.'..' lb. J I) C 1044 W. Chickasawba St. O r* o Grocery any identity of the writer or writers be known. If t.ho "Two Inquisitive Drafters" are really anxious to nbtiun tiic ar.swor to questions submitted in their anonymous letter \ve refer ibem to Brig. Gen. E. L. Compere r>f Little Rock. (See story on High School Boy Keeps Bees In j&s Bedroom CLEVELAND (UP) —Tom Paisley, a 15-year-old high school sophomore of suburbana Shaker Heights, keeps thousands of bees For Lighter Cakes HunKo THE [Dainiy COOKING FAT Jts Wonderful! Phone 2043 Were Over-Anxious EAST LIVER-POOL, O. ilJ Em Liverpool's police jumped the gun on a new parking ordinance and no parking violators received back their $2 fines. The police began tagging cars before the new or- "inurrv became effecr.vo. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tube* Flush Out Poisonous Waste If you have an excess of acids in. your blood' your 15 miles of kidney tubes may bo over- vorkcd. These tiny filtera and tubes are working day and night to help Naiuro rid your By ^ C i m °* J xccss acit * s anj poisonous waste vvhcn disorder of kidney function permits poison mis matter to remain in your blood it roay cause nagging backache.rheumatic pains leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nighla, swelling, puffincss under the eyes headaches and dizziness. Frequont or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Kidneys may nred help the same as bowels EO ask yourdmwriat for Doan'a Pills, used SU( jr cesofuUy. by millions for over 40 years. They give happv relief and will help the 15 milea of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood, Gtjt Doan'a Pills, Thrifty Housewives Be WISE — Trade with WYSE! "Your Phone Is Our Counter!" PHONE 2181 Prompt Delivery • Save I\Iore On— Quality Groceries Fruits - Vegetables Highest cash priors paid for Chickens, Eg?s, Butter. WYSE PERRY'S GRO. & MKT. 1523 W. Ash St., V. Lewis, ivigr. r Market Swift's Brookiield Armour's CloverblooM, Ib. DurkeeOleolb.22c| Neckbones Ib. 6Sc lb. 33c SWIFT'S PREMIUM Sliced Kimlless, LI), .'tt Rind on, Sliced Fresh Cheese tfrooldield 2 Ll>. Box 59c| Cheese State Brand Wisconsin Full Cream, Ib. Swiff s Premium or Whole or Armour's Star Half, Ib. 35c CHEESE Lb. DOMESTIC, Large Eye, LI). 59 Swift's and Armour's Corn Fed Rolled Rib Lii 2<)c;— Round Steak, lh..'...39c Standing Rib, Lb 27 ! / 2 c;—Loin Steak, Lb...#)c Lean Pot Roast, Lb. 25c—Ground Beef, Ib 22ic Tender and Lean, Lb. 27 ;F Lb. 29 VEAL LSVER Pound 55 Pound PORK BRAINS Kuy the Stick Lb. SAUSAGE Lb. 32 MEAT BUTTu 13 lc Texas Grapefruit 3 for Crisp 5c Spinach Home Grown Lb. with Tops Texas Sea Id sweet Doz. Delicious Each TURNIP GREENS Lb. SWEET POTATOES, b. ifarsfiniaflows 12 oz. Cello Pkir Bch. 3 GREEN ONIONS Bch. 3 LOG CABIN SYRUP Can 16 GREENS ? Lb. S 2 Milk Swift's 3 Ljje. Cans or (> Sml. Cans 24c (2 Limit) Lb, Bottle DOWN CAKE FLOUR 44 oz. Pkc:. 1ST TENS CEREAL !AOLE WHIP Q!. 39 VV ACHES Evarporated Lb. 1 .JUICE, Fraxier 4(i ox. Can COFFEE Chase & -Sanhorn Lb. LARD 4 Lb. Crt. 59 SPAGHETTI Box 3 Nut Flakes pkg. 12!c Apple Butter 13c Corn Flakes . 5c lc SALE Sweetheart SOAP •I i Kars . i Johnson's Paste WAX 1 T,b. Can.. Stewart SALAD DRESSING Qt. 37c WESSON s OIL Pt. 27c Qt. 5?c Luziannc 1 Lb. Can.. 28 6 Tin $1.37 3Lb. Tin

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